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Post  Diurne on Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:11 pm

So Open Beta has ended.

Just a post to say I've seen changes in the missions, compared to Closed Beta.

For example, there was a mission based on investigation. However, due to either lack of ambition either lack of imagination, that mission was a succession of tricorder scans (interrupted by a sort of bar brawl ok) until the culprit was identified by a NPC (yay, the NPC is the hero here) and then "set a trap" that is designed for you. You just had to stand, activate the "trap" to catch the culprit. Tada, mission complete, get your XP.
Decision/thinking from the player : zero

I've done again that mission lately. It stays the same until you were supposed to identify the culprit. Then the story goes now to another direction and instead of arresting the bad guy after clicking on "F", you now have to pursue him across the solar system, then comes complications (ok, it's space combat, no mistake).
So it goes from a relatively good story/crap gameplay mission to a better story/action gameplay.

So Cryptic does listen, despite all the flak received on the official boards.

Now, there were still some "junk missions" in Open Beta. I'm not sure they will take the time to review them and make them, at least, action-type ("Labor Day", I'm looking at you).

STO is relying on two major mission types :
- "episode content" where you find a story and scripts driving the NPCs actions
- random space battles (almost all "patrol" missions)

The later is just fillers. You may enjoy them because of the scenery, you may enjoy them because you like space combat (I do) but they are just unimaginative fillers.

Ranting now...
I'm still puzzled by the lack of ambition in CO and STO alike. There are so many good things to do in MMOG that shouldn't require a massive investment in technology or development time. Yet, I saw none in those two games.
After some pondering, I came to the conclusion that it must come from developpers themselves. The junior staff doing the bulk of the work, the coding and the mission designs.
I remember Antiproton being quite proud of his crafting system in CO... the fact it's only a streamlined version of what crafting was in Everquest about ten years ago didn't seem to trouble him (granted, there are a couple of innovations in CO crafting system. But since they are so badly they are close to be useless, it doesn't matter).
Levels, XP, crafting... the ultra classical recipe of MMOG now.

I'm wondering if it isn't a problem of limited gaming culture.



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