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((With the following days I'll try to update this wiki-like entry of Jada Troy, so I won't neglect it too much -Mes Razz ))

Jada Troy a.k.a. Starlit Amazon



Jada Troy is a girl at the age of 16, the daughter of Nadia Troy (a.k.a. Sword of Truth) and Malcolm Richard (a.k.a. Mesoc) and was born in Miami, Florida. Even in her early childhood had Jada an interest in superheroes. The cause for this might be also that her mother regularly read stories about them to her before sleep and her father had been an active hero ever since. Perhaps at this precocious age, the seeds of Jada's future crime fighting career began to foment, although she didn't demonstrate any metahuman abilities in her childhood, except that she's quite fast at learning.
Not everything in her life is all about superheroes and she began to take piano lessons at the age of seven and regularly draws elaborate paintings. It has been ever since a trait of her to strives for 100% perfection else she becomes frustrated with her own achievment and consequently tries to be the best in school. It means to her also that the second place is the first loser and this became once notedly visible during a piano class play at the age of ten when she had to play a piece of music of Johann Sebastian Bach and failed to play at one point correctly. She tried to correct the error by replaying it, but repeated the same error and decided to storm out of the room only to cry outside. It took a while and some effort of her parents to calm the troubled Jada down.
She regularly attended to floor exercises classes and in general likes athletic activities. Therefore it is no suprise that she is also a peewee cheerleader in the school.
In addition she has also grown up with the computer and the internet next to watching television, where she likes to watch sci-fi most of the time when she did. She had gained an intuitive understanding of personal computers and their inner workings. Noteable visible when she did hack accidentically in her father's computer and gained acces on BAMM's business mainframe and formatted a drive there, which resulted in destruction of many business related files.


Teenage time means trouble time and Jada is no exception in that regard. By the age of 12 she was performing as usual in the cheerleading team. It was the final day of the annual schools' basketball tournament of Miami and the young girl's well-being began to deteriorate. She ignored the signs and pulled herself together to perform in demanding groupstunts.

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