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Post  Diurne on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:51 pm

So we've played several MapTool games and sessions. Some were short, relatively independent stories, others were one long single story.

Plus we have time, 15 years to cover.

Now come the question of having your characters learning and becoming more experienced.

The HERO system hands out character points as experience reward.
Those XP are used exactly like creation points.

I thought that giving 1 XP per year passed, as a general "maturation process" is ok.
While vignettes and adventures are giving more.

So far, adventures and worthy vignettes I recall, followed by XP reward and characters getting them.
I'm handing out XP by participation, not combat contribution or whatever else. It's based mostly on the number of sessions played.
I also ruled out "guest appearances" and side characters (like Lana or Cris) and player characters of the GM :

The Overrider and Cptn Chronos conspiracy : 5 XP (Darksparrow, Light of Truth, Marvel Girl)

Momentum and the Mutant Liberation Front (Andreas kidnapping) : 3 XP (Love Angel, Stewart Hamner)

The Smell of Fear (Grinning Nightmare legacy) : 3 XP (Psyche, Sable Lynx)

Gothic Complication (Nikki Wilcox vs Zorran The Artificer) : 3 XP (Love Angel, Stewart Hamner)

Repeated Execution (Crossfire death case) : 1 XP (Light of truth)

1994 - 2000 : 7 XP for every character

Which would break down into :
Darksparrow : 12 XP
Light of Truth : 13 XP
Love Angel : 13 XP
Marvel Girl : 12 XP
Psyche : 10 XP
Sable Lynx : 10 XP
Stewart Hamner : 13 XP

If you remember something we played and I forgot, feel free to tell.

What to do with XP ?

Anything and everything. XP can be used to increase skills, attributes, powers or acquire new powers, skills, perks (background)... or to remove or lessen disadvantages.

Unless you want to work the character progressio yourself (and then you just communicate me the updated character sheet), simply do tell me what you imagine would change for your character. i'll try to submit you a mechanical evolution.
If you consider the character "powers" are fixed and at top level (after all, most heroes don't really get vast increase in powers, plus 10-13 XP isn't that much), you can still increase/buy skills or background elements.



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experience and progression Empty Re: experience and progression

Post  Rhino on Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:42 pm

I'll just collect them for now. Smile Mainly because I don't see any need for spending them now, and later they will be better used for changing some things for grownup characters (for Angie mostly).

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