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Post  Seetherius on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:22 am

As some of you might know already I've decided to take a break from gaming altogether, including maptool sessions, CO and STO. I'm feeling right now that it's time that I change some fundamental things in my life. Gaming has always been a time consuming pastime of me and I have the wish to bring other important things in my life forward, putting them more in focus than I've done so before, like get University done, find an appropiorate Job, relationship and friends, personell fitness to name a few. It's not just a feeling that I have spent too much time on gaming and neglected too many times other things, within the last month I found out that it's certainty that I've done so. I know myself and tend to play always too long on a day and I lack the self discipline to play only for 30m or 1h, instead it becomes 2-3h at least. Sometimes I devote my whole day to gaming. And on other occassions even gaming let me feel I've worked than enjoyed it. Rolling Eyes

Thereforce I make a cut and simply don't play anymore for now. I know this sets up some lose ends ICly, so I give you some explanation:

Champions Online
  • Malcolm 'Mesoc' Richard: He stays in Millenium City and simply keeps a low profile. He minds more his business BAMM and how it can help building up Westside.
  • Jada 'Starlit Amazon' Troy-Richard: She continues her studies at Ravenwood, not much doing heroic stuff for now.
  • Nadia 'Light of Truth' Forester: She doesn't hear the Call of Justice and therefore she doesn't become exalted. It is time that she does some vacation in Europe and travels there to different countries and cities.
Star Trek Online
  • Tiron Eks: After the liberation of DS9 from Dominion Hands the Captain didn't found his spouse, Anvaar. There's no trace of her and seemingly vanished. He begged Starfleet Command to take the Independence to investigate, but they simply refused, since the Federation is in war. Now he has taken an extended leave of absence to go his own way. In the meantime the USS Independence is commanded by Kaur-Siddhu.
  • Tess'Mina: She's still onboard the USS Valorous and works on her doctor thesis in perturbation theory. The ship supporting colonies on the fringe of federation space.
  • M'Shiva: The old engineer sits in the Advanced Starship Design Bureau on Utopia Planetia on Mars and manages the Fleet Modernization Programm.
  • Torlek: The ex-borg klingon general continues to ravage romulan space behind enemy lines.

I can't say and don't want to set a fix date when I'm back in gaming. I'm certain that during exam time I won't get back. After that, I'll see.

Don't feel halted in your own gaming by my decision here. Season 6 in STO looks very tempting with its Fleet Starbases and feel free to go on in every way you like! I think Riashaala has all the priviledges to OOCly manage the fleet.

If you wish to contact me or need something, I'll be there to respond. Either by PM or email.

Take care of yourself and bye bye until next time!

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Post  Diurne on Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:18 pm

Goodbye Mes, see you soon maybe.
In any case, it was real nice to have those gaming sessions with you, plus sometimes more serious discussions Smile



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Absence Empty Re: Absence

Post  Rhino on Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:42 pm

I bet we will be around if you decide to come back. Smile
Take care.

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Absence Empty Re: Absence

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