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Post  Diurne on Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:22 pm

I happen to enjoy puns in mission names... even if some are weak Smile

Here is a little collection :

Black Box Down (of course, it's about a crash)
Cat-astrophe (little play with word... cute)
Right Off the Bat (with Foxbat...)
Speed In Need (I need speed ?)
And Justiciar For All (that should be constitutional)
Shepard's Cry (not a shepherd)
Grond Theft Altercation (play the GTA mission)
The Hunters Hunting (and never hunted)
Black Rock Down (see above)
World of Witchcraft (one of my favorite)
Hunter-Patriot Act
Something Fishy (doesn't feel good)
Gronds Have More Fun (than girls ?)
The Best Offense is a Good Defender
Catching Purple Red-Handed (guilty !)
King Pong (Foxbat, king of ping pong ?)
Yes, We have No Bandanas (shoud be "bananas")
Big Trouble (in Little China ? Since it's in Chinatown)
Dragon Brawl (I'm afraid it's "ball")
Foxbattle of the Network Stars (just remove "Fox")
Shanghaied Express
(Throwing) Star Crossed Lovers (Throwing Stars + Starcrossed lovers... weak but it's a pun)
Westside Story (not even a pun)
Fight Club (nor this one)
PSI-lent Running (Silent...)
Freedom Frays (you want fries with this ?)
Metals of Dishonor (it just rings like "Medal of Honor", twisted)
Do Animatronics Dream of Automatic Weapons? (I don't know but do Androids Dream of Electric Sheeps ?)
Are you there, Grond? It's me, VIPER (and are You There God? It's Me, Margaret)
Elli-mony (where you collect an... alimony... from Ellie)
Poe-wned (Kevin was pwned)
The Truth and Nothing But (...the Truth ?)
Gimp Their Rides (I'd even pimp them)
I Choose You, Gadroon (...)
PSI-ed Effects (always watch for side effects)
Sects and the City (sounds kinky)
Paint the Town Dead (or... Red maybe)
Blank and Stein's Monster (this one could be worse. And more obvious. Could be Frank instead of Blank)
In-PSI Job (infiltrating PSI... that's an inside job no ?)
A Mounty-ing Danger (a growing danger for the mounted police...)

and many more...
from "Warehouse 51" to "Who Watches the Watchtowers?"



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