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Post  Romanov on Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:30 pm

Could someone do me a favour and add these entries in the respective threads in the Information forum. Thank you.

Roster of Player Characters

* Mandate/Gabriel Grant (CO, Ch)
* Solace (CO)
* Taboo (CO)
* Dollface (CO)
* Oceanic (CO)

Between CoH and CO timeline

* On graduating from Harvard Law, Gabriel Grant joins the Army. He rose to the rank of Captain.

* Gabriel Grant meets Japanese model/actress Nadine Morikawa while in Hong Kong. After a whirlwind romance they are married two months later.

* Gabriel Grant leaves the Army and joins his father Gordon Grant’s law firm, Grant Law.
* During a vacation to Thailand, Gabriel and Nadine Grant adopt a local orphan and name her Emily.

* Nadine Grant gives birth to Gabriel Grant’s son. He is named Gabriel Grant Jr.

* Gabriel Grant files a successful lawsuit on behalf of inventor Buckland Stevens against Vanguard Technology after they produced a combat powersuit based on his designs for the Steel Gauntlet power armour. Stevens became a wealthy man and he and Grant became firm friends.

* Gabriel Grant leaves Grant Law to work for the District Attorney’s office. He begins building a case against the criminal gang 13 Deadly Tigers

* Gabriel and Nadine Grant, and their children Gabriel Jr and Emily, are abducted by members of the 13 Deadly Tigers. During an attempted escape by Gabriel, Nadine and Gabriel Jr are slain.
* Buckland Stevens builds the Steel Gauntlet Mk II prototype.

* Powersuited hero Mandate becomes active in Millennium City and other areas were heroes are needed.
* Gabriel Grant returns to work at Grant Law and meets Diana Bright. He escorts her to a New Year’s Eve party but at the last minute decides not to attend.

* Buckland Stevens builds the Steel Gauntlet Mk III prototype. In addition to many advanced features the armour can be teleported to the wearer anywhere within a ten mile radius.
* Mandate has become one of Millennium City’s high profile heroes after tackling crises in Canada, the desert and the city itself. There is intense media speculation about the identity of the man within the suit.


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Post  Diurne on Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:24 pm




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Post  Rhino on Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:01 pm

I have updated timeline for those not on MapTools. Smile

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