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Post  Seetherius on Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:57 pm

(This is here to give you an insight what happened during Maptool in case you missed something. Chatlog date: 28.01.2010)

So the Dracartan delegation is in the mess hall. Lt Vaden is taken care of by Doctor Idisha. Cmdr Kaur Siddhu is coming back to the mess hall.
* Zhen tends to Lt. Vaden
One Dracartan representative, a Cardassian, announced permission to exchange knowledge and fly through the Dracartan space is denied
Apparently, the announcement was made wasn't informing priorly the other representatives
* Tiron Eks reaches his combadge, keeping his voice low: "Eks to bridge."

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
I'm listening you, sir

Tiron Eks:
Raise shields, lieutenant.

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Should we go for yellow alert sir ?

Tiron Eks:
No. At least not yet. Just follow my orders, I'll explain later.

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Yes, sir. Raising shields
* Tiron Eks turns around to see the delegation and comes to them again, having a charming smile like Garak would have: "Excuse me, the duty of a captain can never wait."
* Borr, Vheld senator looks a bit embarassed and says "Certainly. Captain.", he looks at Aten, "Sometimes we must face unexpected events"

Tiron Eks:
It is sad that you deny our request to share knowledge. We have hoped to find a new contact in this region and open diplomatic channels, but it turns out a wanted war criminal beamed abord this ship. Isn't that right so far, Deptuy of Security ... or shall I better say Gul Dargan?
* Aten, Deputy of Security doesn't react to the name

Borr, Vheld senator:
Yes, Deputy Aten, I also wish to hear about the refusal you expressed and that I wasn't informed of, previously.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
I must also protest. The Emerald Authority Council is the sole to decide on knowledge exchange programs !

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Senator, First Commissioner, this decision is coming from the imperial intelligence. This ship isn't just an explorer, it's a warship. And the imperial security is sufficiently compromised already. We cannot allow a warship to travel freely in our space.

Borr, Vheld senator:
It sill doesn't respect the procedures, Deputy.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Exceptionnal circumstances call for exceptionnal decisions, Senator
* Kahel, First Commissioner looks left and right "A warship ?"

Tiron Eks:
Gentlemen, if I may enlighten you. My lieutenant fainted in the transporter room by the moment you arrived is because she recognized your Deputy of Security as a wanted war criminal. My Lieutenant comes from a planet called Bajor ... *Tiron looks at his reaction* ... Bajor was annexed by the Cardassian Union and many were taken as slaves or were cold blooded killed in large numbers.

Tiron Eks:
Now Bajor is a member of the Federation and it is my duty to take you into custody to verify the claim of being a wanted war criminal.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
A taint on the history of my race, yes. Please forward my best wishes to your lieutenant, captain. I can understand her emotion seeing a Cardassian.

Tiron Eks:
You are under arrest for now. Commander Rajakanya, take him into an isolated cell.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
About the will to take me in custody, do you understand you're in Dracartan space and I'm on your board as an official representative ?

Borr, Vheld senator:
Arrest ? What ? This is outrageous !
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya makes a couple of steps toward Aten, he taps on his com badge "Security team on the mess hall, please"
* Zhen ' s trouble sense is tingling
* Kahel, First Commissioner hesitates and then moves out of the way of Lt Cmdr Rajakanya

Borr, Vheld senator:
Captain ! I officially insist that you take us three back on Emerald !

Tiron Eks:
Senator, I know how this must look like. But I can explain it all to you.

Borr, Vheld senator:
We are Dracartan imperial representatives, you are in Dracartan space ! You can't behave like a bandit !! Looks Deputy Aten warnings were actually very well founded !
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya seizes Aten right arm, the Cardassian doesn't offer any resistance

Tiron Eks:
You are free to go and leave if you wish for it, but your Deputy is going to remain here. We're going to double cross check his identity to be absolutely sure that this person is Gul Dargan.

Borr, Vheld senator:
Deputy Aten is coming with us ! Captain, you're going to comit an act of war against the Dracartan Empire ! Don't be foolish !

Tiron Eks:
Senator, how would you act if you see infront of you a suspect for mass murder? What would you do if you have well founded thoughts that this person could it be?

Borr, Vheld senator:
You're not in your right, captain ! You are guest of the Empire ! Now stop this and release the Deputy. We're leaving, us three !

Kahel, First Commissioner:
I must say, captain, this barbaric methods are very... disappointing
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu enters the mess hall, followed by a security team, she looks surprised by the turn of events
* Lt Riashaala Idisha mutters "Tiron, I hope you know what you're doing..."
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks at the captain to know if he has, still, a green light to send Aten to the brig

Tiron Eks:
A suspect for mass murder is the true barbarian, First Commissioner. I would like you to invite to stay further as our guests while we determine if this person is Gul Dargan or not.

Tiron Eks:
*looks confident to pull this through now*
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu steps aside to let the security team enter and go by Rajakanya and Aten sides

Borr, Vheld senator:
We have nothing else to discuss, captain. We now request to leave.
* Kahel, First Commissioner eyes deputy Aten and captain Eks

Tiron Eks:
Commander Kaur Siddhu, escort the First Commissioner and the Senator back to the transporter room.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu clears her throat "Yes, captain", she motions to the two guests "First Comissioner, Senator, if you agree to follow me..."
The two Dracartan Empire visitors follow her to the transporter room
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya leads Deputy Aten to the brig

Tiron Eks:
* Lt Riashaala Idisha looks at Tiron, unsure about what to do or say

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
I doubt they will drop the case that way and forget their deputy

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* Eks to Lieutenant Grant.
* Lt Anra Vaden feels better, being under Idisha care
Lt Gabriel Grant:
*bleep* Grant here.

Ahem. counsellor Vaden, before I release you I would just want to say how many will say that they understand your pain and feel with you, but they will not. So I won't say that. I can't even imagine myself in your situation, but if you ever need help about anything I am here.
Lt Anra Vaden:
Thanks, doctor, you're kind to me... I must discuss this with the captain now, i'm afraid I created a little mess
* Lt Riashaala Idisha looks at the tables, chairs and table dressing "Maybe we can still eat ?"
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert glares at Riashaala

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
What ? No waste then.

Tiron Eks:
Lieutenant, I have a task for you. Search the database for a cardassian war criminal, his name is Gul Dargan. I need all available information about him.

Lt Gabriel Grant:
A Cardassian? Yes, sir, right away.
* Lt Gabriel Grant begins to search database.

Just try not to overstress yourself. *grumbles something* You can go now, but I am strongly suggesting that you stay away from that person for some time... until you manage to... gah... you are a counsellor, I guess you understand what I want to say. *clears thoat uneasily*
* Tiron Eks turns then to see how his officer in the messhall are coping with the new situation.
* Zhen seems quite uneasy with a touchy-feely situation and mumbles "Ahem. You are released."
* Lt Anra Vaden goes on her feet and gives him a gentle hand shake as a thank, before leaving the sickbay
* Zhen mumbles something, shakes her hand, clears throat and turns to medical equipment "Is this calibrated properly? We can't have half-working equipment in here!"

Lt Gabriel Grant:
*bleep* Captain, I have that information you requested. Shall I bring it to your location?
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert looks a bit surprised by the suddenness of the events and impulsiveness of the captain

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* No, please come in 10 minutes to the observation lounge.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
We better prepare ourselves for anything, now, captain. Can I go back to the sickbay. Having prepared shifts of emergency teams may prove to be useful

Lt Gabriel Grant:
Yes, sir.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha picks a fruit, eats it calmly and simply stares at Tiron
* Lt Gabriel Grant hands over station to an ensign and makes way to lounge.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu goes to the bridge

Tiron Eks:
Yes, commander, but in 10 minutes I'll hold a staff meeting.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
Just the time to set the first instructions
* Cdr Yaxara Seyler goes to the sickbay
* Lt Anra Vaden left for the mess hall
* Zhen calibrates equipment that does not need to be calibrated at all

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
Lieutenant Commander Peshana, I wish to set a wartime shifts of emergency teams. Call everyone and prepare the equipment. I don't want anyone be short of hypos when the time comes

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana:
Uh... wartime ? Yes, commander

Tiron Eks:
*goes to Riashaala* Lieutenant, escort me to the turbolift please.
* Zhen mubles how good doctor always has its equipent ready
* Lt Riashaala Idisha nods "Yes, sir"
* Tiron Eks enters turbolift with Lt. Riashaala.

Tiron Eks:
*orders the computer in turbolift* Deck 1, bridge.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha gives him a fruit she took in the mess hall

Tiron Eks:
*shows no interest at it* Do you think I was too fast?

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
We don't know them. It can end very badly

Tiron Eks:
I trust all my officers, Ria. Counselor Vaden appeared to be very certain that the guy in our brig is Gul Dargan, a mass murderer. We have to find ways to make certain this one is Gul Dargan, if not .. well, then this is likely my first wrong choice as commanding officer.

Tiron Eks:
And indeeed this can turn out very bad for all of us.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
I'm not saying she's wrong. I'm saying we don't know the Dracartan that well and can't gauge their reaction.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha smiles "Isn't it a Starfleet procedure encouraging to make contact with aliens with shields low, weapons offline and wide welcoming arms ?"

Tiron Eks:
If I were them I would use force to free this Cardassian and make sure this federation ship never comes close agian to one of their planets.

Tiron Eks:
It is procedure, yes. But it's also procedure to follow the law and put justice to everyone. This includes arresting suspects, regardless which status they have.
Tiron Eks:
If he would be a romulan spy I would also put him in brig as well while we could be in romulan deep space.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Then, we're walking on an edge. Because we're not law here, they are. Suddenly, I wish we have someone from the JAG office on the ship

Tiron Eks:
Mind that our law exists on our ship, Ria.
* Zhen wonders who caused a war and why and swears if it was PAarick he will give him an enema

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
They came as guests. If this is spreading over the space region, you may have difficulties to get more guests on our board in the future

Tiron Eks:
*turbolift arrives at the bridge* Keep your antennaes open. *gives a confident nod at her and then heads to the observation lounge*
* Lt Riashaala Idisha whispers "No prob, honey"

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* Senior officers, report to the observation lounge.
* Zhen has sudden urge to strangle the captain

Tiron Eks:
As you might have noted has our delegation left already again the ship
* Lt Riashaala Idisha goes to visit her cousin at the sickbay
* Nurse Church is busy preparing emergency packs
* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana oversees the preparation, directing Church and a couple of other anonymous nurses
* Zhen is rechecking medical supplies

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Hey guys, you're moving ? Why all the hurry ?

We got orders to set up a war conditions here... go figure.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
So it's that serious then
* Lt Riashaala Idisha goes sitting on a biobed

Tiron Eks:
Our talks were .. short. And we have a situation now. Lt. Vaden claims that the cardassian of that delegation is Gul Dargan, a wanted war criminal by Bajor. I have taken him into custody for now. The First Commissioner and the Senator of the delegation were disgusted by this.

Tiron Eks:
I have ordered Lt. Grant to search the database about Gul Dargan. Lieutenant?

I don't have a clue what is wrong actually. Did Patrick tried to steal their secrets?

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Vaden accused one of our guest to be a former Cardassian torturer. Tiron sent the guy in the brig as a consequence.

Ah, captain Awesome was my second bet.

Lt Gabriel Grant:
Captain, Gul Dargan was known as the bloodhound. A name earned due to his practice of hunting down Bajoran families in space. His position was to pursue smugglers during the occupation, but he didn’t stop there and went after any ships with Bajorans onboard. There are reports of him pursuing ships for weeks. He captured 25 Bajoran ships. Records from the time of the occupation show that he was involved, directly or indirectly in the death of 620 Bajorans, including women and children.
* Lt Anra Vaden is pale and motionless

Tiron Eks:
Do we have a visual image of him in the file and medical records?

In any case if we got torpedoed and if it does not hit sickbay first, I am ready. And I pray to universe hat I will not be needed.

Lt Gabriel Grant:
We do have images. Computer, on screen. We have no medical records but I will contact the Bajoran government to see if they can assist.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Well, if something must happen I prefer it not be an attack. The journey until now is quite routine for me. No planetary wonders in sight for now.

Lt Gabriel Grant:
Captain, Gul Dargan’s wherabouts are unknown since the end of the Dominion War. Before then he held a position in the Cardassian state. He is still wanted to stand trial on Bajor as a war criminal.

An image of a Cardassian in military uniform can be seen on the computer screen.

Tiron Eks:
Good idea, Lieutenant. - We have to verify that this person we have in the brig is truely the bloodhound.
* Zhen grins "Sometimes I'm happy for that. Your parents would drown me under the iceberg if you fall into Andorian-eating plant." *sighs* "How are you doing lately cousin? Still interested in human musical plays?"

You don't recognize instantly Deputy Aten on the picture. There are face features that look like his. But so many years have passed. It may be that Dargan on the picture is a slimer, younger version of Aten. But sincerely, it may not be.

Tiron Eks:
The best method to remove all doubts would be a DNA comparision.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
I was spending days surveying distant stars. Well, until that man blew up an energy conduit and shut down our long range sensors.

Mmmmmmh... yes, that accident. That still sounds fishy to me. I don't buy that suicide explanation, if someone wants to kill himself he can find much easier ways on a starship.

Tiron Eks:
Does any of you have other suggestions how to verify his identity?

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
I guess. Could have find something simpler.

Even if he was nuts and went for murder-suicide he could have done something much bigger. It just does not fit somehow. Bah...

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
If Aten is among Dracartans for long enough, he may have a medical record in their medical facilities. This may tell us if he went through specific operation, like surgery... or not. It can give us some details about his former life as well

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
The body tends to keep traces of a lot of things, accidents and traumas, without even us knowing

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
If it's not a suicide... then... what it is ?

Tiron Eks:
Requesting help from the Dracartan is going to be difficult, since they expelled us from their territory. And this choice was made by our cardassian in the brig.

Murder that someone wnated to make look as a suicide? Universe knows why though.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
I'm no diplomat here. But maybe if they agree to collaborate to prove the Cardassia, say, innocence... they may be convinced to give us the data ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
It doesn't worry you ? I mean... that death. Be it a strange suicide or something else ? We're on a Starfleet ship.

Lt Anra Vaden:
The Bajoran government will provide us all the information we need. Just ask them.

Tiron Eks:
That's worth a shot. But it will take some hours before we can expect the response over the distance we have already.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
And what if we can't prove he's Gul Dargan ? If we only have a strong suspicion ? We just keep him on board despite the Dracartan protests ?

Tiron Eks:
In that case, Doctor, we have to free him.

A lot of things worry me. Incompetent officers, Cardassian war criminals in deep space and retribution from whatever species we are in war with now. Murder is just one of the things to worry about. *frowns*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
By the way, I suggest we move out of Emerald orbit. The Dracartan ships are slower than us. But if we don't move, it's like being sitting ducks while the hunters gather

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Leaving may also provoke the chase. The Dracartans will see us leaving, it may trigger a violent reaction
* Zhen looks at Ria "But that does not mean we shouldn't do something, hmmmm? Maybe we could do a little internal investigation while captain is waging wars?"
* Lt Riashaala Idisha sighs "You're bitter, Zhen..."

I'm just cautious.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha looks at him with a sorry face

Tiron Eks:
I agree, Number One. We won't leave until we have cleared this case. We'll stay in orbit, but our shields are raised in case that cardassian has somewhere a transporter device hidden or Dracartans are going to open fire without previous notice.
* Zhen mubles and croses arms at his chest "I know that look, what now?"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
I understand captain. But just to confirm. Our warp engine is much better than theirs. If we move, they can't pursue. But we lose that tactical advantage if we stay on the same spot. How slow their ship can be, they will reach us.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Forget that... we can give a try at investigating the suicide. But what to do ?

Tiron Eks:
I'm aware of that. We'll stay in orbit, Commander. If we move away then the whole situation is irreversible escalated.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods "I'll keep the security teams on alert"

Lt Gabriel Grant:
Captain, would the Dracartans consent to keeping the Cardassian under house arrest until we verify his identity?

Tiron Eks:
Please do so, Commander. In the mean time we'll wait for the response of the bajoran government. Hopefully they have the needed proofs.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
There is also another question... Say we find Deputy Aten is truly Gul Dargan. What to do ? We turn back to Federation space and head to Bajor ? Or we stay true to our mission objectives and we keep him in the brig for years ?

Tiron Eks:
I don't think so, Lieutenant. The Darcartans are heavily influeneced by their military. Aten is part of it.

I was thinking that we alost common workers have more chance of finding things out than officers. Official investigations usually drive ice rats in hiding, but we who are just common crewmembers may find out something. We can ask people who he knew a thing or two.

Lt Gabriel Grant:
We would be obliged to take him to Bajor, Commander.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha ponders

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
That's the theory, Lieutenant. In practice we have a mission to fulfill.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Is bringing back the Bloodhound important enough to have us abort our mission ?

I do not believe in "perfect crime", so there must be a clue if it was a crime. And I would say common sense dictates there was one.

Tiron Eks:
We're already too far away from Federation space, we would have to carry him. I think a stasis chamber would be the best solution to keep him contained during the duration of the mission.
Lt Gabriel Grant:
Keep him in stasis for years without trial?
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu focus her attention on Lt Grant

Lt Anra Vaden:
He's the Bloodhound ! He never gave us a trial before butchering us !
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert asks naively "Do we even have someone with knowledge in Federation laws here ?3

Lt Gabriel Grant:
So our duty is to take him to Bajor, Lieutenant.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
You can always teach yourself with the computer, Hillbert
* Lt Anra Vaden looks to be approving the idea of bringing the bloodhound to Bajor at first, then looks to hesitate

Tiron Eks:
Alternatively I could ask Starfleet if they are going to send a ship in our direction which can take him to Bajor while we don't have to fly all the way back

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Starfleet can also give us direct orders about arborting or keeping him on board, actually

Tiron Eks:
Yes, they are in position to do that.

Tiron Eks:
*looks at his officers* Does any of you wish to add anything else?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So first we need Bajor informations, to establish if this man is the Bloodhound or not. But given the time lag in communication it will take hours.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I hope the Dracartans will also need hours before deciding what to do

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
I'm confident their ships can't really scratch the Independence. They are using old phase cannons, old reactive armoured hulls and barely reach warp 5.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
But a swarm of them ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
...will force us to riposte otherwise they will go through over time... yes

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So, again, it's a matter of time.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu loooks to think for herself now

Tiron Eks:
In case we don't receive the answer before a fleet of their ships arrives here we have to flee.

Looks no more questions are coming

Tiron Eks:
I want all stations be prepared for a battle, in case it will happen. Else we'll wait for the answer of the bajoran government.

Tiron Eks:
With a bit luck I can convince the Dracartans to help us investigate the identity of Aten.

Tiron Eks:
That would be all for now, dismissed.

The various officers are going to their stations, preparing for (*gasp*) battle
* Cdr Yaxara Seyler comes back, goes to Pëshana "Do we have the teams ready ? We may have to stay on alert for hours, if not days. Prepare everyone for long duty shifts"
* Cdr Yaxara Seyler tells Church "Go to the mess hall and try to negociate us drinks and some fresh meals, we may need some conmfort for ourselves if the storm is coming"
* Zhen makes a face and turns back to his counting
* Zhen mumbles "Now we are getting ready for a picnic..."
* Nurse Church goes to the mess hall, rather happily at the idea of getting something fresh to eat as part of the job
* Cdr Yaxara Seyler checks the personnel lists and the assembled teams
* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana checks all the computers and diagnosis machines
* Tiron Eks goes to his ready room.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
I see you have work so I leave you. Bye bye Zhen
* Zhen grunts something and waves to Ria

The demand to the Bajor government about Gul Dargan was done. You're waiting for the answer now (I also presume you reported to Starfleet Command about your finding)
* Tiron Eks informs Starfleet Command about his findings.

Now everyone is waiting. Emerald didn't try to contact you since the representatives left your board. The bridge reports ships going and leaving at usual pace. For hours then, everything is calm.
* Zhen is rechecking equipment and is muttering to himself about how certain someone should be left on a glacier with one medkit and a group of wounded hikers as a proper training
* Tiron Eks has done his daily logbook entry and now waits for the response of the bajoran government.
* Tiron Eks goes to the bridge.

Tiron Eks:
Commander Rajakanya, have long range sensors picked movement of Dracartan ships heading to our direction?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We detected movement but for now, it may be just usual travel. We picked what appear to be 5 Dracartan battleships within 5 light years. Given their speed, they can't be on us before a week

Tiron Eks:
Okay. Open hailing frequencies to Emerald.
Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Hailing frequencies opened, sir

Tiron Eks:
Here is Captain Eks. I wish to talk with you about Aten.
* Kahel, First Commissioner appears on the viewscreen "I'm listening you, captain"
Tiron Eks:
First Commissioner. I would like explain the whole situation about Aten to you and let you know why I have to act the way I have to.
Rhino is disconnected.

Tiron Eks:
I'm sorry for that we must appear like barbarians to you, but I beg you to understand our position here.
Rhino has connected.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
You have tricked us, captain. We did trust you and wished to cooperate as civilized beings. Instead you adbucted one of our representatives in an arbitrary manner and detain him. You will see your word is now received less favorably here.

Tiron Eks:
Aten is by visual identification almost the same person as Gul Dargan, who was also known as the Bloodhound of Bajor. He is a wanted criminal and if you like we'll send you the dossier about him to give you an insight what he has done in his past.

Tiron Eks:
I want to find proofs if Aten is truely Gul Dargan or not. I would like you ask for your help to find proofs that he is not Gul Dargan.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
You are the one who adbuct people, captain. And you dare to tell us we have to prove you are wrong ?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
In other words, if we can't convince you Aten isn't the one you're looking for, you feel entitled to keep him detained ?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
That is specious, captain. Since you will only be convinced if you want. So this is a futile effort.

Tiron Eks:
Let's say I let Aten free and we have the proof that he's a mass murderer of innocents. Think of families who have never done anything against him and he destroyed their lifes, killed women and children. Would you truely let him walk freely around and trust him all the time?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
That is a question you should have submit us before abusing your power and arrest him, captain

Tiron Eks:
First Comissioner, how can I convince you that I give you my word if we don't find any solid proofs that Aten is Gul Dargan, we let him go again and we'll leave in peace again.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Because we came on your board, three of us and only two left.
Kahel, First Commissioner:
You don't know what you caused here, captain. The military is now mad about what you have done. They are using the incident to promote isolation and tighter control.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Which isn't exactly good for my profession... until you arrested Aten, I was going to try to have him justify or reverse his decision. But now... what can I do. Explain you are the good guy to the military ?

Tiron Eks:
Aten is part of the military. I remember you told me that the military took heavy influence on you about 30 years ago. It's interesting to let you know that Gul Dargan whereabouts are also unknown since about 30 years.

Tiron Eks:
Say, is he in charge of your security since 30 years?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
In an academic way, yes, maybe captain. But when you leave the imperial space, we, us, will have to deal with the military.
* Kahel, First Commissioner sighs "Aten ? No... I don't know exactly when he came to our republic. I believe he was in a liner coming from the core of the galaxy. One of the rare.
Kahel, First Commissioner:
He rose to power and his current position about ten years ago. Before, I believe he worked as a security advisor for the state.

Tiron Eks:
Has he ever spoken about his past?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Probably but I never met him personally before today

Tiron Eks:
I truely apologize for the trouble this causes to you. I'm also sorry that this must happen, but I have sworn to my duties to protect and uphold the laws of Federation. We'll wait what the bajoran government is going to give us as proofs and then we'll decide if Aten can be identified as Gul Dargan.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:21 pm

(Chatlog date: 04.02.2010)

So we're now with a detained Dracartan Imperial, rampant hostility and waiting for Bajor files
It will take about 6 hours but you get an answer from Bajor. They have included in their answer the files related to Gul Dargan. Unfortunately, there is no DNA data or anything that specific. Cardassia always refused ("forgot" rather) to send to Bajor what was required to formally identify Dargan
* Tiron Eks personally inspects the sent data file
So you have a file about a Gul who pursued Bajorans across space, on the accusation that Bajorans living on starships were shadow support for the terrorists at home.
Several people who escaped his paws reported he compared that to a big game hunt. He chased the Bajorans methodically, almost scientifically. Each time he got a ship, people were usually never seen again and most died.
Most of the caught Bajorans were sent to a camp on planetary surface. He is reported to have ordered the execution of about a hundred of persons, under various pretext. In several dozens of case, he was accused to practice torture to get informations.
He went to Cardassia after the war and served as a faithful state servant. After the Dominion War, Bajor lost his traces.
* Tiron Eks wonders if they got anything about his medical past.

There is no file about his past, only general informations
Cardassia never sent the records.

* Tiron Eks loads data into the pad and heads to the brig.
* Tiron Eks approaches the cell, looking at him.
* Aten, Deputy of Security rests against the wall, apparently irritated

Tiron Eks:
Who are you?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I am Aten, Deputy of Security of the Dracartan Republic. Which is basically what you'd call being a minister.
Aten, Deputy of Security: (( Dracartan Empire* sorry ))

Tiron Eks:
So how did you came here to this distant region of space away from Cardassia?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Life in Cardassia wasn't as sweet as it was, once.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
So I decided to put distance between me and my bethren
* Patrick heads to the Brig after planning tasks for the day at engineering

Tiron Eks:
Not as sweet as it was once?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Cardassia became run by bureaucrats and their friends.
* Patrick enters brig

Tiron Eks:
This doesn't explain it. Every government has bureaucrats.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
But when bureaucrats rule.... Cardassia deserved better. But well, it capitulated. So I left.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Does it satisfy your curiosity ?

Tiron Eks:
When was that?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
After the alliance with the Founders and the ensuiing war

Tiron Eks:
What have you done before you left the Cardassian Union?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I was in the military. Doing my duty.
* Patrick watches the questionning from distance

Tiron Eks:
Rank and position before stardate 46000?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I held the rank of Glinn in the Cardassian Borders patrol. Assignments varied. We were deemed to board ships.

Tiron Eks:
Board what ships?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
What the high command told us. Smugglers mainly. Later to catch Maquis ships

Aten, Deputy of Security:
A fair number of weapon dealers were providing armament and explosives to the Bajorans. But they needed the usual smugglers who knew the routes.

Tiron Eks:
The Bajorans ... what do you think of them?
* Aten, Deputy of Security shrugs and says "Nothing now. They were our ennemies. But it was long ago."

Tiron Eks:
Nothing? You have grown up with its occupation!

Aten, Deputy of Security:
So what ? I was just a grunt They were the enemies, period. You Federation was also the enemy. Time and politics change. Enemies change. The soldier just obey

Tiron Eks:
Do you have family?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I left it behind me. My life is dedicated... was decicated to Cardassia

Tiron Eks:
You seriously tell me your life was dedicated to Cardassia and leave your family behind?!

Aten, Deputy of Security:
What are you doing here, captain ? Caring about your family ? Or doing your duty ?

Tiron Eks:
*has a short living cold smile* You can be certain I am doing my duty. What do you know about Gul Dargan?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
He was the Gul in charge of cutting supplies to the Bajoran resistance. I was affected to his space detachment three or four times.

Tiron Eks:
And were you succesful?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Overall ? Since we lost Bajor, I wouldn't call this a success

Tiron Eks:
And how do you explain that you look like him?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I do ? It's not my opinion.

Tiron Eks:
*types something on his pad, then tells the security officer* Deactivate forcefield.
The officer deactivates the forcefield and reaches for his phaser

Tiron Eks:
*comes closer to give the prisoner the pad, it has only a picture, nothing else* You should see this then.
* Aten, Deputy of Security gives a glance "He's Dargan, right ? I believe I remember his face"

Tiron Eks:
I need your identification number to verify your identity. We'll contact Cardassia.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Identification numbers of what ?

Tiron Eks:
During your service period before you left Cardassia.
* Aten, Deputy of Security chuckles "Sure thing....", ponders a moment and gives a serie of numbers "You will understand that it was about 30 years ago. I may be wrong on some numbers"

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Now captain.... since you look interested in my person, I'm going to tell you. You decided to trample the soverign territory of the Dracartan Empire. What's going on your mind ? Do you believe you're going to go away with it, simply ?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I'm holding an important position and my government won't just let you adbuct me without reaction.

Tiron Eks:
You were a trained cardassian officer, you'll remember correctly.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
So you say

Tiron Eks:
Do you think you get easily away from killing hundreds of bajorans?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
If you do not want to see all of this turn into a war, I suggest you to apologize and release me.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I didn't kill Bajorans. You are mistaken. And this mistake will be paid greatly by your Federation.

Tiron Eks:
Of course, suddenly noone killed the Bajorans, everyone was simply following orders, I know that.

Tiron Eks:
*steps out of the brig with the Pad, gives a nod to the security officer to raise force field again*

Aten, Deputy of Security:
You don't know that region of space, captain... Our ships are cruising it since a century already. Don't believe you can just treat my government as crap and negligible force.
The forcefield is activated back in place

Tiron Eks:
*gives a glance at him* Justice is also a force.

Tiron Eks:
*heads out of brig*
* Patrick rolls eyes in disbelief

Tiron Eks:
*asks Patrick* And, was I theatralic enough?

indeed it was, if it was the goal...

Tiron Eks:
That man there was once a trained cardassian officer. You can't treat them just like everyone else, you have to provoke them to get any valuable information.

what about the Drakartans ?

Tiron Eks:
*takes a breath* If we find enough evidences that this man there is Gul Dargan, then I'm afraid the Dracartans were fooled by him and are so to say a late victim of cardassias ego.

Tiron Eks:
As for our journey, it won't become easier with them for a while in the near.

*shakes head* I highly doubt we'l have any diplomatic relations with them in the future, even if you submit evidences, even if they accept it as evidences...

I've seen the recordings, those guys were upset... and probably judge us as barbarians now, I guess

Tiron Eks:
Isn't it supprising that the military of the Dracartan have a heavy influence on everything now, started about 30 years ago?

I do'nt question your decision, Captain, nor your feelings about a war criminal but I wonder if you weren't a bit... hasty on that matter, we could have used some subtlety here

Tiron Eks:
This man inside the brig left Cardassia after the Dominion War.

aye, thirty years ago, and you think a smal ship with aliens from another quadran can change this in one week ? we're talking about an Empire, here, not a small town with a couple outlaws terrorising locals

Tiron Eks:
On the other hand he could have escaped once again or hides himself on Emerald. He must have not expected a federation vessel in orbit of Emerald to be ready to be beamed abord. This is a chance I had to take.

how would you react if some alien species invaded earth, kidnapped some vulcan telling us he's a criminal in their world and dismissed us ?

would you patiently wait they prove their rights and accept their action ?

Tiron Eks:
Probably not.

and that's even worse as we're in no way some mission seeking war criminals, we're supposed to be explorers, diplomats, raising bridges among races and civilisations

At that rythm, we're gonna have a solid reputation in that sector in no time...

Tiron Eks:
Putting a blind eye on a strong suspect only to have an easy time during our mission? No, I can't do that. It'll leave forever a question open in that case: was that man a criminal or not?

but we have no authority here.

how can people believe in you if you don't even respect their laws, their authority, their legitimity...

anyway, this is pointless. We can't go back. So now, what ? let's pick the worst hypothesis :

imagine that no matter if you bring them evidences, they decided to attack su to pick bakc their representative, what will we do ? Fire on them ?

Tiron Eks:
We are explorers and I know we are representing the Federation. But genocide is a grave crime.

no, Tiron, genocide is a crime for you, and me, and most of the species in the federation, but you can't assume they have the same beliefs here

If you have the time, check the Earth's history and you'll see, some commited genocide in the name of religion, race purity and such things...

or even just for expansion without even trying to justify

besides, the bajorans mean nothing to the Drakartans

Tiron Eks:
You are missing the responsibility here, the responsibility towards Bajor. Many people died and Gul Dargan was known as the Bloodhound. Bajor demands to put all war criminals infront of a court.

Yes and the move was to use official ways.

ask them to deliver him, explaining why and giving prooofs and evidences

Tiron Eks:
Yes, it's unfortunate that chances to sooth the Dracartans is going against nil.

we could even have thought about some special op to kidnap him without being noticed, I'm sure Rajakanya could have set something like this

Tiron Eks:
Do you know that this man solely decided that no exchange shall occur between the Federation and the Dracartan Empire?

yes, so what ?

he's an official here

we're guests

were... *chuckles slightly*

Tiron Eks:
He's trying to exclude us, get rid of us and hopes to play like being a sheep he'll get free again.

Tiron Eks:
Believe me, I have experience with Cardassians and they are anything else than playing with open cards.

again, you simply ignore the Drakartans and focus on the sole Cardassian

anyway, I won't convince you, I guess *smiles* so what now, we prepare torpedoes or warp engines ?

Tiron Eks:
I won't give them back their cardassian without truely investigating the identity of this person.

'cause they'll come, you can be sure of it.

whatever proof you offer them

Tiron Eks:
I have to face the scenario that convincing them is going to be impossible. A new kobayashi maru.

*tries not to laugh* a new kind then, where the Captain decided to insult the Klingons as soon as he left warp

Tiron Eks:
To answer your question: warp engines are preferred.

and shields, so, I'm gonna see if I can prepare some emergency moves, just in case...

so much for their knowledge and computers...

Tiron Eks:
Better do that, time is running, and I'll go and contact Cardassia to see if he's telling the truth about himself, and send also a copy to Bajor and Starfleet Intelligence.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:15 pm


So we have left the Independence after Patrick and Tiron were discussing and speculating on the current situation
The Independence is still in Emerald orbit.

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Captain ? I'm detecting movement from the Dracartan ships. They are now on a converging vector, heading to Emerald system

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
From earlier readings, they should be in the system in about 4 or 5 days

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Are we standing still here, for now, sir ?

Tiron Eks:
This should be enough time to get an answer. And yes, Number One, we'll stay in orbit.
Some time later...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We did get the replies from Cardassia and the Federation, sir

Tiron Eks:
Good. Load the files in my ready room, I'll study it there.
* Tiron Eks goes to his ready room.
From the files received...
Cardassia replied negavitely to the ID number. The authorities says that number doesn't exist and was never attributed to anyone.
Bajor has no more information than the little info they have sent you previously. Starfleet Intelligence can't help you more
* Tiron Eks drinks his raktajino as he then summons Cmdr. O'Rourke to his ready room.
* Patrick heads to the Captain


Tiron Eks:

Captain *salutes*

Tiron Eks:
We're in a situation where noone from the outside can help us.

Tiron Eks:
I've just read the answers of Starfleet Intelligence and Cardassia.

remind some old memories *grins*

and... ?

Tiron Eks:
Cardassia says that number doesn't exists and Starfleet Intelligence got no further information upen the data we gave to them.

well, that guy obviously lied, then

Tiron Eks:
I'm frank to you. My intention says me that this man inside the brig is guilty, but as a Starfleet Officer I have to remain my objectivity and there's no room for emotional driven action.

Tiron Eks:
I don't know how to find anything that proofs that this man is supposed to be Gul Dargan.

well, at that point, we may as well pick some DNA samples and send it to Bajor.

Tiron Eks:
Bajor got no DNA sample of Gul Dargan and the Cardassian Union never sent one.

we're a bit far from Cardassia to try to pick one by our means, i'm afraid...

Tiron Eks:
Is there anybody else in the Alpha Quadrant we could ask if this man is Gul Dargan?

the maquis ?

I don't know, the Obsidian order, maybe. I do'nt suppose you have contacts among them ,

hmm, did he say how he came here ?

Tiron Eks:
Mhm ... they no longer exists anymore. I don't think they have somewhere in the Badlands a databank with DNA profiles of cardassian high ranking military officers.

Tiron Eks:
He left Cardassia, after the Dominion War. He stated it was all too beraeucratic. I guess he meant the change of Cardassia's government and that the military got not the total control anymore.

Tiron Eks:
He travelled by a liner he said.

the problem is that we don't have time to look for some journey years ago, find back people he could have met and so on...

Tiron Eks:
I keep wondering if my intention are ill guided. Afterall Cardassia is also known for Gen manipulation, so he could bear marks in his DNA that he got changed to be a look alike double. I truely don't know. All I got is a word against another one's word and that's not sufficient to arrest a man permanently in our brig.

if we have to find a solution, I guess it's here and now

Tiron Eks:
We got no contacts to Emeral either, they military is preparing for a strike if we don't let this man go.

*thinks* we can't ask the Dracartans either, I do'nt think they want to come and chat nicely with us now...

maybe we could find some evidences at his home, but I'm not sure if this is doable with the little time we have

let's assum it's the man. After all, he has no interest in taking the appearance of a seeked gull so far from Bajor space

Why did he come herre ? was it all by accident, random ? that doesn't look like someone of his stature. he might have, somehow, had contacts with Dracartans before coming here. Maybe the key is the Dracartan militaries
* Tiron Eks stands up and looks ouf of the window to the distant stars.

If he came here in purpose, he was probably expected.

sorry for that, i'm thinking loud

Tiron Eks:
Don't worry, right now I need methods that go beyond the limit of a box.

what information do we have about his... route among the Drakartan authorities ?

from his coming to his current rank

Tiron Eks:
Not much. He arrived here about 30 years ago and was in the last 10 years active in the security department of Emerald, that's what we know.

if he's linked to the militaries, ... well I suppose those who are opposed to the militaries could maybe help us... assuming 1) you can convince them to listen to us 2) we find a way to delay the incoming ships

Tiron Eks:
To be correct he got to his current position 10 years ago.

Tiron Eks:
Delaying the ships? You mean to disable them?

I wasn't thinking about something so drastic... which would alienate us teh Drakartans even more

Tiron Eks:
I know the science department of them only tolerates the military, they don't like it but they aren't treated unfair at all.

I was thinking literally : either by finding a diplomatic solution, ... or maybe making the mbelieve we're gone...

Tiron Eks:
Something like masking our energy signature behind a moon or planet?

something of that kind, yes. At least it would buy us some more time

the problem is that we d'ont really know their technology, and in that matter their sensors

Tiron Eks:
We would need a starting ground before we take actions to buy us somehow more time.

Tiron Eks:
Maybe there are more cardassians down there.

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* Captain Eks to Commander Hilbeert.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Yes, sir ?

Tiron Eks:
Make a full sensor sweep of Emerald. Scan the planet for Cardassian lifesigns and if there are other known races from the Alpha or Beta Quadrant, let me know of it too.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Yes, sir. Do you want a precise counting or an aproximation ?

Tiron Eks:
Precise counting and location.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
We're on it. But it will take hours

Tiron Eks:
Begin with it right now.

Tiron Eks:
Eks, out.

Tiron Eks:
*looks at Pat* Now if there are other known people on that planet too it might give us a clue we need right now.
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert calls the blue bunnies to start working on the sensor sweep

Tiron Eks:
If we find some then our next step is getting in contact to them and try to get information of them.

Tiron Eks:
Since you have a trace for special operations, what would you suggest if we find some on the surface?

depends what we find... normally i would suggest trying to make contact discreetly, but if that just more cardassians, it may not be the best move

*shrugs* if that's more cardassians, while we're at it, we can subdue them, we already have on onboard, let's offer him some company...

Tiron Eks:

Tiron Eks:
Let's wait what the sensor sweep is going to give us for information, then we'll see further. That would be all, Commander.

*winks* this is the worst case scenario, of course. I guess we had enough starfleet violations for the day. It was a joke, Tiron *smiles slightly*
About 5 hours later...

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
*bleep* Lieutenant Commander Hilbert to the Captain

Tiron Eks:
Go ahead.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Sir, we have run our sensors on the surface of Emerald. I must first say the sweep generated activity down there and for a time, there were frantic moves. Can't exactly tell what they were doing but it is as if it worried them.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
I guess they caught our sweep and... I don't know. Moved... or panicked.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Anyway... Emerald is mostly inhabited by Dracartans and two other species. I cannot exactly confirm since our database is a bit lacking but it is our beliefs they are Vehlds and Serans, the other races from the Dracartan Empire.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
We detected no Cardassians, sir. However, one thing interesting to mention is the presence in relative number of... Nausicaans.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Not many of them of course, so far here. But enough to be significant to my eyes. Probably two dozens of them, maybe more. Concetrated in one small area. Maybe a single building.

Tiron Eks:
Do you think it's save to beam down there?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
It's beyond my appreciation, captain. You want to... beam down to Nausicaans ? Technically, the transport should be safe. Now what happens down there will be beyond my insight

Tiron Eks:
Is it a populated area where they live?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
It is, yes.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
I'd say they are living close to a landing pad or something for shuttles.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Well, if it's living quarters they are in. COuld also be barracks or a bunker from what I see

Tiron Eks:
Thank you commander.
* Tiron Eks goes to the brig to visit the cardassian again.
* Patrick goes back to engineering
* Aten, Deputy of Security looks up at the arriving captain

Tiron Eks:
We've detected an amount of Nausicaans on your planet, are they related to you?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Nausicaans ? We have enough personel in our government. Why would we use those brutes ?

Tiron Eks:
Nausicaans are mercenaries.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
They lack finesse

Tiron Eks:
Have you travelled alone to the Dracartan Empire?
* Aten, Deputy of Security changes position for a better one, sitting inside his cell. He says "Captain. You're detaining me in violation of the Imperial laws. I gave you much more answers to your questions than probably any other captive would to his jailor. Why should I reply more now ?"

Tiron Eks:
Having a witness to confirm your background would easy the situation.

Tiron Eks:

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Why do I have the feeling you have decided I'm Dargan anyway and just fish for information as you have no proof ? Because, if you had proof, you wouldn't be here trying to make me talk, am I right ?

Aten, Deputy of Security:
You're just trying to fabricate something to support your decision.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
Otherwise, a starfleet captain wouldn't waste his time with me

Tiron Eks:
Cardassia got no information about you. You have given us the wrong number as you so called recalled it wrong. You#ve got an eidetic memory, which makes it easy to remember anything important for you.

Tiron Eks:
You want me convinced that you are not Gul Dargan? Then give me proof.

Aten, Deputy of Security:
From my cell ? You have a strange sense of humor, captain

Aten, Deputy of Security:
I had what I consider a reasonable behavior and cooperation, given the circumstances and the violence used on my person.

Tiron Eks:
*goes without commenting anything further*
* Aten, Deputy of Security says "Starfleet...."

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* All senior officers report to the observation lounge.

Tiron Eks:

Tiron Eks:
How do you know Gul Dargan? Have you met him in person?
* Lt Anra Vaden blushes a bit "Erm no. I'm too young for that. He plagued my parents, my family and my kin"

Tiron Eks:
How can you be then sure if that man in our brig is Gul Dargan?
* Lt Anra Vaden says on a defensive tone "I've seen old photos of him. One of my cousin was keen on tracking various Cardassian criminals, including Dargan. He had a file on the Bloodhound."

Tiron Eks:
Do you have contact to him and get anything ... I repeat _anything_, to proof that this man shall be Gul Dargan? So far it was only your word what made me do the things I did. But it won't be enough and can't be combined with my duty as Captain to arrest a person based only on suspicion.

Lt Anra Vaden:
What my family had was also communicated to the Bajoran authorities. Aside from personal notes, I'm not sure we can get anything more from my family. But I will ask, yes

Tiron Eks:
Could it be also that this Cardassian looks only similar to Gul Dargan?

Lt Anra Vaden:
I guess.... I... It could be ... just looking like him. But I've seen so many times a picture of the Bloodhound, I'd recognize him on the spot. I... actually did.

Tiron Eks:
What's your opnion on this matter, everyone of you?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
In case of conflict with the Dracartans, we have the upper hand, easily. But unless we want to blast them in riposte, a constant bombardment and harassing will exhaust our shields energy. So even with the arrival of the detected warships we have a bit more time.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We can also play a game of cat and mouse with them. We can outrun them easily.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
I mean we can buy time that way, if needed

Tiron Eks:
I haven't asked for a tactical analyse, Commander. I ask you about your opinion about the Cardassian in our brig.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
The critical point is we need to prove Dargan identity. So far, we have a suspicion. But nothing more.

even if we can prove his identity, crims commited in the federation space will have no meaning for the dracartans and won't improve our.. diplomatic relations. But if he's involved in something inside the dracartan space, things can be different if we can prove it...
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya feels contrariated by the captain tone "The Dracartans probably know a lot about him. But they are now unccooperative"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We probably now lack time to conduct any other investigation in the Dracartan space. We'll be lucky if we find a proof about Dargan

pardon me Commander but that's just a waste of time : that won't convince the dracartans. We're acting for us, on that matter, to justify our actions "a posteriori"

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
We have nothing to compare Aten physiology to. We could put him under medical scans and see if we learn something but I doubt he will agree.

this, we can do anywhere else, where there will be no ships heading to blast us

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Just read his min, Yaxara ?
* Cdr Yaxara Seyler glares at Hilbert


Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
It's possible that even with a proof the Dracartans will not care about our claims, as O'Rourke is suggesting.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
They sounded a bit... touchy about the topic now.

we weren't exactly diplomatic in the way we acted.. or I missed too many diplomacy courts at the academy...

Lt Anra Vaden:
The Bloodhound is just a butcher. He can't be just a normal person, even here in the Dracartan Empire. It's against his nature.

Lt Anra Vaden:
So he must also have done something sinister here. Maybe can we find allies ?

Lt Anra Vaden:
I mean... among Dracartans ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I'm afraid there is little time for that, Anra

Lt Anra Vaden:
That may be worthy. The Bloodhound won't change his methods. He's condescending, he disregard sentient life. I doubt that even as Aten he behave honorably now

Lt Anra Vaden:
So there must be victims of his deeds here.

the problem is to establish contact with anyone in the dracartan space

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
What do we do ? Broadcast a call for witnesses and victims to contact us ? Across all Dracartan Empire ?

Lt Anra Vaden:
Why not ?

*rises an eyebrow* we're that desperate ?

Tiron Eks:
The military is the controlling factor of the Dracartans.

Tiron Eks:
Whatever we do public they make sure to twist our image.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
And they are probably the most hostile to us.

Tiron Eks:
To a degree they have successfully manged that as we keep head of security in our brig.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
It's unfortunate we didn't have time to talk more to that Senator. Or Kahel.

the scientists, yes, they may be the key but if we want them to trust us, I'm pretty sure it would require a physical contact. They won't take us seriously if we just broadcast adverts on the waves...

we could set... a discreet team who could contact either of them. That's a bit fangerous but maybe they could appreciate the move

Tiron Eks:
Kahel, he displayed a will to help, but he's cautious and doesn't dare to get in conflict with the military.

Tiron Eks:
We have to get to him.

Tiron Eks:
By beaming down.

that's why we need a discret contact, so as not to imply him officialy

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
It may not be that easy now. I've run a sensor sweep on the captain demand and it was as if I kicked an ant colony. They did detected the sweep. And what I mean if they may be watching our activity now. I am not sure a transport beam would go unnoticed now

for now, at least

Tiron Eks:
Chief, is it possible to hide our transporter beam?


*to Hilbert* no anomaly around, tachyons, anything we could use at our advantage ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
No the Emerald system is a quite nice example of stellar stability

this may be possible but would require a lot of skill... and luck

Tiron Eks:
How much time do you need for it?

as soon as you want it

but if we're detected, things can become interesting for the away team

Tiron Eks:
Our transporter officer will keep a transpoter lock on all the time on the away team.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We still need to know who to contact and how ?

Tiron Eks:
Doctor Seyler, how long would it take to do plastique surgery to alter the appearance of an away team to typical appearance of people on Emerald?

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
I have no record of Dracartan physiology so the change will only be cosmetic and superficial. It won't fool anyone knowing Dracartan physiology. I can prepare that. It could be ready within 12 hours.

Tiron Eks:
Kahel will be our contact person. I have in mind that a conceiled contact with him might have the best chance to learn of Aten has done anything that would share a similarity with Gul Dargan.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Shall the team go armed ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
If Dracartans catch it, being armed will have its importance. It can go from sneaking around to spying or saboteurs

I agree, boarding like commandos won't grant us Kahel's favors anyway

Tiron Eks:
The entire team doesn't need to be armed with type 3 phaser rifles, I guess it'll be enough if Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya will be armed with a type one small hand sized phaser.

Tiron Eks:
Lt. Vaden, you'll be part of the team as well as you know Gul Dargan's history as best of us all.

Tiron Eks:
The 3rd person will be me.
* Lt Anra Vaden nods

Tiron Eks:
Beaming down on the surface is dangerous, Kahel's help might expose us to the security forces and in worst case they could use the away team as pressure medium to get Aten free again.

Tiron Eks:
Number One, in case we fail and get captured, it'll be your task to get us out again alive. If Aten has to be freed to achieve that, then make it so.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Understood, captain

Tiron Eks:
The odds are bad for us and we have all to be very cautious to make no error.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:20 pm


The Away Team prepares itself. Rajakanya gets a phaser pistol and will be the only armed of the team
* Lt Paula Harrison arrives in the transporter room and set the console "Where do we send you down, captain ?"

Tiron Eks:
Lieutenant, beam us to a spot that isn't crowded but near Kahlen.

Lt Paula Harrison:
I'm beaming you down in the university quarter,you should arrive on a deserted plaza

Tiron Eks:
Very good, are you two set?
The transporter is activated, Lt Harrison focus the beam and handle it to minimize the possibility of detection

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Ready captain
* Lt Anra Vaden takes a breath and nods

Tiron Eks:

Lt Paula Harrison:
Good luck, captain
* Lt Paula Harrison beams them down
* Patrick crosses fingers

Tiron Eks:
*looks around after transportation and makes sure noone is there*

* Lt Paula Harrison groans a little: "Much more emissions than I wanted. I hope it will be little enough to not flare on the Dracartan screens"

Tiron Eks:
Commander, Tricorder.
The air is fresh as the sun goes down sloly behind the horizon. The trio is on a plaza, made of colorful mosaic depicting characters and civic scenes. Around are the tall buildings of the Emerald university
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya runs a Tricorder scan "Nothing unusual detected, captain."

Tiron Eks:
Good, let's get to Kahel before it's night, it would look suspicious if we run still in the night.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Kaur Siddhu to O'Rourke.

Tiron Eks:
*tries to orientate himself and is looking for a way to find Kahel*
* Lt Anra Vaden shows a building whose front is supported by rows of colmuns "That should be that one"

Lt Anra Vaden:
It's where we've met him. Probably his workplace.

Tiron Eks:
Good idea, let's go for it. *goes to the said building*
Captain Eks com badge makes a strange pitiful sound, just a little bleep only half heard

Tiron Eks:
*bleep and with low voice* Yes?
Nothing on Eks com badge. Noone, nothing.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya inspects his own com badge

Tiron Eks:
*looks alerted at Rajakanya*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Mine doesn't work. It looks active, however. Just receiving blank noise
* Lt Anra Vaden quietly tests her own com badge
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya runs another tricorder scan

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Heavy radio traffic, sir. The whole area is saturated. It may explain why our signal doesn't go through.

*clicks* Commander ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
It is also unexpected. We never witnessed that level of signal traffic

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Do you believe the beam was noticed ? Emerald is broadcasting heavy radio emissions

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Just... *looks to pause to get someone opinion* just like junk signal... like to drown ours

Tiron Eks:
Commander Hilbert hasn't mentioned heavy signal traffic before.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya tells the captain "So far, the com badges are dead for now. We can't contact the Independence or be contacted. Maybe if we amplify our own signal... "

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
There wasn't

Lt Anra Vaden:
You know how to tinker this, Lieutenant Commander ?

as i said, it required skill and luck. I tried to minimize our meissions diverting power to auxiliary. All we can do at the moment is wait *for himself* and hope
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya shakes the head, smiling a bit

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Do you see what else could have betray our activity ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We stay focused on the objective, captain ? or... ?

Tiron Eks:
This means they know something is going on. We have to continue, staying at this plaza will only expose us.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Aye aye, sir

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
It's a rather crude method to scramble communications but it works

Tiron Eks:
Quick, let's move to the building.
Now the trio goes to the building where they previously come to meet the First Commissioner.

well, this radio trafic looks quite unusual, to say the least. And about our stealthiness, I guess the locals were already on their guards with a ship in orbit, a ship who looke quite threatening recently

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So ? They started broadcasting seconds after we beamed the captain down.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
It can't be just a coincidence

I wouldn't bet on it. we'd better assume the beaming has been detected, now, can they still complete their task and escape notice ?
The Away Team enters the building, finding several Dracartans going on between rows of data disks and more ancient printed books. The place is quiet and almost totally silent. Only the discreet moves of the students can be heard and the ocasional flipping of pages

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
It has its importance, Lieutenant Commander. If the Dracartans got the beam, they should also have the away team location. And dispatching troops right now.

Tiron Eks:
*looks for something like an overview of the building to maybe see where the First Commissioner is.

the decision is yours, Commander. I can beam them back wheneever you want if you think it's too risky
One Dracartan librarian comes to the away team and politely asks what can be done for them

Tiron Eks:
Hello, we have an appointment with first comissioner Kahel, do you know where we can find him?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Yes, the decision is mine. But I'm asking you if they can have detected something *else*. Because if they can pinpoint the away team location as they detected the beam, it's different
The librarian looks surprised "An appointment ? That late ? It's.... You certain it isn't tomorrow morning ? The curfew is going to be applied soon"

Tiron Eks:
Yes, I'm certain. *smiles politely* In worst case the first Comissioner will tell me so directly that we shall come tomorrow again.

The problem is that we still don't know a lot about their technology. The worst hypothesis, though, is that they precisely ascertained where we beamed the team down.

Lt Paula Harrison:
I tried my best. I don't know how they could have detected this... sincerely.
he librarian looks suspiciously at Tiron and finally says "The First Commissioner Kahel was reviewing our latest arrival of data in the Reading Room C1. You may still find him there"

I don't believe in coincidences. Especially high unlikely like they just increased radio trafic right afte we beamed the team down.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So to your opinion, they detected the beam ?

Want me to try to open a channel to the Captain, Commander ?

Tiron Eks:
Thank you, you have been most helpful to me.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
No, no, not yet. They could also triangulate the away team location from the comm

To me, they detected something, yes. They at least susepct something

Tiron Eks:
*heads then to reading room C1*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Yes... that's why I was asking you...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
But I need an answer. The beam ? Or something else ?
* Lt Paula Harrison shrugs "I've done my best, really"

Arriving at the Reading Room C1, the away team can see a collection of little transparent crates containing data discs of a rather large size from Dracartan stanards (you've seen that kind of discs during your previous visit)

Busy getting the discs and checking the content on a viewing machine is First Commiassioner Kahel. With him is half a dozen of librarians, all equally busy at putting discs on the right rows once Kahel saw them.

hmm, we may conduce various detections and scans. It will maybe make them believe we're just scanning things, if they have doubts and it may teach us a couple of things.

*shrugs* can't testify it'll work but it may buy the Captain some time

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I guess that's the best answer I'm going to get.... Thanks Lieutenant Commander. Lieutenant Codanadal, run a sensor sweep over Emerald, full force

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
With pleasure, Ma'am
* Kahel, First Commissioner gives a side glance at the trio at the entrance of the reading room then ignore them to focus on his work

Commander ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Yes ?

Tiron Eks:
*tells his away team* There is the Comissioner, together with a dozen of librarians. Anra, have you spoken much with the Comissioner?

I was thinking... we could try to alter the scans so as some of them look a bit like the teleportation beam.

Lt Anra Vaden:
I had a discussion with him about how culture influence civilization

you know, a wide range of scans. After all, if we don't know their technologies, so do they

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Salpan ? What about that idea ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
If the Dracatans don't run complex analysis of our sweeps, it's quite... easy to do, I'd say

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Do it then. Thanks for your suggestion, O'Rourke
* Lt Salpan Codanadal complies and modulates the sensors emissions

Tiron Eks:
Navabarnsa, I'd like you to speak with the First Comissioner and convince him that someone wishes to speak with him in private quickly before the curfew is going to be applied soon.

Tiron Eks:
I'd like to discuss with him in private.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods to the captain and goes to Kahel
Anra and Tiron sees the tactical officer discussing briefly with Kahel, motionning away from the crates and the other Dracartans. Kahel looks intrigued but looks to agree. Both then leaves after Kahel gives instruction to the other librarians
Kahel is then led to a remote section of the reading room

Tiron Eks:
Greetings, first comissioner.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Erm... Greetings

Tiron Eks:
*looks a bit suprised that the first commissioner doesn't recognize him at once* I'm glad we can finally meet again in private.
* Kahel, First Commissioner narrows his eyes "Oh... You have come to adbuct me as well ?"

Tiron Eks:
No, I haven't.
* Kahel, First Commissioner takes a breath "What is your purpose then ?"

Tiron Eks:
I believe you know my conselor. *motions at her* She's one of my department head officers and she has recognized the man you know as Aten.

Tiron Eks:
First Comissioner, we both aren't standing in good relation for now, but I'd like to change it to something better hopefully.

Tiron Eks:
I'm here, because I believe I can trust you. You have the ideals to gain knowledge and learn everyday something new.
* Kahel, First Commissioner says "Sweet words. I've heard the same flavor before you arrested our deputy"

Kahel, First Commissioner:
What would make me, now, trust you again ?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Did you have released your prisoner ?

Tiron Eks:
No, I haven't, and this also a reason why I'm here.

Tiron Eks:
I want to achieve the insight if this Aten is only someone who looks similar to the accused person or is truely the person.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
You should discuss that kind of terms with the Imperial authorities. I'm just the university head of one of the many planets of the Empire
* Kahel, First Commissioner looks baffled "Because you aren't even sure ?"

Tiron Eks:
Exactly. We're not 100% sure it's him.
* Kahel, First Commissioner says "What are you expecting from me ?"

Tiron Eks:
I hope that you could give us help to research the past of Aten. What has he done so far in the Dracartan Empire. My counselor believes that if it is the seeked person, then he has left some marks that are matching that of his past back when he was in the Cardassian Union.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Wait. You're plainly asking me to help you to keep detained one of our official ?

Tiron Eks:
I'm willing to let him free, but I need first the certainty of Aten is Dargan.

Tiron Eks:
Or the certainty that it's not Dargan.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Pardon my question but isn't it the kind of things to usually do *before* arresting someone ?
* Lt Anra Vaden observes the captain discussing, biting her lip in apprehension

Tiron Eks:
First Comissioner, I'm a joined Trill and I have several lifes with experience of Cardassians. If you had my insight in their culture, how they behave and twist everything in their favour, then you would probably understand, that a wanted ex cardassian military officer is anything, but easy to catch.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
So you catch someone and ask others to prove he's innocent ? And what after ? You are the one deciding if the facts are fitting your conception of guilt ? Looks you hold all the cards of this game, captain.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
This is terribly arbitrray

Kahel, First Commissioner:

Kahel, First Commissioner:
And what if what we tell you isn't convincing enough ? What will force you to release the prisoner ? Nothing. You decide everything here, captain.

Tiron Eks:
My responsibility as Starfleet Captain binds me, First Comissioner. Even if he's guilty, I can't keep him abord my ship and abduct him.

Tiron Eks:
But I won't give him the chance to clean his past about himself to make it appear he's innocent. That's the reason why I arrested him on the spot.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Your word as a captain no longer worth much, captain. It stopped when you detained one of us while we came on your ship.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Should you have make a public appeal to the Imperials... it would have been a different story. But you play by your rules, not ours.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
So. Ultimately, you're here to ask me to help you keep one of the Imperial officer being detained. That's what you hoped ?

Tiron Eks:
Do you truely believe they would listen to me anymore?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Now ? I don't expect it. But I understand why

Tiron Eks:
*stress* Comissioner, shouldn't we give a try to find a proof that denies the suspicion that Aten is the seeked person?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Shouldn't you bring the proof of guilt ?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Who is the final arbiter of this ? You ?

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Who is deciding if the facts are conclusive or not ?

Tiron Eks:
Comissioner, again: I'll let him go before the Dracartan ships will arrive.

Tiron Eks:
That's my Word.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
I'm just asking who is going to judge if he's guilty or not.

Tiron Eks:
Even if he's guilty, I'll let him free. I've done with intention a diplomatic error to ensure that the suspect won't use any method to clean his background story.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Then release him. And then we can talk.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
There are people who opposed the situation here in the Dracartan, now, Empire. Aten is a pillar of the military power. And the ones we call Republicans are opposed to the military...

Kahel, First Commissioner:
They may help you. They may want to help you yes. Me, I'm just a librarian. But the Republicans are mostly illegal now. Just know it.

Tiron Eks:
I can beam Aten down to the surface again, but I won't let him go freely around. I want first a detailed background and his past.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
There is little public knowledge about him, captain. More informations are probably in the hands of the military. But you already alienated them. They probably won't leave one of them to you

Tiron Eks:
Do you happen to know someone from the Republicans? They could have all the background information about him.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
I wouldn't bet they have everything on Aten but who knows... Yes... I know some... Students are firmly Republicans. We are a beacon of enlightement. Emerald is the last planet to enjoy semi-autonomy.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
So we're equally watched. So Republican opinions tend to lay low

Tiron Eks:
Please, I would get in contact with one of them without letting the military know of it.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
Don't worry, the Republicans wouldn't like the military be in the know either. So it is doable... but you should still release Aten.
* Lt Anra Vaden pales a bit

Tiron Eks:
You have my word that he'll be released within 4 days, before the Ships arrive.
* Kahel, First Commissioner nods "I'll try to have someone talk to you, someone with Republican opinions. But again, please realize it's dangerous. The military don't want to have people asking to come back to the old democratic system"

Kahel, First Commissioner:
I'll give you a contact. But I can't guarantee you they will listen or agree to help.

Tiron Eks:
I have to take every chance possible to find more about his persona.

Kahel, First Commissioner:
It's settled then. I should go back to work. If you want to maintain secrecy, better to not let my colleagues wonder what i'm doing

Tiron Eks:
*nods confident* We'll stay in the near.
* Kahel, First Commissioner goes back to his crates and discs
* Lt Anra Vaden comes closer to the captain and whispers "If we release Aten he will flee"

Tiron Eks:
Lieutenant, if we keep Aten, then it'll lead to an armed conflict and more blood will be spilled.
* Lt Anra Vaden sighs "Yes... I understand"

Tiron Eks:
To be frank with you, I share your opinion. I believe you're right, Anra, but at the same time It's also wrong, because Aten is not worth that more people will suffer. It's our priority to maintain peace.

Lt Anra Vaden:
The Bloodhound escaped the consequences of his acts. I still hope we can bring him to justice.

Lt Anra Vaden:
But you're right... He doesn't worth more deaths.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:29 pm


* Tiron Eks says to his away team: "Now that we're here, the curfew intact, we need a way to contact the Independence again."

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
I'm no engineer but I assume that the louder we emit a signal to the Independence to overcome the radio traffic, the easier it is to track us

Lt Anra Vaden:
Maybe we can port up and down regularly ? No communication contact. After a time, we may set a pattern of teleportation, at fixed times for example ?

Tiron Eks:
Problem here is that the Independence doesn't know when to beam us up.

Lt Anra Vaden:
We have to beam up once and set the pattern

Tiron Eks:
That means we have to either boost our signal and get us out or find a way eliminate this heavy radio traffic.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
At least once yes.

Tiron Eks:
Can you detect from where this radio traffic is coming from, the nearest source for it?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
I guess that after a time, the Independence will figure we're not able to contact them and will do something. But unless we can tinker with our communication, we're bound to wait for them to act
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya runs his tricorder scan

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
It's a bit dispersed. But there are major sources. Like the communication tower of the local landing pad and spaceport

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
It's more a general deny of communication than focused jamming

Tiron Eks:
An idea is to get close to one of these towers, remodulate it to use it for our advantage and get in contact with the Independence without exposing us, but we have to wait for it until the next morning.

Tiron Eks:
How far away is the landing pad?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
The keyword is... without exposing us.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
About .... 4km away from us, westward, in the direction of the coast

Tiron Eks:
Okay, we'll go there the next morning and recon the situation there, if it's guarded, then we have to think of something else to reach the Independence again.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
If the tower records its activity, we'll leave a trace. And I expect they record it. It's pretty standard in civil traffic and military traffic alike

Lt Anra Vaden:
What are we going to do with the tower controls operators ?

Tiron Eks:
You mean the people who operate it?
* Lt Anra Vaden nods
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks around as students start to leave the building, the night falling and the curfew being put in place

Tiron Eks:
We have to come up with a plan for it once we reach it.
* Lt Anra Vaden looks a bit surprised "Yes... certainly"

Tiron Eks:
I suppose we're not meant to remain here.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We may be able to sneak and stay here once they close the doors. Not sure we want that however.

Tiron Eks:
It's relative safe here. We should prevent from escalating the situation by ringing the alert bells if somebody is going to spot us outside.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We better start to move and look for a way to conceal ourselves then, sir

Tiron Eks:
Let's make it so.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya leads the away team from one room to the other, as Dracartan students are emptying the library.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya finally spots a smaller room with data discs stocked in, in large milky-white crates. He says "Looks to be a good spot to hide behind. But no escape route. It's a one entrance room"

Tiron Eks:
Better than no cover.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods and goes behind the crate, sitting on the floor
* Lt Anra Vaden follows
* Tiron Eks does the same: "Now comes the straining part, waiting."
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu arrives in the transporter room, salute Harrison and O'Rourke "Lieutenant Commander, we do have a problem and I need your help"
The away team prepares itself to spend the night on the floor of a library secondary room, on a foreign planet
* Patrick rises an eyebrow

sure, how can we help you ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We've lost contact with the away team due to signal saturation from the Dracartan. I wish you to study the problem and come to me with a solution to re-establish contact with the captain


the question is how... much can we reveal ourselves, or the away team ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
For now, just see what can be done. Make an evaluation of the chance to have the contact be intercepted. I want to have options if we need to contact the captain urgently.

because what I might come with will be invasive. would have been better if me or one of my crew could have been on the planet, we could have set a couple tricks to keep contact but I'm not sure if the Captain or Navabarnsa will know them...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We're tracking the away team on sensors so we can guess what is happening to them but nothing more. If there is an unexpected development I may need to contact the captain whatever the cost

even taking the risk to reveal them ?
Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
At least, you're here to work on a solution ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
As said, I want options, possibilities. If you can find on low profile solution, that's marvelous. If you can't, I still take the noisy solution

*shrugs slightly* ok, I'm on it
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu wonders why everyone is always discussing why they are asked something

Paula, come with me at the engineering...
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu goes back to the bridge

Lt Paula Harrison:
Yes, commander

*whispers* officers and their wishes... we're not magicians...

all right, crew, we have an interesting intellectual problem to solve
we need to find a way to contact the away team

and we need something that...

1) will be recognizable by the team (they're not engineers)

2) wil be as discreet as possible

c'me on guys, there is more intelligence in this room than on Risa. We can and will find something

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Given the electromagnetic soup the Dracartans are emitting, those objective aren't realistic

I never saif it would be easy, that's why we're engineers
Lt Paula Harrison:
You tell us, Stefan, you're the best in communication, no ?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Without being able to send at least one set of instructions down to the captain, we can't make it subtle.

first thing, we need something that can be decoded by a tricorder...

Lt Stefan Arquero:
You want to send a message to their tricorder ?

hmm... what if we beam down something to them, a datapad with instructions, something of that kind ?

assuming we still have their precise location

Lt Stefan Arquero:
That's doable of course. But transporting down the away team was already a concern about discretion, right ?

Lt Paula Harrison:
We can pinpoint the away team down to a meter

Lt Stefan Arquero:
But let's suppose we send a datapad down, yes, it will make the job easier.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Anyone knows if the captain, Anra or Rajakanya is savyy with tricorder tech ?

allright, now we could use some... unusual code, something old but that everyone in starfleet has learned *grins*

even redsuits

this is something typically human, I don't think it can exist among the Drakartans : the morse code

Lt Stefan Arquero:
If we send to the tricorder we can send anything. Even a DNA sequence that the tricorder will read. If we provide them a key, they can decipher it easily

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Or morse code, yes. Let's do simple things

the problem I have is that I have no idea of the Drakartan technology, maybe our coding is just ridiliculously easy for them, we need something unpredictable

Lt Paula Harrison:
I don't want to chill your enthousiasm, commander but neither Anra or the captain is human

which let Navabarnsa

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Be damned if he doesn't recognize a morse code

that's a ... tradition, from the past... I just hope he still remeber it *grins*

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Even if... as long as he does recognize it for a code. The tricorder will do the rest

Lt Paula Harrison:
So finally, it's more a transport problem than communication ?

but your objection is correct, Paula, maybe we can think of alternative coding with something specific to Bajoran, benzite or trill

Lt Paula Harrison:
We send the instructions down ? Or directly go for the code ?

well, let'e prepare both... it will depend the time we have, I guess

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Good ole' morse code works for me. Rajakanya will recognize it. Almost every human would recognize it

Lt Paula Harrison:
A moment... you're both assuming the signal will go down without alteration. Morse code ? Come on... through that electromagnetic soup ? What will they receive...

don't worry, we'll solve the problems one at a time *smiles*

Lt Paula Harrison:
Can the Independence overcome the ground signals ?

probably, if we pump enough power but it will be everything but discreet...

Lt Stefan Arquero:
If we push energy into the deflector dish aimed at the planet, it should create a signal strong enough.

Lt Paula Harrison:
And can it be done discretly, Stefan ?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
No way.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Or we just abandon the idea of direct communication. And send them a letter. A pad... anything... we transport the message down to the surface

there is an alternative solution, which may bring difficulty to communication but should be more discreet and safer for the team, ti's the squirk trick
* Lt Stefan Arquero shrugs

Lt Paula Harrison:
The what ?

the problem is that you can't chat, just send a message, then reply to it next time

it's an old thing, used by spies on earth, in the middle twentieth century, you record a message then accelerate it to the point it last something like 1/10 second

on the radio, it sounds like a squirk

some electromagnetic noise

Lt Paula Harrison:
You are aware of centuries old ? You should do holodeck with the Andorian on the science team. She programmed a bunch of old Earth XXth century stuff

Lt Stefan Arquero:
But unless it's a very noisy squirk, they won't hear a thing

*shrugs and blushes a bit* bah, I used to read that kind of books, at the academy, to relax between quantic equations resolving..

the trick si to find a frequency that is les loud than others

but yes, even if they can hear us, I don't know if they'll have enough power to reply

anyway, that's just another idea, go on, any other suggestion ?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
A frequency less loud... it won't work... it doesn't matter if the opposition is listening on wide range.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
The squirk will have to be loud. And they may be able to track its origin back to us

what about the away team ?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Now the question will be... is it necessary to warn the Dracartans we broadcasted something ? I guess the answer is beyond our technical abilities and lies on the captain chair

hmm, ... *thinks*

do we have any idea of the trafic on the planet, I mean the kind of trafic ? do they have weather broadcasting, for example ? do they have navigation beacons

Lt Stefan Arquero:
If it's necessary, then it's doable.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
If being stealthy is imperative, then we can't do a thing.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
They do have such stations, yes

hmm, I was thinking about encoding our transmission over regular trafic by overloading some realy, maybe, dunno if it's doable

* Lt Stefan Arquero looks a console, type several requests to the sensor rooms then says "Currently, the space traffic is nil. So they don't need beacons. Fortunate since their signal is lost in the soup"

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Technically yes, comlmander it's doable. I thought about something close... but then we need time to decode the Dracartan signal and then insert our own without detection.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
It has to look normal and credible within the traffic flux...

Lt Stefan Arquero:
I guess it's more a Starfleet Intelligence work


the trick is that it need to not look like a communication

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Just a reminder, commander. We are not able to infiltrate the Dracartan communications for now. We have first to decode their comms, then encode ours in a credible way. We have zero progress there for now.

*chuckles* the cheeky way ? Performing scans on the planet and encoding communications on it ?

but that won't work for the return

Lt Stefan Arquero:
That won't work at all for now.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
We just can't encode our signal and hope it won't catch attention.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
We don't know what coding they use. No way ours will be seen as one of their own communication

there is another alternative but I don't like it... beaming someone else

Lt Paula Harrison:
Maybe we just say that to commander Kaur Siddhu ? If she wants to talk to the captain fast and reliably, we will have to be ultra-noisy to overcome the Dracartans?

this would ensure the Captain won't be disturbed in a bad moment but ... we made it once, I doubt it's a good idea to try again

Lt Stefan Arquero:
We can also beam down a written letter then

*clics on Com* O'Rourke for Commander Siddhu

Lt Paula Harrison:
Don't feel bad for this, commander. We can't bend the laws of physics.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Kaur Siddhu listening

if you have a moment, can you visit us at the engineering, we'd like to show you a couple ideas we had.
Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu arrives a few minutes later

allright : we have three solutions

first one, we beam another person to the planet. Advantage, it will communicate to teh away team how we plan to communicate with them and it won't disturb the Captain in - maybe- a bad moment. Disadvantage : I'm not sure we can safely proceed to a second beaming without being detected. I can't testify the security of this operation
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods she understood

second one, we beam a note, a datapad near the Captain. Advantage, it's more discreet than a person, and we can still establish a modus operandi for our coms. Problem, it may not come at a proper time for the Captain, for example if they try to pass some guards...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
That can also happen in your first solution

third one : we choose a way to communicate and hope the away team detect it and understand it

the first solution is really risky, I don't recommand it, we know too few about the drakartans. And the last one is really tricky, on one hand the away team may not get what we try to tell them, on the other hand the Frakaratans may intercept and understand the message

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So the choice is either to ensure they understand how we will contact them by sending first something.... or avoid that step and directly send them a message in the hope they understand it. Am I right ?

I personally suggest the middle one


Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Thanks Lieutenant Commander. I awnt you to dedicate manpower and work for your second and third solution. So we can try one or the other depending on circumstances.

For the coding, I suggest we use morse in either case. This is something cultural, typical to earth, i do'nt think the fracartans can decode it easily

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
For now, our sensors say the away team is immobile inside a building, presumably for the night. So we have about...6 hours. We must have at least one possibility to reach them by tomorrow morning

oh also one question, Commander

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Yes ?

will you need to communicate informations or a real conversation ?

because we can make things a bit safer if it's jsut a one way communication by accelerating the com adn letting the pad decrypt it

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Conversation is likely.

though be warned, in any case, the away team will be in danger each time they'll emit something

we can't do anything for that, they just have regular tricorders at their disposal

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I understand that, Mr O'Rourke.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Thanks for the suggestions. I leave you all at your work. I'm on the bridge if needed

Lt Stefan Arquero:
6 hours ?

allright, guys, you heard the Commander, time to be creative...
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu has left the engineering room

Lt Paula Harrison:
We should have complained about the laczk of time
* Lt Paula Harrison smiles

Lt Stefan Arquero:
We're too classy for that

Lt Stefan Arquero:
We will have finished before 6 hours lapsed.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:38 pm


*to Paul and Stephan* I'm getting a break. If the commander call, I'll be at the Mess
* Zhen wanders around the ship searching for Patrick and heads for mess hall

coffee, extra sweet, extra strong
* Zhen waves to nurse Church and William

Nurse Church:
Welcome, Zhen. Grab a mug of coffee and come sitting by us
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert nods "Doctor"

*enters the Mess*

Thank you Martha. *sits down* Hve you seem Patri... ah... there he is.
* Tiron Eks stands up after a night in a room in the library and looks if students are crowding the place.
On Emerald ground, the day comes, ending the curfew. Captain Eks may be given a contact with the Republicans in the days to come.

Tiron Eks:
Anra, Navabarnsa, let's get moving to the radio tower.

oh, hey William, Zhen *bows head* Miss Church

"Miss Church"? Are you trying to seduce our lovely nurse here? You know, I am like her father here so you should talk with me about it first. *grins*

*picks a couple of cakes and pies*

if you're her father, then, definitively, this color on your face isn't genetic *grins*

Like her father, like Patrick. If I would be her father she would have a lovely shade of blue. Not that she is not lovely as she is, of course.

that's a point of view *hides a smile*

so, whassup at the sick bay ?

All is well. Especially with Chief Medical Officer Regulan Blood Worm away. How is in engineering?

pretty quiet, while Morbren is resting *grins*

Have you been taling to people about our suspicious suicide?

ah well, I've been pretty busy with the Captain vacations on the local Risa...

Ah yes, that. I can't say I envy you.

In any case my antennae itch, and when they do there is something foul afoot.

*shrugs* this operation was maybe a bit... hasty

Maybe? How about certainly. *snorts* I do say war criinals should be dealt with, but for Universe's sake I would do it more diplomatically.

well, you're not bajoran, i'm not either. I can understand how Anra feels.

The away team trio walks through the town. There is distinct air of suspicion now. They can spot Dracartan dressed like soldiers standing in front of some (official ?) buildings, other are inspecting traveler disembarking from a landing pad. There is also an absence of flying vehicle while the previous visit, you had see a (yet limited) traffic of air cars
* Lt Anra Vaden whispers to the captain "Things may go awry if the alarm is sounded. With so many uniforms in sight, we'll be quickly cornered"

I sypatize with our charming counselor, but still I assume wisdom and diplomacy are traits needed for a captain.

the problem, now, is that they're on their own, on a hostile ground. And if we try to contact them, we may endanger them even more

* Tiron Eks looks around to think about if the soldiers are too numerous to get anyhow to the radio transmitter.

After evaluating the situation, it seems that if the soldiers are prepared to react to any alarm, yes, they can corner you fast. However, nothing says they would be hearing such alarm. They may not be in contact with all buildings and all sensible places. But they may... without longer study, impossible to say. Anyway... reaching the radio tower isn't a problem. You can evade the troops relatively easily.
The potential problem is how to flee if the alarm is sounded
And seeing the way the soldiers are holding the town, they should catch you.

Of course, and when proverbial yellow snow hits the air purification device everyone will call for doctor Zhen. *growls* If there will be problems, inform me. It's a thankless job, but someone has to do it. Until problems start, and they undoubtedly will, I will stick my antennae into our ship's mystery. Like talking to our charmingly blue liutenant Vaxx.

one thing at a time

Tiron Eks:
Basic rules of engagement dictates that we need a Plan B if Plan A fails and if everything fails a retreat plan. It's likely once the alarm is sounded we're getting not far.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
They are many and they know the place. They will have people who help them. So we must be certain no alarm is raised or delay the plan to go in the radio tower. Not without a place safe to hide in or allies

I'm probably worrying for nothing. I bet right now the Captain is having a pleasant discussion with those dracartans, maybe with a cocktail in one hand...

Tiron Eks:
I say once someone fires at us or yells in their communication device something then the alarm will ring.
* Zhen snorts "in any case I'll be ready for upcoming trouble."

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Maybe do we have to reconsider if it's vital to get in the tower ? It's quite like a dead end place after all. The exit will be easy to watch for the military.

Tiron Eks:
I share your thought, we have to enhance our own communicator to reach the Independence again, let's seek a safe place where we can do that.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks at the university buildings "They may also have some comm networks. It may be better than breaking into a public building. But we better have an insider leading us"

anyway, I remember the Captain speech, that's not exactly what I had in mind when I think about peaceful exploration, creating friendship links with new alien races...

Tiron Eks:
It's time for another appointment with the First Comissioner.

Tiron Eks:
And see also if he made already contact.
So the captain goes to the First Commissioner office.
At first, Kahel the Dracartan simply refused to talk to them, leaving them in the main hall. He sent his aide to tell he doesn't have time for all students requests. Inisting maybe a bit, the best the away team could get was he doesn't have a rendez vous to propose for now. And they (the away team) should stop buzzing around him now if they don't want to focus the military attention on him

by the wayn what abot your cousin, Zhen, long time I haven't seen her at the Mess ?still spending time in holosuites ? *grins*

I am sure a busy engineer like you canfind time to touch his communicator and ask my dear cousin himself? *grins*

And as a older cousin if she complains about you, I will have to kill you.

Family honor, you understand. *grins agin*

remember that if you can manipulate microorganisms and turn them to me, I can turn the whole ship against you *grins evilly*

but yeah, I was thinking about borrowing her some holoprograms...

That's when the red alert starts ringing across the ship "Everyone to battle stations !", says Kaur Siddhu voice.

so much for pie...
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert runs outside the mess hall "Oh my..."

The yellow snow... yellow snow... come on nurse Church, we should get sickbay ready.
* Patrick heads to engineering
* Zhen hurries to sickbay

hey, Paula,Stefan ? something happened ?
* Tiron Eks to his team: "It appears the military is actively on alert and I'm not sure if other students are ready to help out by knowing they are under pressure."
After arriving at their respective stations, Zhen and Patrick get an overview of the siaution. A squadron of small ships is coming from the planet, straight to the Independence

that's where the fun begins...

Lt Anra Vaden:
We're depending much on Kahel will for now. He sounded sincerely willing to move against the mimitary but not at any cost. He also stated that once he finds us a contact with the Republicans, he didn't really want to have more to do with all of this
Around the Independence, half a dozen spaceships position themselves. Waiting.

Lovely... just lovely.

*to Stefan* status ?
Minutes come and go, without anyone moving or doing anything in space. The spaceships, all more or less the size of a shuttle, just wait.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
The screens are doing ok. We have them up since the crisis started when the Cardie was arrested. They are functionning correctly.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
From tactical and sensor reports, the shuttles the Dracartans sent won't dent our shields anytime soon.

Tiron Eks:
Standing at the point means setback. I'm afraid we don't have someone yet to help us out with our communication problem. Where's the next lab with communication equipment?

Lt Paula Harrison:
Yeah... they are not even military crafts. Looks like civil spaceships on which weapons were mounted hastily

but as long as shields are up, we won't be able to beam the away team back...

Anra and Navabarnsa look at each other, helpless.
* Lt Stefan Arquero growls "Yes, that's the issue. The weapons doesn't look dangerous to us... as long as the shield is up. But to transport the captain back, we have to put it down"

Have I mentioned how lovely this situation is? *comms Patrick* Patrick, this is doctor Idisha, can it be possible to fool those mosquitoes' sensors somehow?

Just enough to beam up aptain and the others?

*clicks on combadge* fool their sensors ? what do you have in mind ?
* Tiron Eks uses tricorder to see if he can determine where possible devices are to enhance a communication signal.
On the ground, nothing has changed. No clue about what happen in space

You are engineer, think of something. Like that they think our shields are still up.

we don't know their technology, I didn't have enough time for that alas.

but won't do any bad to think about it ? *to Paula* is it doable, with the little knowledge we have on their detectors ?

Good! So they don't know ours either. Fool them, Trick them. Compensate, modulate deflector dish or whatever you engineers do.
* Lt Paula Harrison makes a face "We're not magicians. Faking false signals is doable but specifically tailor illusory data is harder. Maybe the science dep ?"
* Tiron Eks runs a tricorder scan to detect sources of radio emissions.

Then do something simpler... bluff. Corbomite maneuver thing. O simply blind them for a moment. Do a burst of something, vent plasma or just gibber on comms to confuse them, Just make something for few seconds enough to beam them up.
Eks successfully detects a rather important radio activity from a university building
It probably hosts a university comm center or network

*clicks on combadge* O'Rourke to Hilbert

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Hillbert listening
* Zhen yammers to nurse Church "I'm giving them ideas... can you believe it?"

Tiron Eks:
There. There's a strong source coming from one wing. Let's go there.

we were thinking about a way to lower the shields so as to be able to beam bakc the away team without endangering the ship... do you think you can help us... by modulating the sensors in a similar way maybe ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
If you can pour me some power into the Deflector Dish, I can emit a radiation bursts that will blind their sensors for a couple of seconds. But if they have good tech, they won't fall for it a second time

a couple of seconds should be more than enough

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Actually, they may not fall for it at all, even the first time. But I'd expect it to work on shuttle class vessels. On a warship, however...

and we'll use it at the last time

*clicks* O'rourke to Commander Kaur Siddhu
* Zhen contunues yammering "And do you think anyone wil mention me? Of course not. I bet Dr, Seyler will be praised even if she did nothing."
The away team goes to the identified university building. It's a building dedicated to science of materials. Obviously it also hosts a place where students can connect the worldwide network and get in touch with other place of knowledge on Emerald

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Kaur Siddhu here

In fact I bet in whole week of holodeck time in that.
* Lt Paula Harrison gets data from Hilbert "Geee.. he doesn't ask for a little power... Seeing we must broadcast 360° and the dish is oriented only into a single direction it's understandable but still.... "
* Nurse Church asks with a smile "You're wanting a promotion, doctor, now ?"
* Tiron Eks goes to the place where the other students are.

Commander, the shields are fully efficient and should protect us from anything those ships could launch. On the other hand, we'll need to lower them briefly if ever we have to use the beaming. Though, based on Ltnt Zhn Idisha's idea, we may be able to fool them once and beam something down, or up. But only once.

No, of course not. But some recognition would be nice. One "thank you" would be enough.
* Nurse Church comes and pats doctor Zhen on the shoulder, in a friendly manner

if we stick to the plan to contact them, we may not be able to beam them back before a while...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Understood. Keep that in your sleeve for now. The captain may be on something down on ground and I don't want to beam him up and ruining his efforts, unless it's vital for the away team or us

*for himself* now there is stil the solution to blast away the mosquitos...

got it. O'Rourke out.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We're tracking the away team movement for now. The shuttles the Dracartans sent are not a threat with our shields up. On the other hand, we can't shoot at them without reducing them into cinders. And start a war
* Tiron Eks tries to use a terminal (?) to enable somehow contact to the Independence.

At least commandre Siddhu has a good head on her shoulders. Usually...
It appears the terminals at students use are tailored to only contact other university sites. It's a built-in limitation
* Tiron Eks tries to think of something to bypass that limitation, maybe with help of his tricorder?
* Lt Anra Vaden looks at the captain efforts "I guess if they are jamming the whole frequencies to prevent us to communicate, they... they should also have problems ? Right ? Maybe something to force them to shut down their jamming, for a moment ? So they can coordinate ?
On the ship, the red alert is cancelled after 15mn, seeing the shuttles are, more or less figuratively, besieging the Independence

Tiron Eks:
How can we force them to do that?
* Lt Anra Vaden nose is even more wrinkled as she thinks about it

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
A fire alert ? It often calls for many rescue teams around and they tend to prioritize over everything else. Often even in wartime.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
That should force them to stop the jamming for a moment

Lt Anra Vaden:
Eck, a fire ?

Tiron Eks:
That could work very well, it's only an alert if we find somewhere a button to smash to ring the alert, so to say.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Not sure a fire alarm alone will call for rescue a couple of towns away, sir

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
A real, big fire... on the other hand...

Lt Anra Vaden:
What do you want to set on fire ? Housing ? University ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Something that wouldn't threaten the locals... a museum for example

Tiron Eks:
Setting something on fire is the last plan I would do to get in contact again.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
I understand, sir.

Tiron Eks:
I'll try to tinker with the tricorder and see if I get anything useable.

Captain Eks must face the truth : he's not good at tinkering and communication electronics

So far, the away team is going to... retreat until they get news from Kahel.

In space, the Independence is "besieged" by armed shuttles. Harmless unless the shields are down. The "mosquitoes" as someone nicknamed them are armed with basic nuke warheads.
On Emerald, the away team wait until the next day when Kahel gets them in his office. He informs them he successfully negociated a rendez vous for you. You're then supposed to go to the Institute of Robotics on Emerald and meet professor Zzadil, who is a silent leader of the democratic opposition known as "republicans"
The rendez vous is set. Kahel doesn't want to get more involved into this and asks Eks to no more come into contact with him, unless it's an official way
This day, the Dracartan armada is one day and half away from the Independence

* Tiron Eks goes to the robotics institute the next day and searches for professor Zzadil.

* Zhen keeps sickbay ready for emergency mumbling "Lovely... just lovely..."
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu uses the internal comm system to summon Zhen and Patrick to the lounge
The Institute of Robotics is a big building. On the other side of the town, the away team didn't see it until today. It's actually a major science here on Emerald, it seems and the facility enjoys many technical and administrative support.
A lot of robotic creation can be seen everywhere. From the tags they display, the huge majority of them are student creations. They are limited robots but present in the everyday life : from welcoming you at the main hall to robo-gardeners to robo-janitors etc...
Meeting professor Zzadil is actually easy, it seems the professor was expecting a visit. It also looks Zzadil is a big name here as being the head of artificial intelligence studies
he away team os then brought into a large and luxury office, in which a big window opens on the city underneath. Several walls are covered with data disks. A couple of animal looking robots are doing odd clicking noises on the ground, apparently locked into contradictory instructions and trying to go over each other
* Zzadil raises from behind a big polished metal desk and comes to the away team "Welcome. I figure you are the ones sent by the First Commissioner ?"

Tiron Eks:
Yes, we are. I'm Tiron Eks.

I'm Zzadil, First Teacher of Sentient Robotics
Zzadil is one of the Seran, she is from an amphibian specie. The Seran being one of the races of the Dracartan Empire

Tiron Eks:
And this are Anra Vaden and Navabarnsa Rajakanya.

Tiron Eks:
I take it you know why we are here?

I figure it. The First Commissioner took great pains to ensure you could meet me. I understood that you are strangers of our empire. But the exact nature of your request left me... perplexed
* Zzadil glances at the two little animal looking robots
* Tiron Eks looks at the same robots for a moment.
The robots still appear to stupidly struggle against each other, each of them trying to pass over the other.

Tiron Eks:
I'm sure you are aware of the situation between Emerald, me and the Cardassian named Aten.

That's what Kahel explained to me, yes
Tiron Eks:
Vaden recognized Aten as a man known as Gul Dargan, the butcher of Bajor who killed many of her kind. We have strong suspicion that Aten is actually a war criminal who fled Cardassia before he could be brought to a trial for his crimes in the past.
* Zzadil listens

Tiron Eks:
Unfortunately we got no direct proof that Aten is Gul Dargan, but we would like to aquire a solid proof that he's the man we belive is Dargan. I know my behavour has been by intention tactless and I know your military has taken the upper hand 30 years ago, this also matches the time where Dargan fled from Cardassia.

Tiron Eks:
Now, I suspect that Dargan ... Aten ... came here and continued with his behavour like he did before he fled and started to manipulate the state in his favour.

Tiron Eks:
That would be a solid proof for me.

Yes, he and his crew came flying on their warship to our space. They offered their knowledge and skills as counselors. So later burrowed their way up the ranks

Tiron Eks:
His crew? There are more cardassians here?

I don't like his kin and I agree they had a bad influence on our military. But the military was about to suspend the republic anyway. I imagine the proffs you would like to have are going to be in the military archives

Yes, a whole ship arrived. A type none of us had seen ever. Couldn't tell you more, I was too young when it happened

As far as I know, there must be about a hundred of them in the Dracartan Empire

Tiron Eks:
Hundred? *ponders* Interesting.

Tiron Eks:
Do you have access to the military archives?
* Zzadil ponders "I can enter some restricted buildings because of my position at the university. But once inside, it's a matter of breaking their security codes and all. I have no direct access"

But I also have a question... what's in for us ? Why helping you ?

Tiron Eks:
It is in your intention to get rid of these Cardassians. As a start we could give you our whole library about every wanted war criminal from Cardassia and give you all available information to you. Images, dossiers. Everything you could need in your campaign against them. From my point of view could the Darcartan Empire become the next Cardassian Union if they remain in control.

Tiron Eks:
You deserve the truth about their past and their nature. Those wanted cardassians pretend a lot without telling directly about their past and keep many things as a secret.

They are here since 30 years and it looks firmly Dracartan, still. I can see your desire to chastise the Cardassians but understand the military would probaly have take over *anyway* even without the Cardassians. So our problem won't vanish once you get your Cardassians

Actually, they don't even pretend anything. They are advisors to the army, to my knowledge. Aten is the exception, being also the deputy of security

So while Aten may have lied about his past, others... I could not even tell you what they are doing or where they are

Tiron Eks:
Do you desire a shift of power weight in the Darcartan Empire?

That's our goal, yes

Tiron Eks:
Many cultures undergo at one point a such phase where the people with arms dictate the rules, that has changed and quite many of them have became members of the Federation, a big alliance of many civilizations.

Tiron Eks:
We could give you also our historic recordings of every such event and maybe you can learn from them and do the best out of it.
* Zzadil crosses her arms "You know... even if we expose Aten and his friends for what they are, supposing it's scandalous... it's still the military who rules. Moving to expose the Cardassians may just become jail time for us."

Because it may be very possible the military is aware of who Aten is. And that's exactly why they hired him. So why would they now backpedal if we expose Aten ? The jail is for us

And even letting you in the archives will win me a ticket for jailtime. So I understand your plea. But again, what's in for us ?
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu waits for the officers to come
* Zhen goes to commander Siddhu wondering if he is in for another tongue lashing about soething
* Patrick enters lounge

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Come in, gnetlemen and have a seat

Commander *nods and picks a seat*
* Zhen mumbles a greeting and sits

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Allow me to go directly to the point... The captain is out of communication reach for now. We're threatened and if we lower our shields, we may get a salvo of nukes into the hull.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Now the focus of the captain efforts is to get that Cardassian kept in our custody as a war criminal.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
It's my belief we can handle the situation up in space relatively confidently. Their fleet is no match for our Sovereign. Even if taking care of not scratching them too hard may be difficult

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
However, on the ground, the captain may need help.

*nod in agreement*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We know nothing. Maybe they are hunted currently, maybe they have someone injured... no news
* Zhen feels shivers down his spine

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So I want a second away team to be ready for a rescue operation.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Lieutenant Idisha, you'll be on it to provide medical assistance if needed.

*rises a sarcastical eyebrow at Zhen*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke, you'll lead it.

Of... course...

Patrick will be the leader? Are you ABSOLUTELY sure?

a second beaming ?
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu tells O'Rourke "Get two or three more people on your team. Go to the armory and get weapons."
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu glares at Zhen without commenting, and she keeps talking to O'Rourke

Can't you find someone... with more... experience... of not failing miserably as a team leader?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
No second beaming for now. Unless we see things go dire down there.

like good ol' time, eh, Zhen ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Sending more people might attract too much attention for now.

so that means a shuttle
* Zhen facepalms

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
A shuttle would be vulnerable because of the blockade of the Dracartan spaceships. Plus we still have to drop the shield at least to let your shuttle pass
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu turns to Zhen "Lieutenant Idisha. I suggest to buy you a correct attitude. Don't imagine we need your enlightened advice being told out loud every time."
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu tells him, more "And if you keep not being able to behave properly, I will make sure you won't be bothered again by our protocols. And you will practice medicine on a holodeck until we discharge you"

nor Zhen nor me are really good at dealing with violence, I'll need someone fromsecurity, also someone from science department could be of help if we have to deal with that alien tech

Excuse me commander, but as someone who worked with Patrick before... for a LONG time I can say that he is a brilliant engineer, but as a leader not so much.

4 should be good, more would lack discretion and looks a bit too much as an invasion

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Lieutenant Idisha. This is only a rescue operation. Beaming down to the captain position, helping and then coing under his command.

I'll pick Ltnt Riashaala Idisha if you allow me

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Now I get your critics and I remember some records of your early career, you both. On the other hand, I believe people can improve.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu then looks at Idisha "Well... almost everyone"

As you say, ma'am. What can possibly go wrong, right?
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods at Patrick "If you feel the need, sure. "

a walk in the park, don't worry, and your cousin will be here to keep you focused on your task

you want us to join them as soon as possible or be ready to go ?

I need my cousin to keep YOU focused on your leadership, don't worry about me.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Many things can go wrong, Lieutenant Idisha. To be completely sincere, if I had the choice, I wouldn't send you either. Unfortunately, I want Seyler on board.

I have to pick up medical gear in sickbay and leave nurse Church my will... just in case.

But of course...

*frowns briefly at Seyler's name*
* Zhen makes same gesture as Patrick

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Ready yourself the sooner, O'Rourke, yes. We don't know when an emergency can arise. Get weapons and equipment as needed


Lovely... just lovely.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods "Dismissed"

*leaves the room*

*clicks* O'Rourke to Ltnt Idisha.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Yeah, baby ?
* Zhen leaves and as soon as door closes starts yammering "Of course... end only decent doctor onoard to his death and keep captain's half-assed doctor pet... but ofcourse..."

Ria, can you meet us at the transporter room ? We have action for dinner, for your cousin's unspeakable pleasure

I'll be writing sonets about it...

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Meaning ?

we're gonna rescue Tiron *laughs slightly*

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:33 am


Tiron Eks:
What are you in need of?

Support to overthrow the military

Tiron Eks:
And this won't stop once you have cleared Emerald?

Emerald is one of the dozen planets of the Republic, now Empire

Tiron Eks:
And how do you imagine to overthrow them?

I've heard you have a powerful ship. It can best the imperial armada. The military mostly set its power becuse of the ships.

Tiron Eks:
Indeed, we have a powerful ship, but it's not a warship and even less we won't fight anyone who doesn't directly threat us.

I guess I won't risk my life to get you data on a being who, after all, isn't a threat to us

Tiron Eks:
Maybe we could achieve a compromise. Do you have ships as well?

Armed ? None.

Tiron Eks:
That makes it complicated for you to overthrow the military.

Hence the need of your ship

Tiron Eks:
Can you show me where their central archieve is?

I can tell you where you can try to access the archives. But there is travel to go there, it isn't in this town, not even in this town

Tiron Eks:
I have a map on me, you only have to show me where it is and I'll take care of the rest. It won't jeopardize you and your people.

As you wish....
* Tiron Eks uses tricorder to show a map of Emerald.
* Zzadil shows on the captain map "You have to travel to the continent of Viridiminor, here (a large landmass east of your current location), to the town of Primoria. The building where you can connect the archives is the Planetary Control Center, by the spaceport. It's a restricted area. And the only one in this metropolis. So you can't really miss it.

The site is also the local planetary defense headquarters, be warned.

Tiron Eks:
Good, do you happen to have a communication network we could use to contact our ship?

Not particularly no. I depends on the university network

Tiron Eks:
I know where it is, can you say me how I could use it to establish contact?
* Zzadil doesn't look particularly pleased and sighs "I am not sure why you couldn't... I'm tempted to say... just push the button and talk. But if you ask it's probably because you're unable to contact your ship yourself"
* Zzadil still doesn't look really enthousiast about it but says "Ok... I'll go with you and help. Come then"
* Zzadil stands up behind her desk and heads to the room exit
* Tiron Eks follows her.
* Zzadil leads them three out of the room, to a side room where several computer terminals are present. A couple of Dracartan people are busy on the screens. The walls are decorated with many blueprints of what looks to be computer hardware
* Zzadil sits in front of a computer and says "Tori. Get me in contact with the global network". A voice comes from the computer "Certainly, Zzadil. I'm glad you're trying to catch up with your late work". The Seran female scientist frowns and whispers "Argl. I forgot it"

The computer voice comments on Zzadil lateness in work, lecturing her until the scientist asks for the computer to focus on the communication
* Tiron Eks observes how the professor talks with the computer.
* Zzadil tells the away team "Tori is a good partner but tends to be... fatherly"

Tiron Eks:
Does it monitor communication and transmit data to the military?
After a minute and a serie of beeps, the computer displays a screen with a lot of communication IDs flashing.

Tori ? No, it's a hardcore Republican

Tori, computer:
Negative. There is a scrambling currently in place. General Sito established it so you may ask for a priority call to the military"

We cannot go through official ways, Tori. Can you try to go through the scrambling ?

Tori, computer:
Doable but compromising. The source of the communication will be tracked here.
* Zzadil asks the captain "How important is your call ?"

Tiron Eks:
I have a goal, my ship is standing by, all I need is to give orders to beam us up, which should be done in 5 seconds.

I guess you mean it's important.

Tiron Eks:
Is that short enough to elude source tracking?

Tori, computer:
The military is efficient. Even half a second will be enough

Tiron Eks:
Yes, it's important, in return we might learn valuable things of the military that could be helpful for you once we're in that archieve.

If Tori says it...

Tiron Eks:
Is it possible to shortcut the energy grid for the nearest jam tower so we can break through with our own communication signal?

Tori ?

Tori, computer:
That should be an easy task

Then ... do it ?

Tori, computer:
Now ?

Seems so

Tori, computer:
I just want to be sure

It looks sure....

Tori, computer:
One can never say
* Tiron Eks stands by to contact the Independence.

Do it !

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Independence listening

Tiron Eks:
Lieutenant, beam the away team up, immediatly.

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Aye, sir

* Zhen has just given nurse Church his will if something happens to him down there.
* Patrick waits for Riashaala
At that moment, red alert rings again in the ship. And a second later, a little shock rocks the ship and finally a low "boom" can be heard

fine, the party begins...

Nurse Church prepare for casualties! Some targ-brain decided not to try my advices as it seems.

heh, I'm sure you never thought about being teh patient of your own sick bay, Zhen, eh ? *grins*

Not funny PAtrick, not funny. *growls*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
*echoing in all ship room* Everybody at battle station, we're under fire !

there, thre, everything will be fine, we'll have your cousin to take care of us, to temper my decision and to give you some... bravery.
* Patrick heads back to engineering

Patrick runs through the corridors and soon arrives at the engineering room

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Commander ! We've been hit twice. The central section has been hit by nukes !

hull status ?

and shields ?

Lt Paula Harrison:
Shields were dropped to beam up the captain.
The Away Team materialized in the transporter room

ookkk, so much for our preparatives to foul the sensors...

Lt Paula Harrison:
We have a limited radiation contamination. The outer hull is more irradiated however

Lt Stefan Arquero:
There is no breaches but the structure looks to have been really hit by the explosion
* Tiron Eks looks around and orders his officers: "On your stations! *bleep* Eks to Commander Kaur Siddhu, status?" and heads to next turbolift.

Computer, casaulties report.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Captain. We've been attacked by Dracartan small ships. They used the time we lowered the shields to shoot at us. Now shields are up again and bombing harmlessly bounce on us

Possible radiation poisonning on deck 8 and 9

ok, can we .. isolate the 'maybe infected" decks ?

Tiron Eks:
I'll be any moment on the bridge.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Force fields should do the trick

go for it

no consequence on other systems ?

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
Lieutenant Idisha, prepare kits for burns treatment and go to deck 8. Chapel, prepare the room for potential radiation treatment.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Force fields in place.

hmm, can you scan the area, just in case someone were still there ?

Lt Paula Harrison:
No, the nukes warped the hull but no breach. And the radiation isn't intense enough to affect us. We're built to explore star systems after all

43 people

Without radition protection? Thank you for trying to kill me doctor Seyler. Nurse Church prlease preapere radiation treatment hypos too, one for me.

ok, this was a bit too quick...

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
Did you hear the passage where I said to go there with kits ? Of course, you do know it's all about radiation. I start to be fed up with your comments, Idisha

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
Now go there as I ordered you

Then it seems I'm doing something well. *takes his kit and leaves for deck 8*
* Lt Stefan Arquero types a command to raise the fields. Continament fields offline. Until... people are safe I guess
* Cdr Yaxara Seyler looks at him leaving "This won't last more"é
During that time, the captain arrived on the bridge

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
The bombing has ceased, commander. Oh, welcome back captain

ok, keep an eye on the levels, in case radiations expand in other decks...

Tiron Eks:
Damage report!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We've been hit twice. The outer hull is warped by the impact, limited radiation on decks 8 and 9. No casualty
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya goes behind his console "The enemy ships are disengaing"

what did they use to put some radiations ? doesn't look like phaser or disruptor technology...

Lt Paula Harrison:
They shot regular missiles with nuclear warheads. A bit primitive.

*sighs* nuclear warheads... barbarians...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Should I open fire, captain ?

Tiron Eks:
Not yet, but keep phasers locked on them.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We couldn't try to disable them, captain. Small ships. A single phaser shot from our batteries would have turn them into cinders.

Tiron Eks:
I understand. It seems our return to the ship is a bit more rocky than I thought of.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
They are watching us since they established the scrambling. They never tried to shoot before. I guess they knew it was useless

Tiron Eks:
Disengage red allert and go to condition yellow. I want a staff meeting in 15 minutes. Mean while damage control and med teams should take appropiorate actions to repair the damages.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods
Red alart ceased
Meanwhile, Zhen arrives on the said decks. Where he found that noone is injured by burns. However, there are bumped heads and limp legs
* Zhen treats the buises and heads back informing the crew if they start feelng any dizziness or start vomiting that they must immediately come to sickbay.

So the ship is now orbiting Emerald again. The fleet of small ships keep his watch of the Independence.

ook *sighs and clicks combadge* Engineering for Commander Kaur Siddhu.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Kaur Siddhu listening.

* Zhen checks for radiation contamination once again then returns to sickbay when he finished with patching up everyone

Zhen sees noone will deserve time in sickbay. No radiation poisoning, no major broken limbs or bumps. Yet the crew hears his recommandation about dizziness and nausea.

Commander, the damage on the hull is minimal, though it will still require a bit of repair outside to fix a pair of warped sheets

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:

I'll go and take care of that, unless you plan on warping in the next 30 minutes...

allright... sorry to ask that, Stefan, can you handle the repairs, I'm required by our captain...

* Lt Stefan Arquero nods

Paula, call me if something happens...

*heads to Lounge*


Tiron Eks:


Tiron Eks:
Commander O'Rourke, how long will damage repairs take?
* Zhen activaters his commbadge "Doctor Idisha to whoever is head of engineerig currently."

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Engineering here

one day at least, several sheets need to be changed

we're working on it

Here on deck 8 is a possible hazard. I have noticed quite a heavy plate that is not properly adjusted. I'm afraid it may fall and hurt someone considering it's bulk. I am not an engineer obviously, but I assume it would be wise to send someone to fix that. Possibly not the same person who misadjusted it in the first place.

Tiron Eks:
Commander Seyler, what's the medical status of the injured crew?

Cdr Yaxara Seyler:
No serious ijury, captain. The crew was mostly rocked by the missile impacts. So only light treatment was sufficient

Lt Stefan Arquero:
A heavy plate ? What are you talking about, Doctor ?

As said I'm not engineer. I just can see that this thing is not as it should be so send someone to check. I'll wait here to point it out.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
I'm coming

Tiron Eks:
Good. Our mission on the surface was at best partially successful.
* Lt Stefan Arquero goes to the doctor location

Thank you, any possible hurt crewmember will be grateful to you.
* Lt Stefan Arquero arrives later (but the meeting can continue, it may have happened during the 15mn time)

Lt Stefan Arquero:
So, Doctor. Where is that plate ?
* Zhen shows him the horribly misfit, and possibly dangerous plate

Lt Stefan Arquero:
What.. ? This isn't supposed to move at all.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
I mean... we don't remove it. Unless there is serious damage behind
* Lt Stefan Arquero gets a tool from his toolbox and proceed to remove the panel "You can stay here, Doc. Nothing dangerous here"

Exactly my thoughts... and possible engineering incompetence, but I am sure it is not that.
* Lt Stefan Arquero glares at Zhen
* Lt Stefan Arquero removed the panel, revealing circuitry and nothing particular except there is... a bag.

Tiron Eks:
We've got in contact with Kahel, who helped us out to reach a contact of the Republican movement on the Dracartan Empire. Professor Zzadil has asked for our assistence to take out the dracartan warships, on which the military heavily leans on. I've denied that request, because it's not our job to lead a possible civil war.
* Lt Stefan Arquero removes the bag "One of your trick, doc ?"

Do I look to you like a prankster?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
No, you have the sense of humor to work in a morgue.

Tiron Eks:
Instead we found out the location of the archieve where we get the answers we need for the cardassian in our brig and possible hundreds more. Aten arrived with other cardassians here and they mainly adviced the military.

Well thank you for the compliment. Doctor Seyler appreciates it too.
* Lt Stefan Arquero opens the bag and gets paper sheets

Lt Stefan Arquero:

Paper? Now that is... antique to say it mildly.

Tiron Eks:
*uploads data from his tricorder and the map on the big wall display*
* Lt Stefan Arquero unfolds the blueprints "That's from our own technical archives it looks. But we no longer use them"

Really? Isn't that a mystery? And what those blueprints show? *leans over him*
Unfolded, the blueprints are just chinese for Zhen. He can read, still, it is about something identified as the NX-77001 "Andromeda"

Tiron Eks:
We know where the central archieve is, but it's also heavily guarded.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
I don't really understand... The marking is ours. But the name ? ... uh... it looks to be blueprints of the communication array
* Zhen looks at liutenant questoningly
* Lt Stefan Arquero looks puzzled then stares at the now revealed circuirtry

If you can tel me what kind of array I'm giving you one day of holoeck priviledges.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
It's not even here...

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Oh, it's the comm dish on our hull and the circuitry below. See ? there and there.

Tiron Eks:
We have to get our answers from that archieve if we want a proof for Gul Dargans identity.

You have on of my days. *ponders* Could it be used for... sending unauthorised communications?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
How do we get them ? Seems the Dracartan will fire another missile volley if we drop the shields again

Lt Stefan Arquero:
With some rewiring yes.

My friend, I think we just discovered a security breach. I assume you should now hurry and check if there was some rewiring done?
* Lt Stefan Arquero nods "I agree"
* Lt Stefan Arquero gives the bag and the papers to Zhen "Your discovery. Now get some credit for it"

Tiron Eks:
Does someone has an idea how to disable them or give them an impression we haven't lowered our shields at all?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
The energy output to maintain the shields is easily noticeable. I don't believe we can fool anyone into thinking we keep them up while we aren't

we had an idea that could work, we planned to use it in case we wanted to send a second away team... but it will only work once

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Explain your idea, O'Rourke

Ah, and be careful of boobietraps. Remember the "accident" we had? It may be connected so be careful. You'll answer to me if I'll have to treat you in sickbay. And I'll do horrible things to you if you dare to die. Understood?

basically, the idea is to full their sensors with multiphasic modulations. If the timing is good, It will look as if the shields are still on, with minor variations, but it won't last long, and we won't fool them twice
* Lt Stefan Arquero doesn't look to understand why Idisha is telling him all of this "Sure sure..." and he goes back to engineering after replacing (correctly) the panel

I'll report this to the captain. And as promissed you have my holodeck day use. Carful.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So we just blind them with a flashlight
* Zhen hurries to the captain's room with blueprints

most exactly, it will ook like if were changeing our shields frequency


Tiron Eks:
Officer's thinking, I like that, good plan. We might use it very soon.

still, this is bnased on the fact their sensors work like ours

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
But as said, it may surprise them once. Probably not twice. And they may counter it the first time too. We don't know how their sensors work. It's all guessing


anyway, we can't stay under siege like that, it hampers our moves

Tiron Eks:
Commander, you might also want to increase structural integrity fields once the shields are down in case. It should additionally dampen the damage.

Tiron Eks:
Further we need a 2nd plan how to disable them. Commander Rajakanya, can an EMP pulse disable the ships long enough?
* Zhen heads to the lounge after computer warned him about captain's absence in the Ready Room.

Tiron Eks:

Excuse me for disturbing your conference, but I have possily found a serious security breach or a possible sabotage attempt.

Tiron Eks:
*glances at his officers, then looks at Zhen* Since you are here, what is it?

While I was doing my duties. *emphasizes "duties"* I have noticed a possibly dangerously misfit panel that youl fall down and hurt someone. I called in liutenant Arquero to chck it out and...
* Zhen hands captain bluepints "Behind it was this. I suggested liutenant Arquero to check if anyone has been tampering wih out arrays because in his opinon they could be used for sending and reciving unauthorised messages... or Universe knows what."

Tiron Eks:
*looks at them* Commander O'Rourke, your opinion?

*picks blueprints* let me see...

in... teresting...

very interesting, a somehow "concealed" communication, suing our own circuits... and probably without being detected, if the one who uses it manage to use it while we are transmitting

communication system*

Tiron Eks:
This might stay in connection with Langley's death.

My thought exactly captain.

oh, and the Andromeda is the non-official name of this ship, before we were assigned to it, in case you didn't know.

Tiron Eks:
*looks at his officers* What we discuss here now won't leave this room. *and adds a rhetorical pause*

Tiron Eks:
This ship has a standard crew complement of 855 people, but since we started we counted 863 people. And all of them are perfectly valid to be here, so their records say.

Tiron Eks:
Commander Kaur Siddhu and Rajakanya have done investigations, but so far weren't able to pinpoint the blind passengers.

Tiron Eks:
Starfleet Command has sent us a list of 12 candidates, who might be suspicious to be here at all.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
12 people who should not be on the ship. Their names were put on our roster. No clue how.

Tiron Eks:
We haven't heard any further news if they found the security breach in their human resource department or not.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
But, so far, they are all Starfleet officers. Just... not the ones Starfleet selected for our crew

could be interesting to know if some of them are at engineering, or security *rises an eyebrow at Rajakanya*

Tiron Eks:
Having such blueprtings behind a wall indicate that someone from the engineer department must have helped here to store them there.

Tiron Eks:
Afterall it bears the Andromeda name, which could be very well from the time before this ship launched.

Lt Anra Vaden:
Why leaving this ? It was found behind a panel ?

Tiron Eks:
Starfleet has only shortly before I took command of this ship rechristened to be USS Independence.

it may as well be a decoy to protect his author in case the papers were discovered
* Zhen listens pretending to be a plant hoping no one will notice he is still there and not an officer

Lt Anra Vaden:
It's classified documentation ?

*shrugs* depends waht you call classified, anyone from engineering can have access to that kind of blueprints for the official communicator systems

probably also the security

probably also the security
Diurne: (( like the blueprints of the engine of a modern warship nowadays ))

Lt Anra Vaden:
If it was left there... maybe it was intended to be recovered at a moment.

Lt Anra Vaden:
Or it is destined to be picked up by someone else ?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
*bleep* Arquero to the captain

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* Yes, Lieutenant?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
I assume lieutenant Idisha warned you about his discovery ?

Tiron Eks:
Yes, he did.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
I've check the marked points on the blueprints and I found that someone effectively messed in our system. The communication system I mean. The installation is well made.

Tiron Eks:
Is someone with you?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
I can even dare to say the wiring is professionaly made. It's certainly not an amateur. It's even done in a way to do... maintenance if the system fails

Lt Stefan Arquero:
No, sir

Tiron Eks:
*frowns* Do not touch it yet, Lieutenant, close the panel. - And Lieutenant, keep this information only for you.

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Aye, sir

Captain, I think I may be able to knock together some spying device, to know when the device will be used

Tiron Eks:
Eks out. - *looks at officers* For now we let the wirepuller in believe he has still everthing under control and we haven't noticed anything of it yet. Which gives us the required time to get one step ahead of whoever is behind of it.

Tiron Eks:
Make it so, but don't touch it before informing me. We have to time our actions to make them effective.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
This discovery changes some things about our crew issue, captain

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Until now, we had crew members, all Starfleet personnel, with no reason to be suspected of anything...

Tiron Eks:
I want you also to make a list who's regularly maintaining the deflector controls and give your results to Commander Kaur Siddhu, who will do crosschecks with the 12 candidates and people who have worked before on the Andromeda project.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
save they ended on our ship for some undeserved reason

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Now, this discovery suggest an active spy

Tiron Eks:
Absolutely right, Number One.

don't worry, I don't plan on approaching the device itself, my idea will take place at another place, but it will inform us if anyone uses the device

I will need to inform Paula and Morbren, although, if you allow me : they will discover it by themselves if I don't tell them

Tiron Eks:
O'Rourke, we have to remain discretion, the last thing I want is to alert the spy that we got a hot clue on it.

Tiron Eks:
I trust you to tell them what's necessary, but also advice them to keep quiet about it.

*nods* affirmative

Tiron Eks:
If there are no further comments and questions I would end the discussion about this issue for now and concentrate on Aten again.
Looks everyone is ready to go back on Aten
* Patrick heads back to engineering

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
To answer your inquiry, captain... we can't disable the ships with an EMP wave.

Tiron Eks:
I haven't said this meeting is over, chief engineer.
* Zhen still pretends that he is a room decoration and listens

Tiron Eks:
Idisha, take a seat, I need you for the following plan.

Me? *looks surprised* Yes captain...

ahh, yes, the Cardassian *laughs lsightly for himself* I nearly fogot him...
* Cdr Yaxara Seyler avoids looking at Zhen
* Zhen smiles to lt. Vaden not looking at doctor Seyler at all

Tiron Eks:
I need a team who goes down to the surface and enters the central archieve and get the information we need to identify the cardassian.
* Zhen stops smiling at these words

Tiron Eks:
We have the coordinates where this building is and we know how we can fool the little ships that surround us.

Tiron Eks:
For a transport back to the Independence we need a 2nd plan.

Tiron Eks:
Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya, can an EM pulse disable these relative low tech ships?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
No sir. At best we can focus a beam on one of them but we'll probably disable everything, including life support

Tiron Eks:
Can you realign the target algorythm of our phasers to create a phaser point defense system to intercept the missiles before they reach our hull?

Captain, I think we're pushing our luck a bit too far... we're technically under siege. We have done two beamings from and out of the planet. I assume the dracartans have their eyes focused on us, now.
* Zhen nods

the fact their spatial technology is inferior to ours shouldn't make us consider them as greenhorns...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Point defense with our current battery is a major overhaul of the system. It's doable but the used batteries won't serve regularly until reconfigured back.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
And the Dracartan warships are one day away now

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
So it's trading our firepower for point defense. But it's doable

Tiron Eks:
O'Rourke, I'm aware that they are eagerly working on ways to compensate the gap in technology advancement. But I have to try to find a proof if this man is Gul Dargan.

Is there any trace of his DNA in Starfleet records? Anything for comparison?

Tiron Eks:
This is our mission here. And if that's right, then we know for sure that hundred other cardassians in the Darcartan Empire are definitly wanted fugitives from Cardassia.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We can also consider the solution... we have to abandon. They bombed us once. This is leading straight to open war, all of this

Captain, I'm sorry but I have to insist, if we do'nt change the current circumstances, the away team will be in great danger, probably even intercepted seconds after they beamed down, and that's the whole crew who is endangered each time we lower the shields

I can't offer you the perfect solution, at the moment, but we can't go on like this as if we havn't yet beamed twice on teh surface

Tiron Eks:
Do the others agree with this opinion that it is wasted time and too dangerous to go on?
* Zhen is not sure if he was asked too so he just nods

I didn't suggest to give up, I suggest we delayed action a bit, the time we change our current situation enough to gain back initiative

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
This isn't about wasted time, captain. But about consequences

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
When we leave the Dracartan space, we'll also leave a memory of our coming.

Tiron Eks:
Yes, we'll leave in any case a not positive impression, a pre-set that was initiated by Aten since he stated that he wants us out of their territory for all time.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
There is a difference between asking us to leave and leaving with a warring state behind

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Now, back to the problem... we can fool the Dracartan ship once. To come back, we have to drop the shields and open ourselves to another missile volley

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
In one day, the Dracartan warships will be here.

Tiron Eks:
I'm well aware of it, and my experience of lifetimes tells me that militant forces always choose to conflict with the Federation.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I guess the question is, eventually, do we shoot back or initiate combat with the Dracartan ships besieging us ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Until now, we have tried to preserve them. We didn't shoot back. Now, if getting Dargan framed is the priority. Then we can also consider the violent solution.

Tiron Eks:
And against the warships we need our weapons to disable them if it comes to a fight.

Tiron Eks:
How many ships do surround us?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So, my tirade about leaving war behind is because it looks we can't really avoid a combat if we want to get those infos.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We currently have 9 ships close to us.

Tiron Eks:
Their crew complement?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Varying... about 10 to 20. They are civilian spaceships modified to be armed

Tiron Eks:
In worst case 180 lives.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:

Tiron Eks:
I can't give the order to kill 180 innocent men, who dutyfully follow their orders and haven't done any serious harm to us.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
The other solution is to continue to endure their attack. And accept there may be dead among us. So we will drop the shields to have the team being beamed up back. And we hope for the best.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
But they may have been perfected their attack pattern this time

Lt Anra Vaden:
I don't want anyone to die... Dargan may be a criminal but it... it isn't a reason to have anyone else die...

Tiron Eks:
Starfleet has sent us to preserve the peace and lives. It's irresponsible if I let my crew die because of an bombardment and it's not justified with Starfleet regulations to kill lives.

Tiron Eks:
Not under these circumstances.

Tiron Eks:
*stands up and looks out to the stars*

Tiron Eks:
We will abandon our plan. It's the most reasonable we can do and let Aten free.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We have to hurry if we want to go to the installation down there. It's an unknown town, we don't know how difficult it will be to enter and all... we can't afford to lose much time with the approaching armada

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We stop here then, captain ?

Tiron Eks:
Commander Rajakanya, I honour your striving in turning the side under any odds, but it's a too risky plan. We're not in war yet with the Darcartan and I can't demand from my crew to die for a plan with slim to non existent chance of success.
* Zhen mumbles "Yet?"

Tiron Eks:
Yes, we stop our effort to gain at any cost a proof for the identity for the man in our cell.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Shall we order the release of Dargan now ?

Tiron Eks:
Not yet.

Tiron Eks:
Wait for my orders, you are dismissed. - Commander O'Rourke, Lieutenant Idisha, you stay.
The other officers leave

*rises an eyebrow but nods*


permission to speak freely, Captain ?

Tiron Eks:
Speaking not as a captain I want this Gul Dargan pay for his crimes!

Tiron Eks:
Sure, go on.

I would prefer composd and preferaby scientific way of doing this.

Tiron Eks:
There's no scientific way without letting blood spill around.

Tiron Eks:
That's an unacceptable way.

Assuming we could have found a way to disrupt the ships around us, go to the planet and gather prooofs... so what ? the militaries are obviously on the Cardassian side, they probably even know who he really is. And prooving he's a war criminal will have absolutely no impact on the local rebellion unless we side with them. I have the feeling you mostly try to convince yourself you made the right choice, Tiron

I truly do not beieve that there is absolutely no trace of this person's medical data.

Let's go straight and assume he is the war criminal. What now, we call starfleet to have a hsip join us and pick him or do we go back ?

Tiron Eks:
Well, I would have called for a ship and meet with it to transfer him back to bajor.

Is there at least any record that he was wounded? Anything that can be linked to the person we have in custody? Even ininor fracture from childhood can be traced.

Tiron Eks:
Chevec never agreed with the Federation's stance on letting bajor being occupied by Cardassians back in the last century.

Tiron Eks:
I feel like him how frustrating it is to know you do the right thing but don't have the legal means to do it.

by the way, the proofs we could have found here would have proven he may be part in some plot with the militaries... again, so what ? do you really think the militaries would recognize they're wrong and give up powers and responsibilities ? I can assure you they wouldn't. At best, we can prove the militaries have plotted, which the rebels already suspect highly. It won't change anything for us. And it won't bring us nearer to the cardassian identity.

Tiron Eks:
This whole situation has been right from the beginning been condamned to be a failure, since this cardassian set his foot on our ship and Counselor Vaden fainted.

Either you free the cardassian and send a note to starfleet for further investigations, probably by ciplomatic ways, or we say it's him, we have him back to Bajor in federation space where everything will be done to prove his identity

If I was you, I would stand behind my decision. I'm not saying it was good one, but what is done is done now.

oh also, a thought....

remember what I told you some time ago, about the ship being "watched" by some people at starfleet ? keep that in mind when you'll take your decision about the cardassian. For all we know, maybe the informer aboard used the concealed transmission system to inform his starfleet contact about our last moves...

Tiron Eks:
I stay behind my decision, but if Nidya Eks would have to judge me, she would probably revoke my command and dishonorable relief me as starfleet officer.

as Zhen said, what is done is done. Now we have to play the game with the cards that are still in our hands

Then it's settled.Cardassian stays with us and we move away from here. Federation's diplomats can do the cleaning, and from this side. If you arrested the right man, there is no need to feel guilty.

Tiron Eks:
And what about the aspect that Starfleet Officers aren't the Cardassian Obsidian Order and abduct people just by suspicion?

that's called "absolute conviction". Anra will testify on it.

I'm not politician. If you have doubts, let him go, it's as simple as that. But I tend to believe lt. Vaden's version also. No mere suspicion can casue reactiona s she had.

Tiron Eks:
I'm not a politician either, I have the memories of one, but I'm a Starfleet Officer and I'm sure a Captain Kirk wouldn't let down one of his officers if he's truely convinced that his officer is right about something. I believe to 100% in Lieutenant Vaden.

Tiron Eks:
Thanks Gentlemen, you helped me to clear some thoughts. You're part of an historic moment, one that will either end as me being demoted as cadet first year again or forces Starfleet Command to promote me again to let something like this never happen again.

Captain Kirk's ties were different, and if I remember history right he was not above causing a little war for what he beieved in. If you want to go Kirk way... *shrugs* ... you have my support, but I can't guarantee it for other officers.
* Zhen grins "That is why I do not want ranks... no ranks means no one can demote me lower."

*stands up* allright, i'll be at the engineering, working on that spying device we talked about, Captain...

Tiron Eks:
If I'm right then war is inevitable. When Bajor demanded from Cardassia war criminals, they all fled. It is strongly believed that they seeked their exile in the distance and maybe they plot to rebuild their old cardassia one day.

Tiron Eks:
Very good, thank you, friends. *smiles*
* Zhen gets up "If you ever need to do something aside from regulations you know where I am. Everyone expects from me not to obey them anyway." *grins* "There is worse things than being a scapegoat."

An now excuse me, I have to go back to sickbay to bask in cold gaze of Dr. Seyler.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:53 am


* Zhen enters "Good evening liutenant Vaxx." *bows slightly*
* Lt Tamisit Vaxx looks surprised "Doctor ? What brings you to me ?"

Do not worry, I have nott discovered anything horrible about you like that you are having necrotic flesh-worms. I would just like to have a little talk if that is okay with you.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
Hum... sure... please have a seat.

Thank you very much.
* Lt Tamisit Vaxx is wearing a simple orange tunic and blue pants. She goes to a table where there is a bottle "Do you want a drink ? Fresh water ?"

Water is fine, thank you.

* Zhen takes the glass "Charming color choice of your clothes, orange goes well with your skin tone, it also reminds me on my early thesis on phlegm viruses. But I digress, I am glad to see you better and that you were dilligent in your checkups after the accident."

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
The burns were superficial and, well, we have an excellent medical team
* Zhen clears throat and makes odd antenna movement "Yes we do have excelelnt medical team, mostly nurse Church."

But if I may ask, I am interested in the accident now that you have recovered and when the shock is gone. In my free time I am investigating it and its causes... so what do you remember from it?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
I didn't witness anything, doctor. The conduit exploded in the deck below mine. But anyway... I was working on stellar charting. We were to send to Starfleet the latest star charts completion.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
It doesn't look to be an interesting job but it's important for ship navigation. With good star charts, you can go at max warp without a second thought

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
Then I heard a crackling, muffled, sound and thought something wsa going wrong with my console. Then I relized it came from below. And my console exploded in a shower of sparks.

Oh it is VERY important job if you ask me. Last thing I wish is to be lost in unknown regions of space.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
I was burned because I tried to shut it down the second before. So I had the hands placed on the console itself !

Quite brave, if a bit reckless of you.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
I had no idea it could come from a problem in a conduit the deck below. I thought it could be my console

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
Well, since I thought it was my console, I tried to stop the problem to degenerate

Obviously, obviously.Fortunately you were lucky. Could you tell me about star charts? They were just usual what you usually do?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
And finally, the sending was delayed because the long range sensors were cut off from power for a moment but once fixed, we were on the double. So Starfleet has the charts

The sensors, you say? Quite interesting.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
This particular batch ? No nothing special. Actually quite the opposite. It was a batch of the regions we had already crossed.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
When we cross a region, we do sensor scans and record the results. So we can focus our efforts on specific places depending on the decision of commander Hilbert

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
Usually, we focus on stellar phenomenas and spend less time on uneventful stars

Of course, just like medical scans and pinpointig certain interesting areas.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
However, to establish star charts we need a good scanning. So periodically, we perform a scan of the areas we neglected before because they were bland and we record precisely the stellar informations, to be entered in our charts

Lt Tamisit Vaxx:
When the accident happened, it was what I was doing. Turning the sensors on the previously visited areas

Exacty, that is my favorite part of medical scanning, no one knows what wonderful new thing you can discover. Unfortunately when I do it is usually not a good news for the person who was scanned. *drinks his water* Thank you liutenant Vaxx, you were most hepful.
* Lt Tamisit Vaxx sips her own glass "You're welcome"

Computer, where is Lt Stephan Arquero ?
* Zhen gets up and puts his glass on the table "Well then, my apologies for disturbing you." *grins* "A I said, lovely color, just lovely."
* Lt Tamisit Vaxx smiles

Lieutenant Arquero is in the mess hall

See you around the ship, hopefully not in a medical crisis. *bows a little again and goes out*
* Patrick heads to Mess Hall
* Patrick enters Mess Hall
* Zhen walks down the corridor to first computer screen and goes to check where are crewmembers who were injured in the blast and dos that conduit had anythig to do with sensors

*heads to Arquero* hi again, Stefan

*points to a chair* may I ... ?

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Oh, sorry, commander, I was daydreaming. Yes yes, feel free

thanks* sits*
Three crewmen were injured (including Vaxx) and one died. The conduit is passing under the sensors room. But it isn't directly connected to the sensors system.

*lowers voice* nice finding, by the way... we totally missed that piece of technology, during our daily maintenance...

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Oh, it's a huge ship, commander.. There are areas we only visit once in a while or when there is a problem calling us

Lt Stefan Arquero:
When we have to check a system, we can just check response on specific points in the circuits. If we had to deassemble the systems everytime.... the ship wouldn't move that often
* Lt Stefan Arquero smiles

that's true. *nods*

about this pirate device, though...
* Zhen walks randomly on the corridors of the ship petting Pat III and mumbling things to himself seeking insigt from the Universe

We need to find who is behind it. The idea is to place some... detection device... upstream or downstream, something that could keep an eyes on levels fluctuations and warn us in case the device tries to emit. But not on the device itself, so as not to alert the pirate...

and of course, we'll have to do it just you and me. Those are the Captain's orders, even if I trust Paula and our joyful tellarite *grins*

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Just me and you ? Wow... ok... where does the alarm is supposed to ring ?

hmm, maybe we could reroute some common alarm and use it... something that is high unlikely to malfunction...

something WE know that can't malfunction but that wouldn't alert anyone

or something that doesn't exist, like a replicator in a area where there is none

Lt Stefan Arquero:
The question was truly... where do we want the alarm to ring ? Or just something to record energy levels ?

hmm... good question. Maybe it should alert directly Rajakanya. he may be the quickest to react.
* Lt Stefan Arquero shrugs "I don't know, you're the boss"

start to think on it. I'll see Rajakanya to see what we can do for the receiving device

Lt Stefan Arquero:
Roger, commander. I'm on it right now
* Lt Stefan Arquero stands up, gets his coffee mug and heads outside

take the time to finish your drink. We"re not on read alert *grins slightly*

I'll see you later
* Zhen decides to go to the place where accident happened

Computer, where is ltnt Commander Rajakanya ?
Zhen arrives where the explosion occured. Since, the place was repaired and cleaned so there isn't much to see. It's a plain ordinary corridor. It leads to an equally ordinary maintenance room. According to Vaxx, still, Zhen now stands below the sensors room (where she works)
* Patrick heads out of Mess Hall

Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya is on the bridge

*clicks* O'Rourke for Rajakanya

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Rajakanya listening
* Zhen wanders to the plain ordinary maintenance room still mumbling to Pat III "Mistery that attracts other Mysteries, isn't it so Pat?"

Can you meet me at deck 27, Commander, if you have a couple minutes to spare ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
I'm coming
* Patrick heads to deck 27
* Zhen mumbles "At least chief medical officer Irresponsible is not around."
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya meets the chief engineer in an ordinary corridor
* Zhen checks the nearby ordinary mainenance room
It's a maintenance room where the engineer crew is stockpiling replacement pieces and tools

ah, Rajakanya. Sorry to interrupt your tasks but... it's about our sneaky unknown friend and his sneaky device... with what we know I'd prefer not to talk about that on coms...
* Zhen is actually looking though supplies

Zhen looks around. He doesn't find anything suspect, no equipment trigger a hint, a clue or an idea. No label, no missing piece. No, it's just a maintenance room.

* Zhen mumbles to Pat III "This room is as unineresting as doctor Seyer, but I have an idea."
* Zhen goes to the computer and asks it to list famous problem or crime solvers from the history

Fictionnal or historical ?

Any. But they need to be good. *mumbles* I should have asked cousin about this first.
* Computer provides a looong list of figures from a dozen of cultures

Oh for universe's sake! Computer pick one that is most popular.

Enable to proceed, please indicate a criteria

Solves unusual problems or crimes. Has most fictional or real cases solved. Is favorite among the who are interested in problem or crime solving.

Ah yes and that we have it in out holo dabase.

* Computer provides a name (to be determined later then)

* Zhen wanders down the corrifdor thinking how to best prepare holodeck simulation and goes towards counselor Vaden's location
Counselor Vaden is in the mess hall
* Zhen goes there still freaking the passerby crewmembers with creepy mumblings to his pet tribble
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya waits to know what it is about

we're working on something to detect emissions and we were wondering where to make 'the alarm rings". I thought it could be better if it could ring for you. First, you're the best choice to react quickly to that kind of situation and second, unless I'm wrong, your crew isn't made of engineers who could notice it *smiles*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Ok... relay it to my console, I'll handle it from there

it'll be done *waves and goes back to engineering*

Tiron Eks:
*goes from the observation lounge to the bridge*

Tiron Eks:
Lieutenant Codanadal. Set a course that brings us out of orbit and this system.
* Tiron Eks looks at the reaction of his officers on the bridge.

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Yes, sir

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
What about our prisoner ?

Tiron Eks:
I've done my decision: He'll stay in arrest and he'll ultimately find himself infront of a Bajoran War Tribunal.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Fair. I guess he deserve it. The Dracartan aren't going to appreciate, however

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
Shall we set courses to evade the coming Dracartan warships ?
* Tiron Eks looks at his officers and gets the impression they stay behind his decision.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya was a bit surprised at first but doesn't look to disapprove.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu looks worried by the decision but supportive of the captain
* Lt Salpan Codanadal waits eagerly to know where they are going

Tiron Eks:
Yes, Mr. Rajakanya. Evading a battle has always a better outcome when it comes down to preserving lives.
* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya calls Hilbert and the science team to get updated star charts, then work with Codanadal about setting a course

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We better hope Starfleet can send us a ship soon. Or the Cardassian is going to enjoy our brig for a long time

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
The Dracartan shuttles tried to follow us but seem to have understand we're leaving. They decrease their speed now.

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
We have left Emerald orbit

Tiron Eks:
Number One, I want you to send a message to Starfleet: tell them that we require a rendez-vous with another starship that picks up the cardassian and delivers him to bajor.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
We're months away from the Federation. It may mean going back.

Tiron Eks:
There's no other choice than doing so if required.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods "I'm contacting them"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya:
We have a course leaving the slow Dracartan warships behind, sir. I also assumed we'd avoid the Dracartan space from now on

Tiron Eks:
I'm sure I can spur Lt. Cmdr. O'Rourke to push the reaction rate of our warp core to 105% to save time and compensate the eventual set back.

Tiron Eks:
That's correct, commander. From this time point and forward we have to view the Dracartan Empire as potential hostile minded.

Tiron Eks:
Lt. Codandal, warp 7.5, engage!
Woosh, the Independence accelerate and goes to warp speed, leaving Dracartan and other Republicans far behind it fastly.

On the viewscreen, the sight of Emerald, which had become familiar since days, left to leave the place to a field of stars, all mysterious worlds.

While, in the mess hall...

* Zhen enters the mess hall
* Lt Anra Vaden is typing on her datapad

Ah, couselor Vaden. May I join you?
* Aten, Deputy of Security , deep in the bowels of the Independence, finds that time is going slowly these days

Lt Anra Vaden:
Of course, doctor ! I was finishing my report to the captain.
* Lt Anra Vaden shuts off her pad

Excellent, excellent. *sits and puts Pat III on the table in front of him* How are you feeling these days?
* Lt Anra Vaden stares at Pat III "This is... oh nevermind... these days ? A bit tense because of all the issue about Dargan. I was a bit afraid it would turn into open war. And we really don't want war, do we ?"

No, no. We don't. War is definitely not wanted. Ah and let me introduce you, this is Pat III, my stalwart companion until universe decides for him to go after his predecessors.

Lt Anra Vaden:
This is... an odd choice for a companion... but why not ?

Lt Anra Vaden:
Now, all of this is ending. So I guess I'll feel better. Hard to keep your emotions under control facing such an... intimate circumstance. I wasn't that much available for the crew lately

Odd? It is quiet, except when purring, it is quite easy to keep and is not needing much care. Actually it is quite a perfect companion. Also it is proven that its purring increases production of endorphin or similar hormones in the brain. Basically it is good for calming yourself. But I digress, I was more wondering who counsels the cunselor when the counselor has problems. As a doctor I guess that would be me although psychology wa not really my subject of direct interest.

Lt Anra Vaden:
Actually, it's mine. Even if many people falsely believe I'm a smooth talker as a consequence.
* Lt Anra Vaden smiles
* Zhen grunts then proceeds with talking "I am not good with talking. I do things and hope people around wil understand why I did something. Usually they do not, but nevermind that. But what I do know is when psychological trauma causes physiological effects, it is not a good thing. Fortunately this crisis is getting to an end, but still we have a person who is the cause of your trauma onboard."

Lt Anra Vaden:
As far as I understood it, he's going to disembark soon
* Lt Anra Vaden sighs "Not the ending I wish I'd seen but, still, better than go warring for him. That man already spilled enough blood"
* Zhen grunts more "You would be surprised. Let us say that miniature crystalline entity has whispered to me how certain war criminal is staying in brig."
* Lt Anra Vaden raises an eyebrow "Really ?"

Yes, and next time he sets his foot outside of it will be on Bajor to be trialed.

Lt Anra Vaden:
Hum... the captain knows what he's doing. And I can't say I'm unhappy Dargan is taken back to Bajor.

So I assume this is semi-good news for you. Mainly because there is a large chance that he will be with us for five years. *me leans towards her* Now, I am reatively sure that that would cause some... distress to you?

Lt Anra Vaden:
I am not sure to understand your motive here.

Lt Anra Vaden:
Distress ? Because he's kept here ? I'd prefer to have him on trial. But if keeping him here is ok with the captain... I'm not going to coimplain. Who knows what he could have done, or already did, to the Dracartans ?

Egh. My motive? There is no motive beyond doing my job unlike some people who prefer to sit on their well rounded behinds and do nothig fir fellow crewmembers in distress. *grunts and pushes Pat III towards her* As said... tribbles can be used as natural... stress relief.
* Lt Anra Vaden pats... Pat III

So you can keep it as a medical treatment. It eats anything and will not replicate. *clears throat*
* Lt Anra Vaden nods "Thanks, doctor. I'll remember it."
* Lt Anra Vaden grins "And thanks for Pat III"
* Zhen grunts and gets up obviously ooking uneasy "It's all in the job description. Now excuse me, I have to go and recaibrate Psi-2000 virus detection in my tricorder. If you need my medical services, I am always available."
* Lt Anra Vaden also pats him on the arm as he leaves
* Zhen mumbles something, fixes his uniform and stiffly marches out

The Independence flies away from Emerald. Never had the Dracartan warships any chance to catch it, they are far too slow.
Contacted, Starfleet explains they don't have a ship available for quickly get the Cardassian on their board (Eks can suspect the lack of compromising proofs may have a role in this).
Yet, Starfleet has a ship in the general area now. Another. Another ? Since your passage on a certain agricultural planet on strike, things have evolved there.
A science ship had been dispatched on the recommendation of captain Eks. When it arrived, it found the (previously on strike) workers pressured into poverty and misery by the Consortium, who quickly forgot any promise of peaceful collaboration
The workers asked the Federation protection. Instead they were given the possibility to move. And the ship Starfleet sent ended moving a couple of thousand people on another (close) world
So, that science ship, the USS Gallileo, is in the vicinity. Yet, it's weeks and weeks behind you. It would have to fly fast to you while you slower your own pace
Diurne: (( which is doable, just tell me ))
On the Independence front, the listening system placed to watch over the parasiting communication system... didn't trigger anything.
After days... then weeks... nothing happens. Noone is ever using that parallel system, so it seems.
No energy level variation of any sort is ever detected.
Finally, commander Hilbert recommend a route through stars, to update the star charts of an area
The Independence drifts the way suggested and long range scans are performed.
What started as a curiosity, a glitch in the star charts become more... mysterious.
* Tiron Eks decides to not advance further away from federation territory, instead he gives orders to meet with the USS Gallileo and combines the route with Cmdr. Hilberts suggestion.
The sensors detected planets orbiting a sun. Nothing major here. Yet, on the outdated star charts the Independence has, the system is said to have 1 gas giant. Yet, on your sensors, the system is having a brown dwarf protostar where the gas giant should be.
Eck, mistakes happen...
However, the same error repeats. Once, twice and more than two dozens of time over the week. Two dozens of brown dwarves instead of gas giants ?!
* Tiron Eks - as a sidenote: He sends a letter to Kai Kira and informs her personally about the situation about the Bloodhound and possible more cardis hiding in the Dracartan Empire.
The error is not only colossal on your charts but it also defies the astronomy knowledge of the science team. A science team who can't explain how so many brown dwarves can be found so tightly packed
* Tiron Eks - sidenote 2: he informs the crew officially about their plan to bring back the cardassian in their brig to bajor.
* Zhen is doing his job in these weeks, absolutely avoiding dr. Seyler and paying all his lost holodeck privileges to nurse Church and lt. Arquero
* Zhen goes to his cousin
* Lt Riashaala Idisha stares at impossible readings about surrounding star systems
* Tiron Eks on the bridge: "Number One, continue our course, I'll be in astrometrics to have a talk with our brains there about our encountered brownies."
* Zhen grunts a greeting and goes to Ria "I hear you have quite a connundrum to solve."
* Tiron Eks goes to the Astrometric Lab.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha stretches her arms "Yes... we're so baffled by what we detect that everyone is on astronomy problems now"

I hate when I'm right. Misteries that attract other misteries. Any clues?
* Tiron Eks enters: "Good morning, Lieutenants."

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
No clues. Just questions. Most of the substars we detected are an unlikely occurance but, maybe, it can still exist. But we have three of them which are an astrophysic impossibility.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha turns to the doorstep "Oh, good morning, Ti- .. captain"

'Morning captain.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
See, Zhen... we have three dwarves that lies too close from their sun. They couldn't have formed that close. It's impossible.

Tiron Eks:
I've read the morning report of the science department. I've tolerated it the last few days, but today I begin to spill my daily raktajino because we encounter all the time only brown dwarfs.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Ok, the others may be an unsual and fantastic concentration of brown dwarves, ok the previous expeditions and probes registered them as ordinary gas giants...

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
But those three ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Oh, I have another big news for you captain.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
We no longer encounter or detect any gas giants

So, gas giants somehow brown dwarfsized. Is that possible at all?
* Lt Riashaala Idisha expects her little revelation to make its effect

Tiron Eks:
Which radius we're speaking of? Some parsecs?
* Lt Riashaala Idisha replies to Zhen "That's the logical conclusion, yes ? Bu it cannot be. Brown dwarves are substars. They have a mass too large to be a simple planet, even a gas giant, yet they are not large enough to create their own gravity pull and fuse heavier elements to start a fusion reaction and become true stars

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
In other words, no gas giants never collapse into brown dwarves
* Lt Riashaala Idisha replies to the captain "For now yes, half a dozen parsecs, more or less. We didn't scan farther"

Never say never, my dear cousin.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Zhen. Be serious. A gas cloud with enough mass to become a star will become one. One with almost enough mass will become a brown dwarf. All the rest will be gas giants

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
And none of them will ever get enough mass to later become a brown dwarf

Maybe not naturaly... could someone do it artificially?
* Tiron Eks goes to some controls of the holomap and displays on the big holowall the map from one probe that scanned all the giants and then overlays the map with the new data on it, displaying all changes, then simply ponders.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Artifically ? TO what purpose ?
* Lt Riashaala Idisha is interrupted as data is coming on her console

I'm a doctor. You tell me. *winks*

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Ah, come the latest data from Hilb- oh by the thousand gods..
* Lt Riashaala Idisha taps on her console screen, where astronomy data is displayed
* Zhen peeks over her shoulder

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
We focused on other objects in the systems... other than gas giants I mean...

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
And look... what we all find is barren rock worlds. Not even an ounce of whatever.
* Tiron Eks turns to face Ria.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
We should find some micro-organism traces, a bacteria or two, maybe small animals... water ? But nothing.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha antennaes twists in frustration
* Tiron Eks blinks in disbeliev.

Tiron Eks:
No ice on any comet out there?

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
So, to summary... we are surrounded by barren rock worlds and brown dwarves. Everywhere. It can happen now and then. But here, this is the rule

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
We didn't scan for comets yet, captain. Nor the outer belt
* Zhen mumbles about more mysteries
* Lt Riashaala Idisha pokes Zhen "Hey ! I want high spirit in my room !"

Tiron Eks:
Run a scan. This is the beginning of a scientific mystery. *smiles*

I am in high spirits - just visit sickbay when me and Dr. Seyler are there and you will see low spirits.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:08 pm


Lt Riashaala Idisha:
We have more scans and analysis to perform, captain. Commander Hilbert is working on a list. We should have a first report within a few hours

Tiron Eks:
Very good, I can't wait to hear it.
* Lt Riashaala Idisha nods "Aye, sir"

One of universe's many pranks or something more unusual... maybe even sinister. Hmmmmm?
* Lt Riashaala Idisha shrugs a little "I'm not an expert astronomer but I doubt this is a simple natural occurance... now... why not ..."

Tiron Eks:
Don't jump to a conclusion yet.

Tiron Eks:
Call me when you have news. *leaves astrometrics and heads to engineering*
* Lt Riashaala Idisha smiles at the captain leaving and whispers "Sure, honey"
* Lt Riashaala Idisha winks at Zhen
* Zhen who is still next to Ria growls (dangerously?) at that
* Tiron Eks once arriving in main engineering, seeking the chief engineer: "Good morning, commander."

Captain *nods*
* Lt Riashaala Idisha tells to Zhen "Try to overcome your antisocial habits, cousin. You could be more charming. But maybe you just lack practice"

Tiron Eks:
How are our repairs on the damaged hull and sections doing?

Charming? I'm not an actor as my father, to his great dismay.

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
I should drag you in one of my holodeck musicals. That may teach you some manners. And at least to growl less
* Lt Riashaala Idisha grins

It's done, Captain. Leutnant Harrison made an excellent and quick work, as usual *smiles*
* Zhen pretends to be horrified "No! Not again! Anything but that!"

Tiron Eks:
Good, and the sensor system that got damaged in the explosion by Langley?
* Lt Riashaala Idisha sighs

Fixed as well
* Zhen grins and waves "I'll go and use Pat III as an excuse to talk to counselor Vaden. If there is any new find on there brown sunshines please tell me. I am a bit interested in this phenomenon."

Lt Riashaala Idisha:
Brown dwarves. They aren't sunshines. That's the problem, they wanted but weren't able to

Tiron Eks:
Very good, so we're operating at 100% again. But I have still one issue that irks me. Since we have slowed down our own pace to meet with the USS Galileo in some weeks we're losing some time as well. The captain's manual says that Warp 6 is the standard cruising speed, is it possible to enhance that to compensate for our time we have lost until the arrival?
* Zhen grins "Underachievers of the solar family."

Oh, we can always go faster. The problem is that it weakens the structures. And also, it will consume our dilithium reserves quicker...
* Lt Riashaala Idisha taps on a screen display where a brown dwarf position is shown within a solar system. "But this odd fella is an impossibility. See... it's less than 5 Astronomical Units of its parent sun. Normally, that close, no object is capable to gather enough matter to form into a brown dwarf.

I can handle the mechanical potential issues but unless we find a dilithium source on the road, it will shorten our journey

Tiron Eks:
Maybe our newest discoverys has some crystals hidden somewhere, brown dwarfs and rocky planets everywhere within some parsecs.

Excellent. i love impossibilities, they usually make very interesting explanations... hopefully not deadly ones though.

Tiron Eks:
Good, carry on. *leaves engineering and heads to his ready room*

* Zhen goes to pester Lt. Vaden (actually checking her if she is feeling well)

So the ship goes back to its new routine. A slower pace in its journey to unknown stars, more scans and a science team almost invisible these days, all locked in their labs. The various repairs following the Dracartan incidents and Langley deaths were fixed. It's also the time to exchange communications, letters or (almost) whatever with people you left in the Federation. Your ship drops a new comm relay in space, which will boost the subspace signal, allowing for only days-delayed communication (instead of months)
The science team continues its work, releasing daily more puzzling reports and the first hypothesis. Space around you is calm... dead calm. Noone save you look to cruise in the vicinity. No space faring alien races... not even a little aggressive one to enlighten your days

* Zhen enjoys the peace
* Tiron Eks enjoys to find time to write letters to his friends in the Federation, his family, and his orion girlfriend.

Zhen and Anra spend more time together, their conversation being friendly and often involving Pat III
* Tiron Eks is happy about some news and with a smile feeds his fishes.

The Independence travels one more week, the science team almost left no trace of its existence, working all days long.

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* Commander Kaur Siddhu, report in the ready room.
When trying to locate Anra Vaden, the computer tells Zhen

Counselor Anra Vaden is in Yaxara Seyler quarters
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu make her presence known by ringing

Tiron Eks:

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:

Tiron Eks:
I've gone through the department reports and I'm bothered about some of our crew members and their issues after Langley's death.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods
* Zhen growls, crosses hands, goes back to sickbay to do some experiments on healing properties of molds and on his way back freaks the crew with mumbling

Tiron Eks:
I'm not sure if I get it right why they are shaken in their spirit. Loyality. Dedication to Starfleet.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Our counselor is working on it. She confessed she has no explanation. Or she didn't tell.

Tiron Eks:
Does the crew expect more "incidents" like it happened with Langley?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
It looks Vaden feels more concerned about a little number of them rather than a large worry over the whole crew.

Tiron Eks:
I hope that the majority of our crew knows that unexpected things happen regularly and won't be influenced by this small number in their believ to Starfleet, this ship and its crew.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
As a whole, the crew took Langley death for what it looked to be. An unfortunate accident.

Tiron Eks:
Well, I'm alarmed by this sudden increase. The counselor is an often requested officer these days. I don't want that this resentment spreads among the crew.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I'll keep a eye on it, captain

Tiron Eks:
Good, next item would be ...

Tiron Eks:
*takes a breath* Doctor Idisha and Doctor Seyler.

Tiron Eks:
Doctor Idisha is certainly brilliant in medical respective, but lacks still the spirit of Starfleet.

Tiron Eks:
From my report I received he believes he could do a better job than Seyler.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Dr Idisha... happens to be rather opiniated. Even when his opinion isn't requested
* Zhen hiccups for some reason while heading back to sickbay

Tiron Eks:
Well, my long term goal is to convert this andorian doctor to become a fully acceptable doctor _and_ Starfleet Officer to lead one day maybe the medical department of a ship or base or wherever else.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Erm... I'm not sure he can work in a hierarchical system like Starfleet

Tiron Eks:
I try to see it like as a manger of a restaurant, you only need one cook for one course, two would already ruin it as one believes more salt would be better in the soup while the other argues about that.

Tiron Eks:
Actually I remember it happend in Vlos Eks molecular restaurant several times.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Dr Idisha just have an opinion on everything it seems. He was even able to .. discuss... contest ? my choice of selecting Patrick O'Rourke to lead a possible second away team on Emerald.

Tiron Eks:
Too bad we don't have a vulcan mindmeld master to transfer some discipline in his antennae, it would be certainly an easy solution. *smiles* Now, regular starfleet procedure would say that an entry in the service record and disciplinary action may be required, but I'm not so sure it would help here.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
He's not completely disruptive, fortunately. But he doesn't help. I just hope the problem won't snowball

Tiron Eks:
The report advice says that Dr. Idisha's role as starfleet officer should be stimulated in a way that starfleet, I quote, "plays a role in the galaxy."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
That's a bit idealistic

Tiron Eks:
I think it's worth a try to catch him on that way, while yet maintaining for him the limits to not always give a response to everything one says to him.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods

Tiron Eks:
And we have maybe to define the roles of Idisha and Seyler more clearly onboard our ship.

Tiron Eks:
Like I said, I'm afraid two doctors on the same patient would end with the exitus of one.

Tiron Eks:
Originally when I viewed the files of every officer I took Idisha abord our ship to have an ace in our sleeve for medical issues that are very hard to resolve.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
You think of him better than Seyler then ?

Tiron Eks:
What is better? He's not overall better in every medical field, I say he might be more creative to get a solution under certain circumstances if such a situation arises.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I understand. But, now, separating Dr Idisha and Seyler may not be that easy. Idisha is only a lieutenant, you can't just tailor him a makeshift department to lead, even if justified.

Tiron Eks:
You're right there, Number One, we can't really seperate them. But I also do not see how to make them work truely together like two cooks of a restaurant would do it.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Maybe you're a bit too... tolerant about Dr Idisha manners. There are ways to disagree on a ship. Moments to criticize things that are out of your field of experience. Moments to be confrontational.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Dr Idisha just don't know how and when do such things. Other than that, he looks to be a good doctor according to files. I couldn't really tell since we had, fortunately, no medical emergencies yet

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So maybe he just have to be reminded where he is and what he enlisted for.

Tiron Eks:
Maybe you're right, thank you for your insight, Number One, that would be all.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods and salutes "Sir." before she leaves

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* Lieutenant Commander Hilbert, report in my ready room.
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert arrives some time later and knocks at the door

Tiron Eks:
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert goes in

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Good day, captain

Tiron Eks:
*nods in response* Please take a seat, Commander.
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert sits as offered

Tiron Eks:
I've received your report about the brown dwarves, what is your theory?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
No theory yet. Rather an hypothesis to explain the common element to all of them.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
We've scanned the brown dwarves in range. We were puzzled by the abnormal frequency and distribution of brown dwarves in the surrounding systems.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
But we discovered recently they may not be brown dwarves at all. They just borrow many similar traits.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
But, fundamentally, our brownies lack the necessary mass to qualify as brown dwarves. It may seem... unimportant but it is.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Because it implies that where the previous charts laid gas giants.. those giants may have become those quasi-dwarves.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Now, why is the disturbing question. I can accept and even be pleased to discover a new class of planets... yet when they are former gas giants transformed without explanation, it's disturbing

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
So we scanned the brownies more to link them to our former gas giants. And... to our surprise... they even have less mass than the planets recorded !

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Don't forget a brown dwarf is a big and massive planet. The dwarf is a misnomer. It's a dwarf compared to a star. But huge compared to a planet

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Now our brownies are huge rotating mass of compressed gas, without ever igniting fusion reaction... but with less mass than the gas giants reported at the same position.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Which is another paradox. A dwarf can only happen with *more* mass than a gas giant. Here we have less.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Finally... *wonder if he doesn't annoy the captain* if we have to suppose our brownies are our missing gas giants... it means...

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
It means something expelled mass from all the gas giants and also compressed the left gas into a smaller volume, almost igniting fusion... then the force relieves and the gas cornoa expand greatly but is heated to considerable temperature by the previous compression

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
To our sensors, it gives us the readings of a brown dwarf. But it isn't. None of our brownies is a brown dwarf.

Tiron Eks:
Okay ...

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
So far... I wish to land an away team on a rocky planet to collect samples. Our sensors can't pinpoint exactly the composition of soil there.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
We're too far from the rocky planets to do a fine analysis. And if we come close, it's faster for us to get samples directly.
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert now waits for the captain comments or decision eagerly

Tiron Eks:
In one word: approved. Assemble your team. Commander Kaur Siddhu will lead the away team.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert:
Great, thanks sir

Tiron Eks:
*bleep* Lieutenant Codanadal, set a course to the next located rocky planetoid.

Lt Salpan Codanadal:
Will do, sir.
* Lt Cdr William Hilbert will leave the ready room when dismissed and go to warn about the away team

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
*beep* Commander Kaur Siddhu to doctor Idisha

Doctor Idsha here.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Please meet me at the lounge

Is it business or pleasure if I may ask?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Nothing personnal, I can assure you

Business then. On my way ma'am.
* Zhen is on his way
* Zhen enters the lounge "Good evening."
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu gets a seat
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu says "gets a seat"
* Zhen gets a seat

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Doctor... You're quite an enigma to me.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
But since I'm bound to work with you... for the moment... I figured we may try to ease our ways

I'm good at solving riddles.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Do you envision another career than Starfleet ?

Another than being a doctor? Of course not, I wouldn't be a doctor if I would wish another job.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I mean... a doctor elsewhere than in a Starfleet ship or facility

Oh so has it finally come to this? Are you wondering how to get rid of me in the middle of the universe? Just because I say things truthfully instead of smiling, sauting, keeping quiet and thinking how my senior officers are jerks? *grins* Not that I do that, of course, at least not to all. But anyway, that kind of behavior leads to psychological traumas and at the long run much more problems than someone who says things directly. Was doctor Seyler again complaining about me? Do you even know how our little feud came to be?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
No, I don't wonder how to get rid of you. I have a quite clear idea of how to do it already. Actually, I'm wondering if your talents could not be better used elsewhere. Because, I don't believe you're the stuff we make Starfleet officers from, the crew who explore stars. I believe you simply don't trust your hierarchy. And that can be a lethal problem in deep space.

Are we now talking as higher ranking officer to a subordinate or are we off duty? Just wondering in how much of trouble will I get myself with answering you.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I'm not sure it matters for you. Since when ranks were of any importance for you to prevent speaking ? But no, we're not off duty. So you better formulate your thoughts in a respectful manner

Of course, of course. It is not that I do not respect ranks, it is more that I believe how respect must be earned. It is not something given by few more pips on the uniform you see. And respect comes from doing your tasks properly. For instance take PAtrick for exmple, I know him since the academy, and I absolutely respect him as an engineer. I don't think you could have picked better man for that job really, but as a team leader? Since the academy he showed absolutely no talent for any team leading. Actually all of his attempts in that ended in catastrophe... simulated or real. So you see, I respet Patrick as an enginner and even as a friend, but believing that he is a good choice for team leader? I would rather follow a tribble in the mission. Similar thing is with dr. Seyler. She may be a good doctor on paper, but when someone refuses to talk about a patient because she has hurt feelings... that is not a good doctor. Empathy is needed for a nurse, not for a doctor. Actually too much feelings wil only endanger others lives.

So now do I respect dr. Seyler as someone who knows a lot? Yes. Do I respect her as someone who should be the example of a good doctor? No.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So I get you're rather the kind to think that we shouldn't take risks by putting someone out of place... and better play safe ?

And as for Starfleet. I am doctor and my job is to keep the crew alive and well. Not to wave around with phasers and stick my nse in every anomaly. I guess my dear cousin will be thrilled to poke into every odd plant or animal life form, and that is okay... as long there is a doctor who can save her if se gets into trouble. So the queestion is more, do you think I am not Starfleet material just because I don't salute and I dare to say my opinion? Can you then tell me the difference between Starfleet and let's say Klingon Imperial Fleet? Sholdn't it be enough that I'm a damn good doctor that is dedicated to keep you all alive and well, no matter what instead sitting around and playing a big officer and doing nothing?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Asking again... you're advocating we shouldn't take risks by putting someone out of place... yes ?

I am, but you can call it just doctor's reccomendation. You see if I would NOT advise such things I would be a poor doctor. What kind of doctor would ever advise someone to get into the situation in which she or he would get hurt? On the other hand, even with my out loud protests, have I ever refused an order, no matter how dangerous it may be? Even if it is sending me on infiltration team to possibly hostile planet.

If Chief Medical Officer is not doing the job that she should be doing, at least someone has to.

It is not on doctors to explore strange new worlds, our job is to keep alive those that do.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
First... yes ranks and salutes are important in Starfleet. Because it helps remembering the chain of command. Second, discussing an order or decision from a superior can lead to disaster in critical moments. Starfleet needs people who are able to trust their superiors and their judging of a situation. We're all mortals and can fail. Including the lower ranks. So all things being equal, trusting the superior is a necessity. Third, I was considering getting you for an away team about our astrophysical mystery but I'm now more inclined to leave you in the sickbay, since you aren't exactly trained for away team. So you won't explore a strange new world and will stay in the sickbay

Well then, I just hope nothing will happen on strange new barren world. BEcause if it soes, it is not going on my soul.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
The stuff we make Starfleet officers, I mean the ones who dare to explore the vast expanse of space, must be able to overcome their own limits. It may mean doing something you're not trained for. I admit freely I've asked O'Rourke to lead that team because I wanted to see how he'd perform. The risk was moderate, to me. I believe it's part of my role to spot potential in people.

You see, with such decisions you are not punishing me, but the crew and all those on away team. Ah and while you were spotting potiential on PAtrick, have you asked him first if he actually wants to be spotted like that?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Actually, i'll be on the away team. And I prefer you stay in the sickbay.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Doctor, sincerely and without bad feelings, I suggest you start looking for a career out of Starfleet. Risk isn't part of your life, no shame in this. But it may be preferable you leave before your fleet career truly become a failure.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
You're a good practitionner but you're not one of the men and women we look to push the limits.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
When the Galileo catch up with us, you may have an occasion to leave. Please consider it.

Your choice, but one thing you cannot stop me is telling you "I told you so" if something happens. Provided that I will be able to tell you that. But I wil now use my reputation as someone who talks back to the officers and say how this is a bad decision. Also I don't think you can decide what is or what is not good for me. Also I am not the person YOU are looking for, but with all due respect to you as the second officer of the captain... you are not talking for the Starfleet. What you talk about is only from your limited viewpint, which is kind of odd for someone who has sworn to seek out new life and civizations.

Also unless I get officially dicharged, I'm not leaving. Without me you would all end up dead or worse because dr. Seyler would have hurt feelings about something. And that would be on my soul.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
As I said, I am asking you to seriously consider what you are doing here. It's all good to succeed at the academy and the early tour of duty on starbases in remote locations. But here in deep space, we don't need people who will fail. Now, I'm not sacking you. I'm asking you to honestly look at your career and how you ended on this starship.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
I don't know how it will end, doctor. To say it simply, you avoided the brig two times already. I guess we were... patient with you.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
So maybe you will be... discharged. i'm not sure it will be with honors however.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
And about me talking for Starfleet... you will be amazed how the fleet based on Earth tend to listen the commanding officers of a starship light-month away.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Since they actually... trust our judging... *sigh*

And I tell you once again... just because I don't salute and put on false smile does not mean I would fail anyone. If I would be dr. Seyler I would now take this as personal insult and lock myself in my office acting as primadonna, instead I can tell you that you could not be more wrong in your life. So much on respect and trusting judgement.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
You're enlisted in Starfleet. You have to behave according to our codes. If you do not want to do it, it may be the source of all of this.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Just think about what I said, doctor. But also remember I won't tolerate insubordination anymore.

Tell me honestly, would it really matter to you so much that I smile and salute to you and just think those things I was saying now?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Respect for the ranks and salute is a minor thing here.

Exactly. The thing here is that I'm being prosecuted because I DO my job properly but I do not suck up to Dr. Seyler. Nothing else. I will stress again i DO work my JOB that STARFLEET hired me to do.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
You're not prosecuted. I'm just telling I believe you're not fit for a job in deep space. And I suggest you to think over it. I'm also warning you about insubordination.

And I think that I am fit for this job and I thouht over it for 15 years, thank you. As for your warning it has been noted and I will show all due respect to you.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Look, there is no shame at admitting you entered the wrong career. You're young and can make you a name on your own work in other professions ?!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Respect for everyone. Not just me. You're intelligent enough to know it.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu:
Just think over it. Our discussion is ending now. I leave to you the last word if you want. Then you can leave.

And it is no shame in aditting that your diplomatic skills are almost as bad as mine. Honestly and without direspect. Please take just one small advice from a crewmember: do not assume that everyone thinks and acts in the same way as you. People have different goals and motivations. I would no be here if I thought that dangers or fear would stop me in doing my job. That is all.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu listened without answering.
* Zhen salutes and (a bit sarcastically) marches out of the room as a soldier.
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu doesn't comment or send Zhen to the brig yet.
* Zhen goes to the sickbay complaining to himself how golden age of Starfleet is dead and buried.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:50 pm


* Zhen goes to see his cousin
* Lt Riashaala Idisha is preparing her equipment for an expedition

Zhen: So you are going too on great quest to conquer a barren rock? *grins*
Lt Riashaala Idisha: Oh ? Zhen... Yes. I hope we'll find some answers on what happened in all those systems

Zhen: In her infinite wisdom our first officer decided not to put me on the team, probably because her good friend doctor Seyler had hurt feelings again. So in any case I just wanted to tell you to watch out down there. I doubt there will be anything huge and dangerous, but if it is do not try to see what it had for dinner from first hand.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You're out of the team ? Surprising. Hilbert said you were on.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You believe the commander would have removed you from the list because of Seyler?

Zhen: Oh yes I do, and there is no other explanation to it. And she just told me I am out.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I get you're not really disappointed anyway, right ?

Zhen: I am when my professional integrity is in question! She dared to insinuate how I am not a trustworthy as a doctor, so she took me off the team under that excuse!

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I was saying... not disappointed to not come down. You're not the kind to look for adventures. I remember when you were watching me. Like the day I went too far with that boat.

Zhen: And since she is rarely even near sicbay, my logical conclusion is that doctor Seyler was whining about me behind my back. And you are another thing, my dear cousin! You seek adventures a bit too eagerly. *grins again* This time it is not about adventure, it is about doing my job, and I am being denied that becaue of malicious attacks on my professional integrity!

Zhen: I do not rule out jelaousy either.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I'm on this ship doing sensor scans since months, Zhen ! I'm a planetologist, not an astronomer ! I need unknown worlds to visit

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Wait... who is rarely near sickbay ? The commander or Seyler ?

Zhen: Commander obviously, although looking how much dinners and leisure time with captain doctor Seyler has, that could be said for her too.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Ah... I actually see rarely Kaur Siddhu out of the bridge, the commanding area. Even if she was spotted doing whatever with Rajakanya.

Zhen: My point exactly! And she dares to say how I am not capable of doing my job! Bah, I had it! I'm going directly to the captain with this!

* Lt Riashaala Idisha smiles "I'm sorry, Zhen. I wish you'd come down with us. Even if you're not interested, at least it would bring me back memories !"

Zhen: You are right! I'm am going to the captain and demand to be put on the team. Doctor Seyler just wants to smear my professional reputation with such stunts.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is a bit surprised "Well, if you feel you have to..."

Zhen: No betazoid can be more dedicated than an Idisha! Not only that I will show her I will do it without dirty games as she plays. Bah.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Good luck with Tiron then.

* Zhen asks the computer where is the captain, waves to his cousin and marches out

Lt Riashaala Idisha: If he makes difficulties, remind him he missed my first birthday party at the academy under the vague pretext of a Borg nanoprobe gone wild. So he will at least listen to you, he owe me that

Zhen: Thank you cousin!

* Tiron Eks writes a report about the mission so far for Starfleet Command in his ready room.

* Zhen buzzes on the door

Tiron Eks: Come in.

* Zhen marches in

Tiron Eks: Ah, Doctor. *nods*

Zhen: Captain, I have to talk to you about grave injustice that was done to me. Because of malicious slanders against me I was taken off the team. The excuse was how I am not to be trusted in doing my duties which is utter and complete lie,

Patrick: *yawns entering engineeering* allright, another wondeful day at the engineering, beach and sun, gefreeze and polish remover. What's the planning for today, Morbren ?

Tiron Eks: Hold on, not so fast.

* Zhen stops blabbering

Tiron Eks: Which team do you mean?

Zhen: The on to go investigating barren rock in space.

Tiron Eks: The away team then. And you weren't chosen to be part of the team, because of what exactly?

Lt Morbren Chardok: We have to clean Jeffrey tubes, from deck 3 to 4. There was a leak during the night shift and coolant flowed from one deck to the other

Zhen: As I found out just now I WAS chosen then I was taken off it because SOMEONE told comander Siddhu how I can not be trusted.

Zhen: Which is absolute slander on my professional integrity as a doctor!

Patrick: wonderful, another day at the swimming-pool. Just what I've been dreaming of... *smirks*

Tiron Eks: Doctor, that is speculation. I believe this matter is better addressed to Commander Kaur Siddhu, as she's leading the team.

Lt Morbren Chardok: Oddly, there is a percentage of our equipment which is undoubtedly older than the rest. And it now fails gradually as we are putting it under constant strain in space

Patrick: ... and it may become worse before it gets better : the Captain asked me if we could push the engines beyond the specs for a while...

Zhen: Speculation or not, she said so. I am taken off the team because I am no to be trusted. Just because I dare to point out doctor Seyler's errors and I do not grin and salute I am being labelled as untrustworthy doctor? That is unthinkable!

Lt Morbren Chardok: For a while yes. Then we will have to set a solar sail for our propulsion ! What does he think ? That he can ask anything ?

Lt Paula Harrison: Actually, he *can* ask anything, Morbren

Tiron Eks: Have you had a word with the commander then?

Patrick: that's a Captain : that's his duty to ask us the impossible. Ours is to achieve the unachievable..

Patrick: hmm, could you set up if there is something... common between the parts that fails quicker than usual ?

Zhen: Pretty much. She even insinuate that I should reconsider being a doctor.

* Lt Morbren Chardok growls "From this section to coolant room 12A-3, I only glanced at our cables and tubes and they are too old. So either we wait until they break either we replace them"
Tiron Eks: *leans beack in his seat and crosses arms* And what do you hope from bringing this issue to me?

Lt Morbren Chardok: That ship is huge, commander ! You're already lucky I've spotted this !

Zhen: Last time I checked you are supposed to be a captain, not axis of seemingly jealous officers.

Tiron Eks: And? What have you imagined I could do with my responsibility?

Zhen: Put me back on team!

Patrick: well then, we can add this to the planning : find if there are common points between those parts. If we have a whole section about to fade to wreckage, better find it out before it decides to disassemble in the middle of a fight (which may happen, considering our last alien relations)

Tiron Eks: *stands up and walks around the table, sitting on the counter of the table* Do you know what this would mean then?

Zhen: That you are actually standing up to injustice?

Patrick: I'll handle the jeffrey tubes and i'll check the polarization modules and control inverters in deccks 3 and 4. Paula, I'd like you to check the Interference Sequencers. Morbren, up to you to play with the computer to start researches on those flawed parts *grins*

Tiron Eks: It would mean that my FIrst Officer isn't capable to do decisions in the best interest of her assignment. So if she makes the decision to have you not abord the away team, then she has to a high degree probably a good reason why she doesn't deem you an appropiorate candidate for the team.

Lt Morbren Chardok: That's a colossal task, commander ! It's from blast doors to microchips !

Lt Paula Harrison: Stop bitching and just say you don't want to do it alone !

Patrick: Let's start with vital parts first *thinks* let's say... dilithium chaamber, engines, shields and environmental systems

Lt Paula Harrison: The dilithium chamber is top notch condition. I've checked it no later than two days ago.

Zhen: She said that she can not trust me as a doctor. Not because I talk back or do not salute her, although she touched those subjects too. I would not say a word if that was a reason, but not trusting me as a doctor? That is absolute lie and slander. Not only that but obvious proof of immensly poor and wrong judgement.

Lt Morbren Chardok: But why are the coolant tubes going to it so old then ?

Lt Paula Harrison: Couldn't tell

Zhen: It also ruins my proffessional reputation among the crew. What will crew think of me now? If first officer does not trust me as a doctor why woudl they!

Tiron Eks: Ah, I see what is your problem, someone again has scratched your ego and now you try what you always do, the challenge to proove it otherwise.

Zhen: My ego?! All this would not happen if I did not hurt poor doctor Selyer's tender feelings and she went to whine to commander Siddhu to make my life a misery.

Tiron Eks: Actually you also come to me complain about Commander Kaur Siddhu.

Patrick: *picks a console and starts to type several instructions*

Patrick: a moment, I have an idea....

Tiron Eks: I see a parallel between how Commander Kaur Siddhu treats you because you assume Commander Seyler said so and now you come to me ask me to treat Commander Kaur Siddhu like she did to you. That doesn't work, Doctor.

Zhen: If she is so gullible to trust one poor and jalous doctor, obviously I have right to complain. Also if YOU decided that I'm good enough to tend the medical problems on this ship, how SHE dares to say that I'm nt reliable doctor? Isn't that undermining your authority also?

Zhen: The bottom line here is... I am forbidden to say the truth while she can spread slanders about my proffessionality?

Zhen: And then she wonders why I do not show her respect? Bah.

Tiron Eks: That's the problem.

Patrick: hmm... so far, it seems every incriminated part is related to propulsion... or long range sensors... except *ponders* the dilithium chamber.

* Lt Paula Harrison looks over the commander shoulder, at the console

Tiron Eks: You are supposed to be a Starfleet Officer in first line and then a Doctor of medicine.

Patrick: hmm, Paula, correct me if I'm wrong but the dilithium chamber is one of the last thing installed in a ship, probably just before launch...

Lt Paula Harrison: Yes. I came on the Independence board to set the parameters of the chamber myself

Tiron Eks: You can't choose to be just a good doctor and ignore your responsibilities as Starfleet Officer.

Lt Paula Harrison: Dilithium is too valuable to let it unused on ships on drydocks

Patrick: so, the incriminated parts could be all here "long" before, at the moment where the ship was "experimental"

Lt Paula Harrison: I ... guess

Patrick: and in facts, for al what we know, the incriminated parts could all be part of *that* experiment

Lt Morbren Chardok: The commander is right, Paula.

Zhen: With all due RESPECT I think you are wrong. What is anyone's first duty if he holds any decent medical degree is being the doctor. Humans have something that is called "Hippocratic Oath" that pretty much summarizes that.

* Lt Morbren Chardok smirks at her "If you spent more time in general engineering courses and less on positronics and computers, you'd know that"

Patrick: Hypothesis : the experiment that took place here accelerated components deterioration

Lt Morbren Chardok: That's possible...

Patrick: can we have an idea of tha experiment with the kind of deterioration we'ere facing ?

Zhen: First duty is the patient. Doctor Selyer ignored that duty and that caused her hurt feelings and all that mess. She wa being officer first and with such attitude she can not be a good doctor.

Lt Morbren Chardok: Not really, it's just usual and general wear

Tiron Eks: We all know since Dr. Phlox's assignment on Captain Archer's Enterprise that both tasks are not compatible in certain times.

Tiron Eks: That is your personal judgement of the situation.

Zhen: Do you realize that she she did not even tried to find out what I was taing about, even when I specifically stated that it concerns healzh of one crew memeber? she did not moved her little finger! What kind of a doctor is that?

Patrick: and again, events seem to prove that the experiment that is supposed to never take place, was at least partially started...

Zhen: But as an officer, yes she is a good officer material. As a doctor she is a liability, not me.

Zhen: Since she is very proficient in sitting and barking orders.

Patrick: I start to think that we abandoned our investigations on those redundant propulsion systems a bit too quick...

Zhen: But this is all beside the point. Real problem here is that I am accused of malpractice and incompetence without any reason at all beside that someone does not like my attitude.

Tiron Eks: Zhen, to be blunt, Doctor Seyler is supposed to lead the medical department of the field, that means she has to command actually the medical personal abord this ship, Doctor Peshana, Nurse Church, you ...

Zhen: That does not make her good leader though. But as said hat is beside point, what s the point are lies against me and the fact thatI was taken off the team because of those lies.

Zhen: As for doctor Selyer's problem, I have possible solution to that.

Tiron Eks: Zhen, it is not a lie if you can't follow your duties as Starfleet Officer.

Zhen: She did ont say that! She said she do not trust me as a doctor! I don't cae if she does not trust me as an officer!

Tiron Eks: You can't or don't want to understand the problem, do you? It is your job to combine both!

Zhen: So problem one, my reputation an slanders. I understand that you do ont want to go against your first officer's decison... for keeping the satisfaction levels up among offcers. So what I ask is that you at least make up some excuse why I was removed from the team, some job. Medical emergency Anything.

Tiron Eks: Zhen, there is another way.

Zhen: Because honestly if I cannot be trusted as a doctor, believe me doctor Seyler and commander Siddhu can shove me being an officer into a torpedo tube and smoke it.

Zhen: What way?

Patrick: hypothesis 2 : thre was an experimental propulsion system here, in the Andromeda. The system was at least partially tested. That experimental system had some standart Starfleet parts. When the experimentation was stopped, every piece of experimental tech was removed from aboard. Lacking time, the one in charge of this decided to let the standart parts in place, assuming it couldn't be a problem. Those parts were just hidden.

Patrick: But the parts were used in the experiment... hence the abrasion, fatigue in the parts

Tiron Eks: You go back to the Commander and convince her that you have of course your temprament and say aloud what you think, but at the same time you are capable to fulfill your duties as officer and doctor. You don't want your reputation ruined, then start right at Commander Kaur Siddhu! Tell her that you're willing to proof her otherwise and show her what you could do and that with respect for the hierachy.

Tiron Eks: I know this must be hard for you, but every first step is difficult, even if you have managed to delay that for 15 years already.

Lt Morbren Chardok: So the worn parts were actually also used in that experimental system ?

Zhen: A compromise? Okay, I will if she apologizes for the slander. The fact she is an officer does not mean she can slander those below her just because she does not like them. I will openly admit I was a poor officer and even work on that. BUT. she must admit that attacking my medical proffessionaism was completely untrue.

Patrick: Hmm, if I was in charge of such an experiment, I would probably install a full standart propulsion system, in case things get creepy. Which would explain the redundancy

Tiron Eks: Then by all means, go to her and even out your relationship and win another officer to your side!

Tiron Eks: It's not too late, the team hasn't departed yet.

Zhen: I don't think ti will go that way, but allright. Now the second thing is doctor Seyler, I do not think talk will help there so I think I know a gracious solution in which she, me and even you will be happy.

Patrick: Of course there would be parts I can't duplicate, all that contains energy, for example.

Tiron Eks: We'll postpone that issue to another time, I believe you should head to Commander Kaur Siddhu now.

Lt Paula Harrison: That's food for thought, all of this. The real question is what to do about this ? For now, the ship goes slow until the Galileo rejoins us. So it may be a good moment to replace the worn systems ?

Patrick: Allright, one thing we can try : we know where the redundant parts were hidden, and we just find where both systems mixed. With that we should be able to extrapolate others parts common to both systems

Patrick: And be able to repair/change them.

Zhen: It is going to be fast. Indeendence has two sickbays, the secondary one is not used unless there is some big crisis. The solution is simple, move me, nurse Church and few basic staff to the second one. You can even say that I was sent there as a punishemt to think about me being a better officer. Your authority will stay untaouched, dr Seyler will stay chief officer and her tender feelings will not be hurt anyome by looking at me and honestly I will be happer without having to look at her envious gaze either.

Tiron Eks: *notes down on another pad something* I'll add this topic and your suggestion in the next head department meeting. Is this everything?

Zhen: Yes, thank you. I am going to try to talk to commander, but who knows what kind of lies was she fed on by now. Good luck.

Patrick: Now yes, that opens... perspectives *grins at Paula*

Patrick: but first, fixing worn parts.

* Zhen half waves-half salutes and goes to find commander Siddhu

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is in her quarters

* Zhen buzzes on her door

* Zhen has a feeling he was transpored around the ship

Patrick: Allright, Paula and I will handle the repairs while you see if you can extrapolate other worn parts and lead us, Morbren

Lt Morbren Chardok: And again, the boring part to me...

Patrick: *sighs for himself* meanwhile, the astrometric is about to have picnic on the moon...

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu stands up and goes to the door, she opens it

Zhen: Good day commander.

Patrick: I'll join you at deck 3 in a moment, Paula

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Doctor... what a surprise. May I help you ?

Patrick: *clicks on combadge* O'Rourke for the Captain

* Lt Paula Harrison goes to deck 3

Tiron Eks: *was about to go out of his ready room to his quarters* Speak, O'Rourke.

Zhen: Yes, I believe we need to talk... more. Can I enter or I'm too untrustworthy for that also?

Patrick: Captain, do you have a moment to spare. i'd like to talk about some new interesting... perspectives

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu ponders a couple of seconds "You can come in"

Tiron Eks: Sure, where are you? I don't mind a little walk after a lengthly talk with Zhen.

Zhen: Thank you.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I was preparing coffee, you want some ?

Patrick: I'm leaving the engineering

Zhen: No, thank you. I prefer to avoid any stimulants when not safely off duty.

Tiron Eks: How about a drink in the officer mess?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu gets a mug of coffee and goes sitting "I hope you won't refuse a seat ?"

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is wearing off duty clothing (by the way)

Patrick: with pleasure, I'll be there in a coupl of minutes...

Zhen: As long as it is not interrogation chair, I will not refuse it. *sits down*

* Patrick enters the Bar and waves to the Captain "Captain"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You came here willingly. Not interrogation from me

Tiron Eks: Chief Engineer. *nods and motions at a free seat at the table*

Tiron Eks: I was so free and ordered root beer for us.

Patrick: *picks a seat* beer while stil under duty ? I'm not sure it's advocated by starfleet ruleset *grins* but I'd be a fool to turn down

Zhen: It is like this commander. As you pretty much probably know I do not really care what somee thinks of me as an officer and whatever happens that will not really change. But what I do care about is my medical integrity and reputation as a doctor.

Tiron Eks: Don't worry, I'll erase the replicator logs. *winks*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm not sure I understand why you come

Patrick: *relaxes*

Patrick: had a talk with Zhen, eh ? I can imagine you need some relaxation for a while...

Tiron Eks: You believe I could just so continue my report to Starfleet Command after one discussion with him? *shakes head slightly*

Patrick: Although I like Zhen, I have to admit he's not part of my team and I can only imagine what it means to try to give him orders, even directions...

Zhen: It is simple, when you took me off the team under excuse that I cannot be trusted you directly impacted on my proffessional integrity. Not only that but it was absolutely untrue considering that you actually can trust me as a doctor more than anyome on this ship.

Patrick: But he's at the right place here, in the ship, I think, even if he doesn't realize it

Patrick: But enough talk about the andorian. Morbren made an interesting discovery, earlier.

Tiron Eks: Anyway, it's not only him why I drink beer, I have also another good reason to drink a beer once in a while. *smiles* Good news: Anvaar is probably rushing after me now.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm not convinced, as I told you and despite your rebuttal. Away teams can be dangerous. And your attitude may lead to disaster. You may be a good researcher or a good surgeon but I am not trusting you to be good on an away team.

Zhen: And why is exactly that?

Tiron Eks: I'm all ears, Patrick.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Because you just can't simply obey and do the job without giving your opinion...without contesting choices and orders. Your superior may not always have the time to convince you that you should do something. They may sometimes be not able to tell you. But they expect you to do the job regardless.

Patrick: You remeber those redndant propulsion parts we found, at the start of our journey ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You, you want to be convinced it's the right choice or you start bickering.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It's too dangerous outside a simple sickbay.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu sips her coffee

Tiron Eks: The ones connected to the experimental Transwarp drive ... research?

Patrick: supposedly, yes.

Tiron Eks: I guess it would the wrong assumption you made the transwarp drive working. *smiles and sips from his beer*

Patrick: The fact is... Morbren bumped on worn parts, during our daily maintenance. What is quite unusual is the degree of detoriaration, considering the ship activity.

Zhen: I do not knwo who told you that but it is absolutely untrue. Do you know what is a mark of a true proffessional? The fact he can distinguish between situation in which he can waste time and one in which he cannot. Also if you ask nurse Church, who actually knows me for 15 years intead someone who has hurt feelings, you would know that I am perfectly capable of complaining and working my job perfectly at the same time. Also I never in my life disobeyed direct order in a crisis.

Patrick: We talked about it a bit, made a few researches anc came to the conclusion that that experimental system was probably used, despite what has been said.

Zhen: I never disobeyed when not crisis either, but I did voiced my opinon.

Patrick: Let me try to explain :

Tiron Eks: Excuse me: considering the ship activity? We haven't stressed the parts beyond reason for extended time.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Sometimes we don't have time to hear you voice your opinion, doctor. Sometimes, it's better to not talk at all. Because it can seed doubt.

Tiron Eks: *leans back, sips bear and slightly raises one eyebrow like a vulcan*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And about nurse Church, I will have time to ask her since I'll get her on the away team

Zhen: And sometimes it is good to doubt, it is called thinking. I beieve that even Starfleet regulations allow that soldiers do not follow their officers blindly.

Patrick: Imagine you have to build a ship that will have to handle some experimental propulsion system. Reason and care for your crew will dictate that you also put a standart propulsion system. Just in case, you end in the delta quadran and you brand new transwarp system is dead after first attempt

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You believe you know better, doctor. If you limited yourself to medical aspects, it could be valuable. But you tend to offer unsollicited opinion on broader topics

Zhen: Actually even I have the authority to relieve anyone of duty if I think that their judgement is impaired.

Patrick: So you install two propulsion systems onboard

Zhen: It's called experience.

Zhen: But that is beside the point and not why I'm here.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So doctor. Let me summarize. You came here to say you are right, I am wrong and that's all.

Patrick: Now, while experimental, the transwarp will still need usual subdrives to function. Which are standart Starfleet systems.

Tiron Eks: Makes reason if you don't have a device to create artificial wormholes that brings you back home.

Zhen: No, no. Although that is half-true.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Because I think I already have offered you the last word. So if it's to repeat yourself, I'm not sure this discussion will be fruitful

Patrick: So, still caring for your crew, you decided to duplicate those parts, in case not only the transwarp but also the subdrives go boom

Zhen: I thought so also, but I promied captain thatI will talk to you anyway.

Zhen: So if nothing let's finish this honestly.

Patrick: of course, those secondary subdrives will be linked to the classic propulsion and independant from the transwarp system

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Well, if you just came to repeat what you said before, yes, we can end this. And I concede you the favor of being honest. Even if I'm never off-duty... you can speak your mind.

Patrick: But you can only do this to a certain point. You can't duplicate everything. All that contains and conveys energy flux for example. It would double the ship's size.

Tiron Eks: We don't have a 2nd warp core, yes. *nods*

Patrick: Those parts will have to be shared and used by both systems. Which is fine and dandy as long as you don't use both systems at the same time.

Patrick: Allright, now for some unknown reason, not long after you started your experience, orders came for you to stop everything

Zhen: The thing is this, I will admit that I was sometimes out of the line and even work on my salutes and keeping my comments when you are not around or commanding anything. On the other hand you attacked my proffessionalism without a cause, reason or any proof. I simply want an apology, possibly in the way of me being back on the away team.

Patrick: Also, the shipp will be reassigned, so you have to remove every experimental parts (that kind of things is suppsoed to be highly classified)

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You, who valued so much honesty, want me to offer apologies when I sincerely believe you may be a danger on an away team ?

Patrick: But you lack time. The new captain is eager to take his new ship. *smiles*

Patrick: so you only remove the experimental parts. You can't remove common parts, of course.

Zhen: As I said, I did hat I promised capatin to do. As you humans would say the ball is in your court. I am ready for compromise for the sake of whole crew, I wonder if you are too. *gets up*

Patrick: And the redudant parts, well, they'll stay in place. You hide them as much as you can

Zhen: Now tell me that this is not "Starfleet spirit".

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I came to this conclusion from personnal experience of your attitude, a couple of reports and your file. The compromise you're talking may be about the life of people on an away team.

Patrick: All of this is, of course, just an hypothesis, but it takes sense and it matches our finds

Patrick: The redundant parts are the ones we found at the beginning of our journey. I'm nto sure we found everything though, but I'll come back to this point later.

Zhen: So I can tel the captain that your opinion is that I am a danger to the crew even if captain himself picked me for this job kowing all you know too?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Apologies for believing you're not fit for the job ? It would be hypocrisy. But if you want me say I was wrong about it... then prove it to me. If you want to stay only a doctor, then I will be right.Because we're on a Starfleet ship, not in a planetary hospital. If you can become an officer, then I'll be wrong and will admit it.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You can say this to him of course. Since I did say I believe you're a danger to an away team.

Patrick: And the common parts, we think those are the ones found by Morbren. It would explain why they seemd to have suffer more stress than the rest of the ship

Patrick: They were used during the experiment and somehow... weakened

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: But you can still try to use your friendship with the captain. I didn't expect it but people often have ressources

Patrick: With that Hypothesis, we should be able to find every possible worn parts. We're already on that part, as you can imagine.

Patrick: But we should also be able to extrapolate if and where there are other redundant parts and possible some forgotten experimental parts. I'd like to investigate on that - without sacrifying our duties, of coursse - with your permission.

Patrick: I'd prefer to ask first. Don't want to impose you another unpredictable issue like we had las time without warning you first *winks*

Zhen: So you continue to insult me? You are truly a fine judge of character, bravo. Do you think I would sink so low to pull strings? I am not going down on doctor Selyer's level, thank you very much.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Seyler ? What does she have to do with all of this ?

Zhen: But, I will show you that you are wrong. Never challenge an Idisha's honor. *stands still* Excuse me for disturbing you ma'am. I will go back on my duties now.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Fair. Good bye doctor.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Doctor... do you really want to come with the away team ?

Zhen: Yes ma'am, I do.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Why ? It's a science operation.

Zhen: Because there is possibility of unknown medical emergency. Such away missions tend to hide unwanted surprises, and a doctor may be needed. Also my medical expertise may be useful for the science team.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I see. Thanks for answering me, doctor

Zhen: Is that all commander?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu sips her coffee then gets a datapad she turns on

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, doctor. Good bye

Zhen: Good bye commander.

* Zhen exits the room cursing commander Siddhu, doctor Seyler and all their ancestors inside of his head

* Zhen goes to counselor Vaden to borrow Pat III for a short time since he needs someone to complain to

* Lt Anra Vaden gives Pat III back and offers him to have a drink in the mess hall

Zhen: Since I am not going anywhere, I'll be glad to.

* Lt Anra Vaden then goes to the mess hall

Lt Anra Vaden: No horrible contagion on the ship, doctor ?

Zhen: Even if it was you would not hear about it because I would already dealt with it.

* Lt Anra Vaden smiles "We're safe then"

Zhen: Not that anyone else trusts me about that. Except possily my cousin and nurse Church.

Lt Anra Vaden: You feel unfiarly judged?

Zhen: As a proffessional, yes I do. I can not understand how some people can be thick. Do they not understand that doctor's first duty is to tend to other's sickness, no matter who they are? Bah. How can anyone believe that someoen like me can be a liability?

Lt Anra Vaden: Doctor, we're all professionnals here. Each has his or her field of abilities, responsabilities.

Lt Anra Vaden: Someone contested your will to heal or cure someone else ? You spoke of treating someone whoever they are

Zhen: Exactly my point, and I am being slandered on mine because someone does not like how I act and talk. What does it have to do with my competence as a doctor? It is mixing two different things, social aspects and proffesisonal ones. And since you will probably hear it soon, I was taken off the away team because seemingly my wish to keep the team alive and well is not enough.

Lt Anra Vaden: Did you think about why those people have now this opinion on you, that you consider unjustified ?

Zhen: It's because I say what I think, do not salute and do not smile to them while thinking how they should vanish in the black hole, as without a doubt some of crewmembers do. Not me though, not yet at least.

Lt Anra Vaden: You really believe some people should just vanish ?

Zhen: As I said, I do not, but I am sure some people do. Forced repression is a nasty thing.

Tiron Eks: *drinks again from his beer and says to his chief engineer* Well, you're already on it, you have my blessing to continue.

Lt Anra Vaden: Do you consider changing your outward attitude so people are not confused or misunderstanding you ?

Patrick: fine *smiles and drinks*

Tiron Eks: I also don't know what, where and when was tested and if anything was tested successful or not. I know only that the Admiral spoke of that the Transwarp drive is unreliable and testing it isn't part of our mission.

Zhen: Oh yes. I'll show them all. But the fact is that I am forced to do it if I want to continue doing my job properly. That is my situation, if I wish to keep you all alive and well I must do things that are against my honor, but I will do it. I will lick shoes to certain people but that does not mean thatI see their ways as right. But for the whole crew it is better that I am around doing my job freely. I am afraid to think what would happen otherwise.

Lt Anra Vaden: Against your honor ? Really ?

Lt Anra Vaden: And do you believe changing your ways can improve the relationships ? That this effort will prove to be useful and the opinion on you will change ?

Tiron Eks: Perhaps a little challenge if it gets boring like the seemingly endless time it needs to consume you into a black hole you could maybe make it workable? *smiles*

Patrick: there is one thing, though. We're not sure but some of the worn parts are related to long range sensors. We'll have to investigae on that, as well...

Zhen: I guess it will. As long as they get off my back and let me be a doctor. Aso there is pride, of course. I will show them wrong and that I am capable dancing to their tune too. Not thatI have to like that tune. By the way counselor, I had to take psychology too and I'm quite sure you are now having a session with me. *grins*

Tiron Eks: You mean our experimental longer than long range sensor system?

Lt Anra Vaden: But do you want to do the effort because you feel forced or because you'd prefer better relationships ?

Zhen: The former, and do you know why? Because they slandered me and then refused to even acknowledge that they did it, even if I stepped forward offering a compromise. I was rejected and insulted again. I do not wish to have anything with such people, but I need them if I want to do my job.

Zhen: When I came with compromise then I did hope for better relations, now I do not care. They are not worthy of that.

Lt Anra Vaden: That is worrying...

Patrick: well, we have two experiments here, so I can imagine that parts involved suffer the same kind of stress, yes. Also, as both experiments were conduced at the same time, we can suppose the conceptors worked together on the system

Zhen: I agree it is. But that is not my fault.

Lt Anra Vaden: But you said part of your attitude may explain theirs

Zhen: Yes, but it was not me who started it all. I am purely reacting to outside stimuli.

Lt Anra Vaden: It's difficult to find who start something when we speak about relationships and feelings.

Lt Anra Vaden: I'd rather say both sides look to have expectations on the other and they didn't match

Lt Anra Vaden: Did you ever experienced a similar situation in the past ?

Tiron Eks: Well, I leave the technical issues to you and trust you won't rip the ship apart. - Have you also got letters from home?

Zhen: Ah yes, I agree. That was my compromise really. you see, I offered to truly start changing because I wish to in exchange of simple apology. I was rejected, insulted and now I am not doing it because I wish it but because I am forced to.

Zhen: So you see, I did my part. The other side who is supposed to be a "good judge of character" failed utterly.

Lt Anra Vaden: Maybe the other side isn't ready for an apology. Actually, maybe you're not the only who felt insulted or hurt here.

Lt Anra Vaden: It's difficult to admit you may have been wrong. For example, you said earlier it wasn't your fault and you didn't start it all. If the other side feel the same... should they offer an apology ?

Zhen: I know one such person. I actually absolutely know that my rethorical question was taken as an insult, and I did not apologize for it, but with a good reason. That other person showed utter failure to do it's own job. so it stayed at that.

Lt Anra Vaden: If you inadvertedly insulted people, do you expect them to offer apology ? Or has time lapsed enough since ?

Patrick: *shrugs* usual news : mother asking to put a scarf if I have to go out on alien planets and to be wary of aliens, father telling me I'd be better home helping him at the distillery...

Zhen: Ah I do not expect them to apology for not understanding that I was not trying to insult anyone. That would be quite childish, don't you think so? Thing is simple, when I tried to explain, I was thrown out of the room. And the whole incident caused another one which is more important to me than a simple argument, as said that person acted completely unproffessionally towards someone else. Also after that and my today's failed attempt at giving the hand of peace, you won't see me try to do that anymoe. If somoene wants to talk with me about anything.

Tiron Eks: Do you your old man could give us a bottle of his good stuff when we return?

Zhen: anything, they will have to come to me.

Patrick: as long as you don't tell him you're the one who dragged me to the stars... *winks*

Tiron Eks: I'll tell it was the fault of Starfleet and building big warp nacelles. *laughs*

Lt Anra Vaden: It sounds reasonnable. But you shouldn't dismiss the idea of being again forced to make a step. We're on a small ship, relatively speaking and we're all together for a long time.

Lt Anra Vaden: Even if you can live content by not speaking to the offending party, this may be a weight for you... or it can snowball later

Patrick: but I'm sure he might be impressed by the fact a starfleet Cpatain... and an alien, in top of that can be interested in his brewing

Zhen: Exactly why I hoped people would understand compromises. We can't all like each other, but we can do our jobs as best as can without being forced not to. I am quite sick of being forced to make first step and being blamed just for daring to point out things that ae wrong.

Lt Anra Vaden: How many first steps did you do until now ?

Zhen: On this ship? Four I think, all failed quite miserably, and two included the captain.

Patrick: which makes me think... I'll have to leave... lots of work to do. No way that I let Paula handle of the dirty part, especially as I will have to leave for my weekly session with Leutnant Vaden *sighs*

Lt Anra Vaden: The captain ? Oh... He is an old friend, right ?

Zhen: He was. He was a bit different then, now he is more an acquaintance... which did not stop certain insults about me trying to use "strings" with him. Honestly I wish I had those mythical "strings" to pull.

Tiron Eks: Don't be afraid of the Counselor, she won't bite.

Patrick: Back to lubricant and monkey wrench. Thanks for the drink, Tiron *nods to Tiron*

Lt Anra Vaden: Four failures... I imagine you are a bit jaded by your attempts. Do you see why it failed ?

Tiron Eks: Patrick. *nods*

Patrick: Oh I know that, she is very kind. But you know how I hate to talk about myself...

Zhen: Because everyone mixes two different things, social and proffesisonal.

Tiron Eks: Just imagine you talk to some isolinear circuits. *smiles*

Patrick: Isolinear circuits don't reply, or if they do, they reply what i ask them to *winks*

Lt Anra Vaden: We're a crew. Our social and our professional life is often the same. It depends on individuals, however.

Patrick: laters *walks away*

Tiron Eks: *mumbles* I could also have said bioneural gelpacks, but they have sometimes their own sense of humor.

Zhen: If something like this happened to my grand-grandfather there would already be an ushaan happening. And I'm not talking about mock one.

Lt Anra Vaden: But now, how do you feel ? How important all of this is, to you ?

* Tiron Eks retreats to his own quarters.

* Patrick heads to Paula's location

* Lt Paula Harrison is working on deck 3

Zhen: How important? I decided to become the thing I loathe the most, a hypocrite, just to be able to do my work properly. That important. My granfather would renonce me because I have dishonored myself and family.

Lt Anra Vaden: Could you find a better way, for yourself ? Where you concede some changes to the other party, without hating you for doing it ?

Zhen: No, not now. As said, it was all on that second party. I offered compromise only to be insulted even more and not even given a proper choice or compromise in return. I was put into situation where I will either do thing or not do what I am here to do.

Lt Anra Vaden: I was speaking on not hating you for becoming hypocrite, doctor. In other words, that you shouldn't change to a point you hate what you do. Change, even if you feel forced, but not to any point

Lt Anra Vaden: It's possible becoming the hypocrite you hate will prove to be counter productive, as well. And then you'd lose much more. You'd hate yourself for trying to be an hypocrite and since you are not, others can see through it and blame you more.

Lt Anra Vaden: Don't act if you want to change. Change because you believe it is a good thing for everyone. And this everyone includes you

Zhen: A this point I can not. I swore I will keep this crew safe and well, because I want to and because that is my job. If that means I'll have to feel like targ droppings, so be it. As said he other side was quite clear on its wishes and proved its might against which I cannot go.

Lt Anra Vaden: Give time and thoughts to all of this, doctor. There is no point of becoming a martyr under the pressure of the others. We don't want to lose a doctor after all.

* Lt Anra Vaden smiles

Zhen: I am not martyr it is more pride than anythign else. *grins* But thank you for those last words. I do not know if you mean it or it is just part of the session, but it is good to hear them.

Lt Anra Vaden: Oh, I sincerely do care about your feelings and well-being.

* Zhen looks uneasy an grunts smething that may be him saying how he is concerned about her well being too or simply indigestion

Lt Anra Vaden: Want to share a meal with me, since we're here and I start to be hungry ?

Zhen: Absolutely all this today made me hungry!

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:35 am


* Tiron Eks sleeps quietly in his quarters

Zhen: Thank you for your advice and a sympathetic ear. *gets up* I think I will go to sleep now, it was a stressful day. You can keep Pat II, I do not think I will need it after all. *grins*

* Zhen goes to sleep too awaiting new day of horrors with female-conspiracy led crew

Diurne: Next work shift starts for Zhen. After his morning routine, he goes to the sickbay for a day of female dominated unspeakable horrors

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler is in the sickbay, noone else is in sight. Which is normal for that shift. It happens

* Zhen goes to check equipment and continue working on his tapeworm enzymes study

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler stands up and goes to a pile of medical kits and a sort of backpack "Good morning Lieutenant"

Zhen: Good morning doctor.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Here is your equipment. i've prepared you a serie of... a bit of everything.

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler points at the kits and backpack

Zhen: My equpment? Is there a medical emergency that I was unaware of? *looks a bit surprised*

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: For your trip on the planet.

Zhen: Itseems you were not informed that yesterday I was taken off the team *thinks how she is obviously making fun of him since she must have known that*
Cdr Yaxara Seyler: You're on the team. I mean... you're back on the team. I prepared you the kits since I figured you may lack time to do it. As the team is scheduled to leave within an hour.

* Zhen for a second seeks for an evil plot or plan here

* Zhen mumbles a thanks and checks kits

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler smiles "I wouldn't be surprised you're officially warned the last minute."

* Zhen still searches for some evil and insidious plan then decides that such things are better fit for Patrick "Yes, thank you again for it." *does a bit sad excuse for a saute* "I'll get ready immediately."

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Nurse Church will stay on the board, however. Good expedition, Lieutenant Idisha

Zhen: Thank you, I hope we will not need it. Nurse Curch is excellent choice for good help in sickbay. *grabs his nicely set kit and mumles goodbye*

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler nods as a goodbye and goes back behind her desk

* Zhen hurries to get into the vacc suit and be ready

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *beep* Kaur Siddhu to Zhen Idisha

* Zhen clears throat "How can I help you commander?"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: If you're still interested by going with the away team, meet us in the Transporter room n°1 in ten minutes.

Zhen: Incidentally I was just getting ready the field kit and was just checking vacc suits. On my way commander.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Good

* Zhen puts out of his head idea how doctor Seyler did a crual and unusual prank on him
Zhen: Doctor Idisha out and on his way.

Diurne: When Zhen wrrives later at the transporter room, Kaur Siddhu and the other Idisha are helping each other to wear an environmental suit. While the transporter operator waits for everyone to be ready

* Zhen continues after the comm link is disconnected "...and you better be happy that I'm with you."

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Hey Zhen, I hope you didn't make too much fat lately ? Or you will not be at ease in the suit

* Zhen arrives already wearing one and in full gear (minus phaser)

Zhen: Very funny cousin, very funny. *does another sad excuse for a salute to commander* I am keeping quite fit by walking on the ship.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: The planet we're going have a strangely thick atmosphere for a planet it size. One more enigma. Now it isn't exactly breathable. On the good side of life, you can't risk slipping on ice, there isn't a single molecule of water down there

Zhen: Some ice would be a welcome change actually.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu finishes equipping herself, give a hand to Ria who instead prefer talking about the upcoming mission

Lt Riashaala Idisha: No ice. Nothing.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I mean no water ice. There is frozen liquids but no water ice

Lt Riashaala Idisha: The lack of water in the system is one of the other enigmatic thing.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Are we ready ?

* Lt Riashaala Idisha finished equipping "Aye commander"

Zhen: You mentioned that, no life, no water... and brown dwarves everywhere... just lovely. It sounds almost as ancient Andorian visions of hell.

Zhen: Yes ma'am.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu says "Good" as she steps on the transporter

* Zhen steps up wonderin why no one ever uses shuttles

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu says "Energize"

Diurne: And the trio dematerialises

* Zhen hopes he will not detect some other horrible deformity after this

Diurne: The away team rematerialises on a surprising world. The ground around looks blasted, there is a sort of dust covering the ground, sometimes carried by winds. The skies look dirty as clouds of dust are carried high in the air. There are cracks everywhere, sometimes very deep (and dangerous) cracks

* Lt Riashaala Idisha runs a tricorder scan

* Zhen mumbles "I really wish for ice" and checks surroundings with his tricorder

Lt Riashaala Idisha: No sign of life in the vicinity, nothing.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha points her tricorder at the ground "The ground is made of... a bit of everything... I get confusing data"

*Zhen scans for any tiny microorganisms, bacteria and such.

Diurne: Zhen performs a check and get negative result about microscopic lifeforms

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: How much time do you need, Riashaala ?

* Tiron Eks awakes, takes a sonic shower, drinks afterwards a raktajino and eats something before finally moving himself to the control center of the USS Independence.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha starts placing specialized sensors on the ground "Depends if you want an accurate map of the planet or just a rough evaluation"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: About why all those planets are so mysterious

Zhen: Nothing on the microorganisms either. It's all dead and sterylized here.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Can't tell if the answer will jump at my face, you know ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Ok... Doctor Idisha, stay here with her, I'm going to do a quick tour of the surroundings

* Zhen nods "The footing seems treacherous so go slowly."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'll pay attention

* Lt Riashaala Idisha starts doing more precise readings of the planet and collect soil samples and all

* Zhen keep an eye on commander

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Captain, we finished the latest survey of the system. Among other things, as you previouly inquired, we detected water within the system boundaries. On the objects the last scanned... the comets

Tiron Eks: So whatever happened here it hasn't affected the comets then.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: It is likely, captain. We can do more precise readings but it means going closer to the largest comets, sir

Tiron Eks: Does it take us out of transporter reach to the away team?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Certainly, sir. The transporter is of very limited range at astronomical scale and comets are in the outer part of the system

Tiron Eks: We better stay in orbit. Although I'm quite interested in these comets, it has to wait.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Maintaining orbit, sir

Diurne: Meanwhile, on the planet, Commander Kaur Siddhu explored the surroundings, coming back to report nothing live or move

Diurne: Riashaala performs her search, place weather detectors and whatever she calls this to track tectonic movements

* Zhen aredy knew that but keeps silent

Diurne: After an hour, one can start to get tired to hear her saying alternatively "It's amazing" and "it's not normal"

* Zhen gets an idea and scans for remains of any living organisms... there should be some remains even for microorganisms if there were some before

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Can you make a preliminary report, Riashaala ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Hum, yes. I got more questions than answers but it's possible

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Keep working for now, until you get answers

Diurne: Zhen runs his tricorder for a slightly different search. To his surprise, *this* respond positively

Diurne: Zhen actually detected little bioforms trapped in stone and soil. Fossils now.

Zhen: I think I also have something. *starts collecting samples*

* Lt Riashaala Idisha antennae twist in frustration and her nose bridge is wrinkled as she focus her mind on the problems

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu goes by him "What is it ?"

Zhen: There was life on this planet, I have detected remains in the soil. It is too early to say how old the fossils are but it seems they are at the upper layers too, posibly meaning not too old.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Ah yes !! The ground ! That's what puzzle me since a moment already !

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I don't get it... the layers of rock are completely ... messed up. They simply don't match any logical layering I can imagine

* Lt Riashaala Idisha comes and shows her own tricorder "Look... here is the composition of the rock layers under us... those aren't layers... just a mess of ... stones... of various hardness and nature

Zhen: I believe that is more your field of expertise. I will check these little fellows and gather samples for more in-depth study onboard.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Yes but that's important where you find them. With where, I can find how old.

Zhen: Like someone put a planet in the blender and mixed it up?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I was getting the mental image of plowing the ground

Lt Riashaala Idisha: But a blender would work too I guess

Zhen: I will hen take whole soil samples for easier compariosn, is that allright?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Just drop markings where you find something. SO I can track what you found and where.

* Zhen nods and marks from where he takes samples

Lt Riashaala Idisha: The rock layers tell us, normally, the geological life of the planet. Your bioforms will tell us about the evolution. With the two, compared, we can recompose the life and evolution cycle over millions of years.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha wrinkles her nose "Save the layers here make no sense"

* Zhen does a little wider search pattern to get more different samples "Good, good. I am already interested in these little remains, who knows what kinds of diseases or cures they once carried?

* Zhen will mark different samples and from where he got them and for now stores them if he has good enough equipment with hil he will start analysis like what could ahve been the cause of death ((which he doesn't have down there))

Diurne: A couple of hours later...

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu asks, obviously, Ria "Lieutenant Idisha, how much time more do you need here ?"

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Well... I just made another interesting and troubling discovery... the topography of the planet used to be much more tormented and natural than it is now. Now, it's much flatter. But according to the rock bed under us, even if it is in odd shapes, we should have a low mountain range somewhere on the horizon. Yet, to my best, I can only see some hills

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: How much time ? We're on environmental suit, don't forget that.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Probably a day or two, commander.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I see...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *beep* Commander Kaur Siddhu to Captain Eks

* Zhen opens mouth to protest but just mutters something

Tiron Eks: Speak, Commander.

* Zhen mutters how he did not had a decent glacier climb in years

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Lieutenant Riashaala Idisha and Doctor Idisha made some discoveries down here. But for now, we genrated a string of questions and no answers. Yet, Riashaal Idisha needs a couple of days more to complete her analysis.

Tiron Eks: Do you like to spend further time down there?

* Zhen tries tu suppress a tiiny moan with "ah another marvelous fossil!"

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu ponders a moment "We'll need more equipment then."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: A tent for sheltering us, something to eat, the basic needs.

Tiron Eks: That was my thought, Number One. I'll send Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke and equipment to you to establish a full research and environmental controlled base camp. Do you need anything else?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't believe, sir, no.

Tiron Eks: If you need a whirl pool, let it O'Rourke know. Independence out.

* Zhen hopes that those fossils will be really, really interesting ones

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You won two days of vacation here.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Captain Eks to Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Great, so I can start a survey program of the moons

Zhen: Great.

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke here

* Zhen thinks what else he could do here then asks Ria "I assume you have some kind of drilling equipment with you? Can you get me some samples from a bit deeper layers? I wonder what can be there and were here any kinds of higher organisms. If everything is mixed up maybe deeper we can find some fresher samples so to say."

Tiron Eks: Patrick, there is work to do. The away team is going to stay on the surface to continue their studies, but they can't do so without a base camp and further equipment.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha happily sings softly the tune of the Chicago Broadway musical then replies to her cousin "Sure thing I have drills, dear"

Patrick: How long do they plan to stay on the surface ?

Tiron Eks: A couple of days. Make that a week in worst case.

Zhen: Marvelous, then you and I will do some drilling.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Actually, Zhen, I was thinking about trying to go real deep down there and get rock samples.

Patrick: fine, I'm on my way.

Tiron Eks: Oh, you can anticipate my thoughts, I was about to say that you have to go down there in an EV suit and establish that camp.

Zhen: Fine by me. That is unles you will unleash an ice monster trapped below or cause an earthquake. *grins*

* Patrick prepares all that is required for a one week vacations on some hostile rock.

Patrick: I figured that, Captain *smirks*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: The ice monster... unliekly. The earthquake... this planet is still alive, so it can happen.

Tiron Eks: Good. Commander Kaur Siddhu expects your arrival and will tell you if she needs anything further. Eks out.

Zhen: Well then try to supres your urge to cause and earthquake, at least while we are here. Please.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You're the earthquake, Zhen. An earthquake of skepticism !

Patrick: allright, Morbren, I'm required on the surface of tha rock, I'll let you handle the planning and maintenance

Lt Morbren Chardok: Of course... I get the boring stuff while others go to adventure...

Zhen: I prefer term "a bubbling well of common sense".

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Think large, Zhen, the galaxy is ours !

* Patrick prepares all that is required for a one week vacations on some hostile rock, for beaming

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu waits until Patrick arrive

Zhen: You make one odd discovery and already you plan to rule the galaxy. That means no more of human movies for you little lady. *grins*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Yeah but wait until I drag you inside one of the holomusicals I've put in our holodeck !!

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I'm sure you'll be great in Grease

Zhen: In what?! Are those holonovels legal?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Sure they are, humans were very fond if them. It's a bit like our theatrical musical drama. Just more joyful.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Here comes the relief.

* Patrick beams down to the planet

Zhen: I don't have any real wish t be covered in grease... *adds in low tone* unless in ahem... company of a blue skinned lady and with massage oil.

* Patrick waves to Kaur Siddhu and the Idishas

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Aaah but I can't help you with that part

Patrick: you called for pizza ?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu shows Patrick where to drop the equipment

* Zhen waves to Patrick and mumbles "Of course, he does not have to salute..."

Patrick: *clics* O'Rourke to Transporter room, beam the supplies on my position

Diurne: Supplies and equipment is beamed down

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Lieutenant Commander... Doctor... would you please set up the camp ?

Patrick: right away, Commander

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is a bit surprised but then goes from one marking left by her cousin to the other

Zhen: Yes, yes. Of course.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha comments out loud "What doesn't make sense if the fossils aren't in contiguous layers... it's really a mess..."

* Zhen mutters to himself "What is next? Being a cook?"

Zhen: Fossils? Where? Which ones?

Patrick: there, Zhen, forget your gigantic lab for a while : we have real work to do *grins*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I've got a serie of little fossils spread over several layers deep but they aren't contiguous. Which would mean life was interrupted then restarted.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Or something just mixed the layers...

Zhen: Take me soem samples while I help PAtrick with cooking. I mean ...setting camp.

Diurne: Patrick confidently leads the camp set up, instructing Zhen with the authority of a seasoned camper

* Zhen follows the instruction of master engineer and obviously pro camper

* Lt Riashaala Idisha brought samples to Zhen while the doctor is at work

* Lt Riashaala Idisha looks at what him and Patrick are doing, she appears troubled and puzzled

Zhen: Thanks cousin.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha says "Will you try to order those samples in the most probable evolution cycle ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: It's not I can't do it but the geology task is very time consuming

Zhen: I was thinkig about checking the samples later when we finish setting up the base.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu prepares what appear to be the coming meal

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I'd need just an ordering of them. Even a guesswork. Should be close enough, I know you.

Zhen: Consider them sorted my dear cousin. *grins*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Thanks

* Lt Riashaala Idisha goes back to her weather probe

Zhen: I love sorting viruses.

* Zhen starts explaining Patrick all the wonderful examples of microorganism detection and sorting

* Patrick listens politely while trying to sort those stupid tents

Patrick: that's a pleasant surprise, I thought you were hating adventure... and surprises... you seem quite happy here nonetheless

Zhen: I do hate them.

Zhen: Fortunately not even in wildest imagination I coud call this "an adventure".

Zhen: It's a steryle rock hiking trip at best. With some interesting finds to sweeten the deal.

Patrick: that's your first step on the wonderful path of adventure, Zhen. Your cousin was wrong, we'll do something of an explorer out of you *winks*

Zhen: Do not speak nonsense. I had enough adventure wile watching over my cousin when we were younger. Why do you think I do not care about adventures now?

Patrick: if you say so *whistles*

Zhen: You would not endure one day on our hiking trips to the glaciers on Andoria.

Patrick: depends the company...

Zhen: Now put that whatever it is pipe in the slot.

Patrick: to be honest, quite a long time I didn't have to set up a tent...

Patrick: and it wasn't by far my favourite activity...

Zhen: If you can assemble a warp engine then you can assemble a tent.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu waits until the camp is set-up then calls "Gang, time to have a break and a meal. Lieutenant Commander, you share the meal with us ?"

* Zhen mumbles to himself "Mmmmmm... replicated away team paste. Yum. Yum."

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu gathers people under the magnificently set tent

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu passes the meals to everyone once they entered and removed their suits

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Ok, what are your first conclusions, Riashaala ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: That planet lacks hydrogen. We didn't notice it immediately but now we found fossils, it looks obvious to me.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: There is an incompatibility, I believe with the presence of bioforms and no hydrogen. Because it means no air, no water and so on

* Zhen starts looking around at what is making the odd sound

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It doesn't mean the lifeforms were relying on those

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I ran several geological tests and no hydrogen. We'd probably need a more detailed analysis of the fossils to see if something else is odd

Lt Riashaala Idisha: And the ground of the planet is;;. plowed. Something... that I can't imagine... has like... plowed deep the planet, mixing the rock layers and all. It's just... uncredible... wild... but that's the only explanation I see.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: An external force ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: As wild as it sound... yes...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I've detected a natural shaft not far from here. I wish to go down it to get deeper samples.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Independence to away team.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Kaur Siddhu listening

* Zhen is more iterested in hissing tent than in Ria's tale

Diurne: Zhen notices a slightly maladjusted synthe-panel in the tent.

Tiron Eks: Has O'Rourke set up the camp yet?

Zhen: Ahem. Patrick, is this supposed to be like this?

Patrick: *rises an eyebrow* unlikely...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, captain.

Zhen: Then why is it like that?

Patrick: because someone obviously didn't put it the right way... let me see *tries to fix the problem*

* Zhen mumbles "I wonder who..."

Patrick: *for himself* come on, Patrick, don't see it a a tent, that's just an environmental system... and insulation is just a mathematical problem...

Tiron Eks: Good. Do you require for your stay on the surface an engineer who keeps the tent in shape and modifies research equipment?

* Zhen mumbles "Most definitely."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: As a safety measure, since we're down here for a day or two more, someone from the engineering may be useful yes.

Tiron Eks: Then consider the Lieutenant Commander part of your away team.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: He'll be delighted, I'm sure.

Tiron Eks: Since you're doing research on the surface without a trace of water our sensors have picked a trace of water on a comet. It would enlighten the mystery if we take close distance scannings of one of them and find on that way and on your surface research a conclusive answer to this phenomena.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We look to bhe safe here so I guess you can venture a bit farther, captain.

* Zhen mumbles to himself "If this tent does not kill us..."

Tiron Eks: Very well, if you need something, simply contact us and we'll be back in orbit within minutes.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood

Tiron Eks: Independence out.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Congratulations, O'Rourke, you're marooned here with us

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, take us to close proximity of the comet.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: On our way, sir. I'm contacting the astrometrics they can start recording

Patrick: thanks for the invitation, Commander, I'll gladly accept *bows and smiles*

Diurne: The strange sound stops once Patrick fix the panel

Patrick: there, see, Zhen ? nothing can't be solved with a monkey wrench...

* Zhen is not so sure it is safe in the tent

Zhen: Uh-huh... *checks his vacc suit just in case*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So... tomorrow, if Commander Kaur Siddhu permits, I go down seeking that planet buried mysteries. Who's with me ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're all going, Lieutenant, it's not a trek party

Lt Riashaala Idisha: ...was just asking...

Zhen: I think I have things to sort. *starts checking his samples and tries to set them in evolutionary order*

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Mon May 03, 2010 10:47 pm


Diurne: The ship is flying in the outer system to scan comets while the away team is camping on a strange rock planet

* Zhen is categorizing wonderful dead fossils by evolutionary order

Diurne: That's the trick. The fossils look to be quite messed. SO it requires a relative extensive analysis to do that

* Zhen is happy to do it extensively so that he does not have to think how Patrick will kill them all with a faulty tent.

Diurne: While the party rests in a pressurized tent, safe and confident in its own survival since Patrick set up the camp...

Diurne: ....the USS Independence flies to a nearby comet

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Sir, according to calculations, this comet we're coming close to, is doing a full ellipse in 32 years. At its most inner point, it's at the distance of the inner, rock planet. At its most extreme distance, it's beyond the local Oort cloud.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: We have detected frozen water on it, which is more than what we can say for other planetary bodies

* Tiron Eks listens to his Flight Controller.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Do you have something specific in mind, to look for, sir ? That I should inform the science team of ?

Tiron Eks: Make a full scan of its composition, how much ice, iron and other elements we have on it. And take a probe to analyse it.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Aye, sir.

Diurne: A probe is launched, collecting data on the comet. It is transmietted to the science team. All of this took about 15mn.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: *bleep* Hilbert to the captain

Tiron Eks: Yes, Mr. Hilbert?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We've analyzed the probe data. For what we see, this is a very ordinary comet. We found all the classical elements in it. The oddity being... it's normal. When nothing else is normal here

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: No weird or curious element, or data, or combination, or whatever, was found.

Tiron Eks: Well, take a sample of that comet, maybe it has traces of life.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: From what we can see, no. It doesn't and probably never had.

Tiron Eks: This doesn't really help us then to solve what happened everywhere else around here.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: It tells us water existed in the system Comets just collect primordial elements available in a solar system.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: If the basic elements like hydrogen never existed here, we wouldn't find it on a comet. Unless it's an extra-solar object captured by the sun gravity well but the orbit of this comet doesn't suggest it

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: I could then say the comet is a witness of past times. That we *should* find hydrogen, somewhere in this system. But we don't

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Unfortunately, since the comet doesn't look to have been affected by the event that... removed hydrogen.. we can find a date for it

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Sir, I'm registering a faint signal, about 8 light years away. It's repeating, it may be a distress signal

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: It comes from a neighbouring star system

Tiron Eks: The Situation changed, Mr. Hilbert, the research of the lost water has to wait a bit.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Yes, captain

Tiron Eks: Mr. Codanadal, open a channel to the away team.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Opening frequency

Tiron Eks: Independence to away team.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Commander Kaur Siddhu, listening

Tiron Eks: Number One, we've picked up a signal, about 8 light years away from here, Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya thinks that it is a distress signal.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And we're safe here under our tent

* Zhen 's adventure and trouble sense starts tingling at those words

Tiron Eks: Since it'll take a day to get there and a day to return I'll send you additional supply to extend your stay there for another week, in case it is required we'll have to stay there longer than expected.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: We can still suck rock if we lack food

Patrick: yeah, plenty of rocks here...

Zhen: Mmmmmm... yummy.

Patrick: at least rocks are... somehow eatable. All will be fine as long as you don't ask me to cook...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We should be ok, captain. We promise to not take risks

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Well, a little, at least, no ?

Zhen: We PROMISE not to make risks, cousin.

Patrick: depends what you call risks *winks at Ria*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Something exciting

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Send us a distress beacon too, captain. One never knows...

Tiron Eks: Good, I expect you to solve the mystery and stay healthy when we come back.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: That's not very optimistic

* Zhen grunts

Tiron Eks: I'll send one down too, anything else, Commander?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu looks at the present officers, interrogative

* Zhen checks medical supplies

Diurne: Medical supplies look to cover most of first aid types

Zhen: I believe I have everything needed. Maybe something to help me with microbiological studies?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu forwards the doc request

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Looks it was the only request, captain

Tiron Eks: We should have such a research station.

Tiron Eks: We'll beam you down the equipment and supplies any minute.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Thanks, captain

Diurne: Stuff will be gathered and beamed in minutes

Tiron Eks: Commander, good luck to you and your team to solve the mystery.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We will. With such a fine team.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Course plotted, captain

Tiron Eks: We'll see you in a couple of days abord the Independence again. Independence out.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, leave orbit and initiate warp transit, warp factor 9. Engage!

Diurne: Wooosh, the Independence flies to another star system

Diurne: Half a dozen of hours later, the away team wakes up and is ready for new exciting adventures. Today, you're going to crawl and go down a pit while wearing your environment suits.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha prepares climbing equipment "Everyone is remembering the outdoor courses of the academy ?"

* Zhen is thrilled beyond description

Patrick: I remebe I hated that part, yes...

Zhen: It was 15 years ago, what I remember is: "do not take off your suit or you will diea a horrible death".

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu puts her environment suit "It will be a challenge to climb down in this suit"

* Lt Riashaala Idisha goes close to the commander and distractedly adjust her climbing gear while still speaking "I'm going to go down first. Unless the commander wants the priviledge I mean, eh ? I've scanned a depression that should allow us to go down about 150m. It will take a couple of hours, I estimate"

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I mean, unless you're total beginers in climbing

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu prefers to not comment

* Zhen is happy that he isn't

Lt Riashaala Idisha: If someone falls, just keep a firm grip

Patrick: *mumbles* the fact is, usually when you have to climb in a ship, you have a ladder...

* Patrick puts the environment suit on

Zhen: See is as an ADVENTURE PAtrick.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Of course, don't scratch and damage your suit. Take your time. If you're stuck, call for help, don't try to force your way

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I'll leave markings so you can see where there are holds

* Lt Riashaala Idisha starts distributing equipment to haul to everyone

Zhen: I am amateur climber also so I will help those in need... PAtrick, don't make me have to help you.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Get the tent with us. We may have to camp down there.

Patrick: don't worryn if i'm in trouble, I'll just drop on you

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Seems the Idisha cousins are our safety warrant here, Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke

Zhen: You can thank that to my cousin since I had to chase her on glaciers while she was searching for adventure. *grins*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Tell us you didn't like that

* Zhen clears throat and winks "Leave at least some things to complain about, cousin."

Diurne: The Away Team is then ready to go down.

Diurne: The unexpected difficulty... is the rock is of bad quality... not exactly... it's rather it's like.. broken. So it's difficult to get a safe hold. As it's easy to have rock to detach and fall

Diurne: Actually, all the natural wall you're descending is made of various layer of rocks, all of bad quality.

Diurne: It is of course a supreme oddity

* Zhen is keeping a watchful eye on others

Diurne: Everyone is ultra cautious. Not only because of Ria suggestions but also because of the bad quality of stone. However, after an hour, a slight problem happens to Patrick.

Diurne: He simply put a foot on a hold, or where he thought actually, but the stone is frail and breaks. He slides down the wall a meter before getting a new hold. But also start swinging alongside the wall.

Diurne: Swinging isn't really dangerous. You can hit a rock and break a knee or an elbow, maybe another bone... but it's mainly ok usually if you are careful

Patrick: *mutters* and some pay to do that....

Zhen: Easy PAtrick, do not move too forcefully or you will hit something.

Diurne: The problem is rather the equipment he carries. As his back hits the stone during one of the first swings, Patrick isn't hurt. But he heards a sound like stuff breaking inside his bag

* Zhen tries to help PAtrick with swinging

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Everyone ok up there ?

* Zhen mumbles "Patrick, you should have a little more life while climbing."

Zhen: Everything is under control, cousin.

Patrick: *shrugs* why so, as I said, we have ladders at engineering...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You can't have ladders everywhere

Patrick: only because i'm not in charge, Commander *hides a smile*

Zhen:And I thank universe for that... now, be more careful or I will have to mend your broken body from the fall.

Diurne:More than the planned couple of hours later, the away team is finally arriving down below. It's a not so large cave, half crumbling. It doesn't look very safe. During your descent, the not-novice climbers have noticed the rock layers simply doesn't follow the natural layering. They are also all made of frail rock

Diurne:Arrived, Ria starts placing equipment to start measures and go to collect stone samples to complement the ones she got during the descent. The planetologist has a worried face, obviously confronted by something that defies her knowledge

* Zhen collects fossil samples as well

Diurne:Patrick now hs some doubt of the ability of some of the equipment it carries to work as hoped. Some antennae are a bit twisted, a display screen is a bit broken and so on

* Patrick tries to fix what he can

Diurne:Zhen collects his fossils. Curiously, deep down where they are, there are few fossils. Not there should be more... but still... plus it doesn't follow the logical evolution process. Deeper, Zhen should find simpler lifeforms (usually), it isn't the case

Diurne:Patrick fixes the equipment (successfully), Zhen does his compared study of fossils while Ria continues her geological study.

Diurne:All of this takes hours. Here are the conclusions

Diurne:First, be careful when you climb down with delicate equipment (that's Patrick conclusion)

Diurne:Zhen establishes the planet had primitive simple lifeforms over its existence. It supports the idea of a different atmosphere and, in this case, water

Diurne:There are fossils of water-tied lifeforms during all the planet existence. It always had been water here

Diurne:Now, the fossils are just messed up. Zhen found ultra simple lifeforms in the higher layers when they should be in the lower

Diurne:Which goes with Ria conclusions. The stone and rock layers are not where they should be. The older are sometimes closer to the surface. They almost never form a layer exactly. They go through other layers as well.

Zhen: As you said cousin, someone or something somehow properly has shaken and stirred this planet.

Diurne: Actually, to better explain her view, Ria says "it's as if someone took this planet, squeezed it and tossed it away. Everything is messed up. The rock layers are almost all pulverized down to the 150m we are for now. Pulverized, simply"

Lt Riashaala Idisha: The only geological hint I have is the event that struck this planet left traces in the rock layers pattern. They tend to all bend down toward the planet center

Lt Riashaala Idisha: There is also a granularity in the layers, where the layers made of the heavier stone simply went through, going down, through the less dense stone.

Zhen: Hmmmm... so you say it was some kind of huge external force that literall crumpled it down as a toy ball?

* Lt Riashaala Idisha nods "As if suddenly the planet core exerted a colossal gravity effect.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Crumpled down, squeezed, compressed

Zhen: Curious.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: As you say..

Zhen: All I can say is that before the big crumpling this planet had water and normal life.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So the event stopped everything. While it looks believeable life suffered under that kind of event, where did water go ?

Diurne: Meanwhile (this is relative here), the USS Independence approches the system from where the signal was registered

Zhen: Good question. It is as if someone sucked out all water and then crumpled the planet as a food container and dropped it outside.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, drop us out of warp once we reach the edge of the system and run a sensor scan.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Or like you would do with a fruit you want the juice from

Zhen: Exactly.

* Lt Salpan Codanadal annouces, minutes later "Dropping warp speed, sir. Going at full impulse now. First scan reveals an unknown ship drifting in the inner region of the solar system. This system is made of three... erm... brownies as we came to call them

Zhen: What would happen to gas giant if all hydrogen would be sucked out?

Tiron Eks: Does the ship sends out the signal?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Depends of the gas giant but they almost all have hydrogen. It's a general rule even if not an absolute. Well, the gas has to recombine into something else, most probably. Now it depends on what other elements are making the giant

Lt Salpan Codanadal: It is coming from it, yes, sir

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Ship configuration is unknown sir. I'm detecting a large radiation emission from what appear to be a warp nacelle.

Zhen: Could such event, telt's say sucking out hydrogen, cause it to become brown star, the little bundle of joy in the universe?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Preliminary scans show the ship is unarmed. But this is subject to caution.

Tiron Eks: Yellow alert, raise shields.

Zhen: Or better to say sucking hydrogen and then appliyng huge gravitational force to crumple it?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Brown dwarves can exist with hydrogen, Zhen. A brown dwarf happens because it has a large mass. A mass large enough to form a gravity well compressing the gas inside of it. It ignites the gas and is going to cause, almost, a nuclear reaction. The key is... almost here. The compression is almost enough to cause the reaction. But not enough. The gas is then ultra compressed, highly radioactive, super hot but it isn't a sun. It just look like and borrows the traits of a protosun

Lt Riashaala Idisha: But yes, if we apply a colossal gravitation effect, it may force the gas into a brown dwarf.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, get us closer to that ship.

Zhen:Then we maybe have one bit of the puzzle solved.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu looks around "Amazing what you can learn on gas giants when you go down a shaft made of pulverized stone"

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya is a bit surprised "Yellow alert sir"

Zhen: Maybe I am not mister Adventure but solving mysteries is what makes my brain tick. As far as I can do it with my knowledge, that is why I have my cousin for the other part that I miss. *winks*

Tiron Eks: Run a thorough scan of the vessel, anybody on that ship?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: About 250 lifeforms, unknown, humanoid

Tiron Eks: Hail them.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Frquencies opened, hailing them, captain

Diurne: An alien face appears on the viewscreen

alien of the week: Oh ! Someone close enough to hear our call !

Tiron Eks: This is the Federation vessel USS Independence, we are here because we picked up your signal.

alien of the week: Yes ! We are suffering from a severe malfunction of our warp engine, that caused an accident and forced us out of warp speed. And left us stranded here.

Tiron Eks: We've detected already the emission coming from one of your nacelles.

alien of the week: Would you have, per chance, an antimatter variance matrix and a gravitronic field buffer available ? We could... pay for them ?

Diurne: Tiron believes both items are related to warp propulsion. But where and how, he doesn't remember

Tiron Eks: How about we beam you abord our ship, so me and an engineer can discuss about your situation and see how we can assist you?

alien of the week: Board ?

* alien of the week looks a bit... un-enthousiastic

alien of the week:
If you have the items, we can pay, as I offered. We don't... need to board you

Tiron Eks: I need to consult with my engineer to see if we can spare such parts.

alien of the week: And give us your price !!

Tiron Eks: Oh, don't worry, Mr. .. ?

alien of the week: Khansheen, Khansheen is the name

Tiron Eks: I'm Captain Tiron Eks. And we'll contact you soon again, okay?

alien of the week: Sure. It's not as if we could go far !

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Bridge to Engineering.

Lt Morbren Chardok: Engineering listening !

Tiron Eks: Mr. Chardok, the stranded ship out there has apparently a malfunction with their warp system and they asked us specifically if we have a antimatter variance matrix and a gravitronic field buffer available.

Lt Morbren Chardok: *makes a sound as if he was choking* WHAT ?? Of course not ! Those are vital pieces in our system. And it's difficult to replicate ! It must be done element by element, then assembled, adjusted... NO ! We don't have ANY available... unless you want to give ours of course

Lt Morbren Chardok: We do have one set for emergency repairs

Tiron Eks: So we do have one in reserve, yes Lieutenant?

Lt Morbren Chardok: Yes yes... but if we give it, you better pray we don't have a failure on those pieces anytime soon

Tiron Eks: How long would it take to resemble these parts?

Lt Morbren Chardok: Our set for repairs is ready and available. If we have to replicate one new set... A week of work.

Tiron Eks: Good, make our repair set ready for transport then.

Lt Morbren Chardok: *is now choking, it lasts a few seconds* Yes... captain... *sounds of half muttered curses about un-necessary work to come*

Tiron Eks: *has a faint smile and closes channel to engineering*

Tiron Eks: Hail Mr Khansheen again.

Khansheen: Mr Eks ! Do you bring good news ? Are we ready to make a deal ?

Tiron Eks: Indeed I have news. Firsts news is that we have the requested parts you asked for and 2nd news is they are pretty important items as well.

Khansheen: I imagine. It's important to us as well. That's why we're stranded since they failed. And why I offered to buy them

Tiron Eks: So, Mr Khanseen, what would you return?

Khansheen: Return ? Sorry, the translation matrix must have issue. You mean ?

Tiron Eks: I meant since we are able to give you items, what valuable material could you give to us? If you ask me, I would be interested in dylithium crystals for example.

* Khansheen replies "Ah ! Offer you meant ?", he then says confidently "we offer you 2kg of Geo alloy !"

Tiron Eks: Geoa Alloy?

Tiron Eks: I've never heard of that material before.

Khansheen: Really ? It's surprising... it's very demanded.

Khansheen: Such alloy is difficult to make and only found on planet Geoa. Hence its rarity.

Tiron Eks: It sounds curious, tell me, what is it used for?

* Khansheen looks a bit surprised but still explains "It's highly resistant to heat, conductible and is used in starship components"

Tiron Eks: *thinks for a moment about it* The Federation is always helping those in need, so I think it's a deal.

Tiron Eks: If ...

Tiron Eks: you could maybe answer us also what happened in this region of space?

Khansheen: Here ? It's a dead area... it's been that way for decades. I believe there was some inhabited worlds here, a long time ago, however.

Tiron Eks: Something must have happened in this region here. It seems like someone or something must have taken all the water from every planet here and also created all these brown dwarves.

Khansheen: I don't know what happened. It's odd, yes ? Travelers through the area reported the planets were... like dead. Over time. When they weren't previously. But it was never a highly traveled zone. So noone truly cared

Khansheen: The water ? I didn't know. I... never paid attention to the details

Tiron Eks: You must know, Mr. Khansheen, we're explorers and seekers of knowledge and are sent on an exploration missions, hence our interest in this region.

Khansheen: I'm not really in the trading of informations, unfortunately. You should move to a more populated area

Tiron Eks: I see. Well, do you also require some helping hands in installing the parts we're going to beam over?

Khansheen: We have our own technicians, fortunately

Tiron Eks: Good, then let's do this exchange.

Khansheen: Wonderful ! You're a lifesaver !

Tiron Eks: You're welcome. *smiles*

Khansheen: 2kg of Geoa alloy, believe me, you won't regret it. It's a fair price

Tiron Eks: I believe this alloy is known over some parsecs?

Khansheen: You said it. It's a sought resource in the area

Tiron Eks: Might be good then to trade it then somewhere else for some dilithium crystals.

Khansheen: We're waiting for the transfer, captain. And thanks again. It's destiny who placed you on our path.

Diurne: The USS Inpendence engineering team went to get the supplmentary set of matrix and buffer. A certain Tellarite engineer moans all the transfer long about the fact he will have to work a week to replace it

Diurne: The transfer is done, the Independence beaming back, as said, 2 kilos of a metallic alloy.

* Lt Salpan Codanadal comments, as the transfer is done "Shall we plot a course back to the away team, captain ?"

Tiron Eks: Yes, plot a course back.

* Lt Salpan Codanadal announces "Course laid in" after a few seconds

Tiron Eks: Warp 8, engage!

Diurne: Wooosh

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to Hilbert.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Captain ?

Tiron Eks: We've traded some engineering components for 2kg of Geoa Alloy, I'm interested in that alloy and what it can do.

* Zhen explains his hydrogen sucking and gravity crushing tin-can theory.

Zhen: Now we just have to find out what could have done that... and why.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Understood, captain. I'm sending someone to get that alloy to our lab

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I would imagine the event should have left significant traces. Why didn't we detect anything ?

Tiron Eks: Very good, but don't destroy that alloy. It is supposed to be worthy alloy, could become handy if we want to trade it for something else.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: The planet is completely messed up. The consequences of the event may have concealed or destroyed the traces

Zhen: What I'm guesing is that it is not a natural event. Someone or omething came, did it's crumpling and left.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We'll take care of this new valuable, captain

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: All of this didn't exactly explain why the region is so devastated and strange. But at least we start to have an idea of the bigger picture

Zhen: Of course that is just a theory, but since it is region-wide phenomenon, and not just one system, it seems less likely of some kind of natural happening.

Zhen: Unless... hmmm... do we have a star chart here?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We have the old charts. That is what triggered our curiosity at first. Since the charts didn't register all those oddities

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I think I get the star chart of the system on my datapad

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu raises an eyebrow "Surprising."

Zhen: Yes. Yes. But I need our updated ones. I would like to see the area affected. Ifit is something natural, logical conclusion would be that whatever happened, happened in the center of the desolate area.

Zhen: What is?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Oh. I didn't imagine someone brought a star chart when going down on a planet.

Zhen: Ah, that is my cousin. Alway ready to warp to nearest adventure. *grins*

* Lt Riashaala Idisha skin becomes a little deeper blue "Yes... well... it's not intentional. I just loaded it to work in my quarters"

Zhen: Now let's see...

* Zhen checks what area is marked as affected on the map

Zhen: If it is something living or unliving its moving pattern should be more erratic or even linear. If it was atural occurence originating in this area of space then it should be circular in shape, and its center is the origin of the problem.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: But to verify that, we'd need to know when each event happened ?!

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Because every single solar object is affected around

Zhen: No, not really... for now I'm only interested in shape. you see if it IS circular, or better to say globular we can go to the center and see what is there. Now, if it isn't... then we should check nearby systems and literally follow the trail of destruction.

Zhen: By age I mean.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Shape ? Every planet is affected here. What shape it is ?

Zhen: Planets are not what interest me, systems are, cousin. *smiles*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So... what do we have... here is all systems we found brown dwarves in. We can suppose the rock planets also suffered from the event. The region looks like a sort of... bean. It's bordered by a huge nebula, on the outer side. On the inner side, facing the galactic center, we have a quite empty region of space with a low density population of stars. Beyond the nebula the space is unknown. The nebula blocks our sensors. On the inner side, beyond the desert region, we are looking at the distant borders of the Federation and the Klingon Empire

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So, it isn't a circular event. It would suggest the event, or string of events, is artificial ? Under your theory, cousin. However, while hoping to find a spherical occurence is already a bit difficult in space, another form is possible, yet natural. Still, I must admit I tend to trust your idea. Now the nebula and the desert region are both gravitic anomalies.

* Zhen nods "We should wait for Independence and then see what we can find out. Without proper sensors this all is just guessing, but at least we have something."

Zhen: But this may even seem that phenomenon originated in nebula... or was going towards it. *mutters* We'll see... we'll see...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: We cannot also ignore we may have, maybe, more significant details to uncover

Zhen: Of course. Of course. As I said this is just one piece of the puzzle.

Diurne: So the Independence comes back and pick up the Away Team. A report of the data collected will be delivered by Kaur Siddhu with scientific annexes from both Idisha cousins

Tiron Eks: *is in the observation room and reads through the report of the Idishas*

* Zhen looks like a peacock when he gets back but says nothing out loud

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Commander Kaur Siddhu, Lieutenant Idisha, Doctor Idisha and Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke, report at the observation lounge.

Patrick heads to lounge

* Zhen finishes his notes on planetary evolution and sends them to his cousin as she requested

* Zhen then grumpingly gets up (since he had to stop his cataloguing of microorganisms) and goes to the captain

Tiron Eks: Welcome back, team, I hope it wasn't too uncomfortable for you down there.

* Zhen gives a sad excuse for a salute while entering

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I only regret we had to wear the environmental suits. But some physical exercise was welcomed !

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It was an interesting and intructive expedition, captain

Zhen: I would prefer a glacier.

Tiron Eks: Luckily you had all your equipment with you, right, Lieutenant Commander? *smiles*

Patrick: don't look at me, Captain, I wa just the local pizza delivery *smiles slightly*

Tiron Eks: So, I've gone just through your reports and all you can tell me whatever happened here it wasn't natural but artificial and that you believe it is coming from that Nebula?

Zhen: That is just one theory.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Artifical can't be certain yet, Tiron. But it's a seducing theory. The easy one, however

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu glares at Ria

Tiron Eks: *clears throat, but says for a moment nothing*

Tiron Eks: So ...

Tiron Eks: what other theories can you present to me?

Zhen: The obvious, it is a natural occurence, but since it is seemingly sucking hydrogen and crumpling planets and gas giants, I can't imagine what kind of natural wave or stream colud do it.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: We believe we know what happened to the planets. We believe we have identified a source event and probably how it worked. But we have no clue about the why it happened. And if it's natural

Zhen: As my cousin said.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: And it's unlikely the nebula is creating the event. Despite the mass of gas a nebula is, it's a low density when compared to the volume of space it occupies.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So it's gravitic power is very low

Tiron Eks: What do you suggest how can we verify the last aspect, if it occured natural or not?

Zhen: athough something may be in that nebula that caused it. But that is also just one theory.

Zhen: This phenomenon happened suddenly but only in astronomical terms, meaning we should see where it happened when. Sot that we can trace it.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: We can't reasonably study the former gas giants. The pressure and the temperature is too high. It must have burnt any clue since long. But the rock planets must have clues left. Since it can be difficult to identify, I suggest to probe a large number of rock planets which experienced the event.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Then we compare.

Tiron Eks: Okay, that's one plan how to proceed to solve this phenomena, other suggestions or additions to that plan?

Zhen: So far, no.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: If we consider the event is artificial, then the question is *why* it happens. If someone is doing this, why capturing... capturing what again ? Hydrogen ?

Zhen: Seems so.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Actually, if the planets are submitted to extreme gravitic effects during the events, the hydrogen, like almost all gas, will change in nature.

Zhen: Although that can be just a side effect of hatever crumpled the planets.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So under the artificial origin theory, the people initiating the event may not even really look for hydrogen

Zhen: What I said.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Why squeezing uninhabited planets then ? So many ?

* Lt Riashaala Idisha shrugs "I don't know... weapon testting ?"

Zhen: Now, that is the real question!

Tiron Eks: It could be also a result of a failed experiment that gone awry.

Zhen: Or...

Zhen: Or it can actually be some kind of space-faring creature feeding... on something.

Tiron Eks: A giant space worm that munches whole planets?

Zhen: You said it captain, but space is filled with odder things than that. That is why my grandmother said that in space only lurks madness and death. But I think she said that because she met James Kirk. *chuckles*

Tiron Eks: Well, that are all fabolous imaginations we can't proof or deny. Ms. Idisha, I want you to coordinate your work with Lieutenant Codandal to plot a course through star systems and take readings of the rocky planets.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha nods

Tiron Eks: That would be all for now.

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* Tiron Eks has ordered Lt. Riashaala Idisha to coordinate her research pattern with Lt. Codanadal and also gave orders to another science team to investigate that fabled Geoa Alloy.

Diurne: In the following days, the science team is busy working on the study of the planetary phenomenon surrounding them. Having spent more time on the studies, the team get new results. Which doesn't really clarify the mystery, rather shroud it more. Lt Cmdr Hilbert reports to the captain the team discovered another thing common to every planet, be they rocky or gaseous. Every planets almost lack trace of silicon.

Diurne: So far, hydrogen and silicon are both missing in the chemical and molecular composition of the planets.

Diurne: After half a dozen of away missions, Hilbert also states silicon is missing. Even if, actually, it's less absolute than with hydrogen. Sometimes, the science still found tiny traces. But, as a planetary level, the element is missing. Missing as in "it should be there but isn't"

Diurne: During that time, Lt Codanadal gives report on the surrounding activity, space side. But there isn't much to report. No ship is ever crossing your path during two weeks. You didn't even detected a warp signature. If you except the distress call you answered, you didn't meet a single vessel since you entered that area of "brownies"

Diurne: So the area of space is not only filled with deadlike rock planets, wanabe protostars but is also empty of space life

* Tiron Eks asks Hilbert if also other elements are missing on all these planets.

Diurne: According to Codanadal opinion, the area is relatively dangerous to cross because of this emptiness. Withtout base in sight, without inhabitated planet, without star travellers, someone stranded in this area may very well stay here until death comes

Diurne: However, if prepared, it shouldn't be a problem (or a large ship like the Independence)

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert reports that hydrogen and silicon are the only missing elements. He thought only hydrogen was at first until more surveys proved the opposite. But since they ran detailed analysis so nothing else is missing.

* Tiron Eks asks also engineering if they have completed constructing a new set of the items he gave to the other ship.

* Tiron Eks comments once on the bridge: "If someone would like to hide themself from anything, this place would be pretty good for it."

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: That's actually a good statement, captain. We never knew what that ship we rescued was doing here.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Not that they asked what *we* were doing here !

Tiron Eks: We told them nontheless, we like to explore space. And right now we got an expanded region of space that is worthless for anyone who likes to colonize worlds.

Patrick: *clics* Engineering for the Captain

Tiron Eks: *bleep* I'm listening, Commander.

Patrick: just to keep you inform, we have just finished... synthetizing what you - so gently - offered to our neighbours* chuckles*

Tiron Eks: I'm pleased to hear that.

Diurne: Few days (more) later...

Diurne: Today is a bit different. Lt Chardok from the engineering has proposed to the crew a competition of Dom-jot and has replicated two tables of that billiard variant, placed in the mess hall

Diurne: The hall is also lightly decorated and (soft) drinks will be served.

* Patrick heads to the mess hall, by curiosity...

* Zhen pretends that he is there by accident

* Tiron Eks asks his bridge officers: "Gentlemen, I believe today is a competition in Dom-jot in the mess hall."

Tiron Eks: You are not going to attend there?

* Lt Salpan Codanadal has a theatrical sigh "Yes captain but someone has to sacrifice himself to stay on the bridge"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I'll come later when the commander shift starts

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant, that's most generious of you, but if you like, you may very well go there, if you're interested at all.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Ah, commander Kaur Siddhu. Always a pleasure to have her on the bridge during those long shifts... always doing math problems she is. It's fascinating

Lt Salpan Codanadal: The only true interesting thing in Dom-jot is to use it as a way to illustrate laws of gravitation. It would be enhanced if they used metal balls. So we could use them for magnetism demonstration

Lt Salpan Codanadal: To my regrets and shame, I am humbly requesting I keep contemplating the vastness of space

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya rolls eyes

* Tiron Eks smiles only.

* Tiron Eks is not going to attend to the competition, for now at least.

Diurne: During that time, in the mess hall...

* Lt Anra Vaden welcomed doctor Idisha

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana explains to Paula Harrison he needs her help to build a prototype

Zhen: I was not aware there is an event here today? Is it someone's birthday?

* Zhen pushes between counselor Vaden and nurse church

* Lt Morbren Chardok glares at Riashaala, his current opponent (who he is dominating clearly in the game) because she keeps saying he's a cheater to explain why he wins

* Nurse Church looks for doctor Idisha

* Lt Paula Harrison is wondering where Ria learned that range of subtle veiled insults

* Lt Stefan Arquero would like to hear more about the prototype, to the contrary of Paula who doesn't listen Peshana

* Lt Riashaala Idisha accuses Morbren to be a cheater in their current Dom-jot game. Because it is the only explanation why she's losing

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert looksz amused by Ria and Morbren arguing

Lt Anra Vaden: Not a birthday doctor. Our friend Morbren here is an amateur Dom-jot player and proposed to start a competition. I believe it's a good idea. It breaks the routine

Zhen: And as I see my cousin is defending our family's non-existant Dom-jot honor quite well. *grins*

Lt Anra Vaden: She's quite tenacious. Maybe she doesn't like to lose

Zhen: It runs in the family. *seems quite amused*

Lt Anra Vaden: How was your experience of the away team, doctor ?

Zhen: Fortunately there were no problems. And it produced the Idisha Crumpling Theory. *grins* So it was quite productive.

Lt Anra Vaden: Oh ? You keep a good memory of it, then ?

Zhen: Since we all did not die of suffocation, I would say it was good. I also managed to get a lot of samples of fossilized microorganisms. Good for a bit of microbiological analysis.

Lt Anra Vaden: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Zhen: It gave me something to do aside from theoretical work. How are you doing by the way?

* Lt Anra Vaden has a little sigh "Many people are stressed on board currently... so I do not lack work."

* Lt Riashaala Idisha reluctantly concedes victory to the Tellarite

* Lt Morbren Chardok parades as the local Dom-jot champion, defying anyone to best him

Zhen: Stressed? Why?

* Lt Anra Vaden smiles "Shhh... it's between me and them"

Zhen: Of course, of course. Maybe they need more such events.

Zhen: And when we are at that... Let me try to have swing at the champion here.

* Patrick looks at the game but doesn't seem tempted to play...

* Zhen waves imitating characters from movies he saw at Ria's place "Chardok I want a piece of you. Not literally though, for that I would come with a scalpel."

* Patrick will stay to watch a couple more games and resumes his duties back in engineering

Lt Morbren Chardok: Even with a scalpel, you wouldn't have any piece of me !

Lt Morbren Chardok: No Idisha can beat me ! Eh !

Zhen: I agree, I would need a batleth to get a piece of you.

Lt Morbren Chardok: So ? Ready to be beaten soundly, doctor ?

Zhen: Let us see if your skill is equal to your mouth. If it is, I will loose for sure.

Lt Morbren Chardok: You will. It's already written

* Lt Morbren Chardok chuckles

Zhen: Ready when you are.

* Lt Morbren Chardok starts the Dom-jot game

Diurne: Five minutes later...

* Lt Morbren Chardok completely beaten Zhen and won the match easily

Zhen: Bah!

Lt Morbren Chardok: Arr arr... I told you. It's not an Idisha who is going to win against me

* Patrick claps

Zhen: The table is obviously crooked!

Lt Morbren Chardok: Grr, you can't just accept you're no good at this !

Zhen: Maybe I just took pity on you and let you win.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya tells the captain "Commander Kaur Siddhu shift is going to start captain. Shall we go to the Tellarite Dom-jot competition ?"

* Zhen returns to the crowd where he was

Tiron Eks: Sure, let's see how the crew is doing.

* Nurse Church confirms Zhen statement "Yes, the good doctor is very able to do that !"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Coming as soon as Kaur Shiddu is here.

Tiron Eks: *waits these few minutes too*

Lt Morbren Chardok: Zhen ? Aaarrh, he's too grumpy to act that way... Noooo doctor. You just believed you'd win but you found someone far stronger than you here !

Diurne: Commander Kaur Siddhu isn't coming. She's late.

* Zhen mumbles "Okay Chardok! Two out of three! Here and now!"

Lt Paula Harrison: Engineering vs Medical. Go Morbren !

Lt Morbren Chardok: Arrr arrrr... whenever you want, honey !! Two out of three ? Sure thing !:

Zhen: Liutennt Harrison, I believe you are late with your scheduled checkup.

Lt Paula Harrison: That's because I'm overworked. Think about it next time your equipment fails

* Lt Paula Harrison winks

Patrick: *whispers to Paula* Zhen doesn't stand a chance, for waht I can judge, this requires not only dexterity but also creativity....

Patrick: *whispers* I'll be at the engineering, enojy the match

Lt Morbren Chardok: Start the game, Idisha, instead of using your delaying tactics to save appearances

Zhen: Even if I lose to you I will know that my apperances are far superior.

* Zhen starts off

Lt Morbren Chardok: And after I let you quit the game red-faced of shame, I'll teach you to play Kal-toh !! Arr arr, unless it's too cerebral !

Zhen: Red is not my color, but it looks good on you.

Diurne: The first match is, surprusingly, a draw. Zhen had a couple of good turns, Morbren was, according to most of the spectators, lacking chance (or skill) at the end

Diurne: Commander Kaur Sidhu isn't still there. She's 10 min late now

* Patrick heads to engineeering

Tiron Eks: Mhm. *bleep* Bridge to Commander Kaur Siddhu.

* Lt Morbren Chardok starts the second game, still confident in his skill (he looks to be a good player)

Zhen: Feeling tired Chardok? Maybe all this is too much for you?

Lt Morbren Chardok: I'm not as aged as you, doctor

Diurne: The captain call is left without answer

Tiron Eks: *tries again* Commander Kaur Siddhu, report in!

Diurne: This time, Zhen almost managed to get a draw but lost at the very end, the last balls

Diurne: The captain call is unanswered

Tiron Eks: Computer, whereabout of Commander Kaur Siddhu?

Lt Morbren Chardok: Yeeha Idisha ! How does defeat taste in your mouth ?

Computer: Commander Kaur Siddhu is in her quarters

Zhen: I knew that you cheated Chardok, as you always do but as they say it is not cheating unless you get caught. *offers him a hand* You won.

Lt Morbren Chardok: And start the third round ! No delaying tactics !

Lt Morbren Chardok: The first didn't count. I want a third round

Lt Morbren Chardok: I offer your first round. It was just a display of my superiority

Tiron Eks: Mr. Rajakanya, go to Commander Kaur Siddhu's quarter and wake her up.

Zhen: Arrogant as ever, are we? Let us see you now...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Yes, sir

Lt Morbren Chardok: You can be arrogant when you're good. I understand your modesty now, doctor

Zhen: At least I have some.

Diurne: During the third round, Morbren utterly and brilliantly defeated Zhen, leaving him no hope to win and dominating the entire match from the beginning

Lt Morbren Chardok: Arr arr ! I told you. No Idisha best me !

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: *bleep* Rajakanya to bridge

Tiron Eks: Yes, Lieutenant Commander?

Zhen: Baaaaah! My children will continue our vendetta and will defeat your children one day!

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: She doesn't reply nor open the door. Can I force the door open ?

Tiron Eks: You may do that.

Lt Morbren Chardok: Ha ! Because you hope to find someone tolerant enough to mate with you ?

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya enters the overriding security codes and enters, then calls the bridge again "Captain ?"

Zhen: You do not look like a charmer yourself. Maybe you are married to a warp core?

Tiron Eks: What is it, Mr. Rajakanya?

Lt Morbren Chardok: At least I do not try to pass the explanation of my incompetency to my younglings

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The commander looks feverish. She's in her bed, not responding. I've warned the sickbay

Zhen: So you admit it is the warp core? Maybe captain should marry you?

Lt Morbren Chardok: I'll share with the Eks your opinion he's like a warp core

Lt Morbren Chardok: Now, to your displeasure, know that I'm quite gifted when it comes to win the attention of Tellarite women

Tiron Eks: Understood, order the medical team to investigate if this is spreading among the crew. I don't want a contamination abord my ship.

Zhen: Unfortunately for them that you are more interested in pieces of technology.

* Patrick modifies planning, adding maintenance check on core and auxiliary system in search for excessive wear and tear distributed out three weeks, if possible (more if necessary)

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: *bleep* Seyler to Zhen Idisha

Zhen: Doctor Idisha here.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Lieutenant, please hurry and go to sickbay 2. If nurse Church is with you, get her with you. Lock yourself in and consider yourself in a plague situation. Go there, now, fast!

Zhen: Immediately. *rushes to nutse Church, takes her by hand and rushes out* We have to go NOW.

Zhen: Doctor Seyler I will immediatley make a list of all people I was in contact with.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: *Bleep* Seyler to the captain

Tiron Eks: Yes, Doctor?

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Captain, we have a very serious plague at work on the ship, suddenly. Since half an hour, I got 14 cases reported and personnel brought to the sickbay. They are all very ill, seriously ill, maybe in danger of death

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: I recommend sealing the decks and freeze operations until we know more. But it looks disastrously serious

* Zhen tells Church "We may have brought something with us."

Nurse Church: from where ?

Zhen: Asteroid possible, who knows.

Nurse Church: Wasn't everyone saying all planetoids we visited were devoid of life ?

Zhen: Who knows what tiny things universe hides? Things that we can't detect. I any case I will make a list of people that were in contact with me and see if disease started with them.

Tiron Eks: I understand. Computer, initiate ship wide contamination protocols. All decks have to be sealed, all personal has is ordered to keep movement within the ship restricted until we know more.

Diurne: For most of people on the ship board, the contamination alert sounds suddenly. Decks are sealed by blast doors or force fields. Everyone is contained in the section they were in at that moment, if not in the room

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Bridge to Engineering.

Patrick: O'Rourke, here

Tiron Eks: We have obviously something onboard that shouldn't and causes a serious illness.

Tiron Eks: We don't know how many are infected, but we have to keep the vital parts of the ship intact.

Tiron Eks: That includes the bridge, engineering and medical department.

Patrick: I... see...

Tiron Eks: For now we are sealed off from each other.

* Zhen seals himself in medbay 2 and puts on HEV suit with nurse Church

Patrick: any clue, is it linked to the away exploration ?

Zhen: First let's see if we are guilty for this.

Tiron Eks: We don't have yet anything concrete to answer that question. Doctor Idisha has moved to Sickbay 2, which isn't that far from main engineering.

Zhen: Computer list all infected people an the times when they reported symptoms.

Patrick: ah well, I'll stay here. Tell Zhen I'm here if he need some help for anything...

Tiron Eks: I want you to run a check on the bioneural gelpacks, not if these system are influenced as well.

Tiron Eks: If you find anything suspicious, then report it to the medical department.

Patrick: right away. O'Rourke out

* Computer replies to doctor Idisha "This information is unavailable"

Zhen: Ghhhhh... why?

Computer: The medical team didn't enter that data.

* Zhen growls and contacts Seyler

Zhen: *bleep* Doctor Idisha here, can you send me all the data you have on the situation?

Diurne: In the engineering room, Lt Cmdr O'Rourke can witness a strange thing as the energy levels of the nacelle is now fluctuating slowly but a bit higher than usual (and planned)

Patrick: uh oh, that doesn't look good...

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler replies calmly "I'm handling sick people for now, Lieutenant. They are severely afected by... I don't know what"

Zhen: Good, but I would apprecciate data on it so that I can start work on my side.

Diurne: The energy level increase defies logic. It is harmless as the circuitry and conduits can handle it without problem. But the fluctuation is, still not normal

* Patrick tries to see what can interfer and provoke those fluctuations

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler says with an almost casual tone "I understand but my priority is currently to help them. And I have noone else here with me."

Zhen: So you take treatment, and send me data for research. If nothing send me image feed and I'll start from analyzing at what is happening there.

Diurne: Currently, Patrick doesn't see what's wrong with the nacelles. On his display, everything looks normal, should be normal. but isn't normal

Patrick: damn, where is Morbren when I need him...

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: I hear you. Currently, I'm preventing people to fall into coma. The computer is recording the treatment and scanners. You will get this available in time

* Patrick tries various adjustments, "as if" one of the admission levels was guilty of the fluctuation, even if it obsiously isn't

Zhen: Allright.

Zhen: Doctor Idisha out.

* Zhen mumbles "And now we are sitting on our hands doing nothing. Great,"

Patrick: *clics* Engineering to the Captain

Nurse Church: Why are we here, doctor ? We can't help doctor Seyler here.

Tiron Eks: Go ahead, Commander.

Zhen: Good question. I was ordered here with you.

Patrick: we have some... slight fluctuations on the energy levels of the nacelle... nothing really dangerous for now, but thre is no reason I can see for that... I'm working on it, but for now I have no idea why...

Tiron Eks: We're currently still in warp. Shall we drop out of it?

Diurne: In the mess hall, people are fine for now. Peshena is doing basic checks to them all.

Nurse Church: I hope you'll forgive me but I fail to see why we, qualified for medical alerts, are doing here sitting while the ship is in danger

* Nurse Church goes to the pharmacy "Maybe we could do checks on ourselves ? Nothing says we aren't infected as well"

Patrick: no, as i said we are safe for now, but I would feel safer, in the current situation if we din't have abnormal levels on top of that...

Patrick: warp is safe

Diurne: It's as Patrick said "abnormal" that an energy spike registered on his display, lighting in red several systems as the energy burns circuitry

* Zhen grins "This is why you are my favorite nurse of all times. Yes we will first do check on us, get us tight in HEVs an then see what we can do out there isntead sitting here as drunk Klingons."

Tiron Eks: Keep me posted about it.

Diurne: The damage is superficial but can disrupt warp speed if power isn't rerouted to some auxiliary route

* Lt Salpan Codanadal says with difficulty "Captain, our warp speed is slowly decreasing"

Nurse Church: But doctor Seyler ordered us to stay here...

Patrick: let's try to see if I can make all of this a bit safe... luckily, I won't miss exit to reroute energy

Zhen: We will think about that later.

Nurse Church: She even said to lock us in.

Tiron Eks: Our speed is decreasing, Commander. Something doesn't appear safe anymore.

* Zhen will check all normal tests (blood, EEG, and general cell structure scans).

Diurne: From his checks, Zhen can see both him and Church are healthy and without infection

* Patrick tries to dissipate residual energy on auxiliary molecular compensators

Zhen: All normal tests show nothing. But we can not exclude possible unknown infection.

Diurne: The engineering commands to reroute energy to compensators doesn't work. It just... doesn't answer to the instruction.

* Nurse Church eyes Pat III

* Zhen grits teeth "Now let us try last last normal effort. I am supposed to be a nice and saluting officer for a whie."

Nurse Church: What are we going to do ?

Patrick: *to Captain* we'd better leave warp, then, just in case

* Lt Salpan Codanadal collapses on his console

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, make it so!

* Patrick is still trying to reduce fluctuations

Zhen: *bleep* Doctor Idisha to doctor Seyler. Why are I and nure Church separated from sickbay 1 with absolutely nothign to do and orders to seal ourselves in while there is an unknown infection onboard?"

Tiron Eks: Salpan!

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler replies calmly "I have no time to argue with you once again, Lieutenant. Stay there, we'll need you"

Tiron Eks: *rushes to him and uses navigational control to drop the ship out of warp*

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Dr Idisha

Zhen: Then at least give us something to work with! This is madness!

Diurne: That's when the captain rushes to the console that he remembers his skill piloting a starship is somewhat... limited

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Seyler out

* Zhen hissess

Diurne: Woosh ! The Independence goes out of warp at Eks command

Zhen: Nurse Church we are both in this so I need your input too. do you wish to stay here and wait as we were ordered?

* Tiron Eks turns attention on Lieutenant Codanadal: "Lieutenant?" and tries to wake him up: "Can you hear me?!"

* Lt Salpan Codanadal is unconscious and sweaty

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Ltnt Harrison

Diurne: There are some lights, red and orange, blinking on the console. Tiron isn't sure of the data but normally, it indicates a space hazard

* Lt Paula Harrison replies with a coarse voice "Harrison here."

Patrick: Paula, how are things, on the Mess Hall, are Stefan, Morbren and you safe ?

Lt Paula Harrison: I don't feel very well, commander, to be sincere. Must be the cake Morbren prepared.

* Tiron Eks tries to determine how far away such a space hazard is.

* Lt Morbren Chardok voice can be overheard "It was a very good cake you barbarian !"

Patrick: ah, tellarite food, I warned you...

Patrick: Morbren, can you hear me ?

Diurne: Tiron is a bit lost with sensor data but manage to understand the ship exited warp within one light year of a neutron star

Lt Morbren Chardok: Sure thing, boss

Patrick: good thing, because it's time to be creative, I hope teh Dom Jot was a good warm up for you

Patrick: I'm gonna need your help to settle some unknow issue with energy level fluctuation. As you can't leave hte Mess Hall for now, we're gonan try to reroute some ef the engineering commands to one of the console near you, do you think one could do the trick ?

* Zhen answers Patrick being obviously irritated to hell "WHAT?!"

Lt Morbren Chardok: We're locked in here, chief. Safety procedure

Patrick: a moment, Morbren. Yes, Zhen, can you give me some update on the isolation process... I have most of my team on the mess hall and I'm gonna need them in a short time, I'm afraid...

Lt Morbren Chardok: To be sincere, chief, Paula doesn't look good. Hilbert and Vaden are in the same boat

Patrick: and how are you, yourself ?

Zhen: You ask me? There is an outbrak of universe knows what on the ship and that omnipotent Seyler tells me to lock myself up in sickbay two and do NOTHING!


Lt Morbren Chardok: I'm good, commander. It's the Dom-jot immunity given to winners

Patrick: there there, don't go off the rails, Zhen. Do for the best and keep me informed if you have any news

Zhen: Do the best WHAT?!

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana gets in the discussion between Idisha, Chardok and O'Rourke "Peshana here. We have three people ill. So we must consider everyone is potentially infected. If we send someone to you, O'Rourke, you're likely to be infected fast"

Zhen: I don't even have access to medical data!

Patrick: allright, that's why i was thinking about setting as secondary engineering station elsewhere, just for Morbren

Patrick: Do you think we can do that in the area where you are, morbren ?

* Zhen lets a wail of frustration

Lt Morbren Chardok: No really. The best I can do here is to tweak the replicator to get spiced Tellarite food instead of bland food"

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Speaking of replicators...

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Dr Idisha, you're still with us ?

Zhen: Yes I am. Do you want me to blind myself too? Maybe cut off my hands? I can't imagine how more useless I can be.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: No, I want you to check the mess hall computer database. In the likely case it doesn't have it, please upload us the pharmacy. I'm going to synthetize medication from the replicators. I hope it will help for a moment

Zhen: Yes of course. Of course. Idisha out.

Patrick: *leaves com and click again* O'Rourke to Captain

Tiron Eks: I hope you have some good news, Patrick.

Lt Morbren Chardok: I can get out, commander. And look for a station. At worst, I can use computer access in the corridors

Lt Morbren Chardok: But it breaks the safety procedure and all.... and better to have the door opened unless you want me to try to force me out

* Zhen slams on communicator to turn it off "I see. I see. Someone wants to be a glory hog. Seyler is oing it all by herself and does not want me to overshadow her."

* Nurse Church shrugs a bit "I'm not understanding why we are stranded here"

Patrick: not really, i'm a bit overwelmed here, I need your permission to get Ltnt Chardok out of the Mess Hall. He seems allright for now and I really need his help

* Nurse Church goes and get suits for them both "Still planning to go out ?"

* Zhen sends data anyway "The axis of envy, I tell you. They want to end up being big heroes and they removed copetition. Bah."

Tiron Eks: Do you believe it's wise to let him come to you?

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana (will) start replicating basic medication from the mess replicators "Dinner is served !"

Patrick: We'll try to find a place where he can set a secondary engineering station. If he goes there without crossing anyone we shouldn't break isolation procedures

Patrick: I'll stay alone at the engineering for now, until we now more about waht's afecting the crew

Patrick: also, I noticed the ship exited warp, is everything allright ?

Tiron Eks: YOu have suggested to drop out of warp for safety reasons.

Patrick: yes yes, but.. well, I didn't recognize Codanadal's touch, to be honest. Hence I was wondering if we haven't any new issue with helm...

Tiron Eks: He's infected as well and isn't responding anymore. I wish I could get anyone from medical up hear, like an EMH.

Diurne: On the viewscreen, the neutron star, spinning on its axis at the speed of 1 millisecond for a whole rotation, looks at Tiron like a malevolent eye

Nurse Church: Doctor ? What are we doing now ?

Tiron Eks: Patrick, you can send Mobren to the bridge. Since Lieutenant Codanadal is already infected and me possible too, it's best to let him come here.

Zhen: Currently I am thinking of braking everything I believe in, and go srtaight to sickbay 1 to strangle doctor Seyler.

Nurse Church: Ok... but... what now ?

Patrick: Thanks, captain * double clic* O'Rourke for Chardok

Lt Morbren Chardok: Listening

Patrick: Morbren, the choice is yours, I have the Captain agreement to let you join the bridge where you'll have all requirede consoles and access, but Codanadal is infected, so I won't force you. If you prefer, we can set a limited secondary station and I'll handle all the critical commands from the engineering

* Tiron Eks tries to help somehow Salpan in a medical way.

Zhen: On one side I'm thinking of obeyng orders and then after the crisis is over go to her and then get myself in brig for assaulting the suprior officer. On other side... no one even calls us. No one, not even other crewmembers. I don't even know what is this all supposed epidemic all about.

Lt Morbren Chardok: Wait ! Not only I'm called to save the ship, I'll probably do all the work and you even tell me I'm going to get that flu ?

Patrick: the price of glory, you shouldn't have won that last game, bud

* Nurse Church puts back the suit in place "Ok, so we stay here ?"

Lt Morbren Chardok: I knew it... I knew Starfleet would have me killed overworking... Ok, commander. I'm going to the bridge

Patrick: Allright, Morbren, thanks for that, call me when you'll be online

Patrick: *double clic* Engineering for Captain

Tiron Eks: Eks here.

Zhen: What do you think nurse? I said that I wil try to obey orders for a while... of course this had to happen to test me. Universe works on irony. If you were a doctor would yoz listen to order or go out?

Patrick: Morbren is on his way to the bridge

Nurse Church: Humm.... Maybe Dr Seyler asked us to stay here for a good reason ?

Tiron Eks: Understood. Computer, grant free access to the bridge for Lieutenant Chardok.

Patrick: Also, I know it's not my business but it seems part of our medical team is locked alone in the sick bay. Is there any new problem ?

* Computer complies

* Zhen grits teeth

Diurne: Zhen notices the computer in sickbay 2 has received data

Zhen: You know if anyone, and I mean anyone dies because of this decision. I will end up in brig and do what I said.

* Zhen rushes to computer to check it

Patrick: I'm not here to interfer with the medical department but we have a lot of people at the Mess Hall, mostly officers, and they could use Zhen or nurse Church

Diurne: Seyler sent all her scanner data, complemented by what she has done, how and so on. She added a single note, a handful of words "Zhen. Find cure."

Tiron Eks: From my understanding is Doctor Seyler trying to identify the cause of this plague.

Tiron Eks: If she is also infected, then it is the duty of the med team 2 to continue the research by getting not infected again.

Zhen: It seems it is finally come time for us nurse. Whatever is happening is too much for her to handle.

* Zhen starts analyzing data he got

Tiron Eks: And in mess hall we have Doctor Peshana who takes care of the officers there.

Diurne: The bridge receives data from the sickbay as well. The sudden epidemic started less than two hours ago. Sickbay 1 has 25 people in and is crowded. About 160 more people is reporting illness start

Patrick: allright. I'll stay at the engineering. For now, I do'nt seem to be infected. Also if you have some problems with Operations, remeber I can do this from here, if needed...

Diurne: Dr Seyler recommends sickbay 2 is used as a reasearch lab and stay sealed at all cost. Seyler also reports she, herself, is infected even if she doesn't understand how. Yet, once she treated the patients in sickbay, she will start a tour of the ship, bringing back the most serious cases to sickbay and trying to treat others on the spot

Tiron Eks: Understood, bridge out.

Patrick: well, and now...

Diurne: In the populated mess hall, Dr Peshana is unorthodoxily using the replicators to treat people around.

Tiron Eks: *reads the report and nods*

Diurne: Power fluctuates a bit everywhere now in the ship. Generally, it doesn't cause much harm and could be ignored. But now and then, without apparent cause, there can be an energy spike damaging a system

Patrick: damn, we didn't need this

Tiron Eks: *after helping somehow on medical way Lieutenant Codanadal he goes back to flight control and tries to determine if the ship is pulled to any gravitational source like that Neutron Star*

Diurne: Tiron surprisingly helped Codanadal efficiently. Maybe he found some medication in a first aid kit somewhere, maybe he is just helping him with the fever. Whatever, it helps.

* Patrick tries to lower most system power input, except survival

Tiron Eks: *while doing so* Welcome to the Bridge, Mr. Chardok.

Patrick: *clicks*

Patrick: O'Rourke to Dr Idisha.

* Lt Morbren Chardok enters the bridge and goes to the engie console "Hello captain. We missed you at the Dom-jot competition

Zhen: What now Parick? I'm busy.

Tiron Eks: I promise to come the next time and play a round with you. *smiles*

Patrick: won't be long, just an idea... if you have time, can you check those mineral we got from that other ship... I think the science department made some scientific testing on it, but maybe they didn't check on micro-organisms...

Zhen: Send me data.

Patrick: as soon as posible. o"Rourke out

Zhen: Good. Good.

* Patrick tries to pick the data from science and send them to Sick bay 2

* Zhen continues analyzing reports

Diurne: First data and first opinion of Zhen about the disease is it is caused by a viral infection. It has all symptoms. What is surprising is the state of the infected person deteriorates ultra fast. Also, treatments given by Seyler were responding oddly. They *most often* were successful at start then looked to be less and less efficient. However, in some cases, it apparently cured the patient. In some cases, cure never worked at all. Finally, the big problem is Seyler herself is infected. She states how the contagion is propagating is currently unknown. She checked herself being safe when the first cases arrived. She worked with all safety precautions, activated contaiment force fields. And was infected.

Diurne: Patrick sends less power to every system save environmental control (survival systems)

* Tiron Eks is going to send a status report to Starfleet Command and the USS Galileo.

* Zhen first splits patients into groups one gruop for those cured, one group for those that were unaffected and third for those not fitting in any group.

Diurne: It looks to limit the number of accident occurences

Diurne: Now, Patrick found some commands are *somtimes* surprisingly slow to respond

Zhen: After finishing with groups Zhen will start searching for things that may likn that one group.

Patrick: Computer, autodiagnosis lvl 1, can you check your processing speed and compare to recent readings ?

Patrick: Morbren, do you also have issue with computer time responses ?

Computer: Processing speed at 100%. Systems respond speed variable, from 37 to 98%, average 81%

Lt Morbren Chardok: The computer itself no. But the rest yes

Tiron Eks: Are respond times linked to the bioneural gelpacks?

Diurne: Tiron sends the ship status to Starfleet (which will take days to arrive) and the Galileo (a day or two)

Patrick: that's amzaing... it seems like if the computer was also suffering from some viral infection, in a way....

Lt Morbren Chardok: Nay... looks the computing processes are working just fine. Some systems are responding slowly... sometimes... however.

Diurne: After contemplating the problems and running a little serie of tests, he can determine the issue doesn't come from the computer itself. But truly, to the literral meaning, from the ystems ordered to do a thing. In other words, orders and commands are transmitted normally. But some systems, sometimes, decide to react later

Patrick: hmm, could it be that problem with worn pieces we found the other time ? Morbren try to see if rerouting commands with speed issue from other secondary system change something

Diurne: From Zhen understanding... there is obvious link between people. In each group we find people who know each other but who also don't know each other, who work on different decks but sometimes in the same room etc etc

Diurne: Patrick tests sending instructions and responses time using secondary circuitry. It gives more or less the same results, overally (because individually, a system doesn't regularly behave oddly or normally).

Patrick: now, if that doesn't work, we'll try to isolate every one of those "secondary circuitry that shouldn't be here" to see what it does

Patrick: at least all those we can isolate from our consoles

Diurne: It does confirm, to Patrick, that the issue is the system itself (ie : the turbolift or the hoilodeck for example)

Patrick: allright, whoe system is ill. morbren, start to silaote the secondary circuit, starting from Deck 1 and counting up, I'll start at deck 7 and going down

Lt Morbren Chardok: What do you want to achieve ?

Patrick: I don't know, I was wondering if maybe those systems were partially active and use part of our resources erratically, which would explain the fluctuations

Diurne: Tiron notices warnings flashing on the helm console due to proximity with a neutron star. The amazingly fast spinning star sends waves of radiations and attracts everything to it. The ship is still safe from it. The drift due to the gravity pull is negligible for now. It may become a problem over years, of course

Lt Morbren Chardok: But what do you mean by isolating systems ?

Patrick: allright, the trick is to locate the joinings, where both our systems and the secondary ones are connected

Patrick: then cut energy input and output after and before that jonction, and bring energy to our systems by another road

Diurne: Zhen studies the biology of the people infected. He sees no pattern, no clue here. But, also, he's sure there isn't a common element missed in this enigma. Whatever the disease is, it isn't affecting people based on their personnal biology

Lt Morbren Chardok: Ok, I get it... but since a large number of systems is behaving oddly at some moments... What's the criteria for being a candidate for isolation ? A single oddity ? Two ? How many ?

* Zhen then checks the data on the odd material Pat sent him is ther anything odd there? Some kind of radiation or biological contamination?

Patrick: we're groping around in the dark here, I don't expect to find a solution, more directions where to look, so what seem the most obvious to you, assuming I'm correct

Diurne: Geoa alloy. It was checked by the local geologist (that's Ria) only barely for now as she was focusing on the mystery of this sector of space. No radiation or contamination detected.

* Zhen contacs Ria

Lt Morbren Chardok: Ok. So I cut and rule out systems that were odd once. We're going to cut a lot of things, you know. I guess environmental control is exempt of this ?

Zhen: *bleep* Cousin? Are you till well?

Patrick: of course, also try not to cut what belongs to sick bays, else we'll have a furious Dr Idisha on the comm very soon

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I got a fever it seems. What's up on your side of life ?

Lt Morbren Chardok: Starting to cut out systems now, commander

Zhen: Trying to save you as always. Ria, I need you to analyze that alloy we got. Do it real good, okay?

Patrick: in fact, if it doesn't work, we'll start with the environmental systems as well, on empty areas, after having isolated the area first, of course

Diurne: Slowly, many systems are shut down throughout the whole ship. Lifts, lights, replicators, console, doors. Only the vital components are left

Zhen: And don't worry, I'm working on a cure.

Diurne: The ship is then now almost all dark... silent as the crew is contained

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Analyze the alloy ? You sure it's the moment ? Plus I have not the sample with me. And the replicators are already used by Peshana. I can't jury-rig them into sensors

Zhen: I need someone who can do this well. It may be the cuse.

Diurne: The engineers shutting down "suspect" systems are making the number of oddities fall close to zero new occurences now.

Diurne: It seems the system left running are still currently... not really affected.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I'm not against a challenge but how will I do this ?

Diurne: Seyler sends new data to Idisha. She underlines the oddity of the disease culprit. She thought she found the virus and got a scan of it. But as Zhen can see himself, the shot isn't exactly normal. Something is on display, looking a bit like a virus... but on the other hand, it's as if the scanner had difficulty to get a proper image. It's blurred

Zhen: I know you will think of something cousin, you always do. I have a lot of data to check still and fast so go get it. Have to go more data is incoming.

* Zhen tries to focus the image better

Patrick: hmm... silicon, we have it all around, and the silicon in this part of the galaxy, if it has existed had beend drained, removed somehow... could it be a link ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Err... sorry but I don't understand. You want what ? That I go back to the science rooms ? To you ?

Lt Morbren Chardok: But then why didn't we have any problem until now ?

Zhen: Or organize research with people who are there. You know them, I do not.

Patrick: Computer, can you check the state of usual silicon components on the ship, comparison with standard starfleet values

Tiron Eks: Perhaps it already started once we reached this region of space and only started to effect system now.

Patrick: it's just an idea, but something that affect every system on the ship rather in an homogeneous way...

Computer: The USS Independence was built with standard Starfleet components. No higher presence of sillicon.

Patrick: that souds like the bery basic of our components

Patrick: no loss of density ?

Lt Morbren Chardok: Commander, it's an interesting idea. But why then it is selective ? I mean... the systems still running... Why aren't they failing now ? They too are made of sillicon there and there

Patrick: I'm not sure, maybe this experimental tech doesn't realyl like what's happening to the ship and try to compensate somehow

Diurne: While our engineeers are discussing theories about sillicon, the environmental controls in a whole deck decided to stop working.

* Patrick tries to start again the environmental control

Diurne: The failing environmental control doesn't answer, at all. From his display, it should work. It had an energy spike but wasn't seriously damaged. Then stopped working. And now no longer answer to instructions

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You know, cousin, I believe only Tamisit is left in our labs

Lt Riashaala Idisha: And she's our astronomer. She knows zilch about minerals.

Zhen: Of course. The irony of the universe. Okay, Zhen out for now. Take care there.

Patrick: Captain, we need to evacuate Deck 12 right now, I can't start again the environmental system and I don't know how much time it will take...

Patrick: Morbren, any chance by your side ?

Diurne: Zhen tried to work on the virus resolution but, after a moment, must admit it can't go better. What is frustrating is not that much it can't go better. But it is, rather, that Zhen doesn't even know why the resolution is so poor

Lt Morbren Chardok: Crap no. It doesn't work. As if it decided to tell us to go to hell

Zhen: Curious.

Patrick: I have not a clue how we're gonan sort this...

Diurne: You're all facing problems... that's when the voice of Dr Seyler is broadcasted to everyone.

Tiron Eks: Computer, remove seals of connection points to deck 12. *opens channel to that deck* To all personel on deck 12, evacuate the whole deck, environmental controls are failing. I repeat: evacuate deck 12 immediatly!

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Here is... Seyler *coughs* I'm probably running out of time.... My condition is deteriorating rapidly. I just want to warn you all. I'm pretty sure this diease go through force fields. I don't know why but don't trust force fields to protect you. Physical containment looks to work. I'm heading to the next group of patients. But... I'm losing my strength... fever. I...

Diurne: ...and the transmission stops.

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Tiron Eks: *clicks combadge* Doctor Seyler, report!

Diurne: The captain and the bridge. Since Morbren came to the bridge mainly to assist O'Rourke, what does the captain do ? He has a room full of instruments available to him. He can watch long range sensors, navigation sensors, he could run a survey of the local star system (even if it's likely there is nothing else than the lone neutron star), he can access to various lists and data, check status etc... so ? What does he do ?

Diurne: In the engineering room, what is keeping our local O'Rourke busy this day ? What technical marvel is he preparing to save the day ? Or, more pragmatically, what is his main issue right now ?

* Tiron Eks doesn't get an answer and curses: "Computer, has been deck 12 completely evacuated?"

Diurne: Eks manages to give orders to the crew in this moment of disarray. He orients people to the sickbay, gives orders to replace sick crewmembers and, as a whole, tries to compensate the sickness hitting the crew.

Diurne: In the engineering, Patrick just doesn't figure what drive the malfunctions. They do affect some systems, some others are ignored. It's not importance or energy consumption that determine them. It isn't anything he can understand.

Diurne: In the sealed sickbay, Zhen Idisha works on data Dr Seyler sent him before she stopped responding. He finally gets a conviction, it's not really "just a virus". That beast is simply reacting too oddly to be "just a virus". Dr Seyler tried some treatments and that little pest inside the bodies of sick people tend to avoid treated areas after a time. It also has odd concentration that answer no viral logic. Concentration of the virus doesn't follow a logical pattern where the usual targets would be followed blindly.

Diurne: Zhen has the underlying feeling that the virus is actually "coordinating" its attacks, sort of.

Diurne: That pest will for example "colonize" some body functions of a people and not move from them. Until it has grow enough in number then it overwhelms another body organ.

Diurne: Now, it doesn't happen every time. Which isn't particularly reassuring. Since such behaviour is witnessed only when it would help the virus propagation. Mustering to overwhelm an organ is done only when the patient is treated. So it looks the virus just prepare itself to not fail.

* Tiron Eks goes to the bridge science station and access the sensor logs. He'll try to access for phenomenas that are not regulary scanned for but can have an effect on starship systems like the warp drive.

* Zhen clicks his commbadge "Captain Eks, are you there still?"

Tiron Eks: I'm here, Zhen, what do you got?

Diurne: On the engineer side of life, things become complicated. Until now, failing systems could simply be left isolated or shut down. Now, with less systems active and with only the most important kept active, failures are sometimes more spectacular. For example, it can cause breach in walls (not necessarily hull !) and more commonly fires.

Zhen: Captain I believe we have a problem. This may not be an infection at all but a case of first contact... hopefully not an invasion though.

Diurne: This require moving physically to extinguish the fire (something any crew member can do) but also sometimes go replace parts physically as well

Tiron Eks: You have reason to believe that this virus has a conscience?

Zhen: The... viruses are not that as it seem. They act seemingly intelligently, although that MAY be some kind of pre-programmed behavior, but so far their actions seem as if they are eh... colonizing our bodies. I do not rule out possibility that those are some kind of nanobots programmed to act like that, but I am afraid that for now they seem... intelligent.

Zhen: And terraforming... if you want to call it that.

Patrick: *clics* Engineering to the Captain

Tiron Eks: Hold on, I'm getting Patrick on the line too. *click* Go ahead, Zhen is listening too.

Patrick: Captain, things start to become interesting here... I'm getting several fires here adn there on various decks... if you have some spare crewmembers, I could use them...

Zhen: So obvious cure would be... either making a war with them or possibly contactig them. If they are them at all. Possibly they are not even aware what are they doing, if the see the universe from microscopic point of view. For them our bodies may seem just as a nebula to explore or vast planet to populate.

Tiron Eks: Fires? I'll send some teams to extinguish them, but how could they start?

Zhen: Of course... if they are nanobots... someone specifically made the to destroy living bodies. I prefer the first dea since that one includes diplomacy.

Patrick: still those energy fluctuations, we can't contain them and they're getting worse and worse

Tiron Eks: Question is then how we could even get in reach to them to be able to communicate?

Zhen: I'll try to do that. Although engineering help could be useful too. If communication fails and those are artificial creations maybe I'll find a disruptive frequency or something...

Tiron Eks: You heard that Patrick?

* Tiron Eks starts to coordinate teams to extinguish fires from various locations on the ship.

Zhen: I would also like an input fro someone who is better at first contacts than me. Is counselor Vaden uninfected still?

Diurne: The problem about technical malfunction isn't only about fires but also replacing destroyed pieces

Patrick: just a part, but I guess the rest... you're thinking about some alien contact ?

Zhen: I just want to be ready for options before we start killing possible intelligent and microscopicspecies.

Patrick: also, some parts are already damaged and need to be replaced, so some from the engineering, assuming they aren't already infected would be best

Tiron Eks: I'll coordinate teams that are still capable to do that, since I have an overview of every crewmember here.

Patrick: now we can always try to survive without lifesupporting systems, but that will probably not help Zhen's job...

Zhen: Not at all.

Tiron Eks: That's no option at all, life support system has to be maintained intact! We can evacuate numerous decks, but eventually we'll run out of space for us all.

Patrick: I'll contact you soon, Captain *double clics* Chardok for O'Rourke

* Lt Morbren Chardok groans "Yeah ?"

Zhen: I will try to... do somethig in the meantime. As said any first contact input would be useful.

Patrick: guess what, we have some new tasks... in top of all we already have *chuckles*

Lt Morbren Chardok: So what ?

Patrick: there are several parts to replace in the ship but I also had some weird idea I'd like to check... it's based on something that Dr Idisha said. What if all the failures and malfunctions we have were... deliberate. Like some kind of attack. I'd like to make the compuer work on that idea. But one of us has to go for the repair work. What do you prefer ?

Diurne: Zhen looks at the latest computer report on the virus display problem. And finally, the computer decides the virus isn't displayed properly on your medical screen because it is partially made of energy. Your scanners aren't designed to detect such signatures *and* link them to any lifeform or virus

Diurne: This is a revealing news and something maybe interesting. However....

Diurne: However, that's when the computer stops working.

* Zhen howls

Diurne: It just turns off

Lt Morbren Chardok: Commander, you're better at me in repairs as well as in computing and simulation. So it's more where you're going to miss the most....

* Zhen clicks comm "I NEED COMPUTER WORKING! NOW! WHOEVER, HOWEVER! Transport me one immediately if needed! I have possibly... uncovered something and it went off!"

* Nurse Church blinks at the now dark computer display "Hey ! It isn't supposed to stop working in this moment !!"

Zhen: I know! I know!

* Zhen continues in the comm "And I think our "visitors" maybe did it!"

Nurse Church: Do you say it's deliberate ?

Zhen: Maybe... it could be.

Lt Morbren Chardok: Commander, fate may have decided for us. I'm not really skilled at medical equipment

Patrick: ok, see what you can find on an attack over our systems, I'll handle the repairs

Patrick: I'm on your computer issue, Zhen

Diurne: In sickbay 2, all works grind to a sudden halt, without computer power

Zhen: My computer is priority! All your lives depend on it working. And I swear when all this is over it will be me who will say "HA!" to doctor Seyler!"

Patrick: *clicks again* Captain, I need that you grant me access to possibly contaminated areas, if we don't want this ship to have kids, I need to fix things myself, and quickly

Zhen: I also need energy detecting sensors. Our visitors may be some ind of energy beings, it's not unheard of, even if it is rare.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Computer, grant free access to any ship's section for Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke.

Computer: Access granted

Tiron Eks: There you go, Patrick.

Diurne: From the sensor logs, Tiron notices that during your latest sensor run to study more the brown dwarves and all, the ship deflector consumed a bit more power than usual, as if compensating the impact of something. But the sensors didn't register anything significant aside a general level of radiation a bit higher than usual.

Diurne: The energy surge in consumption happened about 20 hours ago

* Patrick heads to Zhen's Sick Bay

* Tiron Eks access the data of the said system where they stayed for two hours.

* Tiron Eks makes an interpolation of the ship's course and the timeframe where the heightened consumption happenend.

Diurne: On his way to sickbay 2, Patrick notices someone apparently active near the entrance of the (relatively small) industrial replicator area. Those replicators are the ones you are using to manufacture large pieces at once. For example to replace lost, broken, melt sections of the hull

Diurne: He just noticed someone. Without being able to identify who it is. It's just a shape that entered the room

Patrick: hey there. Identify yourself !

Diurne: The door of the replicators area is left open. Noone answer

Diurne: (I forgot to say that) Due to the continuous malfunction of many systems in the ship, you have cut most of superfluous systems. It included global lighting. So the sections and corridors are very dark now, only lighted by dim emergency lights

* Zhen has almost a hissy fit and tries to do something... anything with his PADD

* Tiron Eks runs a check of the radiation level of the local sun here, to compare if the radiation matches the levels they have detected.

Diurne: The star you are orbiting now has lethal and high level of radiations. It's a neutron star. So it's completely different than the period you compare to

* Patrick shrugs and head to Sick Bay 2

Diurne: Patrick finally arrives to sickbay 2, probably like the savior that Zhen is going to worship now

* Tiron Eks tries to interpolate a correlation between the radiation level of the current neutron star, the reported ill crewmember, failing system and time index.

* Zhen was just starting to pul out circuitry from the padd hoping to do... something with it "Get in! I don't think these things can be stopped by quarantene anyway!"

Zhen: And what took you so long?!

Patrick: I was discussing ... with friends

Patrick: anyway, what have you done -again- to your computer ?

Diurne: The captain is all at his programming. He's not really used to organize the data into a working program of comparison and speculations to submit to the board computer. But he's trying. He's trying and that's when he notices several indicators blinking quitely and regularly on Rajakanya station.

Zhen: You tell me and fix it!

* Tiron Eks leaves science station for this moment and heads to tactical station and checks out what's going on.

Patrick: always a pleasure... *smiles at Nurse Church* good evening, nurse Church

Diurne: Tiron looks at the station for a moment. Due to the circumstances, the pressure, the environment, there is a few seconds during which he fails to understand what the station is indicating. And after that brief moment of disbelief... he understands the station is signaling intrusions ! One ship docking bay was apparently used to board the Independence.

Zhen: Less taking, more working.

* Nurse Church replies with a voice muffled by her environment suit "Good evening, commander..."

Patrick: I will recall you that exact sentence, some day soon *checks power input and wires*

* Zhen makes sour face

Diurne: Sick bay 2 computer is suffering from a power surge that burnt the interface with the main computer and caused a general crash. It is workable, still and will take only a few minutes to replace the pieces and restart the medical protocols

Zhen: Get it up and set it for energy readngs... if you have to set it somehow from the inside.

* Patrick proceed with replacements, assuming he has the required parts

* Tiron Eks tries to determine if there are lifesigns on board who don't carry a combadge.

Diurne: The issue is that many ship functions were deactivated by O'Rourke.

Diurne: And it happens internal sensors are running at the lowest possible, just to locate crew badges

Diurne: At sick bay 2 the computer and the medical equipment it controls are coming back online

Zhen: Finally! *goes back on work this time concentrating on energy*

Zhen: Patrick, stay here maybe more engineering will be needed. Nurse Church, please take care that PAtrick does not drink something he should not... again.

Tiron Eks: *Bleep* All stations, intruder alert, Deck 16, docking bay 5. Initiate security protocol Epsilon!

Zhen: Lovely, just lovely.

Patrick: I'm sorry btu I have to decline your invitation, Zhen, there are other ... diseased machine onboard that require my skills and *heards the Captain message* just waht we missed...

* Tiron Eks is aware that not all tac teams are ready, that's when the captain also coordinates security personal to compensate that and gives them required access to get there.

* Zhen mumbles something and waves to patrick to go while coninuing his work

Patrick: *clics* O'Rourke to the Captain

* Nurse Church checks if Pat III is sick

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Yes?

Patrick: Captain, i'm 90% sure I saw someone sneaking in on my way to the sickbay 2...

Tiron Eks: Get a phaser ready, I'll send security personal down there and if nothing works anymore I'll go myself down there.

Tiron Eks: And Patrick, I need sensors operational at 100%!

Patrick: ok, I'm working on it; O'Rourke out

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Chardok

Lt Morbren Chardok: What again ?

Patrick: I need you to relaunch everything concerning sensors. Tell me if there's something malfunctionning and I'll go and fix it.

* Tiron Eks goes now to the armory on the bridge and gets two hand phasers, one for himself, one for Lieutenant Chardok.

Lt Morbren Chardok: Everything ?

Tiron Eks: Everything. I need to see who's on my ship!

Lt Morbren Chardok: Everything, captain.

Tiron Eks: *gives the Lieutenant on the bridge a hand phaser he can strap to his belt*

Patrick: well, let's start with internal sensors and close range... if we are infiltrated, we need to know where and how

* Lt Morbren Chardok restarts the internal sensor and activate them to the desired level

Patrick: we probably won't need long range sensors for now

Diurne: More indicators now blinks on the security station

Tiron Eks: *rushes to security station and views it*

Diurne: The station reports several breachs in the quarantine. Doors were forced open, systems were deactivated, bypassed. It mainly concerns storage areas (energy cells, materials). But one peculiar trail of security breach leads to the brig

* Patrick proceeds to next thing to fix

Tiron Eks: They aim for our cardassian!

Tiron Eks: *runs a sensor scan of the brig*

Diurne: Internal sensors say there is a quarantine breach in the brig, including the cell holding a certain guest. Obviously, someone is not caring about contamination ! What a scandal !

Tiron Eks: *runs a scan for cardassian lifesigns on the ship and if there's still a ship attached on the Independence*

Diurne: Zhen manages to attune the medical sensors to what is usually reserved for more dedicated space sensors. He's even amazed himself (not to say how Church is now admiring this feat of prowess). He can now get a clear view of the viral invader. It's simply wonderful (from Zhen point of view) since the ... pests... are simply sort of hybrid of energy and matter. They look like an energy core from holding around it a number of living cells. The core acts like a battery feeding the cells. So what looked like originally to Zhen as a curious circle pattern of virus is truly one single entity (one core and orbiting cells)

* Zhen is amazed

Diurne: There are actually two ships by the Independence, both close to docking bays. All in all, Tiron detects about 80 intruders on boards. A scaring report says that two dozens of crew members are injured. The source of injury is unknown since the internal detectors weren't functionning back then. There is a Cardassian lifesign but on one of the mysterious ships

Tiron Eks: *floods the decks where the intruders are with sleeping gas*

Diurne: The captain release of a neutraliazing gas is enough to stop dead the remaning crew members close to the intruders. However, none of the intruders look to be affected.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Chardok, I need all tactical system operational.

Diurne: Yet, the intruders look to be on the leave now

Diurne: Systems are activated back, fast, to give the Independence its needed combat ability.

Diurne: It also cause a serie of explosions on various systems

Patrick: what the...

* Tiron Eks raises shields and locks phasers on the vessel with the cardassian

Diurne: Shields are only at 40% and the phasers are underpowered.

Diurne: Tiron locks on the ship harboring the Cardassian. The other ship maneuvers away from the Independence

Lt Morbren Chardok: Captain, we won't be able to keep the firepower up for long. It may cause cascading explosions fast as the strain on our systems is too heavy with so many rerouting and all. The power to the tactical systems isn't going the route it should be

Diurne: Back at his station, Patrick sees the sensors and weapons back online.

Diurne: And everyone know now there is a red alert

iron Eks: I just need one shot, Mobren. And that's for their primary propulsion system so they won't leave us!

Diurne: The intruders are scrambling to the remaining ship

Patrick: *clicks* Captain I can increase pwer output for a while, if you need, but I can't tesitfy this won't have consequences on the ship...

Tiron Eks: I need enough power to knock the ship out with the cardassian onboard. I don't go so long only to lose him again.

Diurne: Patrick sees the strain on the conduits is too high. He had rerouted carefully to avoid massive system failure but the power request from the tactical systems just overload the new routes he had chosen. If the weapons are used, it may just grill a lot of things (yet, none critical per se)

Tiron Eks: Therefore make it so, Patrick!

Patrick: so be it

Diurne: The intruders board the last ship and this one finally maneuvers away. The other ship stayed at a short distance of the Independence and is oriented directly on it

Diurne: Patrick manages to give a surge of power to the phaser banks, increasing the power output. Tiron studies the ship trajectory and quickly see where and how it is going to fly away. He aims accordingly, opening normally a good opportunity shot.

Diurne: Now does he shoot ?

Tiron Eks: *presses fire button*

Diurne: The Independence phaser ray illuminate space between it and the fleeing ship.

Diurne: It doesn't directly hit the engines but burn instead a nice hole into what look to be a warp nacelle

Diurne: Then the second ship opens fire oin the Independence, shooting with all weapons

Diurne: Your ship is rocked hard and you can even dramatically be thrown on the ground if you want. The shields sustain most of the attacks, blazing under the stress of energy bombardment

Diurne: Inside your ship, the routing system just die when you shot. Sometimes with a spectacular explosion, most of the time quietly, the influx of power to the phaser banks burnt the energy relays

* Zhen growls cursing the shaking

Diurne: On Tiron console, phasers go offline

* Tiron Eks holds on to his console by the shacking to not fall off his chair.

Diurne: Actually, the second ship focused its fire on the Independence weapon systems, maybe to cover the flight of its partner. One energy ray hit a phaser bank and reduced it to cinder. Should the phasers work (they don't), they would do it at reduced power

Diurne: So the two ships now drift away and turns to flee to warp speed, most likely

Tiron Eks: *keeps tracking them on sensors*

* Patrick tries to fix systems to keep firepower available

Lt Morbren Chardok: Sir, we're suffering a lot from reactivating the systems. I recommend to turn off everything else save life support and medical.

Tiron Eks: Turn off most systems. Can we keep long range sensors activated?

Lt Morbren Chardok: It's risky. We just burn relays doing it. And at a moment, we'll be short of ways to send power to critical systems

Tiron Eks: *normalizes the environmental systems on the decks that have been flooded with sleeping gas*

Tiron Eks: *checks if the ships leave a characteristic warp trail*

* Zhen is sure that if anything truly horrible is happening he would be told

Diurne: Tiron collects data as much as he can about warp signatures

Diurne: So the ship was boarded. Intruders simply came in through the docking bays. They bypassed force fields, deactivating them when needed. They also carried scrambling items that prevented internal communications (hence no alarm calls). They were all armed with old phase weapons. Yet, they shot and injured a lot of people (that will add to Zhen problems)

* Zhen does not want more problems

Diurne: The "virus" should be seen more like a parasite, strictly speaking. It feeds on bioelectric power. So it tends to make the organs overwork until they fail (causing the fever at the same time). He isn't sure they are sentient but intelligent, yes somehow. They have a sort of group behaviour and sometimes apparently divide the work and the rewards

Diurne: The cells part of the pest could actually survive almost anywhere.

Diurne: The cells don't require air and apparently can live at freezing cold temperatures as well

Diurne: The problem Zhen have is the pests aren't fusing with the sick person cells like a virus. They don't reproduce by recoding replicating DNA of the target cells and if he can prevent the stress on the organs to avoid fever and all, it doesn't make the pest die or leave. It just feed them slower

Diurne: So when it comes to get rid of them, he can o,ly figure the solution is to force them out. Yes, maybe disrupting their energy core. But that's a bit beyond Zhen knowledge.

Diurne: Since it's closer to "how to break atomic structure" rather than anything medical

* Zhen calls Patrick

Patrick: go on

Diurne: Patrick, reviewing damage, believes he will need about 4 days to repair the phaser banks

Zhen: Are you available? I will need your expertise.

Patrick: sure, what do you need ?

Diurne: The ship is now in worse condition. The captain combat decision shattered a lot of the power network used to avoid problems until now. There is less solutions to distribute powers all around and the ones left are straining the systems.

Diurne: It's difficult to imagine you can solve all the technical problems on the short term. You have no idea on why the systems are failing, truly. You can only compensate but now you are cornered. And if the pattern continues, it will only worsen. Until everyoine on board die from life support failure

Patrick: oh well, not our day...

Zhen: Come here fast.

Patrick: ok, on my way *heds to sick bay 2*

* Zhen waits for him

* Patrick arrives

Patrick: so, what is broken ?

Zhen: Now look I nee yourtechnical expertise. These things are partially based on energy. *shows him picture and his analysis* Now you will have to think of how to repulse them from our bodies while I will have to make sure your procedure does not kill us. Also when out you must think of some kind of containment field.

Patrick: *rolls eyes* oww...

Zhen: Stop complaining and get to work. All our lives depend on this. No pressure atall.

Patrick: never

Patrick: hmm, I can think about something yes, but I miss the physiologic knowledge to really know what I can achieve...

Zhen: That is why I am here.

Diurne: Patrick quickly figure a way to break the structure (the energy core) by bombing it with particles. It should shatter the core.

* Zhen now checks will that kill patient too

Diurne: If the particles bombing is precise enough, no. However, it can easily damage the patient cells if missing the shots. So Patrick solution is workable but need refining.

Diurne: During three days, Zhen struggle to keep people alive and actually manages to do it. Even if the number of active people decrease daily. Patrick builds a bulky machine in which a patient will be put and finely bombed by particles.

Diurne: Meanwhile, the ship slowly falls in worst and worst condition. You had to close and leave entire decks as you cut life support on them, unable to provide it anyway. Things look quite grim for the ship.

Diurne: When the machine is put to use, it works as intended. The particle bombing destroy the parasites inside the bodies. But the process is quite long.

Diurne: Now, the really worst happen two days after the medical solution started. When people treated actually fall ill back again...

Diurne: They are, again, subject to parasite visits

* Zhen will try to find the source of those buggars

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USS Independence's energy system are strained by firing phasers at a fleeing ship

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:33 pm


Diurne: So the Independence is still drifting in space, bathed by the rays of a neutron star. After the boarding, the sickbay was quickly filled by injured crewmembers. Zhen worked on a solution to remove the half-energy parasites, in cooperation with engineer O'Rourke. The first treatments are success as the newest machine bombards and breaks the energy structure of the parasite but treated patients display new symptoms after hours, or a day. They are infected again ! With the chief engineer and the main doctor at work on the parasite issue, the rest of the ship didn't benefit of their expertise.

* Tiron Eks checks, during the time his engineer and doctor are working on a cure for the crew, who of his officers are still capable to work.

Diurne: TRhe two women, Seyler and Kaur Siddhu, are the most afflicted. People in the hall where there was a Dom-jot competition are actually in relative good shape thanks to Peshana improvising a pharmacy from the replicators

* Tiron Eks gives a priority to cure Lt. Cmdr. Hilbert and Lt. Arquero and orders them to find the hell out what's going on with the ship systems, if it's the same thing that plagues the crew and find a way to get rid of it.

* Tiron Eks - since the captain is upset that the cause of all the system failing isn't determined yet, it's imperative for him to stabilize the ship.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to O'Rourke.

Tiron Eks: Our people are falling ill again after a treatment, I want you to work with Zhen how the hell that happens again and come with a solution to stop that happening further!

Patrick: the repairs will take some delay then. Morbren can't be everywhere

Tiron Eks: I'll give the next priority to Lt. Harrison, she shall help Lt. Chardok then.

Patrick: allright, I'll keep you informed

Patrick: *double-clics* yes, Zhen

Zhen: Patrick! The crew is falling ill again after our treatment! I want you to work with me again to see how in the Universe that happened again and come with a solution to stop that happening further!

Patrick: *rolls eyes* don't tell me you need my assistance ?

* Patrick heads to sick bay 2

Zhen: Do I look to you like an engineer? Honestly? Do I? Now stop trying to make wisecracks and get to work. First thing is... the source of this parasite is somewhere near. My first suspect is that whateveritis we got from those suspiciously friendly aliens. Scan it, rip it apart if neede... and tell me is the concentration of Idisha-O'Rourke parasites higher around it.

Patrick: scanning the ore ? haven't we alread done that ?

Zhen: Not searching for those things. They are sneaky bastards, and it took me some time to detect them, remember?

Patrick: can always try, though someone from the science department would have better results, and in shorter time, I guess

* Tiron Eks thinks about the recent events: the illness of the crew, afterwards the failing of the warp drive due to dangerous energy spikes and how most systems had to be shut down to dampen the damage by whatever it caused, he thinks how he can employ his knowledge of other Eks hosts to make him useable to determine the ship system failings.
Zhen: How hard is it to point a tricorder set to detect I-O parasites at the ore? Do you maybe need a helper to help you holding it? Ask my cousin for help.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to Lt. Chardok.

Diurne: From his thinking, Eks can only see there is a strange occurance with system failings + illness + a boarding (!).

Lt Morbren Chardok: Captain ?

* Tiron Eks actually has the feeling it was a well coordinated attack at key systems.
Patrick: I wasn't thinking about using a tricorder I was thinkin about the whole problem. Anyway, the Captain required me to help you so I guess I'll have to comply to your every fancy *chuckles*

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant, the first system that suffered from this plague was the warp drive, which part exactly has been affected?

Patrick: I'll call you back *closes com*

* Patrick heads to where the ore is stored
Lt Morbren Chardok: WHich one we detected first ? I believe it is the particle variance array.

* Zhen talks to himself... or maybe he is talking to nurse Church "My every fancy? I already have a qualified nurse, I don't need an engineer in ssickbay, unless he is on sick bed! what am I a nobleman's daughter to need servants?"
Tiron Eks: Where is that array?

Diurne: Patrick arrives where the 2kg of alloy are

Lt Morbren Chardok: Close toi our auxiliary power room. In the rear area

* Patrick proceed to scan the suspected ore

Tiron Eks: Very well, thank you.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to Doctor Idisha.

* Zhen answers "Yes?"

Tiron Eks: Zhen, can these parasites by detected by our tricorders?

Zhen: When calibrated, yes.

Zhen: If we put in data on them, it is just a matter of detecting energy signature and bioogical one.

Tiron Eks: Good, have you uploaded the data already?

Zhen: I was just thinking on going on ship patrol doing just that and seeing where is the biggest concentration f our parasites.

Zhen: Acually scracth that idea captain... are ship's internal sensors operational?

Zhen: Maybe PAtrick can modify those to detect our invaders?

Tiron Eks: They can be, but it'll likely stress systems we need for our environmental controls.

Diurne: Patrick detects no parasites crawling on the alloy, no

Patrick: *clics* o'Rourke to Idisha

Zhen: You see captain, the source of these thigs is near... I am sure of it. We must try to detect from where are they coming.

Zhen: They may be in the ship or even possible outside ir, but it is near.

Tiron Eks: Start with deck 16, Zhen.

Zhen: As you say captain. Anything I should know?

Tiron Eks: So far I can see from the bridge, no, but that doesn't mean another troublemaker might be on the way to us to rip us apart while we stay dead in the water.

Tiron Eks: *doesn't exclude

Zhen: Deck 16 it is... I will coordinate with Patrick.

Tiron Eks: Make it so. *closes channel by clicking combadge*

Zhen: Who is miraculosly calling me.

Patrick: no virus sign on the ore...

Tiron Eks: *grabs a tricorder and adjusts it to scan for these parasites*

Zhen: Lovely. Okay, meet me at deck 16 turbolift.We have parasite hunting to do.

Patrick: right

* Patrick heads to Deck 16

* Zhen packs medical kit and goes to deck 16... opening door of medbay 2 "Nurse Church you are in charge of medbay 2 now."

Zhen: Oh! And send captain data of the parasites please!

* Nurse Church smiles "You make it sound as if it was important, doctor !"
Zhen: All officers are doing it, and I must supposedly act like one. *grins*

Nurse Church: Sending data to the captain immediately

Nurse Church: Be careful, doctor

* Tiron Eks after receiving data and adjusting tricorder he makes a scan of Lt. Codanadal.
Zhen: You know me, I am always careful. No adventures for me. *waves and goes to meet Patrick*

Diurne: You can arrive to the rendez vous safely

* Zhen does not feel safe outside of medbay 2. Who knows what kins of pirates can jump the ship in this condition...

Patrick: *nods to Zhen* so what's the picnic here ?

Zhen: Get your tricorder set on parasites. We will walk on decks and scan around. We need to find places with heighened concentration of them... unless you can do something with internal sensors without killing us all?

Diurne: From what the captain sees, his pilot isn't infected anymore

Patrick: nah, bad idea, the ship is really ill. Let's try to do without the systems as long as we can

Zhen: Then prepare for a long walk. I hope you are in form.

* Tiron Eks gives a look at Lt. Codanadal, wondering if he looks still ill?
Patrick: let's proceed

* Zhen with Pat (the orginal) go and start shipwide scanning.

* Patrick starts scanning for virus

* Lt Salpan Codanadal was treated a bit earlier today, he looks back at the captain, visibly surprised he looks at him

* Zhen is wonderful

Diurne: You find no particular large concentration of parasites on deck 16. Unless you consider significant the fact the tricorders say there is a parasite presence behind the corridor walls, in computer panels etc

* Zhen mentions that to PAt "Maybe our biogels are actually carriers."

Zhen: We should check few more decks to be sure.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Captain ?

* Zhen drags Pat to check few more randomly picked decks

Patrick: ok, let's go for Deck 15

Tiron Eks: How are you feeling?

Zhen: Randomly Patrick, randomly...

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I must admit that, at times, I don't feel completely cured. But doctor Zhen said I'm fine so...

Lt Salpan Codanadal: *doctor Idisha

Tiron Eks: Has he told also what's going on?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: A malicious parasite feeding us has infected the crew. He has built a machine to break their molecular structure. I'm sure he even spoke about contact, as in "first contact" at a moment

Tiron Eks: It appears rather a hostile contact on purpose, since we had also visit by two pirate ships, the boarded the Independence, looted things they could and vanished with the Cardassian who was once in our brig.

Tiron Eks: We're still struggling to keep the ship stabilized, but we can't improve our situation without getting rid whatever affects our systems.

* Lt Salpan Codanadal glances at the controls "The ship is still mainly crippled, captain. But at least the crew is recovering'"
Diurne: Going to deck 15, the two close friends can only confirm the parasite presence inside various technical parts

Tiron Eks: I'll need you on the bridge and have someone who monitors the situation from here. I'll go down to the Auxiallary Power Room.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Aye, sir

Zhen: Now we go at decks hmmm... pick some random numbers that are within deck range.

Patrick: 13?

Tiron Eks: You have the bridge now, Lieutenant. *goes to turbolift and heads to that auxiallary power room*

Zhen: Then...?

* Lt Salpan Codanadal whistles "What a responsability"

* Tiron Eks once arrinv in that aux. power room he'll conduct a tricorder scan of the said system.
Diurne: The captain can see the parasite, detected by the tricorder is alive and well, nesting inside the room tech

* Patrick heads to next deck, scanning
Diurne: Same result for the two lovers

* Zhen mumbles something about he should have taken nurse Church but follows PAt

* Tiron Eks looks for what the tech is connected to. Electro Plasma system? Optronics data network? Bioneural gelpack pathways? Simple energy cells?
Diurne: The auxiliary power is connected to a bit of everything since it generates power for, potentially, the whole ship. But in priority, it goes to the engines, then deflector and life support

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to O'Rourke.

Patrick: yes Captain

Tiron Eks: I need your report of your survey so far.

Patrick: we're scanning decks... nothing concluding so far, there is parasite presence inside various technical parts but it doesn't seem to be the origin

Tiron Eks: I've taken a scan of the auxiliary power room. This system demonstrated the first failure, which is connected directly to the deflector, engines and environmental support system.

* Zhen stops

* Zhen cuts in the conversation
Zhen: You said deflectors captain?

Tiron Eks: I've done some research and several days ago we were in a system where the deflector system ...

Tiron Eks: Yes.

Zhen: Something happened? That must be it! We caught them in space... smehow. And they infected our gels and spread to people.

Tiron Eks: You have just completed my sentence. We gathered it with our deflector system and from there it affected our engines and life support system and at the same time also our crew.

Zhen: We as it seems got space Trematodas... or were infected with one.

Tiron Eks: Since it's the one and same that plagues ship and crew, how can we get rid of it?

Zhen: That is actually good news in a way captain. There is no actual carrier or source... we just have to... somehow use Idisha-O'Rourke treatment on whole ship.

Zhen: For crew problem I have the idea, but... for systems it is more Pat's area.

Tiron Eks: We can't afford to vaporize every affected system with our phasers, we need a right way concentrated particle bombardment. Tell me, which particle do you use exactly?

Zhen: Who said anything aboutvaporizing anyone!

Zhen: Or anything.

Zhen: You see... Idisha-O'rourke treatment can be used on any system without a problem... if someone who is a... *coughs* engineer watches the procedure just as I had to overse it when used on crew.

Tiron Eks: Starfleet regulation say if the contamination has irreperable damaged the crew, then the self destruct sequence has to be initiated to contain any spread of any potential virus to other star faring ships.

Zhen: Because if used in excess it can cause damage.

Zhen: Don't be insane... and leave the red button alone captain.

Tiron Eks: Can the damage be healed?

Zhen: You see... the Idisha-O'Rourke treatment works perfectly... the problem was infected systems and crew got sick again from the. We have to do the whole treatment in a short peropd. Crew and the ship.

Zhen: Obviously! I and PAtrick made the treatment!

Tiron Eks: Can a neutron star help us to generate enough amount of particles to eradicate all parasites at the same time, ship and crew?

Zhen: Let me think...

* Zhen calls his cousin

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is assisting as supplemental nurse on a deck, somewhere
Zhen: Cousin, I need some of your expertise...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: What do I have to climb ?

Zhen: Just a neutron star, doesn't is sound lovely? Can a neutron star be used to simulate the workings of Idisha-O'Rourke machine? *proceeds in explaining how the machine work using a lot of Trek technobabble*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Eck, then call an astronomer ! Anyway... Hmm... No, a nautron star just generate lethal radiations

Zhen: So no help there... thank you anyway. After this risis is over we must do some climbing somewhere. Zhen out.

Zhen: You heard her captain. No help fro the star, we must soehow do it inside. People are realitvely easy to handle we just have to make several machnes, but bigger in size and do mass purging under my supervision. As for biogels and systems... I hope Pat will have the idea.

Tiron Eks: Patrick? I need some scottish creativity from you now to make this plague end!

Tiron Eks: A neutron star is emitting only lethal radiation, starships are constructed to protect them from lethal radiation levels. Can we use anything as a converter to use that massive amount of energy to help us generate enough particles?

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:51 pm


Diurne: Biogels and similar niceties are not infected per se. Their connectors are.

Diurne: So far, the plague on board is contained as the medical team can treat people whenever the parasites come back.

Zhen: So... as said. We should start planning for almost simultaneus treatment of the ship.

Zhen: If we are not fast people will just get infected again.

Tiron Eks: I need ideas how we can flood the whole shop with these particles so we get rid of these micro invaders all at once.

* Lt Salpan Codanadal sent a erport to the captain saying he was able to extrapolate a vector, a direction of the fleeing ships, from the data collected by captain Eks

Zhen: That is Patrick's area. I can contrl the process, but I can't make a huge Idisha-O'Rourke treatment device.

Tiron Eks: Patrick, we generate a field that simulates these particles?

Patrick: hmm *thinks*

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya reports that looking at the intrusion pattern was quite efficient. From witnesses, the intruders were from an unknown race. Yet, it seems they were able to orient themselves easily in the ship

* Tiron Eks comments also on his chief security/tactical officer that they were able to move though sleeping gas was used.

Diurne: If you want to flood the whole ship^with particles, you need emitters a bit everywhere or emit a real strong field. The second solution is the easier. But the most problematic aspect is the treatment goes from like a medical scalpel to a chainsaw.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya comments the intruders were all wearing environmental suits, albeit not fully, they were all wearing respirator, from the very start

* Zhen 's Patrick sense is tingling

* Tiron Eks is still waiting for a more precise answer than "hmm" from his chief engineer.

* Zhen is also anxiously waiting

Patrick: ok, we can probably do something ... with various emitters... a bit everywhere in the ship.

Patrick: gonna take time though to install them

Tiron Eks: How long?

Zhen: Only if I can monitor their work, we don't want to kill the crew with parasites.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana is now having a growing interest at Zhen and Patrick machine to treat patients

* Lt Morbren Chardok warns his Lt Cmdr the ship could go at low warp speed (2-3) if really needed. Most of system are still locked by parasites

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert came to the sickbay with the duo of blue women to provide help at the sickbay

* Lt Anra Vaden offers her service to the captain to organize the crew schedule, according to perceived stress and morale

* Tiron Eks gladly acceps the offer of his counselor.

* Nurse Church reports to Doc Idisha that commanders Seyler and Kaur Siddhu conditions are improving

Zhen: But of curse they are. While Patrick is thinking I will go to check on them.

* Lt Anra Vaden then goes left and right, inquirying the crew condition so she can detect people who should rest for now

* Tiron Eks still waits for the anser of "how long?" from his chief engineer (again!)

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana asks Doc Idisha if he has the blueprints or something close of the IORT machine

Patrick: hmm... 24 hours

Zhen: Yes, of course. I do not realy understand them, but Patrick mae it by my instructions. *transfers him data*

Tiron Eks: Make it done in 16 hours!

Diurne: Patrick see a way to quickly reroute power to bypass the stuck circuitry by installing mobile power source that are overlooked by internal sensors, once hooked to a computer panel

Patrick: let's hope ther aren't too much damaged systems on those I'll need to use...

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Would you mind if I propose you improvements, doctor ?

Zhen: No, not at all... the better it works, the better it will help in treatng this parasite.

* Tiron Eks after giving the orders to his chief engineer he pays now attention on the report and goes through the data of the earlier raid on the ship.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana comes back half a day later to Doc Idisha with a Personal Access Display Device (aka PADD) full of technical recomendations

* Patrick , 6 hours laters calls Tiron to tell him everything's ready

Tiron Eks: Very good, Commander. You're green to go.

Patrick: just waiting for Zhen, now

Zhen: I'm sure Patrick will be happy with them... in short? What is different?

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana tells doc Idisha "You should have ask me instead of pestering the chief engineer", he smiles, "I'm a biomedical engineer you know ?"

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: You can get a far better accuracy by using a differently polished crystal for your lens here. Also, there is a loss of energy by doing the adjustment after the medical computer has finished the calculations. You can pair it with the calculations themselves. It saves some time but it also make the machine heating less.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: So, overall, you can run a faster program to get rid of the parasites, making it more efficient on the long run opr if you have many patients to treat. Plus less heating means a longer service duration for several parts. Requiring less interruption for cooling or replacement

Zhen: Marvelous. Come with me, Patrick is working on wide ship emmiters and I wish these modifications done before we expose whole crew to IORPT treatment.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Don't blame the chief. He probably doesn't know the medical lenses and how our laser targeting pointer is sensible to heat

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana follows Zhen

Zhen: I do not, of course. This is excellent work. *nods*

* Zhen talks to Peshana about how these parasites are fascinating discovery

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to O'Rourke.

Patrick: yes, Captain

Tiron Eks: Once the ship is cleaned from these parasites we need to protect ourself incase we hit again on a swarm of these parasites. We don't know exactly if the pirates were responsible for them, but their timining was too good to not dismiss this speculation.

Patrick: I agree

Tiron Eks: And I'm also intending to go after these pirates, so I need warp, sensors and tactical systems operational to encounter them again.

* Zhen continues with speculations if these parasites could somehow be controlled and used for something useful

Patrick: this will require some time, we have cut a lot of systems. And Morbren kept on cutting some after I started to work with Zhen...

Tiron Eks: I trust you're expertise in scheduling your engineer teams to make it just in time.

Patrick: we'll do our best

Tiron Eks: Bridge out.

Patrick: *for himself* fine job, Patrick, and now go and square the circle..

* Zhen walks and talks towards Patrick

Diurne: Patrick had installed the emitters in the record time of 6 hours (proving thus he was grossly exaggerating his workload previously).

Patrick: ah well, things can't always go wrong...

* Zhen has arrived with Sebastian

Zhen: Patrick, I would like if you could wrk with doctor Peshana here, he has great ideas how to make this treatment more sae for everyone.

Patrick: sure

Zhen: And then we can start.

* Patrick proceeds

Diurne: After a couple opf hours of work, you adjusted and calibrated the medical machine you built with Zhen, under Peshana instructions. You may discover at that mioment the guy is quite comptent in this kind of engineering

Diurne: So, unless Peshana bullshitted Idisha, the medical machine is now more efficient

* Zhen is ready for the procedure

Diurne: So far, after half a day, everything is in place, the emitters and the new IORPT machine.

Diurne: During all this time, patients are treated and regularly, cured patients come back, infected again

Zhen: *clicks* Captain, all is ready for IORPT.

Tiron Eks: *click* Very good, now let's pull this off.

Zhen: This is the biggest patient I ever had... whole ship. Let us begin then.

Diurne: So, yes, it's a big patient that Zhen has. He also has in front of him the weirdest of the medical console, since it isn't one, it's an engineering console and internal sensors reports.

* Zhen asks PEshana to aid him in deciphering this infernal engineering console

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana helps doc Idisha

Diurne: After two minutes, Zhen has more and more troubles to handle the emission flood. But the abilities of Lt Cmdr Peshana helps a lot, when he acts as a secondary practitionner, fixing and correcting Idisha sometimes a bit enthousiastic management of power and emissions.

Diurne: At this occasion, Peshana comments more the technical side of things than the medical aspect. He actually acted almost like an engineer there

Diurne: On the other hand, O'Rourke sees Peshana has a real understanding on how the whole works but probably little else like power generation, antimatter and all. He knows well the receiving end of anything engineered *and* medical

* Zhen reembers that in the future Peshana may seem as a wiser choice to do medical-techy things with

Diurne: The internal bombardment of the ship lasts for one hour. Zhen finally adjusts himself and ends doing a steady and efficient job. O'Rourke, however, can see the "treatment" is causing there and there minor malfunctions. Apparently, the process sometimes hits more than just parasites

Diurne: Yet, as one hour passed, the whole ship was purged and medical + internal sensors don't find any traces of the parasites. The ship systems that were working unreliably start to work again as always intended

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Bridge to Engineering, report!

* Zhen sighs "Why is it always so hot around here? I think the patient is well now..."

Patrick: Captain, so far, the operation seems to have been successful. No sign of parasites any more.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana comments, as he glances at the instruments, contemplating the work doine "And yet, we have no idea on how those parasites came noboard"

Tiron Eks: Finally a victory against this plague. Now let's don't lose more time than necessary and get the ship to warp speed as soon as possible.

Zhen: And I will make through check on the rest of the crew.

* Zhen mumbles something about Seyler and wiping a smug grin off her face

Tiron Eks: Eks out.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, plot a course to follow the pirates.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Aye, sir.

Patrick: Captain, we're far from being fully operational. Let's refrain from engaging a war for now, if we can

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I wish to remind you I extrapolated their direction. It is likely the farther we travel, the larger the error margin will be.

* Patrick proceeds to check systems on the ship, with Morbren's help

Tiron Eks: Do we have a warp trace of them, Lieutenant?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I got what you collected when they fled. The sensors got enough infos to give me a direction. Supposing they went the shortest straight way to the destination, we can actually follow them.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: But I can't get anything here to follow directly. The neutron star presence washed everything in a neutron soup

Tiron Eks: We should be able to scan directly for the ship, afterall got one damaged pretty near its engines, that might leave a trace somehow.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: We're not operating at 100%, may I remind you, captain ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Plus, even a plasma leak can be repaired and no respectable engineer would leave a breach in the hull open for long

Tiron Eks: *leaves that uncommented and instead fills a report for Starfleet and the Galileo of their current status*

Diurne: So the Independence goes to (slow) warpspeed, thanks to the efforts of the engineers. The plague looks to have been put to an end, after all.

* Zhen is cheking thecrewwith nurse Church being extra smug with Seyler and Siddhu
Diurne: Half a day, later, it looks the plague wasn't ended, after all... but only a few cases were identified. Yet... strange... the whole ship was purged, no ?

Diurne: One more day and half travelling at an increasing warp speed as repairs are done througout the ship. O'Rourke can know realize he has weeks of work to repair everything.

* Zhen wants to know where.. is there a deck or compartment of origin?

Diurne: Now, camera focusing on the bridge...

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Captain, I am detecting communications and warp speeding ships at a star cluster 2 days away from us, at our curent speed

Tiron Eks: Can you identify the communication?

Diurne: The only common point Zhen finds to everyone newly sick is they all passed or worked at a moment to the docking bays

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Apparently, it's as ordinary as a traffic control beacon, signals from incoming and leaving ships. Looks there is a sort of space station.

Tiron Eks: Is that space station within tolerable extrapolation course?

* Zhen clicks "Captain this is Doctor Idisha, we have another case of parasitic infestation. It may orignate in docking bays... but whatever it is we must find source fast or we will have another epidemic."

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Erm... it's stretching a bit the provisionnal course I've established but it's still in relative plausibility

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Understood. Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya, scan the docking bays for traces of these parasites.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We do have an extremely low population of those parasites, yes. Only a faint presence.

Tiron Eks: Bridge to Engineering. I need an engineering team in the docking bays and the apperatures to destroy them there. Clean the remaining parasites and do everything you deem necessary to prevent another spread of these parasites.

Patrick: *clics* Dr Idisha for O'Rourke

* Zhen asks Pashana if there is possibility to make portable IORPT devices

Zhen: Just a second...

Zhen: Yes Patrick?

Patrick: Zhn, we have a problem. Either th infection comes from outside and obviously we aren't airtight, or something generates it inside the ship, something that doesn't appear on the scans before it generates parasites

Patrick: we can go for another round of cleaning, but the phenomen will reappear

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana says portable IORPT would be inpractical. They would look like heavy rifle with an energy backpack. Aim and shoot micro-parasite by looking into a king size scope.

Zhen: My thoughts exactly. What can I do to help?

Patrick: I think I can handle the first hypothesis. But for the second one... I need to know what could crate those parasits. can a lifeform generate them ? can a device generate them ? can those parasites be... assembled, created in some way ?

* Zhen thinks about most possible answer based on his research

Diurne: Given most of the parasite is of energy structure, its type is totally alien to any lifeform on board. So it's unlikely anyone here can generate them

Zhen: It is unlikely that it can be created on board, so either someone left us something, and I tell you I still think it is that damn material that we got from over helpful aliens, or we are catching the disease from the outside.

Diurne: The alloy was studied and no parasite was found on it or close

Patrick: actually I wasn't thinking about someone, more about a device. You know, like something with three containers that at a give time will mix the three parts and crate the parasite... and release it

Patrick: there is another possibility : our scans aren't accurate enough. Or something hide the parasite from them. Like lead blocking X-Rays

Zhen: It is possible, but if itwas true that person would be target for the parasites also.

Diurne: Still, currently, while worrying, the "plague" is easily contained. If the sickened crew member number doesn't start to raise exponentially, it can be handled

Zhen: Those things do not discriminate.

Patrick: I was thinking about a gift from our unexpected guests, a way to create a second epidemic, so as to buy the mmore time

Patrick: Anyway, there are only two solutions : either it is inside the ship and we can't detect it, or it is outside and we can't prevent it from entering

Zhen: Maybe there is something outside on the hull?

Zhen: Like a parasitic rash.

Patrick: by the way, I was thinking... I know parasites aren't supposed to do that, but ...

Zhen: Hm?

Patrick: is it possible this parasite have... several forms... like some hive queen who would create the parasites ?

Zhen: I would not be unheard of.

Patrick: or another lifeform who would develop in the parasite on a specific stimulus ?

Zhen: But through shipwide bioscan should detect it.

Zhen: Also if IORPT affects children it is logical to assume it affects mother. So it should be affected when we did it shipwide.

Patrick: ok, I'm gonna set the outside problem by inspecting the hull from outside

Zhen: If that fails then the problem is internal.

Patrick: *clics* Eks for O'Rourke.

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Diurne: And the USS Independence, still having its local parasite, yet diminished, problem, was flying to a spot in space where the ones who left with "Gul Dargan" may be

Diurne: The Independence pilot said the spot is a group of ships. It probably harbor a space station. The fleeing ships may have chosen to go there, plausibly but not certain.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, set a new course to the space station. Since we got nothing else than a direction we might as well try there to gather information at least.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Certainly, sir

Diurne: So the ship travels at low warp speed to its new destination.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: *bleep* Peshana to the captain

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Go ahead, Doctor.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Commander Kaur Siddhu is... insisting to be given permission to leave the sickbay. I would agree but I also recommend rest. But I'm afraid the commander would go straight to the bridge.

Tiron Eks: I think it's anyway time to pay finally a visit to sickbay, Doctor. I'll be on my way.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Understood

Tiron Eks: Mr. Rajakanya, you have the bridge.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Yes, sir

* Tiron Eks leaves bridge and heads to sick bay 1.

* Tiron Eks arriving some minutes later he enters sickbay 1 and gives a look around.

* Nurse Church salutes the captain

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is sitting on a biobed

* Zhen waves a salute

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Welcome captain

* Tiron Eks gives a short approving nod to Nurse Church and Doctor Idisha.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Me and doctor Idisha have done a great job fighting the parasite infestation. You'll be glad to know we're able to treat anyone in short time now. If only we could stop them to come back

Tiron Eks: *gives finally a nod to Peshana* Doctor.

Tiron Eks: I can say in the name of the ship and crew: thank you, doctors.

* Zhen nods "The IORP treatment was a joint effort."

Tiron Eks: Having you abord this ship is without any doubt invaluable.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana looks satisfied

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu looks at the assembly from her biobed

Tiron Eks: Starfleet will be delighted that they haven't lost yet another ship to some space anomaly or carefully planned attack. *steps forward to his Number One*

* Zhen stands there with "I told you so face" looking at Commander Siddhu

Tiron Eks: How are you, Number One?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu didn't notice Zhen expression

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Some ache in the back and shoulders but otherwise ok

Tiron Eks: I hope you don't try to impress me that you're ready to jump again when the call for it comes. There's no need to cut short needed rest time.

Zhen: Commander still needs rest. I recomend here because of her... high profile and demanding duties.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I understood there is much work to do and the ship didn't go through this unaffected. So I guess there are some urgency here, no ?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu glares briefly at Zhen

* Zhen grins

Tiron Eks: I see one urgent need directly infront of me: I need my officers in best possible health condition to rely on them if the there's again an emergency. By doing work you won't improve so fast as you could do here.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu rolls eyes once "Great... so I stay here... "

Zhen: Now, now. It is not that bad, you have me to keep you company Commander.

Tiron Eks: Commander ... *softer* Sadhvi. Everything is stable here and it's now time to regain strength. The crew will handle everything. I admire your drive to go back to work though.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu sighs "You're not stuck here with *him* ", nods toward Zhen

Tiron Eks: *looks briefly at Zhen*

Zhen: Tch! That is gratitude...

Tiron Eks: I think it's time that he demonstrates how well he cares for his patients then. Right doctor?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu replies to Zhen "I call this "appreciating your own limits" ", then she grins

Zhen: But of course, my second name is "Care".

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You're right, captain. doctor Idisha, I hope you're conscious I need extreme attention so I can go back to the bridge the sooner. I'm sure you will obey to all my needs without delay

Tiron Eks: Excellent.

Tiron Eks: Since there's nothing else here that needs my attention I'll go back to the bridge.

Zhen: As requred, you know wehave many patients.

* Tiron Eks goes out of sick bay and returns back to the bridge, having a smirk while being in the turbolift.

Zhen: Now commander I suggest you to rest. The more you rest... the quicker you will go back on duty.

Diurne: The ship travels to the location detected by Lt Codanadal. Arriving closer, the sensors reveal 5 ships idle by a large structure. It may be a space station but then, it is no longer active as no energy is used on it, no traffic control of any sort. Truly, one of the 5 ship is acting as the local controller

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Shall we fly to the location of the ships captain ? Or ... ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I'm not getting clear readings on the potential armament of the ships, captain. They are, yet, of the same configuration than the ones who attacked us

Tiron Eks: Can you scan them if one of them is the ship I tried to disable?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I tried already but none of them looks damaged. Either they repaired or concealed their damage, either it's not one of them

Tiron Eks: Salpan, get us to the ships there.

Tiron Eks: Mr Rajakanya, keep an eye on the ships.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Flying to them, captain

* Zhen takes special care that commander is resting and notsecretly working

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu already asked a direct connection to her quarters so she can work

* Zhen fefuses her demand and offers her Bolian love poetry instead

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Captain, we're contacted by one of the ships

Tiron Eks: On screen.

Some alien: Hear hear... welcome traveler. What service can we offer you on this day ?

Diurne: The alien looks to be speaking from the interior of an entertainment house. Much lights, sounds, cheerful sounds

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Captain, whatever that space station was... It's completely... ruined now. Probably since decades. You should get a look of it

Tiron Eks: Good day. I'm Captain Eks of the Federation Starship Independence. We're new in this region and explore it. Since you were directly on the way we have chosen to look what's happening here.

Some alien: That's nice. You have crossed a dangerous area with your ship. Know space is more friendlier beyond that point. Well... more or less... But life is never without danger, eh, captain ?

Tiron Eks: Danger is part of the life, indeed.

Tiron Eks: Tell me about you. Why you gather here at an obvious ruined space station.

Some alien: We can offer you distractions and entertainment on our ship, if your crew is tired and longing for amusement. We do also have limited repair abilities. All of this isn't free of course but one ever has something useful for trade

Some alien: That station is a convenient spot in warp traveling. You're new here so you don't know the dangers of space lanes yet. Just stick to the safest. The others... well...

Tiron Eks: What is with the others?

Some alien: And this derelict station wasn't built here by chance I'd assume. It's at the nexus of several lanes

Some alien: The others ? Sometimes ships never reappear. Believe me, it's good enough for most of sane captains to stay where the lanes are safe

Tiron Eks: What could have happened to the ships that have never reappeared?

Some alien: A few spacers would entertain you with the tales of ghost visions, empty ships floating foirever in the cold grip of space. But whatever happen, better someone else than me, ha ah !

Some alien: Err... since they never reappeared, it's difficult to say what happened, you know ?

Tiron Eks: That's intriguing, isn't it? Mind if we come abord and take a look? Since I'm curious of the new space here.

Some alien: We do have a bar, if any. So come get a drink, yes. I'm offering it to you

Tiron Eks: Good, expect us to arrive soon. Independence out.

Tiron Eks: *opens internal comm* Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke, Lieutenant Idisha and Doctor Idisha, report at transporter room 1.

Zhen: Yes sir.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: As surprising it will sound, captain... I must admit that person may be right. I asked the science team their latest long range sensor scans and I definitively have odd readings on space fabric. It would be tricky to navigate in it

Patrick: *whispers* ah well, what have they broken again...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Sir, the station... give a look

Tiron Eks: On screen, Commander.

* Zhen leaves detailed instrucions to nurse Church to watch Commander Siddhu and not let her do work. She seems to be... difficult in taking doctor's orders

Patrick: *makes a small gesture to the engineering crew* laters, fellows, fame is calling, it seems *winks*

* Patrick heads to Transporter Room 1

* Zhen then takes his medical tricorder and basic medikit and proceeds to transportation bay.

Diurne: The viewsscreen now give you a sight of the exterior. On the foreground is the handful of idle ships. But behind them, you can see the station. It looks like a sort of huge skeletal spider thing, pylons looking like twisted legs. The station is dark, it looks to have been bombed or maybe burned.... But more than anything else, it makes you... unease looking at it.

* Zhen nods to Patrick
Patrick: hmm, you, your cousin and me, obviously, someting is broken and someone is injured, now I wonder why Ria... *grins*

Tiron Eks: Commander Rajakanya, are there other ships within long range sensors?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We have three on sensors, but about 8-10 light years away, in nearby systems

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Beyond, our sensors don't pick anyone

Zhen: Another adventure, I bet. Ship is falling apart, crew is being infected by parasites and we will go to explore strange new words and all that. Pah!

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Hi boys, ready for a hike on a desert planet ?

Tiron Eks: *nods slowly* Okay. Mr. Rajakanya, you'll have the bridge. Commander Hilbert shall conduct a thorough scan of the station.

Patrick: *curses* gah, no way, I trained for Subtropical... can't ve have a decent planet for once... ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Understood, sir

Tiron Eks: *goes to transporter room 1*

Zhen: No. It is hot, an quite dangerous to us Andorians, not to say Patrick with his radiation weakness.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Why are you complaining ? I taught you everything I know about eating tropical berries

Patrick: *eyes Zhen briefly* luckily, there is medical secrecy which prevents a doctor to reveal that kind of information....

Tiron Eks: Lady and Gentlemen.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Hey, Tiron

Patrick: Captain *nods*

Tiron Eks: We're going to beam over to the controller ship that hangs out near that space station.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Humm... nice ?

Zhen: Since yur last episode with shuttle everyone knows that PAtrick.

Zhen: And I hate berries. *waves to captain*

Tiron Eks: The ships surrounding the station are the same class of ships that attacked us.

Zhen: Lovely.

Tiron Eks: I told them that we are explorerers and new to this region of space. No mention of our latest hassle with unwanted introders or a missing cardassian.

Patrick: or our various interference with local governments...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: An infiltration mission. *nudges Zhen* You will love it, cousin

Tiron Eks: This here seems to be a cross roads of various relative safe trade routes and the upcoming space is ... difficult to navigate in.

Zhen: Yes, I was trained by Federation secret service.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I have no doubt about it

* Lt Riashaala Idisha dust off herself, readying to be transported
Tiron Eks: I want to make a peaceful contact and possible get valuable information, regarding the upcoming space, local pirates, stories of ships that never reappeared, cardassians on the run.

Tiron Eks: Do you have questions?

Zhen: Lovely. Maybe you should have invited that former criminal auxiliary officer too...

Zhen: No questions.

Tiron Eks: Who would that be?

Patrick: *shakes head* all's fine

Zhen: Obnoxous guy in charge of supplies. He does not respect doctor's authority,

Zhen: I can't remember his name now.

Patrick: *whispers to Ria* is there someone that doesn't hate Zhen yet, onboard, I wonder...

Tiron Eks: Anyway I have chosen you to come with. Step up and ready yourself to be transported.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha replies to Patrick "You do hate him ?"

Patrick: *whispers* the jury is still deliberating...

Zhen: I wish we used shutles for once. *steps up*

Patrick: *winks*

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is ready

Tiron Eks: Transpoter chief, energize!

Diurne: And the team is transported... a bit blindly since noone invited you to be *transported* but we can imagine coords were asked just before

Diurne: The team materialize in the target ship. You're immediately assailed by the hot atmosphere, which is charged by smoke and alcohol vapors. There is mich noise and sounds, it's very colorful and a lot of people is here. It's actually crowded

Diurne: It looks you ended in a party, sort of. Or it is really looking like. The aliens here are all humanoid, none of them is a fish-based specie breathing methane or whatever.

Diurne: The mood looks to be cheerful. After a few seconds, you notice gambling is really the point in this room and many people are gaming for money. You are even suspecting there are bouncers there and there.

Diurne: §

Tiron Eks: Seems like we hit an ongoing party.

Tiron Eks: Keep your eyes and ears open.

Zhen: Hrmpf.

Tiron Eks: Doctor, you may want to run a Tricorder Scan, since it's hot and it smells like someone has drunken too much. Not that something else might be in the air.

Diurne: The captain and the engineer then notices... is it a good news ? ... a male Ferengi in the crowd

* Zhen does so
Patrick: I was wondering why we haven't seen one yet...

Tiron Eks: *nudges Patrick and points at the Ferengi in the crowd*

Patrick: yeah, I've seen him. Well, who knows, he maybe of help if we need supplies... or exotic wares...

Tiron Eks: At least we know at least one how to handle here.

Patrick: I'm not the best at barter, though, you'd probably better let that to Ria

Diurne: The Ferengi is apparently haggling over a piece of jewelry with an alien that may be a female

Patrick: also, he may have some valuable informations, about the ones who invaded ou ship...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Why ? You want me to get him on a trek over snowy mountains ?

Tiron Eks: Ferengi males don't respect females.

Zhen: Over my dead body...

Patrick: oh no *grins* I was thiking about some new... challenge... beat a Ferengi where he's the best....

Patrick: negotiating

* Lt Riashaala Idisha shrugs a bit "I am not particularly interested by such challenge. Plus it's curiosity that motives me. Someone could have done it a hundred of times before, I don't mind"

Tiron Eks: Idishas, you go around and look around, make possible contact with others. Commander, you're with me and go to the Ferengi.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Ok, boss

Zhen: Why is everyone so fascinated with the Ferengi?

Zhen: Hrmph.

Patrick: well, the fact the Ferngi were here before the federation might give you an hint...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Think about it, Zhen, maybe there is a dozen of unknown diseases lethal for humans that could kill Patrick

Lt Riashaala Idisha: With all those people here, it would be unluck if we don't get out uncontaminated !

Patrick: I'm gonna say I did'nt hear this...

Tiron Eks: Okay, let's go to him, Patrick.

Zhen: Why everyone thinks that Federation should be everywhere first? If I'm not mistaken Ferengi were space travelling around while humans were testing their first warp ships.

* Patrick follows Tiron

Zhen: And Patrick! Don't drink anythng!

* Tiron Eks approaches the Ferengi, looking what he's trying to make profit this day.

Patrick: unlesss they have Irish beer, not a chance...

* Zhen grunts and starts looking around

Diurne: he crew spread in the room, the universal translators have a little hard time to be able to translate everything at once, especially since a few languages are totally unknown and not similar to anything recorded yet. It's actually really amazing to see so many different races (and you know none save the Ferengi)

Diurne: The Eks and O'Rourke are close to the Ferengi now. He has finished haggling and actually bought the jewelry. He's now studying it closely with a strange optical device. That Ferengi looks to be aged and is richly dressed

Diurne: §

Patrick: *whispers to Tiron* could be worse.. we could bump on some Nausicaans, or some cardassians...

Tiron Eks: Or some Xindi mercenaries like you did once? *smiles briefly*

* Zhen is observing everything with interest... races, items, games...

* Tiron Eks gives a look at the jewelry.

Diurne: The jewel is a necklace with a large metal piece, something looking like bronze. It isn't particularly beautiful. Its only interesting feature may be tiny gravings on its surface

Diurne: Now you are close to the Ferengi, you also notice he has an energy whip at his belt.

Tiron Eks: *raises voice* Not the most beautiful necklace I've seen so far.

Diurne: The Ferengi replies, without looking at Tiron "Did I ask your opinion ?"

Tiron Eks: Perhaps you would, by looking up.

Diurne: The Ferengi turns and looks up "So what ?"

Diurne: The Ferengi is by a bar. A robot is mechanically getting orders and serving drinks

* Patrick stands a couple feet behinf the Captain

Diurne: The Ferengi drops the necklace in a pocket

Tiron Eks: *takes place on a nearby stool* I thought you always try to keep your ears open for anything.

Diurne: The Ferengi has a snarl "I don't believe you're even remotely qualified to help me on anything"

* Zhen hopes he is not Greedo
Diurne: "Correction. Maybe you could help lacing my boots", he says

Tiron Eks: It suprises me that you say that to me. You never know what next chances I could offer to you.

* Patrick checks on his datapad the list of parts that could be useful to acquire for the ship

Diurne: The Ferengi says "I know what I'm doing here and you have no part in it"

Tiron Eks: I'm not truely interested in your jewelry. I could easily replicate one myself if I want one.

Diurne: "I had guessed", he says, "So what do you want ?"

Tiron Eks: You are a Ferengi, hopefully with the right lobes for business.

Tiron Eks: I seek knowledge

Diurne: "Every decent Ferengi has them", he finds useful to comment

Diurne: "I hear you. But what can you offer in this barter ? Federation isn't known for its... credit capacity", he says sharply

Tiron Eks: I'm on a big ship, sailing to the fringe of the galaxy and exploring space.

Tiron Eks: I happen to have collected some rare materials during the trip so far. Maybe you have heard of an alloy called Geoa?

the Ferengi: Geoa ? Yes. But it's not my trade.

Tiron Eks: So what do you trade in then?

the Ferengi: Archeological valuables. I'm a collector selling to collectors

Tiron Eks: Interesting. Surely you couldn't have found out much in the region that is filled by brown dwarves.

the Ferengi: There ? The place is a waste.

* the Ferengi obviously didn't say more on purpose

Tiron Eks: What could have happened to all these planets there?

Patrick: *whispers* Captain, a Ferengi ie nevere here by accident, nor for a pleasure trip. There are opportunities for him, here, or at least he believes so...

the Ferengi: Plus, you want info. I can give you some. For a price. Chitchat will not get you them for free

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

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Diurne: So our valiant crew had beamed on a foreign ship orbiting, with others, around a as strange space station. A station made of two large spherical parts and eight pylons coming from one bulb. All of this giving the appearance of a metallic skeletal spider.

Diurne: The ships who are drifting here may or may not be related to the ones who assaulted the Independence while you were fighting an energy plague.

Diurne: A ferengi on an alien ship caught your eyes as a "familiar face", so t ospeak. And the captain had started to discuss with him

Diurne: §

* Zhen is mingling with the crowd and looking what is there to offer and what kinds of gambling games are there

Tiron Eks: I'm sure you must have some driving interest. Like archaelogical artifacts?

Diurne: Curious, Zhen had made a quick scan of the crowd and he notices 3/4 of the people are not. Not people. They don't register oln the tricorder as lifeforms

the Ferengi: Mister captain. Anything is an information and anything can be bartered. What do you offer to get information ?

Tiron Eks: I could offer some raw materials.

the Ferengi: I'm not really into selling such things. It's a completely different market. But I can consider your offer. How much kilos did you say ?

Zhen: Curious. *shows readings to his dear cousin* Do you think we have here sentient holograms?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: What makes you believe they are sentients ?

Tiron Eks: Everything is an valuable information, let's say I have some kilos of Geoa alloy.

the Ferengi: And what do you want to know ?

Zhen: It just seems odd to me that they would be a decoration.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: It's what they are on our holodecks

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Elaborate, reactive but still decoration

Zhen: Yes, but this place does not seem as... well... you have the point.

Tiron Eks: A couple of things. A detailed chart of the space further to the galactic fringe and the strange anomalies my flight officer has encountered or looking for some certain individuals.

the Ferengi: I have no such chart. What else.

Tiron Eks: You stay all the time here?

Zhen: How about we directly ask one?

the Ferengi: I'm here to meet customers, captain. And gamble a little.

Tiron Eks: What do you gamble here and for what? Latinum?

the Ferengi: Among other things. But you can look by yourself if you're interested by gamble, captain

* Lt Riashaala Idisha shrugs at Zhen suggestion "It can be as simple. if you wish"
Tiron Eks: Does everyone from this region comes by and visits this place?

* Zhen locates first non-detected person and approaches it
the Ferengi: You should tell your crew to transport at least one kilo here, captain. No, not everyone comes. It's only a minor spot.

Diurne: The person, a slim tall alien, turns and looks at him, visibly a bit embarassed by Zhen proximity

Zhen: Good day. We are new here so could you answer us some questions?

Diurne: The tall alien blinks a couple of times "Most certainly, sir. What do you desire to know ?"

Zhen: My name is doctor Idisha and this is my cousin. I have noticed that you do not have any lifesigns, are you perhaps a hologram?

Diurne: "I find your hypothesis perfectly shocking and I will attribute it to the ignorance and the lack of manners of strangers !", the tall alien replies

Tiron Eks: Why should I transport one kilo?

Zhen: I will then ubderstand this as "no".What makes me even more curious, you must understand, as a doctor it is proffessional interest.

the Ferengi: Why should I answer ?

Tiron Eks: You're not truely interested to make new customers, are you?

Diurne: The alien still looks mildly shocked and focus his attention back on a gambling table

the Ferengi: You're not going to be one of my customers. So I can agree to barter a bit this time, but that's all.

Zhen: I assume this means giving tissue samples is out of the question. I'll try asking someone else then.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: A tissue sample ? You really want to ask that to people you don't even know ?

Tiron Eks: And why do you view me not as a potential customer?

Zhen: Why not? A strand of hair would be enough. If somone asked me for scientific reasons, I would give them!

the Ferengi: Because you're not in my trade. I told you I'm a collector.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You maybe. Most people, no.

Zhen: Then obviously universe is not ready for my genius... yet. *chucles and goes to another similar alien*

Tiron Eks: You collect treasures?

Zhen: Good day. We are new here and we never met your species, what are you called if I can ask? My caousin and I are Andorians.

the Ferengi: Treasures, pieces of art, relics... a bit of everything.

Tiron Eks: Is this odd looking base that we surround also a treasure of yours?

* One of the Alien replies to Zhen "We are the Prani. And I'm named Ressk""
the Ferengi: The station ? No no, it's... just the landmark for the spot

Tiron Eks: Has noone tried to establish in it a casino yet? I would find it more attractive if it would.

the Ferengi: The station is just a superstructure left now. Making it anything than a wreck would require a massive investment.

Zhen: Ah the Prani, my name is Zhen Idisha, and I am a doctor. This is my cousin Riashaala, she is planetologist. Now I must ask you somethig, is my tricorder malfunctioning since it seems... it does not read you at all. That is curious. We Andorans have a bit curious anatomy too, for instance normal hyposprays are unable to work on us because of our specific muscular structure.

* One of the Alien looks at the tricorder Zhen holds
Tiron Eks: Perhaps I should recommend the Federation to invest in it and make it an outpost and trading base of theirs.

One of the Alien: I do not know why it doesn't work

the Ferengi: Here ? That's a sweet but laughable idea. But do as you wish captain.

Zhen: Truly curious! And as you can see it normally detects everyone else around! So you see I thought maybe your race has something specific in their physionomy that may cause this.

One of the Alien: Hmmph... You should repair it. It doesn't work.

Tiron Eks: Rule 95, expand or die. To some degree it applies to the federation as they like to expand their horizon. We're the first ship that's on a deep space mission here.

Tiron Eks: We had some interesting encounteres already.

the Ferengi: I do not own the wreck. So give a try at rebuilding it if you want.

Zhen: Possibly. Possiby. Thank you. Ah, is there maybe a Prani doctor on this station I could talk to? To share our medical knowledge?

One of the Alien: You're on a ship, not a station. And... I do not know a doctor.

Tiron Eks: The cost-performance ratio might be completly better if I suggest to colonize another location at a more lively spot in this region than this.

Zhen: Really? I am too much in sickbay... neverind then.

* the Ferengi looked fairly amused by the idea of the Federation rebuilding the station.
the Ferengi: If you find a spot for a colony, then go for it, captain...

* Zhen goes to his cousin mumbling "I don't trust them, they are hiding something."
the Ferengi: Now tell me... why are you saying me all of this ? You believe I'd be afraid your federation comes and rebuild this station ? You want what ?

* Patrick , as it seems Captain deosn't neead his presence for the moment, decide to wonder around, giving an eye to the local technology
Tiron Eks: I want to make new friends and friends for the federation.

the Ferengi: The grab a drink, sit at a gambling table and start to behave like people here !

Tiron Eks: What drink do you suggest I shall take?

the Ferengi: Meh... Any... you're human... something soft then. Try a Larpen fruit liquor.

Tiron Eks: Thank you, I'll try that.

Tiron Eks: *stands up from his stool and seeks his andorians*

* Tiron Eks comes close to the Idisha's: "And, have you found out anything?"

* Zhen approaches one of the females "Excuse me, but you look positively gorgeous if I may say so."

Diurne: The female Prani looks at Zhen and replies "No, sorry, i'm not interested by life insurances"

Diurne: Patrick walks around and just notices miniaturized holoprojectors everywhere in the room, dozen of them. It would allow a fine control over holograms projection and movement

Zhen: Oh no miss... I am a doctor. *winks*

* Zhen looks insanely out of place doing this
Patrick: interesting *looks for the andorian cousins*

Diurne: The female Prani doesn't seem particularly more inclined toward doctors and life insurance salesmen

Tiron Eks: *whistles to Ria* Since when does he do that females?

* Patrick uses his tricorder to see if he can detect what part of the environment is actually created by the holoprojectors

Lt Riashaala Idisha: My cousin interaction with the opposite gender is generally limited to the biobeds and medical scanners.

Diurne: Patrick determines everything is real in the environment. Most of the people, however, are not.

* Zhen just now tries to show Prani female his medical tricorder

Diurne: The Prani woman looks at the tricorder as if Zhen was holding and showing her some disgusting critter

* Zhen grunts and marches back to Ria and the captain

* Lt Riashaala Idisha tells Tiron "Now if you ever have the oppotunity, try to speak to him about someone called Imaru. But not to tease him. If you value Zhen as a friend, I mean"

* Lt Riashaala Idisha smiles at the coming doctor "But shhh for now", she says to the Eks
Tiron Eks: Report, doctor.

Zhen: This is just wrong! First they do not detect on tricorder, then they are very avoiding about talking about it and next their women do not appreciate medical genius... this is utterly wrong.

* Patrick heads to the Captain

Zhen: And that is my report! All I an say... our scanners can't detect them. I dnn't know why and for you I think you can consider them as possible security risk because of that.

Tiron Eks: We looked around here and poked some questions. All I could truely learn is that this is a gambling place and only through gambling you get something.

Zhen: Hmmmm... really?

Tiron Eks: The Ferengi collector told me so.

Patrick: Captain, this is an interesting place we have here... but most of his residents aren't real

* Zhen mentions that then too
Tiron Eks: Have we beamed onto a holodeck?

Zhen: Maybe... That is Patrick's expertise.

Patrick: there are several holoprojectors around, yes

Lt Riashaala Idisha: It's an entertainment place after all. It's not impossible

Tiron Eks: I believe it's time to return to the ship, we have looked around here and see what it is like.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Captain Eks to Independence.

Zhen: Ah that would explain that woman's disinterest. She was programmed like that, that makes sense now.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Independence listening

Tiron Eks: 4 people to beam up.

Diurne: And you're all beamed up to the ship

Tiron Eks: It's time for a conference.

* Zhen is checking if everything is on his body where it should be

Zhen: Yes captain.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to Lieutenant Commander Hilbert.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Captain ?

Tiron Eks: Have you concluded your first sensor sweep yet?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We do have some results but it isn't telling us much more.

Tiron Eks: I want to hear it. Meet me in the observation room.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Yes, captain

* Tiron Eks heads with his officer to the next turbolift and then further to the bridge. He invites Rajakanya to join the conference on his way to the observation room.

Tiron Eks: So, we've been at the local casino and found out that only some people there are lifeforms, most of them are holograms.

Tiron Eks: Whoever owns that casino tries to impress visitors that the place is crowded and the Ferengi Collector I met told me that this station is functioning as a landmark in this region.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Commander Hilbert, what have you learned about the station so far?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: It's completely unpowered and suffered damage from a bombardment it seems. Probably something like photon torpedoes. But seeing most of its contents were removed, it's liekly the station was pillaged afterward... I should say, disassembled. There isn't much left. Given the general shape, I'd say it was a power relay station originally. The spidery arms aren't to hold ships like I would have say first. It rather seems they are made to channel power.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: So far, this... station was probably receiving energy and projecting it somewhere else. But to confirm this theory, I'd need to identify the receiver element. Unfortunately, where I expect to find it... there is just a big hole. Someone removed or stole it.

Diurne: §

Tiron Eks: I remember a report of Starfleet Intelligence about a Tholian spider station, pretty much matching one we have encountered here. It is said to be an old one and that the Tholians would take particulary care of it. The function though remains unknown.

Tiron Eks: How old is this station, Commander?

* Zhen seems interested at the mention of Tholians

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We have to send a team on EVA suit on it if you want to precise date. But I'd say it's in this condition since probably several tenths of years.

Tiron Eks: How long would it take for them?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Oh probably more time to get in and out of the suit. Half an hour to an hour most likely. If you want to date the separate parts and section, of course, it's longer

Tiron Eks: That's not so relevant to date every bolt and nut of that station. Send a team over immediatly.

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert nods

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert still waits for the meeting to resume before going out to send a team
Tiron Eks: In the mean time we should use the time for further repairs on the ship and get back soon on our task to find and intercept the mysterious intruders.

Tiron Eks: Doctor Zhen, I want you to return to the casino and take tricorder scans of the lifeforms there. Perhaps we have luck and some of them match our unwelcomed visitors.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya, I want you to conduct tactical analysis of the ships here, since they match the pirates. Commander O'Rourke, if there are still parasites on the Independence, then clean the parts of the ships here with help of Doctor Peshana.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I studied the ships while you were on away team. 3 of them are actually armed and have a configuration fitting our attackers. However, I couldn't say if it is *those* ships. It's likie identifying a Sovereign-class. It's different than saying "It's the Independence"

Tiron Eks: After all we have found here something worth to catch our attention and explore its secrets, but you have to remember that there are still pirates out there who are running away from us.

Tiron Eks: That's why I want Doctor Zhen back in the casino and makes analysis of different species there. We might learn valuable insight of our pirates.

Tiron Eks: Commander, have you also scanned for Cardassian lifesigns?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We don't have a real biological profile of our attackers as our sensors were off during the assault. But we have witnesses

Zhen: Yes sir, I will scan all I can scan.

Zhen: Can I have some latinum to appear more inconspicous?

Tiron Eks: Do you have some latinum? I don't have any strip of gold pressed latinum.

Zhen: Of course I do not. That is why I am asking. I was just thinking if I gamble a bit it could make me look less suspicious.

Tiron Eks: Has anyone even onboard this ship latinum?

* Patrick shakes head
Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Captain, I have more details to reveal about the assault we suffered from. Do you wish we talk about it after the meeting... or now ?

Tiron Eks: There's no better time than the present.

Patrick: may we suppose the single fact you ask this question implies that you think about some ... help from the inside that was provided to the pirates ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I've talked with the Commander about the assault. *he eyes Zhen* I had to go to the sickbay for this, she wasn't allowed to leave. *cough* still... we had already noticed the intruders knew where to go.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: It implies they had a map of the ships or were given directions. But they also wore filter masks to counter our gas. They were carrying plasma torches to open our doors. They actually also had the equipment to counter us and perform their mission.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: But looking more in details about what they did, I wonder who were those guys exactly.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: If they were professionnals hired to free the Cardassian we were holding... then they should have go for that, only.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: However, a number of them drifted away from the best path in, and out, of the brig.

* Zhen is not happy that someone bothered his patients and glares at Rajakanya
Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: As an example, three of them went to the brig armory. Then, they used their plasma torches like they always did before. But the door is made to resist for a certain time to such torch. So it didn't work.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: What looks strange is ... it was as if they expected that door to be as easy to open.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: So the intruders who drifted from the path to the brig encountered much more difficulties because they tried to bypass obstacles by assuming they were identical to the way to the brig protections

* Tiron Eks narrows his eyes.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Then we have to wonder how they knew what equipment to carry, how they knew where to go...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: but also... if someone give them the info to break in our ship... how does it come the same person obviously didn't warn them about all security details... ?

Diurne: §

Tiron Eks: We have a number of smuggled in crewmember, we have an obvious complex appearing suicide, a self healing device on deck ((where was it again?)), and now an coordinated attack with primary goal to reach our hostage. I don't believe the Dracartan Empire is able to conduct such a well planned raid without inside help.

Tiron Eks: Yet the intruders used compared to our technology out-dated weapons and equipment and still made it work against us.

Tiron Eks: Can the same source be able that we get constantly plagued by these parasites?

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya eyes the doctor for the answer
Zhen: It can be, but I can not say it for sure. We do not know where they come from or why. But one thing is certain, if someone on board is spreading them, he is also in danger of being infected, so that makes little sense.

Zhen: Of course there is possibility that such person has some kind of shield against parasites, but I think such thing would be detected already.

Tiron Eks: Perhaps that someone is keeping a healthy distance before he releases them.

Zhen: Quite impossible captain. Even if such person would keep his distance, the spread of the parasites would eventually reach him.

Zhen: As you allexperienced yourselves, they truly spread fast and there is little that can be done to stop them. Except of IORP treatment, of course.

Zhen: But we can say that there may be possibilty of that, but I would say it is small.

Tiron Eks: And still it's a mystery that not everyone of us has been affected in the same way like Commander Kaur Siddhu. Your report suggests that these parasites are not behaving like a normal virus, they are coordinating their movement within a patient's body.

Tiron Eks: Like someone would control them somehow.

Zhen: That is the thing I am researching now. Are they manufactured somehow or natural occurence. Their behavior could be simply some kind of instinct. But it could also be pre-programed. Which leads us to another possible cnclusion.

Zhen: If they were put on board by someone, that somene may not be linked at all to our ivaders.

Zhen: You mean by remote control? No, no... there is small chance of that. If they would act on some kind remote control then they would knwo how to evacuate in front of IORP treatment.

Zhen: Obviously they do not.

Zhen: What I think is that we may be looking at completely separate problems.

Zhen: Alyo you just now said that our invaders had... well... insuficcient technology. To create something like this, well I'm not sure if Starfleet technology would be able to do it.I guess some mad scientist could make it.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: There are more questions... When the attackers entered the ship, we were still suffering highly from the plague. Logically, they were exposed to it as well. So maybe now they are contaminated. That or they knew how to deal with it before entering

Zhen: But that does not fit the profile of our invaders.

Zhen: Or they knew we have roblems.

Zhen: You see when they invaded, I still haven't dicovered the cause.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Then come another question... how did they find us ? They were like waiting in ambush.

Zhen: Maybe they simply thought it is a good opportunity because we are for some reason crippled.

Zhen: I nevr said we don't have a spy on board.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Possible yes. But then their attack wouldn't have been so focused in purpose

Zhen: That is entirely different thing.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Then go for the spy possibility. We never detected any transmission going out. The device the engineers found was never used. It's under watch since weeks and nothing ever happened

Zhen: Maybe they have Vulcans or Betazoids... who knows. Mental powers can be unpredictable, yt accurate.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I admit I can't formulate hypothesis in this case...

Zhen: That is the problem, we do not have any clue at all. This all are just wild shots.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The Commander was also underlining the fact the attackers were given just enough info to go to the brig. Why not more ? Something could have gone wrong requiring them to use another path ? So it was risky to assume everything would go well. It did but who knows...

Zhen: I have a theory on that too.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: She was considering that maybe the person giving the info... was maybe not trusting the attackers to follow the order.

Zhen: Maybe, or... that person is someone who has... let us say extreme sociopolitical views.

Tiron Eks: But I still fail to see what's the goal afterall than just sabotaging my decision to arrest that cardassian and bring him back to justice.

Zhen: Like someone who i pro-Federation, but thought that captains actions were not correct.

Zhen: So he did not want to endanger ship, but wanted to erase mistake so to say.

Tiron Eks: Mistake? The so called error can't be undone.

Tiron Eks: The Dracartan Empire won't welcome us in near future with arms spread.

Zhen: If it was a mistake, it is undone now.

Zhen: I am talking about our prisoner.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: As the captain suspects, I also don't believe the Darcartans are forgiving

Zhen: I never mentioned them.

Tiron Eks: The prisoner can impossible count on to get help from someone of this crew. Not in first instance.

Tiron Eks: *can't

Zhen: I never said that either. What I said was that someone from the crew arranged his release, nt that he asked someone.

Zhen: You said that you have more crew than it should be. So it is logical to assume that these extra people are... some kind of cell. A group with some kind of a goal.

Zhen: Whatever that goal may be. As said they could be some kind extremists...but who knows, they could be anything else. Religious sect that worships Federation as a go and they saw you making enemies of Dacartans as blasphemy. As far as we know they may even be some kins od Federation secret service watching over us and testing us for some reason.

Tiron Eks: *scoffs* Federation Fanatics? If they view me as a wrong person, they can all day knock on my door and ask me why I do things the way I do.

Zhen: But as said that all is just wild guessing. We could make up such stories forever. The facts is we have extra people with some goal. The other fact is that they are connected with some odd happenings on board. But the third is that they are probably not connected to EVERY odd happening.

Zhen: What you all should consider is tthat we maybe have several unwanted factions on board.

Tiron Eks: You say like it that: If you can't hide forever, then you have to dime the light enough to be not recognized anymore among many.

Zhen: We may have he sowaways. But among our regular crew there may be spies who are for instance Cardassian spies.

Tiron Eks: Cardassian spies? Doctor, I believe you should know first if someone tries to predend to be just something and is in truth someone else biologically.

Zhen: In a way, yes. But more importantly what I'm saying is that you hre should not put every blame on those extra crewmmembers. Some things may be space anomalies, and some things work of someone entirely different.

Zhen: Do you truly believe that every human, or andorian for that matter, in the universe supports Federation?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The fact the attackers came just when we were vulnerable tends to push aside coincidence

Zhen: I agree that that was not the coincidence, but the parasites we got still may be one. And our attackers just used the time we were weak.

Tiron Eks: What I believe does not matter. For me it's clear whoever is manipulating the levers for their own advantage we have to hurry ahead of them instead of reacting always.

Zhen: What I do not understand is one thing...

Zhen: Captain, you personally picked the crew?

Tiron Eks: I handpicked my own officers, so yes.

Zhen: An you should have got crew lists and checked that out too, correct?

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya gives a glance at each other officer

Zhen: Well then how come that you do not know who is extra?

Zhen: If you checked whole crew, and had the list. It should be easy to find who is extra on board.

Tiron Eks: It would be easy if I handpick every crewmen too. Which I didn't.

Tiron Eks: There are many non comissioned officers abord here too.

Tiron Eks: Starfleet Personnell Resources is responsible to assign crewmember for each department in required numbers. Whoever transferred the extra people to our ship, the source for this obvious failure roots back to them.

Zhen: Still, there was original list of crewmembers. I do not believe that bureaucratic mammoth that is Federation wouldjust let anyone on board without checking who that person is and without captain's approval. It would be liek I sudenly got two extra nurses and wonder from hwere they came, even if I picked only Nurse Chuch personally. So there must be a list of crewmembers, the original one. And I'm guessing you read throught it.

Zhen: Then check what are required numbers. Which departments have extra people.

Zhen: Start search there.

Zhen: This is hardly first Sovereign ship that went on exploration mission. Compare.

Tiron Eks: Commander Kaur Siddhu has done that work already.

* Zhen looks at Rajakanya "Or maybe I should do security work too?"
Zhen: And?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The Independence has custom deparftments, as far as I know. If Anra Vaden hadn't been selected, we could have got a diplomat instead. Or noone. Department size isn't standard on this ship, by the nature of our mission.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We know there are extra people when Commander Kaur Siddhu noticed you, doctor, examined 862 crewmembers after our maiden flight. The crew allocation for our ship is 855.

Zhen: How convineint.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The list of the people assigned by Starfleet to our ship is a list of 863 people, which surprised the Fleet itself. So we don't have an original list to compare to. Because the original list is already having extra people.

Zhen: 854 now with one death.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We still have a rough idea of people who probably shouldn't be here. Because they, say, didn't have enough merit. And usually, they wouldn't be assigned on our ship. But it just give us the list of less-than-exceptionnal crewmembers. And none of them is apparently suspicious

Zhen: In any case we have 8 extra people. 8 is enough to be a team of someone doing something. Then why are you not double and triple checking those sections with extra people? We ahve subspace relays for somethng more than personal mail, I assume. Dig through their pasts.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Now there are stories on everyone *he eyes O'Rourke* It doesn't make you a spy

Zhen: Who knows what may pop out.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We did. Nothing came out of this.

Zhen: I agree, but if you do nothing then we can continue with wild ideas. Like... maybe Q is actually doing this for fun?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: If we ignore the peculiar circumstances and the suspicion... we have extra non-notable crewmembers

Tiron Eks: This leads me to believe that whoever is acting against us knows before we know what's going to happen.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya stays quiet at the "you do nothing" comment
Tiron Eks: So far our reactions and countermeasures proofed to be not sufficient enough.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The most direct clue we have was that energy conduit destruction and the probable suicide of a crewmember.

Tiron Eks: Assuming we have a cabal of spies or various groups of spies it must have been unpredictable that I just took the cardassian on first sight in custody. And afterall I believe now more than ever that he's guilty and is Gul Dargan.

Zhen: Look, someone messed with our sensor array, what *I* discovered. So someone does things aroun the ship without any approval or anyone stopping them. Meaning they or he is in the engineering or security. Just sections with extra people.

Zhen: Also with this amazing security and computers, isn't it odd that nthing was ever recorded?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The communication array, doctor.

Zhen: Or maybe it was but it was later erased.

Zhen: That one, yes.

Zhen: Again such feat could be done onyl from engineering or security crew.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The device installed there was never used. We had it under watch constantly, everything recorded. Nothing. Maybe it's time to remove it and hope to find a clue from it

Tiron Eks: Patrick?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: As for recording everything on board, not every single move is suspicious. If you go with the assumption someone from security or engineering is at work against us, then doing technical stuff or being in less frequented area isn't that suspicious. With careful preparation, you can probably just do what you want, with time.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Don't assume computer security is so complete and overwhelming. Otherwise, why would we have security officers ?

Zhen: 'm not engineer obviously. I just want to stay alive for these 5 years and keep this crew alive and well too. I'm just trying to guess how come that we can detect alien speck of dust, but we can't detect someone messing with our equipment.

Patrick: *shrugs* I have no further ida for the moment. And yes, we may as well remove that device and disasemble it to see what we can learn

Tiron Eks: Then it's about time to make an educated thought about this situation and the device. For example your source told you also that we have investigated the crew and their channels.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Because you're assuming every move is recorded carefully. There isn't detectors on every panel of the ship. But it's easier to catch an energy level with internal sensors.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: So yes, it's easier to detect our energy pests than knowing who broke in your quarters

Zhen: I just hope I won't be found dead in sickbay one day because that odd noise and phaser lights from sickbay were not a cause for concern. Just another medical experiment.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya is a bit annoyed by the doctor comment "I didn't say tha- ...hmmf"
Zhen: Yes, yes.That is entirely different topic. I am SURE you are doing a fine job. But my point is that with possible saboteurish activities on board, maybe more scurity would be a prudent decision. Of course the problem remains that some of the security may be a spy which again counteracts any extra security measures. Hmmmm...

Tiron Eks: What we need are measures that aren't predictable by easy concluding logic and makes them expose in case they want to correct a so called mistake or try to hide themself in the crew.

Zhen: What we need are emasures that only peole in this room know of.

Tiron Eks: Further are Commander Kaur Siddhu, Doctor Seyler and Lieutenant Aquero in our let's call it anti-spy group.

Zhen: Nurse Church is also safe. I vouch for her with my life.

Patrick: I could say the same for my engineering heads

Patrick: and probably so do all of us

Zhen: Also I hink doctor Peshana is... safe.

Zhen: But I do not vouch for him with my life.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: But the more people aware, the higher the chance we slip a clue to the spy without knowing.

Zhen: That is true.

Tiron Eks: We don't need to widen the circle for now. Commander Rajakanya is right, discretion is the key.

* Zhen mumbles to himself "Why doctor Selyer and not nurse Church? She is 500% more reliable."
Zhen: Just as a suggestion...

Zhen: First not that I approve it, but it is still an option.

Zhen: I must stress is again that I do not approve it. Dotor Seyler could hold... basic psychological interviews with the crew and... eh... sense if they are lying. But that would be completely agains any right on privacy.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: But that would be good... lie detector.

Zhen: It would, that is why I mentioned it. It is... unwanted option, but still an option.

Tiron Eks: That's almost amorale to do it. It would be a bad decision at best. - Now, enough for this, you have your orders, Lady and Gentlemen.

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:22 pm


* Zhen got a mission to boldly go where team went before and to seek out new life by scanning everything and everyone on the ship-station

* Zhen leaves to prepare for his grand task

* Zhen goes to sickbay to give instructions to nurse Church about patients (and especially commander Siddhu) then tkes his medical tricorder and medickit and goes to ask someone to take him down... possibly in a shuttle.

* Patrick delegates the repairs to Morbren and the dismantling to Paula, while he works with Dr Peshana.

* Zhen will frst go where is the most people, so the ship. Then he will poke his antenae in the station if possible.

The station is just a wreck exposed to open space

* Zhen then decides to leave that to people who are professionas, so he will just go where people are

Diurne: Zhen gets a shuttle and goes to the ship where the away team teleported previously.

Diurne: He is obliged to wait a little before being able to board despite having no other shuttle or ship boarding

* Zhen waits patiently

Diurne: O'Rourke and the engineer-doctor seem to believe the parasites are more numerous the closer you are to places that can open to space (like a shuttle bay)

Diurne: Zhe is finally granted the right to board the ship. Noone is there to welcome him. What a pity. Inside, the mood is a bit different. It's much calmer, far less noise. Far less people too. Seems the room that looked a bit like a casino earlier now is closer to a comfy bar room (albeit a big one)

Patrick: ookay, I thought of that... it comes from outside and we aren't airtight...

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Actually, the shuttle bay is often closed by a force field.

Patrick: in that case... either it's ready to enter each time we open it... or it isn't confined by forcefields... as weird as it sounds

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Wasn't Dr Seyler saying the force fields don't hold the infection ? What we learned later to be parasites ?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: The sickbay is equipped with containment force fields for quarantine. Yet, Dr Seyler was infected

Patrick: hmm... do we have an idea of the... incubation time ?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: From a few hours to half a day

Patrick: and Seyler stayed how much time in her quaratine area before kniwing she was infected ?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: About 10 hours I think ?

Patrick: tight timing...

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: It's hard to tell when the parasites jumped on her. They may have rested in the sick for hours before moving

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: I just meant that force field on open space like our shuttle bay doesn't prevent parasite to enter. Now since we are moving through space... from where can they come ?

Patrick: anyway, we can assume the infection comes from outside, so we can start to work in fighting it in space

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana ponders

* Zhen goes in when he is allowed to and starts scanning everyoone alive around him

Patrick: *clics* Hilbert for O'Rourke

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Listening. What can I do for you, O'Rourke

Patrick: could you launch a wide scan on the space outside, from the hull to... let's say one mile... loking for anything that shouldn't be there...

Zhen: me will just out of curiosity check if there are parasites around here too

* the Ferengi comes to Zhen "Trying to be rude, eh ?"

* Zhen will just out of curiosity check if there are parasites around here too

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: That should not be there, it's a tad vague

* Zhen looks at him "Rude? No. I'm just doing basic scans of the surroundings."

the Ferengi: You believe you're in a zoo, using your tricorder like that ?

Patrick: it's even more vague in my mind... honestly, I don't know what I'm looking for... I just think if the infection comes from outside, there has to be something that contain it, canalize it...

Zhen: Is there a rule aginst it?

* the Ferengi grabs Zhen by the uniform with a surprisingly strong grip considering the usually lithe frame of Ferengis "Look, I don't like having people waving such scanning devices around me without my permission. Without actually anyone permissions here. So be a good guest and behave. Stop that. Now."

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We're routinely having reports from navigational sensors and I saw nothing unusual in near space

* Zhen stops that... now "You should do something about your temper and possibly blood pressure. I can give you some prescriptions." *me stps and thinks about being diplomatic after all* "As a professional doctor I must say you have a nice pair of lobes. You must be proud of them on Ferenginar."

Patrick: well, can you check near the hul for... I don't know abnormal pressure, temperature variations, that kind of thing..

the Ferengi: Using flattery, eh ? Listen, I don't live in this region of space being succombing to sycophants. But since you stopped that, it's alright. *the Ferengi pats Zhen* It's alright my friend. As long as you listen what I say, nothing will happen to you

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: The hull... my bad the hull ! It's literally covered by your parasites ! It's crawling

Patrick: covered ??

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Yup, like they stick to the hull

Patrick: *to Peshana* how can this lifeform survive in the void ?

Zhen: You are influential? Actually, that is a stupid question,of course you are. A lone Ferengi in this part of space, I would bet that poor races here do not stand a chance against your marketing abilities. No flattery here, just a fact.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: The mystery of life.... It seems it can get sustenance from life energy. It may not be unimaginable to have it collecting sustenance from stellar radiations

the Ferengi: Your captain already tried to get informations without paying. Don't imagine you're smarter than him

Patrick: gmm... then, let me think... if we could... isolate it from radiations, would it destroy it ?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Not necessarily. We didn't study this parasite long enough. But it is possible it can last for a long while without direct exposition to energy. Or it can die fast. It may worth being tested. Even if I don't see how

Zhen: I actually am. I understand how it goes. Nothing is free, correct? And if it is free then it is something to be wary of.

the Ferengi: If you want a good time, you can probably get a holo who won't make you pay. There are always some free of charges, it pleases the customer at times. If you have money, the better.

Patrick: well, we have that kind of potection but it usuall sticks to the hull, the parasite might be just outside of it, in fact... the trick could be to extend it a bit... Hilbert, can you work out the thickness of the parasites on the hull ?

Zhen: Of course. So on what can an Andorian spend some money and have a good time here? What is accepted valute here? Latinum as expected?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: What protection ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We're speaking of parasites, O'Rourke, 1mm at best

Patrick: fine

the Ferengi: Latinium does the trick, of course. But anything you can use for power generation is valuable in this area of space.

Patrick: protection against radiations... I'm sure we can do something, maybe playing on polarity, or frequency...

Zhen: Power generation? That is unusual requirement.

the Ferengi: If you spend time in this region, you will learn it...

Patrick: *winks to Peshana* else, we'll have to walk the hull with a flamethrower... the good ol' way

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Reversing polarity would probably work, yes. It will make them lose their "grip" on the hull, so to speak

Patrick: let's start with this, then

* Zhen nods "Interesting in any case. Unfortunately as you probably know Starfleet and latinum do not go well together, but power generators may be entirely different matter. Are power cells for equipment worth something aso?"

the Ferengi: Cells, probably not, no. There isn't many Federation items to power up around.

the Ferengi: Now, seems you have nothing to offer.

Zhen: You are correct... now. But when I come back I may have something better to offer.We may be oig business soon, what is your name by the way? I am doctor Idisha.

the Ferengi: Trank. I am a collector

Zhen: Collector of what if I may ask? Just out of curiosity so to know if there is more things that are worth to you.

Trank the Ferengi: Collector of valuables. Antiques.

Patrick: keep an eye on the sensors, Hilbert, to see if the parisite density decreases...

Zhen: Antiques, that is certainly a noble calling. Trank, I a sure we will talk again and next time it will be business.

Diurne: Patrick does as imagined, reverse the polarity of the hull, expelling cosmic particles that are stuck in the hull and repelling any new coming. After half an hour of this, Hilbert reports he detectes a faint cloud of parasite around the ship, while there was none before.

Trank the Ferengi: We'll see, doctor, we'll see. I hope but I have little faith in your ability to do business

Zhen: It is simple, I give you something you find valuable and in return you give me something of lesser or equal value.

* Trank the Ferengi makes a smile full of little teeth "We'll see"

* Zhen goes back to the shuttle to go back to the ship

Patrick: what about the hull, a lot remaining on it ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Difficult to say but likely yes

Patrick: hmm, at least it's a progress...

Patrick: now what to do with those things... can intense heat or intesne cold affect it ? any idea Dr ?

Diurne: Over time, the process started by Patrick works and the parasites are forced to leave the hull.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Intgense heat or cold ? Patrick, they are living in space !

Patrick: hmm yeah cold would probably not work, but heat ?

* Lt Paula Harrison comes to Patrick "What's up, commander ? I heard you found a way to block the parasites from coming back ? Anyway... I finished removing and dismantling the listening device, that bug on our comm system. Where do you want me to drop the parts ?

Patrick: *to Paula* did you learn anything ?

Lt Paula Harrison: What was I supposed to search for ? I removed and simantled it, as asked

Lt Paula Harrison: Now we have the component parts. What do you want to do with them ?

Patrick: well, see waht you can learn... did it function and how much time ? are componants from the Federation space ? are there informations still on it like logs , that kind of things...

* Lt Paula Harrison looks a bit perplexed but she nods "Ok...."

* Zhen asks around if there are any free portable generators

* Lt Paula Harrison comes back three hours later to Patrick O'Rourke "Hey, commander... So... our comm device is an old model. There are better existing. But it's an old one. And I mean it. The parts exposed to air have lightly corroded. It seems this thing is in place since ages. And considering this kind of communication device is almost 10 years old.... I don't believe anyone used it in the recent past. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago, who know ? But the ship wasn't built yet, right ? So it's stupid. There is no log or traces of what it may have been used for. I'd say it's a bug, used to spy over communication. But there is a way to plug a tricorder in it. So I guess one can hijack the existing comm network and send his own info.

Diurne: During that time, Patrick toyed with hull polarization and purged the hulll of all parasites. So the infection isn't coming back.

Diurne: After a quick inquiry, Zhen realizes there is no portable generator available. Unless you're on an away team, then yes

* Zhen goes to ask Patrick for any free similar devices

Patrick: *to Paula* you mean it's kind of a... passive device ? only providing a canal for an external device ? so I guess there is nothing like memory of waht went through ?

Lt Paula Harrison: No memory, no

* Zhen barges in the engineering and goes to Pat "I need something that produces energy."

Patrick: sure, let me a couple minutes and I'll bring you the nearest star. that's for a gift ? *grins*

Patrick: How much of it ? and for what purpose ?

Zhen: This is serious matter Patrick, I need something for leverage on the station, and if you don't have latinum, I need a power source.

Patrick: we're already a bit short in dilithium...

Patrick: I'm not sure you're the best at conducing barters... you should have asked for Ria's help

* Zhen frowns "I am older cousin, not her."

Patrick: not talking about the fact that you weren't sent to do bargains, if I remember correctly the captain briefing

Zhen: To do my job properly I have to do some bargains too.

Patrick: then put your own possession on hte balance... how would you react if I went to your lab, pick some breefing grounds to ignite my engines ?

Zhen: If you can make that I would be glad to see it happen.

Patrick: You would be surprised *grins*. Anyway, I can give you some of our generators we use for the away missions... How many do you need ?

Zhen: One.

Patrick: *clics* Arquero for O'Rourke

Lt Stefan Arquero: Chief ?

Patrick: Stefan, can you find and pack one of our generators, the ones we used on away teams ? Dr Idisha needs it for a... a new cultural interaction experiment *chuckles*

* Zhen makes an odd face

Lt Stefan Arquero: Sure thing. I'll drop one by the sickbay then

Patrick: thanks, Stefan. O'Rourke out.

Zhen: Thank you Patrick.

Zhen: 7me clicks "Doctor Idisha to captain."

Patrick: you want a gift-wrapping ? *winks*

Tiron Eks: Go ahead.

Zhen: I don't think Ferengi would appreciate... ah... captain- I maybe arranged possible transaction with Ferengi... maybe. Or at least with anyone with the station, is there anything specific you would like to use this for?

Tiron Eks: Have you completed your task already?

* Patrick goes back to ship repairs

Zhen: Somewhat until I was interruppted by certain Ferengi. But at least we seem to have established some kind of... ehm... contact.

Tiron Eks: We could need a scan of lifeforms there. As I said there might be some of the same race that attacked us.

Zhen: I'll do some covert scans then... and not around Ferengi. He seems jumpy about it.

Tiron Eks: Then make it so. There's no need to make a new enemy out there.

Tiron Eks: Perhaps you could use the generator to get his permission to scan around.

Zhen: My thoughts exactly captain.

Zhen: Doctor Idisha over and out...

* Zhen oads the gene-thingy into he shuttle then goes to search for his cousin

Patrick: *clics* Captain Eks for O'Rourke

Tiron Eks: Seems like they decide to speak all at once to me. *bleep* Go ahead, Patrick.

Patrick: just to keep you informed. The source of the plague is apparently stamped out. The spying device was disasembled. It's a ... very old one. Ten, Fifteen years maybe. As far as we know, it was a passive device used with a tricorder plugged in it. No way to know how often it was used, and what went through it.

Tiron Eks: A passive device? Like it can only receive signals?

Patrick: most likely, yes. It may be used as a transmitter if you use a tricorder though. Basically, it's only a channel.

Tiron Eks: A channel we could detect once active?

Patrick: probably yes. This isn't a complicated device.

Patrick: It's unlikely it's been used in the recent past. The point is that it's ... well older than the ship *laughs* which would imply the ship is older than we thought...

Tiron Eks: This ship has been built around the 70s last century, so in a sense it is old.

Patrick: I think we can class the device with the other experimental ones we found her...

Tiron Eks: We can later compare in our databank for what such a device has been used in the past.

Tiron Eks: Store it somewhere and continue the repairs.

Patrick: I'll keep you informed. O'Rourke out.

Diurne: Zhen flies back to the alien ship once more. This time, he is asked why he wants to board once more

Zhen: To do some trade.

Diurne: Zhen is granted access to the ship

Diurne: Once he's inside, the mood is again different. This time there are few people around. Most lights were turned off. It's obvious that, moment before he arrived, the last people on board were discussing at a large table in the middle of the main entertainment room. Yet, oince he enters the room, they have left the table.

Diurne: There are people around in the room. They are just busy doing something else. Doing, apparently, anything else than discussing all together at the table.

Diurne: Looks like the Ferengi is discussing with two aliens of the most common specie on board. Otherwise, there are about 8 people from 3 species

* Zhen will then pretend to do something else scan everyone except ferengi and go back until tomorrow

Diurne: Noone seem to react to Zhen apparently not really super stealthy way to scan people

Diurne: It may be the *beeep beep beeeep beep beep* of the tricorder to be a bit more noisy than expected

Diurne: Zhen got data on the various species

* Zhen is a bit paranoid of Ferengi mafia so he will wait for toorrow and bigger crowd

Diurne:Now Zhen thinks about it, it mpay be the "bigger crowd" is just "more holograms"

* Zhen grunts and waits for when Ferengi is free

* Trank the Ferengi finished talking and goes to the bar

* Zhen goes to him

* Trank the Ferengi drinks an unknown beverage

Zhen: Good evening. I see the crowd is plugged off.

Trank the Ferengi: It's costly, I'd say

Zhen: At least it ups the fun. If I tell you I managed to.. ahem... get my hands on a portable generator, woud you know who would be interested in it.

Trank the Ferengi: I may have a customer yes. What do you want for it ?

Zhen: The best commodity we need now is information. Do you know reliable information broker?

Trank the Ferengi: I can provide you some. Show the generator so I can appraise its value

Zhen: Come.

* Zhen leads Ferengi to shuttle.

* Trank the Ferengi follows

Zhen: What do you say?

* Trank the Ferengi gives only a quick glance at the generator "ok, I see. Good enough for almost any information as long as it isn't... sensitive"

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:36 pm


* Zhen waits for Tiron to respond

* Trank the Ferengi shifts on his chair, inspecting the small power generator

Tiron Eks: Eks here.

Zhen: Captain, collector of antiquities Trank agreed to answer few questions for the portable generator. So, here he is, and you can talk to him and negotiate the details.

Tiron Eks: negotiate what details?

Zhen: Whatever you wished to know about sector, odd things, why are power generators in such demand and whatnot. I think you will know better what concerns the trip and the ship than me. I can talk with him about Idisha parasites, but I don't think that would be very interesting or useful.

Tiron Eks: Well, he's in reach now or shall I beam over?

* Trank the Ferengi eyes Zhen

Zhen: If you wish. I guess diplomacy is better done face to face. He is a okay guy actually if you talk his language so to say.

Tiron Eks: Very well, I'll be there any minute. Eks, out.

* Tiron Eks heads to a Transporter Room.

* Zhen tells Trank "Captain is coming so you can continue talking with him. I did my mediating job... without any provision unfortunately." *grins*

Trank the Ferengi: You should give a try at a diplomacy position. You're going to rock

Zhen: I don't think so really and between you and me before captain arrives, I am sure you got sweeter part of the deal. But I'm just a doctor, not a merchat. *laughs and sits down* I love that one... it is a classic.

Trank the Ferengi: Sweeter ? Eh, that's just a generator you know ?

Zhen: Yes but you are a ferengi, I bet my antennae that you will soon earn a lot on it.

Diurne: Zhen has the gut feeling the Ferengi had a cynical, ironical, sarcastical tone when he mentionned the generator

* Tiron Eks materialzes not far away from his doctor and the merchant.

Tiron Eks: Hello again.

Zhen: I'll go sit in the cokpit while you talk. I believe you know each other already.

* Trank the Ferengi taps distractedly on a Starfleet Away Team generator

* Tiron Eks glances at the shuttle and wonders why he went by shuttle to the ship instead beaming.

Trank the Ferengi: Your doctor is a better info broker than you, captain. Even if he gamble for small fishes

* Zhen seems very happy in the shuttle

Tiron Eks: That may be the fact he's a gambler by nature.

Tiron Eks: So, you have taken your time to inspect the power generator?

* Zhen pretends that he is doing something very important but is eavesdropping, of course

Trank the Ferengi: Anyway... he bought you some answers... The generator ? Oh, you mean he might have tried to give me one which isn't working ?

Tiron Eks: Not working? So, how much more answers would I win if I make it workable?

Trank the Ferengi: None. This generator is working. Your doctor would have lied to me otherwise

* Zhen makes a face when his integrity was talked about

Tiron Eks: Let's talk about your situation and my situation.

* Trank the Ferengi taps on the generator "Feel free."

Tiron Eks: I've told you already we're new in this region and we know this is the only place for some parsecs were some dealings are happening in the voids here.

Tiron Eks: It can easily happen for ships to be stranded out there, making them perfect targets to make some profit if they need resupply.

Tiron Eks: My ship is big and carries enough supplies to go on an extended leave from any Starfleet facility.

Tiron Eks: You are a broker, and I hope my doctor informed you, that we need information.

* Trank the Ferengi looks half amused, half baffled

* Zhen mutters "Of course I have... pah."

Tiron Eks: Correct me if I'm wrong, but your whole existence is based on opportunities, isn't it?

Trank the Ferengi: Are you aware your doctor broke a deal for you already ?

Tiron Eks: *smirks* Of course I am.

Trank the Ferengi: So shoot your questions.

Tiron Eks: So, straight to the point: who or where can I find someone with starmaps?

Trank the Ferengi: The closer place or the best place ?

Trank the Ferengi: Of course they are different

Tiron Eks: The best place.

Trank the Ferengi: The Tholians. They are the remote masters many parsecs around here since forever it seems. I will give you coords to cross their border.

* Zhen starts coughing

Tiron Eks: The Tholians? I didn't know we have been already in the influence region by them.

Trank the Ferengi: Few people do know. I suspect this wreck of a station here is theirs. Or something related.

Tiron Eks: It is? It doesn't seem familiar that Tholians leave something of their own behind, even if it's only a bombarded structure with all valuable items removed.

Tiron Eks: Good. Can you also tell me of space pirates in this region?

Trank the Ferengi: I count this as another question. But I grant it to you freely. The station here is just a relay. There are about a dozen of others around, all wrecks. Plus the main station *he smiles*

Trank the Ferengi: People here are not primitive idiots. They figured a long time ago all stations were energy relay converging to the main station. I save you some study time there, captain

Trank the Ferengi: So people flocked to the main station to get whatever they could find... Tech, buried treasure... whatever...

Tiron Eks: I'm considering to give you a tip afterwards.

Trank the Ferengi: They found Tholians instead. Now... even Tholians left the main station since. It was a couple of centuries ago

* Trank the Ferengi waits for another question

Tiron Eks: Okay, we had also an encounter with space pirates out there while we had a problem with a plague. They boarded our ship and have stolen some goods. They used the same ships like the ones that surrounded the big station here.

* Zhen mumbles "It's nota plague, it is highly advanced and fascinating parasite."

Trank the Ferengi: The Prani. They are a known specie of scavengers and pirates yes

Tiron Eks: Have you heard also recently of Prani in escort with a cardassian?

Trank the Ferengi: I know the Prani were hired for a job. I can't say if it's about a Cardassian. I know they were hired because half a dozen of their ships left all in a sudden from Shatterpoint. They never left that way unless hired en masse

Tiron Eks: *raises an eyebrow* Fascinating. What's Shatterpoint and who hired them?

Trank the Ferengi: Shaterpoint is the now abandonned main station I mentionned earlier. It's a stable point admidst a shattered universe of weird space lanes.

Trank the Ferengi: Who hired them, I couldn't say. Prani are not particularly expensive. But they aren't very well known either.

Tiron Eks: Is there someone who regulary employs them?

Trank the Ferengi: Not really. Space pirates aren't privateers. Plus Prani are more scavengers than pirates. They prey on ships that fall on the various space dangers around

Tiron Eks: Do they have a pirate base somewhere?

Trank the Ferengi: *he smiles* Shatterpoint

Tiron Eks: Now that's a lucky coincident.

Trank the Ferengi: Because you're not familiar of the sector

Tiron Eks: Perhaps I should talk to some Prani then.

Trank the Ferengi: Perhaps

Tiron Eks: Is there anything else I should know about the Prani?

Trank the Ferengi: They are uncooperative ?

Tiron Eks: Thank you. How many power generators do you want? For each answer one?
* Zhen facepalms

* Trank the Ferengi has a toothy grin "The generator from your doctor is enough. Most of what I told you is common knowledge, locally. Deeper knowledge would be more expensive but too dangerous for me"

Trank the Ferengi: And give me something so I can record the coordinate of the Tholian border.

* Tiron Eks heads to the shuttle to get a datarod.

* Zhen mumbles to Tiron"Ask him about parasites and why are power generators in such need."

* Tiron Eks nods and gets a datarod and heads back.

* Trank the Ferengi waits

Tiron Eks: Here I have a datarod for you. You can write on it the coordinates. Say I have some last question. I mentionned a plague that we crossed. Actually it were a kind of parasites that has flooded our systems and we had to shut down many system. Is that a natural phenomen or a trap, possible set by Tholians?

Trank the Ferengi: Hu hu... We aren't finished then ? I am answering you for a favour then

Tiron Eks: Oh, I think you're in need to get another power generator.

Trank the Ferengi: I'm in need of transport

Tiron Eks: Transport?

Trank the Ferengi: Transport. To Shatterpoint precisely

Tiron Eks: Is that on the way to the Tholians?

Trank the Ferengi: Not at all

* Zhen wonders why in the name of the universe would Tiron want to go to Tholians

Tiron Eks: But it's on the way to the Prani base.

Trank the Ferengi: That's it

Tiron Eks: Well, I think we can arrange that.

Trank the Ferengi: Then let's go to your ship. Once we start the travel, I will answer more

Tiron Eks: Very well.

Tiron Eks: *motions to board the shuttle*

* Trank the Ferengi follows the captain

* Zhen quickly makes a note to medical crew to watch sickbay so that somethng does not dissapear while ferengi is on board

Zhen: Is trading over?

Tiron Eks: We have a deal, yes.

Tiron Eks: *takes place at the pilot controls of the shuttle and does the stuff needed to head back to the Independence.

* Zhen makes a mental note to gloat a bit in front of first officer Siddhu about how he was quite useful and reliable

* Trank the Ferengi looks interested by the coming trip

* Zhen leans back and enjoys the normal trip

Diurne: The shuttle goes to the Independence and boards the ship. Officers and Ferengi disembark

Tiron Eks: Let us head to the main bridge, if you would follow me.

Zhen: I will go back to sickbay.

Tiron Eks: *nods in response*

* Zhen goes back to sickbay to check on patients

* Trank the Ferengi while going out of the shuttle "The plague you encountered is a hazard well known, captain. It is said it's a genegineered during an old war, by Tholians. It's almost sentient. That's why it's also so efficient at disabling ships and killing crews

Tiron Eks: Yes, it's very good in disabbling a starship, my officers were barely able to contain these parasites and find a way to defeat it. We have just recently found a way to shrug them off.

* Zhen in sickbay shares glorified stories about his grea diplomatic success where captain originally failed while checking patients

Tiron Eks: We're still on it repairing our ship from the rather extensive damage we have taken.

* Trank the Ferengi says, while following the captain "The species around are using a special shield frequency to prevent those pests to cling on their hull. As I said, it's well known around."

Tiron Eks: Are there some other space hazard we should be aware of while we travel to Shatterpoint?

Trank the Ferengi: I will give you a lane to follow. I have it on me. Yes, there are dangers. Sometimes you just vanish and never reappear. That's a pretty big hazard

Tiron Eks: I see. Does this whole region has name?

* Trank the Ferengi laughs "Depends on specie. I personally call it "my goldmine"

Tiron Eks: *arrives finally on the bridge with his big eared guest*

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, our guest has a new course for us.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks at the eared newcomer with a hint of surprise on his face

* Lt Salpan Codanadal looks a bit confused as well by the coming of the Ferengi

Tiron Eks: Trank, this is Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya, my chief security officer and over there is Lieutenant Codanadal, our chief flight officer.

Trank the Ferengi: Nice to meet you, boys

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks at rhe captain interrogatively then asks "Captain ? Is... he a guest... on the bridge ?"

* Trank the Ferengi stands idle by the captain

Tiron Eks: Yes, Mr. Rajakanya, he's a our guest and he's here because he needs a trip to Shatterpoint, where we're heading as well.

Tiron Eks: Now if you wouldn't mind you could give the route to Lieutenant Codanadal and we can get on our way then.

Trank the Ferengi: Of course !

* Trank the Ferengi goes to Codanadal and gets a small datapad from under his jacket "Go this way, boy. And don't deviate an inch. I don't want to check personally what happens to ships which vanish"

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I could probably tailor a hasty and makeshift theory on what can happen to them but I'm assuming as well you're not really interested to hear

Trank the Ferengi: You said it, kid. Just fly that route

* Trank the Ferengi taps on Codanadal shoulder, like a sort of fatherly encouragement

Tiron Eks: *smiles*

Trank the Ferengi: Say, captain, i'm sure you have a nice place where they brew fine drinks and we can have an entertaining moment ?

* Lt Salpan Codanadal works a route following the data given

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks a bit tense

Tiron Eks: We have the 12 o'clock, our ship bar.

Trank the Ferengi: Good enough for me.

Tiron Eks: I'll show where it is. Mr. Rajakanya, please prepare a quarter for our guest.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya has a look in the face saying "really ?" but he insteads acknowledge "Erm... Yes sir"

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal is hitting on an red haired security officer in the lounge

Tiron Eks: *escorts the ferengi to the lounge*

Tiron Eks: *takes place on one of the empty tables and guestures the ferengi to sit down as well*

* Trank the Ferengi picks a place while eyeing the red haired officer McDougal is hitting on

Tiron Eks: What would you like to drink?

Trank the Ferengi: You have Romulan Ale ?

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal salutes to captain then proceeds with his routine but this time in low voice

Tiron Eks: I'm afraid we don't have a stack of it onboard. We're ship that follows starfleet regulations and romulan ale is prohibited.

* Zhen has his stash of romulan ale that is used strictly for medicinal purposes

Trank the Ferengi: Prohibited... Captain, who here is going to check what you do or drink is prohibited or not ? Eh ?

Tiron Eks: It's expected that I led my crew and be an example for them. Getting out of Federation territory and drinking yourself under the table isn't paritculary a good example.

Tiron Eks: But I can do offer you scottish whiskey or saurian brandy that is not replicated if you seek for something that is not replicated.

Trank the Ferengi: I guess you're just... a bit narrow minded. I imagine one can say it's a quality... and call it integrity. But around... you better learn fast to have flexible regulations. Believe me

Trank the Ferengi: Your whiskey sounds tasty

Tiron Eks: *orders from a bartender two glasses of whiskey, not replicated of course*

* Trank the Ferengi gets his whiskey (unless it is held by a McDougal or like !)

Tiron Eks: * Supply Officer Robert MacDougal is not hogging whiskey

Trank the Ferengi: Say, captain. What a Starfleet ship does in this part of space ? It's a bit far from your territory right ?

Tiron Eks: It's the question that drives Starfleet since its first day. To explore the final frontier, get answers to questions, like what lies behind our horizon, and find new questions.

Trank the Ferengi: If you want star charts, you could just buy them

Tiron Eks: We probably could, we could also just send automated probes and see what data they send us back. But that's not just to everything we seek.

* Trank the Ferengi sips his drink, apparently approving the choice of offering him whiskey

Tiron Eks: We have to see ourself what is out there and get a first hand impression of the undiscovered regions.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya comes to the captain, later that day, to know if there is special "actions" to take due to a Ferengi presence on board ?

* Zhen has already warned the medical staff

* Tiron Eks gives instruction that the Ferengi is a guest, he's restricted to move on the ship where civilians (if we would have any) are allowed too. Aside from that he should remain watchful, not that he steals some items or abuses a replicator or get to areas where he shouldn't go to.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya asks if he should set a special watch over the Ferengi

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya is more thinking about a remote surveillance by his men and the computer

* Tiron Eks approves with routine checks conducted by security teams and computer surveillance.

Diurne: The ship now travel to an unknown destination, following a set of coordinates given by Trak the Ferengi. It is expected it will lead the ship to Shatterpoint, the announced destination by Trank

* Zhen shares his feelings

* Tiron Eks gives orders to Rajakanya to proceed, but wants to avoid at all cost that the Ferengi feels watched or uncomfortable.

Diurne: Rajakanya set his surveillance program, however something less tight than he hoped

Diurne: The ship is traveling without any problem. The engineers have repaired all critical systems and most of the real issues following the damage done during the "plague". From Codanadal saying, the Ferengi sent the Independence at a destination about one week away at cruise speed

* Zhen is in sickbay

* Tiron Eks prepares weekly dinner with his first officer (just like Janeway/Chakotey or Picard/Crusher)

Tiron Eks: *prepares alone

* Tiron Eks invited also Patrick if he has time for it.

* Patrick has free time, actually, between two repairs

* Zhen laments how his diplomatic successes passed without any praise or at least notice

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *bleep* Bridge to the captain

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Yes, Number One?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We got the personnal mails from the Federation. There is one for you. Also, Lt Cmdr Hilbert reported a strange sensor reading and is very excited about it. he said his sensors caught a distant gas giant that was a gas giant yesterday and is now registering as a newly formed brown dwarf.

Tiron Eks: Forward the mail to my quarters and William should go on with his new brown dwarf. I hope you won't miss the dinner by forwarding all the mails to the crew, commander.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It seems Hilbert would like to get a closer look....

Tiron Eks: A closer look means altering our course and diminishing our chance to recapture the cardassian. I haven't forgetten him yet.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't know if it compromises this but it certainly mean going away from the Ferengi route

Tiron Eks: Judging our last encounter with a tholian trap I'm not ready to jump into another trap set by them and get raided by some Prani scavengers.

Tiron Eks: Maintain course and speed.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Aye. And coming.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu leaves the bridge once she confirmed the heading to Codanadal

Patrick: *rings at Captain quarter door*

Tiron Eks: Come in!

Patrick: *enters*

Tiron Eks: *has on the table a pot that is heated by a little flame. There is also a wine and wine glasses on the table*

Tiron Eks: Ah, Patrick.

Tiron Eks: Come in and feel like home, the home away from your warp core.

* Zhen laments how of course SHE is now schmoozing with the captain for doing nothing and he did not get even pat on the back

* Zhen laments how hw would not act like this if his accomplishments would be recognized for once.

* Zhen thinks he will have a solo party after duty in his room

Patrick: you're right, I may have a home on earth, but I start to foget how it looks...

Tiron Eks: Perhaps a pot chili con carne will help you to remember.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu rings at the captain door

Tiron Eks: Come in!
* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu enters and nods at Patrick "Good day"

Patrick: Commander *nods*

Tiron Eks: Well, you know it already, feel like at home at dinner.

Tiron Eks: Today I made something very simple, Chili con Carne together with red wine.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu smiles "Spicy"

Tiron Eks: It mustn't be always a vulcan casserole or betazoid orchid fruit table.

Tiron Eks: Anyway, take a seat and relax. This is the only time in the week where I can use my cook experience from Vlos Eks.

Tiron Eks: *starts serving portions on plates and pours some wine in the glasses*

* Patrick picks a sat

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu sits "What are the plan when we arrive to this Shatterpoint area ? Supposing the Ferengi isn't sending us straight into a trap ?"

Tiron Eks: We should try to get in contact with the Prani. Their base of operations is there and our chances aren't that bad to find there someone who knows who has our missing cardassian gul.

Tiron Eks: We could use Trank to get in better condact. I haven't spoken yet with him why he wants to be on the station.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Are we going to try to... bribe the Prani ? Or what ?

Patrick: hmm, for what I've understood those guys are nothing more than pirates, plunderers... what makes you think we can have a nice cht with them, without pointing big guns ? *smiles*

Tiron Eks: We could simply say we speak in the name of the Tholians. They use frequently outsiders to help them in their effort.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't get it... Why Tholians ?

Tiron Eks: It intriguing how the Tholians come into play. I have the suspicion that they are to a great part accountable for what happened in this region here and then centuries ago the inhabitants decided to raid the central station and drive the Tholians back.

Tiron Eks: Trank told they are the remote masters here in this region, or as he likes to call it, his gold mine.

Tiron Eks: The relay station we have encountered has been a relay, to channel energy to the main central station, that we're heading to now.

Tiron Eks: Well, we don't have to come to them straight and say we're here because some Tholians told us so, it's just an idea.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: But how can we just make ourselves believeable as .. what ? Tholian envoys ?

Patrick: if those who assaulted the ship are there... it might be hrd to disguise th ship pretending we're someone else...

Tiron Eks: As someone who has a good relation with the Tholians and doesn't wish that something harmful happens to the Prani as long as they tell us where to look at.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't know... people here may have a better knowledge of what local Tholians may or may not do. Actually, aside from Trank statements, we have never got any clue of Tholian presence. While I admit all those tales about space lanes and the somewhat damaged fabric of space sounds a bit Tholian

Tiron Eks: Tholians are the most enigmatic race, yes.

Tiron Eks: We could also pay some Prani to work for us.

Tiron Eks: They are cheap, but not easy to talk to.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What are we paying them with ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't want to sound too negative, captain. I'm just trying to anticipate problems

Patrick: the fact is... they proved they can come and steal waht they want on our ship...

Tiron Eks: Don't worry Commander, you're not too negative. Else I wouldn't invite you every week for dinner.

Tiron Eks: Yes, but only some of them.

Patrick: we're missing knowledge on the area, on the various factions and wht they're after

Tiron Eks: Someone has hired them.

Tiron Eks: And I believe that someone is directly or indirectly connected with our problem since we started.

Tiron Eks: Shatterpoint is one fix point in this region. I hope we encounter there someone else than the Prani.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is thoughtful for a short moment

Tiron Eks: About the payment ... I think Doctor Zhen made a good example in using power generators as trade good viable.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Will we be even able to investigate and search our fleeing war criminal from inside our ship ? And are we going to stay at Shatterpoint or focus on this until we get him back... ?

Patrick: don't dismantle the ship, we may have use of some of those parts

Tiron Eks: Someone doesn't want that I bring this cardassian infront of a bajoran tribunal. This someone went so far to cooperate with local pirates and conduct a precise operation to retrieve him.

Tiron Eks: I'm intending to get the cardassian back. Else my decision to stomp on interstellar protocols to satisfy a personnel judgement will be void.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Then maybe we should prepare to send people out of the ship for long... If you truly want him back, maybe we'll need to infiltrate a ship, a station or land on a planet. We can come all guns blazing with the Independence. Or not.

Patrick: all guns out, yeah, I like that *grins*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Now, I'm not sure we must take this route captain. This can go awry and we may have to bend too many rules for it

Patrick: the Commander is right, though. We need information, and I guess we can't always find a friendly ferengi willing to barter...

Patrick: which might require more... active ways

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't believe the Ferengi is friendly. And none of us I imagine. Which leads me to the thought he probably will sell whatever info he gleaned on us during his journey on our board. If not our purposes

Tiron Eks: Might be true, that the Ferengi is trying to mine data about us. But I don't think that'll be a big problem.

Tiron Eks: Every ship that headed into the unknwon region couldn't overtake its reputation.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I really believe we have to set a behaviour for all of this. How far do we agree to go, captain. The pirates waters are certainly muddy.

* Tiron Eks eats from his plate and drinks from his glass as he considers the idea how to proceed next with the Prani, the Ferengi merchant, Tholians and that missing cardassian.

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal fades to black going on a date to holodeck

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

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Diurne: And that's how the Independence flew to the mysterious location called Shatterpoint. On its board, a crew of brave and intrepid souls, the stuff explorers of legend are made of. Plus a Ferengi

* Zhen is always ready!

* Tiron Eks informs Engineer O'Rourke, Doctor Idisha and his first officer to come to the observation lounge and asks Lt. Cmdr Rajakanya to escort the ferengi to the lounge.

* Tiron Eks does that so the day following the weekly dinner.

* Zhen grumbles about those schmoozing with the captain

* Zhen drags his grumpy ass to the lounge

* Trank enters the lounge, escorted by Rajakanya and Kaur Siddhu

Tiron Eks: Ah, Trank, please have a seat.

Trank: I thank you a lot for your conatantly, daily, renewed hospitality, captain

* Trank goes sitting just by Zhen

* Patrick rings at lounge door

* Zhen nods to him

Tiron Eks: Enter.

Tiron Eks: *motions his remaining officer to take seats as well*

* Patrick enters

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is flanking the Ferengi, while Rajankanya sit just in front of him, on the other side of the table

* Patrick picks a seat

Trank: I'm surprised, captain, to see your cadre of high ranked officers is lacking a distinct... female presence. I've heard the Federation was liberal enough to have flocks of females at all positions

* Zhen looks a bit smug

Trank: But I see you prefer to stick to certainty. And not indulge yourself in female frivolities

Tiron Eks: We are very well liberal, just coincidence that there aren't that many here today.

Tiron Eks: We've been following your route now for some days and will arrive Shatterpoint in the next 48hours.

Trank: Good news

Tiron Eks: What can we expect there once we arrive?

Trank: Shatterpoint. It's an old station... sort of. Wrecked now. It is since used as a meeting point for people navigating the area. The Prani are the law there. You can often find up to ten of their ships at the same time in the vicinity.

Trank: The station is orbiting a large uninhabited planet. The whole system is devoid of native intelligent life actually

Trank: There, you can find merchants and technicians. So it's used as a resupply station as much as a trade station

Tiron Eks: How can we reach at best the Prani if we seek something?

Trank: It's not exactly an enlightened place.

Trank: What do you mean ?

Tiron Eks: Someone hired the Prani, probably to raid us. I want to find out who.

Trank: Pay them.

Tiron Eks: What are the currencies?

Trank: Barter, captain, barter ! That's the most common way to do in this sector of the galaxy.

Trank: Energy, especially. If you can offer them a decent amount of dilithium cristals, for example

Zhen: Why is it so valuable? Energy I mean.
* Patrick sighs slightly thinking about how many devices the Captain gonna dismantle again to gain informations...

Trank: Because it is pillaged. Energetic ressources are constantly pillaged since decades. In many systems, nothing is left

Zhen: But why? Can't you produce it?

Trank: The energy to power a starship require certain rare elements that are missing in this sector, blue friend

Trank: That's why piracy is a sport around.

Zhen: I see.

Trank: Since people have difficulties to buy energy and to produce it, they take it from others

Tiron Eks: So the import of energy is a lucrative business.

Tiron Eks: Why wouldn't the Prani attack us on sight once we reach the station? They have obviously the numbers.

Trank: It can be yes. If you can dodge pirates and are not lost in the space lanes

Trank: But they may

Tiron Eks: And how do I make new friends there? Barter as well?

* Trank chuckles "Friends ? Pay them. Forget friendship, captain, it will never help you"

Tiron Eks: And what are you going to do there once we let you on shatterpoint?

Patrick: *whispers to Rajakanya* they probably respect more big guns than big bouquets

Trank: I have my business, there, captain

Tiron Eks: And how do I obtain a map where I can see safe passages through this sector and don't get trapped in the next subspace rift?

Trank: You'll find enough merchants ready to sell you such data, captain. It's not even very expensive

Tiron Eks: Has one of my officers more questions to our guest regarding shatterpoint?

Patrick: *shakes head slightly*

Trank: A starchart is easy to find and cheap to buy. I tell you. Because it's easy to do one by yourself after all. Just watch the routes followed by other ship. It just requires you have time and good sensors. Now, the rest of Shatterpoint... may not be... to the Federation tastes

Zhen: I asked what interested me.

* Tiron Eks waits for the reactions of his chief security and first officer.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You said you are a collector. Can you tell us who are your customers ? Seeing the picture you painted, it looks Shatterpoint is filled with scoundrels, pirates and lawless people. They do have a taste for collections ?

Trank: You'd be surprised to see how many unsavory people are also lovers of beautiful or ancient things, darling. So yes, I do have customers, even among those... scoundrels like you call them

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You have what ? A shop on Shatterpoint ?

Trank: A sort of warehouse, rather

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Large items to store ?

Zhen: Mhm.

* Trank smiles "Sometimes"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You collect things that you store in what... crates ?

Trank: I don't recall having asked you to audit my business. You're from the Ferengi Commerce Authority or what ?

* Trank ignore Kaur Siddhu "Get lost, woman"

* Zhen leans back hoping for the good show now

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu leans back as well, not saying anything more

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya eyes the Ferengi then turns to the captain "No question from me"

* Zhen is disappointed

Tiron Eks: Very well, please escort our guest to the crew areas, Mr. Rajakanya.

* Zhen waits for him to leave then speaks "Charming felow."

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya follows the order and leads the Ferengi outside

* Tiron Eks once they are alone.

Tiron Eks: Opinions?

Patrick: typical Ferengi...

Zhen: Quite so, that means we should be careful.

Zhen: He may try to use us for more than he is saying.

Patrick: opportunist, not trustworthy and misogynous

Tiron Eks: What about our reserves of dilithium crystals?

* Zhen mumbles "Like someone I know..." *thinks about Seyler*

Patrick: er, we're already short on that* rolls eyes*

Tiron Eks: I thought we would have reserves for at least 5 years out in space.

Patrick: last time I've checkd we had.... *thinks* about 6 years autonomy

Tiron Eks: Perhaps the technology of recrystalization may be a big ace in a barter.

Patrick: I would advise against suqnadering our dilithium... without it, we're just a rock lost in space

Tiron Eks: So far we know do the Prani ships appear to be like that of Starfleet from the 22nd century.

Tiron Eks: Yes, but we don't have much else we can barter.

* Zhen does not like the idea of being a rock in space

Tiron Eks: It would do good for our mission if we find some friendly people there. The federation civilian commerce and transport union might become interested steering at this new station.

Patrick: I don't know if .... *hesitates* we should play by the rules with those pirates. Not the Starfleet ones, at least, which they obviously don't care the slightest

* Zhen again leans back hoping for the show

Tiron Eks: What rules are then left?

Tiron Eks: Ferengi aquisition rules?

Patrick: I wasn't thinking about the Frengi, I doubt we can beat him at his own game, we're not "smart enough" *chuckles* But yes, thinking that way would probably be more efficient. Personaly, I don't feel like buying back what we've been stolen...

Tiron Eks: If we find the right group of pirates I might consider getting back what belongs to us.

Tiron Eks: But we have to identify them first.

Tiron Eks: There's a chance we might find them or they never headed to shatterpoint who attacked us and took another route. In that case we have to find someone who knows who hired them and possible backtrace the right Prani pirates.

* Zhen is disappointed again... sickbay is more interesting than these meetings

Tiron Eks: It would be also good to learn who provided these Prani with surgical proceedure to bypass our security grid and be prepared for every obstacle they encounter, safe the weapon armory.

Patrick: don't forget that they're all pirates, for what the Ferengi told us. Which mean, it could have been any grop among them. We'd better consider all of them as potential hostiles and never ever trsut them.

Zhen: That is a given... I hope.

Patrick: I don't say we attack them at sight - as I doubt we have the firepower for it - but I don't think trying to find a... "less hostile" group among them is a good move

Patrick: it would probably be better to treat with their own enemies, assuming we can find which they are

Tiron Eks: That step implicates to get with someone at least in contact.

Tiron Eks: The first step has to come from us, regardless what we want to try to achieve.

Patrick: there is one thing I learnt from Ferengis, there are two ways to draw the attention of someone : with what he wants the most and with what he fears the most

Tiron Eks: Unfortunately he's a ferengi, we can't read his mind.

Zhen: Engineer and a Ferengi sociologist, amazing.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: The pirates may not be an homogenuous group. There is likely clans, families or however they call their social clubs. So it's possible to be able to discuss with some pirates who would tell us what is needed.

Patrick: agreed, but we need informations on that.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm afraid we will be obliged to fish in murky waters first.

Patrick: I don't think our Ferengi friend is willing to help us on that : either he doesn't know it, or he doesn't want to talk about it

Zhen: I bet on second one.

Patrick: he remained... vague about the pirates organization. Now, how could we find a third party willing to share informations ?

Zhen: We pretend that we want to do some crime? Or at least some of us.

Patrick: And who will handle that. I don' think wielding Starfleet flag will help us in that space region. We need other arguments

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Maybe we'll find a whole fauna there and someone to talk to...

Patrick: Is Vaden able to handle that kind of ..." contact" ?

Tiron Eks: Yes, like the ferengi said, it's a hub. So I doubt we will face only Prani there.

Tiron Eks: She's a counselor, not a negotiator.

Zhen: Or a spy.

Tiron Eks: That was uncalled for.

* Tiron Eks looks serious at Zhen.

Zhen: Just statingthefacts. In this you don't need a negotiator or counselor. You need a spy or someone like that.

Zhen: At least a good actor to act as a criminal.

Tiron Eks: You have already a vision, don't you?

Zhen: We are going somewhere that is called Shatterport, which is run by pirates basically. Starfleet officers there would probably stand out like a Bolian on Vulcan. We would be either marked as possible targets or as someone better to be avoided.

Patrick: not a psy, but someone able to discern various grey shades

Tiron Eks: So what do you suggest?

Zhen: Not being so obvious who or what we are.

Zhen: Instead of coming with "We are here to explore strange new worlds and civilizations" we should come with "We're here to do some business... shady business."

Patrick: also agreed. Being the Holy Knights of Starfleet won't help us.

Zhen: The problem is Ferengi, he will sell us out if he thinks he can profit from it.

Patrick: Only if it's an opportunity for him. Up to us to make it not.

Tiron Eks: We would need something in our hand to remind him in not doing so.

Patrick: I suppose throwing him through airlock is out of question... *chuckles*

Zhen: Patrick is already in the role of a shady character I see.

Patrick: Not at all, I could find you ten guys who would fit perfectly that role in Eire, but I'm not one of them alas...

Tiron Eks: He mentioned a storage. Perhaps we can find.

Tiron Eks: And for the mercenary in charge, I guess that falls again on me.

Zhen: Well you just have to find people who may look like villains, counselor Vaden hardly looks like one. You need someone who is easily disliked, gruff maybe with an attitu... erm... nothing. *clears throat* Yes you. That is a good idea.

Patrick: if it was just about looking vilainous I would suggest Morbren *smiles*

Zhen: Yes, he fits the description perfectly! *tries to melt in the chair*

Tiron Eks: I'm considering to take him with me if I beam abord them.

Tiron Eks: Very well, anything else on your mind?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What will be the mission and the way it is going to be completed. It's a thing to discuss who look the most thuggish but that person will be in a milieu not favoring the respect of the other beings and of laws.

Patrick: Try not to get him hurt... as unpleasant as he may look like, I need him *smiles*

* Zhen grunts at Patrick's words

Patrick: I would suggest a mix of non human races.. mercenaries ar only linked by profit, most of the time, not by origins

Zhen: Hurt... yes... you should need someone down there for that too. *covers his eyes as if he has a headache* I volunteer for that...

Tiron Eks: Perhaps your cousin's broadway talents will be needed as well.

Tiron Eks: We'll see in time.

* Zhen just grunts something

Tiron Eks: That would be all for now.

* Zhen grunts again and goes to sickbay making some kind of a salute

Diurne: The Independence continues his trip to Shatterpoint. The science team, a bit disappointed to not having made a slight trip to a nearby, new, "brown dwarf", keep charting space and updating your charts. Lt Cmdr Hilbert also states the ship is almost arrived far enough to start surveying the nearby galactic clusters. Which is what the long range sensors were built for, originally.

Diurne: Trank makes himself a relatively quiet guest on board. Despite occasionnal distasteful comments, especially to women, he doesn't put his nose everywhere and is quite satisfied to be able to go where he is authorized.

Diurne: Once the Independence has made his two weeks journey, it comes close to the place called Shatterpoint

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Destination less than a light year away, captain

Tiron Eks: Drop us out of warp once we're near enough for a detailed scan, Lieutenant.

Diurne: A bit later

Lt Salpan Codanadal: There is 12 planets in the system, including one large, rock planet.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I have 2 ships moving in the system, 1 leaving. It looks we have a sort of massive structure orbiting the large rock planet. With many ships by it

Tiron Eks: We should approach them and take a closer look of the ships there.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I get 6 ships that are corresponding to the assailants. It may be a mistake but... I don't think it is... or they are using a similar configuration.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: And err... well... there is... a quite familiar sight

Tiron Eks: Mr. Rajakanya? Can you tell better about the 6 ships?

Tiron Eks: The station, Lieutenant?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Yes, it looks like the same ships

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The station is more a drifting wreck than a station. I'm amazed it didn't crash into the planet atmosphere yet

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I have a Klingon ship on sensors, captain

Tiron Eks: On screen.

Tiron Eks: Of course it would have been too easy without someone knowing Starfleet.

Tiron Eks: Can you identify the ship?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: From the ship configuration, it's a Neghvar class, Klingon, ship

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: It's a flagship class. Where is the rest of the fleet ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Is the Klingon idle by the station ? Approaching ? Leaving ? Can you detect if it's on alert ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Idle

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Screens not raised. Weapons not powered

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: A visitor ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Maybe did they lose a Cardassian ?

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya glares at Codanadal

* Lt Salpan Codanadal decides his joke isn't funny, after all

Tiron Eks: What about the other ships around the station?

* Zhen would think it is funny if he wouldbe on the bridge

Lt Salpan Codanadal: 6 are probably Prani ships. 5 others are probably freighters. Thge last is our Klingon friend. 2 other cargo ships are closing

Tiron Eks: * Zhen decides to go on the bridge to see the system that will undoubtedly be his doom

* Zhen feels as if he missed a good joke and goes to science station pretending that he is checking something

* Zhen is peeking at the screen

* Lt Salpan Codanadal puts the "station" on the main screen.

* Patrick enters bridge and watches screen

Diurne: The "station" is a colossal structure, you feel like midget by it with your ship.

Zhen: Look at the size of that thing.

Diurne: It's made of a core shaped like a faceted diamond, with eight imposing pylons spreading out like forming a 8 points star. It has immense panels, in attrocious bad condition, covering the core flanks. You can also see large gaps that may be hangar doors. The inferior levels of the structure are illuminated by control lights, for all ships are stationned there

Diurne: The whole is just dark, plain dark, almost black. It looks as if it was charred, burned. You see many places where yoiu guess impacts have happened, tearing metal in the hull, exposing the interior to the cold vastness of space

Diurne: The structure looks like to have suffered from a bombardment of big intensity. Yet, it's still mostly whole. But all superstructure was destroyed.

Diurne: It also explains a cloud of tiny debris circling the station. Countless shreds and pieces of metal drifting eternally

Diurne: §

Tiron Eks: Judging its planetoid like surface I say the Tholians created a station that keeps in shape in the event it gets soaked into a black hole.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Can you tell what is the condition of the upper levels ?

* Lt Salpan Codanadal taps on his station panel "From a quick temperature scan, I'd say all the upper levels are exposed to space"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: A reason why the lower levels are used ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Uh... truly... it's simple. It looks it was less bombed. In better shape.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: There is a low shuttle traffic from and to the idle ships. It looks they don't have any working docking bay

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And the Klingons ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: No sign of activity

Tiron Eks: Do we even read klingon life signs abord the ship or station?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: The station inside is impervious to the scans. Too much interferences.... The Klingon ships has what it looks to be the expected crew complement

* Zhen whispers to PAtrick "Now we only need Romulans and it will be like we are back home."

Patrick: *whispers back* and a pair of changelings, on top of that...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: 2500 Klingons. Three times our numbers

Patrick: *whispers* and the weakest of the 2500 is probably twice dangerous than me, or five time you, Zhen...

Tiron Eks: The relationship between the Federation and Klingon are tense in best case.

* Zhen grunts "Weakest Andorian can squash strongest human with ease. Don't be so cocky."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So, shall we send someone into the serpent nest, captain ?

Tiron Eks: Starfleet warned me in their briefing of possible influence of klingons here. But I didn't expect a fully manned flagship out here.

Patrick: *whispers* that's where we could use a smart guy. Klingons are predictable, in a way. The key is to point them at the right target...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I'd say it's likely they send a detachment. A single Negh'Var is strange. But, after all, the Independence is a single Sovereign.

* Zhen nods and whispers "I'm afraid that someone else will get that idea too..."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Because we're explorers. We don't need an armed fleet. Klingons...

Tiron Eks: .. they conquer.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, we just need Romulans to complete the picture now

Tiron Eks: Who knows who we will find on that station.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We may try to parley with the Klingons. It should be easier than with the Prani. And we may not have to bribe them so they answer us

* Zhen mumbles "I said that first..."

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu didn't hear whispers

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What about the planet ? What kind of life ?

Tiron Eks: Yes, let's face it with whom we deal here. Hail the klingon vessel.

* Zhen thinks she heard it very well and stole his joke

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Hum.... I'd say.... animal life. Only.

Diurne: On the main viewscreen, after being hailed, the Klingon officer currently on the Negh'Varbridge appear

Diurne: He looks like an aged Klingon, not especially friendly but it's mostly a feeling Klingon often create in others

* Zhen leans back hoping for a good show... before he dies horribly in a fight that will follow

Tiron Eks: Qapla! I'm captain Eks of the USS Independence. With whom I'm speaking to?

Captain Kjarg: Hail from the Empire, captain. I'm Captain Kjarg of House Toral.

* Zhen thinks how that Klingon seems famiilar

Captain Kjarg: Hail from the Empire, captain. I'm General Kjarg of House Toral.

* Zhen tries to remember why is this Klingon so familiar

Captain Kjarg: It's.... an unexpected pleasure to see.... your ship in this sector, captain

Tiron Eks: I'm suprised to see a klingon general onboard a flagship-type battlecruiser at a trading hub that is pretty far away from the next klingon outpost.

* Captain Kjarg chuckles "I admit it's a sight as unfamiliar that a powerful Sovereign by a trading hub so far from the Federation space"

Tiron Eks: Unfamiliar, likely. Unpredictable not. Ever since does Starfleet chart the space with ships. We're one of them.

* Zhen nudges Patrick and whispers "Have you seen him before maybe?"

Captain Kjarg: Being a cartographer is an honorable job.

Patrick: *whispers* i'm not very physiognomist, when it's about Klingons..

Tiron Eks: This place is espcially exciting, as it has many unusual characteristics here.

Captain Kjarg: Thrilling yes. Thrilling. New challenges to overcome.

* Zhen scratches beard

Tiron Eks: And there are many traps out there, some of we have sprung already. You don't happen to have a starmap with safe trade routes, do you? It would make it easier to get not again into a trap set out by tholians.

* Zhen decides he must be imagining it... after all all Klingons look the same

Captain Kjarg: Tholians ?

Captain Kjarg: We didn't encountered any of those strange creatures. So don't worry about them captain. Yes yes, we do have a map of the space we crossed. Shall we do exchange it for yours ?

Diurne: Tiron got a good feeling ot the tone of the General when he speaks. His surprise when Tholians were mentionned was fake, to your opinion

Tiron Eks: Sounds like a good deal, general. I'll accept.

Captain Kjarg: Great. I'm giving orders right now.

Diurne: Kjarg disappear from the viewscreen a moment

Tiron Eks: *gives a sign to cut audio to Mr. Rajakanya*

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods at the captain as he cuts audio

Tiron Eks: He already knew about the tholians and the thing that their shields and weapons are down suggests they have been already here for a longer time or visit it again.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I agree. Nothing says they are newcomers like us

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The Prani may tell us.

Tiron Eks: SOmething tells me he won't give us a complete map of where they have been.

Tiron Eks: I very much hope so.

* Zhen whispers to Patrick "If he now says "I never trusted Klingons and I never will..." I will start to cry."

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu asks Zhen "What is all your whispers, doctor ?"

Zhen: Nothing ma'am we are just commenting how I found general familiar.

* Zhen clears throat

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You do ?

Zhen: Yes I do, but I may be mistaken. I could only be sure if he would had blue skin and antennas.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu doesn't really know what to think. So she drops the questionning

Zhen: But I stilll can't shake the feeling that I met him before. It's probably nothing.

* Captain Kjarg reappears on screen

Tiron Eks: Run a database search about him.

Captain Kjarg: We're ready to transmit captain, on your order

Tiron Eks: *gives signal to Rajakanya to activate audio again*

* Zhen whispers to Pat when comander looks away "Now that was a good save. Watch and learn."

Diurne: Data is exchanged

Captain Kjarg: Is there anything else you need, captain ?

* Patrick woners if Zhen can really tach anything not relted to microorganisms...

Tiron Eks: No, I don't need anything else for now, but thank you anyway, general. If we need something, we'll hail you again.

* Zhen is quite proud of his skills at dodging the hairy questions

General Kjarg: Certainly.

Diurne: Communication is cut with the Klingon ship

Patrick: he looked friendly...

Zhen: Ferengi looked friendly too.

* Zhen checks the database on this general Kjarg

Tiron Eks: Have we a useful map, Lieutenant Codanadal?

* Zhen thinks how Tiron should specify to whom he is saying what and how he is a doctor and not a librarian

* Tiron Eks looked at doctor zhen when telling what to do.

* Zhen was too preoccupied with gossiping to notice the look

* Tiron Eks is right that zhen is always sleeping.

* Zhen is cursing the slow computer... it must be Patrick's fault, of course

Diurne: Zhen got the entry on General Kjarg


Zhen: It's that murderer! The one that butchered all those people 15 years ago!

Patrick: hmm... a murderer ... from a warhungry race... deja vu

Zhen: Patrick it's the one you failed to reason with.

Patrick: *rolls eyes* the one that blow up the ship ?

Zhen: That one! Captain, this one is a rotten fruit. If you don't trust me check this report on him. He is solving things only with violence and treachery.

Patrick: like a klingon, in other words

Zhen: And I'm betting he is right now making plans to blow us to smithereens.

* Zhen tells Patrick "This one is even more than a "typical Klingon", whatever that may be. He's brings violence and death wherever he goes."

Patrick: hmm, maybe we could try to trick him into threatening the pranis

Zhen: The problem is... he may be violent and treacherous, but he is not stupid. After all he become general somehow.

Zhen: Violent and smart is a bad combination for us.

Tiron Eks: And where have you encountered him?

Zhen: 15 years ago, right after academy. Patrick and I were stationed on a small station. That person blew half of it up killing a lot of people just because he thought some kind of deadly infection was in. There was a medical problem, but we were solving it.

Patrick: on a plagued ship

Patrick: did he fire on some escpaing ship ? I don't remeber

Zhen: PAt did a blunder during that but that is unimportant now.

Zhen: Pat the person, not the tribble.

Zhen: I got Pat the tribble after that incident.

Tiron Eks: I remember the end of that incident. I didn't know it was this klingon gave the order to fire at the ship back then.

Zhen: Also this file says he may be connected to house Duros. I'm not politician but I know they like to do things... the hard way.

Tiron Eks: Toral is the son of Duras, so House Toral belongs to this troublesome house.

Tiron Eks: It's time to over to the station and visit the Prani a visit. Doctor Idisha, you come with me.

Zhen: I don't know. *raises hands* But our frienly Klingon is anything but friendly. Even as far as Klingons go. Think Koloth and Chang mixed in one person and made badder. Yes captain, I'll be ready.


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* Trank makes known he's ready to disembark

Tiron Eks: Alright. Doctor Idisha, you're with me. Tell our guest to meet us at shuttle bay 1. Number One, you have the bridge.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Should we maintain a high level of... security... if not alert ?

Zhen: I am ready. *leaves the bridge muttering* What am I now? Tourist guide? *louder* Computer get me to our Ferengi guest.

Computer: Mr Trank is waiting in his quarters

Tiron Eks: *goes to Turbolift as well* I trust your judgement over the situation, but keep ready for any possibilities. *gives a hint at that klingon cruiser on the viewscreen* Computer, take turbolift to shuttlebay 1.

Tiron Eks: Computer, signal Mr Trank that he should report to Shuttle Bay 1 for departure.

* Zhen goes to get the Ferengi

* Zhen is a doctor, not the bellboy!

* Zhen goes to get the Ferengi, NOT carry his bags but get him totransporter room

* Trank follows the kind Doc and waits eagerly for him to vanish in transphasic space

* Trank now follows to the shuttlebay and wonders if the Doc is going to vanish NOW

* Zhen is not a tour guide!

Patrick: *to Kaur Siddhu* I'll be in engineering, if you need me, Commander *heads to engineering*

* Tiron Eks is in the rather big shuttlebay ((if someone of you played ever elite force 2, you see what I mean)) and enters the shuttlecraft first and motions to Trank and Doctor to follow him inside.

* Zhen seems quite happy to use shuttle for once

* Trank follows religiously (no it doesn't mean he is lifting the officers pockets !)

* Tiron Eks activates main energy of the shuttlecraft after taking the pilot seat: "Please sit down and enjoy the 5 minutes voyage."

Tiron Eks: Trank, what do you know about Kjarg?

* Tiron Eks flies the shuttlecraft and heads to the lower sections of the big space station.

Trank: We're still bound by the deal, you would say ?

* Zhen keeps a watchful eye on the Ferengi

Tiron Eks: Yes, we are actually still bound by the deal. I transport you the last kilometers to the station and you answer me that question.

Trank: Bah, I can answer whatever I want, you have no way to check facts

* Trank smiles

Zhen:Maybe we can. *tries to look mysterious*

Tiron Eks: You would gain a positive reputation by providing an honest answer.

Trank: The Klingon is eager to wipe out the Prani.

Tiron Eks:Why is that?

Trank: Because they are the only martial challenge around

* Zhen mutters "And there is us here now too..."

Trank: He kept boasting on Shatterpoint noone was strong enough to face his warriors

Tiron Eks: He seeks his glory in fighting enemies that are centuries behind klingon's technology?

Trank: Like all Klingons, he just like banging head on others

Trank: Ask him, I'm not his counselor

Tiron Eks: Does he has a whole fleet with him or is his cruiser the only klingon ship in this sector of space?

Trank: I only saw this ship here, ever

Tiron Eks: How long has he been here already?

Trank: They arrived three months ago to my knowledge

Diurne: The shuttle arrives in the station. Noone call them, there is no traffic control.

Diurne: The captain is forced to be unusually cautious when landing because many debris and vehicles are speeding in and out of the opened docking bay

* Zhen is very wary

Diurne: It's been since a loong time, since academy, that Tiron didn't fly in such environment

Diurne: Once the shuttle has landed, docking tubes may have been supposed to extend, back then. Back when the station was working.

* Tiron Eks makes a mental note that it could become hairy to get out of the station inside the shuttlecraft if they are in a hurry.

Diurne: Now, the pilot rather tries to approach the tubes himself, with his vehicle and connect to them manually or by piloting skill

Diurne: It's only after several minutes, ehecking everything that it seems going out inside the docking tube is... safe. No air leak.

Trank: Yes, that's our "do it yourself" side.

Zhen: I don't like it.

Tiron Eks: Now I see what you meant by it's not accustomed to federation standards.

Trank: It's only the start.

* Trank chuckles

Trank: Let's go to the decompression chamber. Usually, it works.

* Trank smiles at the blue doctor

* Tiron Eks smiles: "I'm looking forward to see the rest here."

Trank: We will probably just go through it but sometimes, an old security or maybe something else awaken and block people inside for hours

* Zhen does not look forward at that but looks as mean as he can

Trank: And if you wonder, there is no thing like quarantine zone or medical check points here

Trank: So yes, you can enter and contaminate people. But then, better people don't identify you.

Trank: Otherwise, the local fauna wil make you pay the infection, how little it can be

Tiron Eks: By local fauna you mean the Prani?

Trank: Not only. Basically everyone.

* Zhen starts to prepare for a lot of medical scanning outside

Trank: The only law here is to make yourself be respected

* Trank walks inside the docking tube

Tiron Eks: *gets two phasers, one for Zhen, one for himself*

Zhen: I prefer not to have a phaser. I'm a doctor and all that.

Tiron Eks: Security goes first. You put gloves on if you do a surgery as well.

Diurne: The Trill, the Andorian and the Ferengi ends in the decompression chamber, used in emergency cases. Today, it's simply not working it seems. So the trio just has to open the following blast door and enter the station. And hope that all pressure controls were made and they don't instantly die because of pressure differences

Zhen: I leave security to... security, captain. *starts medical scans hoping that he will look too busy for furtherdiscussion*

Tiron Eks: *presses the phaser on zhen's chest, so he's forced to put it on his belt*

* Trank opens the blast door, without really looking to be annoyed by the possibility of dying in the next second or two

Diurne: None die. Unfortunately.

* Tiron Eks keeps level headed and follows the ferengi.

Diurne: Beyond the blast door, there is little to no light. There is a dim lighting here and here, someone look to have hung lamps like for a temporary manner... and forgot them.

Diurne: There is no in-built lighting system functionning.

Diurne: So it's very dark. And cold too. The air is cold and still. Seems there is only the minimal air recycling opearting inside.

Diurne: So the air also has a disfusting smell.

* Zhen puts phaser on the bottom of his bag, not thinking to ever use it

Diurne: The ceiling, floor, walls, are made of a dark red metal material

Diurne: It looks like a bit dried blood if you have imagination (it doesn't look like, but the color may be evocative)

Diurne: Zhen and Tiron can hear the muffled sounds of people walking on the metal floor, sometimes alien voices echoing in the empty corridors.

* Trank gets a deep breath while contemplating the dark place in front of you all "So... captain, happy to have met you. Thanks for the journey and good luck for the rest". He extends his hand, like to shake Tiron's. Or maybe he wants to get one last occcasion to steal something in Tiron pockets ?

* Zhen does not know aout any STO and fanfic idea about 4 genders

* Tiron Eks smiles politely and shakes hand with the ferengi. "Thank you."

* Trank nods and leaves the Starfleet officers by the docking tube exit.

* Zhen is checking surroundings with his tricorder

Diurne: Around you, you can see many crates, abandonned even if some look to have contents in. There are also other docking tubes, all organized in a sort of ring. There is absolutely no traffic control. You don't even see where one would be. You come to the possible conclusion this was never intended to be a docking area. And the tubes and all are a makeshift addition, coming later.

Diurne: There is little energy flowing inside the structure you are in. Mainly, the energy detected is from the lower "decks", below your position. The tricorder is having difficulties to set a layout of the place. Even something vague. Something is interfering with the readings

Zhen: There is some interference around this place. It is hard to get proper readings, but most energy comes from below.

Tiron Eks: It's probably the structure of the material here. It has blocked our scans of the station as well.

* Zhen nods

Diurne: An alien appears at a corridor corner, heading to the other side of the "ring of docking tubes", it looks to be a member of the Prani specie

Diurne: At the same time, a shuttle is coming closer and closer to the station. You can see it through a thick window

Diurne: You know confirm there is no lighting coming from the station. It's only those lamps left on purpose a bit everywhere that give a dim light. It's still hard to see beyond 10m

* Zhen stays close to Tiron

Diurne: The shuttle is an elongated streamlined shape, like a dart. You never saw one but Rajakanya once told you this is the kind of transport that were used to board the Independence

* Tiron Eks and looks if the Prani used any additional light source to light his way.

* a Prani is apparently using an appartus on his eyes, some sort of visor or sight enhancer

Tiron Eks: We could need some flashlamps to enlighten our way a bit more.

* Zhen checks in his medical bag for those

Diurne: Zhen medical bag certainly has little lamps. May be not really handy for moving inside a station but better than nothing for now

* Zhen hands one to Tiron "It is more useful than a phaser."

Tiron Eks: That remains to be determined.

* Tiron Eks takes the flashlight and turns it on: "We better move downwards to the energy. Considering the shape of the station we'll find down there more fellas.

Zhen: I'm behind you sir, keeping a watchful antennae on your health.

* Tiron Eks goes onward to get somehow to the lower decks of the station.

Diurne: Tiron and Zhen steps echo in the station. The place is an unholy crossbreed between a museum, an abandoned factory, all of this folded inside a stockpile of scrp metal pieces. It looks insanely old at times, covered with centimeters of dust. It looks completely lacking organization. Corridors and rooms, empty, are not exactly practical. You constantly are forced to turn in corridors for unknown reasons. As if going straight was forbidden here.

Diurne: It looks like a factory because you see the bowels of strange machines you cannot fathom the function.

Diurne: It looks like a stockpile of scrap metal because metal pieces and bars are sometimes coming out of also metallic walls for no apparent reason. And they look like piled.

* Zhen makes detailed scan on the surrounding bio status of the atmosphere

Tiron and Zhen steps echo in the station. The place is an unholy crossbreed between a museum, an abandoned factory, all of this folded inside a stockpile of scrp metal pieces. It looks insanely old at times, covered with centimeters of dust. It looks completely lacking organization. Corridors and rooms, empty, are not exactly practical. You constantly are forced to turn in corridors for unknown reasons. As if going straight was forbidden here.

Diurne: You have trouble to find your way down. You thought you found elevators but they don't work. You found a hole (like someone pierced a hole) in the metal floor and a rope hanging down. But you didn't find it safe looking.

Diurne: You finally went through a massive stair, each step looking to be built for a giant

Diurne: After going down a couple of level (or decks if you enjoy that word for this place)

Diurne: then the explorers find true activity. And now, life is exploding in front of their eyes with all its might

Diurne: Since you can see dozens of people, mostly Prani, going left and right, singing and shouting, laughing and bartering, bragging and eating.

Diurne: A large room, big like a hangar, is serving as a casino, cantina, hotel, store, warehouse and restroom. All at once

Diurne: §

* Zhen makes detailed scan on the surrounding bio status of the atmosphere and lifeforms there

Tiron Eks: We're again at a party. Is it again filled with holograms?

Zhen: Cheking it right now.

Diurne: The biological status pf the atmopshere inside doesn't show anything toxic enough to kill you both on the spot (or even a bit later). IThe air isn't recycled properly however and bacteria are having fun in many places. There is no discernable disease or germ on the air that Zhen detected

Diurne: Checking the lifeforms, it seems a horde of Prani is effectively in front of their eyes. They look real on the tricorder

Zhen: So far everything looks alive and real, captain. And quite unsanitary.

Tiron Eks: As long as noone vomits on me it's sanitary enough for the moment.

Zhen: Just don't touch too many unecessary things.

Diurne: Looking for a bit longer, you start to realize there are two main activities down this hall

* Zhen mumbles "That includes females..."

Tiron Eks: Keeping hands clean and getting results is not exactly combinable here, you suggested that to me.

Diurne: The first is everything related to technical.... they look to trade a lot of technical pieces. The second is the trade of slaves. Unless the bound people are just BDSM enthousiast trying to find partners in a simulacrum of sale

* Tiron Eks looks what kind of people are enslaved.

* Zhen does not seem happy

Diurne: Most of the slaves are Prani themselves. Other are from unknown races. No familiar face

Tiron Eks: Like Trank said, they are all trading here. Over warp coils or slaves for possible raids.

* Zhen checks the medical state of some slaves

Diurne: Difficult for Zhen to set a disagnostic from afar but at first sight and first tricorder, they don't seem in danger of dying.

Zhen: Hrmpf. In this moment I wish we would have whole fleet behind us.

Tiron Eks: Don't worry, Zhen. The Independence is enough to appear like a whole fleet.

Tiron Eks: I'm curious about these slave trades.

Tiron Eks: Let's get there and see how they deal with slaves there.

* Zhen nods "I agree"

* Zhen still seems doubtful about ndependence being worth the whole fleet

* Tiron Eks goes closer to the slaving trade market to witness directly what happens there. He hopes to get a better insight of psychology of Prani by observing them.

* Zhen follows him tightly

Diurne: The Prani are almost all armed, every single of them. They all carry a weapon of some sort. The one who are not armed are the slaves and the one who are the least armed are the elders apparently. They seem to behave in a completely different manner depending who they talk to.

Diurne: They look to be friendly to a Prani, in good mood and almost shout on another just coming. Look ultra angry and aggressive. But the second later, they come back to a better mood when a third Prani come

Diurne: For now, it's those fast change of mood you find the weirder

Diurne: §

* Tiron Eks tries to find differencies between the prani that is shouted at and the prani that is friendly treated.

Diurne: Tiron may finally understand what make the difference but he doesn't get it for now and the observation is very short each time. If able toobserve longer... maybe...

* Tiron Eks looks if non-elder Prani shout at each other as well.

Diurne: Same. You lack observation time to get a better understanding. Each time it happens, you observe but don't get it. It may not be something visible, after all

Tiron Eks: Somehow I believe we see a sort of hierachy here. The stronger ones dominate the weaker ones, shout at them and whom they treat friendly are equals or higher ones.

Zhen: Soit is just like on Independence then.

Tiron Eks: If we would do that on Independence everyone would be at Counselor's vaden list of patients and in sickbay because of damaged vocal cords.

* Tiron Eks tries to witness what they offer to buy slaves from the market.

Zhen: I stand corrected, it is like on Indepenecne, just louder.

Diurne: Most of the trade is done using btartering for goods. Replacement parts are in high demand, followed by energy sources and finally weapons

* Tiron Eks looks out if there's any remarkable Prani there in the crowd, someone like you could start talking to, or shout for that matter.

Diurne: There are several actually. Some are leading negociations themselves, some are observing and on the occasion intervene in trade

* Tiron Eks randomly picks one and goes to him (or her?).

* Zhen follows him tightly

* Tiron Eks goes to a slaver.

* a Prani slaver turns to face Tiron Eks, coming close. He is dominating the buyers of his little slave plaza, standing on a sort of pedestal made of old crates

* Tiron Eks starts speaking to the slaver: "What a throbbing place we got here. Many people here outbidding each other to get a reliable workforce, huh?"

a Prani slaver: Slavery is very dependindable on the hunt. And currently, offer is low. So yes

a Prani slaver: If you want workers, you should enter the auctions... those won't last for long, maybe a day or two (there are 6 slaves for sale)

* Zhen grunts and nudges Tiron

* Tiron Eks smirks, like certain comicfigure from a holodeck comic novel would do: "Slaves, they can be reliable. I might have an interest. Are they intelligent and smart enough to be used for more than just physical stimulation?"

* Zhen grunts hoping to sound as some kind of a pervert

* a Prani slaver shrugs "Depends on you. If you trust them enough to give them other tasks"

Tiron Eks: It also depends from where you get these slaves? Have they got no fortune and decided to live as slaves, has someone just picked them from a barren world with the promise to have a better life as slave? I'm a businessman, and time is money, and if I have to spend time to educate them properly for certain tasks, then it becomes not rentable.

a Prani slaver: They have been all captured during raids, be it against ships or orbital facilities. Spacers are an easy target

a Prani slaver: So they are at least educated enough for spacer life. We have no earth-bound here.

Tiron Eks: Some of them even military grade ships or facilities?

a Prani slaver: Everyone is more or less having some knowledge in warfare in this sector, you know

a Prani slaver: But, no, no military for sale. They are too dangerous as slaves

Tiron Eks: Pfft, every kid knows here how to wield a disruptor and pull the trigger, do you call that warfare?

* a Prani slaver doesn't look to comprehend what he says

Tiron Eks: Too dangerous as slaves? Hah ... maybe you haven't tried to apply the right methods to convince them.

a Prani slaver: I see you're a master of the topic. Where is your merchandise ?

* Zhen quickly thinks if he can remember something from psychology that can help him here in looking as if he is master brainwasher of slaves

Tiron Eks: You mean how I convince my gang to show some muscle work if needed to?

a Prani slaver: We're no selling military, even if you wish. So that settles the question. Now if you want toi buy workers and transform them into bouncers, then buy and train them ?!

Tiron Eks: I'll think about it. Actually I'm looking for someone who can be hired for a job. One that might require a hands-on approach.

a Prani slaver: If you want to hire people, you're on level too high. Go down by the pit at the center of the market. But Hadri-la may not accept your entrance.

Tiron Eks: Who's Hadri-la and why in universum's sake may I not be accepted to enter, huh?

a Prani slaver: Hadri-la is the master of the levels here. So if you want to hire something, you must go to him.

a Prani slaver: And he may not accept you because he does what he wants.

Tiron Eks: If he does not do what I want, then he's going to regret it.

* a Prani slaver laughs "I ask you to go to the gaming area to place bets on that before you go down"

Tiron Eks: Yes, my blue friend here will certainly do that. Now, where can I find this Hadri-la?

a Prani slaver: Down the pit at the middle

Tiron Eks: Good. *turns to Zhen* Time to visit Hadri-la.

Diurne: (Assuming) the captain and his loyal doctor goes to the middle of the marketplace, they both can see a large staircase descending. There are about a dozen of armed Prani on the steps, idly waiting and looking at bystanders. At the bottom of the staircase, there is a large metal arch leading to the level below. And from below, they can hear music and the sounds of more people

* Zhen feels subspace is acting up again

Zhen: Interesting.

Tiron Eks: What do you mean?

Zhen: It is interesting place. In non-approving manner, of course. I would compare it to hmmm... Orion Syndicate's installation.

Zhen: Which makes me wonder really...

Zhen: We fund all kinds of Alpha Quadrant races here except the one I would most except to see... Orions.

Tiron Eks: This is simply a land for outlaws here. It happened in history of many species before too.

Diurne: The Prani guards glance at you now and then. Some of them have subtly changed their stance for a better balance

Zhen: Yes, but still curious. We found Cardassians, Ferengi, Klingons... who knows I would not bet against Romulans being cloaked somewhere nearby.

* Tiron Eks does not want to bother his mind with romulans or orions, even though he thinks on someone special for a brief moment.

* Tiron Eks heads therefore further without commenting any further on Zhen's fascination.

* Zhen stil wonders about it

Diurne: The Prani guards move to block Tiron going down the stair

Diurne: The guards just blocked Tiron, without explaining, arguing or whatever else

Diurne: yep

* Zhen tries to look dangerous

Tiron Eks: What's your problem?

Diurne: One guard says to Tiron "What do you want ? This isn't open to everyone". Another guard glance at Zhen and makes a gesture to tell him to move farther, out, far

* Zhen grunts but moves back... not too far away though

Tiron Eks: I'm here to make professional business, not about spare parts or a buying a secretary, true business with muscle if you get me.

Diurne: "No weapon go beyond us. Drop us everything you have", says the guard. Another Prani guard makes a step toward Tiron, holding a device that may be a hand scanner

Tiron Eks: A save environment, I like that, no scum ruining a deal by holding a weapon at point blank range.

Diurne: They are ready to disarm Tiron and check for hidden weapons

* Tiron Eks hands him out the phaser and gives him a warning: "Don't mess with it."

Diurne: The Prani swiftly get the phaser out of Tiron reach. One of them will start a scan soon. Then a guard motions at the captain "Go down now. We'll give back your weapon if you go out"

Diurne: The Prani swiftly get the phaser out of Tiron reach. One of them will start a scan soon. Then a guard motions at the captain "Go down now. We'll give back your weapon if you go out"

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Post  Seetherius on Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:22 pm


* Zhen is trying to look mean in front of insidious alien (but still obeyed to step back)

* Tiron Eks has no phaser anymore and got scanned for further hidden weapons and then got permission to proceed.

Diurne: The captain goes down along a ramp, to the level/deck below. The air is charged with strong smells, from smoked drugs maybe... or spices... there is a strong smell reminding him alcohol. As his eyes get used to the darker light, he spots about two dozens of Prani aliens sitting behind tables

Diurne: They are visibly enjoying a drink or maybe a meal... it reminds him oddly a banquet room. More aliens are coming and leaving with plates and drinks.

Diurne: People are however not just simple guests who enjoy a good time. They all look like escaped convicts or hardboiled criminals. A fair number of them are scarred, they absolutely all carry one weapon at least

* Tiron Eks thinks why he had to hand his phaser to the guards and the others carry one.

Diurne: Half in the dark, in alcoves or backroom, there are what look to be heavily armed guards

* Zhen has a phaser somewhere deep in his medical bag

Diurne: Finally, he realize there is a pedestal on which a sort of throne was set, made of a collection of high tech pieces. A large half naked Prani male is sitting on it

Diurne: §

* Zhen decides to look around a bit (but still stay close in case captain will need help)

* Tiron Eks mumbles: "This is like in some of these holo-novels with a slimy big slug sitting on a throne."

Diurne: The slimy slug looks actually to be a rather muscular Prani

* Zhen is sure that down below is proably that missing Orion slave market and that captain is (as usual) surrounded by women

* Tiron Eks goes to one of the prani who sits behind a table, deciding it might be a good idea to get some information about the people here before confronting the guy on a throne.

* Zhen decides to check the upper half for something that may be of interest or value to him... maybe some new life form? A strange medical tool? Something Ria would like?

Diurne:Zhen starts wandering around, looking for trouble

Diurne: One of the guard in the back of Tiron doesn't really let him choose. He pushes the reckless captain in the middle of the level, under the gaze of everyone

* Zhen thinks maybe nurse Church would like something for her birthday (humans tend to like such things)? Maybe conselor Vaden? What would she like? Definitely nothing Cardassian...

* the Prani on the throne interrogates Tiron, from his throne, without even lifting a hand in a welcome gesture "Who the hell are you to come here ?"

Tiron Eks: My name is Tiron Eks, I'm here to make some business.

the Prani on the throne: Good... That's a good start. But what do you offer ?

Tiron Eks: Energy supplies.

the Prani on the throne: And what are you looking for ?

Tiron Eks: I'm looking for the person who ordered to attack my ship and abducted a wanted person off my ship.

the Prani on the throne: Aaah.... and you come... here ? to ask.

the Prani on the throne: And what makes you believe I'm going to agree to give you such info ?

Tiron Eks: You're a businessman, I'm one as well. Your supplies of energy are dependent from shipments outside of this sector. I can give you some energy and to round it up I know even further traders who could be convinced to come here to establish a business relationship.

the Prani on the throne: What is your ship name and the adbucted person ?

Tiron Eks: The name is Independence and the person a cardassian, going by the name Gul Dargan alias Aten.

* Zhen 's aventure/trouble sense is tingling... but that must be just the place he is in... nothing else

the Prani on the throne: Now that's a peculiar demand.... that request.... is out of my league. It would be too costly.

* Tiron Eks tilts his head, in a manner that he does not like that answer: "Out of your league? And who would be?!"

the Prani on the throne: Answering you would be too costly.

Diurne: You get the feeling he's speaking of cost just to raise the ante. Not as an impossibility

the Prani on the throne: You cannot have everything you want in this sector. Some things are better left hidden. Especially to victims

Tiron Eks: It would be sad to witness you're becoming the next victim of klingon furiousness.

the Prani on the throne: We handle visitors on case by case basis. It means also... you.

Tiron Eks: Klingons don't hesitate long to blast entire space stations away if they got the right reason to do so. It would be a shame to see you and your little throne anhilated the next day.

Tiron Eks: I know a good reason why they should do so, perhaps I know how I can convince them not to do it.

* Zhen does not have a clue and is currentcy more interested in shopping until he hears captain's death screams (that will surely start soon)

the Prani on the throne: Answering you will get us an enemy for sure. So your offer has to be ... of significant value

Tiron Eks: Your life has no value?

the Prani on the throne: And yours ? Do you consider the possibility you won't get out alive ?

Tiron Eks: I call it business risk. *crosses arms* So tell me, what do you consider of significant value, excluding lifes?

Tiron Eks: And don't tell me again it's out of your league to answer.

the Prani on the throne: You first come to speak business and now your suggesting threats. On the other hand, seeing your potential information, I know I get a real enemy. Your deal isn't credible enough.

Tiron Eks: I don't suggest threats. It's a real one I have already discovered by my first sensor sweep. Label it rather that I know how to stop klingons before they go on a rampage against this station by the moment they discover what they don't like. And my business is quite simple, but you're quite unable to answer a simple question what you value a lot. Telling me I'm not credible enough? Hah, I could say the same about you by not hearing me and taking my word serious enough like it should be for a businessman.

the Prani on the throne: Turn the heels and leave while you still have your skin. Before I change my mind.

Tiron Eks: *shrugs only and turns to go*

Diurne: The Prani guards come close to Tiron to push him up and out.

Diurne: Tiron is quickly led out. Where Zhen can see him coming back

Diurne: Zhen collected a lot of data on the environment. It went beyond the simple medical search.... It looks the environment support, which is providing a rather comfortable temperature, moisture and pressure... is actually not coming from the station. It was installed on the ground, mobile units, and is (now and then) managed by Prani

Diurne: The readings concerning the volume and distances keep being inconsistant. The margin of error is small but continuous

Diurne: The reading of the materials composing the hull, ceiling, walls and all, of the station, return a "null" answer. Those materials aren't registered in Starfleet database and/or isn't recognized

* Zhen thinks that science team will have fun with that

Diurne: Also, Zhen has the gut *very* weird feeling the place is bigger inside than from the outside.

Diurne: Finally, the estimated total mass of the station indicates there should be many levels. Wandering a bit, it seems the rare working lifts won't get anyone beyond 4-5 levels. Where the station should have about 30.

Zhen: Odd. *shrugs*

Diurne: It looks the majority of the levels are "off limits" and barred

Diurne: §

Zhen: Patrick will have fun with analyzing that.

* Zhen goes to captain "How was negotiations?"

Tiron Eks: Let's say I'm not used enough to crime lords to make them work for me.

Zhen: Oh... pity.

* Zhen thinks "Of course... I had to negotiate with Ferengi with you."

Zhen: *for you

Tiron Eks: The prani on the throne simply refused to answer my demand for the responsible one behind the attack on the Independence and the abduction.

Zhen: I got a lot of scans of the station on the other hand. If you ever want to star a war I am sure they will help.

Tiron Eks: Doctor, I need your help with ... let's call it a compression bandage.

Zhen: Hmmm? Could you explain?

Tiron Eks: Your little tribble companion.

Zhen: Pat III? Why?

Tiron Eks: Is it possible to undo the inhibitor to reproduce himself for a limited time so we get some more tribbles?

Zhen: It is easy, yes-. But do you want a horde of tribbles?

Zhen: You do understand that normal tribbles only have two finctions in life? To eat and breed? And they do it very, very well.

* Trank is happy to make a sell

Tiron Eks: Oh yes! We came to an agreement to give him some tribbles to leave them onboard this station in exchange for letting me go out alive of that room.

* Zhen greets his "freind" and makes some (not too expensive) business

Tiron Eks: But I would like to discuss that further on our ship when we are back.

* Zhen nods and mutters something about Klingons in orbit and holy wars

* Zhen proceed with his shopping "Just give a moment... I am taking some gifts."

* Tiron Eks nods and let the doctor go on with his shopping.

* Zhen tries to get some presents for people he generally likes... and one that he dislikes

* Zhen remembers PAtrick an gets him some cheap tool that he does not know what is it for

* Zhen does not want to knw what it is... Partick will have fun finding out that for himself

* Patrick hiccups, like if someons was talking about him

* Zhen will do short decontamination on gifts and then listen to captain's full idea

Tiron Eks: Alright, this crime lord has still the image in his head that we are victims and should be further exploited as he's not willing to share any valuable information with us.

Zhen: Okay. I understabd why he would think that.

Tiron Eks: We have the klingons just on the other side of the station and they had once a great issue with tribbles.

Tiron Eks: The crime lord was not pleased to hear that klingons would eventually blow up an entire space station if they deem it worthwhile.

Zhen: Yes, the grand tales of the grand vrusade. *chuckles*

Tiron Eks: Well, 15 years ago we have witnessed ourself how ready that General Kjarg is to give orders to blast ships and stations because of a possible contamination.

Zhen: I see where you are going with this. Just as a warning... that man is a dangerous psychopath, he may just do it.

Tiron Eks: Yes, it's like a bear is going after the honey in the honey comb. I have offered the Prani a solution to that problem, but he was unwilling to listen to me and sent me instead out of his little smocky club.

Zhen: Aside from that... it may be a good prank. I just hope it does not end as a deadly prank. I can make... PAt III breed in controlled conditions. And then put him back to normal. You can do with his offspring... well... whatever you like.

Tiron Eks: Like I said, I'll put the offsprings onboard the stations, after all it's a big place and who knows, they might adapt to the harsh conditions that noone else will touch. The thick walls of the station block sensor scans so the klingons won't notice by their own scans that there are tribbles.

Zhen: I just hope that we don't have many naimal lovers onboard. *winks* When we are at animals... do you think doctor Seyler would like this slug or is it just too disgusting?

Tiron Eks: Does it drink slug-o-cola? *smirks*

Zhen: No, I don't think so. But it is producing incredible amount of slime.

Tiron Eks: Then it's still worth a try.

Tiron Eks: I'm sure Doctor Seyler is going to see your intention.

Zhen: I am sure she will like it. *grins evily* You will have your tribbles by evening. I will make few first and then you breed the rest, is that allright?

Zhen: In few hours you should have a horde.

Tiron Eks: Good. We have only to make sure that we transport all offsprings to the station.

Tiron Eks: I don't want a tribble crisis on our ship as well. *grins*

Zhen: I would suggest that you get few more here first. Just in case they find them fast and eh... do a bit of extermination.

Zhen: Just be sure that you have them in well sealed place. If they get out... well I'm guessing female crewmembers will like them... until they start finding the everywhere.

Tiron Eks: Alright, then make it so.

Zhen: Aye-aye sir!

* Zhen goes first to spread joy with gifts... an interesting figurine of... something for nurse Church, a small artsy fresco of... something for counselor vaden, a can of alien fleas for Ria (and some candy on top of it), and finally... odd device for Patrick... Zhen will say it's an alien artifact.

Patrick: *rolls eyes* you paid for that ?

Zhen: Of course, it looks... well... as some ingenious alien tool you can have fun with.

Zhen: I'm guessing you stick this side into some kind of a hole and... well you figure it out.

Patrick: *picks the key wrench* erm, thank you for the gift, Zhen *smiles*

Zhen: Don't mention it... now excuse me I have to pack a special presentfor doctor Seyler.

Patrick: something that will raise your image in her heart, I guess...

Zhen: I'm only trying to spread joy and cooperation... *again has devilish grin*

Patrick: I can see that...

Patrick: nothing for "Number One" ?

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler works in the sickbay

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu reads reports from Hilbert

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert is happy to hahve finally sent his daily reports

* Zhen packs quite disgusting slug in a nice present box and writes a nice card worthy of ensign Bright saying "I know we had some differences, but as a sign of respect I would like to have this fascinating alien life form I found on the station. Feeding instructions are included. I hoe we will ahve fruitful time togeher. Doctor Zhen."

* Lt Stefan Arquero curses Morbren while working

* Lt Morbren Chardok explains how Arquero happen to appreciate his work

Zhen: Her? Why? *shrugs* Excuse me now.

Zhen: Oh... *sends his tricorder data to engineering and science tams*

* Zhen then goes to sickbay with a nice box

* Zhen buzzes on her office doors

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler eyes Zhen entering

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler eyes the door where Zhen is about to come

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Come in

* Zhen enters and does one of his half-salutes patented since he had a talk with Commander Siddhu

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Good day. Can I help you, lieutenant ?

* Zhen grunts "For you." Leaves box on the table and turns to exit the room right now.

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler is surprised "Oh really ... thanks..."

Zhen: No problem... read card first. I must go now... I must breed tribbles for the captain. *runs out*

* Zhen looks like a blue satan outside with antennae like horns and grin that would put allmighty lucifer to shame (but Seyler cannot see that... only medical staff)

* Zhen breeds tribbles for the captain, and then fixes PAt III again not to breed while delivering about a dozen of his offspring to the captain

Diurne: Later that day during lunch time at the mess, doctor Seyler comes by Zhen table. She thanks him for offering this slug and explains she will always think about Zhen when she looks at it, from now

Zhen: I glad you like it, I had same thought about you when I saw it so I thought... she would love it!

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Approaching Shatterpoint

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:08 pm


* Patrick is working at engineering, as usual, trying to temper Morbren

* Zhen just finished nice talk with Seyler about her slug and left captain a tribe of tribbles

Tiron Eks: Captain's Log, stardate 23.09.2010>. My first attempt to gather information from the chief Prani onboard Shatterpoint wasn't fruitful. The Prani are mercenaries at best and pirates in usual. I've asked Doctor Zhen to create some tribbles in an attempt to gain an advantage over the Prani's stance by refusing any information deals and keep blocking us.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Captain Eks to Doctor Idisha.

Zhen: Yes captain?

Tiron Eks: Doctor, what's the status of the tribble order?

Diurne: On the desk computer of the captain, a signal shows personnal and official mail arrived to the ship from the Federation

Zhen: They are ready for you. A dozen of them, with a little of food you wil have an army of them.

Tiron Eks: Good. Please prepare several canisters and start putting the tribbles in them. We'll need a shuttle to carry these canister together with food rations to shatterpoint and start spreading the tribbles accros the sections.

Zhen: Understood.

Tiron Eks: *closes channel and heads to his ready room to view the latest news*

* Zhen mutters "What am I? Some kind of tribble Preserver? Seeding Tribbles across the galaxy."

* Zhen goes to requisiton supplies captain wanted for Tribbles

* Zhen pesters MacDougal about canisters and food

Diurne: The Tribble threat now grows

Ria wonders if she will ever meet a Mega-Tribble

Diurne: You all got personnal mails (unless the captain censors them)

* Zhen hopes he will not create the mega-tribble

* Patrick checks mails

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu makes a routine inspection of the ship roster of active bridge officers

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *bleep* Kaur Siddhu to the captain

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Go ahead, Number One.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We have a peculiar transmission and request. The Klingon general is asking to meet you in person... to discuss the future of the sector

* Zhen has tribbles ready

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya thinks about a Tribble-gun

Tiron Eks: That is unexpected. Tell him to beam abord in one hour.

* Zhen wonders what would Tribble gun do...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: He said he wants to meet you on the station.

Tiron Eks: Does he also say why there?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Because he wanted a neutral ground

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: He made a hint about guests on our board that don't always be allowed to get out

Tiron Eks: A klingon that is afraid? That is a premiere.

Tiron Eks: Tell him I'll be abord the station in one hour then.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I can't tell you, captain. It may not be fear...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: One hour, I tell the Klingons

* Tiron Eks asks for if Klingons beamed over to the station already or used a shuttlecraft to get there.

* Zhen hopes that tribbles will not get lose on the board

* Lt Salpan Codanadal reports the Klingons regularly go an,d ldave the station on shuttlecraft, including lately yes

* Tiron Eks decides first to go and see what the klingon general wants before moving on to deploy the tribble trap.

* Tiron Eks actually revides his decision and contacts doctor Zhen again: "Doctor Idisha, report in."

Zhen: I'm here. Do you want me to deploy Tribble canisters?

Tiron Eks: Yes, but the situation profile changed slightly.

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to the Captain

Zhen: Don't tell me you want me make them explode?

Tiron Eks: The klingon general requests a talk onboard shatterpoint and that might mean that some klingons are already aboard the station.

Zhen: So?

Tiron Eks: The klingons aren't allowed to witness that we deploy the tribbles abord the station. It might ruin the impression for the Prani that the Klingons might want to executice draconic counter measures against tribbles, if you get me.

Zhen: Okay, so what's the plan?

Tiron Eks: I'll fly over in one shuttle and meet the general while you and some officers you select for your away mission go over in another shuttle together with the canisters and food for the tribbles and deploy the tribbles in some sections of the stations without being catched by klingons or Prani who look for trouble.

Zhen: Erm....

Zhen: Allright? I hope we will ahve some tactical escort?

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya will be escorting you. I delegate to you both if you need further officers or equipment for this away mission.

Zhen: I understand.

Zhen: Doctor Idisha out.

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to the Captain

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to O'Rourke, you called me earlier?

Patrick: Idid. Can I have a few minutes of your time, Captain ?

Tiron Eks: Sure, what do you got for me?

Patrick: I prefer to talk about that... in loud voice *chuckles slightly*

Tiron Eks: I'll come down for an inspection then.

Patrick: roger, O'Rourke out

Tiron Eks: *heads to the Bridge and looks at his chief security officer*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Sir ?

Tiron Eks: Mr Rajakanya. Doctor Idisha is going to require your security expertise on his away mission to deploy tribbles aboard shatterpoint. You should get in contact with him and work out solutions for possible obstacles during that mission.

* Zhen clicks his comm "Zhen to Patrick."

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Shall we go armed, sir ?

Patrick: *clics* Speak

Zhen: You have just vounteered for adventure of seeding tribbles across this sector.

Tiron Eks: I recommend it, Commander. The Prani are all armed on that station and we can't truely expect them to stand down if they smell trouble.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Understood, sir. I'm going to meet the doctor

Tiron Eks: *nods and heads to the turbolift to head down to main engineering*

Patrick: you might know that I have some real work to do here, like make sure people have breathable air, you know...

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods at the other bridge officers as he leaves to the armory

Patrick: *sighs* how long will this trip take ?

Zhen: Well captain gave me carte blanche to make my away team, and you're in it. I need someone who knows technology if there will be problems.

Patrick: you're in charge of some mission ? I'dbetter update my testament, then

Zhen: Do that. And get ready for... Tribble insertion.

Zhen: What I need to know is where is the safe place to dock on... so that we don't get discovered.

Patrick: *rolls eyes* you should ask Hilbert for that, or Codanadal

Zhen: You just get your toys...

Patrick: right *closes com* somehow, I'm gonna regret it...

Zhen: *clicks* Zhen to Codanadal.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya comes to the doctor with his own set of toys ; weapons

* Tiron Eks arrives after a minute or two in main engineering.

* Patrick prepares some engineering kit for the "mission

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya calls the doctor "Doctor Idisha ? I didn't imagine you in an infiltration mission"

Patrick: ah, Captain... sorry, I was preparing vaious things *sottovoce* I don't know what you asked Zhen but he seems to think I would be good addition...

Zhen: It seems captain thins I am... good for black ops... furry and cuddly black ops.

Patrick: but what I wanted to talk is a different matter. Permission to speak freely, Captain.

Tiron Eks: I trust my officers in doing the best in the interest of their given assignments.

Tiron Eks: Sure, Patrick. Go on.

Patrick: Tiron, did you actually order to spy and filtrate our coms with starfleet/the federation ?

Patrick: in this particular case, messages and mails

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya gives a hand phaser to the doctor "Get this". Do you have any idea of the kind of opposition we may face ?"

Zhen: I don't carry weapons, sorry.

Tiron Eks: *comes around the main table in engineering and lowers voice* Yes, once I learned of a possible spy it is logical that one keeps his master updated on the situation, that means sending out somehow a signal.

Zhen: *clicks again* Doctor Idisha to Codanadal... again, you junk computer.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks a bit surprised but keep the weapon

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Doctor ? How can I help you

Zhen: Ah hello, liutenant. I would like a nice scan of the station... for a safe place to land. Without many people around.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: It isn't possible, doctor. The whole place mock our sensors. We never get a clear picture of what, where, how much and like

Zhen: Can you eh... use data I bought after last visit?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Even simply reading life signs is possibly wrong. Even if I suspect the error margin should not be significant

Zhen: So... we have to... guess?

Patrick: right, then if I can ask... I don't mind that you might suspect me and want to spy my messages but why removing some of them ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: The place has no definite dimensions doctor. What you scanned was useful until proven wrong by later scans. Then somewhat right. Later totally right ! Ah no, utterly wr-wait it's... you get the picture ?

Zhen: I do. You are bad at telling jokes. Thank you anyway, so we just have to guess... lovely, just lovely. Can you at least give me your best guess?

Tiron Eks: I can't remember I have ever given the order to remove some messages addressed for you.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Of course, doctor. I wouldn't want to lose you on a navigation mistake

* Zhen stops thinking if that was sarcasm or not

Zhen: Uhm... thank you then. Please... do your best guess.

Patrick: the message I received today seemd to imply I have missed several incoming ones

Lt Salpan Codanadal: My best, as usual

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: As usual

Zhen: I expect nothing less.

Patrick: in that case, someone is filtrating the coming messages... from the source

Tiron Eks: Trust me, I haven't ordered to block your messages. Nor does Commander Kaur Siddhu who keeps since day 1 a close eye on every suspicious occasion without my approval.

Patrick: or someone is doing it from here, without anyone's consent or order

Tiron Eks: Who has sent you a mail and how has thisone reacehd you this time?

Tiron Eks: Possible.

* Zhen gets ready his tribble tubes and medical gear

* Zhen loads them and the food to the shuttle

Patrick: again, I prefer to keep his name for me, if you don't mind. What I can tell you, though is that it's the same person who warned me we were eyed, watched...

Patrick: the wird part is, for what I can judge, the removed messages were rather innocent... this has no sense...

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya gets in the pilot chair "We're waiting for someone else ?"

Zhen: Yes, Patrick. *clicks* Patrick?

Patrick: *to Tiron* I'd better move on before Zhen yell on broadcast. Still, this is something to thinn about *winks*

Tiron Eks: It is difficult for me to get a clear picture, I have only fragments of the whole situation about this spy and every piece I got could be turned into hostile or not hostile. I need a frame that is fixed and from there we run iterations to limit the suspects toa small circle or in best case even determine it.

Patrick: see you later, Captain* salutes*

Patrick: *clics* yes, Zhen, I'm on my way. O'Rourke out.

Tiron Eks: Good luck with Zhen.

* Zhen mutters

Patrick: *picks his package* Computer, where is Dr Idisha ?

Computer: Doctor Idisha is in the shuttle bay

Patrick: good. You're in command, Stefan* heads to shuttle bay*

Diurne: O'Rourke, Idisha and Rajakanya then leaves the Independence, flying to the station

Diurne: Once more, the station impress you by its size, its spidery structure and its blackness.

Diurne: You also becomes at unease when you look at it for too long...

Diurne: From your point of view, it's obvious a handful of levels are occupied, at best.

* Zhen pretends that he is not impressed at all

Diurne: You see docking bays... most of the time, you suspect the entrances were cut inside the outer hull by later visitors, maybe the Prani, but there were no docking bays there at first

Diurne: There are those big pylons, of unknown use. They look like regular starbase pylons, to attach ships to. But you have the gut feeling it isn't the case, it was used for ... something else... You have no idea what but you're not sure you want to know

Diurne: The shuttle flies casually, as famous pilots always counsel, to not get unwanted attention

* Zhen has a feeling they are doing just the opposite

Diurne: Finally, the shuttle board the station. Considering it's not a regular docking bay but something cut in...

Diurne: You have the weird idea it's as if you were getting in the stomach of some gigantic animal

Diurne: When you make the first step on the manufactured metal floor, if you still had that animal idea, it's dismissed

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya gives a hand phaser to O'Rourke "Or you're like the doc and refuse to carry a weapon ?"

Patrick: I'm not a doctor, I'm an engineer. Besides I suspect Dr Idisha ot just find phasers too... uncivilized

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: So you get one ?

Patrick: *nods and picks a phaser*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: So... Doctor ? You're leading us. O'Rourke, get a tricorder and watch the surroundings

Zhen: And too deadly...

Patrick: right away

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya watches the doctor carrying the canisters

Zhen: Our goal is to find a good place for tribbles to breed. It shoud be safe place at first... so that they have time to overpopulate this place and at the same time close to ducts so that they can... spread.

* Patrick checks surroundings with tricorder

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: And we're sure this isn't going to go out of hand ?

Zhen: I'm just doing captain's orders.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: You're the one who is going to release them

Zhen: Look... you are outranking me, you can just order me not to if you don't like it. I personally don't like it, okay? These tribbles will eb slaughtered one way or another. But oh noooo... Zhen must keep his mouth shut or certain Number One will say that doctor is not trustworthy. So I have to do these things. So do you say we disobey orders an go back? I'll happily do it!

Zhen: Not to say that this all can lead us to firefight with Klingons because who else but us could bring Tribbles here? That klingon captain may be psychopath, but he is not an idiot.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Cease avoiding the question. How do you know if this is not going to go out of hand ?

Zhen: I don't. As I said, this was captain's decision. I told him that this may lead to problems.

* Patrick is focusing mainly on other life signs and environmental conditions

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I see. How much time before they start breeding and everyone notice ?

Zhen: They are tribbles... hours. With food we have here there will be ahorde quite soon.

Diurne: Patrick notices a group of Klingon lifesigns several decks above them. Maybe 6 or 8. Number varying on the reading

Zhen: And then they will start to spread and seek more food... you know how that goes.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We just be careful we don't bring back one of those little furry devil with us

Patrick: there are ... klingons, above us

Zhen: For now they are safely contained. So if you closed the shuttle... no tribble will be coming back.

Zhen: Good, those are probably captain's hosts. Check for some place we can leave tribbles... place as I desribed.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya looks up "Above ? Those decks are uninhabitated, right ?"

* Patrick uses tricorder to try to find a place that matches Zhen's desires

Patrick: not t the moment, at least, I only detect klingons... maybe 6 or 8, signs are unclear

Diurne: Patrick stops observing the Klingon signals (they didn't appear to move) and look for a place for Doctor Idisha little freakhouse

Diurne: Such a place is relatively quickly found. The Tribbles is ready to be released

* Zhen does the dirty deed and makes a safe tribble nest

* Zhen is obviously unhappy with possible tribblecide

Diurne: The tribbles do a nice cute sound as Zhen open the canister

Patrick: if you're done, we'd better get out of here... even the dumbest klingon might be able to add two and two if he sees Starfleet and tribbles in the same place...

* Zhen looks at Rajakanya as if he hopes for abort order

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: What are our friends doing, by the way ?

* Patrick checks for the klingons again

Diurne: On the tricorder, the Klingons look to be, oddly, one desk higher now. They didn't move much, save they're one desk higher

Zhen: Probably making a trap for the captain. *grunts*

Patrick: hmm, they moved.. one level higher...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Codanadal said the Klingons are coming in and out of the station...

Patrick: I guess they're here on some unofficial business, as we are. Searching for something maybe. Again, we'd better get out if you're done admiring your creations, Zhen

Zhen: Like anyone would ever listen to me. Anyway, tribbles are set to breed.

Diurne: Patrick finally gets a reading for an energy source by the Klingon. Something more powerful than a daily life item. It would be comparable to a phaser set on low lethal level

Zhen: Let's go back now. *mutters something about killing Pat's offspring*

Patrick: *hides a smile*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: If there is nothing more, yes, we better move

* Patrick keeps on wathing for life signs around

* Zhen grudgingly goes back

Diurne: Nothing is about to jump on them, according to Patrick tricorder

Patrick: so far... so good...

* Zhen hurries back... the soon he leaves the scene of crime the better

Diurne: The Starfleet trio go back to the shuttle, apparently without being spotted by Klingons. Now at the era of tricorders...

Patrick: the fact is... if I can detect them, they can as well...

Zhen: I figured as much.

Diurne: The shuttle goes back to the Independence

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Chatlogs from Maptool Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

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Diurne: So... our captain was informed by his second in command of the invite by the Klingon general for a meeting on the station board (since the Klingon, Kjrag, explained "guests" on the Independence board may not come out, ever)

* Zhen is done with his tribble-commando action

* Tiron Eks goes to the shuttlebay and gives order to Lt. Idisha and Lt. Aquero to follow him abord the 2nd shuttle to the station.

* Patrick is done with Zhen's spy games...

Diurne: The shuttle leaves the ship, heading to the station where it docks without problems. The rendez vous is set in a deserted section of the wreck, one of the upper decks.

* Zhen is sure that captain is going into a trap... but who is listening to him anyway?

Diurne: Eks, Idisha and Arquero must find their way up. There is no discernable working lifts to go up. So they have to use ladders and strange wide stairs

Diurne: After few minutes going through the decks, the Starfleet team finally arrives in sight of the Klingons. Here is general Kjarg, sided by one Klingon warrior, maybe his aide.

* General Kjarg motions at the captain arrival "And here they come. I told you they would."

Diurne: The Klingon warrior growls something, obviously having lost a bet or something

Diurne: Kjarg is wearing a heavy leather cloak over his uniform. Both Klingons are armed with disruptor pistols (but at the belt, not in hand)

Tiron Eks: An interesting place you have chosen to discuss something of importance.

Diurne: Someone, probably the Klingons, have set a rusty, large, round metal table with sturdy chairs

General Kjarg: The place is interesting. It suits the purpoes of this meeting.

* Tiron Eks tries to decide if this is some kind of disucssion that requires both sides to sit down at a table.

* General Kjarg sits at the table, his warrior goes and gets a bloodwine bottle from a bag, plus several glasses

General Kjarg: You drink, captain ?

Tiron Eks: No, I prefer to keep my head clear.

* Tiron Eks sits down at the table.

* General Kjarg taps with his foot on the floor.

General Kjarg: This is the prize.

General Kjarg: I'm offering you an alliance, captain. Starfleet and the Empire can have many enemies around, in this sector.

General Kjarg: And it's better to side with each other rather than relying on stranger, don't you think ?

General Kjarg: This wreck is a perfect spot to start establishing a supply depot. At least, it's my intent.

Tiron Eks: Sounds reasonable.

General Kjarg: I want to associate you to this. Because I prefer to have your support and because together, there isn't many who can oppose us...

General Kjarg: So what do you think about this, for now ?

* Tiron Eks has to think from news from home how Federation/Klingon relationship is degrading rapidly.

General Kjarg: It's just you and me here, captain. We both are officers in an hostile place. And, despite the appearance, we can only trust each other.

Tiron Eks: There are two points that come into my mind. First: this is more than less a base of operation for the Prani. They are certainly not welcoming the new folks like us with open arms.

General Kjarg: I see you identified quickly what is the problem

Tiron Eks: 2nd: It is said the Tholians are the remote masters of this sector. By opening any depot here it might attract them enough to come into play with intentions unknown. Again it's uncertain if they are going to oppose a joint effort.

General Kjarg: Speculation. Tholians may never come again here. And for remote masters, they are certainly ... distant

Tiron Eks: Our both powers had enough incidents with Tholians who came suddenly into the play from the distant. The Federation was even once in a war with them.

General Kjarg: The Prani are the only identifiable threat. Tholians... there is no reason to believe they are interested by what happens here. Judging by the derelict condition of this place, they don't care

Tiron Eks: About the Prani being the sole threat for now, what do you have in mind?

General Kjarg: But I have a treat for you, captain... you may not have realized this place is mostly sealed from outsiders. It may also be a good place for your science personnel to learn more about... the mysteries of the universe

General Kjarg: The Prani are just backwater space pirates. I propose to wrestle the wreck control from them. And remove them from the place completely.

* Zhen would really love to know more about medical things about Tholians

Tiron Eks: And by removing you mean applying force?

* Nurse Church asks Zhen to check and validate the away team kits, that she prepared (as she does regularly)

* Lt Riashaala Idisha looks around and then at a massive sealed gate barring the way to go further up

* Zhen does that still yammering how captain may be dead right now

General Kjarg: Yes, force. They are pirates, they won't understand or accept anything else

Tiron Eks: Let's say the Prani are removed we both establish a supply base in this station afterwards?

General Kjarg: That's the goal, yes.

* Zhen is obviously more concerned about his cousin than the captain, but is yammering about captain

* Nurse Church wonders if the doctor will validate her work...

* Zhen checks kits

Tiron Eks: You are aware that this huge station is only holding up together because of the miraclous structure that sustained quite heavy damage? Before anything is safe here to use as a depot there needs to a massive repair and structural reinforcement to ensure that the depots won't be endangered by a fragile station.

* Zhen seems as a father of a underage child who went out and did not back on time.

Zhen: Shouldn't they be back already?

General Kjarg: We'll make the necessary work

Nurse Church: They should ? Diplomacy is generally a long process, no ?

Tiron Eks: It'll take time and resources to establish a minimum of a safe base here. In addition it'll require also personnel from both our ships to operate the base and don't forget that the Prani might then come back for retribution.

* Zhen is still checking kits "With Klingons diplomacy usually means disruptor fire. And that captain is a lunatic! He is a murderer! I thin we should go and look for them."

General Kjarg: Listen, captain. I have the ressources and the manpower to make this place a decent operating supply depot.

Nurse Church: This Kjarg isn't known for being the subtle guy, right ?

Zhen: Not at all. Remember when he blew up those ships some ten years back? HE just killed all those people... a maniac, I tell you!

Tiron Eks: I have to admit it's a generous offer to invite us in your endeavour to establish a base.

Nurse Church: Nothing good is going from all of this

General Kjarg: We're both from a foeign region of space, captain. From the locals point of view. *We* are the strangers here. And us strangers should stick to each other

Zhen: I know! I know! that is what I'm trying to tell everyone... but nooooo... we are seeding tribbles on the station! That may send those insane Klingons into berserk rage!

Tiron Eks: But this is a decision I don't want to make without informing and consulting with my senior officers.

Zhen: Tey could be berserking right now killing everyone! And because our sensors do not work... we woudl not know!

General Kjarg: Really ? You aren't able to take a decision by yourself ? This is... disappointing. I expected a leader.

Diurne: Meanwhile on the ship...

* Zhen is more and more freaking out with every passing minute

Computer: Alert, reactor surge detected. Power nodes to Andromeda grid sealed. Plasma leaks in nodes.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Engineering, what's happening ?

Zhen: We are under attack! I knew it! Ready medical statins!

Zhen: *stations

Lt Paula Harrison: How do I know ? There is an intruction of the reactor to send energy to... I don't know where ! And it causes a feedback !

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Who gave that instruction ? What instruction ? STOP THIS

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Ma'am, Prani ships are moving

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: WHAT ?

Lt Paula Harrison: To hell that damn ship !! What are you doing (she yells at the engineering station)

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Kaur Siddhu to captain Eks, emergency call

Lt Morbren Chardok: Feedback increasing

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yellow alert ! Screens up !

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks here. What's the situation, Commander?

Computer: Power grid integrity failing.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're having a reactor malfunction and... the Prani ships are coincidentally moving

Tiron Eks: Switch to auxiliary systems. The Prani are considered to be hostile.

Computer: Emergency, emergency. Secondary power grid activated. Main reactor shutdown due to feedback

General Kjarg: Problem, captain ?

Patrick: O'Rourke to Engineering, status ?

Lt Paula Harrison: Where are you, boss ?! Come here quickly ! We're having a MAJOR problem. The reactor is sending energy to ... I don't know where but it is. We have leaks in a serie of conduits, the reactor is trying to shutdown

Tiron Eks: *to the General* Quite so, I expect an attack of the Prani on the Independence. My ship could need the assistence of your cruiser if the Prani are truely intending to attack.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Prani ships are powering up weapons and shields. Yellow alert... Yellow alert partial. We're having energy variations and the secondary grid kicking in will have trouble to keep up the shields at decent level for long

General Kjarg: Oh really ? This is changing the parameters of a possible agreement. Since you may not live to see another day...

Patrick: try to split that feedback in secondary dissipation circuits, I'm on my way

* Patrick heads to engineering

* Zhen gets ready sickbay for any casaulties

Lt Paula Harrison: Shit, O"Rourke, hurry, this is out of our league and we need to focus on too many things at once !

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Engineering, I want energy for shields at once !

Lt Morbren Chardok: What does she imagine ? That we span it from our asses ?

* Patrick rushes to engineering

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to Independence, are you able to stabilize the situation?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm not sure, captain. The ship doesn't look to be in danger but *static and communication cut*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We've been hit by a salvo from Prani ships, they are closing in. They look to want to board us

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Fire a phaser volley in front of them. If they don't stop, vaporise one of them

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Kaur Siddhu to the captain

Tiron Eks: Speak, Number one!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I believe it's better you come fast on board. The Prani looks to be willing to fight.

Lt Paula Harrison: Morbren, can you stabilize the reactor ?

Lt Morbren Chardok: Yes yes but shouldn't we rather let it go down ?

Lt Paula Harrison: If we do that we're losing too much power.

Tiron Eks: I'll be on my way, keep the ship together.

Lt Morbren Chardok: But if we don't, we may have it explode

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Rajakanya, teleport back the captain when possible

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya blinks

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Ma'am.... Transporters are on maintenance. They are unusable

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What ????

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Kaur Siddhu to the captain... Captain, you will have to come back on your own with the shuttle.

Patrick: Paula, I'm too far to reach you in time. I'll head to console 51, deck 8. Should take me 15 minuts ot be there. Send control to it, while I run.

Lt Paula Harrison: 15 minutes ? You must be kidding !

Patrick: If it were me, there would be consoles everywhere in the ship, but I guess Rajakanya wuld object...

Diurne: All the lights turn off on the ships. Then emergency lighting kicks in

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Uh... Bad... Commander, if I shoot, I won't be able to hold the shield much longer.

Zhen: What now?!

Tiron Eks: Understood. *to General* General Kjarg, I give you my word as captain that we have an agreement in your proposed alliance! Afterall we strangers are likely to be the target of these Prani here and should better keep working together!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We won't hold them for long if the Prani start firing anyway. So shoot at one of the approaching ship.

* General Kjarg calls his ships "This is the general. Are the Prani moving against us ?"

Patrick: Paula, try to redirect that feedback on the shields, it should dissiapte part of that and buy us some time

Diurne: The ship replies "No general. They are just heading on the Federation ship"

Lt Paula Harrison: What ??? How do I do that ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Commander Kaur Siddhu to all station. Prepare for a boarding. I repeat, prepare for a boarding.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Kaur Siddhu to sickbay. Medical, prepare to move to support our security at boarding points

Zhen: We are ready. Alerts and flickering lights are usually best sign of trouble before any orders.

Patrick: try to see if you can connect the jefreeze used for the feedback to the ones going to the shields, then use the enerfy to accelerate the freaquency modulation

Tiron Eks: General, can I count on your assistence against the Prani then?

Patrick: Paula, switch tasks with Morbren, if you can

General Kjarg: I would have to be convinced you'd win that battle, captain

General Kjarg: Engaging my ship to support a losing battle is just a waste of time, resources

Lt Paula Harrison: Ok ok... you sure I try that, commander ? Rerouting the feedback energy ? No regret ?

* Lt Morbren Chardok looks horrified

Patrick: Morbren, if you have an idea, that's the right moment to get creative

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler arrives in the sickbay, in civilian clothes (she was in her quarters) "Quick, dispatch medical teams according to protocol 202. You'll have the meeting points indicated"

General Kjarg: I am returning to my ship. When I arrive on the bridge, I'll assess the situation. If you're in a situation to win... we'll just start our alliance by teaching the Prani to behave. Just sooner than expected.

General Kjarg: Our intervention may not save your ship, since you will be winning. On the other hand, we have a station to clear from unwanted presence.

Zhen: We are already ready if you haven't noticed. *dispatches medical teams and goes to his position with nurse Church*

Tiron Eks: *to his officers* Let's move it back to the shuttle, on your double!

Patrick: Morbren, do you think you can reroute the feedback power to the experimental sensors... the tubes should be heavier and should be able to handle the overpowering

Patrick: anyway, gain me some time, I'm nearly there...

Lt Morbren Chardok: Actually, commander, that's what caused the feedback originally. Somehow, the reactor decided to send power to the experimental power grid. As if it was wanting to power something. But the energy output was blocked by sealed sections. Hence the feedback. Other than that, you're right, the experimental conduits endured the output without a leak...

Diurne: The Independence fires a volley of phasers at a Prani ship coming close, transforming it into a fireball.

Patrick: can they endure more ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Here went our energy

Lt Morbren Chardok: This isn't the question. It causes a feedback.

Lt Morbren Chardok: We can't pack all our energy into the room of those conduits. It just comes back.

Diurne: Prani ships launches a dozen of shuttles

Patrick: I was thinking about reinjecting part of that feedback in it...

Lt Paula Harrison: It would just fuel the loop, no ?

Patrick: I'm not sure. The idea is to buy us some time. I guess there is no way to shut down the part which is generating that feedback without shuting the main reactor, correct ?

Lt Paula Harrison: Nah

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Rajakanya, try to get us a decent red alert warning and go lead the security team.

Patrick: O'Rourke to Commander Kaur Siddhu

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Lieutenant Commander ?

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya turns on the red alert. Now the grim red lightning now bathes the ship interior.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya goes out of the bridge

Patrick: Commander, we really have an issue with this feedback loop here, I know you don't want to hear that but we may have to shut down the main reactor

* Lt Anra Vaden doiesn't feel at ease

Zhen: Of course...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Can't you find another solution ? If we don't put back our shields up within seconds, we'll be boarded

Patrick: I'm working on it, but the ship integrity is compromised. I don't know how long it can handle that...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So what are you doing ? We're depending on the energy output, more than ever

* Zhen is following protocol... unless something happens that will make him think he knows better

Diurne: Throughout the ship, anxious security personnel gather. They were trained and all but most of them are still young men who are thrown into a combat situation for the first time. Some officers try to reassure the rookies... those officers are the ones who faced the Prani when the ship was boarded once already

Patrick: Commander can we fle tha battlefield somehow and find some place to hide...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Codanadal ?

Patrick: the Captain should be safe with the Klingons, safer than us...

Lt Salpan Codanadal: If we get main energy output, erasily yes. On secondary output, I can't guarantee we can outrun the Prani.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Plus the Prani will shoot at us...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke, try to get us main reactor back online and working. If not, secure enough energy to start a defense of the ship interior.

* Zhen is sure captain dead, and that they all will be dead when Klingons who outnumber Independence 5:1 start boarding

* Pat III wonders where the Tribble army is

Patrick: Commander it's getting critical, I have to shut down the ractor now or we'll find pieces of the ship abit everywhere in this system...

Diurne: A red shirt comes by doctor Zhen and offers him a hand phaser

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You're the expert and you're in the engineering room. So do it...

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu sighs "To everyone, prepare for boarding."

Zhen: Do I look like a warrior? Really? See this teal color? What does it mean? Do you have daltonism?

Patrick: *for himself* I wish I was in the engineering...

Patrick: Paula, shut down the main reactor at my command... Now

Lt Paula Harrison: Shutting dooooown ! NOW

Diurne: A lot of things are turned off in the ship now. The power level decreases rapidly in the section experiencing the feedback

Patrick: *for himself* I'm gonna regret this....

Diurne: Zhen is grouped with a team of security officers. They are aiting in ambush by a section close to the shuttle bays. Other officers are overwatching the bay itself. Zhen group is here to provide cover should your guys must retreat

Diurne: Patrick is arriving by a console able to use engineering commands.

* Zhen is ready to die horribly at the point of some bat'leth

Diurne: Tiron is arriving at the shuttle docking bay. In front of his eyes, the Independence, worryingly dark and without the familiar lights, is sided by 5 Prani ships and a horde of shuttles is sticking to the hull

Patrick: Paula, I'm at the console, starting to work on the rerouting program, you cna start procedures to restart the main reactor. Morbren, try to see if we can use those conduits linked to the experimental devices to dissipate some o that energy. Oh and be prepred to isolate sections, if needed, with the few energy we have, in case we have to block some breach...

* Tiron Eks uses turbolift to get to the bridge, having of course now a phaser with him.

Lt Paula Harrison: I'm trying to cancel the instruction but that damn computer rejects my orders. It's locked with a code I never saw.

Lt Paula Harrison: I mean... to cancel the instruction, I need to override the code used. For some reason, it was like entered by someone with a higher rank than me or... something like that

Lt Morbren Chardok: I'm not sure rebooting the main computer now is a good idea.

Patrick: transfer it to m console, I'm gonna see what I can do, go on with the stating procedures

Lt Paula Harrison: No it isn't... and it wouldn't even guarantee the instruction is purged

Lt Paula Harrison: Ok, boss

* Tiron Eks checks sensors after getting back into the shuttle: "There are 5 Prani ships and dozens of shuttles attached on the Independence, we can't get back to the Independence."

Diurne: Patrick is sent the data about the instruction.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I'm not sure asking political asylum to the Klingons is an option

Lt Stefan Arquero: We may just be blasted if we fly to the ship.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Patrick is an expert pilot, did you know ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: For what it serves now

Tiron Eks: Starting a space combat would mean suicide too in our shuttlecraft.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Then, we're stuck here as spectators...

Diurne: Before Zhen eyes, a storm of fire engulf the corridor. Something from outside has shot with heavy weaponry, it seems. Once the flames cleared, all is charred and burning. Hull breaches alerts are ringing in the local section. Zhen isn't sure about the condition of the security officers who were guarding the bay

Tiron Eks: Arquero, what's the range of our shuttlecraft transporters?

Zhen: whymewhymewhyme? *Zhen crawls on the stomach towards the security personel*

Lt Stefan Arquero: Good enough to transport to the Independence... Seeing the situation, I don't think the shields are up

Tiron Eks: Make a scan of one of the Prani ships. Do they got shields?

Diurne: Zhen crawls... there are big metal sounds coming from the shuttle bay. As if someone landed... heavily, without great care

Lt Riashaala Idisha: They're down

Zhen: That must be Klingon boarding pods... *grunts* Where is that damn security team?!

Diurne: Patrick is able to cancel the invasive instruction, purged from the computer core handling the reactor

Tiron Eks: Scan how many lifesigns are aboard the Prani ship and make a scan of their bridge.

Patrick: Paula, it should be ok now. I let the rerouting program in standby and help you preparing the restart. Morbren, how is hte ship and the crew going ?

* Lt Riashaala Idisha winces "Err... Right, sure... The closer Prani ship... about 30 people on board... 5 on the bridge... I believe"

Lt Paula Harrison: Preparation ongoing

Tiron Eks: We won't beam aboard the Independence, we won't be much of a help there. We have to release some pressure off the Independence.

Lt Morbren Chardok: The ship ? Well, I'd say we're boarded. Other than that, good

* Tiron Eks checks what kind of weapons are abord the shuttle.

Patrick: Computer, ETA for reactor restarting ?

Diurne: The shuttle only has hand phasers. Plus charges

Diurne: Zhen spots two seriously injured officers lying on the floor. 2 Prani shuttles landed inside the devastated and burnt shuttle bay. A force field is generated to seal the place from space. And Prani wearing breathers and heavy duty suits are pouring out of the shuttles

Tiron Eks: Are there some spots near the Prani bridge where you can beam in without being seen at once?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Difficult to say, I can't tell where they are looking and what is the interior lighting condition

Patrick: It's time to be creative, guys, I'm gonna shunt some of the procedures to buy some time, get ready to extinguish fires *chuckles*

Lt Paula Harrison: What ? You're out of your mind !!! You can destroy us all !

Zhen: By the farting nebula... *grunts and checks his medikit*

Tiron Eks: Alright, you two grab a phaser for yourself, the other two will be used to beam them next to some Prani, with luck their leader there too, and set to overcharged so they'll explode to stun them at least, then we'll get in there and take the remaining 3 prani out and seal the bridge and get the control of the ship.

Patrick: dont worry, I know what I'm doing (at least I hope)

* Patrick proceeds to check the various procedures and bypass those he thinks can be ignored

Diurne: Patrick starts overriding the security measures set by Starfleet to power up the reactor within a minute

Diurne: But he takes too much time by manually setting the reactor and everything is locked by the computer

Patrick: *curses* no, no, noo, don't do that to me now, stupid computer

* Zhen grunts and readies his box of powder...

* Lt Riashaala Idisha goes to the transporter pad "Ready ?"

Lt Stefan Arquero: Ready to kick Prani asses

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Overconfident maybe ?

Lt Paula Harrison: Boss ? Can you hurry and come here? Since we'll restart the beast as usual now, better you to be here

Tiron Eks: Okay, let me set them on overcharge and time the transporter in the right nick of time to make this trick work with improvised stun grenades and get us right after the explosion inside the bridge and take out the remainining Prani.

* Zhen is stealthy like a Jem'Hadar

Diurne: Zhen prepares his little machination with feared talcum powder to cleverly distract and scare Prani warriors

Patrick: ok, I'm on my way

Diurne: A little puff of talcum later... Two Prani warriors what is this shit that look like nothing they imagine finding on a ship... seriously... little powder as if someone snooze inside powder drug or something

Diurne: Zhen may be disappointed his trick worked opposed to his intent

* Zhen tries to at least use the Prani confusion to drag away wounded soldiers

Diurne: Tiron and his shock commando teleport to the closer Prani ship bridge

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Sometimes I feel I should take MACO courses

Diurne: Eks, Idisha and Arquero materializes on the Prani bridge.

* Patrick rushes to engineering (assuming he still has some stamina left...)

Diurne: The previous bombing with overloaded phasers caused havoc to the bridge. A couple of consoles didn't like the close explosion. Prani are ducking behind what they find, searching for an invisible enemy when the trio materializes. 2 Prani are on the floor, stunned, maybe unconscious or barely conscious.

Diurne: Zhen realizes the injured are really really in bad shape. Dragging them away may be a little ... lethal to them

* Zhen curses

* Tiron Eks thinks that 3 versus 4 is better than 3 versus 6 Prani. Now he's intending to eliminate the remaining 4 Prani on the bridge.

* Zhen hopes for miracle and clicks his comm "Doctor Idisha here, whoever is listening... three for emergency beam to hospital... now... before we are turned to blaster dust!"

Computer: Request denied. Transporters are offline

Zhen: I hate you computer. I truly hate you.

Diurne: Tiron can shoot at someone (including the captain, the helm... other are difficult to identify

* Patrick tries - again - to override starfleet security systems to push the power output of the secondary reactor while the first is still stopped

* Tiron Eks shoots the Prani Captain.

Patrick: *clics* O'Rourke to Commander Kaur Siddhu

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Listening

* Tiron Eks demonstrates also to his squad to open fire at other Prani there.

Patrick: Commander, the restarting is on his way but I should be able to deliver you some more energy right now, if I don't burn the secondary reactor in the process...

* Tiron Eks uses standard (killing) setting.

Diurne: The Prani leader is disintegrated

* Lt Stefan Arquero shoots and eliminate another Prani

* Lt Riashaala Idisha shoots and seriously wound a Prani
Lt Paula Harrison , now as O'Rourke is at the engineering, configuring the secondary generator to provide more energy "Where were you ? Seriously ?"

Diurne: The Prani gets their hand weapons and return fire at Tiron squad

Patrick: chatting... with friends...

Patrick: obviously, not at the right place at the right time...

Diurne: Tiron is ducking behind a console which explode in a cascade of sparks when a disruptor shot destroy it

Diurne: Stefan Arquero yells as a disruptor shot hits him in the torso. He falls on the floor

Diurne: Ria wasn't aimed at (there was only two Prani left)

Lt Salpan Codanadal: We've got some power back, commander, thanks to our fine engineers

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu goes behind the tactical console and fire another phaser volley at the Prani

Diurne: On the Prani ship, Tiron suddenly sees energy accumulating in a phaser bank

Diurne: The ship the farthest to Tiron is getting a direct hit and starts to drift

* Zhen curses the computer, decides to ignore the Prani, hopes for the best and starts treating the fallen crewmembers.

Diurne: Under pressure, Zhen fumbles with his equipment, he knows he has little time to act, fewer time than this actually so he changes his mind at the last second and fiddles again with his equipment

* Prani warrior arrives close to Zhen and says "Stop moving, blueskin or I fry you"

* Prani warrior is handling a sort of rifle... Zhen isn't weapon-wise enough to tell the type

* Zhen continues to fumble "I'm justa a doctor. Healer? I have no weapons! At least be happy that I am enabling you to maybe get some alive slaves later."

* Lt Morbren Chardok says to the two others "Do you believe it's normal to see uninvited aliens, armed, coming in our direction ?", as he looks at the corridor leading to the engineering room

* Prani warrior points the gun at Zhen "Stop now blueskin"

* Tiron Eks shoots again at one of the Prani.

Diurne: Tiron shot hits a large computer table, maybe a sort of engineering console. The beam annihilates the base and the table falls with a lot of noise

* Zhen is not a hippocrite so... he will try to fast fix them and then stop "Here, here... just a second and I'll stop... "

Diurne: Riashaala shoots at the other Prani, the beam burning the alien from hip to shoulder and sending him down

* Zhen is definitely not ensign Bright

Patrick: allright, can we raise some forcefield to keep them away ?

Diurne: The Prani hesitates shooting at Zhen on the instant. and actually let it continue afterwards but he keeps aiming at Zhen

* Zhen remembers to thank the universe later

* Lt Morbren Chardok hits the button to seal the room, he was expecting that

Patrick: *clics* Commander, it seems we have some unexpected guests at the door... without haloween candies

Diurne: Now the engineering room is sealed. Outside, Patrick sees Prani gathering and shooting at the field to test it. Since the force field endure the shooting, they stop. But they now look to prepare something.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You're not armed ?

* Zhen also is quite happy that he was not armed... he is sure rani would shoot at him if he was

Patrick: they don't seem happy with it and looks for some windows... and, er, no I don't think we have phasers here *raises an interrogative eyebrow at Paula*

Diurne: Outside the engie room, 3 Prani stays by the force field. 1 watching the sealed entrance with a disruptor pistol, the 2 others doing something out of sight. 4 other Prani who came just left, searching around, maybe for another etrance or some way to deactivate the field ? Or maybe they just left

Lt Paula Harrison: I'm only armed with good intents

Lt Morbren Chardok: We didn'"t leave our post

Diurne: On the Prani ship bridge, the last crew member of the pirate specie shoot

Diurne: Ria

Patrick: That's confirmed, Commander, we're not armed

Diurne: The disruptor discharge crackles through the air and cut some hair from the science officer

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We'll send you help when possible

* Patrick clicks on console frantically, keeping an eye on the pranis

Diurne: Zhen has more or less patched the injured. He's not really satisfied by the result. He thinks he could have done better. He *should* have done better

Prani warrior: Hands up, blueskin. Walk to our shuttle

* Zhen grunts and grumbles blaming PAtrick for this... its his fault that transprters are not working

* Zhen raises hands

* Prani warrior intends to lead Zhen to a shuttle

* Tiron Eks shoots again!

Diurne: Tiron burns a hole behind the Prani

Diurne: Ria burns a hole inside the Prani

* Patrick is back to main reactor restarting process...

Tiron Eks: Good shot, Ria!

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I'm surprising myself

* Lt Riashaala Idisha goes to Stefan, who lies on the floor

* Tiron Eks is now going to seal the bridge on some controls.

* Zhen in his head calls in the genes of his grand-grand-grandfather who was a master of ushaan and... tries to disarm the Prani

* Lt Riashaala Idisha tears up her sleeves to have makeshift bandages for Stefan

* Lt Riashaala Idisha fails her paramedics roll

Lt Riashaala Idisha: He'll need help. Not sure what I've done is enough

Tiron Eks: Use the transporter of our shuttle then to get him directly to sickbay.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Well ahem....

* Lt Riashaala Idisha contacts the shuttle computer to send instructions

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is not exactly good at sending such instructions to a shuttle computer so it takes time

* Tiron Eks is still looking for the controls on the bridge to seal it from the rest of the ship.

Diurne: Zhen tries to grab the Prani weapon with a sudden move. The warrior makes a step aside and the doctor grabs air

* Prani warrior strikes the Andorian with his rifle butt

* Zhen wonders should he join pirates instead of Starfleet...

Diurne: Zhen head is hit

* Zhen sees stars

* Prani warrior makes a step back and raises the gun at Zhen "One more trick like this and I transform you in pulp"

* Zhen mutters "I see... I see... "

* Zhen is going to walk in Harry Kim's shoes now and be abducted, kidnapped, and possibly experimented on

Diurne: So the doctor is led, under guard to a Prani shuttle

Chatlogs from Maptool 11
The Prani ambush the U.S.S. Independence. Security detail contain the Prani and fire back.

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