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Post  Seetherius on Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:22 pm

Forum rules

1. Incredible Heroes forum is for mature users. Topics and language may be adult oriented. If this is a problem this forum is not for you. No reason to register to begin with.

We expect forum users to be at least 16 years of age or be able to act maturely enough for it not occur to us to ask.

Also no muppets or fuckzoids.

2. Register by using your IC name or by your global name. Your account may be deleted if it's not clear who registered as we get a lot of spam bots. You can register multiple accounts if that suits the IC purposes.

You can also register your @global if you don't want to register your relevant alts. But, if you do this, please be certain to mark down clearly as whom you are posting an IC message when you do.

NOTE! If you register multiple accounts the system will not allow you to use the same email address for them all. You need to use a nifty trick.

If you have an address you can as well use format The latter address points to your actual address and email is delivered just like it should be while the forum sees two different addresses and has no problems with it.

3. Use an avatar of your character. If you don’t know how or just want to do it the easy way ask Seetherius to take a screenshot and make an avatar for you. If you use a pic that’s not your char at least use something that is fitting and not immersion breaking.

4. Distinguish between IC and OOC. IC you can be as abusive as your character feels like but it should never leave the IC sections. OOC everyone is expected to behave in a civil manner. By civil we mean...

5. ... that argument is ok, flaming is not. That being said you can rip at your buddies to your heart's content as long as you know that they can take it.

If there's a problem with someone's conduct settle it yourself or contact forum admin (Seetherius) about it. There are no excuses for making other people feel bad.

6. Admins reserve the right to ban a user from using our board at any point. If banned, said user must not post on the board, use any of the boards functions, or ask someone to post on his behalf. By agreeing to these conditions, users are accepting the consequences of being banned. (Of course such a strong action as banning requires real effort, it's not done lightly.)

7. All rights to written works belong to their respective authors. Forum admins are not accountable or responsible for what other people post.

- Seetherius

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