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Post  Seetherius on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:14 pm


Diurne: On the Prai ship bridge, Tiron is now seeing all enemy is lying dead, injured and unconscious. Arquero was hit as well and no longer move. Riashaala, still holding her phaser, goes to the wounded Starfleet engineer.

Diurne: In the shuttle bay, Dr Zhen Idisha is held at gun point by a Prani warrior, heading to a shuttle. Enemy soldiers are pouring inside the Independence from assault shuttle.

Diurne: In the reactor room, Patrick, Morbren and Paula are frantically trying to restart the main reactor. But there are Prani 3 doing something by the door sealed with a force field.

Diurne: §

* Tiron Eks has ordered Lt. Riashaala idisha to transport Arquero back to the Independence by using the shuttle's transporter. In the mean time does he look out for the controls to seal the bridge.

* Zhen is remembering to nag Seyler to death about her "protocol 202"... if he ever survives this, that is.

* Patrick is trying to pick another source to feed the engineering forcefield

Diurne: Tiron looks to seal the bridge and doesn't understand how to do. He identified some basic common controls but nothing to seal the bridhe. Speaking of that, there are people running to the bridge, according to the noise they are doing

Diurne: Ria enters the commands to transport Arquero back to the shuttle then the Independence

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I believe saying "shit they are coming" is in order

* Lt Riashaala Idisha ducks behind a console, phaser in hand

Diurne: Patrick sees a way to bring energy to the sealing force field from another source but it will be much less powerful. The current containment field is designed to keep an explosion from inside the reactor core. Using energy from another source, you'd get a regular force field at best, one that can collapse with incident inside the engineering room or if subject to a strong energy discharge.

Diurne: Tiron also sees a row of alarms flashing before his eyes. It looks the energy level of the ship is quickly degrading

Diurne: Lt Idisha (the other, the grumpy) is now close to a Prani assault shuttle, the warrior behind him tells him to get in, slowly and without suicidal move

Patrick: allright, but this will only buy us a lil more time... any idea to get rid of those pesky uninvited guests ?

Zhen: Do I look like a fool? I tried once, obviously I'm no match for you. suicide is not my idea of fun.

Tiron Eks: Prani ships, remember me to send a note to their ship wright next time to install sealing mechanism to the bridge. And someone is shutting off main energy of this ship.

* Zhen does it.... very slowly... in hope of some kind of help from captain Awesome and his "tusted" officers that let him be kidnapped

* Tiron Eks looks for controls of weapons and checks if they are still operational.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Blast... what can we do more, here, anyway ?

Diurne: Inside the asault shuttle, two Prani in flight suit are waiting. They will grab the doctor, in order to tie him to a bench

Tiron Eks: I'm intending to use this ship as weapon to ram it into another Prani ship, like I say, I'm here to take off preasore.

* Zhen sits on the bench having tortured and betrayed expression on his face

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Ramming ? And how do we survive in this equation ?

Tiron Eks: Inertia and beaming out in the nick of time.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Ok... I'll try to hold the- *a disruptor discharge burns the air by Ria* -tjem for a time !

* Lt Riashaala Idisha fires back, a muffled cry is heard from the corridor

Diurne: Doc Idisha is tied and under surveillance from a Prani. The warrior who bravely captured that savage Andorian goes back to the fight

Diurne: Patricki quickly program a power relay to send energy from a second source when the first stops

* Tiron Eks sets the ship on collision course with another Prani ship, hoping it will destroy both vessel or damage them enough to render them useless in the battle.

* Zhen is indeed a savage warrior... or his grand-grandfater was, but those genes were diluted by several generations of actors in the family.

Patrick: done. Morbren, can you give me an insight of the situation in the ship ?

Tiron Eks: I hate Prani controls!

Lt Morbren Chardok: We have a lot of conduits burned everywhere since the feedback. The reactor is still down... hmm... we have breaches in the hull when the Prani fire their first and unique, for now, salvo

Diurne: Tiron fires the engines and the Prani ship roars under the request. The ship moves a bit then faster, Tiron believed it was done when the ship starts to spin on its own axis and goes out of the intended path

Lt Paula Harrison: i'm finishing the preliminary controls before calibration of the reactor main output conduit.

* Tiron Eks has no time for fiddling with mechanics of a crap raider ship, so he's looking for a way to self destruct the ship now.

Diurne: Riashaala is under an intense barrage of disruptors. The console used to shield her is blasted into melting bits. She fires back a couple of time without hitting anyone it seems

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I can't hold more ! They are too many ! 3 or 4 of them firing at least !

Diurne: In the engineering room, the wall beside the sealed door is shaken by a big explosion. The wall itself is deformed by the blast but it held. The force field completely collapse. The secondary energy source just no longer have conduit to bring energy anywhere to field emitters that no longer exist

Diurne: Tiron needs time but he believes he is going to find !

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Seriously, captain !! We must leave !

Tiron Eks: Just give me 2 seconds and I'm done! Stand-by to beam out!

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Wait, there is noone to operate the transporter you forgot ? It has to be done remotely

Patrick: Computer, lock all engineering commands, security level 4. Now.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha can't finish her sentence, a disruptor shot hit her in the shoulder and she fall on the floor

* Lt Riashaala Idisha has a big nasty burn on the shoulder and upper arm

Diurne: Patrick hears Prani warriors rushing to the engineering room interior

Computer: Commands locked

Diurne: Doctor Idisha hears the Prani pilot saying to the other (who is watching him) that the struggle for the ship is going good

* Zhen grunts

Patrick: it's time to find a better place. Paula, Morbren, we move...

Diurne: The trio of engineers flees to ladders

Diurne: Prani warriors comes in and ducks by the entrance, shooting with their weapons

Diurne: Patrick is hit in the forearm by a disruptor shot

Diurne: Morbren is hit in the back and falls on the ground with a big "STUMP"

Diurne: Paula wasn't hit

Diurne: Patrick can scale the ladder, up or down but will still be exposed. Or.. if you have another idea. You can climb to a cooling system above the reactor or down to Jefferies tubes

* Zhen waits to see what will happen

* Tiron Eks focuses on the self destruction of the ship, emotional bonding isn't for a captain.

* Tiron Eks is intending to make sure will be destroyed and beam his Lieutenant and himself out before that happens of course.

Diurne: Tiron found the self destruct sequence, despite a security system. He can activate it but now 4 Prani warriors holding disruptor pistols are by entrance of the bridge

* Tiron Eks activates it.

Diurne: It is activated. At least, it's what the console says.

Patrick: Paula, try to escape, I'm gonna pick their attention...

* Tiron Eks is now focusing in rescueing his blue skinned science officer and himself back to the shuttle.

Patrick: *rises hands and runs erratically* don't shoot don't shoot I surrender I surrender !

Diurne: The Prani warriors stops and aims at him

Diurne: Paula freezes and looks at her officer in disbelief

Diurne: Tiron can go to Ria but it's going just in the Prani line of fire. They are four. Do you feel lucky, punk ?

* Tiron Eks chooses to make him beam out by remote control of the shuttle.

* Zhen wonders how Harry Kim always got quite fast rescue, and he is not

Diurne: The captain shields himself behind a console while the Prani cautiously enter the bridge. He is vanishing soon, finding himself again on the shuttle. Then he uses the transporter to get the blueskinned planetologist with him

Diurne: From the shuttle, the captain sees the Prani ship he just left still spinning incontrollably

Diurne: Inside the engineering room, 4 Prani are pointing their weapons and Patrick and Paula (who didn't flee, despite Patrick secret hope)

* Lt Paula Harrison says "Commander, look at Morbren", her spontaneous move stopped by an threatening motion of a Prani gun

Patrick: *curses*

Diurne: On the ground, Morbren looks to be like... unconscious. But bleeding a lot from a severe wound in the back

Diurne: Truly a gruesome injury.

* Tiron Eks is contacting the Independence after he beamed the science officer out.

Diurne: Two Prani are watching the new prisoners and motions at them to leave the room. Two other Prani are now trying to figure what to do with the engineering controls

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Captain ?

Tiron Eks: I need a status, Commander.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Half the Independence was invaded. Mainly because of the surprise assault. We contain the Prani now but we have losses. Our most worrying new is the lack of answer from the engineering room since a minute now.

* Zhen is sure that someone is worrying about him being silent

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Our security officer looked confident last time I talked to him but I'm afraid it will be a costly defense

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Idisha is wounded. I'll have her beamed onboard sickbay immediatly. We have been boarding one of the Prani ship, turned out I was only able to activate it's self destruct sequence and should explode any moment if they haven't stopped it.

* Tiron Eks makes the computer beam Ria beam to sickbay now.

Diurne: Ria is sent to the sickbay where ACTUAL DOCTORS ARE WORKING TO SAVE LIVES

Diurne whistles innocently

* Zhen is sure that instead of that idiotic procedure 202 he would be more useful in sickbay

* Zhen decides to blame everything on Seyler and raise huge hissy fit... if he ever survives this

Diurne: Patrick and Paula are herded out of the engineering room by their captors (unless Patrick feels heroic ?)

Diurne: Outside of the Independence, something explodes in a rain of debris, dotting the hull of Prani ships and the Starfleet ship alike

Diurne: A Prani ship set on self destruct just detonated

Diurne: It brings disarray on the remaining Prani ships which maneuver away from each other and from the Independence. Alas, the attack is inside the Independence now so it doesn't matter much... for now

Zhen: Is there a bathroom in this place?

Tiron Eks: Number One, is deck 16 under our control still?

* Patrick searches for an idea but doesn't find any

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We have no answer so it isn't certain. Internal detectors say.... wait... Prani lifesigns inside !

Diurne: The Prani warrior looks at Zhen, surprised "You are a prisoner, you don't ask for things"

Zhen: I just ask for some dignity so that I don't do it on your bench.

Tiron Eks: Alright, I'll beam to the next located armory on deck 16 and make it to my priority in securing main engineering.

* Zhen hopes that his father's genes are better than those of his grand-grandfather

* Zhen would be booed of the stage

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Should I ask Rajakanya to send a team to you ?

Diurne: The Prani looks disdainful to Zhen "Pee on yourself, it suits your specie "

Zhen: Oh yes, you have met how many Andorians? I would guess... exactly one.

Diurne: A couple of seconds later, the captain materializes on the Independence

Prani warrior: You're still going to pee on yourself

Tiron Eks: If it's doable, then yes. Priority is main engineering and get it back in our hands and get energy back online. We can't defend ourself without energy.

Diurne: Tiron can go to an armory and grab weapons. Unfoirtunate he's alone now

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya abandons the defense of the coirridors leading to the bridge to rush to the engineering with a team reduced in number (he left most of his men to defend the bridge access

* Tiron Eks grabs a phaser rifle, gets a knife and several stun grenades attached on a bandolier. Enough to start a one-man-war.

Diurne: Cptn Janeway would be proud of him

* Tiron Eks is then going on straight way to main engineering

* Zhen is sure that someone is rushing to save him right now

Zhen: so what will happen to me? Slave market, I suppose?

Diurne: Paula and Patrick are visiting the ruined ship. There are bodies on the floor on the occasion. Mainly Prani but some starfleet uniforms too. They are herded to the shuttle area

Prani warrior: Yes. I foresee a career of laborer for you

Diurne: When Tiron arrives by the engineering room, the entrance has been partially blasted from the outside. The smell lingering in the air reminds him a powerful explosive used by Starfleet for commando operations.

Diurne: Inside, he sees 3 Prani busy trying to get control of the consoles. Currently, it looks they aren't able. One of them is dismantling a console to physically bypass the security.

* Tiron Eks is frowning by the thought that starfleet explosives were used to detonate the entrance.

Diurne: The reactor core is down. The ship won't get energy before it's restarted fully, which takes minutes

Diurne: Mordren, the Tellarite engineer, is lying on the ground in a pool of blood. No other engineer is in sight

Diurne: §

* Tiron Eks is going to start another fire fight with Prani, this time using the phaser rifle to shoot the Prani who's trying to bypass security phyiscally.

* Tiron Eks uses killing setting.

Diurne: Tiron phaser beam annihilate the upper half of the console the Prani is working under

Diurne: Every Prani scramble for cover.

Diurne: A hail of disruptor shots answer to Tiron own fire.

Diurne: Two bursts make the wall by him explode more. But a third shot hits him in the tighs

* Tiron Eks grits his teeth.

Diurne: One Prani warrior isn't here and makes a jedi trick to remove himself

* Tiron Eks is pushing his attack and aims at the 2nd Prani.

* Tiron Eks pulls of course thr trigger by the moment he thinks he has him in his crosschair.

Diurne: Tiron shot was straight at the heart area. It would probably have killed the Prani on the spot if he wasn't disintegrated

Diurne: The last Prani decides to try a run for his life and dashes from behind his cover to the ladders leading up to the coolant system or down to Jefferies tubes

* Tiron Eks is waiting for a moment until the Prani is exposed and uses this time stun setting. He might be good to answer a question or two later on.

Diurne: The Prani crashes, hit by a phaser stun bolt

Diurne: Tiron has cleared the engineering room

* Tiron Eks uses communicator: "Eks to Bridge. Main engineering is cleared. One Prani stunned for questions later if the need should arise. Mobren is wounded and bleeding a lot, I need medical personal down here or better send down Doctor Idisha.

* Zhen is under directive 202 in cargo hold... of the Prani ship!

Diurne: Zhen is now having company soon since he sees Paula and Patrick led by two Prani warriors to the shuttle hangar

Zhen: Welcome to the party. At least now I have a dance partner.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya arrives at the engineering, with 3 security officers

Diurne: Patrick and Paula are led inside the shuttle to be tied

Zhen: Don't ask them for the toilets, they have none.

Patrick: how did you manage to get capturred ?

Patrick: let me guess... you tried to play hero ?

Zhen: Doctor Seyler in her infinite wisdom decided that a professional medic woud be better used in cargo hold than in sickbay.

Zhen: And I see what is happening. She sent me out of sickbay so that she can hog the glory in there, Which also caused me being captured here and universe knows how many people butchered in sickbay. Hooray for trusted officers.

Zhen: I swear it after this, it will be either her or me. And I will do a rectoscopy on her with my PADD with her protocol 202 on it.

Zhen: So how was your day?

Patrick: fine *points at prani* some friends invited me to some party...

Diurne: Tiron and his crew are now again in control of the engineering room

Zhen: Charming fellows, really.

Zhen: I hoep one of them decides to marry Seyler.

Patrick: *sighs and turns to Paula* Paula, why didn't you flee when you could ?

Tiron Eks: Rajakanya, where are the engineers? We need them to restart the warp core.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: No idea, sir. They should be here. Bridge, where are our engies team ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Will take a moment.... hmm... Shuttle bay.

Lt Paula Harrison: Sorry, boss. I just didn't ... expect you surrendered.

Zhen: How romantic. Patrick: only one of us could have escaped with all those phasers firing... and I was already injured

Diurne: A redshirt kneeled by Morbren and gives his diagnostic "He's dead, sir"

Tiron Eks: That can't be! *rushes to him and uses again his expertise with the shuttle's transporter to move Mobren to sickbay*

Diurne: Tiron manages to send Morbren to the sickbay while Rajakanya checks the engineering console

Patrick: I thought I could keep their attention by acting stupidly, at least enough so that you could escape ...

* Zhen thinks how if only some "trusted" officer did not send her best doctor to watch some shuttle bay

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to sickbay. Code white on Lieutenant Chardok.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The Prani don't look to have entered our system. Actually, it's locked.

Zhen: You? Acting stupidly? I would never imagine that! *chuckles*

Nurse Church: Sir...I regret to tell you Lt Chardok is deceased

Diurne: Outside, a Prani ship is now under heavy fire, its shields blazing in the dark of space.

Diurne: In the shuttle hangar, the Prani pilot of the prisoner shuttle suddenly rushes to his flight console and starts the launch procedure

Diurne: The later happened after a serie of beeping sounds was heard inside the assault shuttle

* Tiron Eks looks quite bitter for a moment before he pays attention on Rajakanya: "The Prani are taking hostages, we need to to rescue our engineers before they leave our ship. You'll come with me, your men are going to guard main engineering in case they return."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Bridge to the captain ! Sir ! The Klingons ! The Klingons are attacking the Prani ships

Tiron Eks: Understood, about time they intervene.

* Tiron Eks motions then to his chief of security to follow him to the shuttlebay.

Diurne: The assault shuttle waits until a squad of warriors get in then launches

Diurne: Outside, Zhen and Patrick (and Paula) (and Prani of course) can see the massive shape of a Klingon warship hovering over the scene, shooting its disruptors continually. Two Prani ships are heavily damaged but the Klingons don't look to give any chance to their enemy. Several shuttles are also blasted by the fearsome Klingons

Diurne: Inside the ship, all Prani that are able to run back to the hangar bays and their assault shuttles. The other, understanding they won't make it out in time, entrench themselves in Independence sections

Zhen: And she fianlly did it... Seyler killed me.

Diurne: Rajakanya and the captain arrives by the shuttle bay too long after the prisoner shuttle left. But there are more Prani trying to evacuate

* Tiron Eks shoots every Prani he sees on sight, always set on killing.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Sir, Prani are in full retreat for the ones who fled. One ship is making it away but the other are doomed. Same for shuttles it seems. And since they can't reach the safety of a ship, the shuttles flies back to the station wreck

Diurne: Tiron Eks is on rampage

Diurne: The tide of battle certainly turned with Klingon intervention.

Diurne: The heavy disruptor batteries of the Klingons turn into cinders all shuttle they can aim at. Curiously, they decided to aim for the prisoner shuttle at the end. However, the said shuttle arrived under the safety of the wreck shadow by then. So it isn't fired on

Diurne: Dust settles in the Independence. Several sections are still held by Prani who entrenched themselves, cutting or rerouting power, sleaing passages with stuck blast doors.

* Zhen is ready to wear pink because he survived

Diurne: All around the Independence, space is filled by debris. The hull of the big ship is also in bad shape, having been shot at and later hit by exploding debris.

Diurne: There is no Prani ship in sight. The only one who survived fled at warp speed but Klingons didn't give the chase. A few shuttles were able to reach the station wreck

Diurne: Patrick, Zhen, Paula are led in the bowels of the wreck by grim, vengeful Prani

Diurne: §

* Zhen is also sure of one thing... Seyler will pay.

* Tiron Eks goes back to main engineering and is going to unlock the security lockdown and is trying to initialize the warp core.

Diurne: He doesn't even know how to restart the core. He can try by trial and error, however. Wanna gamble on it ?

Diurne: Now, there is someone who is known to be almost like an engineer aside from his regular profession...

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks to all personel abord. I need an engineer who's capable to restart the warp core. Everyone who's capable to do that shall report in, now.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Peshana to the captain... Erm... are we in such trouble ?

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal wonders if small raider ships and this behemoth have similar warp core systems then decides to report in

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Kaur Siddhu to the captain. I have a certain general who is asking if we're in need of help.

Tiron Eks: Yes, Doctor, we are in such a situation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I presume your duties as doctor have a priority here and stabilizing the patients.

* Zhen will make Seyler pay... if he ever comes back

Tiron Eks: Commander, the situation onboard is under control here and the Prani have retreated for now. Inviting the klingons abord would only mean more chaos.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: They just want to look around. Possibly to start their own assault.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood, sir, I decline their offer

Tiron Eks: I share your thought, Rajakanya. Therefore I want shields back online as soon as possible.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Captain, this is supplies, ensign MacDougal speaking. I grew up on a small eh... trader. So I have knowledge of warp engines... small ones at least.

Tiron Eks: Captain Eks to Ensign MacDougal, I want you in main engineering, on your double.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: That's a bit my question, sir. But if we're in dire danger of explosion, for example, I imagine my priority list would be changed slightly

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: On my way, sir.

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal runs to engineering

Tiron Eks: Eks to Peshana. We're not exploding, at least not for now. Please carry on with your patients, I don't want to loose more officers.

Tiron Eks: Commander Rajakanya, meet up with your other tactical teams and make sure every Prani is neutralized.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Ok, sir

* Zhen wonders what is situation on Independence and hopes that Prani will at least see his medical genius and try to sell him at high price

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods "Time for the hunt"

Tiron Eks: Alright, ensign, you're now my acting chief engineer. We need to restart the warp core. I lack knowledge in that branch, so I'm going to need your expertise here right now.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: I'll do my best sir... *whistles* This thing is huge... but main principle should be the same as on Walrus.

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal goes to see if he can light up the warp core

Diurne: At first, McDougal is just intimidated by the task (or reluctant ? Or hesitating ?). He is a bit worried he can simply start an uncontrollable fusion reaction.

Diurne: Now, taking time, with manuals, maybe help from the lower deck officers, he can manage to restart the reaction... sloooowly, cautiously...

Diurne: But in like an hour instead of 5mn

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: This is definitely not Walrus... what have Starfleet done to this thing?!

Tiron Eks: Don't get shocked by its huge size. A warp core reaction is the same as on Zefram Cochrane's Phoenix.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: We had switches and buttons... *cross-references manuals* Okay this is...uhummm... and then we do... then there... *asks someone* HEy where is plasma injector controls? Uh-huh...

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: I think I can do it sir... just give me a bit of time. I don't want to blow us all up.

Tiron Eks: How much time?

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: What is the ratio of matter-antimatter in this thing? Uhunm... an hour sir? Give me an hour and the lights are back.

Tiron Eks: I have no better choice than saying to get it online preferable in under one hour.

Tiron Eks: Captain Eks to Commander Kaur Siddhu, status of the Klingons?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Klingons are idle for now.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Their ship is undamaged, their weapons still powered and shields up

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: You there, ensign... Chavron, make a simulation with these specs. And you have lovely eyes, if I may add.

Tiron Eks: Our new acting chief engineer Ensign MacDougal estimates we'll have main energy back online in one hour. Considering our situation it's the best way for now. If the klingons wanted to attack us they would do it already. Still, I want the ship on high alert for the case the klingons decide do move against us.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're cornering the Prani still inside the ship, captain, we don't jave much security ressources to also ward against Klingons

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Oh wait a moment captain

Diurne: Few seconds later.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Captain, do you happento know someone called Anvaar ?

Tiron Eks: *suprised* What in the ... yes, I know her.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Because that woman is sending us a distress call

Tiron Eks: What does it say?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: She's under attack by Prani ship, currently evading them and begs for your help

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Double check those plasma conduits, they may be damaged. I'll buy you a beer later. Chop-chop.

Tiron Eks: Distance?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I certainly didn't expect a personal request in such remote region of space, I must say

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: About a light year away

* Lt Salpan Codanadal says to Commander Kaur Siddhu "Captain Eks is so famous even here, he's asked for personal intervention", he cuckles a bit

* Lt Salpan Codanadal chuckles even

* Tiron Eks thinks a moment before he answers his first officer.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Let me recalculate this... uhumm... dammit. This numbers don't add up... give me that manual again.

* Tiron Eks feels a big knot forming in his stomach (must be his symbiont!) and tells then his first officer ...

Tiron Eks: We're in no position to help anyone before we don't help ourself onboard this ship first. Then we have also our officers who were taking hostages by the Prani and now her and I can't trust the klingons in helping her or helping us. They are not reliable since the moment I begged them to help us and they just watched us being attacked.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What shall I reply then ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: That we can't come ?

Tiron Eks: Answer: We come ... when we are able to.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood, sir

Tiron Eks: *closes channel and mutters* She's going to hate me, if the Prani won't kill her first. *feels absolutely unawesome today*

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal feels awesome though... he got temporary promotion!

* Zhen just wants to yell at Seyler

* Pat III wanders aimlessly in the corridors of the big ship, looking for his friend, his father

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* Patrick is still jailed with Paula and Zhen

Tiron Eks: Captain's personal log, stardate 21.09.2010>. The Independence has been attacked and boarded by the Prani, after the primary energy went offline for reasons still yet unknown to us. I don't know who helped the Prani, but my feelings tell me it must be someone from the crew of the Independence who has sabotaged the systems. We've lost Lieutenant Chardok and a couple of my officer were abducted, among them my friends Lt. Cmdr. O'Rourke and Doctor Idisha. My duty as commanding officer is to make sure that ship and crew survive this crisis by using any means possible. To make things worse we also just received a distress call from the Illuminated Gem. Anvaar. She's being chased by Prani as well and I can't go and help her out right now. I have to find a solution to clean this horrible mess by getting the ship's primary energy back online, rescue my officers and get as fast as possible to Anvaar.

Diurne: The Independence is still by the wrecked station. Its hull was peppered by impact from debris of the destroyed Prani ships. It was also hit on a couple of places by Prani beams. The shuttle bays are devastated since the Prani assault. A lot of interior corridors are damaged. There are energy leaks, power shortage, destroyed turbolifts, damaged decks.

Diurne: And to add insult to the injury, an unkown number of Prani warriors, unable to flee the Independence when the Klingons shot their assault shuttles, stayed on board and entrenched themselves, sleasing in Independence section.

Diurne: The main power is slowly back online, thanks to the efforts of ensign McDougal, recruited on the fly by the ship captain.

Diurne: However, a distress call was received at the end of the previous battle but word was given to reply no help could be given for now.

Diurne: Harrison, Idisha and O'Rourke were successfully extracted from the ship and their assault shuttle landed in one of the wreck docking bay.

* Zhen is quite happy that he was "successfully extracted"

Diurne: The Prani shuttle has just landed and the exit door opens slowly with an hydraulic hiss.

Prani warrior: You three, get up and out of the shuttle. Be gentle or be dead.

* Prani warrior motions to get out carefully at the Starfleet officers with his weapon

Zhen: I'm always gentle. No need to wave witht hat thing. *gets up*

Patrick: *mumbles softly and gets out*

* Prani warrior follows the three officers.

Diurne: Harrison by their side, the two officers see many Prani pouring out of shuttles but they look in dismay. Many of them look outside, through the force field, at the space between them and the Independence. A space filled by assault shuttles fragment, blasted by Klingon fire.

Diurne: Several Prani comes to the officers with the obvious intent to tie them with old-fashioned metal wiring. It looks to be a painful way to hold you

* Tiron Eks goes in the meantime back to the main bridge.

Zhen: For Universe's sake, and you call yourself slavers? This will just damage your goods, namely us.

Prani warrior: I don't ask your opinion. For the record, we also sell dog meat.

Zhen: Oh please, like I do not know why you have taken just us? Do not pretend that you do not know how you have best doctor and best engineer in the quadrant.

Prani warrior: I don't know you and I don't care. You're going to be sold as laborer. Or dog meat. It depends on your behavior

Zhen: What?! That is impossible! I demand to be sold as a doctor! Do you even know what kind of a treasure you possess now? Our expertise is worth at least thousand times as that of a common worker!

Prani warrior: Or, at first sight, about 40 or 45 kg of dog meat, once we remove the bones

Patrick: don't waste you time, Zhen, you probably brought up smater bacterias...

Diurne: During that debate on the respective value of each, the metal wiring is used to tie the officers.

Zhen: I demand to be sold at highest possible price! Hey, easy with that wire, my hands are my living!

Prani warrior: I'm happy to see you're concerned by our profit.

Diurne: The prisoners are now led deeper in the station. But soon, maybe unexpectedly, they are led to the sealed, massive doors barring passage to the upper levels. There, many Prani are working hard to slice through them, forcing entry.

Zhen: You are obviously not! You do not even understand what values you have.

Zhen: Aaaargh!

Prani warrior: I'm a soldier, not an auctionner, stop wasting saliva

Patrick: right, four brains, one muscle...

Zhen: I hope then your auctioner can undertand true value of my genius! And Patrick's.

Lt Paula Harrison: Thanks for fogeting me, doctor

Prani warrior: Ah, you, the female, move to that group there.

* Prani warrior motions to another group of Prani, farther in the station corridors

Lt Paula Harrison: Why ?

Zhen: I am sorry, but I am sure that such a lovely lady as you will sadly be taken to be sold as an exotic dancer.

Prani warrior: Because I tell you and I have a gun

Lt Paula Harrison: I somewhat feel you enjoy saying that, doctor...

* Prani warrior chuckles "He has little joys in life, I bet"

Prani warrior: Now move there.

Zhen: Oh, no not at all. Although I would niot mind buying you.

Diurne: Other Prani, from the other group, are holding a number of captives already, all apparently females

Diurne: Under weapon threat or just lucid, Paula Harrison joins the other group.

Diurne: Now a deck door was pierced and after waiting for a couple of minutes for the metal to cool down, Prani start going through it, to climb in the wreck upper levels. Patrick and Zhen are led through it as well.

Diurne: During that time, on the Independence...

* Tiron Eks arrives then finally the bridge and asks his first officer: "Number One. What's the status with the remaining Prani onboard?"

Diurne: The captain is back on the bridge. Rajakanya is still somewhere on the decks, tracking trapped Prani. Codanadal and Kaur Siddhu are present, as well as Counsilor Vaden

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: They sealed themselves, have blown sections to cut access and so on. This won't be a quick task to purge them all. And our transporters are still offline.

Tiron Eks: Are they in sections that can be sealed?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Some groups moved a bit before they found a place to defend. The other groups were caught already. So we are left with the ones who successfully entrenched

* Tiron Eks looks still demanding, having his question not answered yet.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Lt Cmdr Rajakanya asked for a communication jam to prevent the trapped Prani to communicate with the station. We have the security working on it but we're short of people

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And about being sealed, it's doable in some cases. Even if currently with the reactor being offline, it's out of question. About 1/3 of them can be easily sealed once power is back. About half of them will have the ability to destroy any seal from the inside, since they are on decks already damaged.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And for the rest, they can't be sealed at all

Tiron Eks: Seal the sections that can be sealed and decompress them. That should eliminate them and free security personal to establish the jam device and reinforce the other tactical teams.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu blinks "... Aye sir. For some of them, we can't decompress since they are not close to the hull. But I will execute the order as much as possible... But they are trapped. Sooner or later, they will be forced to surrender."

* Tiron Eks tries not to hide that he's agitated since he learned of Anvaar's distress call: "Time is a critical resource we don't have much of left."

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu takes a deep breath "Ok, sir, as you ordered.". She asks Codanadal for a better report on trapped Prani to see who can be ejected into space

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Captain, we get a call from the Klingon. General Kjrag.

Tiron Eks: Put him on screen.

General Kjarg: We see each other once again, captain. So the fate of arms decided you'd resist the Prani assault. Now... I'm extending you the hand of friendship and propose to send you help, as our sensors say your ship is relatively... crippled.

Tiron Eks: We have sustained some considerable damage. You have saved our skin with your intervention, but I'm not sure how you can help us? My engineers are working already on to get primary energy back online.

* General Kjarg smiles "If you're recovering then I let you to your repairs, captain. You must be a busy man, I do not wish to bother you more."

Tiron Eks: We're in a bad shape, but stable for the moment. What I could need more is help in rescuing my officer who have been taken hostages by the Prani.

General Kjarg: You have people who... surrendered ?

Tiron Eks: My men do not surrender, nor do they fight till death comes in a fight that is not worth it.

* Zhen surrendered quite happily

* General Kjarg has a predator smile "They surrendered... We're busy observing the Prani on the station for now, captain. If we locate your prisoners, we'll inform you. We're planning on taking over the station soon"

Diurne: On the station, the surrendered officers are walking in pitch-black corridors where only the guiding lights of the Prani is helping sighting. Their steps echo as if they were walking in cathedral size corridors. But it just feel... impossible considering the size of the station that so big corridors are inside. So it must be a trick of the hearing.

Tiron Eks: They count on me to rescue them. I have no doubt that your warriors will take over the station, but tell them also not to shoot my officers, I'm going to need them.

Diurne: Also, occasionaly, in the light of a Prani soldier, Patrick and Zhen can see the ground or the walls. At those time, they are easily feeling nauseous. And after a dozen of sights, Zhen even gets a developping headache.

General Kjarg: We don't plan to damage anything, captain. Not the station, not your officers. Since you look to care much of them

* Zhen grunts

Tiron Eks: I propose we combine our power of impact against the Prani. It serves both our interest in doing so.

General Kjarg: That was the core of our accord, captain. So I'm happy to see you oblige

* Zhen just hopes to be brought wherever he should be brought

* Patrick waits for some opporutnity, any opportunity

Diurne: The Prani are also quite silent during the stroll in the dark station. At times, you can also hear them growl.

* Zhen wishes Seyler is here with him

Diurne: As they go upper in the station, they also hear Prani sealing back the entrances behind them. Look they really plan to isolate themselves

Diurne: After half an hour walking, probably going up for two or three decks (they are not sure, there were time they walked up ramps but did they change decks ?), they finally arrive in a very large diamond shaped room. Many lights are repelling the darkness. Prani and station visitors got their lights as they settled here, for now apparently

Diurne: Patrick and Zhen can see the same fauna than the one on the slave and goods market. Mostly Prani but not only.

* Zhen wonders what are Pat III's offspring doing

Tiron Eks: *to the General* I'll let you know once we're ready to engage the Prani on the station.

Diurne: Our captives are unceremonously forced to sit down inside a makeshift corral that was holding slaves when it was displayed on the market

Zhen: Here it goes... *grunts*

Diurne: No obvious opportunity came to Patrick. Prani are having a careful watch over them

* Zhen sits there grumbling "I am a doctor! I demand to be bought by somene who needs professional medical help!"

Patrick: let's wait and see... there is nothing we can do for now...

* Patrick inspects whatever technology that can be seen around

Diurne: Around are crates, but few, stuff the Prani have carried over with them. They installed that corral in the obvious intent to place slaves in it. So you're likely to be not the only ones. Just alone for now

Diurne: Crates are probably filled with stuff for sale on the market. Or it is essential survival goods.

Diurne: But now, there is rumble among the Prani. Almost all of them are hurrying if not running to a central point from where you can vaguely hear the echoes of voices.

Diurne: A Prani guard is left by you while others are running to that point. A sort of audible rumor can be heard as Prani are intensively chatting among themselves. Your guard looks a bit frustrated to not be able to join. He looks now and then to the growing assembly of Prani

Zhen: Lovely, just lovely. what now?

Diurne: The Prani look to have some sort of heated discussion.

* Zhen asks the guard "What is going on?"

Patrick: your atennas, Zhen, they wonder how to cook them...

* Zhen snorts

* Prani warrior hesitates "Something about the others, the ones left behind"

Diurne: You have trouble to discern a coherent speech over the crowd mumble but after 20-30 secs, you understand they are talking about Prani bodies drifting in space. And most of the Prani are now calling for Federation blood.

Diurne: You also notice Prani giving hateful glances at you now and then, more and more frequently

* Zhen does the move popularized by Picard

* Zhen facepalms

Patrick: that's a no-no for antennas, then..

Diurne: The crowd mumble become louder and people look more agitated. For some reason, you start to realize you're becoming the center of attention

Zhen: What in the name of the universe is going on? That symbiont has gone mad. Mad I tell you!

Zhen: I think my antennas could still be on the chopping block...

Zhen: Guard, you do intend to protect your goods, namely us?

* Prani warrior glares at Zhen without replying

Patrick: I'm not sure that really helps, Zhen...

Zhen: Uh-oh... look we are supporting crew. Doctor and enginner. We had ntohing to do with... that.

Diurne: Among the crowd, blades are flashing in the dim light, disruptor pistols displayed, it sounds they are arriving at a consensus

Zhen: Errrm... *backs down slowly*

Diurne: Speaking of profit... among the non Prani here, you can see the likeable face of a certain Ferengi who was listening the whole.

Diurne: The consensus was reached. While the final decision is actually a bit blurry. You didn't understand if they plan to dump you in space, skin you alive and slice your throat open. At some point, you think they decided to do all three at once, which is of course an impossibility that doctor Idisha will surely underline

Patrick: quite a program...

* Zhen grabs Ptrick and looks at the guard "Look, we had ntohing to do with this. And we are now selling commodity. Can you tell your friends to turn their anger towards soemeone else... like Klingons that actually shot at everyone, including us?"

* Prani warrior turns to face Zhen, a hard look in the eyes, and slowly raises his gun to him

Zhen: Oh by the...

* Zhen pulls Patrick towards crates

* Patrick follows Zhen in his attempt to be heroic and dive behind some crate

* Zhen is not being heroic, just trying to save his (and Patrick's) hide

* Prani warrior shoots at Zhen who is running away, more or less pulling Patrick with him, behind crates

* Patrick finds high unlikely to hide from Pranis in the middle of a bunch of Pranis but maybe Zhen has some idea...

Patrick: right, and now where ?

* Zhen yells at the guard "We are not escaping! Just trying to be obedient slaves and be whole for the sale!"

Diurne: Zhen is hit in the left feet by the disruptor shot as he dived behind a crate.

Zhen: Aaaagh!

Diurne: The injury is serious to the foot, he will have to... err... half jump half run now

Diurne: Zhen crashes behind the crate, not only because it looks cool in holomovies

* Patrick looks for anything he could use around ?

Diurne: You both are behind a large crate, full of whatever. The fire from your guard of course caught the attention of the crowd. A couple of Prani, reacting faster, already run in your directio. Others shouldn't wait for long

* Zhen curses Seyler, damn symbiont and all these barbarians

Diurne: The Prani guard that wounded Zhen is now running to get a line of sight, coming closer

Patrick: *picks some pipe* ready to run some more, Zhen ?

Zhen: Ready to hobble... Good that these maniacs do not use phasers.

Diurne: While our heroes are pondering their next action in a second, someone, a Prani, is shouting at the crowd calling to catch the prisoners. But that doesn't look to affect the crowd

Diurne: The guard is now going to get a line of sight to you two ducked behind the crate. But being relatively hidden, you still get to act first.

Diurne: The voice came from the place where Prani were arguing about people dumped in space and all

* Zhen is ready to follow Patrick into de deep and hopefully concealing shadows

Diurne: The guard isn't exactly at melee range but a non hobbling Starfleet officer could jump at him from behind the crate and deliver a blow.

* Zhen blames Seyler's protocol 202 for everything

* Zhen tries to hobble fast to dark and concealing shadows since Patrick obviously has some insane plan again.

Diurne: Patrick swings at the Prani guard who dodge the strike

Diurne: The Prani kicks Patrick in the leg

* Zhen wishes for a tribble invasion

Diurne: A hobbler is now hobbling into shadows

Diurne: After about an hour of intense work, ensign McDougal is proud to see the core reactor starting. It wasn't easy at all for him and it took a fair number of technicians from the lower decks as well as a heavy reading of the blueprnts to restart it. But now, energy is coming back

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal clicks "Captain, this is ensign MacDougal. The power is back on."

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Well done, ensign. Now assign damage control teams to the damaged systems and make the transporter system a priority, we are going to need it for the rescue of our officers.

Diurne: The Prani guard yelps and falls

* Patrick tries ot pick the weapon the prani wa holding

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Aye-aye sir! *to the crew* You heard the man, people! I don't know you, you don't know me so what I need now is for you to make gropus. Those with transporter knowledge is team one. You have full priority. The rest are second group, you will go to the damaged systems you are familiar with and start patching them up. It does not have to be pretty, as long as it works.

Diurne: Patrick struggles but can't get a hold on the weapon

Diurne: Zhen is now in the shadows and hobbles in the dark. Normally, at a moment, he should meet a metal wall

* Zhen searches for vent, duct... anything to crawl in

Diurne: The lower deck people replies that, to their knowledge, the transporter officer is actually Paula Harrison. In this situation, it's a bit annoying she is among the ones to be rescued

Diurne: The Prani guard shoots at Patrick at point blank but the engineer ultimately avoid the energy bolt by diving desesperately.

Diurne: Zhen disappears in the dark.... What is his fate ?

* Patrick tries to hit the prani in the head

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Don't you give me that superior officer talk. I am sure there are those among you who did not let poor woman work all alone on all transporters. Even if these people are not here... chop-chop. Find them! We want to bring back this behemth to life, not fine talk Starfleet protocols.

Diurne: The lower deck crew replies the transporters are just turned off, what a relief. They even find a maintenance order saying to disconnect them.

Diurne: The Prani is stunned by the hit.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Well boys and girls, plug them in! You don't need master engineer for that.

* Patrick tries to exploit the temporary weakness and hit the prani in the head with maximum strength (this time I try haymaker)

Diurne: The lower deck replies that you might need to be a master engineer to get a hold on the missing engineers and the doctor. As space is curiously difficult to detect and apprehend in the station. The teleporters just get a rough location hit of Zhen, Patrick and Paula. They could be ported back in the Independence. However, it may require two or three times, for the two half of the body for example

* Zhen wonders why in the name of all things in the universe PAtrick is not running away

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Leave philosophy to captain to decide, boys and girls. Now stop chit-chatting and plug them in, then proceed on plugging the holes. Now scram and tell me when things are plugged in.

Diurne: The Prani guard is hit once more and is given a hard hit on the side of the head. He falls, unconscious, with a trail of blood

Diurne: The lower decks say the transporters are now online

* Patrick quickly picks the prani's weapon and tries to head to where Zhen disappeared

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Good job crew! Now grab your tools and plug things up. *clicks* Ensign MacDougal to captain, transporters are back online. Finding someone to operate them is entirely different matter."

Tiron Eks: *bleep* That's good news. Carry on with damage control then.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Already on it, sir.

Diurne: After two more hours, the ship essentials are functionning again. The warp core wasn't damaged and most destroyed power conduits during the feedback were bypassed. Hull breaches were safely contained and energy is diverted to assist Rajakanya in his guerilla to root out Prani left on board. The ship has got back his warp engines but going over cruise speed isn't recommended as it would cause too much stress on the secondary conduits currently used

Tiron Eks: Captain Eks to Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya. Main energy has been restored and transporters are operational again. I want you to send a tactical team to transpoter room 3 and beam the remaining Prani from their entrenched positions. I want them subded and secured for the moment.

* Tiron Eks believes this accelerated the process in cleaing the ship from the Prani.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Understood, captain. It shouldn't be a problem for the vast majority of Prani. Some of them raised force fields so we'll have to cut them power in coordination with the engineering but consider it done

Tiron Eks: Good, once it's done I'm going to need you to work out a rescue plan for our missing officers.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What is our priority now, captain ? We have three missing and one distress call.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Forgive my intervention, ma"am but the distress call is no longer emitted

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Since when ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: It stopped about 30 mn ago

Tiron Eks: Can you conduct a longe range scans and see if the ship is still out there?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I already have done it, sir, based on the latest known location. The ship in distress, identified as the Illuminated Gem, broadcasted its dismay from a deserted solar system 1 light year away from here. After it stopped emitting, I conducted a sensor scan of the area. I didn't detect anything. Most curiously, I didn't detect Prani ships either. Even if those ones were seen previously.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I also didn't get any warp signature getting out of the system. Be it the Gem or Prani or anyone, actually.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: So, from what I can say, they didn't leave the system, are still in. Just I no longer detect them. It may be the star proximity, being in atmosphere, in the middle of an asteroid belt and so on

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Bridge to Engineering. I have a new priority for you, ensign MacDougal. The warp drive. I need warp 9 or faster if possible. Once we have rescued our officers we have to answer to a distress call.

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal whistles "Captain... warp 9 in this state is quite possibly a dream. We are patchworked as is and if we push this baby to 9 in this state I don't think we will ever see the end of our trip. But I'll see what I can do, sir."

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Normal cruise speed is maximum I would reccomend. Over that I think we are space dust. *to crew* People, new job. Check warp engine and all power conduits to and from it. Fix and secure the as well as possible. Make me few simulation runs then with different warp speeds.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Also I need a report on hull integrity. No internal measures would be useful if we fall apart.

Tiron Eks: Bridge out. Number One, I need a full damage report. Damaged systems and their operation status, casualties. It couldn't also harm why in sudden our main energy went offline and the cause for it.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: From the early reports, it seems an order was given to the warp core to send energy to... unused but present conduits... apparently to power the experimental and inactive drive from the Andromeda project

Tiron Eks: This has been the 2nd time we have been catched offguarded by the Prani and it's sheer luck that the ship is still intact. We could be as well space dust by now if the Prani wanted to.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: But there is also a number of other oddities that happened at the same time...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Once the Prani are all secured, starting an investigation will be necessary yes

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu takes a deep breath "Other than that... we have two major breaches currently contained, serious damage to shuttle bays, internal damage on 1/3 of the decks, 82 wounded, 37 lightly injured, 24 dead, 3 missing. Transporters are now active and online. Phaser banks are damaged from the first Prani volley but torpedoes launchers are intact

Tiron Eks: Have the Prani also reached our supply of dilithium during the attack?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: No, they arrived to the engineering room, started to mess but the chief engineered had locked the computer command. We still have lost a fair amount of reserve during the feedback when we were evacuating excess energy to prevent everything to blow up

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It's hard to evaluate for now, I'd need the engineering team expertise on it... but seeing we'll have to replicate a high number of repair parts after this attack, plus the energy lost, what we consumed until now... our dilithium reserves were strained significantly

Tiron Eks: Alright, delegate someone to retriev the shuttle that's still out there. Then I want you to make your investigation and tell me why in hell we got in this situation. I want to know who is _responsible_ for this disaster! I'm fed up that we get plagued from an insider of this ship who feeds our enemies with vital information how to crack us _ALWAYS_. This must _end_, _now!_ *goes in his ready room after dumping some steam*

* Zhen is sure that it is all Seyler's fault... all of it!

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods at the captain

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Shall I consider retrieving our officers captured by the Prani as the priority ?

Tiron Eks: It is a priority! My oath from the beginning of this mission, never letting someone down, is still valid!

* Zhen feels pretty much let down

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood.

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Diurne: So the Independence is now almost safe but not exactly functionnal and is quite sorched, battered, assaulted and damaged.

Diurne: Kaur Siddhu gets reports from the departments she compiles and forward to the captain

Diurne: Seyler says she is confident in her ability to heal most but the most serious injuries suffered by the crew within a couple of hours.

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal has his first taste of power as temporary chief engineer

* Zhen hates Seyler with passion

Diurne: (it also means both Lt Idisha and Arquero will be available again soon)

Diurne: Rajakanya is capturing/eliminating the last entrenched Prani. That may take some hours, still, unless he uses real brute force, to the risk of damaging the ship more

Diurne: McDougal has restarted the power core, despite the lack of familirity with the operation, a true feat

Diurne: Morbren Chardok is still dead

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal is jack of all trades like that

Diurne: Harisson, Idisha and O'Rourke are still missing

Diurne: There was still that distress signal sent to the Independence

Diurne: Inside the colossal spidery wreck, Zhen is stumbling in the dark, having left his companions behind, while O'Rourke is struggling for his life with a Prani

* Zhen is SURE that Patrick is not THAT stupid to go and fight a horde!

* Zhen is SURE that Patrick is wiser since he is older... after all no one would put suicidal person to be chief engineer!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Sir, the transporters are online again. There was no damage to them, they were disconnected, though. We have ne report on our missing crew location inside the station wreck, too much interference. Maybe Harrison would be able to transport someone through this spatial mess but since she's among the missing...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Also, Lt Arquero will be ready to come back at the engineering room next hour.

Diurne: In the wreck, Zhen runs in the dark.

* Zhen crawls in ducts... since raisin an army is not the option, maybe saving engineer Harrison could be the option? But first to hide himself and wait for PAtrick who is surey right behind hi!

Diurne: Zhen is progressing in the dark. At a moment, he feels, from the echo of his own move, that he's entering a much larger room. After one more step, that's also when the ground decided to no longer be present. And Zhen falls.

Zhen: Daaaaamn you Seyleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer...

* Zhen would rather be eaten by a horde of tribbles

Diurne: The fall isn't long, just about 4-5m... Zhen professionalism tells him the impact is going to be hard... real hard...

* Zhen tries to land on his ass... being the safest and most cushioned spot on the body

Diurne2: And finally Dr Idisha impacts a cushion made of hundreds of squealing tribbles

Zhen: What in the...? Oooof!

Diurne2: Tribbles try to poorly move out of Zhen way. The doctor is totally in the dark now. Sounds are muffled because of the presence of so many tribbles around.

Zhen: me tries to swim in the hordeof tribbles an... get on "surface"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Captain... Our sensors tell the Prani retreated inside the structure of the wreck. Shall we send boarding teams ?

Diurne2: The number of tribbles is enough to arrive at Zhen waist. Once he gets up on his feet, he's safe from a horrible fate : being drown in tribbles

Tiron Eks: You can bet on it, Number One. I won't let my officer in the hands of these pirates!

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods "I'm going to prepare the team. We'll leave for the station as soon as possible"

* Zhen removes a tribble from his head and grunts "Maybe it was good that I put you all in here. Now if only you would be of any use of me in saving that suicidal idiot Patrick and Paula."

Tiron Eks: It's dark in there and the Prani know better the station than we do. Bring also some pattern enhancers so we might be able to boost the signal strong enough to beam you out from a safe extration point.

Diurne2: The swarm of tribbles shift to avoid Zhen but he must, still, spread them before him to advance at all

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Will do, sir. Any other instruction if we meet prani down there ?

* Zhen wades through tribbles looking where he is and for ways out

Diurne2: Zhen is a bit lost now...

Tiron Eks: It's a rescue and the Prani are hostiles. Deal with them accordingly to make sure to get our officers back and ensure your own safety.

* Zhen grunts and growls and tries to follow the tribbles "The mot brilliant doctor in Alpha Quadrant has become a tribble herder... wonderful, just wonderful."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood

Diurne2: Zhen didn't come equipped with dark vision so it's difficult to do anything in this tribble mess

Diurne2: So he manages to advance, even if slowly, walking over tribbles more than once. Now he hears above his head sounds of rapid footsteps, maybe someone running

* Zhen tries to hear if it is one person or many

Diurne2: Zhen is certain it's two people, running.

Diurne2: Above him, it looks there are some sort of holes... it looks he fell through one. The function of those eludes him, however. There is indirect lighting above. He may try to climb a bit, with the risk of being seen, or he can hope the person pass by a hole and he can discern them enough

* Zhen not being a commando opes he will just be lucky so peeks in hope people will pass by

Diurne2: Luck had a date and couldn't come. The two persons don't pass close enough to one of the holes

* Zhen wishes ensign Bright is around

* Zhen follows the running people... only two may mean more escapees... or really devious trap

Diurne2: Zhen is slowed by a swarm of squealing tribbles. Unless he doesn't want to attract attention. So he better not move at all since tribbles will noise their discomfort

* Zhen mutters "Hmmmm... tribbles are good for hiding my life signature, but bad for hiding... what to do? Bah..."

* Zhen tries to wade through tribbles in the direction of running feet

Diurne2: The tribbles squeal softly as Zhen disturb their confy environment. The footsteps stop. People are coming back to Zhen general direction

Zhen: Damn it all!

* Zhen hides under tribbles and tries to crawl away slowly

Diurne2: He still can't see a thing. Crawling in the dark, he hears Prani voices from the people.

* Zhen crawls hating Seyler so much

* Zhen hopes that horde of Pat II's offspring will cover him... after all in a way he is their grandfather

Diurne: The two persons turns on search lights and illuminate their surroundings

* Zhen goes still

Diurne: They come and illuminate inside the holes, lighting the tribbles horde. Yet, several generations of tribbles are covering the good doctor

Diurne: Finally, the two Prani leaves, resuming their run

* Zhen thanks silently to little furballs.

Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2 Tribble1
Horde of tribbles dampened Doctor Idisha's free fall to ground somewhere in Shatterpoint.

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Diurne: So we have left our heroes in various states of trouble. Tiron is deep in worries with a blasted ship, Patrick is deep in the run inside a dark station and Zhen is deep in tribbles

Diurne: Patrick just disarmed and shot a Prani. The rest of the mob is going after him, yelling for his blood.

Diurne: He decided to follow Zhen who courageously left while he was struggling for his life

* Zhen knows that retreat is better part of valor

* Zhen decides to crawl around and see what can he learn of his surroundings...

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, do we still *receive the comm signatures of our missing officers?

* Zhen definitely wants to find lost enngineer HArrison and crazy PAtrck

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Contact isn't reliable and I can't pinpoint their location exactly but communication may be possible.

Diurne: Zhen is knee deep in tribbles who whistle and squeal gently. It looks a colony of them made their home there.

* Patrick runs to the h... to safety, wherever that may be

Tiron Eks: I want you that our boarding party gets also the information about the location. Try hailing them.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Neither location nor communication is reliable, captain. I'm trying to establish contact with the three officers

Diurne: The Prani who were after Zhen decide there is something better elsewhere

* Zhen mutters "Idisha maneuver... hiding below tribbles."

* Zhen goes to locate his lost comrades

Diurne: wassons nous !!

Diurne: oops

Diurne: Zhen goes swim deep under tribbles

Diurne: Patrick runs without truly knowing where to go

Patrick: *mutters* where are commandos when you need them... I'm an engineer, not one of Ria's holodrama heroes...

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I can get you Harrison, sir

Tiron Eks: Eks to Harrison!

Diurne: Patrick hears someone running in the dark, in front of him. It's more echoes actually. It tends to indicate there is a large tunnel in front of him, at least, not a wall. Should he run to this direction ?

Lt Paula Harrison: -tain ?

Diurne: You are running yourself, you are not sure. It doesn't seem to come closer no

Tiron Eks: What's your status lieutenant?

* Patrick keeps on running in the sound direction... at least it might lead somewhere

Lt Paula Harrison: -the local version of Jeff- -bes. I don't think I'm pu- -ed. I've lost track-

Tiron Eks: Commander Kaur Siddhu and a boarding party are coming for your rescue. Can you help them pinpoint your location somehow?

Diurne: Patrick is running, the sound of someone running is there, he can hear it. Patrick is obliged to slow his pace since he sees nothing. Now he walks carefully. Curiously, the other one ceased to run and walk too.

* Patrick keeps going on, carefully watching for hostile presence around

Lt Paula Harrison: I'm probably close to a power core if you can detect something. But it looks- -unless I restart.

Diurne: Patrick can only watch darkness.

Diurne: There is a someone walking around, maybe trying to come closer ? It's a feeling the engineer get

Tiron Eks: I want you to try it. Are O'Rourke and Idisha with you?

Lt Paula Harrison: No we were separated.

Tiron Eks: Okay, keep watchful and make the flare signal work if possible.

Lt Paula Harrison: Understood

Tiron Eks: Eks to Commander Kaur Siddhu. We got contact with Lieutenant Harrison. She's in a local version of a jeffries tube and near a power core that appears offline. She'll try to activate it and gives you a direction to head at.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Should I try to get you the others, sir ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Ok... we're just boarding the wreck and start deplying inside

* Zhen wonders when did Kaur Siddhu learned French

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Salpan will give you information about the rough whereabouts of the officers, but they are not reliable and give you only an idea. We'll try to reach the other officers.

Tiron Eks: And yes, Lieutenant, try keep contacting the other ones.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I get a contact with doctor Idisha

Tiron Eks: Independence to Doctor Idisha.

Zhen: (There is a soft sound of purring and squeking) It's about time!

Diurne: Suddenly, all tribbles squeal more as Idisha com badge comes alive

Zhen: Agh!!!

Tiron Eks: What is your status, doctor?

Zhen: I am alive, no thanks to any of you on the ship! I'm trying to search for others.

Diurne: Tribbles squeal more, agitated by this voice coming from deep inside their furry nest

* Zhen starts talkig softly "And try to talk softly! You are disturbing my... eh... army."

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Harrison is alive and tries her luck with a local power generator, can you use anything to give the rescue team a better signal to reach you faster?

Zhen: Yes, search for tribbles. I am in the sea of them. Oh captain... can I ask you a favor?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Sir, I'm detecting an explosion coming from the system where a ship send us a distress signal

Tiron Eks: Tribbles, acknowledged. And yes?

Zhen: Please tell doctor Seyler that I am alive and that I truly wish she was here with me right now.

Tiron Eks: Try to hold your position until Commander Kaur Siddhu arrives.

* Tiron Eks turns attention to Salpan: "Can you tell me if it was a Prani ship?"

Zhen: It depends on the situation, but I will try.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: No. I think it's a ship however.

* Zhen cuts comm and mumbles "I wish she is here so that I can strangle her with my bare hands..."

Tiron Eks: Dammit. We can't leave right now to see what happened in the system there.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I get better readings... the explosion occured in the outer zone of the system. I detect no mass close to it so probably it didn't happen near a planet

Tiron Eks: Eks to Commander Kaur Siddhu. Doctor Zhen is hiding for now in a pool of tribbles, scanning for tribbles should lead you to him.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Will do

* Zhen is not hiding! He was trying to find others...

Diurne: In the meantime, Patrick keeps advancing randomly. He bumps his head against low ceiling or walls a couple of time.

Patrick: damn engineers who creates tunnels for midgets...

Diurne: Patrick believes he can hear the low humming sound of a energy conduit behind the metal panel he is following

Diurne: He also realizes the other no longer move

Patrick: *thinks* time for a guess : if it was some Prani, he would have no reason to wonder there, thus he probably wouldn't hide at "home"

Patrick: *stops walking* hrm, hello there ?

Diurne: A split second later, a flash of light burst in the dark. Someone used a disruptor to illuminate the darkness it seems. By shooting at Patrick

Diurne: The beam misses Patrick by a full meter however and punches a hole in the wall

Diurne: Patrick got a vague idea from where it came

Patrick: *searches for some cover* wait ! I'm not an enemy

Diurne: You can't really look for cover since you see nothing

* Patrick changes position while talking trying not to move in some "predictable" way

Diurne: Another flash of light, another disruptor beam aimed at Patrick. But at the game of chance, the shooter got the lucky draw since the beam destroy Patrick knee. The Starfleet engineer falls heavily on the ground

* Zhen knew that Patrick is suicidal... but that damn Seyler did not want to listen to him

* Patrick dives anyway firing in the direction where the beam came

Diurne: You hit something. Most likely a wall

Diurne: A hail of disruptor shots come again upon you, destroying the wall behind you and scorching the ground. But, fortunately, everything fell two meters on your right

* Patrick tries to crawl silently away from where the blasts hit

Diurne: In the brief flash of light caused by the disruptor shots, you saw the fugitive figure of a Prani warrior

Patrick: *mutters silently* so much for my intuition...

Diurne: Close to him, Zhen hears the sound of small explosions, typical of disruptor gufire

Zhen: What now... huhm... *me decides to peek out if he can see something*

Diurne: Zhen swims under his tribble collection

Diurne: Understanding he didn't finish Patrick, his enemy stopped firing.

Diurne: Zhen finally must leave the cosy and furry contact of the tribbles since he must crawl out of the pit he fell in

* Patrick tries to take off one of his shoes, silently

* Zhen does so

Diurne: Patrick is now armed with a new weapon. The smelly engineer shoe

* Zhen is horrified by this sadistic attack Patrick plans to do

* Patrick aims his disruptor in the general direction where the last blast came from, then throws the shoe far from him 'preferably not in the exact direction where he points the disruptor

Diurne: Once the shoe hits the floor, a burst of disruptor illuminate the darkness

Diurne: The shoe was almost hit !

* Patrick fires on the Prani

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Sir. This is Kaur Siddhu. We're blocked in the outer section of the wreck. The Prani retreated deeper and sealed the passages behin them. It looks that specie is fond of that trick

Diurne: Patrick beam hits the Prani in the heart region of the chest. The Prani instantly falls on the ground

Patrick: pheew...

Patrick: damn, it hurts... definitiely the last time I try to negotiate first

* Patrick keeps crawling...

Diurne: Someone is sneaking close to Patrick, once again

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Sir ? I get a warp signature leaving the explosion area. It's a Prani ship.

* Patrick stops moving and listens

Diurne: He hears a little furry alien beast squealing in the background

* Tiron Eks stares at Codanadal and it seems like his soul just frooze: "What?"

Diurne: To Zhen, the disruptor firefight stopped. But he dinstinctively heard two people being injured

caughs "I said... I get a warp signature. A ship is leaving the explosion area and it's a Prani ship.

* Lt Salpan Codanadal caughs "I said... I get a warp signature. A ship is leaving the explosion area and it's a Prani ship.

* Tiron Eks stands up and uses his pointing finger to create an invisible huge pressure on Codanadal: "Keep track of _that_ Prani ship! And don't lose out of sight!"

* Zhen grabs a handful of tribbles and unleashes unleashes them in different directons (to confuse possible attackers) and sneaks towards the battle area thinking how poor engineer Harrison may be in danger!

* Lt Salpan Codanadal is a bit surprised

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Yes sir

Diurne: The sound of tribbles doesn't come closer to Patrick. It goes a bit everywhere at once now. Someone has disturbed a nest of those pests

Diurne: Zhen wonderful sense of hearing gets more hint from the unseen disruptor handler. It's someone hurt, because Zhen hears the gunslinger using a wall to not fall and attempting to control a heavy breathing to not betray his position. And that person is unlike the probably dozen Prani he is hearing in a parallel corridor, looking for those who just shot with disruptors.

* Zhen wishes he had a light... maybe doctor Seyler's hair on fire would be nice?

* Zhen takes one of decoy tribbles, mutters "Sorry." and throws it towards the breather.

Diurne: Now, Patrick is convinced someone is bombing him with tribbles

Patrick: *picks the projectile and mutters* noone woul throw that, noone with a normal brain... *louder* Zhen, stop throwing tribbles at me

* Zhen hisses "Idiot! Whole station will hear you! Get down!"

* Zhen crawls towards the voice of Patrick thinking how he never has a chance to save a damsel in distress, only Patrick... always Patrick...

Patrick: *coughs* if I get down, I'm not sure I can stand up again...

Patrick: actually I have one leg... and a wall

Zhen: Just get down you tribblehead!

Patrick: *curses and tries to sit without faliing*

* Zhen plans to drag PAtrick to the safety of the tribble-hole

Diurne: From Patrick grunts and difficulty to walk, Zhen can imagine the injury is serious. Touching blindly the knee gets a howl of pain from the engineer. From the brief contact, Zhen can estimate the wound is ugly.

Diurne: There is a reason why Patrick can no longer rest on this leg. The shot destroyed the knee and almost rip the lower leg apart

* Zhen will try to use anything he has... clothes, tribbles, anything... to patch it up somehow

* Zhen will at least tie the leg to stop the bleeding

* Zhen will do that

Diurne: After about 10 mn of work in the dark, Dr Idisha is having a mixed feeling about his work

* Zhen mutters "Under these conditions..."

* Zhen goes to carefuly drag PAtrick back to the tribble haven

Zhen: Why is it always something with you PAtrick? Why? Why can't you for once be a lovely lady?

Zhen: Am I not a good person? Don't I deserve a break sometimes? But no... I have to deal with protocols 202, homicidal captains, jealous co workers and suicidal friends!

Diurne: Patrick wound is dramatically serious. Even if Zhen doesn't believe he is in an immediate danger of death

Patrick: ouch, put less aggressivity in your words and gestures, I'm not the one who brought you there

* Zhen thinks that PAtrick's and his safety are quite important and slowly rags him to the Tribble lair "Then explain me how is it tht I always end up saving you somehow? Is it a curse?"

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Sir. The Klingons are launching shuttles toward the wreck

* Zhen continues yammering silently "Doctor Idisha you are unreliable... you should go back... oooooh..."

Patrick: heh, did I ever question your skills ? i'm not Seyler

Zhen: She did what?! When? I knew it!

Patrick: actuall, this wound will teach me something : when you are alone on a hostile ship, whatever move in front of you is hostile... so much for Starfleet rules...

Zhen: I knew that from the start! Now lie down on the tribbles... poor things...

* Pat III squeals

Patrick: by the way, you realize that if the klingons detect the tribbles, they will blast this place to oblivion...

* Zhen hopes someone has taken care of Pat III

Zhen: The captain is coming... I hope.

Zhen: HE called.

Zhen: The team will search for tribbles.

Tiron Eks: Independence to Commander Kaur Siddhu. The klingons have started to launch shuttles to the station.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're drilling our way through a door... do you know what they plan to do ?

Tiron Eks: Invasion of the station. It could become messy.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What's your instructions if we meet them ? Benevolent neutrality ? We help them ?

Zhen: I just hope captain sent someone dependable like Rajakanya.

Tiron Eks: The deal with the klingons so far is that we help each other. And I take it that the general holds up his word, else he dishonours himself.

Tiron Eks: But try to find Doctor Idisha first before the Klingons do. These tribble will probably ignite the wrath of klingons.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We've got a faint signal on our tricorders already, despite the local distorsion

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: With pattern enhancers, we may be able to evacuate directly by transporters

* Zhen tries to keep PAtrick's wound in check as much as he can

Tiron Eks: Keep me informed.

Diurne: Patrick and Zhen will be recovered after half an hour, thank to the tribble signal. By then , klingons started rampaging on the station, searching for Prani skulls to crush. However, they can only gather alien visitors but no Prani who vanished deeper in the station wreck

Diurne: Kaur Siddhu brings back everyone to the Indepdence using pattern enhancers. However, even with those, you had to move more to the outer section as distorsion were too important

Diurne: Both Patrick and Zhen ends in the sickbay, for different reasons

Diurne: Kaur Siddhu stays on the wreck, with a limited team, since Harrison is still missing. And no "flare" of any sort was seen

Diurne: §

* Zhen tries not to think about what will happen to those poor tribbles who saved his and Patrick's life

Tiron Eks: Codanadal, can you contact Harrison again?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: No sir, I've lost track of her. She ventured into an area with higher distorsion

Lt Salpan Codanadal: It's possible... it is a side effect of her trying to turn on a flare... ironically

* Zhen is dirty, misrable, and pissed... but as soon as he came back, he cleaned himself up and without a word proceeded working on patients (Nurse Church may know that Zhen is a volcano ready to explode at any time though... and the target is obvious=.

Diurne: At the sickbay, Seyler and Peshana are obviously happy to see Patrick and Zhen sucecsfully left the wreck with their lves

Diurne: Zhen can also see the sickbay is filled with injured, among them are Arquero and the other Idisha

Diurne: Both will also learn of Morbren death

* Zhen is happy to see Peshana! But as said he will just work now... professionally and keep mostly silent.

* Patrick is not really happy with his one leg and half... but feels even worse about poor Morbren and the missing Paula

Lt Salpan Codanadal: The Prani ship, sir... it's heading away from us. He absolutely doesn't come this way

* Zhen grinds teeth at poor Chardok's death

Tiron Eks: How fast is the ship flying?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Warp 6 currently

Tiron Eks: *clicks* Bridge to Engineering.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Engieering.

Tiron Eks: How fast can we travel by warp?

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: As I told you before, anything above warp 5 will probably split us in half.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: So if you plan of racing don't hope to win.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Sir, if we go at max speed, we'd still need hours to catch that ship. I estimate it at about 14 hours of pursuit

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: And I must stress captain, holding warp 5 for too long will just cause more damage.

Tiron Eks: *slams on his chair com channel and closes it* DAMMIT!

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal do not say planned joke about NX-1

Tiron Eks: Salpan! Take the Captain's Yacht and fly to the system and maka an anylse what happened there. Look for any survivors!

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Sir ???

* Lt Salpan Codanadal is surprised, more than ever

Tiron Eks: Is there something wrong with your ears?!

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I... yes... of course, sir. I'm going, sir

* Lt Salpan Codanadal leaves his console and goes preparing for the trip

Tiron Eks: Take Doctor Peshana with you in case you find any survivors that need medical attention.

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal wonders what is this all about and cuts comm

* Lt Salpan Codanadal is perplexed but doesn't comment. He simply acknowledges "Yessir"

Tiron Eks: And by the first sign of Prani ships you vansih, I don't want to run after you as well.

Tiron Eks: Search for the Illuminated Gem. It's a heavily modified transport ship.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: A modified transport ship, sir, I will remember. Anything else you are looking for specifically ? A cargo ?

Tiron Eks: Survivors, her crew, her captain.

* Lt Salpan Codanadal nods

* Lt Salpan Codanadal goes to the sickbay

* Lt Salpan Codanadal enters the sickbay

* Zhen is working grumpily

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Erm... Lieutenant Commander Peshana. The captain request you on a rescue mission. We are called to use the captain yacht for a distant mission to a nreaby star system. There, we are to inquiry the whereabouts of a missing starship who mysteriously called us for help hours ago.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: It sounds an explosion there is causing the most worrisome concern to our captain

Lt Salpan Codanadal: As a consequence, he suggested I go there to find any survivor. And thus, your abilities and skills, immensely valuable, are to be affected to this mission.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Should we find people in need ot extensive medical care, I mean

* Lt Salpan Codanadal hopes his explanation and introduction wasn't too short

* Zhen growls in the background

* Zhen mutters "Of course... I never doubted that... and it will probably be a woman."

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Well, it's so nicely asked...

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Obey the captain wish, Sebastian. Now we have the lieutenant Idisha back, we can allow you to leave

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana follows Salpan Codanadal once he finishes his current medical task

* Zhen lets undefined sound and continues treating the injured

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya is back from the station. Kaur Siddhu is leading the rescue team after Harrison.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya arrives on the bridge "Sir ? I know the ship isn't repaired, we have wounded, dead and Harrison is missing... but this attack was a nice breach of our internal security."

* Tiron Eks is a bit cynical: "It's hard to fail to view it like that. - This ship is no position to continue it's mission by the time of this critical incident. I want to find out who, how and why did someone has allowed that 24 of our crew have to die!"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I am asking because I want to know if I can start investigations right now. Or if you have something else in mind and prefer to delay a bit ?

Tiron Eks: No delay, no hesitation, do everything that is necessary to find the source of the death of our crewmember!

nods and immediately goes out of the bridge

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods and immediately goes out of the bridge

Diurne: So, right now... Lt Salpan Codanadal is flying a rescue (salvage ?) mission to the site of an explosion, for a reason not really clear... Rajakanya is starting the investigation to explain what happened on the Independence board... Kaur Siddhu is leading a rescue mission on the wreck to find Paula Harrison.

Diurne: Tiron Eks, Patrick O'Rourke and Zhen Idisha may want to plug in any of those tasks

Diurne: §

Zhen: Without PEshana around Zhen cannot leave patients in the hands of butcher Seyler.

Zhen: (Also he tries to show how he is doing better job than her)

Diurne: Zhen can at least see Seyler actually patched up a lot of people during the board battle. So the number of injured, post-battle, is actually reduced since she treated them already

* Patrick will, as soon as he can move, go back to engineering to try to fix things in the ship

* Tiron Eks is trying to pay attention on Cmdr. Kaur Siddhu's away mission and doesn't want to think about the fate of one special woman for him, but feels torn apart nontheless.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx , as acting replacement for Codanadal while still not a pilot, says "Captain.... I'm sorry but someone is calling us"

Tiron Eks: Now all I need is cal from Starfleet Command and make me explain why we royaly screwed up everything. ... Put it through, Lieutenant.

Diurne: On the ship, the face of a Prani male suddenly fills the screen. Vaxx is startled and let go a little scream of surprise

Inar'lan: I'm Inar'lan of the Prani. You're the Eks captain ?

Tiron Eks: Who wants to know that?

Inar'lan: I just told you. I assume you are then.

* Inar'lan shows a curved, barbed blade at the screen

Tiron Eks: I'm not interested in buying blades.

* Inar'lan grabs something out of the screen. People on the Independence bridge can hear a yelp of pain. Inar'lan actually grabbed someone by the hair. And he drags the shape of an Orion woman in front of the screen "See her ? See my blade ?"

* Inar'lan holds the green skinned woman by the hair. She has bruises on the face and her jumpsuit is torn. He places his blade on her throat and pull her hair back to expose her neck

* Tiron Eks straightens up, now paying full attention to that Prani.

Tiron Eks: Yes, I see it all crystal clear.

Inar'lan: You are going to give us back our station. You are going to attack the Klingons for us.

Tiron Eks: I can't attack the klingons, my ship is dead in the water, most of my crew are injured thanks to your attack.

Diurne: On the screen, the green skinned woman looks at Tiron Eks with panicky and imploring eyes

Inar'lan: You're going to attack the Klingons or she dies.

Inar'lan: Do it dirty, I don't care. you'll find a way

Tiron Eks: Wait, I can't attack the klingons successfully and free your station by being not able to fire a single phaser shot, I need a day to restore main systems.

Inar'lan: I give you a day then.

* Inar'lan motions to someone and the communication is cut

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx stares at the screen in disbelief

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx checks her console

Tiron Eks: *runs with both hands through his hair* A day only ....

Tiron Eks: Where did the signal came from?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: That's what i'm searching...

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: It does look to come from the system you sent Lt Codanadal to.

Tiron Eks: Not from the fleeing ship?

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx looks embarassed "No... not from the ship"

Tiron Eks: No need to look embarrassed, Lieutenant. That's actually good news.

Tiron Eks: Hail Lieutenant Codanadal.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx nods politely

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: On screen

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Captain. How can I help you while on the way to the explosion area ?

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant. We just received a communique from a Prani inside the system you're heading to. I suspect the Prani either have there a relay to reroute their message or they have a hidden base or ship there. I want you to conceal your approach to that system so that you won't be detected by their long range sensors.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Erm... yessir

Tiron Eks: You're mission is now also a reconaissance one. It doesn't help me if they ambush you, Lieutenant.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Being caught would be the most unpleasant in the current circumstances, sir. Rest assured I do not enjoy such perspective in the near future nor would I wish to expose the respectable doctor Peshana to adverse conditions of life. Moreover, the success of the mission you trust on me would be jeopardized.

Tiron Eks: Thank you. Contact me if you have more detailed informations for me, Lieutenant. Independence, out.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Are we really going to attack the Klingons, captain ?

Tiron Eks: I do not intend to start the next federation-klingon war.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Oh...

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx looks at the blank screen again, where a green skinned woman was displayed with a blade on the throat just moments before

Tiron Eks: Attacking a full manned, full operational Negh'var class battleship means only one thing: more death.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx looks at the empty bridge around "I get what you mean, captain"

Tiron Eks: No, we have to come up with a solution that pleases the Prani enough and opens up for us an opportunity to rescue Anvaar.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Who, sir ?

Tiron Eks: The woman who will die in 24 hours if I don't do anything against it.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: You know her ?

Tiron Eks: Yes, I do.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx looks at the captain, then at the screen, is puzzled then focus back on her console.

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Lieutenant Codanadal and Doctor Peshana undock from the Independence.

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Diurne: So the missing officers were recovered by Kaur Siddhu rescue party. But Lt Harrison is still missing. Meanwhile, the captain received a strange ultimatum involving a green skinned woman.

Diurne: The captain is left puzzled with this new problem, on his bridge. Others can do whatever they want.

* Zhen feels angry since it was HIM who saved Patrick, not Kaur "I steal other people's meritd " Siddhu

* Patrick is waiting for a new functional leg

Diurne: Rajakanya was given the task to investigate the circumstances of that new boarding action. Kaur Sidhhu is still on the wreck looking for Harrison

Diurne: Patrick kneecap was utterly destroyed

* Zhen is trying to give PAtrick new functonal leg

Zhen: Tsk-tsk... your kneecap got utterly destroyed. Luckily that I was there or your life would be in the same state as your kneecap.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Vaxx, how long would it take for us to fly to the location of the distress signal if we maintain warp 5?

Zhen: Now as you must feel and know Patrick, blown kneecap means no walking again.

Zhen: But you are lucky to have me here.

Patrick: I -nee- to walk, I have a ship to keep in one piece, I should already be in the engineering

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: 2 days, sir

Patrick: espacially with morbren dead ans Paula missing

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant, you're a sensor specialist, right?

Zhen: Well my dear friend... *says aloud so that he can be hear in sickbay* WHO I AM ALWAYS SAVING. What you need now is to be still and let me see what kind of miracle I can do AGAIN to save your damaged body.

* Zhen will first check in detail Patrick's leg... what is left of it? Can it be somehow put together? Maybe making artificial kneecap?

Zhen: Hummm... this looks quite bad.

Zhen: It is like this Patrick...

Zhen: Your kneecap got nicely disintegrated. There is nothing left from it for me to patch it back. But do not worry, your nickname will not become "stumpy" yet.

Patrick: this is quite reassuring

Zhen: Now, if doctor Peshana would be here I would consult him on possibility of making you cybernetic implant, but since he is away and on orders to be on a wild goose chase instead being here where his skills would be most needed... I call that protocol 202 by the way... I think our option is somethin else now.

Zhen: We have to make you an artificial kneecap, operate your leg to put it in and then regenerate tissue around it making it almost as your original kneecap.

Patrick: a plastic kneecap, in other words...

Zhen: In a way, but not really. We want to make you to walk normally, not only hobble and shamble.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx nods at the captain question "Yes, sir, using sensors is my routine"

Zhen: So the artificial one shold be huhm... not plastic. But made to be almost exact copy of the one you lost. MEaning we should probably do some creative tissue growing.

Tiron Eks: What do we have in this system that has effects on long range sensor readings?

Zhen: If that is successful, you will not see the difference or have problems with technical implants.

Zhen: You can think about it as when you replicate worn bolt in some machinery. If you do it right machine will work as before, if you make it a bit smaller... well you will ahve an odd noise and vibrations.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: What Lt Codanadal told you is pretty accurate. We find a binary star with two asteroid belts orbiting, then gas clouds then two small gas giants orbiting. At the xetreme edge of the system is the expected large Oort cloud made of billions of tiny rocks The explosion can be traced to the second asteroid belt.

Zhen: Aren't you lucky to have me around? Of course you are because without me you would be dead now and could not be lucky.

Tiron Eks: That's the system where we detected the explosion, I asked what we have here in our system right now.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Since you asked about flying to the distress signal point of origin... anyway...

Zhen: Now I will do rounds on other patiens and my cousin, then I'll start on the procedure for your leg. Alernatiely you can wait for doctor Peshana and talk with him about cybernetic implants if you prefer to be Borgified.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx checks her console "The closest stellar object is a massive cold arid planet the wreck is orbiting. We have 7 other small rock planets, all with thin atmosphere at best, no atmospheres for most. They are tidal-locked, all, presenting always the same face to the sun. Beyond our orbit is a dense gas giant and finally a string of gas clouds.

Tiron Eks: If I were a Prani in that binary system and would watch at the Independence and the klingon ship and time the cloak of the klingon vessel with a detonation of a high yield photon torpedo, could I see the difference it it's only a photon torpedo or actually a ship?

Patrick: *clicks on combadge* O'Rourke to engineering

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: You mean if someone could forge an explosion to let us believe it's a ship ?

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx checks her console once more

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: It's possible they could be fooled if they don't know how are built the Klingon ships, sir. Otherwise, anyone who looks for the right radiations will instantly spot the difference.

Tiron Eks: And if we put the whole scenario into the dense gas cloud?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: It will either force them to spend more time on analyzing or will fool them if they don't have enough data to compare to

Tiron Eks: So if I assume the Prani aren't klingon ship engineers we should be able to deceive the Prani by flying the klingon ship into the dense cloud, let them cloak there and detonate then a high yield torpedo to simulate an explosion of a klingon battlecruiser.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: If timed correctly, yes I guess they would detect the explosion and be led to a false conclusion

Tiron Eks: Just a question on the side: could it be that our perception has been fooled by the Prani, since we also only detected an explosion?

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx looks surprised and checks the console "I must say we only detected an explosion. Then a Prani ship flew out of the system. That's the only things we know for certain."

* Zhen checks and prepares for Patrick's operation

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya arrives at the sickbay and motions at Zhen to come

* Zhen comes to him "Yes? Is there an emergency?"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I have a question or two for Lt Cmdr O'Rourke

Patrick: *mumbles and clicks on combadge again* O'Rourke to Captain Eks

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya is holding a datapad

Zhen: HE is there and is not going anywhere. Just don't bother him too much. He has to prepare mentally for the operation.

Tiron Eks: While you check the sensor readings about a possible deception ... hold on. *bleep* Eks here, how are you doing?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: It's only a question. I have a report to give to the captain and, given the circumstances, he's a bit touchy about being on timle

Patrick: doesn't hurt as long as I don't laugh, luckily, there is no reason to... Captain, with our losses, who is in charge of engineering at the moment ?

Tiron Eks: Ensign MacDougal is acting chief engineer for now.

Zhen: Do your work and keep us alive Liutenant Commander. *brings him to PAtrick*

Patrick: thank you, Captain, I'll contact him and keep you informed. O'Rourke out.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx checks the data "Deception... I can't tell. Lt Codanadal simply reported an explosion. Did he tell a ship exploded ? From the readings, I'd say it's a warp core explosion. we detected the lingering radiations of fused deutherium expelled from the destroyed core"

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: So I don't know what sort of deception it can be but it really looks like a ship detonated there. It's my conclusion but with a couple of hours, I could tell you a definitive answer"

Patrick: *eyes Zhen* a moment, Zhen. Let me just check the ship won't blow in pieces while you dismantle me *clicks* O'Rourke to MacDougal

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: MacDougal here. Chief, please tell me that you are returning to this madhouse soon.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: He seems perfectly able to answer a question or two

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya passes by Zhen to enter the sickbay

Zhen: That is Patrick for you... he will probably talk death long enough to miss his funeral.

Tiron Eks: It could also be an ejected warp core?

Patrick: as soon as the Medical department will allow me. Make me a brief summary of the current issues and state of the engineering.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Brief summary is as this: we have more holes than a Swiss cheese. I'll send you someone with detailed report, if that is okay?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Can be. We're one light-year away. It's far enough to not be able to notice debris of a destroyed starship. Especially in the middle of an asteroid belt

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: So yes, it could be an ejected core, destroyed afterward

Patrick: most important thing is power : see what you can do restore as much power as you can. With power, we can treat problems one by one.

Patrick: and yes, send me your report, I'm at Sick Bay 1

Patrick: O'Rourke out

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal compiles a report of damages and troubles that are known so far

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya goes to Patrick O'Rourke "Lieutenant Commander... I have a couple of questions, I was asked by the captain to compile a report of the attack"

Tiron Eks: I assume there had been a fight between the Prani raider and the Illuminated Gem, they probably overwhelmed the Gem, took their crew as hostages, else Anvaar couldn't be on that viewscreen if they aren't utilizing matching holographic art. It could be the ship has been destroyed afterwards due to damages or created the impression of an exploded ship due to damages or by intention.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Hmm... we had three ships entering this asteroid belt. One explosion and one ship leaving.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Is the Illuminated Gem armed ?

Tiron Eks: So there were 2 Prani ships after the Gem?

Patrick: *nods* go on

Tiron Eks: She's heavily modified to make some express deliveries even in some crisis plagued regions of space.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: 2 Prani yes

Tiron Eks: I'd say she's armed.

Tiron Eks: So we can assume either the Gem or the Prani ship exploded or only their warpcore.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: So, where were you when the attack started, Lt Cmdr ?

Tiron Eks: Since you told me of radiations, Lieutenant: In our battle here we destroyed also several Prani ships, does their signature match that of the readings from the binary system?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: If a Prani was destroyed, the Gem might have been overwhelmed and boarded anyway. Hence the scene we witnessed. If the Gem was destroyed, it was obsviously after being boarded. But then we're missing a Prani ship

* Zhen feels insulted that no one debriefed HIM about his tale and brave rescue of PAtrick with an army of tribbles

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Exploding core don't exactly send signatures, captain

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx smiles

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Plus we didn't carefully analyzed the battle to record every bit of information on Prani ships. So hard to compare

* Zhen then remembers something and clicks the comm badge "Computer, locate Pat III."

Patrick: I was checking a coupl of jeffries tube in sector X3 (don't remeber the sector name)

* Pat III squeals from under a table

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Jeffries tubes, then. Any particular worry about that specific section of tubes or just routine check ?

Zhen: Ignore that computer. *goes to pick Pat III and pet him*

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant, is there subspace communication coming in or out of Shatterpoint?

Patrick: hrm well, nothing is really routine. I was hoping to find something about our "pirate" tech but nothing...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Thanks. That's all, Lieutenant Commander. He's yours, doctor.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya leaves the room

* Zhen feels jealous again

Zhen: Yes, yes...

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Yes. It's likely to be klingons communicating with their troops on the wreck

Patrick: right, now if you could use local anesthesia so as I can read some reports that should arrive in a few...

Zhen: No local for you on this. You will go fully down under.

Tiron Eks: Can it be jammed?

Patrick: *mumbles* right, then make it quick

Zhen: Quick? *laughs* You are a funny guy Patrick, a funny guy.

Patrick: and don't let me unconscious more than needed, and when I say "needed" I imply "the least the better"

Patrick: in case you haven't realized, we have a ship in distress and I have none of my senior officers available

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: We could give a try but I can't tell for sure.

Tiron Eks: All I need is that the Prani won't get in contact with Shatterpoint

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Stefan Arquero is our communication systems expert. If he could be sent here...

Zhen: Unless you haven't realize if you would be with anyone except me you would not walk again. Ever. So just let me do my work.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: We can broadcast noise. It may irritate the Klingons, however

Patrick: in that case, we'll have to wait the report comes, so a I can at least give some directions for a moment

Tiron Eks: If I'm a prani hostage keeper I would try to get in contact with my local people on the station and get a confirmation that the Klingons are removed from the station so they can have it back.

Zhen: No worries for that. I have just begun to prepare for your procedure.

Zhen: Just remeber, you won't be able to walk tomorrow. And the question is how much resources we will have for fast tissue growing. The ship is definitely a mess.

Tiron Eks: But the Prani remain a threat in this sector and by giving back their base would mean any other one here in this sector jumps in the same trap. And besides that even if I bow to the Prani's ultimatum they still keep the blade on her neck and we can't reach them before 2 days.

Tiron Eks: I need the help of the Klingons here to turn the tide against the Prani.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: So noise broadcast then, for now ?

Tiron Eks: No noise broadcast for now.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx nods

Tiron Eks: I have an idea. I should get in contact with the Klingons again.

* Zhen operates being a genius as he is!

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: They're busy battling in the outer section of the wreck. And looks their general isn't on the bridge. According to Klingons, I mean

Tiron Eks: You're right, no serious klingon commander sits and leans back while his troops fight a glorious battle against pirates.

One hour later ...

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya calls the captain, about an hour later "Rajakanya to the captain"

Tiron Eks: Go ahead.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I have ... a report about the attack.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Should I come to your office so you hear it ?

Tiron Eks: Yes, please come to my ready room.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant, you have the bridge.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya goes as intructed

* Zhen finishes operating on Patrick "Good work nurse Church."

* Patrick is dreaming of electric sheeps

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya gives his report

* Patrick is still dreaming of electric sheeps

* Zhen checks his work once again before waking Patrick up

* Patrick is now dreaming of electric cows

* Zhen is wondering why is Patrick mooing in his sleep

* Lt Riashaala Idisha wonders how the sickbay turned into a zoo

Zhen: He seems to have a strange reaction to anesthetics. Please wake him up slowly nurse Church.

* Patrick is dreaming of electric treebles

Zhen: He seems to have a strange reaction to anesthetics. Please wake him up slowly nurse Church.

* Supply Officer Robert MacDougal finishes a report for Patrick

* Zhen waits for nurse Church to wake up Patrick

* Nurse Church gently wakes him with an injection

Patrick: grrmngmhlf

Zhen: At least he is not letting out animal sounds anymore.

Patrick: *blinks*

Nurse Church: Welcome back to the land of walking peoples, Lt Cmdr

Patrick: *strechs* so... ?

Zhen: I must tell you that my primary operation did not succeed, you are still suicidal. But seondary one with your knee passed quite well.

Zhen: But that was no uestion about it, afer all you were under the treatment of me and nurse Church. Next time please do not blow up your kneecaps again.

Patrick: I'll deal with the first one

Zhen: Somehow I doubt it.

Patrick: as long as noone enters the engineering with a phaser any more, I should be ok

Zhen: Somehow I doubt that too.

* Patrick tries to get on his fet

Zhen: Alright, you can walk right away, but do not put too much stress to your leg. No running and no carrying heavy things.

Patrick: right, I'll call you to carry things... how are Arquero and your cousin ?

Zhen: Also you may feel an odd feeling and problems with walking until you get used to it.

Zhen: In a day or two you can use your leg normally. Just come for checkups every day.

Diurne: Both are fine. Arquero was blasted in the chest so is lying on the biobed since the med team is checking if there is no complications

Diurne: Ria was shot in the shoulder so will have to abstain from using that arm for a time. Otherwise, she's ok

Zhen: They are both recovering. No one was as badly hurt as you. You can talk with them but briefly. Especially Arquero, he needs rest.

Patrick: *nods*

* Patrick heads to Arquero

* Lt Stefan Arquero nods at his boss

Patrick: good to see that the engineering is still alive, Stefan. How do you feel ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: Erm... we've seen serious firefight on that Prani ship but we made it all out alive. So I'm on this biobed for now but that's better than being dead. How do you feel yourself ? I heard you got a nasty wound ?

Patrick: the problem when you try to play hero to rescue some andorian.. but i'm fine

* Lt Stefan Arquero looks toward Ria "Actually, I had an Andorian as well in the vicinity."

Patrick: *winks* hmm, can it be some link ? some interesting puzzle to solve

* Zhen passes by as if by accident "I saved YOU oh Patrick the Ungrateful."

Patrick: the fact is, Dr Idisha was trying to fight pranis with tribbles...

Patrick: I mean "launching tribbles at them"

Zhen: And because of them you are alive.

Lt Stefan Arquero: And how's the ship ? From the outside, the hull looked pretty battered

Zhen: And what about poor Harrison who is now probably a love slave to some Prani warlor?

Patrick: nothing we can't fix with a bit of glu and improvisaiton. Don't worry for that and take some well-deserved rest.

Lt Stefan Arquero: What about Harrison ?

Patrick: she's still somewhere on the station. Kaur Siddhu is looking for her.

Lt Stefan Arquero: I must have missed an episode...

Zhen: Be lucky that you are alive.

Patrick: just take some rest. We'll need you at full health.

* Lt Stefan Arquero lies on the biobed "dark days indeed"

Zhen: As I foretold... but have anyone listened to me? Noooo... of course not.Bah.

* Patrick limps to Ria

* Lt Riashaala Idisha motions at him to wait a bit as she is checking something on a datapad

* Lt Riashaala Idisha has finished and looks at him "Wounded ?"

Patrick: functional

Patrick: what about you ?

* Zhen snorts "his knee is better than original one was!"

Patrick: first round to the Pranis, but next one will be ours

Patrick: *softly* well, unless Captain Awesome make us some weird move as he uses to...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Not going to play springball in the coming days but otherwise fine

Patrick: good to hear

Lt Riashaala Idisha: What's the plan for the next round to be ours, then ?

Patrick: hit baddie with bigger hammer, or rather bigger missile, in our case

Zhen: I plan to chain him in Engineeriing.

Patrick: free slaves, save women in distress, win the day...

Patrick: but first clean our ship from underisables and fix the ship

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You're just talking or you have an idea ?

Patrick: an idea ? no, not exacty... some thoughts but it needs more thinking...

* Zhen mutter "Something NOT suicidal this time I hope..."

Lt Riashaala Idisha: And what about you, Zhen ? I quite lost sight of you during all of this. Until I ended in the sickbay

Patrick: there thre.. this isn't suicide as long as you're here to fix flesh and I'm here to fix mechanical parts...

Patrick: anyway, be safe, Riashaala, and take care of your cousin, if you have the patience *winks*

Zhen: What about me? *shrugs* I got sent to the frontline in doctor Seyler's INFINITE WISDOM, then I got put on slave block and almost sold at a prie unfit for me. But captain made sure that we would be killed instead of sold by venting those Prani into space. Then I used a tribble horde to save my life and in the end Patricks. A usual day.

Zhen: surviving by a miracle in a shuttle while being bombarded by Klingons is just added bonus.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I see you were entertained then

* Lt Riashaala Idisha smiles

* Zhen does not seem very entertained

Patrick: *chuckles and leaves sickbay to the enogineering*

Zhen: Of course no one actualy thought of saying "Good work doctor Idisha. You did above and beyond call of duty. You are a reliable doctor and crewmember." *snorts* And now you will rest or I will put you to suspended animation, cousin.

Patrick: Good work doctor Idisha. You did above and beyond call of duty. You are a reliable doctor and crewmember.

Zhen: You are still here? Aren't you supposed to fix this ship now?

Patrick: *whistles*

Patrick: *exits*

* Lt Riashaala Idisha rolls eyes

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* Tiron Eks had a discussion with his chief security officer and ordered afterwards to continue with his assignment while the captain spent a moment to think about various things.

* Zhen is wondering if Patrick wishes to lose that new kneecap, because Zhen can also use a led pipe

* Tiron Eks goes back to the bridge.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Vaxx, hail the klingons.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Klingon ship hailed, sir, on screen

* Tiron Eks looks if General Kjarg is on the screen.

General Kjarg: Captain. What is the reason of this call ?

Tiron Eks: I need to discuss with you about a slightly changed situation, General.

Tiron Eks: In private preferable.

General Kjarg: I'm busy currently. What is the nature of the... change ?

Tiron Eks: The Prani have probably boarded and captured one of my supply ships in a binary star system that is one light year away. I got a call from them with a deliquate demand.

Tiron Eks: *delicate

* General Kjarg waits "So ?"

Tiron Eks: In less than 23hours are they going to massacre the crew of my supply ship if I don't comply. Their demand: they want their station back and you removed from it as well.

General Kjarg: Send my condoleances to the families

Tiron Eks: My lifepartner is onboard that ship, General.

General Kjarg: That is war. Try to free your partner

Tiron Eks: I can't. My ship is too damaged to reach that system in time.

General Kjarg: That's unfortunate, I was going to offer you the assistance of a squad

General Kjarg: But if you can't move... that's it ? You can't move ?

Tiron Eks: I don't give up so easily. With your help we can rescue your partner in time. I need your ship, General. We can work here together, get that station and rescue my partner and her crew.

General Kjarg: Captain, let's try to focus on the issues. If you could reach them, you could wrestle your life partner from the Prani, your ship is still able to fight.

General Kjarg: So the core problem is just to move your ship in time.

Tiron Eks: I would go myself, yes. But by my best well I can't reach her in time.

General Kjarg: With your ship disabled, you understand the best operationnal choice is to keep mine by the station in case the Prani come back. And you want to send me in a goose chase ?

Tiron Eks: If you let me allow to go to your ship and fly to that system we can free her. The Independence can monitor the invasion of the station and defend it from any incoming Prani ship.

* Zhen patches up other wunded people ad then will go to check on counwor Vaden

* Patrick leaves sick bay 1 and heads to engineering

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Good! The real chief is back! I can now leave this madhouse here. Here you are chief... your kingdom is as good as well... a kingdom battered by war.

Tiron Eks: You said yourself we have to trust and relay on each other out here. We can make a difference here by working together. Throw the Prani out of their home and we both benefit from each other. I'm ready to share everything I have just to rescue my love.

Patrick: *nods* this place feels rather empty, without the senior officers...

General Kjarg: You're stretching our discussions to suit your needs but it's fair.

Patrick: so, this report... ?

General Kjarg: I agree you can come on our ship. But you'll be here as a guest. You won't have the direction of the ship, you understand this ?

Tiron Eks: General, if you wife would be on that ship and you're crippled as we are, wouldn't you try everything to free her?

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Everything is here. *hands him the PADD* Basically we are at the level of NX-1, only bigger and with more crew.

Tiron Eks: I do not take over the command of your ship. You're the leader of your ship and I shall respect your authority. All that matters to me is that we achieve our goals.

General Kjarg: Then you can come

Patrick: that doesn't sound very encouraging

Tiron Eks: Good. I knew I can count on you, General. Independence, out.

Tiron Eks: Vaxx, hail Commander Kaur Siddhu.

Supply Officer Robert MacDougal: Fortunately you are here now so I'm giving back my position as chief engineer.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Kaur Siddhu listening

Tiron Eks: How is the search going on?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Harrison simply vanished, captain. There is no trace of her, at all. Even the Prani say they lost her

Tiron Eks: I need to talk to you for a moment, do you have a spare moment, Number One?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Certainly.

Tiron Eks: The believe the Illuminated Gem has been boarded by the Prani and took her crew has hostage.

Tiron Eks: I got a call from the Prani there, demanding from me to give back their station and attack the klingons.

Tiron Eks: I was able to convince them to give me 24hours to make it so and buy us time.

Tiron Eks: Now I have contacted General Kjarg.

Tiron Eks: I informed him about the situation and I proposed to beam over to his ship and fly with the klingon cruiser to the binary star system and rescue the crew and ship.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You trust the Klingon there ?

Tiron Eks: Yes, I trust the klingons. The klingons are draconic in their behaviour, but they are reliable so far, which is an important aspect about them.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Reliable ? Klingons ?

Tiron Eks: I believe I can improve our relationship with the klingons by helping each other here.

* Zhen is happy that he in not there and listening

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I just hope they don't take *you* as an hostage

Tiron Eks: I have to take that risk, Number One. I can't let Anvaar down there and see how she'll be masacred by the Prani.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu looks to keep her judgement of the situation for herself

Tiron Eks: Yes.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *pause* I'm coming back to the Independence with the team. We'll start anouther round of search but for now, it looks there is nothing more we can do with just tricorders and torches

Tiron Eks: Okay, report to me once you're back abord.

* Patrick checks MacDougal report

Tiron Eks: Vaxx, you have the bridge. I have to prepare some things before I leave the ship.

* Tiron Eks heads to sickbay.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx feels intimidated and a bit alone

* Tiron Eks goes fast to sickbay, somehow every second he spends that is not used is a wasted one.

* Tiron Eks enters sickbay and takes a look around.

* Zhen is just preparing to leave

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is stretching on the far side of the sickbay

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler is preparing treatments in the laboratory

* Nurse Church religiously follows Zhen

* Lt Stefan Arquero snores

* Tiron Eks goes to Doctor Idisha who appears to do nothing for now: "Doctor."

Zhen: Yes captain?

Tiron Eks: How are our patients?

Zhen: The living ones are recovering. Chief O'Rourke had an operation, which passed perfecty and now he can walk.

Tiron Eks: That's very good news. I thank you that you're with us.

Zhen: I'm justdoing my job. Has engineer Harrison been found.

Tiron Eks: No luck so far. - But I require your expertise for a moment. I need something that supreses intoxication of alcohol or makes me more resistant to it. I believe some barrel of blood wine might expect me.

Zhen: Are you planning to feast with Klingons? I warned you that their captain is... unstable. Are you sure you want to give him reason to get you alone?

Tiron Eks: Let's say I expect to live with the klingon crew for the next days.

Tiron Eks: I'm soon beaming over to General Kjarg's ship and we head then to the last location of the Illuminated Gem, the ship we received a distress call from.

Zhen: Just wondering why is that ship so important? Independence is in shambles, we have a missing crewmember, and now we will lose captain for few days.

Tiron Eks: Remember from academy days how we both pulled O'Rourke out of his project to join us on vacation on Risa? And remember how I met there one certain Orion Girl?

* Zhen is suddenly hit by a realization... a woman of course

Tiron Eks: To answer you: yes, she's abord that ship.

Zhen: Oh... And you need Klingons to help you with saving her?

Tiron Eks: I would go there with the Independence, but she's in no condition to sustain high warp speed. Therefore I go with the klingons there.

Tiron Eks: This is an opportunity to make the right thing in a pretty bad situation.

Zhen: I see. Well allright. I will prepare some detoxificants. It is easy...

Tiron Eks: Thank you.

* Zhen thinks how at least Kaur Siddhu will not vent anyone in space... at least he hopes so.

* Tiron Eks heads over to Arquero.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant. *nods in respect to him*

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Captain Eks

Zhen: Nurse Church, let us prepare alcohol and hangover medicine for the captain...

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Eks here.

Patrick: Captain, I'm back at the engineering, would you have a couple of minutes to spare ?

* Zhen packs it for the captain

Tiron Eks: I'll come to you in some minutes.

* Tiron Eks pays then attention on Arquero.

Tiron Eks: How are you, Stefan?

Lt Stefan Arquero: I feel as if someone shot me with a disruptor... but it was a new way to serve on the Independence.

Tiron Eks: You have been very brave aboard the Prani ship. You did a well job. And I'm glad you're going to be okay again.

Lt Stefan Arquero: I've heard Harrison is still missing. You think we'll get her back, captain ?

* Zhen snorts thinking about his own bravery

* Tiron Eks looks couragous at him: "Of course we'll get her back. As long as I don't see the proof of the opposite I'm convinced that she'll return to safety if we all do our best in our capacity."

* Lt Stefan Arquero nods, perhaps convinced

* Tiron Eks encourages him a bit more by touching his shoulder: "If the Doctor views you ready to perform your duty I'm convinced you'll do your best to rescue Harrison, return the Independence in her prime shape and turn the tide of this whole messy situation into our happy ending."

* Tiron Eks gives him a final nod and then goes to Riashaala.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha finishes her stretching "I'm fine"

Tiron Eks: I'm sorry for what happened to you, Riashaala.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You shouldn't. It's part of the exciting life of a spacer. Wait, you're talking about the shot, right ?

Tiron Eks: *nods* Right. Without you I wouldn't have been able to put a dampener to the Prani.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha winks "We're a crew"

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Waah, that sound very professional, what I said. I'm ready for a promotion

Tiron Eks: You're more than just crew. You're a friend.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Yeah but I can kiss you on the cheek right now or people would start to gossip.

Tiron Eks: I thought I'm here to cheer you up, but turns out you reversed it. *smiles*

* Zhen barges in "The medicine is done captain."

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Speaking of cheering up, here is the cousin for your cheering training

Tiron Eks: Thank you Zhen.

Zhen: Don't mention it. I will proably have to save you from the Klingons anyway.

* Tiron Eks takes medicine from Zhen: "I don't expect less from you."

Tiron Eks: I'll be back before you notice I'm gone. *leaves sickbay and heads for main engineering*

* Zhen fixes his uniform and grunts

* Tiron Eks arrives then a minute later in main engineering.

Zhen: Now cousin, can you behave for half an hour? I would like to visit couselor Vaden, but I do not want to chase you around the ship afterwards. *grins*

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I always behave adequately

* Tiron Eks looks for his chief engineer.

Patrick: ah, Captain, come over here, there is something I want you to see...

Tiron Eks: How is your leg, Patrick?

* Tiron Eks comes over to him.

Zhen: And no kissing the staff! I will feed your plant on my way back.

Patrick: quite fine, whatever I may say about Zhen, he's definitively and accomplished physician

Lt Riashaala Idisha: No kiss, understood. Bah, noone want them anyway. You don't know what you miss, you all

Patrick: *lowers voice* I wanted to talk to youhere, where I'm relatively sure about the surroundings. Besides I've set some parasite which should make any bug around useless...

Tiron Eks: What's all about this mystery? I'm fed up with it.

Zhen: Bah... *waves with hand* You had too much romantic novels, cousin. I reccomend a Klingon opera therapy. *chuckles*

Patrick: Tiron, I don't know who we are facing but he's well aware about the ship, the crew and us... He contacted you and blackmailed you about your orion girlfriend, he did the same to me.

Patrick: actually, I may getting paranoid but I do'nt even trust Rajakanya, at the moment, not even my own crew

* Zhen goes to find counselor Vaden

* Tiron Eks suddenly has a goose-skin: "I know the source of the sudden cascade of our system must come from engineering detail."

Tiron Eks: Who is it?

Patrick: I don't know the details for you, but in my case, he managed to get me where he wanted just before the attack started... I din't suspect such an attack, the demand was rather trivial and it looked like some meeting... I went there hoping to leanr a bit more, but he accomplished what he wanted by keeping me far from the engineering when I was most needed

* Lt Riashaala Idisha has a deep sigh and look like daydreaming about some personal fantasy

Patrick: and yes, he threatened a friend of me as well, actually the one who told me we were being watched, if you remember...

Tiron Eks: Do you have a name?

Patrick: I don't know who he is and even if he's onboard but he HAS TO have some accomplice at least here

* Lt Anra Vaden is reading in her quarters

* Tiron Eks has a clue of the rembered one.

Tiron Eks: How did he contact you?

* Zhen buzzes on her door

Lt Anra Vaden: Come in ?

Patrick: a recorded message, on a mail

Tiron Eks: When was it?

Patrick: whoever sent it must be near, though, and aware of the general battle plans of the Pranis, as it was perfectly synchronized

Patrick: two hours before the attack starts, I think... and the meeting hour was right when it started

* Zhen enters "Good day counselor. I just came for a... housecall. Are you unharmed by this last ordeal?"

Lt Anra Vaden: Actually, yes. I was fortunate enough to not be in a section targeted by the invaders

Tiron Eks: Did you meet anyone during that hour?

* Lt Anra Vaden stands up from her sofa "Want a drink, doctor ?"

Patrick: nope, the meeting was in a quite deserted location, and as I said, far enough from engineering so as I couldn't help

Patrick: "he" knew this ship perfectly

Zhen: Drink? Ahem... nothing intoxicating, please. I'm on 24-hour duty until this emergency passes.

Patrick: I start to wonder if the ship wasn't already prepared for all that even before we put the foot on.. I know, ridiculous...

Tiron Eks: He knows of the original purpose of the ship, the Andromeda project and how to exploit its systems to make us break in a critical situation.

Patrick: you know, I think when wz have time, we should just cut all the experimental parts and to hell the orders to test them...

* Lt Anra Vaden serves him a drink close to tea, just a bit stronger

Patrick: there is obviously something on them which allow someone to do what he wants in the ship

Tiron Eks: That's curing only a symptom, not the mastermind who controls us.

Tiron Eks: I have the feeling we can't catch "him" by Starfleet procedure.

Tiron Eks: I tell you something.

Tiron Eks: I'll soon beam over to the Klingon ship and rescue Anvaar in the nearby binary star system.

Zhen: Thank you. It is good that you managed to avoid any troubles, I was abducted, almost sold to slavery and then shot to death. But in the end I have managed to escape and save PAtrick's life too. I had a help from an army of tribbles though.

Tiron Eks: Well, at least I hope we can rescue her if she's still there.

* Lt Anra Vaden smiles "Sometimes, medicine becomes a dangerous activity, when in Starfleet"

Tiron Eks: I was able to convince General Kjarg to come abord his ship and head there then.

Patrick: I know, but as long as we can't unmask him, let's try at least to restrain him in what he can cause

Patrick: be careful, he's nothing but stupid. He might suspect something of that kind from you..

Tiron Eks: Listen, we're going ... or better I'm going straight into the next critical situation where the Mastermind is doing his best to sabotage us again.

Tiron Eks: By going alone to the klingons I'm at least isolated from him directly.

Patrick: I don't know what the main goal is, but putting the Klingon against the Federation (and getting rid of us) might be the idea..

Tiron Eks: Yes, the Independence will remain here and the klingon ground troops invade the station.

Patrick: so be careful, when you'll be there... I suspect him to try to manipulate the klingons as well, but in a different way

Zhen: At least I was there. PAtrick would bleed to death otherwise... or in best possible case lose a leg. In way I can thank that to poor leadership skills of... bah... nevermind that.

Tiron Eks: If I were a mastermind I would aim at the klingons who are stranded on the station.

Tiron Eks: Try to force somehow to open a conflict between our Starfleet search groups for Harrison and Klingon attack squads.

Patrick: anyway, I'll try to restore as much shields and power I can on this saucepan... I'll keep you informed

Tiron Eks: Whoever is beind suspects that we're going to be back in combat shape in the next 24 hours.

Tiron Eks: Imagine a full powered Starfleet ship could wreck havoc abord that station without a klingon ship intervening.

Zhen: In any case, now I am worried about the captain. Not only that he is under severe stress but he decided to go on a trip with a lunatic and a murderer to save a woman. Some would say it's so romantic, but when ship is in this state and one of our own missing... I don't think that is really wise.

Tiron Eks: Fulfills two purposes, killing me by the hand of the klingon and initiating a war.

Lt Anra Vaden: You're the doctor, what's your diagnosis ?

Tiron Eks: I _can't_ let that happen, Patrick.

Tiron Eks: We have to act eratically for the Mastermind.

Tiron Eks: Unpredictable.

Patrick: you know... *thinks*

Patrick: I was wondering how he could do what he wants in this ship...

Patrick: actually, he tries to blackmail you and me... but maybe there are more, and some who didn't resist at all

Tiron Eks: Yes, maybe Trank the Ferengi is blackmailed too.

Zhen: I'm not psychiatrist. But he is under a lot of stress and well he may have anger issues. I mean, venting the Prani to space... is a bit excessive force.

Patrick: that could explain how he seems to be everywhere in the ship with each time the required knowledge

Tiron Eks: Trank has been in the region for a long time already, enough for the mastermind to find him before, he could be the messenger for the attack plan.

Tiron Eks: Of course in a region you look always first for the known faces before going to start anything with total strangers.

Lt Anra Vaden: I'm not psychiatrist either, you know. I'm the counselor and am a psychologist. I see, understand and work with human relations. But the psyche is out of my league.

Tiron Eks: The klingons on the other hand are only here for the last 3 months. With luck it wasn't enough time for the mastermind to infiltrate the klingons.

Patrick: well, on a ferengi, I wouldn't use blackmail, I would use ... profit

Zhen: Still, you are better at talking than me. *grins* I may be expert in patching the body but let's face it, people skills are not my forte.

Lt Anra Vaden: My knowledge of psychiatry or psycho-analysis is superficial.

Patrick: and on a Klingon... threat

Patrick: or injury

Tiron Eks: That's also why I can trust the klingons for now, still a risk of course, but a risk that is independent from the mastermind I hope.

Lt Anra Vaden: Better at interpreting while listening, maybe. At talking... it has to be determined

* Lt Anra Vaden smiles

Lt Anra Vaden: Still... I can talk to the captain but you want to make him change his mind... or ?

Tiron Eks: We have to cut the power of the mastermind in a critical situation. Do you know what it could mean, Patrick?

Zhen: No, no... not change his mind, only universe knows what is in his... welll... their heads. I have no clue actually, but I do not want to go there to pick up his body.

Lt Anra Vaden: Their heads, doctor ?

Lt Anra Vaden: Or, yes, of course. I get what you mean.

* Zhen smiles

Lt Anra Vaden: But, did you try to talk to him... ? If I remember correctly, you did the Academy at the same time than Tiron, before he joined the Eks

Zhen: I told you... I'm not good at this. I told him how I think it is a bad idea.

* Patrick shrugs helplessly

Tiron Eks: Shutting down primary systems.

Patrick: that would let us without shields, engines or weapons...

Lt Anra Vaden: You may not be good but you gueninely worry for him, right ? If you speak with your true feelings and your heart, even if awkward, the sincereity can work better than if a colleague... me... comes and deploy the professionnal arsenal of counseling ?

Patrick: that's what he forces us to do, in the battle, by the way..

Tiron Eks: Imagine how it would look like if there's again a symptom within Independence, you're busy again and someone beams in several quantum torpedoes into the station? It would blast all klingons and Independence has to deal with a raging klingon Negh'var cruiser. The Mastermind can escape then in an escape pod and be retrieved by his Prani friends.

Tiron Eks: Therefore I want you to conduct a level 1 diagnosis of long range sensors once I'm abord the ship. Whoever watches us shall not gain the sight from the Independence.

* Zhen grunts and makes a vawing hand gesture at the mushy stuff couselor just said and changes subject fast "So good that you are feeling well. If you need any help... not only professional... Ahem. You know how and where to reach me."

Tiron Eks: You should just simply trust me that I'm abord the klingon ship and Salpan is on the Captain's Yacht.

Tiron Eks: The next critical moment I see is if we engage the Prani in the binary star system. It could trigger a response from our mastermind to put pressure on me again.

Patrick: assuming the long range sensors aren't twisted yet..

Lt Anra Vaden: I hope you're not leaving immediately. I mean, unless you want to talk to a friend of course, so please have a seat with me for awhile.

Tiron Eks: I know I ask a lot from you, Patrick. It's not easy to find the balance between defending ourself but not turning Independence into the next device that initiates a quadrant wide spreaded war.

* Lt Anra Vaden sips her weird tea "Sometimes people just need to be reassured in their friend trust, faith. It gives you strength to know you're supported. It helps overcome obstacles"

Patrick: did you notice how all my senior officers are out of the equation, now and the only one who stay is unreliable as he can be blackmailed ?

* Zhen sits "The problem is that current Tiron is not the one I knew in the academy. Part of him is, but... when Eks part comes he seems more as a stranger."

Lt Anra Vaden: Tiron didn't die. He remembers you and the Academy days. The Eks may not care but Tiron may

* Lt Anra Vaden motions at the tea she served him "Some traders say that tea-herb is aphrodisiac, I hope you won't meet Dr Seyler soon"

Tiron Eks: Start to think outside the box, Patrick. *cocks his head in direction to Ensign MacDougal* He's just a minor supply officer who likes to drink romulan ale in the 12 O'clock only. If we're lucky noone reckons with him. Use him at your disposal.

* Zhen ctarts choking on the tea he just drunk

Tiron Eks: Put him back to his supply station. He's not yet officially qualified enough to do the things like a true engineer. But he showed initiative and you can build on him.

Lt Anra Vaden: Of course, it's just hearsay

Patrick: *nods*

Zhen: If it's true I hope it does not have a quick working rate because then you may be in trouble... or me. *coughs and looks at her*

Tiron Eks: You're righteous paranoid and it doesn't look safe to let him into one man anti conspiracy squad, but so does the Mastermind. No point in field is safe anymore. So take risks, do the right things.

Tiron Eks: I'll meet with Commander Kaur Siddhu and explain her that we have to improve our relationship with the klingons. Work with her closely.

Patrick: allright, time for improvisaiton, then *smirks*

Tiron Eks: Perhaps a visit or stay on the bridge isn't that bad either.

Patrick: as far as I know, she is as supect as the others, either as a traitor or as someone blackmailed as well... but I'll do my best

Lt Anra Vaden: You wouldn't believe tales from traders ?

Tiron Eks: Commader Kaur Siddhu has worked for Starfleet Intelligence and as commander of a listening post she rooted romulan spies twice out.

Tiron Eks: Therefore I consider her as ally.

Zhen: I've seen enough things to know that I must never reject any information. Take it with a grain of salt, yes, but never reject it... hmmm... Maybe ria would be interested in this tea.

* Tiron Eks grabs him by the shoulder to encourage him too: "Don't let me down, Patrick. I try not only to save my love, I try also to preserve peace with the klingons."

* Lt Anra Vaden giggles "I'll tell her."

Patrick: I won't let you down, I just hope the mastermind won't gain control over me again...

Tiron Eks: Very good. Keep things together until I come back.

Lt Anra Vaden: Speaking of relationships, more or less carnal in nature, you're still alone ?

Patrick: good luck with the klingons

* Tiron Eks goes then out of engineering.

Tiron Eks: Computer, has Commander Kaur Siddhu returned to the Independence yet?

Computer: The Commander Kaur Siddhu boarded the ship 10mn ago. She is located at the ship armory

* Zhen eems a bit uneasy "Well yes, I am. In that respect. I am aware that some crewmembers are whispering about me and nurse Church, but they can't be more wrong in that respect."

Lt Anra Vaden: Church ? That's good to hear. Not that I suspect or encourage you to have a stronger relationship with her... but I was wondering if you had anyone to talk to, to ease your mind.

* Tiron Eks goes to turbolift and heads to the nearest entrance/exit point of turbolift system to said armory. He waits inside it while clicking his combadge: "Commander Kaur Siddhu, report to the bridge." and expects her to come to the turbolift he's in at currently.

* Zhen laughs "I have you, don't I?"

Lt Anra Vaden: It's good to have several people to talk to. You can't share everything with a single person, sometimes. Sometimes you need friends for such or such topics, others for other topics.

Lt Anra Vaden: Like Tiron. It may be a long time since you talked to him. The fact he's the captain and a joined Trill looks to have created a wall. Now, maybe it should stay

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu jumps in the same turbolift than the captain, what a chance

Zhen: As for nurse Church, she is more like a family member to me. Professional cousin so to say. And I think it works so well just because we keep it professional in a way. Of course then there is my cousin and... thatdumbsuicidal Patrick who would die several times over if there was not for me.

Tiron Eks: Commander. *nods and indicates she shall enter*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: This is a mystery... Harrison simply... disappeared. We didn't register any sign of her anywhere.

Tiron Eks: Computer, disengage turbolift.

* Tiron Eks obviously wants to share a close moment with his indian beauty that is also the first officer.

Tiron Eks: Did you find the power core she mentioned?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu clears her throat "I assure we have done everything, captain... but we didn't abandon yet..."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We found that, and more, but no trace of her.

Tiron Eks: Did you find our Ferengi trader again?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I've spotted him, yes. He is with the Prani. We didn't get close to him since he was with our main enemies. He looks... in friendly terms with them, anyway

Tiron Eks: The Prani didn't fight you?

Zhen: In any case... *gets up and looks suspiciously at the tea* I shoud hurry to catch the captain and give him... ahem... medical report he was asking of me. You stay well and if you need anything... bah, I already said that.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: They kept their distances but we traded shots

* Lt Anra Vaden nods "Yes but it's always good to hear", she smiles

Tiron Eks: Okay. The other situation with the klingons.

Tiron Eks: I got the impression you weren't that fascinated by my idea.

* Zhen fixes his uniorm "Until the next time counselor." and exits quickly maybe that te started to work... or maybe Zhen just imagined it

* Zhen clicks his comm "Doctor Idisha to captain Eks."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I must say I'm puzzled by the need for you to go to the Klingons and away from us

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It's not as if we were doing a leisure cruise currently

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Doctor, can it wait a minute?

Zhen: It can if we can meet later... in private.

Tiron Eks: I'm on my way to transporter room 3, we can meet there.

* Tiron Eks clicks his combadge again and closes channel, turning attention on his Number One again.

Zhen: I mean PRIVATE, captain.

Zhen: Grrr! *mutters and hurries to transporter room 3*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So, to be sincere, captain, I don't see why you have to leave to inquiry the fate of that ship. I admit being not able to answer to the distress call is disheartening but... still...

Tiron Eks: Commander, my goal is to achieve a reasonable cooperation with the klingons here. We can work with them together and history demonstrated it is possible. We can answer to that distress signal and invade that space station.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Then dispatch someone else. Rajakanya ?

Tiron Eks: No, only someone who knows how klingon are can talk sense to them. I've studied the klingons for a long time and I've got several lifetime experiences of hosts who had regular contact with klingons. So you have to trust me this isn't only a tactical challenging situation, but also a diplomatic one.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods

Tiron Eks: We must work on it to improve our relationship with the klingons.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Do we need this station ?

Tiron Eks: At first sight no. But if you think about it we give the Prani raider a significant blow in their structure if we get that station. On long sight it might stabilize this sector and drives the Prani away.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: The quetion is... do we need to brush away the Prani ?

Tiron Eks: The klingons will brush the Prani away. So we'll help them in that. Of course I would prefer a peaceful solution with the Prani.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What is going to happen ? We start moving from this... wreck ? Making it our base now ?

Tiron Eks: It could be if our relation with the klingons is stable.

Tiron Eks: So far we're in debt of the klingons. We have to keep our word in helping them.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu doesn't look particularly happy with the perspective

Tiron Eks: Are you with me on this?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Always, sir. Always. It looks an odd idea at first sight but you may be right at the end. So it's worth a try

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Plus we can't exactly afford to have even half hostile Klingons around...

Tiron Eks: Good, commander. I'm glad you trust me. And this ship is in fine hands, because my Number One makes up her own mind of the situation. - The odds are against us and the situation is grimm, but with you being here, we'll make a difference.

Tiron Eks: Computer, resume turbolift to transporter room 3.

* Zhen is waiting there

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is silent and thoughtful for the rest of the turbolift trip

* Tiron Eks as he arrives on the deck and going to leave the turbolift: "You're in charge now. I count on you making the right decisions, Sadhvi." and leaves turbolift finally.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu takes a breaht as the turbolift hauls her to the bridge

* Tiron Eks heads to transpoter room 3, once he arrived there he says to the crewman who operates the transpoter platform: "Crewman, if you would excuse us for a moment?"

* Zhen grunts at the crewman

Diurne: The crewman politely moves away

* Tiron Eks makes sure noone else is in the said transporter room.

Tiron Eks: So.

Zhen: Okay, thanks for this. *crosses arms* I am not here as the best doctor you have, but as someone who was, and I guess is your friend.

Tiron Eks: Once we're done with all of this I'm going to haul you and Patrick once again to Risa. Maybe in 5 years.

Zhen: Bah... that is not it. I can make Risa in holodeck. It is very simple, I think what you will try to do now is beyond common sense, actually idiocy and borderline lunacy. You may not believe me, but even Starfleet files say how that Klingon is a power hungry sociopath. I don't want to have to put you next to Chardok next time we meet.

Tiron Eks: I know myself it's a risky path I go. But I can't just sit here and wait until the next 23 hours are over and Anvaar being killed. And I can't demand from my crew to fight the klingons only to die for ... my life partner.

Zhen: Bah, I knew this would be your answer. You were always stubborn especially when women are concerned. Well then... *picks his medical bag* You are not going there alone. Not without a proper doctor at least, Klingon sanitary conditions are not known to be up to standard. We don't wont our captain to "accidentally" be poisoned.

Tiron Eks: Zhen, this is not your fight.

Zhen: And what is? I don't want to stay here on board alone with Seyler and Kaur Sidhu. Those two are after my antennae. I also suggest that you take a decent engineer with you... *coughs*

Tiron Eks: Actually I need Patrick right now where he is. Concentrating in repairing the ship from all the damages.

Tiron Eks: So the Independence can come after me if I need help.

Zhen: It's just me then. *steps on the transported pad* I wish you would start using shuttles for once. I'm telling you these things will kill us all one day... or make a mutants of us.

Tiron Eks: Zhen, seriously. Why do you want this? I could endlessly go on why the Independence needs you, but I know you good enough you won't listen to it. So why do you risk it too? If the klingons want to crush us on sight, you won't be able to stop them as well.

* Zhen clicks his comm "Doctor Idisha to nurse Church. I will be away for few days, please continue edical treatment as I scheduled. Also if you could feed Ria's plant and Pat III, I seem to have no time now for that."*turns to Tiron* "I think you are wasting your time, sir. We have less than 24 hours, correct?"

Zhen: Also I have gagh eating training and I can take fair amount of alchol. So if you will... get on the damn transporter pad and let's go before I regret this-

* Zhen mutters something about suicidal genes transfering from Patrick to him

Tiron Eks: *goes the transpoter console and sets it up to beam both to the klingon battle cruiser once they're both on the pad* There's a klingon saying: The path of honour goes through Gre'Thor.

Zhen: Not if I'm asked about it.

* Nurse Church takes notes to feed Ria plant with Pat III

* Tiron Eks steps on the transporter platform and beams together with Zhen to the klingon ship.

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Diurne: At his station, Patrick can see the damage is considerable. The hull was like peeled by Prani shots but didn't suffer that much. However, internal damage is much more severe, most of it have happened after the Prani retreat when some groups of them were left stranded inside the Independence

Diurne: Furthermore, a lot of energy was consumed during the feeedback/loop that start it all.

Diurne: There is damage to the system but also structural damage (decks damaged, physically)

Diurne: It is going to be a long task and a huge energy devouring monster

Diurne: Meanwhile, the captain and the doctor... are by the transporter pods ?

* Zhen is right there

* Tiron Eks has been beamed with his blue friend abord the klingon cruiser.

* Zhen is sure that he is going to his doom

* General Kjarg is by the arrival pods when the two Starfleet officers are beamed in his ship. As expected, the lighting is very dim and red. Two armed guards (weapons ready) are flanking the general.

General Kjarg: Captain Eks...

Patrick: right, first thing, the life support. Computer, do me sope report about life systems

* General Kjarg tilts his head, looking at Zhen "What's that ?"

* Zhen frowns at "that" but leaves Tiron to speak

Tiron Eks: General Kjarg. May I introduce. This is my medical officer, Doctor Idisha. He's an expert in all medical disciplines and for this undertaking, I don't want to risk that we're short of competent medical personal.

Computer: Power output from the reactor core at 37%, secondary reactor active. Main deflector physically damaged. Warp nacelles conduits damaged. Maximum warp speed within safetyy parameters is warp 5. Long range sensors are offline, weapon systems are offline.

General Kjarg: I didn't agree he could come.

* General Kjarg tells Idisha "Stay on the pod, you're going back"

Zhen: Why?

General Kjarg: Because I say so

Zhen: And I guess if I refuse you will shot me?

General Kjarg: That can be arranged, yes

Zhen: Can I stay if I challenge you to a gagh eating contest?

Patrick: ok, I hould have asked what was working, to have a shorter report..

General Kjarg: You don't stay, period.

* General Kjarg turns to the operator "Energize, send him back to his ship"

Zhen: Damn and I just wanted to have real Klingon Gagh... *throws medical box to Tiron* I hope you know how to use it.

Tiron Eks: *suddenly catches it* Doctor ... - General, can't we come to an agreement that he can stay abord as well?

General Kjarg: Why would I want that ?

Tiron Eks: If the crew of the ship I intend to seek is harmed, I really need him. The Doctor is willing to share his advanced medical knowledge with your personell. It could become wise for them to learn about new medical procedures and makes your warriors strong.

Zhen: That's me. I can make any warrior even bigger and healthier warrior.

Patrick: what about the pure life support systems ? how is the atmosphere recycling ? how many areas opened to the space ?

General Kjarg: We have our own surgeon. Don't just imagine your science is superior to ours.

Zhen: Pft. Not superior, but different. Why not see for yourself if ou are interested in something?

Computer: Strutural damage have left decks from 12 to 14 with areas open to space. The areas have been contained with force field. Like support systems are online and 89% functionnal. Life Support in the nacelles area is compromised by a hull breach

* General Kjarg asks the captain "You don't trust us, eh ? You're afraid"

Tiron Eks: I'm afraid it's getting bloody if my partner is injured. I trust only him to do a miracle if it comes to a worst case scenario.

* Tiron Eks is not armed by the way.

Patrick: oky, breaches first... I don't like to have a direct sight to space...

* Zhen is never armed!

* Zhen is armed only with his charm

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Commander Kaur Siddhu

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Listening

Patrick: Commander, I'd like to start to work on the breaches... are there still some hostilres inside the ship ? any area where I couldn't send people ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: No, we have no more Prani on board. The ship is yours

General Kjarg: Your doctor can come. But he cannot leave your presence.

Tiron Eks: He'll never do that, right, Doctor?

Zhen: I don't intend to. Of course, I know how a guest must act.

Patrick: good. I'll keep you informed. O'Rourke out.

* General Kjarg turns the heel, leaving the room, motionning at the guests. The two guards wait for you to move. They keep their weapons in hand

Tiron Eks: Thank you General. Now with that cleared, I suggest you cloak your vessel and head to the said binary star system.

* Tiron Eks follows.

* Zhen follows and thinks how giving advice to a crazy Klingon how to run his ship is not wisest idea

* General Kjarg heads to the bridge. On the passage of the Starfleet officers, all doors are left closed. So they pretty much only see the corridors of the Negh'Var

Diurne: The bridge is silent when Kjarg arrive. Operators are busy behind their consoles. The main viewscreen shows the Independence, damaged

* Zhen thinks how this Klingon ship is quite an ugly thing... but Klingons would think that for Andorian ships too

* Zhen mutters to himself "It's quite humid and hot in here..."

* Patrick distribute the various hull repairing tasks to the engineering crew

General Kjarg: Binary system, eh...

General Kjarg: Operators, activate the cloaking device, target the closer binary system, warp speed 7, prepare a boarding party

* Tiron Eks thinks that warp 7 is not truely the maximum warp speed of this battle cruiser.

* Zhen thinks it is far better than warp 5

General Kjarg: In the meantime, I invite you both to relax in our mess hall.

* Tiron Eks still has to admit for himself that warp 7 is roughly 3 times faster than warp 5.

General Kjarg: Sergeant Linkasa, escort our guests to the mess hall

Zhen: Thank you captain.

Tiron Eks: My Doctor here is quiet eager to try out if you have living gagh aboard.

* Linkasa mades a step forward

Zhen: Mmmmm Gagh. Reminds me of academy days.

Linkasa: If you... agree to follow me...

Zhen: After you captain.

* Tiron Eks smiles a bit to the Sergeant: "We'll follow you."

* Linkasa glares coldly at Tiron Eks

* Linkasa awlks away from the bridge, limping obviously

* Zhen whispers to the captain "You know about Klingon mating rituals don't you? If you don't then you are lucky that I'm here to fix your bones afterwars... that is if you survive."

* Zhen tries to assess the limp and deduce the cause

* Tiron Eks whispers back: "I believe you can make a start here." and nods at the limping sergeant.

* Linkasa leads the Starfleet duo to a large mess hall

Diurne: It rather look like a big drinking hall, actually. Or maybe a feasting hall. You see some vaguely doglike creatures yelping and howling and fighting for animal bones on the ground. There are Klingon warriors spread everywhere, in small groups

Diurne: When you enter the room, following Linkasa, all gaze at you. And you clearly feel the hostility

Zhen: Do you have a problem with that leg? Just today I healed a leg of our chief engineer, blown up kneecap, poor fellow, if I was not there he would never walk again.

Linkasa: Touch me and you'll have a problem with your face

Diurne: A few Klingons laugh at this

* Tiron Eks thinks if they are hostile because he wears a Starfleet Uniform or he hasn't earned respect yet from any klingon abord. Maybe it could be both.

Zhen: Do not worry, I never intended to touch you. You are a bit too much of a woman for me. I am not sure I could handle you.

Linkasa: Grab whatever you can, if you want, here. We do not serve you. I'm going to stay by the door, if you really need something.

* Tiron Eks nods: "Let's see if they have living Gagh for you, Zhen."

Zhen: I would never even think of asking a... ahem.. warrior to serve me. Now... let's see. Gagh, gagh a wonderful food that wriggles in your stomach. Yum. I wish Doctor Seyler was here too.

* Linkasa goes to the doorstep

Zhen: Charming woman, reminds me of doctor Seyler.

Diurne: All Klingons discourage to come too close to them by showing teeths and growling, if not holding menacingly a knife

Diurne: But you can still pick food on any table. If you are not too sensitive about the fact it's half eaten or a drunk Klingon sleep among its own vomit just aside

* Zhen grabs what sees most sanitary

Diurne: Zhen isn't sure it's possible

* Zhen mutters "I wil need full decontamination when and if I come back". *closes eyes and grabs first bowl of... something*

Tiron Eks: You need a full barrel of bloodwine first to diggest it all.

* Tiron Eks grabs also something that is eatable and preferable not vomitted on.

Diurne: On the Independence, Patrick has thr uèttermost difficulty to organize repairs. So many systems are damaged it makes difficult to replicate what is needed reliably, hard to navigate the damage ship fast, a lot of fixes to do on the way and so on

* Patrick , after sending his crew working on the hull and forcefields, focuses on main power source

Zhen: I am having SO MUCH FUN! *eats full bowl of something and burps loudly in what he assumes to be Klingon manner*

Diurne: Some warriors look amused

* Zhen wipes his mouth with his uniform sleeve "Blood wine! Where is that blood wine?" *grabs a mug*

Tiron Eks: Beware that you don't initiate a mating ritual by burping too loud. Who knows, maybe you have to defend your honour with your andorian ushaan skills.

Zhen: Pft... as old Andorian saying says... "When on Vulcan, act as Vulcans do." *drinks blood wine in what he assumes i Klingon way... with a lot of spilling on his uniform*

Tiron Eks: I see you feel comfortable here. Not that you decide to stay forever abord this ship because you get enough blood wine. *eats and drinks too*

Zhen: BEats being in sickbay with Seyler any day... which gives me an idea...

Tiron Eks: Get drunk everytime you see her?

* Zhen starts singing (badly) about his everyday battle with horrible monster named Seyler whose eyes are black souless voids that can twist your soul into the corkscrew

* Tiron Eks wonders why he has earned this.

Diurne: Zhen may or may not have succeeded putting a few Klingons on a cheering mood, since two small groups start to sing as well (but not in unison with Zhen, on their own side)

Zhen: This is what I call diplomacy... *chuckles*

* Tiron Eks raises his mug of bloodwine to cheer with Zhen.

Diurne: So the Andorian and the Trill are carousing

* Tiron Eks obviously grins at Zhen's efforts and looks around how the other enjoy their (or rather Zhen's) celebration of his heroism.

* Zhen continues with a heroic epic about how he single handedly saved his warrior freind even if evil monster Selyer sent him to his death... but he is wise enough not to mention being a general of tribble army though

Diurne: To the relief or despair of them both, the Klingons will never join them to feast together

* Tiron Eks does for now nothing further than eating and drinking with Zhen.

Diurne: After about 12 hours...

* Linkasa comes back to the mess hall where Tiron and Zhen may be tired carousing continually

Linkasa: Starfleet. We have arrived. The general ask you to come

* Zhen is napping next to a mug od bloodwine "Huh?"

* Tiron Eks has restrained himself from drinking too much, be it that a klingon challenges him to a dual or any other emergency. "I was hoping you would join us." and chuckles. "C'mon Zhen. We have to move!"

* Zhen grunts and gets up

* Linkasa goes back to the bridge without waiting for them

* Tiron Eks straightens his uniform and follows too, making sure Zhen follows as well.

* Zhen follows since he really do not want to be left alone with Klingons

* Linkasa leads them to the bridge

Diurne: On the viewscreen, you can see an asteroid field. And a ship.

Diurne: The ship may be drifting, it was obviously been hit several times and has apparent damage

Diurne: All around, countless debris are floating

* Tiron Eks has a moment where his blood is frozen for a moment.

General Kjarg: Here here captain... so this is the ship you search, I presume ?

* Tiron Eks steps closer to the viewscreen without detaching his eyes fromt he view: "It is. Do you register lifesigns?"

Diurne: Noone reply

General Kjarg: Do you register lifesigns ?

Diurne: An operator replies "Half a dozen Prani, one Orion"

Zhen: Orion... I see... *looks at Tiron*

Tiron Eks: Anvaar. *then turns to face the General and the other klingons* But she doesn't travel alone, she always has a crew with her.

General Kjarg: Check again.

Diurne: The operator confirms "Only one Orion and Prani"

Tiron Eks: What is the status of the ship?

General Kjarg: We'll handle that, captain. You can leave the bridge now

Tiron Eks: General, I would prefer to stay on the bridge.

General Kjarg: But you are not. Wait in the mess hall until it's finished. I'll send Linkasa

* Tiron Eks growls, obviously not that pleased by that sentence and then comes close to the General: "Make sure she won't be harmed when you board that ship. And if yes, then don't hesitate to call me so my doctor can do his best."

General Kjarg: You don't give orders, here. Ever.

* General Kjarg pushes him back

* General Kjarg turns to face the viewscreen "Arms the disruptors"

Zhen: Uhm...

General Kjarg: Can we transport the boarding party ?

Diurne: An operator replies "No general. They run the shields since they're in an asteroid field"

General Kjarg: No transportation then, eh ? Prepare to deactivate the cloaking device

* General Kjarg turns to Zhen and Tiron "Out of my bridge, now"

* Zhen looks at Tiron

* Tiron Eks goes with reluctance out of the bridge.

* Zhen follows him

* General Kjarg has a cynical grin

* Zhen whispers to Tiron when they ae off the bridge "I warned you about him."

Tiron Eks: Remember me to treat him with our kindness as well when he comes one day to me and asks a favour.

Zhen: So, what now?

Tiron Eks: I have no idea, Zhen.

Tiron Eks: As much as I hate it, I haven chosen to trust him.

General Kjarg: Are their shields strong ?

Diurne: Operator says "No, they run them at minmal power, i'd say. They look to have a power core problem"

Zhen: I saw hi blast a ship flled with civilians practically for fun.

General Kjarg: Prepare boarding, I want this ship. Transport the party immediately when the shields collapse. Then beam up that Orion to us

Tiron Eks: Yes, I had to choose between certain death and the chainsaw method and again certain death. I choose the chainsaw.

General Kjarg: Now. Drop the cloak... Fire !

Diurne: Now you can hear the sound of heavy disruptors shooting in bursts

Diurne: On the viewscreen, the foreign ship flares under the bombardment

Zhen: Then let's watch and hope for the best.

Diurne: Boarding party sent.

* Tiron Eks grits his teeth.

General Kjarg: The Orion ?

* Zhen mutters "And as usual I will ahve to patch the chainsaw wonuds."

Diurne: The operator replies "Nope. Lost her. Maybe they kill it."

General Kjarg: No lifesign ?

Diurne: "No more" says the opertor

General Kjarg: At least we get the ship

Tiron Eks: Dammit!

Zhen: Tell them to get her body fast... I may be able to revive her!

General Kjarg: Send a second commando team if necessary

General Kjarg: I also want to have the engineering room secured

General Kjarg: Engage the tractor beam, catch them

Diurne: The Klingon ship shakes a bit as he catches the foreign ship.

* Tiron Eks goes back to the bridge: "General, can you beam the body of the orion to us? My Doctor is able to revive her!"

General Kjarg: You're still here ? You don't learn to obey at Starfleet ?

Tiron Eks: I don't care! If you prefer, then beam us to her instead!

General Kjarg: You can get the corpse ?

Diurne: The operator replies "What's the point ?"

* General Kjarg chuckles "I agree"

Tiron Eks: DO it!

* Zhen growls

* General Kjarg sits in his chair and makes a casual gesture "Get it for the captain. Mess Hall"

Tiron Eks: Zhen!

* Zhen runs down there

* Tiron Eks suddenly runs in his double to the mess hall.

General Kjarg: Now out of my bridge. Or you end in the brig.

* Tiron Eks was already out before he could finish his sentence.

Diurne: In the mess hall, a woman with green skin, wearing a jumpsuit... and an horrible wound at the throat... lies on the floor, unconscious

* Zhen quickly goes to her to do what he can do!

Diurne: Apparently, someone sliced her throat

Tiron Eks: Shit! Tell me what to do!

Zhen: Damn this place... no sickbay or anything... a mess hall? They are all insane!

* Zhen tries to do anything...

Zhen: Sickbay... I need sickbay IMMEDIATELY! Anything where I can operate with some tools! She is far gone for medikit!

Tiron Eks: Where is your sickbay?! *he asks the klingons in the mess hall*

Diurne: The Klingons present makes a rude gesture in response to Tiron demand

* Linkasa arrives at the doorstep, walking

Linkasa: The ship is secured

Zhen: Quicky Tron... anything! Every second counts....

Tiron Eks: Sergeant! Your sickybay, please, where is it?! In the name of Kahless I beg you!

Linkasa: One deck lower. Rear of the ship

* Linkasa looks at them both, agitated with the corpse of that woman, and has a condescending gaze

* Tiron Eks loses no time and grabs his beloved woman and carries her to sickbay, as fast as possible. He tries not to hit the sergeant and tells her this: "You have much honour in helping me!"

Diurne: The later remark generate a few laughs in the mess hall

* Zhen runs after him muttering "Honor my ass..."

* Linkasa doesn't look impressed or concened by his thanks

* Tiron Eks gives a damn about the other useless klingons.

Diurne: The duo + the corpse run to a lift and go one deck lower. Fortunately, the layout of the lower deck is standard and Tiron recognizes it. He can then easily head to the sickbay

Diurne: Arriving there, you find... noone.

Diurne: Most of the equivalent of biobeds are inactive. One pharmacy is completely empty and probably wasn't filled since a long time.

Diurne: Computers are offline.

Diurne: The only part that looks to be active is the morgue

Zhen: You will have to translate me things! Fortunately equipment looks quite similar!

* Zhen preapres for resucitation

* Tiron Eks defies the thought of putting Anvaar in the morgue and puts her instead on a biobed.

* Anvaar , lying on the table, bloody, suddenly gasps for air and moans

* Zhen wipes sweat off his brow "I thought she is gone for a moment... damn unclean quipment!"

* Anvaar is very badly hurt but is now saved from death.

Tiron Eks: Anvaar! Oh MY ... *looks from her to Zhen, with tear in his eyes, being truely happy* Zhen ... *he tries to find words but can only hold Anvaar's hand*

Zhen: Relax my dear... you are as safe as you can be on Klingon ship and in unsanitary conditions. And for universe's sake do not try to speak.

* Anvaar is concious but has eyes shut, is feverish

* Anvaar probably only vaguely hears them

Zhen: Just tell this to Kaur Siddhu. *grins* And don't shake her too much. Also we need to take her in OUR sickbay as soon as possible.

Diurne: On the Independence, Patrick has finished the first round of repairs.

* Zhen moves away to give lovebirds a little space but monitors her condition still

Patrick: phew..

Diurne: The breaches are not really closed, him not closely leading the operation led the team to make several errors. On the other hand, he spent a lot of time on the central computer but looks satisfied

Diurne: It's a bit strange for him. Since Morbren is dead and Harrison is missing.

Diurne: Arquero joined him later (rather, the hull team) but half of the eigneering team is missing

* Zhen thinks that if Seyler di nt sent him away he would save Mobren too

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler thinks not only Zhen got himself captured but he didn't even save an officer while on the frontline, being so eager to be captured

* Zhen is atrue hero of the day and he can't wait to rub that on Seyler's nose.

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Diurne: So our captain is in a Klingon medical bay, just after the successful intervention of Doctor Idisha to save a green skin woman

Linkasa: We're coming back to the station now. If you want to get her with you, put her back in shape in ten hours

* Zhen mutters "In ten hours she will be in decent and sterile sickbay."

* Linkasa leaves the sickbay

* Tiron Eks was about to reply something to the sergeant, but chooses then not to as she turns to leave.

Zhen: I will keep her stable. I did not brought her back to life just to die from tetanus poisoning in this so called sickbay.

* Tiron Eks instead holds the hand of a feverish love.

Diurne: Only the humming sound of the klingon ship engine can be heard, aside from your voices and the soft breathing of Anvaar

* Tiron Eks detaches from Anvaar and stands up and faces the Doctor: "Zhen, I'm really happy to have you with me. I don't know if I could have done anything here without you here right now."

* Zhen just grunts "It's okay. It's okay. I am a doctor, this is what I do. Now you just keem me and her alive with your captaining and we will be all happy." *adds in low voice* "And getting me away from Seyler let's say... in medbay 2... would be really nice too."

* Tiron Eks smiles at his trusted doctor. "I'll make sure that we need during our voyage through the deep space always a 2nd all the time ready medbay."

Zhen: Bah, let's just now focus on getting back alive. All of us. I had enough of action of last few days for years to come.

* Tiron Eks nods in agreement and does nothing else for now than taking again the hand of Anvaar, letting her know he's there for her.

* Zhen tries to keep his promise of delivering Anvaar to proper sickbay

Diurne: A bit later, a Klingon warrior comes to ask the Starfleet captain follow him to the general

Diurne: Anvaar condition has been stable during all this time even if she didn't recover conciousness yet

Tiron Eks: I'll be right back, Doctor.

* Tiron Eks follows the klingon warrior, wondering what the General wants now.

* Zhen nods

* General Kjarg waits for Tiron on his bridge

Tiron Eks: General.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu calls "Commander Kaur Siddhu to Lt Cmdr O'Rourke"

General Kjarg: Captain... have a seat. Let's talk a bit about the future of the station, will we ?

Diurne: Most of the bridge is desert now. Linkasa stands in a dark corner, as often. There is one operator in front of the flight controls console and another one in front of sensors, only

* Tiron Eks takes place on a seat, after having looked around: "It's only a matter of time until the Prani realize they have to give up their precious Shatterpoint"

General Kjarg: It doesn't matter much what they think. My warriors boarded the station before you came with your request. They're wrestling the control of the whole station from Prani hands

* Zhen hopes Patrick is not sleeping on job again

General Kjarg: I have prepared a future organization, about this station. *he gets a pad and hands it to Eks* Give it a read. Consider the position of the Federation, yours, what you want to achieve and can hope to claim. I'm sure we can arrive on a satisfying agreement over the management of Shatterpoint

* Anvaar moves a bit and opens eyes, moaning

* Tiron Eks looks at Linkasa, wondering if he can read anything from her face expression before he turns again on General Kjarg.

* Tiron Eks takes the iPad and gives it a read.

* Linkasa looks to have much contempt for Kjarg

* Zhen goes closer to her "I am doctor Idisha. Can you see me?"

Diurne: It's an extensive description of operations once the Klingon take over Shatterpoint. It, among other things, set the share of energy for various powers (Klingon, Federation, visitors), it also covers the docking point access, the use of room avilable inside the station etc

Patrick: *clics* O'Rourke

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: O'Rourke, we're contacted by a certain Trank. A Ferengi. Did you meet or see him while you where on the station ?

* Anvaar tells the doctor "I saw Tiron ? Where is my ship ?"

* Tiron Eks looks in detail how much of a share it is for each faction on Shatterpoint.

Zhen: Tiron is here. He is currently with... out not so gentle hosts. As you may assume just by looking we are at Klingon ship. Or as I call it lovingly "Starship Tetanus".

* Anvaar says weakly "Klingons... I remember now... the Prani said they tricked us and... "

Patrick: I think I saw one but I can't remembe his name, honestly

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Okay.... Because we have one proposing us to open a breach in Prani defenses for a price. Since I am not to trust Ferengi that easily and we may not even want to get dragged into this station battle... Anyway. Thanks "

Zhen: Klingon diplomacy gets people killed. Tiron did not planned it to go that way... but what is important is that you are alive. And you should not talk too much. You see, your throat was slit open... fortunately I was wise enough to go with Tiron and save you.

Patrick: do you have any news of the Captain ?

Diurne: On Kjarg pad, the lion's share go to Klingon. The most problematic choice is they would get all docking points, ensuring total control over Shatterpoint access and repair capacities. They also get themselves a large section of the station for stationning soldiers but it's less critical since the station has plenty room.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: The Klingon ship is coming back so I guess it has ended there by the binaries

Anvaar: Don't... let... Klingon.... get my ship.

* Anvaar is still very very weak

Zhen: I think it is too late for that. Now rest and wait for Tiron.

* Anvaar looks to fall asleep

* Zhen wonders waht was that about the ship... it's probably some kind of Orion smuggling thing

* Tiron Eks has the impressions the klingons would throw the feddies out if they deem them so. And he has still the unstable political background in head plus the recent favour he asked from Kjarg. Therefore Tiron gets the impression the agreement is only reached by the right mood of General Kjarg.

General Kjarg: You don't need to give your agreement right now, captain. But I wish to finalize this by the time we arrive at the station

Tiron Eks: It not such a bad concept you present to me, General. But I'm interested how the station will be run? How do you imagine it?

General Kjarg: We're going to run it as a supply and repair station for further exploration

Tiron Eks: A station needs always a central that handle all incoming traffic or upraising situations. Be it another space phenomena or someone hostile.

General Kjarg: We'll see if the station can already handle that task or if we're going to install something ourselves

Tiron Eks: I believe we could also turn that station into a trade station, making it an angle point in this sector. It would improve the exploration goal by knowing all the locals.

General Kjarg: Give it a read and think about a project if you want. This bridge isn't the best place for such discussions right now

Tiron Eks: Alright. When will we arrive?

General Kjarg: About 8 hours from now

Diurne: Tiron has noticed the agreement proposal is stated to tie the Klingon Empire and the Federation on this issue, that is Shatterpoint.

Diurne: (while one could later argue that, for example, Tiron has no credit to act as a Federation ambassador

Tiron Eks: I'll reach you before we arrive.

* Tiron Eks goes with the Pad in hand back to medbay, having the troublesome thought that Shatterpoint is becoming the next crisis.

Zhen: Anvaar has awoken. But is sleeping as she should now. She said soemthing about... not letting Klingons get her ship.

* Tiron Eks arrives back in medbay on the starship tetanus.

Zhen: Anvaar has awoken. But is sleeping as she should now. She said soemthing about... not letting Klingons get her ship.

* Tiron Eks sighs, being not there when she woke up. "Has she said why?"

Zhen: No. She is too exhausted now. When she gathers strength ask her about it, but do not stress her too much.

Tiron Eks: Unfortunately it's little late for it. The klingons have boarded the ship already and I assume it's on tow following this ship.

Tiron Eks: And I have the next issue on hand. *demonstately displays the Pad*

Zhen: Klingons can read? That is indeed a problem.

Zhen: But really, what is it now?

Diurne: To summarize the pad content, the Klingons intent to take over the station and agree limited access to the Federation and visitors

Tiron Eks: It's about the share of Shatterpoint. The klingons take it over and give some room to the Federation and visitors.

Zhen: That sounds quite Klingon to me. All talk about honor but actually they are just bullies of the Galaxy.

Tiron Eks: No single docking port is given out to the Federation according to their plan. It's not finalized yet, but as you know, reasoning with that General is like juggling with running chainsaws.

Tiron Eks: I'm afraid I don't have any convincable arguements to make him think otherwise about the docking point accesses.

Tiron Eks: Plus it ties in both the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. So it's also starting to get political here.

Tiron Eks: If you ask me, it's a slow way to dump us out into the space, which can easily happen by that mad General.

Zhen: You know how it is with Klingons... if you don't show teeth, they will just push you around. Unfortunately Prani have quite efficiently taken out our teeth. A bit too efficiently if I may say. This may not be the cleanest ship, but I think it is spy free at least from OUR spies. And I am 100% sure we have them on board. You have to be an idiot not to see it. What I suggest is that you try and find some leverage... I don't know what. If I would be a warrior I would challenge him for ushaan and winner would change the deal.

Tiron Eks: I see the threat here that this damn station is going to be the next break out of hostilities between us and the Klingons.

Tiron Eks: We have saboteurs on our ship, Zhen. Patrick was blackmailed and wasn't able to reach engineering during the ambush in time and he's right that certainly other crewmembers are blackmailed as well or directly puppets for these saboteurs.

Tiron Eks: I can't take chances if I know my ship and crew aren't reliable in critical situations.

Zhen: Saboteurs... spies... same thing. And you know who is not reliable? Seyler. In which universe she lives when she sends her best clinic doctor to guard a shuttlebay instead to station him in... clinic? But with all her faults I do not think she is a spy or saboteur. Huhm... no one ever tried to blackmail me. Maybe we should infiltrate the infiltrators? I was talking about this with Patrick before. you can use me as a bait. Everyone knows I complain... maybe I could start complaining more even start openly talking against you... do you think that would attract them to me?

* Tiron Eks sighs with a frustrating tone: "It all appears wrong to me. I'm not sure if I can achieve anything in regard of Shatterpoint without exposing innocent lives." and looks at Anvaar with regard.

Tiron Eks: Yes, I told Patrick we have to move eratic, unpredictable to cross the plan of any spies.

Zhen: She's alive. Also I think you should first clean your own home, and then go to cleaning others. MEaning... we have to deal with problems on our ship or we will be crippled like we were always.

Tiron Eks: That's also one of the reasons why I do this here *demonstately open arms and means probably this ship or whole situation*. We can only achieve satisfying results if we take the most extreme risks. And it can't always end so lucky as today here. - But even if you go openly against me, wouldn't a spy know we know each other already since the academy?

Tiron Eks: And your plan requires also time, time I don't have. In 8 hours we're back at the station and then the General wants an agreement.

Zhen: Yes unless we have an open argument on board of the ship. For isntance... I can easily make up some slight about doctor Seyler. Everyone already know my dislike of her and how you support all of your officers. I make a false storm, and cofront you with a choice... mine or her side. You side with her and we have instant false war.

Zhen: Ah yes, I can't help you there much. My grandfather was ushaan master, but I am not even closely. I know how to hold it without looking silly though.

Tiron Eks: I have the feeling I'm going to need more practice wielding a Bat'leth to make sure not every klingon beats me with it.

Zhen: Just bring me around to patch you up.

Tiron Eks: About the false war: It's my duty as commanding officer to make sure my crew works together, someone who openly rebels agains the hierachy will probably be suspended from duty. The reason is because you won't be trusted anymore to do your duty as starfleet officer.

Tiron Eks: Of course then I have to talk with Counselor Vaden how to reintegrate you into the crew, as I can'T just throw you out of the ship.

Zhen: It's not if what I propose wasn't done before. If I remember correctly most recently on Voyager... if we find out guilty people and all this succeeds, reintegrating will be easy... you just say that I was working with you all the time to find saboteurs.

Tiron Eks: Lying to my counselor to achieve a goal, that reminds me on the life of a politician.

Tiron Eks: But we have to keep in mind this won't become absurd.

* Zhen shrugs " I thought every modern captain is also a politician."

Tiron Eks: Some are more suited than others for that job. *smiles*

Zhen: Fortunately I am not. What I can do is patch up suicidal friends and lovely ladies... and anything in between.

Tiron Eks: So a first step would be I would want you then to remain in sickbay 1 under Doctor Seyler's eyes. Putting you permanently to sickbay 2 will dissolve the false war.

Tiron Eks: I hope you come in good terms afterwards with Doctor Seyler.

* Zhen nods "I see the wisdom in that."

Zhen: And I hope Klingons will become a reasonable race.

* Patrick hicups

Tiron Eks: There's always hope. How will I know that the false war is ended?

Zhen: Yes we should not use comms. Who knows what our saboteurs are listening. We can use Pat III. I can leave micromessages on him, and I often leave it with counselor Vaden, so you can easily get to it.

Tiron Eks: I shouldn't exaggerate then and feed Ria's plant with Pat 3 then, right?

* Zhen growls "That florical beast already devoured Pat II."

Zhen: In any case, if I may use this event for the start of our... confrontation? It is actually a perfect opportunity since no one knows what happened here.

* Tiron Eks smiles: "I know. Yes, Doctor, I think we should conduct this procedure then."

Tiron Eks: I agree. So why should start thinking that throwing you out of airlock is a good idea?

* Zhen nods "It will be so then. Only two of us know this for now. The less people know, the better. And as for the airlock... it would be sweet release from being tormented by envious peers every day." *chuckles*

Tiron Eks: So be it then. - Now what do I do about this station. Should I fight for a docking port?

Zhen: It is your right to demand at least one, though I don't see why would they give it to you. Currently we are crippled and they are not. On the other hand we are speaking of Klingons... maybe he wants to see if you will stand up or just roll over.

Tiron Eks: Alright, the risky way again. Let's see where this leads us to.

Zhen: I'm just guessing. I am not a diplomat or even Klingon sociologist.

Tiron Eks: I remember dealing with a klingon ambassador on earth seems way easier. Now with a mad General it's another story.

Zhen: Luckily for me and unfortunately for you... you were trained for these situations. *chuckles* Just don't die. I would hate to be new captain of the Independece.

Tiron Eks: Yes, I bet you would hate it. *studies further the pad to find any weaknesses in the propsal of General Kjarg*

* Zhen would actually loathe it... and he goes to check on Anvaar

Diurne: The Klingon ship arrives hours later at the station. Following him was the captain yacht carrying Peshana and Codanadal. Both having seen the Klingons catching up with them then going faster than them.

Diurne: THey finally turned back after Kaur Siddhu aknowledgement that the situation had been defused by the binaries

Diurne: When they arrive, Kaur Siddhu gets the authorization to transport Anvaar, Eks and Idisha back to the Independence

Diurne: Anvaar is sent to the sickbay.

Diurne: Kaur Siddhu informs the captain about the situation. That most of the station in is Klingon hands but the deep core of the structure is still held by Prani.

Diurne: Kjarg finally left some more time for Eks to think about the final agreement over the station, asking to settle this within 24 hours, however

* Zhen gets ready for the role of his life

* Tiron Eks is suprised that the General is generous.

Diurne: Kaur Siddhu also informs of the past proposal from Trank, a Ferengi claiming to be stranded with Prani warriors, to open a breach in the Prani defenses. But for a price

* Tiron Eks is wondering if the Illuminated Gem was towed also now to Shatterpoint.

Diurne: As guessed, the ship of Anvaar was captured and towed behind the Klingon Negh'Var ship. So it is now also by the station.

Diurne: Codanadal noticed a high energetic activity between the ship and the Klingon warship, suggesting mlany transporter uses between the two.

Diurne: Now, all the crew is back inside the Independence, save Harrison who is still missing

* Tiron Eks returns to the bridge and listens to the report from his first officer.

Tiron Eks: Number One, have you tried anything further to find Lieutenant Harrison?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: The zone we can't check without going ourselves is currently a combat zone. So investigations are on hold there.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, have you scanned thoroughyl the Gem, yet? Do the klingons transport anything out of the ship or beam personnel abord it?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: No sir, I didn't. Klingons could misinterpret such scans. I only noticed the high energy output between the ship that is typical from transporter uses

Tiron Eks: I want to know if things look stable on that ship, make the scan.

Tiron Eks: Number One. The Ferengi, what does he offer and for what price?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: He offers to betray the Prani by opening a door in the main corridor, breaching their defenses. He wants a spot on the station guaranteed. A section to run a business, with a docking point

* Lt Salpan Codanadal ran the scan "Apparently, they just move personnel into ... erm... your... friend ? ship"

Tiron Eks: And how does he want a station place guaranteed? By Federation's authority?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: He only sent a short communication, sir. But I guess yes. He also said if we don't find his proposal interesting enough, he can go to Klingons, he makes little difference to him

Tiron Eks: If we don't take this chance, the klingons are going to.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: They may not. I'm not certain they need this help.

Tiron Eks: This Ferengi seems a too unreliable to me.

Tiron Eks: And I have to struggle with the klingons to get just one docking port from the station.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm just reporting his offer. It's a bet here.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Now if you can come to the Klingons with a way to get through Prani defenses faster, it may help to negociate with them later.

Tiron Eks: If we storm the core of the Prani's retreat we'll show some teeth to the klingons and opens us up this opportunity, yes.

Tiron Eks: It's also a way to get on the same level like the klingons without staying in their debt.

Tiron Eks: Afterall, if this won't work we'll have anyway not much to say about Shatterpoint and the proposal of General Kjarg. The station tends to get into the hands of the klingons earlier or later.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't know, sir. Do we really need to get on level with Klingons ? It's all about our presence on the station in the future, I believe. I have trouble to assess the importance of the place. It looks customarily important here... but to what point ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Well, the difference is... if we storm following the Ferengi deal, we may have deads or wounded.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: While the Prani ships are technologically inferior to us... a raw disruptor shot can kill as surely as a high tech finely tuned phaser beam

Tiron Eks: I see only two options for that station: either we get a reasonable share here so we can have reliable supply depot and repair facility or abandon it.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It's all about planning for sector presence.

Tiron Eks: Among our long term orders are to open up new sources of energy, material and establish an outpost.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Getting a foothold here is certainly desirable for later exploration if not expansion. Now, it also anchors us here and throw us into sector politics

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Codanadal, is this sector rich of energy and material sources?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I know. But we didn't survey the area yet. If it proces to be weak in that respect, we've just entangled here for nothing

Tiron Eks: On the long sight it's reasonable to scale if it's worth to get a foothold here in this sector. But on short sight we also need something to replenish our supplies of energy since we lost a considerable amount of it during the fight.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: From what the engineering reported, yes, we're short of energy if we want to turn back to Federation space

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Captain, you were up for more than a day, with that... rescue in the binary ststem. I suggest you take some rest.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You may want to talk to the chief engineer about our energy supplies too.

Tiron Eks: Rest means valuable time, which is a luxary.

* Tiron Eks can't remember anymore when he heard the adivce he should take a rest.

Tiron Eks: And you're right, I should talk to my chief engineer.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: As you wish, captain. What are your orders then

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Shall we agree on the Ferengi deal ?

Tiron Eks: We can't lose here, we can only win here if we agree to the deal. After all nobody says we're bound to his word if we choose to abandon the station ultimately. Starfleet wanted us anyway to establish our own outpost, not some recycled and bombarded station that is definitly dependent on the good will of the klingons. Which is at the current poltical situations not the wisest of all choices.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Should I understand this as a nod to start assembling a ground team ?

Tiron Eks: Assemble a ground team, but I'll lead it. The Ferengi could also offer a trap because he struck already a deal with the klingons, who knows.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu gives order according to this

Tiron Eks: Add also Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya and Doctor Seyler to that team. Better be prepared for casualities to treat them on spot.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood

Tiron Eks: You have the bridge, Number One. *heads then via turbolift to Cmdr. O'Rourke in main engineering*

* Tiron Eks arrives then a minuter later in main engineering.

Patrick: hah, Captain, glad to see you back

Tiron Eks: Yeah. I'm glad too. How's the ship? Is the Independence already back in shape?

* Tiron Eks looks worn, no wonder after being awake for more than 24 hours.

Patrick: I wouldn't call it like that... we're actually still in the "let's fix that with rubber and a couple of nails" phase, for the most part

Patrick: I could take care of approximatively half of the breachs, the most important ones

Tiron Eks: And the other half?

Patrick: *lowers voice* also, I finally got rid of that pirate accesss to ours equipments. At least, I hope so. As we were suspecting it,it was linked to the experimental tech and was in the computer since then...

Patrick: it was a breach to our security, a major one. But they may be others.... we'll have to check that when we'll have mor time, as I'll need your access to check a few things...

Patrick: our main problem, actually... gonna be energy... we're running low on dilithium...

Tiron Eks: I've noticed. Our next stop on or journey is to resupply our reserves again.

Tiron Eks: And our primary systems? Are they all running again?

Patrick: depends what you call "primary".... all is a matter of priority, I focused on th engines as speed is the key to all : the first to be where he want, the first to escape a deadly battlefield

Patrick: life support is... should be ok, except from the places which are still behind forcefields

Patrick: shields ... hrm, should sustain a couple of blows, not much more, i'm afraid, we'll have to deal with it and the head will have to be creative...

Tiron Eks: Weapons?

Patrick: weapons... torpedoes are still mostly out of order... for the phasers, I tinkered something that is definitively not in Starfleet manuals... you should be able to use it but we mai have various side efects here and there when you'll use them... I had to bypass most of the securities

Patrick: the reactor is functional

Patrick: engines can actually sustain 40% of their power, I expect to push them to 70% in a coupl of hours

Tiron Eks: Good, keep working on the engines. If everything turns out ugly we truely need to run away in a last ditch move.

Patrick: now, if I may ask, what about Ltnt Harrison ?

Tiron Eks: No word from her, yet.

Tiron Eks: I'll personally beam over to the station and lead an assault time to break the Prani.

Patrick: oh, and don't be surprised if the sensors oesn't work as expected... I took the decision to cut all that experimental tech until we know what's going on here... so no experimental long range scans

Tiron Eks: I accepted the deal of the Ferengi. I hope to get positive results by doing it. Get a hold of the station and find Harrison.

Tiron Eks: I'm afraid if she's still alive she's taken hostage again.

Patrick: try to get her safe, if you can... I could really have use of her here, and I'd prefer to stay at one senior officer D.I.A.

Patrick: I fell already bad for luring Morbren in that...

Tiron Eks: It's not your fault Patrick. And I'll keep my promise to let noone down and find Harrison.

Tiron Eks: Anything else you wish to say to me before I jump with the head ahead into the next firefight?

Patrick: not that I can think of... good luck

Tiron Eks: Thanks. *pats Pat on his shoulder for doing a good job*

* Tiron Eks heads then to the next armory and readies himself for heavy combat with Prani.

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Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2 Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:38 pm


Diurne: So the two Starfleet officers and a wounded Orion woman are brought back to the Independence by the Klingon ship of General Kjarg, who also tow a ship

Diurne: (I assume) Anvaar the Orion is quickly dispatched to the sickbay for complementary treatment

Diurne: The station core is still occupied by armed Prani who apparently have no intent to surrender

Diurne: A Ferengi was more or less proposing a deal about that.

* Tiron Eks has ordered that a boarding team (not to say assault team) should be assembled by Cmdr. Kaur Siddhu. Doctor Seyler and Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya will be in the team and the Captain said he'll personally lead the team to the station.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya finished hearing instructions about the assault team then he comes to the captain to discuss, obviously, another topic

Tiron Eks: Mr. Rajakanya.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Sir, I have a report on the investigation, after the Prani assault. Do you wish to ... hear it before the assault ?

Tiron Eks: Go ahead, commander.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The whole is a succession of weird, but not extraordinary, coincidence when you look at it quickly.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I found there is quite a lot of people involved, all being petty officers or enlisted crewmen.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: There are, however, a couple of more serious points. And to go further, I will request a green light from you.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Still...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: From what I gathered, the converter used to ask our computer to send energy to the imaginary drive isn't in our blueprints.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: However, the one we discovered is quite new. Most likely assembled on the ship.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Also, to put the necessary command into the converter, which is just a metal piece of a larger whole...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: ...and to have it override our own computer priorities, you better have a fair computer specialist.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: There aren't that many people able to fabricate the converter from blueprints we don't have and also able to code orders overriding our own systems

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya sighs

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: And actually, in our lower ranks, the main suspects here, there are none... but that's for later

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: To insert the converter in our circuitry, an repair order was given. It allowed someone to come, on order, open panels and work.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: So I tracked and found both the order giver and the person ordered to work

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Also, I discovered the whole transporters were put on maintenance. Someone gave that order and someone deactivated them all for maintenance.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: However, both the orders giver and the person deactivating them should know it's a rare case that *all* transporters are deactivated at once. It may be life threatening on the occasion. And it was...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Yet, they both did it. I also have the names.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Finally, I also noticed Lt Cmdr O'Rourke wasn't in his core room when it all started. It actually used a mundane reason to leave the room. I have nothing about showing example but the main engineer leaving to do stuff any crewman could do...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I must say that under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have say a thing about it.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: However, given the peculiar circumstances... I find this... simply odd.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I can only underline his absence was crucial to let the energy loop building up and ruining our systems.

* Zhen is sure he is not a spy

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: All in all, I currently found nine people on board that were having a dubious or obviously suspect behaviour.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: So I'm asking you if you want me to lead deeper investigations. It may include breaking into private quarters and personnal files

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I suggest with go with such harsh investigations methods. But you're the captain.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I prepared a list of the names of the people. I currently refrained from interrogating them directly to avoid raising suspicion on our own query

* Tiron Eks nods: "That's wise. From which departments do they come?"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Most from engineering, a couple from science

Tiron Eks: Alright, I shouldn't leave anything unattempted. You have green light.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Thanks, sir

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya has a satisfied smile

* Zhen is unhappy for being locked out

* Anvaar is in the sickbay

* General Kjarg chuckles

* Patrick is ... at the engineering, as usual

* Linkasa glares at Kjarg

* Lt Paula Harrison is still lost

* Lt Morbren Chardok is still dead

* Zhen chuckles too

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya distributes phaser rifles

* Tiron Eks pays a quick visit to sickbay on his way to the armory.

* Zhen checks and discharges patients from sickbay as needed

* Anvaar smiles weakly when seeing Tiron coming

* Tiron Eks feels significantly reliefed by her smile and comes to her bed, he smiles back: "Hey, my dream."

Anvaar: You finally came to my rescue

* Zhen goes to nurse Church to gossip about what is happening

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler comes in the sickbay, assembling kits and medical tricorder to be ready for a mission outside

* Zhen whispers to nurse "Actually Klingons came and almost made her killed if there was not for me..."

Nurse Church: You're such a sweetheart, doctor

* Zhen clears throat "Well... of course. I'm all for... ahem... sweethearts being alive and not dead."

Tiron Eks: Yes, I was almost too late. But we got you here, in safety. Things went here upside down and turned downside up again multiple times. I had to beg the klingons to come for you.

Zhen: You should see me nurse Church... tackling Klingon unsanitary and frankly quite poor equipment. And.. battlig ther food and habits. Which reminds me I need another detoxificant.

Anvaar: I guess I'm stuck on your board now... captain

* Anvaar smiles at him

* Diana sniffles in front of the TV

Diurne: A romantic music starts in the background

* Tiron Eks places his hand on one of hers: "I can imagine worse. I ... I can't bare the thought loosing you. You simply mean a lot for me and I don't know what I would do without you."

* Tiron Eks adds some romantic texts to the music.

* Diana mutters at the TV "Kiss her... kiss her!"

* Anvaar squeezes his hand "Thanks again. When the Prani jumped onme holding that knife..."

* Tiron Eks sighs and after a little pause he looks around, seeing his medical officer prepares the kit: "I have to go now again, I'll be back right by you again after I have cleaned the mess here. One of my crew is still somewhere lost on that station I go to."

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler says with a neutral tone "Lt Idisha. You're responsible of the sickbay while I'm away. Carry on with the usual procedures. And ready the place to treat disruptor burns

Anvaar: Duty.... I understand

Zhen: You sound almost polite, doctor.

* Tiron Eks is about to move up again away from the bed, as he then reaches down to give her an awesome kiss on the lips.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: You imply I'm not, usually ?

* Diana bawls in front of TV

Zhen: Oh I'm just curious why the change of heart? Usually you send me away from the sickbay when I can be useful in it.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: So you imply I'm not. Well, lieutenant, you know what you have to do.

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler gathers her equipment and leave without another word

* Diana is sure that soon there will be a dramatic love triangle between Zhen, Church and Seyler.

* Tiron Eks goes to the two doctors then: "Are you ready for the away mission, Doctor Seyler?"

Zhen: Allright, we will show her who des good job and who desn't.

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler is at the doorstep "Yes, sir"

Tiron Eks: Good, then let's move. *he gives a last view and smile to his love before he leaves sickbay and the doors close where he stood at*

* Zhen wonders if his plan was actually a good one

Nurse Church: Still at odds with the commander, doctor ?

* Tiron Eks heads then with the doctor to the armory to get weapons for the away mission. Once there he goes for a full tactical kit again: phaser rifle, phaser pistol, a combat knife, tricorder, flashlight on the arm wrist and don't forget explosives like stun or photon grenades.

Zhen: Mhm... what? I guess so, nurse. *does not seem too sure himself* I guess so... now let us see our patients here, I hope my dear cousin did not give you too much trouble while I was gone. And Arquero, don't worry you will seduce women in engineering again quite soon.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is at the armory as well (but not equipping) "Sir... Should I contact the Ferengi about accepting his deal ?3

* Lt Stefan Arquero takes a deep breath "If we get one..."

Zhen: Ahem... she is not from Engineering but... *makes a gesture towards his cousin's bed* Ahem. Now let we check you out.

Tiron Eks: Yes, contact him Number One and tell him we accept. This will hopefully also give us a clue where Lieutenant Harrison is. If she's alive I suspect she's in the hands of the Prani again.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: All his conditions ?

Tiron Eks: Protection and a free port? Yes, I'll look into the matters once we have the ground of the last Prani. It'll give us weight in the proposed plan of the Klingons and make a change for our favour. You don't need to tell him that we might consider moving on once we have the Lieutenant back. If I can arrange something with the klingons, we might take it, if I feel the Klingons are going to oppress us nontheless, I see no desire to keep that station or what's left of it.

* Zhen has a cunning plan that solves his dilemma and chuckles

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods

Tiron Eks: Frankly, I wouldn't be suprised if that Ferengi had anything to do that killed our crewmember during the Prani attack. If he thinks he can play with us, I'll grab him by his lobes.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm going to contact him, still. I'll let you know his plan on his part of the deal

Tiron Eks: Make it so. Commander Rajakanya, is the team ready to move?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We're ready, sir

Tiron Eks: Good, then let's go transporter room 1 and beam onto the station.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I suggest shuttle transport, sir. Using the transporter in this area may be dangerous

Tiron Eks: Good point, commander, we may use the transporter to get out again.

Tiron Eks: Ladies and Gentlemen, head to shuttlebay 1 instead.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya follows the captain to the shuttle bay

* Zhen checks his cousin and then clicks for Patrick

Patrick: *clicks* yes ?

Zhen: Is everything in order on your side? Are we falling apart yet?

Patrick: hmm, engineering should be safe, probably the bridge as well, for the other prts of the ship, we're working on it...

Zhen: Just keep enough spare energy for sickbay.

Patrick: I'll see what I can do

Zhen: Good, good. And I hope you will get your engineer soon and in one piece.

Patrick: I hope so

Patrick: we're missing arms here... and creativity

Zhen: Arquero will be good for release soon. He was badly mauled but as soon he is recuperated you will be getting him back, as good as new.

Patrick: I wish Tiron can get us Paula a well

Zhen: That is out of my hands. What you have to wish is that Seyler will not kill her with her "treatments".

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Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2 Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

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* Tiron Eks is with his away team boarding a shuttlecraft to fly then to Shatterpoint.

Diurne: Armed and resolute, the captain is ready to board and fight. The shuttle leaves the Starfleet ship and heads to Shatterpoint, the derelict station whose function and layout is still unknown (or barely guessed)

Diurne: On the Independence, Kaur Siddhu waits for the instructions from a Ferengi, following a deal.

* Patrick is at engineering, still trying to fix various ship devices misfinctiuning due to Captain Awesome's plans

Diurne: The shuttle docks the station and the captain leads his team inside the station.

Diurne: In the engineering room, Patrick O'Rourke is a bit... busy. His two main officers are no longer by his side. So he has to do everything or rely on less specialized crew members.

Tiron Eks: Doctor, I have a special assignment for you.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Sir ?

Tiron Eks: I need your telepathic abilities. Since scanners are limited on this station I'm hoping that you can reach Lieutenant Harrison.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Sir... you know it isn't something I agree to use

Tiron Eks: Doctor, do I have to remind you that Lieutenant Harrison is still waiting for a rescue? Her life is at stake.

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler stifens "So you are asking me to break personnal beliefs on the respect of private life"

Tiron Eks: The alternative could be even less pleasent to you than a break of personal beliefs. Another fine officer filling the morgue.

Tiron Eks: I ask you to do it for her.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: What should I understand by... less pleasant to me ?

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya focus his attention on his phaser rigle in the hope to not get involved

* Zhen has a feeling he is missing something juicy!

* Diana thinks that Seyler should use her powers with responsility to help others, no arguing there.

* Patrick will first deal with scheduling... list all tasks that are "casual" enough, with standard existing starfleet procedures, and assign them to various teams (repair hull and breaches, for example)

Tiron Eks: I understand your dismay here. But this whole situation is extraordinary stressing and it's our duty to let nobody down. If we don't do everything in our might to safe her, then we have already failed.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: But what would be less pleasant to me ?

Tiron Eks: Are you ready to pay the price of a dead officer instead making an exception?

* Patrick will, then, assign a few teams for complete inventory of the ship, mainly weapons, shields and scans : what the percent of efficiency, what's need to be completely repaired, etc...

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: That's when you start to abandon your principles and morals that you start having regrets

* Patrick , finally, will handle the engines himself, first

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Because then, you just can justify anything

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: I make no exception on telepathy because it's a personnal choice and belief. So don't ask me that. Because you may not like the answer.

Tiron Eks: And your ethos as medical officer to save lifes?

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: I told you to not give me the order. I think you were aware of my choice from the start. I hope you never imagined you could simply ask me to break my principles if needed. I'm your medical officer, not your telepath.

* Tiron Eks looks now disappointed: "I hope the Lieutenant survives nontheless." and turns attention to the whole team, now in a militaristic tone: "Let's move out."

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler looks particularly shocked by the captain demand and becomes moody

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *bleep* Kaur Siddhu to the captain

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Go ahead.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We've got instructions from the Ferengi. Actually, the guy is wanting you to break through a floor and go down inside a ventilation shaft. Or at least, it's what he says. Then, after reaching a level, you have to stop until he detonates an explosive to make you a passage. He then said you have to rush through the opening and be ready to fight.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I've got the locations

Tiron Eks: Transmit the updates to my tricorder, we'll go there then.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Should I reply you're ok with the plan . It may be... just a trap.

Tiron Eks: I see not alternatives to change the weight on this station here. Agree to the proposal.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood

* Tiron Eks talks now to Rajakanya: We need a secondary attack plan and a retreat one. In case the alpha attack plan doesn't work.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm sending you coords. According to him, by bursting the floor at this place, you should uncover a shaft. Descend 3 levels in it, he said. I don't see how you can know how much level you go down but... maybe it's written...

Tiron Eks: We'll tell you when we're in position, Number One.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: If we go in a shaft we are just uncovering, we can only go up that shaft again. Unless we recognize a station feature on the way. Retreating will be difficult. If not impossible. It depends on how difficult is the shaft to go up or down

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We can't use reliably the transporters. So we'll be stuck going up the same shaft

Tiron Eks: We should explore the shaft then and try to find alternative ways before we give the okay to storm in.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya nods

Diurne: On the Independence, O'Rourke does his job by watching every task given, assigning all schedule and handling all request. Not sure he can go at that rythm for long and there is so much to do

Patrick: *mumbles* c'me on Zhen, send me Stefan. I really need him.

Diurne: Zhen is alone in the sickbay. Aside from routine watch of the treated people, is there anything audacious or revolutionnary that Zhen is planning for the medical side of the Independence life ?

* Zhen is quite annoyed that selyer is not here to start getting on her nerves and causing a war... aside from that he will continue to try and make sickbay more efficient and better running than she was here, so that when she comes back he can gloat.

Diurne: Zhen can see there is little he can do to improve the sickbay organization. Aside from finishing tasks she has left since she went to the station, there isn't much he can change.

Diurne: On the station, the strike team has arrived at the right coords. Lacking tools to pierce the floor, Rajakanya is ready to disintegrate it

* Zhen really wants to make something huge before Seyler is back! So he starts thinking about procedures and how to make something useful yet non existant... like infamous IORP treatment machine.

Tiron Eks: Run a tricorder scan first. We don't want to trigger something unwanted.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: It's safe under... it's actually hollow. Probably the shaft as told

* Tiron Eks nods: "Proceed then."

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya points his rifle downward and burns a large hole inside the floor in a matter of seconds.

Diurne: Below is revealed what look to be a large well, going straight down to the bowels of the station. While not experts on the station construction or expert engineers yourselves, you have a little trouble to understand the purpose of such large shaft

* Tiron Eks looks into the hole then and tries to see what's in there.

* Tiron Eks looks for anything to climb in there.

Diurne: There isn't any hold or anything to help climbing down

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: That Ferengi could have send us to s stair instead...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We'll have to get a rope and go down the hard way

Tiron Eks: Rocket boots would be good by now.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Wait a moment until we find what is needed...

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya goes to his team and they search a bit their packs

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya finally comes back with a thin synthetic rope. "That should do the trick. Are you good in climbing sir ?"

Tiron Eks: I should be in shape to do that. We shouldn't all go down at once. Rajakanya, you and me go down and see what we find down there. Doctor, you and the rest of the team hold your position here until we come up again.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya places the rifle on his back.

* Tiron Eks does the same and goes then down first.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya follows his captain

Diurne: Down the shaft, the only light is given by the rest of the team above. Otherwise, it's pitch black.

Diurne: It makes the descent a bit... stressing. Since one cannot know what to expect a few meters down more

Diurne: Soon, you'll have to direct the team above to light your way. The shaft isn't having a smooth surface and is actually encumbered, irregularly, by horizontal metal bars

Diurne: After a minute climbing down, Eks doubts it's actually a ventilation shaft, at all. Even if the size of it would suggests that

Diurne: The captain keeps climbing down... after another miunte, he feels as if he's completely alone... It's dark everywhere. Looking up, he just see a light directed downward, to his face. Probably someone from the team above. He no longer see Rajakanya

Diurne: §

Tiron Eks: Commander, do you see any marks here that could help us?

* Tiron Eks stops for a moment and uses his wrist-attached light to see where his commander is.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya muffled voice comes toi the captain, as if he was far "It's just dark here. I can't tell how far we go down. And don't see how we can stop at the right level"

Diurne: Tiron lights his surroundings. Rajakanya is nowhere to be seen around him

* Tiron Eks looks then for anything to help finding a mark.

Diurne: After moving a bit to get close to a wall... if he wants to burn a mark in the surface... other than that, there is no discernible detail

Tiron Eks: And I don't see for what this shaft is used for either.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: The Ferengi said to go down three levels... I guess it's about 10 meters... we should be ok... do you see something like an opening ?

Diurne: The captain feels he's going to get a horrible headache now

* Tiron Eks uses tricorder to scan the shaft: "Nothing visible here."

Tiron Eks: Agh, dammit! Why do I feel in the sudden a tempest going on in my head?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: You feel that way too ? I thought I was the only one

Tiron Eks: Rajakanya, go up again! I'll be right after you.

Diurne: Tiron gets insane readings on his tricorder. According to it, Rajakanya is 150m away from him, there is power in this shaft and an energy outburst is slowly accumulating down below

Tiron Eks: 150 meters?! Am I hallucinating?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Sir ?

Tiron Eks: My tricorder says you're 150 meters away from me. And an energy surge is accumulating below us. Harrison could have been in one of these shafts as well.

* Tiron Eks scans for Harrison's combadge and her lifesignal.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I see nothing hinting there is energy around, sir. And... you're just 2m from me. I can see you clearly... look, I'm lighting you.

Diurne: Eks see no light coming on him

Diurne: The captain tries the combadge. He only gets static as an answer... which is already something different than getting no answer

* Tiron Eks and why do I have to yell to you to hear you and see no light? Make me a favour and touch my hand with your feet, but don't squeeze it.

Tiron Eks: And why do I have to yell to you to hear you and see no light? Make me a favour and touch my hand with your feet, but don't squeeze it.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Erm... ok... a moment...

Diurne: The captain hears someone moving but it's like an echo.

Diurne: Finally, he gets a vague feeling, like something softly touching his hand

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: You're ok, sir ?

Tiron Eks: No, something is not okay here. I feel something at my hand but I can't hear you loud and clearly and you appear far above me, like I have lost you.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I still see you close. Maybe we shouldn't go farther down...

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya yells at the team above "Doctor ? Can you run scan of us, please ?"

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler performs tricorder magic

* Tiron Eks uses his hand to touch Rajakanya's imaginary foot. "I don't see you, but do I touch you?"

Diurne: Tiron Eks headache grows

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I feel your hand, sir... nothing is wrong from my side

* Tiron Eks wonders if he senses anything else than growing headaches, like the foot of Rajakanya.

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler yells from above "the combadge doesn't get through, to you, captain. My medical tricorder says Lt Cmdr Rajakanya is fine but I get odd readings from you'"

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Can you be a little clearer, doctor ?

Tiron Eks: Odd in what way? And these damn headaches!

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Your biosigns are slowly fading, like you are moving away from me at great speed.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: But I read clearly an hyperactivity at the hormone level

Tiron Eks: Am I getting soaked into something?

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: I'm just losing touch with you, according to the tricorder. Wait...

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler says something to someone of the team, yelled a bit actually

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Captain ? Can you still see me ?

Diurne: He caqn't, he's totally in the dark. Save that light coming from above but it's blindig

* Tiron Eks is wondering if he's still hanging at a rope at all and if yes, he'll go up.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Rajakanya, catch this and try to give it to the captain

Diurne: The captain has no idea what is happening.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Sir ? Can you grab this bag I am handing to you ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: It's just 10cm in front of you

* Tiron Eks tries to grab it something in the air.

Diurne: As Tiron tries to get something he's offered right under the nose, he finally hears a woman saying "It's no use, we better stop this before it blows up our face"

Tiron Eks: Who's there?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: It's me, sir, try to get it

Tiron Eks: No, not you, Navabarnsa, I heard a woman's voice, telling me it's no use and shall stop before it blows up my face.

Tiron Eks: Navabarnsa, the team must not go this way, you understand me?!

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I've heard nothing, sir. Can you get the bag ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I hear you, sir, loud and clear

Tiron Eks: I try to! I don't see anything except my own light here! Something is broken here! I must be either hallucinating under some influence or anything else in this shaft is not what it seems to be.

* Tiron Eks increases his effort to grab a bag.

Diurne: Tiron suddenly realizes there is light below him (and no more above). His fingers are touching something soft but he doesn't get what it can be.

Tiron Eks: Ah, there is something! *grabs whatever there is*

Diurne: The headache is very violent suddenly, he can only grab what was handed to him before he slip to unconsciousness

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *bleep* Kaur Siddhu to Zhen Idisha

Zhen: Yes Commmander?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're forwarding you a communication from commander Seyler

Zhen: Oh? How unexpected.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Lieutenant Idisha ?

Zhen: Yes doctor?

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: We ran into a serious problem with the captain here. So I won't come back for now. You're fully in charge of the sickbay. I also want you to get in touch with the science lab so they start experiments on space distorsion. And forward you the results about lifeforms.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: From the science lab speculation, prepare a program to treat possible injuries. If we stay here longer, it may become useful.

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Also, once done, ask Peshana to work on portable versions of treatment tools, if needed

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: You can do this, yes ?

* Zhen is a bit startled at this "Me... in charge? Yes. Ahem. Of course, it will be done. Of course I can do this, it should be far easier than bringing back someone to life on Klingon ship."

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: I'm going to try to rescue the captain so your assignment may be permanent.

* Zhen mumbles through his teeth "Good luck doctor."

Cdr Yaxara Seyler: Yeah... Seyler out.

* Zhen starts muttering about the mess he got himself into... he should have stayed safely at the research staation in the first place

* Zhen calls science lab to delegate orders

* Zhen thinks he is far better comander than Patrick!

Diurne: 10 minutes later...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *bleep* This is commander Kaur Siddhu, all department officers are expected to come at the meeting room in 20

* Zhen ignores the message at start wondering why he got it then realizes that HE is a department chief! And quickly gets ready for the meeting.

Patrick: *curses* gah, right when I have the hands full of oil...

* Patrick heads to meeting room

Patrick: Commander... *nods at Kaur Siddhu*

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu sits where captain Eks usually go.

* Zhen does the same and grunts the greeting with his trained salute for Kaur Siddhu

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert arrives

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're a bit short on people today...

Patrick: it'll be faster.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Ok.... We're missing Rajakanya as well, who is still on the station

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Half an hour ago, the captain went missing. I mean... completely.

* Zhen writes something in his PADD with doctorly serious "Huruhm."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: After following the instruction of a Ferengi arranging a deal to let us break into the Prani defense, the captain looks to have been trapped in a sort of space distorsion.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Actually, it's commander Seyler first conclusion

* Zhen nods

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: The team dispatched to the station then left two people to try to reach the captain, while the other are trying to find another way to subdue the Prani

* Zhen shakes headand mutters "Of course..."

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu crosses her arms over the chest, leaning backward "Lt mdr O'Rourke, I want you to start doing a serious analysis of the station structure. How it was built, with what material, what kind of alloy, if it can be created by assembling raw materials from around or must be coming from farther... everything.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu tells O'Rourke "You'll work with the science team. But your knowledge of structural integrity and material engineering will be critical"

Patrick: that might widely delay repairs in the ship.. *turns head to Zhen* unless you can release Ltnt Arquero

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu says calmly "I expect repairs to not be delayed"

Zhen: What I can is not what you would expect me to say now. I know that all this is important but driving people to work over their physical abiities is not a wise choice. When have you slept last time?

Patrick: Commander, I'm not the kind to complain, usually but you have to realize that all my senior oficers are missing..

Patrick: the team can handle casual repairs but for weapons, shields and engines..

Patrick: *turns to Hilbert* what do we know, so far ?

Zhen: In any case I can release Arquero soon, but I also insist that chief engineer rests or he may collapse right there.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We're just starting sensor sweeps... But we're not having the ideal equipment to identify molecular composition of a hull.. I suggest to go out and get direct samples

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu listens the doctor opinion then says "We're going to need Patrick skills for the next days or two, at least, doctor...we don't know if we aren't going to miss a window of opportunity to get the captain back"

Patrick: *to Zhen* I'm fine. Don't worry.

Patrick: I'm sure you can concot me something to stay awaken and fully operational for a couple of days

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: ...and to also take the doctor opinion in consideration... it would be dangerous if you overworked... because a mistake can lead to a serious accident.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu waits for the doctor answer to O'Rourke latest suggestion

Zhen: Your call, obviously. *crosses arms* But I reserve all the right to yammer you all to death if he collapses. Also I am supposed to heal people, not keep them on drugs. In any case Arquero will be released soon after the last checkup. Leave him instructions and take regularrests.

Patrick: I'll bring a hammock in engineering, then* hides a smile*

Zhen: Bah. Anyway, as soon as we get reports from science lab, we will startdoing research on anomalies in there and possibly mix something that will help us there.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu guesses the doc won't answer to the suggestion because he doesn't find it a good idea

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I know it's going to be tough for everyone. But we have multiple objectives at once and we must achieve them all at once

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We must learn the more and the fastest possible about this station, to work out a way to get the captain back.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: This means your three departments must work together... in addition to all regular jobs.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Not only you can do it but you will do it. Because there must be a reason why we're all that far from the Federation space. It's because we can do the best at all times.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Mobilize all your energy, tell everyone in your team it's now we have to work hard. We'll rest later.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Any question ?

Patrick: not that I can think of, at the moment

Zhen: None.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods "Dismissed. To work gentlemen"

* Tiron Eks is somewhere, with big headaches.

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The mysterious dark shaft inside Shatterpoint

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Diurne: So the captain lost conciousness while descending in a dark shaft inside Shatterpoint wreck. Doctor Idisha has been unexpectedly be put in charge by the conspirationnal and devious Dr Seyler... it is surely a plot to work on Idisha demise. Meanwhile, Patrick O'Rourke overworks himself and consider taking drugs.

* Zhen warned them! He warned them all! But no one listened... again!

* Zhen prepares his list of "I told you so"s in different lanuages when Patrick collapses.

* Zhen just wants to be extra annoying

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is sure they all remember her last orders to them

* Zhen goes to prepare a bed for Patrick when he collapses and to deliver orders to science team about anomalies

Patrick: *to Hilbert* I need one hour to brief my team, then I'll be ready

Patrick: *grabs Zhen before he leaves* and remeber : I need Stefan !

Zhen: Unhand me peasant! *chuckles* Just kidding. Yes, I will make sure he is happy and running in no time.

* Patrick heads to engineering and starts to reassign tasks to the various engineering teams

* Zhen is going to give science lab orders to start analyzing space anomalies and immediately send data to sickbay, then he will run one last check on Arquero and release him if he is allright, same goes for Ria and other in the sickbay, and finally he will start gathering data on space anomalies that may be appropriate to this case

Diurne: Lt Cmdr Patrick O'Rourke handling of the situation of these days will stay in Starfleet manual books (maybe). He manages to not only do a wonderful job himself on the reactor but also remotely pilot the work of his other teams. All of this without a flaw

Diurne: Zhen realizes quickly that his knowledge of Physics is a bit limited, dating from the Academy days.

* Zhen grunts and goes to Ria

Diurne: But, fo a staeter, the data he gets from the science lab is about sensor misreadings. It must be since they are just plain wrong at times. From what he sees, it's not really a space distorsion, it's more a sensor problem... he believes

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is reading a book in her biobed

Zhen: Cousin, I have a problem that can not be cured with ointments or Bolian love poetry. *shows her readings* Seyler claims that there are anomalies down below, but funny guys from science lab see only sensor distortions.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha gives a look at the data

* Zhen glances at Vulcan Po(r)n Farr book and says nothing

* Lt Riashaala Idisha notices him and, smiling, raises a suggestive eyebrow

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Ok... seriously...

Zhen: Hm?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Those ones are from the wreck... and yes they are odd... the thing is we cannot catch a correct reading on it.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: That's why using transporter isn't a good idea. You could end inside a solid thing

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So far and at first, we thought it is only a sensor issue. Some spatial radiation or whatever messing with sensors

Zhen: But obviously it isn't...

Lt Riashaala Idisha: But, after a moment, Hilbert and Vaxx started to discuss... and if it was the station itself which didn't have a fixed shape and position ? What a weird idea, eh ?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: That would mean our sensors are right. And the data is irrationnal. But is reality nonetheless

Lt Riashaala Idisha: But they didn't reach a definitive conclusion for now... to my knowledge

* Patrick 's gonna meet Hilbert to see how he see "things"

Lt Riashaala Idisha: So... uh... I can't really tell you more. It's a mystery.

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert wonders what are things

Zhen: I see. Well fortunetely, I know just a man for this. *clicks* Doctor Idisha to Doctor Peshana.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Hmmmyes ?

* Patrick heads to Astrometrics

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert welcomes Patrick "Ah, you're here."

Patrick: *nods* aye, took som time to free some of my time for your project, especially without any of my main officers

Zhen: Doctor, come to sickbay one as soon as possible, I think I have a job that will greatly inerest you.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Do you have knowledge in metallurgy or materials ?

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana arrives at the sickbay

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana winks at Nurse Church "Don't let him ask you too much"

* Nurse Church doesn't look to understand

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Hey... what's up, Idisha ?

Patrick: the ones used to manufacture devices, but I'm not a biologist

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: A biolo- err... nevermind... We got strange readings of the station since the first day, I'm sure you're aware of this, right ?

* Zhen grunts not understanding either "Doctor come here. Look at this data. Bright boys and girls in science lab think that is is a sensor problem, but we KNOW it is a space anomaly. Guess who has to sae the day and find a remedy for as I hear headaches it causes?"

Patrick: I heard it, yes, but not the details

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Commander Kaur Siddhu ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: I'm sure you're good with EVA. You have to, right?

* Nurse Church finally understood and looks a little annoyed

Zhen: I would like to see that happening... *grins* a bikini.

* Zhen is oblivious to what is happening

* Zhen hands him data

Zhen: As your new lord and master I order you to dig into this... make sense of it.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: I'mm keep in mind your bikini suggestion... So... what's this

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana reads the data

Patrick: huh, wait, you don't plan to have me roam in space ?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Oh but those numbers and readings are fascinating. You plan to get a promotion by transfering to the science lab ?

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert smiles

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx clears her throat "Understand us... our sensors are giving unreliable readings constantly. So we believes getting samples from the wreck is the best to get firm answers"

Zhen: Pft. I would rather try pain sticks on my unmentionables. No offense, cousin.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We asked to get samples from the inside. But given the situation, it has been... delayed

Lt Riashaala Idisha: That's because you couldn't make it...

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: So ok... I have a rough understanding of the issue. But what is yours ?

Zhen: I could do it without even tryig. Wanna bet?

Lt Riashaala Idisha: I dare you

Zhen: You're on! Winner can have loser to make whatever he or she wishes for one day. *turns to Peshana* Use your genius doctor! Anaylze, dissect and give me data that I can work with. We need to find something that can help our people down there.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Oh wait, you mean I no longer go with Rajakanya team ?

Zhen: Are you member of security or medical?

Zhen: Also allmighty and all knowing Seyler reccomended you for this. One of few things that I agree with her.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: On the other hand, Kaur Siddhu told me I'm going to replace the aforementionned Seyler on the wreck

Zhen: Well she can go around and prance in the bikini for all that I care. I'll deal with it. A sec. *clicks* Doctor Idisha to commander Kaur Siddhu.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, doctor.

* Zhen gathers all his patience and talks as sweetly as possible (for him): Commander, if I may ask you to change a team a bit. We would need doctor Peshana here on the ship for the anomaly research, also if I may suggest to send soeone from science lab instead fo him? We would really need some detailed scientific data from the site.

* Zhen wonders why computer shows him in the lounge... damn machine

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I can't really send someone from science lab as the medical team member.

Zhen: We will send you a medic in exchange for doctor Pehsana.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Who ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Listen doctor... Seyler has gone missing since 10mn as well. Rajakanya is on the wait to either go for a rescue either go for a strike against the Prani, or both. I need someone experienced on the field.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Would Church able enough, to your knowledge ?

Zhen: Commander, we also need experienced people here.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana whistles hearing the suggestion "Sending her into the jaws of the Prani ?"

* Zhen looks at nurse Church

* Zhen facepalms "Oh for unierse's sake... I will go."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So given we have a choice, I'm choosing. I want Peshana on the station to be able to perform medical acts on Rajakanya team if a fight comes or on the captain or Seyler when they are found. And no you don't go.

Patrick: hmm, I can understand you need me to examine the devices, but... picking samples in space ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Seyler chose you to stay on the sickbay. So you stay now.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Oh, you can send someone else if you prefer. I wasn't exactly wanting you to go.

* Zhen starts to lose temper "Commander, doctor Peshana is excellent medical technician and more expert in what is needed here than field medicine, on the other hand I am expert on it."

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana ponders out loud "Maybe we could go together", he says to Church

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I heard you. Peshana will go. And I expect results from you, doctor.

* Zhen has a sudden urge to swear loudly

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Don't be bitter about this, Idisha... No offense but you're not the only doctor on board. And given my talents, maybe Kaur Siddhu simply trust me more because of a wider range of abilities... that's all.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Ready yourself, Church ?

Nurse Church: What ?

* Zhen sends him alook that could kill a man on the spot... if Zhen would be a mecha

* Zhen looks at nurse and asks "Do you wish to go with Peshana, nurse?"

* Nurse Church looks outraged "We cannot empty this sickbay and ignore the patients needs !"

* Nurse Church goes to Ria, remove her book a bit brutally and pats her on the shoulders "Here. Now you rest. You're tired"

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Hey ! My boo-

* Lt Riashaala Idisha looks at her cousin, hoping for help

Zhen: My thoughts exacty, nurse Church! Peshana... go with the team, but I expect you to do your ordered work on the field if possible.

Patrick: ok, I'll go, but I'll need *thinks* one of my men... and one of yours, someone that can fill in the blanks I may have in mettalurgy/materials

Zhen: Vulcan porn is bad for for your blood pressure, cousin.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana looks amused by Zhen stance "Ok... but don't mess too much with Kau Siddhu. That woman caught a Romulan spy. What would she do with you... woohoo...". He then leaves the sickbay

* Zhen grunts "Axis of evil strikes again..."

* Lt Riashaala Idisha is ready to join the axis of evil if she can get back her book

Zhen: Good work nurse. I don't know what I would do around here without you. *goes to Arquero mumbling about suicide*

Lt Stefan Arquero: I never imagined the sickbay would be such a battlefield

Lt Stefan Arquero: It makes my disruptor wound a simple scratch compared to the intensity here

Zhen: Consider this a ceasefire. When Seyler is here it's full offensive.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha winks at him "You just had been shot because you're lazy and wanted to be in a biobed

* Zhen checks Arquero's fitness

* Nurse Church patronizes Ria "No talking. Rest now"

Zhen: He probably just wanted to be near you cousin.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Uh... he almost get killed !

Zhen: Right Arquero?

Lt Stefan Arquero: Thats because you can't aim straight

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Look who speak

Lt Stefan Arquero: Hmm, doctor ? Oh.... yes... of course..

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Dr Idisha

Zhen: Excellent. I warn you if you do anything to make my cousin feel bad, I will kill you.

* Zhen clicks "What is it PAtrick?"

Patrick: hmm, i was wondering if some... exrecise could help sme of your patients convalescence... you know something like... a trip in EVA...

Patrick: I guess Stefan is still not available, but maybe your cousin would enjoy leaving the sickbay

Zhen: She would not. Sickbay out.

Patrick: *looks at the silent combadge* you're welcome...

Zhen: Stefan, if I let you out you will ahve to swear that you will not run around gettin shot or do anything insane like going outside of the ship in next few days. Is that clear?

Patrick: *shakes head* right, i guess I'll have to head there myself

Lt Stefan Arquero: It's not as if I am chosing that kind of thing, doctor.

Lt Stefan Arquero: If I was asked my opinion, I wouldn't have been shot

Patrick: no objection if I borrow you Lt Riaashal Idisha, William ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: She's out ? No. I am sure she would enjoy working with you

Zhen: I'm not some kind of a battlefield chop doctor thatlets you out just to be shot again. And we all know you just got shot to impress my cousin. *grins* Now get yout butt out of my sickbay... and don't overstrain yourself.

Patrick: depending on her state, whatever the doctor may think I don't want to exhaust anyone, but if she's ok, I'm sure she'd appreciate leaving the sickbay, at least for a while

* Lt Stefan Arquero rises from the biobed "Ok... thanks for all the effort, doctor"

* Patrick heads to Zhen's den

Lt Riashaala Idisha: Great.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha rises as well

Zhen: Not you cousin.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: What ?

Zhen: It was Aruero only.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: You must be kidding !

* Patrick enters sickbay

Zhen: Do I look like I'm kidding.

Lt Riashaala Idisha: When I say so, yes

Patrick: *waves at nurse Church* Miss Church

Zhen: Back on the bed, dear. And hi Patrick, you came to pick up Stefan? How cute, but he is already taken.

Patrick: actually, I managed to do without him for a moment : be happy, Stefan, more time to share with our beloved doctor

Patrick: *turns to Ria* actually, I was more thinking about a science officer who could use some ... entertainment

Zhen: He is good to go, just don't make him work in the mines.

Lt Stefan Arquero: Hi, chief... the good doctor just released me

* Lt Riashaala Idisha nods fast "Yesyes"

Zhen: My cousin is not yet ready to go.

Patrick: hmm* rolls eyes* she looks good to me

Nurse Church: At least, noone can accuse the doctor of playing favorites

Patrick: she looks ready for ... well, anything outside the sickbay, I'd say

Zhen: Can I see your medical dipoma PAtrick?

Patrick: I need someone from the science department, someone competent with minerals, mettalurgy, raw materials... and who don't mind going out in an EVA *smiles at Ria*

Zhen: Good, go and find someone. This ship carries around 1000 people. I'm sure you will find soeone who is NOT in sickbay for a reason.

Patrick: c'me on, Zhen : you know, as I know that Ria is perfect for the job.

Patrick: I promise you I don't plan anything suicidal like attacking hostiles or making things explode

Zhen: Do you want me to use tranquilizers on you Patrick? Do you feel lucky... Patrick? Well? Do you?

Patrick: and you'll do my job with Hilbert ? be my guest

Patrick: ok ok, I won't insist : Ria, if you want to leave that bed and escape your cousin monologues, I have a job for you. You just have to convince him *winks*

Zhen: Nurse Church, please escort Patrick and Stefan out of the sickbay. If they resist call security.

* Lt Riashaala Idisha mumbles "Not fair..."

Zhen: Thank you for visiting Patrick. Come again anytime.

* Lt Stefan Arquero leaves happily, waving lightly at the stuck Ria

Patrick: I really have to tell the captain about that new EMH...

Lt Stefan Arquero: Really ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: An EMH may be more stubborn...

Patrick: depends the personality that was used...

* Zhen sneaks back Ria's book to her when nurse is not watching "Nurse, please... use tranquizers if neccessary"

Lt Riashaala Idisha: On me ?

Zhen: On those two!

* Zhen winks to Ria and mutters how he fnds vulcan females too cold even for Andorian tastes

Patrick: you know, Stefan, if we weren't under pressure, I'd like to tinkers a bit with teleporters, just to teleport Ria outside of the sickbay and see Zhen's face after...

Lt Stefan Arquero: I'd appreciate the prank but that would be wasting energy. Plus, you know, there is still that ridiculously tiny chance of transporter accident

* Zhen gets a tranq hypo and starts walking towards PAtrick menacingly

* Lt Stefan Arquero retreats out of the sickbay

Patrick: *heads back toe engineering* anyway, I have to go on some EVA trip to explore Prani wreckage... the Commander want us, engineering to work hand in hand with science department and learn everything we can about the station, the pranis... the structure, the devices... whatever we can find

Diurne: Somewhere... it is dark. Captain Tiron Eks slowly regains conciousness but his head aches horribly. He's suffering from heavy nausea as soon as he moves the head a centimeter

Patrick: depending on how you feel, you can come with me, or you can go back to engineering and work on the shields. As you prefer

* Tiron Eks moans under the heavy headache: "Argh ... Curses ..."

Diurne: Someone mutters in the dark "Don't move, it will just make the headache stronger"

* Tiron Eks moves, slowly, and open eyes to see anything.

Diurne: He's in the dark, lying on the back. In a bed, probably.

Diurne: He can't see a thing. Aside from the headache, it's rather comfortable... reasonably warm, the probable bed looks good.

* Tiron Eks tries to focus under the pain: "Where ... where am I?"

* Anvaar voice answers him "In my quarters... we brought you here"

* Tiron Eks with more hope in his voice: "Anvaar?"

Anvaar: I see your head isn't as damaged as we feared

* Anvaar comes lying against him in the dark

Tiron Eks: What happened? Last thing I remember ... I was climbing down a shaft ... and lost consciousness.

* Diana gasps and turns red in front of TV then sends boys to get juices from the kitchen (in hope they will avoid possibly naughty scene that may happen now)

* Ria voice says "Just leave this for later. Would you kiss me now ?"

* Tiron Eks makes a sudden move without thinking first and pays the billing with an instant struck of pain in his head: "Aargh .... what is ... going on?"

Diurne: Tiron can now feels the soft lips of someone kissing him

* Tiron Eks tries to push whatever kisses him away.

Ria: Now you're stubborn... what's your problem ?

Tiron Eks: If I would kiss you, I would advance to you, not you to me.

Ria: What an idea...

* Diana is red in the face and nervously eating popcorn

Diurne: It's still completely dark where he is. Tiron can only hear Ria voice now.

Diurne: Someone comes again close to him

Ria: Let's... relax for a while... ok ? No harm done. Just for fun. It's been for a while I'm waiting for this, you know ?

Tiron Eks: You're not what you appear to be. Who are you?

Ria: Now what I appear to be ?

* Ria chuckles "You wanted it"

* Diana wonders what would doctor Zhen experience in this situation

Diurne: Someone turns the light on, flooding the room with light and sending spikes of pain in Tiron cranium, he's near blind because of the intense burning light

* Tiron Eks grits his teeth, closes his eyes in an instant and struggles against the pain.

Diurne: Tiron finally manages to see, with his now teary eyes... in front of him is... Ria. Just Ria. He's inside a room, probably the quarters of some crewman of the Independence

Diurne: After more time, wiping the tears from his eyes and trying to endure the pain in the head...

Diurne: He still see Riashaala. But she has longer hair, two Andorian blades on the belt and wears a black reinforced bodyglove outfit.

Diurne: §

* Tiron Eks looks at himself and sees in what dress he is and what equipment is on him, wondering if anything fromt he away mission is still there.

Ria: Satisfied ?

Tiron Eks: At least I like your long hairs.

* Ria unbuttons the top of her outfit "Can we resume now ?"

* Diana yells to the boys that nothing interesting for them is happening yet and that they could make some tea instead!

* Tiron Eks sighs: "You like to exploit my circumstance, eh?"

Ria: Grab everything you can, while you still can... it's a bit my philosophy

Tiron Eks: So we don't have much time?

Ria: I give orders around so we still have enough

Tiron Eks: And why have I heard Anvaar's voice first?

Ria: You did ? How disappointing you think about her. Now, could we focus on our own present, entertainment and... pleasure ?

* Tiron Eks takes a breath, holds it for a moment and sighs deeply: "Okay ... I'm sorry I wasn't really in the mood at first ... my headache."

Ria: Nice...

* Ria turns the light off

* Diana almost chokes on a popcorn

Diurne: Tiron is still suffering greatly from the headache as soon as he moves. Getting out of the bed on his feet could produce a nasty vomiting and incapaciting result

* Ria can be heard, unbuttoning and unbuckling her outfit.

* Diana yells to the boys to make more popcorn too

Tiron Eks: So ... let's make the best out of it now: You ask me again.

* Tiron Eks wonders if he can turn his hand into a fist for a moment and if yes he'll open his hand again.

* Tiron Eks smiles, with a certain expectation.

Diurne: Someone who apparently decided to share the same clothing than Tiron slips by his side in the bed. He can feel the skin against his.

* Tiron Eks whispers: "I hope it'll sooth my headache."

* Diana thinks how Tiron is a male slut

* Ria whispers "We'll see" and she comes to him to a more intimate relationship

* Tiron Eks can't be helped for being naked and being exploited by some alien or whatsoever. "You're joking, right? How can I see if I can only feel?"

Ria: Then let me do...

* Diana chokes on popcorn again and reminds herself to write WCOC a protest letter about airing soft porn on prime time!

Tiron Eks: I can't really intervene in that, can I?

* Ria voice sounds irritated "What's your problem *again* ?"

Tiron Eks: I'm waiting for your question to kiss me and then we kiss.

Ria: What ? What do you expect ?

Tiron Eks: Just a restart of the point where we just begin to relax: *sounds reassuringly* Now can we?

Ria: You're an idiot...

* Ria leaves the bed

Diurne: In the dark, Tiron hears someone activating a communicator device

Ria: Yeah, this is commander Idisha... I have enough... Send him to detention block C. No contact.

Tiron Eks: What's now the problem with you?

* Ria gather her belongings "I could have made your stay easier... and less... lonely."

* Ria pulls her clothes back

Ria: Next time we meet, it will be less pleasant.

Ria: Enjoy this bed. You won't get so much comfort for a long time.

Tiron Eks: Now you overreact. Please ... don't leave me alone here. *he begs*

Ria: You missed your opportunity...

* Ria leaves

Diurne: Tiron may have noticed a regret in her tone as she was leaving

* Tiron Eks presses lips together and mutters: "Well done, Tiron".

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Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2 Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:37 pm


Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Lt Codanadal, anything from the wreck ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: No, ma'am... the place is as quiet as before.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: What about the shuttle the Klingonsd just dispatched ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: It doesn't dock at a standard docking point. Look they are forcing an entrance in the hull.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Still no news from the captain ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: None

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu goes back sitting in the captain chair, contemplating the station wreck on the viewscreen

Patrick: *to Arquero* So, ready for a trip in space, Stefan, or you prefer to work on the shields ?

Nurse Church: Doctor ? What are we supposed to do ? Everyone got a mission, it seems. And we're stuck here

Lt Stefan Arquero: Shields, if you ask me. There is no time for leisure

Zhen: We are supposed to make some headace cure for anomaly down there. Too bad that we don't have any personel to do it... or even any data to do anything.

Nurse Church: You don't think we're left here on purpose ?

Zhen: Yes I do think we are left behind on purpose.

Nurse Church: But.... why ?

* Nurse Church looks gueninely outraged

Zhen: Also I think I was given this assignment only because I am supposed to fail at it. You see, they give me a task and comand, and then deny any resources. It is textbook case of trying to discredit someone.

Nurse Church: There is a textbook about how to discredit people ?

Patrick: ok, I'l pick some random redshirt then *clicks on combadge* O'Rourke to Hilbert

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Yes ?

Patrick: it seems I can't pick Ltnt Idisha so I'll have to borrow you someone else. Can you send him to Dock 18 in... let's say thirty minutes ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Send who ?

Zhen: Obviously there is. Bah. *crosses hands* But I'm not giving them the satisfaction. When I decided to go with the captain on Klingon ship... I was magnificent! Now when I'm back under the yoke of the crazy bridge woman and her sickbay friend, I am being stepped on! Well they will see! They will all see! Zhen Idisha is no one's fool! If they wanted me in command, they will get what they wanted.
Zhen clicks "Coputer connect me with the head of the science lab."

Patrick: someone from science department, to help us in our space trip

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Err.... I'll see what I can do.

Computer: Connection active.

Zhen: This is doctor Idisha, current head of the medical section.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Doctor ?

* Patrick heads to engineering and pick the planning to reassign one redshirt to outdoor mission

Zhen: Ah it is you! I wondered with whom would this infernal machine connect me to. Let me get to the point. Few hours back I asked for analysis of anomalies down there, what I got was random specuations. Now, I have my orders and I intend to do them. To do them I NEED your department to do its job, and not just speculate.. I need some CONCRETE data on what is down there. I don't knwo how, and it is not even my job to speculate how, it is job of your department. So PLEASE get me some DECENT data.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We're working on this, doctor. I've asked the help of the engineering department but Lt Cmdr O'Rourke looks to have difficuolty to assemble the team he wanted

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: But I understand your concern, believe me. You and me are in the same boat. Let's just hope the trouble that hinder O"Rourke won't copplicate too much our jobs.

Zhen: There is always something hindering Patrick, what is it now?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We're working on this, doctor. I've asked the help of the engineering department but Lt Cmdr O'Rourke looks to have difficuolty to assemble the team he wanted

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: But I understand your concern, believe me. You and me are in the same boat. Let's just hope the trouble that hinder O"Rourke won't complicate too much our jobs.

Zhen: Well my sickbay is empty. I ahve no one. He at least have luxury of CHOSING a team. If I would not have nurse Church I would prbably hang myself from the first beam right now.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Bah... don't me so skeptical... as I said, we're trying to get fresh data so we can leave the ralm of speculation and enter the one of facts

Zhen: Good to know that. If anything pops up please inform me immeditely so that I can start preparing whatever is needed.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Don't worry, we'll forward you things as soon as we processed them

* Nurse Church says softly "Lt Cmdr Hilbert sounds rather friendly. He doesn't look to be part of the conspiracy to make you fail, doctor."

* Patrick sends the chosen redshirt to prepare the required equipement and gather it to Dock 18

Zhen: Yes, yes. Ahem. Thank you for the effort Lt. Commander. I apologize for crankiness but as I told you sickbay is currently in sad state and high-ups are barking at me.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: No worries, we're all working together. As long as we won't forget that, everything will be fine

Zhen: Yes, thank the universe that at least someone thinks like that. Sickbay out.

Diurne: Patrick prepares a faceless member of his engineering team to get out. He briefes him about getting material samples from the station. Then he's sent away.

Zhen: And there we go. We can now play chess until someone takes mercy on us. Or we can justmake fun of my cousin.

* Ria says from her biobed "You can still start by reading documentation about previous space anomalies incident, no ? At least, it would keep your mouth shut down for a moment, cousin"

Zhen: Do you know how many space anomalies are there? Only Voyager brought back whole encyclopedia on them. And I don't even want to touch what all the Enterprises hit. I need to know what kind of actual anomaly are we dealing with!

Ria: Then go play chess...

Zhen: I hate chess, it's boring. I need... viruses... bacteria... odd life forms. MAybe a horrible undefined and undiscovered esease caused by something not yet seen.

* Patrick heads to Dock 18

Diurne: Somewhere, a Starfleet captain is lying on a bed with a horrible headache

Diurne: A woman finished dressing up and called for people to come and get him

* Tiron Eks makes an attempt to stand up.

Diurne: Depending on how he wants to suffer, he can probably stay on his feet for a short moment, or not

* Zhen would like to have for instance a suffering captain in his sickbay

* Tiron Eks chooses to suffer and stand up, int he hope he won't vomit his soul out of his body the moment after.

Diurne: His stand up effort will be short lived but he succeeded

Diurne: Before him, in the dim light, he can see the rather familiar of Ria finishing buckling her belt. Aside from the longer hair, she also wears a black uniform with high heeled boots and gloves. She has a weapon on her belt, a sort of phaser. The cut of the uniform is unfamiliar

Diurne: She only glances briefly at him while he stands up. maybe she's getting a sight of his nakedness ?

* Tiron Eks asks, trying to shake his pain away for a moment: "Where do you go to?"

Ria: To my office

Tiron Eks: And on what do you work?

Ria: I'm catching handsome men to put them in a bed

* Zhen wishes he would find a woman who would say to him "I'm catching handsome men to put them in a bed."

* Tiron Eks tries to smile, finding it pretty funny in whatever environment he may be: "Fascinating. And you're the commander of that mission?"

Ria: Of course not. Why do you ask ?

Tiron Eks: Why do you want to leave me in all in a sudden? Why do I have the feeling you want more than counting spots on my skin?

Ria: You missed the opportunity. That's all. Now you stay here until we get you to another room

Diurne: Eks is forced to sit down at least to not stagger and vomit

Tiron Eks: You like to play hard to get, maybe I missed now. But don't illusion yourself you don't want to spend anymore close time with me. *and sits down before he staggers around*

Ria: Think what you want, it has no importance here.

Ria: You should get a rest while you can, your transfer will be rocky. The guys won't be gentle with you just because you're dizzy

Tiron Eks: Then why the heck don'T you give me anything against it?

Ria: Because I don't care ?

* Ria smiles

Ria: You're just a plaything...

* Tiron Eks makes a mental note to vomit on her next time.

Tiron Eks: Then don't be suprised if I throw up on you next time.

* Ria unlocks the door. Tiron can hear the sound of someone else going suddenly at attention, military style, probably just by the door

* Ria leaves, saying "Missed opportunity... you may be the one who regret things..."

Diurne: The door is slammed back behind her, he can hear a magnetic lock engaging

Tiron Eks: Where the heck have I landed?

Diurne: Tiron can get a better view of his surroundings now. There is only a feeble lamp on a desk by the bed, casting a pale light around.

Diurne: Walls are like whitewashed... There is no other furniture aside from the bed, a chair, a desk and the lamp. The room is rather small.

Diurne: The captain headache gets surprisingly better after a few minutes. He's not seeing his uniform or any Starfleet equipment around

Diurne: §

* Tiron Eks looks for any panels he could open, anything that transmit energy or signals.

Diurne: There is no panel at all..

* Tiron Eks thinks of if he can dissemble the lamp/chair/bed.

* Patrick after gathering the Blue and the yellow redshirt, gathered the required devices and readied the EVa, prepares to go an pick samples on the wrecked prani ship

Diurne: O'Rourke team leaves the Independence with a shuttle, EVA suits ready. After a short trip in space, they arrive by the huge wreck dominating the local landscape

Diurne: From the tiny shuttle, even more when inside a tinier EVA suits, the spidery wreck looks very impressive.

* Patrick feels back in academy days

Diurne: All sensors were left checked by various reading anomalies. The purpose of the team is to get some samples from the station material. 3 People are on this, including the chief engineer

Diurne: Leaving the shuttle, you all three drift in space... looking at the station angles and spikes makes you vaguely nauseous.

Diurne: When you have to look at it for prolonged times, you even get a developping headache

Diurne: Something is wrong around.

Diurne: In his room, Tiron proceeds to disassemble the lamp ?

* Tiron Eks proceeds to disassemble the lamp, he can't just sit there and do nothing.

Diurne: Patrick is the crewman of the month, probably going to win a journey to Risa to congratulate him for all his efforts and success

Diurne: Despite the fatigue, he is still able to maneuver his EVA like a pro and collects samples and runs data sweeps

Diurne: The trio of the Starfleet crew members do their work there. Patrick has the underlying feeling he's about to notice something but... he just can't say what...

Diurne: It's like when something is obvious, on front of your eyes, or you should see it... but you can't. But some part of your brain registered it...

Diurne: And... at that moment there is a sort of blinding flash. The science crew member, a guy named Rafael Quispe yells suddenly before the contact is cut brutally.

Diurne: Patrick turns the head to see what made Quispe yell. And he sees the guy drifting backward, a freezing spray of blood trailing from his body

Patrick: eek

Diurne: The captain has his disassembled lamp.

* Patrick looks around to see what could have happened

Diurne: The engineering yellow shirt comes, drifting to your location "What happened ?"

* Tiron Eks looks for if anything of it can be used as weapon.

Diurne: Patrick looks around. Quispe was working near the wreck hull. There is no trace of anything suspicious.

Patrick: *clicks* O'rourke to Sick Bay, we have someone injured here who need immediate teleportation

* Tiron Eks thinks the body of the lamp is good enough as a distraction then.

Diurne: Quisope is drifting in space. The EVA suit is neatly cut, vertically and diagonally, split in four, at the chest level

Diurne: The captain is waiting for events to unfold ?

Rhino is disconnected.

* Nurse Church thinks the sickbay should no longer answer calls

* Tiron Eks tries to put the bed upright next to the door, so it can fall on someone who tries to enter.

Patrick: *clicks* O'rourke to Sick Bay, we have someone injured here who need immediate teleportation

Diurne: After making his bedroom guerilla preparations, Tiron Eks can only wait. His headache is clearing now, just paining when making a real sudden move

* Tiron Eks prepares as best as possible to prepare for the pain and ambush of anyone who enters next time his room.

Zhen: And me and nurse Chirch ae ready.

* Zhen is not surprised that someone is injured on PAtrick's team.

Diurne: He's startled when he hears the door starting to unlock then... a buzzing sound is ringing somewhere in the background. He hears muffled voices behind the door. Door that no longer open.

Nurse Church: But, doctor... wasn't using transporters close to the station something to not do because of the distances distorsion ?

Patrick: *clicks* computer, ready to teleport Quispe to Sick Bay... Energize

Zhen: I am wondering how do you know that and Patrick the head engineer doesn't. Maybe you should become chief Engineer?

Tiron Eks: ((he must be boiling already))

Patrick: *to the blueshirt* did you see what happened ? did he triggered some weapon accidentally ?

Zhen: *clicks* Patrick...

Zhen: Anomalies... you should not teleport.

Patrick: Zhen, if youdon't teleport this man right now, he's dead anyway

Zhen: I will not teleport anyone. You will. I can't teleport anything from sickbay.

Zhen: Even if I could I would not know how to do it.

Diurne: A second later, a burst open and bloody EVA suit, as cold as space, materialize inside the sickbay

* Zhen jumps to... see if he needs a coroner or a doctor

* Patrick looks carefully around to see if there could be some dvice still operational

Diurne: The EVA yellow shirt replies "No, no weapon... nothing... I just heard him yell"

Diurne: In his room, Tiron hears the men who came to his door start talking fast. He can also hear someone running away

Diurne: He overhears two men arguing "We have to bring him to the detention block now !" and someone replying "You're a fool, they are trying this epxeriment again. To hell her orders, I'm not staying at this level for longer"

* Tiron Eks thinks if there's now only one guard left and if the door is now unlocked?

Diurne: The door wasn't unlocked. They stopped before

* Tiron Eks waits for an ambush opportunity then.

Diurne: In the sickbay, doctor Idisha can, maybe, save the bones of the man. For the skin, it's a bit too late already. He's going to need serious epidermic attention due to ... well... Zhen doesn't exactly know.

* Zhen is going to do his magic!

Diurne: It seems something very sharp cut twice the man at chest level. Each was a deep cut through the EVA suit and a few centimetres in the flesh. It is however surprisingly uniform in its depth.

Zhen: Nurse Church prepare (insert a lot of technobabble)

* Zhen is happy that Ria was NOT on that mission od doom

Diurne: In his spartan style bedroom, transformed into a WWI trench, the captain feels the hull vibrating. As if there was a large engine below him

Diurne: Qispe came back to the world of living. He is still among the severely injured crowd

Zhen: This man will live even after meeting Patrick the Grim Reaper. Nurse, please prepare (more technobabble)

Diurne: Zhen isn't a forensic specialist, however he would say Qispe wan't hit or cut by a weapon. It's rather as if he himself hit something, or ran against.

Diurne: The cut are too uniform in depth to be a shot or a strike.

Diurne: It's more the same cutting force was applied everywhere at the same time.

* Patrick uses tricorder to detect energy sources in teh wreck

* Zhen is saying his findings outloud for the record (and nurse to hear)

Diurne: In his bedroom, the captain keeps his hold on the lamp body, waiting for an opportunity... he has a violent headache growing now. Then he has difficulty to breath as if a colossal weight was dropped on his chest, he feels ultra hot... burning... the bedroom is changed... No longer whitewashed walls. Now they are metal, rusty color.

Diurne: Patrick runs his tricorder over the wreck and the area of the Qispe incident. The readings are still somewhat warped by interferences here but it's easier to correct them.

Diurne: Something that puzzle Patrick is, after rotating the whole selection of tests, he notices his tricorder, about the local area, is displaying a change in quantum state.

Diurne: The change in state is the trace iof a subspace anomaly

* Tiron Eks groans under the pain.

Patrick: *to the science guy* did you notice that ?

Diurne: He no longer has a bed upright to barricade the room. Where did the bed go ? No idea.

Diurne: The other EVA replies (after being informed) "The change happened recently. It may mean a change in spatial location or in time line"

Patrick: hmm, doesn't look like a good idea to stay here... let's go back to the shuttle

Diurne: Patrick got the spontaneous agreement of the other guy

* Tiron Eks seems collapse under the burning heat, tries only to breath.

Diurne: The captain manages to endure the renewed pain. His skin is slowly crisping for some reason. Even, a basic breath is a fantastic effort. Standing up is like pushing up a mountain.

Diurne: The lungs burn...

Diurne: With his eyes half closed, filled by tears of pain, he can see the corridor outside his room. There is no door there... He could just walk away it seems, if he could walk. Then he has a sightof a multilegged creature, with fiery orange skin, very angular in shape, with terrifying bright eyes...

* Tiron Eks isn't able to say anything and just tries to reach out to that creature, a gesture of help maybe.

Diurne: Then all pain is relieved, all weights are removed from his shoulders and chest, he feels as if he was thrown in a cold lake and he can breath so easily that he overdoes it.

Diurne: The bed is upright again, the door is back, the buzzing sound is audible

* Tiron Eks takes a big breath and wonders what happened just, if his skin is still crispy from that ... whatever it was.

Diurne: Yes, his skin is crispy and he's rather badly burned

* Tiron Eks grits his teeth and feels remember of one holonovel where one character fell victim to some lava and all his skin got burned.

Tiron Eks: Curses!

Diurne: Patrick and his crew member are back in the shuttle and back to the USS Independence.

Diurne: In the sickbay, Zhen records his findings while preventing Qispe to die again.

Diurne: In an unknown place, a naked burned captain is alone.

Diurne: Then...

Diurne: The captain can hear a voice calling through the door...

* Cdr Yaxara Seyler asks softly "Captain ? Captain ?"

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Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2 Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:00 am


Diurne: In the sickbay, Dr Zhen Idisha is saving the life of crewman Qispe who was strangely sliced during an EVA under Lt Cmdr O'Rourke supervision.

Diurne: Meanwhile, captain Eks decided to explore strange new worlds and... burn and cough and feel crushed... all at once while held in a mysterious cell by a sort of... Ria ?

* Zhen thinks it is good that PAtrick did not took his cousin because this person was her substitute

Diurne: Patrick O'Rourke, then is now left with a almost dead Qispe in the sickbay and a task about sampling to finish. Or isn't it a bit... dangerous , hmm ?

* Zhen is patching poor hispanic fellow and is yammering about conspiracy against his success

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke for Hilbert

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Here is the science lab... listening

Patrick: you're gonna find some other way to get infos, or some other wreck, or go there by yourself... I nearly got one of my men killed

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Unfortunately, there is no other way. Sensors are scrambled here.

Patrick: Hilbert, I have to repeat myself: I won't endanger someone else life as long as this wreck hasn't been secured

Patrick: I need it to be... secured somehow. Obviously something was still working, there, something that don't like intruders

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: I won't repeat myself. There is no other way. I'm not saying you have to send someone else. Just without samples, we're just as helpless as before. But it's ok, I understand you.

Diurne: In the sickbay, Dr Idisha finishes patching up the wounded Qispe under the admiring gaze of nurse Church. Ywaning on her biobed, Zhen cousin simply says "The ship is moving"

Patrick: *mumbles* where is Rajakanya when you need him...

Zhen: I don't feel anything moving. Are ypu sure it is mot that book of yours that makes you feel... moved?

Patrick: *clics* O'Rourke to Arquero

Ria: You were too focused on the work. You didn't feel the little vibration of the EPS conduits

Lt Stefan Arquero: Sir ?

Patrick: Stefan, e have a problem. yeah, I know, this sounds very mundane, nowadays...

Lt Stefan Arquero: What is it this time ,

Zhen: I'm a doctor, not EPS conduit whisperer. I wonder where are we moving though.

* Zhen mutters "And why..."

Patrick: something on the wreck we tried to explore fire on us... I didn't se the shot itself so I have not a clue where it could come from... any idea to detect some... sleeping device working as a trap in a wreck ?

Ria: I'm just thinking about the "why"... since we're missing a couple of persons on the station.

* Zhen clicks "Doctor Idisha to the bridge."

Lt Stefan Arquero: It should have a power source. So track that. If linked to the wreck, it may have a power conduit somewhere in the hull...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, Doctor ?

Zhen: I'm sorry to bother you but some of... patients here are claiming that we are moving. Are we? Also to inform you that ensign Qispe is out of mortal danger.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Good work, doctor. I'm glad to hear we didn't lose Qispe on this. Yes, we're moving away from the station.

Ria: Told you...

Patrick: hmm, the problem is that looking for power conduit is very similar to what we were doing... until the trap sprung...

Lt Stefan Arquero: Well, then you must know more about the trap to counter it.

Patrick: I'll keep you informed *double-clicks* O'Rourke to Dr Idisha

Zhen: I see. I would also appreciate to know if there are any... eh developments from the station. Not that I'm concerned about captain, it's just to eh... be prepared.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *a couple of seconds of silence* We're getting energy readings from the station. Like what happened to Qispe but at larger level.

* Anvaar enters the sickbay

Zhen: I... see... please do your best... at whatever is needed. Sickbay is ready for anything.

* Zhen looks a bit annoyed and he looks at Anvaar "What do you need?"

Anvaar: I can wait...

Zhen: Do you have a medical problem?

* Nurse Church goes to Anvaar to know how she can help but the green woman nods to show it's Zhen she wants (!!)

Anvaar: Not medical no.

Zhen: Is it important?

Anvaar: To me it is.

* Anvaar smiles "But I can understand you have no time for me... I... apologize"

* Zhen grunts and looks at Qispe "Nurse, please finish regenerating process." Then looks at green woman. "You have 5 minutes." Goes to (now his) office.

* Zhen gets a call from PAt "Yes.Is anyone else half dead? Qispe is alive."

* Anvaar nods gently and goes to (his) office

Patrick: Zhen, I need to know something, and the quicker the better... what can you tell me about Qispe wound ? what hit him ?

Patrick: because I'm gonna hav to go back there

Zhen: Since my best medical techncian is not here, I can tell you that something cut him and I healed him.

Zhen: It was very precise.

Patrick: was it a blast ? some shrapnel ?

Zhen: No. It was... hmmm... quite precise. As if you would cut someone with laser scalpel.

Zhen: So I would not say it was accidental. More like some kid of scurity grid. You should know better.

Patrick: hmm... I see. Any idea of the size of the weapon that could deliver that ?

Zhen: I can send you medical data and measurements.

Patrick: I'd appreciate, thanks.

Zhen: I hope this helps. *sneds data to the shuttle*

Patrick: be reassured, though... in worst case scenario, you will have me at your sickbay but noone else, I'm gonna go back therre alone

Zhen: As you will see it is very precise cut.

Patrick: does it come from... above ? underneath ?

Zhen: How many times have I told you you are sucidal idiot? Don't die or go missing. Otherwise I will have to disobey orders and go after both of you.

Patrick: I have no other choice, Zhen, I have orders. But at least I can limit how many people will be in danger

Zhen: I am not sure. That is Peshana's field more than mine.

Zhen: What I can tell you he was cut quite precisely and nastily in cross pattern from shoulder to bladder and on other sie same but in reverse.

Patrick: hmmn which would imply ... a moving weapon

Zhen: Or person movng into a weapon.

Patrick: hmm, unlikely, we weren't on the move... though, is it posible that part of the wound was due to the victim falling after being hit ?

Patrick: see... hit at bladder, collapsing then falling whil the ray keep on cutting through him... to the shoulder ?

Zhen: I am not sure. It is quite clean and on the front side. It does not seem as if there are damages from moving or falling to the side.

Zhen: Yes, but it is same on the other side of the body too.

Patrick: grr, trapping his own ship, the hell with those stupid pranis

Patrick: can't they use self-destruct devices like everyone ?

Zhen: If they did, you all would be dead. Is that all?

Patrick: I'll have to do with that, yes

Patrick: laters

* Zhen turns to Anvaar "Now you. What is the matter?"

Anvaar: A frustration. But before I tell you... have you ever considered working outside Starfleet ?

Patrick: allright time for second round. I'm gonna go there all alone, though this time. meanwhile, I count on ou to scan the wreck from the shuttle and tell me everything that looks odd

Diurne: The Science shirt remarks the ship is moving away slowly. So maybe you should go back to it

Zhen: Every time I have to deal with certain peple from Starfleet, yes. But on the other hand wthout me they would all be dead. So I am here even if they are all ungrateful schmucks. Why?

* Patrick gets ready to go back in space one more time... joyfully...

Anvaar: I am just asking. I'm in contact with the merchant marine and people always lack good practicians. And sometimes, they even pay well

* Anvaar smiles

Anvaar: Anyway...

Zhen: You are trying to recruit me? I ma... ahem... honored. But I prefer to stay with this ungrateful lot. As said, I cannot leave them in the hands of my... esteemed colleague who is now not here.

Zhen: Also where I go, nurse Church goes too... and I think she likes Starfleet job. What is next that bothers you?

Anvaar: My... The reason why I'm here now... I mean... I wanted to ask commander Kaur Siddhu but... this woman is rather authoritative and didn't want to talk to me...

Anvaar: I admit she quite impresses me.

* Anvaar takes a breath

Zhen: That is her job. Also when that is not her job she can be quite an pain in the... ahem... antennas.

Anvaar: The Klingons are keeping my ship. And I would like you to talk on the commander on my behalf and ask if Starfleet couldn't do a thing.

Anvaar: Tiron is... missing... I'm sure he'll find his way back. He always does... but... in the meantime...

Zhen: I am sure that is possible. WHEN we deal with more important thigs which are... lives of the missing crew and that includes captain. So yes, when the crisis is over I can talk to her. Look, yes I saved your life but I am not really in the mood, have time or will to be your crying shoulder. But I know who can. Go talk with counselor Vaden, not only she can talk to you she can give a proper advice. I can fix your medical problems... or anything related to that. Only thing I can do is reccomend Bolian love poetry or Vulcan porn.

* Zhen softens a bit suddenly

Zhen: Ahem... but I will try...

Anvaar: Thanks.. I know it's not your job and it's a bit weird to ask that to the chief medical officer... but I don't know anyone else onboard. And after all, there is a sort of bond between us now, no ?

Zhen: Yes it is. *nods and smiles*

Anvaar: I don't want to waste your time any further, doctor. Thanks again

Zhen: Oh no, no.... it was not a waste at all. Quite the opposite, it was my pleasure.

* Patrick leads teh shuttle back to the station and scans for any energetic activity

Anvaar: Still, you must busy so I take my leave

Diurne: Patrick, inside the shuttle, doesn't need any scan to see the brilliance barely visible around the station. It's as if the whole wreck was vathed by an eerie light now. The sensors register this as big energy spikes noiw and then. Bteween "now" and "then" the same sensors say nothing is happening.

* Zhen nods "Yes, but I wil talk to commander as soon as I finish emergencies in sickbay. Take care. Also still if you want to talk to someone *mutters* and tell her how I bravely saved your life... You can talk to counselor Vaden.

Patrick: now this is is weird...

Anvaar: I'm probably going to visit that Vaden then. If she gets a healthy recommendation from you...

* Anvaar nods with a last smile "I really should go"

Zhen: Oh yes, yes... she is the best there is for talking to. Ah...yes... take care. *escorts her out*

Diurne: The shuttle sensors say there is a big energy release around the station. And that there is none. At the almost same time. From the outside of the phenomena, it looks like a fishing net of energy wrapping the station closely

* Zhen then returns to sickbay looking like a peacock and full of himself

* Patrick try to undermine where those spikes come from

Diurne: The energy output, according to the sensors, when they detect it, is coming from... nowhere. The sensors don't register any source, just the phenomena

Diurne: The science shirt asks Patrick "You really want to get out of the shuttle, Lieutenant Commander ?"

* Patrick tries to se if that energy can be altered... maybe phased...

Patrick: well not before I know what we face, but yes at the end, I will have to, I'm afraid

Patrick: any energy comes from somewhere... and go elsewhere...

Diurne: Patrick looks at the sensors data and finds it's very likely all of this is coming from an interphasic interference. Or maybe even, the energy is coming from interphasic space. It carries clues suggesting this. Which would explain why no energy source is detected. Because it's not here.

Diurne: The energy doesn't go elsewhere, it seeps here and around the station, forming the pattern

Diurne: But you are perplexed by another set of data...

Diurne: You *also* read quantum anomalies suggesting a spacetime distorsion.

Diurne: Of course, the possibility that you get both interphasic and spacetime influences at once is low enough to be memorable

Diurne: Somewhere, a burned captain heard a voice through a door

Seyler: Captain, you hear me ?

* Tiron Eks violently coughs, his mucous membrane are kind of evaporated from the last visit in hell.

Diurne: Someone knocks softly at the door "It's you ?"

* Tiron Eks has trouble to get proper air in his lungs, or better said his alveoli don't do the trick to exchange gas that easily anymore, but he gasps for one word: "Help!"

* Seyler muffled voice comes through the door "This is locked, I can't get in."

Patrick: *clics* O'Rourke to Hilbert

* Tiron Eks doesn't know which pain is bigger: his at least 3rd degree burns, his lungs or the fact that he is still naked? Will be able to stand up?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Patrick, yes ?

Diurne: The captain can stumble and get a hold on the wall, so he wouldn't fall

Patrick: I've found something ... unexpected to say the least... if I'm correct, the station is under the influence of both interphasic and spacetime anomalies

* Tiron Eks tries to reach the door openers.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: It is ? We can't tell from our sensors. That would explain a lot, at least

Diurne: The door barring Tiron room is locked

Seyler: Tell me something ! I hear someone approaching !

Patrick: this is a bit out of my field expertise, I'm afraid

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Don't be so sure of that. After all, you have noticed this

* Tiron Eks with hoarse voice while coughing a lot: "Don't let ... catch you." *coughs* "I jump ... in ... phases."

Seyler: Listen ! I'm going to come back ! But... Someone ! I must go now !

Patrick: I have identified it, but I don't know if I can go any further... what I would like to know is "is this station here by accident, did the anomalies hapened ater the station was built, or was it built on this particular spot on purpose, maybe trying to ... use it ?

* Tiron Eks feels in absolutely no shape to do any guerellia warfare for now and looks if his room has somewhere a water dispenser.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: That's a good question. But we must do more research on the whole system to have any hope to start answering

Diurne: Tiron, still in pain, hears footsteps. Coming... or fading ?

Diurne: Finally the door opens

Patrick: ok, I see if I can learn more from here. O'Rourke out

* Ria familiar voice resonates "Hello, honey, did I miss y- ... what the hell happened to you ?"

* Tiron Eks coughs violently in response.

* Ria tells someone (else) "No, wait... leave him for now...."

* Ria comes closer

Diurne: Behind her,a t the doorstep are two armed guards

* Ria has a cruel smile, tilting her head looking at him "Really ? How... unexpected... you got caught into that ?"

* Patrick conducts more test on the nature of the anomalies... could some devices on the station might be conected to them, maybe trying to use them ?

* Tiron Eks is not sure how long he'll survive in his current condition. He looks at her, he has no other grimace than a painful one and should be perhaps happy that he was wise enough to close his eyes in hell so he can still see at least.

Ria: Maybe you would... request some help ?

* Tiron Eks coughs: "If not .... your work ... wasted."

Diurne: Patrick runs the shuttle sensors over the station surface. Most of the data is useless distorted results. However, he can pinpoint something interesting. Where he (Patrick) would imagine the wreck reactor core should be... then there is a large interphasic signature pulsating out. If he didn't know better, he would say the reactor is working. Save it isn't.

Ria: You're giving too much importance to your own life. Believing that i'd save you no matter what ? How presomptuous.... I have better to do. I let you die here then. At least, your pride will be a fine companion for your last moments

* Ria turns the heels and tells the guard "He's done. Lock that door and guard it. Next time I enter the room he's dead"

* Tiron Eks grits with his teeth: "then ... kill ... now!"

* Ria turns to face him one last time "I also have my pride. And just to prove you're really that worthless to me, i'm ready to let you die. Of course, since you're dead, you won't know how serious I am. On the other hand, knowing it myself is enough for my own ego"

* Ria has a little chuckle "I hope you have faith in afterlife"

* Ria goes outside

* Tiron Eks makes a mental note to kill her in this or in the next life.

Diurne: The door is slammed behind her then locked.

Diurne: Weakened and in pain, Tiron can only wait for... for what by the way ? Could it be... death ?

Diurne: The door stays locked. After Ria departure, he heard people, probably guards, discussing for a while on the other side.

* Tiron Eks just lies there after looking around that there is nowhere a water dispenser.

Diurne: Nowhere no.

Diurne: An hour passes. He feels he as weakened.Moving in any way is now painful.

* Tiron Eks thinks of something from his eks symbiont. Any miracle survival trick, any telepathic stunt ... he doesn't really know how to survive this than just conserving his energy and depending on others, if they come and aren't any illusion.

* Tiron Eks is not a physician, but he knows doing nothing equals certain death ... so he has to do something, staying sitll is a step backwards.

* Tiron Eks looks at the door and crawls to it.

Diurne: The door stays closed with a real obstination

Patrick: *clicks* O'rourke to Hilbert

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Science lab here

* Tiron Eks hits the door with his fist, making noise.

Patrick: William, I think I put the finger on something... I'm not sure if it can be of any help but... it loks like my idae of this station being built somehow on purpose might not be that eccentric. For what I can judge, what should be the source of all that enregy should be where in such station would lie the central core reactor

Patrick: Now I wonder, is it safe to try to ... perturbate that core ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: The core is not active for now

Patrick: it isn't but the source of that energy comes from there...

Diurne: Someone shouts from the other side of Tiron door "You're not dead yet ?"

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: So what do you want to do ? Turn it on ?

* Tiron Eks hits again with his fist against the door.

Patrick: can be an idea, yes.

Patrick: if it was designed on purpose, it is supposed to have some efect on the anmalies, maybe ... containing them

Patrick: channel them

* Tiron Eks tries to provoce the guards by slamming his fist against the door again.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Well, if I understood correctly, the core is the general area where our Prani friends are

Diurne: "Keep pounding the door, that will haste your death !", guards laugh.

Patrick: it's an assumption but for what I hav seen they don't look like the kind of scientists who could have designed all of this... maybe they came here to try to reactivate it, or maybe it was working when they came and they disturbed something ?

* Tiron Eks does not stop making noise.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: It's possible they started something yes. While we always had issues with sensors in the area...

Diurne: "You want something ?", is a guard asking

Patrick: still there's a risk. Assuming we can find a way to the core and also find a way to reactivate it... Q knows what it would provoke...

Tiron Eks: Ya, dammit! *slams again his fists against the door*

Diurne: "If you want to get out, you're banging on the wrong door !", this make the guards laugh again

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Yes... but don't tell me you want to try that ? On what purpose ?

Tiron Eks: *slams again a fist against the door* You cowardly sau to come in!"

Tiron Eks: *sow

Patrick: I'm afraid it's an engineer fault : if we see an unplugged wire, we feel the urge to plug it

Diurne: The guards laugh again, "We don't have the key, you cretin"

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Can I respectfully advice against it ? We don't have any infos on the wreck save the bits we got from the Prani or left and right.

Patrick: anyway, I don't think I can leanr much more where I stand... the answers are in the core, whether we start it back or not

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Erm... maybe... I can't fault this behaviour, save it sounds a bit reckless"

Tiron Eks: Then go to this ... so called ... commander ... and tell her ... every ... other hole is ... a whole lot ... more fun ... than her!

Diurne: The guards laugh more "That's a good one, at least"

Diurne: Through his pain, Tiron hear the guards discuss. Finally, they aren't sure any of them would dare to repeat the so nice insult to the commander.

Diurne: Tiron endures the martyrdom of being left without medical help. It is surely a harrowing experience for him and the symbiont

Diurne: Time later, how much time, he can't tell... but he is drawn out of his torpor when he hears the voice of Riashaala

* Tiron Eks tries to listen what she says, if the trooper repeat the "joke".

Diurne: Likely he had. Someone reports Tiron is using unsavory and unflattering words about her.

Diurne: Then the door is opened forecefully. Through the veil of pain, Tiron can see a blue skinned woman with antenna, obviously looking furious and obviously holding vicious Andorian blades.

Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2 Ushaan-tor
An Andorian blade held by one angry andorian woman.

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* Tiron Eks is feeling he's still alive, because he has pain everywhere, burned skin, heavy breathing, maybe headaches ... and then there is suddenly one certain andorian female again in the room.

* Zhen is enthralled by an evil green witch

Only Anvaar's owners can impersonate or run macros on it.

* Ria breathes heavily and looks at Tiron in anger, holding her Andorian blades

Ria: You're going to suffer...

Diurne: So what is planning the chief engineer and the (currently) chief medical officer of the Independence ?

* Tiron Eks smirks: "I thought next time you enter this room ... I would be already dead by then ... looks you are .. wrong."

Ria: I'm going to fix this personnally

* Zhen goes on foot to a bridge "Nurse, please dont let my cousin flee while I'm gone."

* Nurse Church wonders if it's a true meaningful order

* Zhen goes to the bridge

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is sitting by Codanadal, working on a ship sensor station

Zhen: Good day. *waves his trained salute*

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu looks surprised "Welcome on the bridge, doctor"

Zhen: I am just doing... ahem.. rounds. After all this is a stressful situation and we lack crew. So instead calling you to sickbay I decided on a housecall. Are you both feeling well?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: A bit overworked, doctor, I will risk to say

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, Salpan is right about this but since the battle with the Prani, we're a little short on personnel

Zhen: Don't I know it. Sickbay currently runs only on nurse Church and me. Just as an idea after all this is over maybe we should organize a special crew training for situations like this. Or make emergency holograms based on ourselves. That last one was a joke. Ahem.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, probably... we're supposed to be trained to face such situations... but the combat strained our ressources... I guess we're still... more or less... doing well

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu makes a call to Hilbert "Science lab, send us the ltatest developments on the situation"

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu comments "It seems our Klingon friends are oblivious to the phenomena"

Zhen: The anomalies?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I am speculating science isn't their taste

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, those and more...

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu focus on the console and the readings

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Resonance matches, commander.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So it's them... It's only half expected however

Zhen: Was our team found? *closes to them*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: No... Tholians.

Zhen: Oh... that is not good. Not at all.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Unlikely it turns for the good, I agree... The wreck is sending signals in all directions. It matches what we recorded from Tholian activity

Zhen: I don't want to sound evil... but with Klingons here I hope they will consider us a lesser threat.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: With Tholians, who knows... but for now we just have signals matching our records, no Tholian in sight

Zhen: That is good then. Any signs from our team?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: None.... Seyler vanished as well, while looking for the captain... And I may have to recall everyone if the signals start to become a worry

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: After all, the station could self destruct or whatever else

Zhen: Let's hope not. In any case, I suggest you two to take some stims if you start feeling serious fatigue, but not too much. I don't want to take your tie anymore. Also when you will have time our Orion guest asked me to ask you about her ship.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Her ship ?

* Zhen shrugs "I don't even know where it is. Klingons?"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, they towed it...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Why are you asking ? It's good to take care of our guests wishes but I'm surprised you decide to care

Zhen: Well, she came to me, and I guess as one of two persons who saved her, I guess she sees me as someone she can trust.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Ok... so... it was towed by the Klingons... you can tell her

* Zhen nods and grunts something that may sound as "Take care." and waves a salute to go back to sickbay

* Patrick while heading back to the station, clicks on combadge "O'Rourke to Commander Kaur Siddhu"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm listening

Patrick: did Hilbert make you some report about our findings ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, plus the recent signal outburst

* Zhen waits for any data science team may send him and yammers about Tholians

Diurne: Zhen gets the same kind of data that is sent to the bridge, just the full report. It shows the signals now emitted by the station

Patrick: right. So we have an interphasic interference which seems to come approximatively from the wreck reactor. It may be the "local" energy source. Plus, we also have quantum anomalies which could be due to a spacetime distortion. And finally, yes, the signals fluctuations seem to follow a pattern that matchs the structures... a bit like if it was some... big antenna

* Lt Salpan Codanadal chuckles "The antenna isn't in good shape"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It is sending a message, in other words ?

Patrick: possibly, but I miss the equipment to go any further in that direction, and linguistics isn't exactly my field of expertise

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Get back on board and see if you can learn more

Patrick: I'm on my wy back. O'Rourke out.

* Zhen clicks "Computer tell guestAnvaar to come to sickbay."

Diurne: The injured captain is now facing Ria in his cell room. The Andorian woman is holding a three bladed knife and a long cutlass, both of Andorian origin. She comes closer to him, obviously with the intent to slice him

Diurne: Eks doesn't know much about it but he can recognize quite well the typical posture of Andorian blade fighters. Meaning Ria isn't holding the blades for show, she's actually trained to use them

Tiron Eks: Are you sure you can handle these sharp things?

* Tiron Eks chooses to talk: "So now you're showing your true feelings, eh?"

* Ria replies with a fast strike with the three bladed knife at Tiron chest

* Tiron Eks has to dodge that strike.

Diurne: Tiron jumps back and the strike misses

Ria: This is a small cell, you won't be able to do that trick for long

Diurne: That's actually right. You lack room to easily dodge much more

Tiron Eks: So, what are you waiting for? Your demonstration is only good for a theater performance.

* Ria moves forward again and strikes once more

* Tiron Eks chooses to strike back and tries to disarm her.

Diurne: That was the idea... that was the idea before the blades cut his flesh

Diurne: The three bladed knife cuts deep in his chest and the strength of the blow even break a rib. One blade cut inside his chest, slicing his innards

Diurne: Tiron falls on the ground, shocked and bleeding profusely.

Ria: You call it on you...

* Ria calls a guard

Ria: Give me your disruptor

* Ria gets the energy handgun from the guard

* Ria aims at Tiron head

Ria: I don't give chances to anyone

* Ria shoots

Diurne: Tiron upper half is disintegrated

* Ria gives back the handgun "Clean the mess... I'm in my office"

Diurne: The guard looks, annoyed, at half the body of a Trill and a pool of blood, on the floor

Diurne: Somewhere, in the close tunnels, Yaxara Seyler wonders how she could help her captain...

* Anvaar comes to the sickbay, summoned by the board computer

Zhen: Ah Anvaar, you are here. I talked to commander for you. Klingons still have your ship and our ship has sorry lack of crew and resources. So sadly matter of your ship is postponed until we get ourselves to some power.

Diurne: Patrick is back in the wonderful world of the engineering room and attached rooms

Anvaar: Oh... That's.... I mean I understand... I think I don't realize what are your current difficulties.

Patrick: *enters engineering* So, how are the repairs going on, Stefan ?

Zhen: As you can see sickbay is practically empty of officers. It is like that on whole ship, I'm sorry.

Lt Stefan Arquero: Actuazlly... they are done... we're going to end the last checks. Thanks to the work roadmap you have set for us... we really have finished... I couldn't imagine finishing this in less than three days... but we're done.

Anvaar: I get it... Do you know what is the situation with Tiron ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: No really, we should call that the "O"Rourke method" and teach it at the academy

Zhen: That is what we are trying to solve first, of course. So far no news.

Patrick: I guess stress is a good lubricant for the brain...

Anvaar: Nothing at all ? *she looks at his rank* Oh, sorry... You are not told things, maybe

Lt Stefan Arquero: I'm dead serious, commander. Your way to organize the work over one day of repair actually brought us almost fully operationnal.

Lt Stefan Arquero: Think about it... the academy... they will love it

Patrick: hrmm* looks embarassed* I'll send them a report, in case they may be interested...

* Zhen frowns "Rank has nothing to do with it. I know everything that is happening here and I am chief medical offier here. So, yes captain is still lost and there are no news."

Lt Stefan Arquero: Well, your choice... But, so far, we're ready to go to the stars, if you give us half an hour. Or if you insist, you can give full power back, right now

Patrick: go for half an hour, I have a few more things to check about waht we found in the wreck

Anvaar: Are you going to start a rescue team, yes ?

Zhen: Me? No, but one is aleay on the way. That is why we have no crew.

Diurne: Somewhere, a mumbling guard wipes the floor from the blood while his colleague dumps half a Trill body in a big plastic bag

Anvaar: Pardon me but ... you're not on the rescue team ? I would feel better if you do... I know you can do miracles

* Ria already forgot the incident in her office

Patrick: computer, can you find me the highest rank linguist in the crew ?

Zhen: Ahem. Yes, I am the miracle worker, but in sickbay not on adventures. I tried to go on an away team, but then sickbay would stand without officers. Tiron was or is... I'm not really sure, my friend, but I'm definitely not Captain Kirk and I am needed here.

Computer: Lieutenant Cassa from the science department is a certified linguist

Patrick: good.

Anvaar: I hope... you're not needed there... I would feel better if you were, still... But I guess I have no say in this....

* Anvaar ruffles a bit her dark mane of hair "I should look stupid to you, right ?"

Zhen: Oh no, no, ot at all. Ahem. I understand your concern and ahem... needs. Yes. If there will be seond away team I will try to convince commander to go with it.

Zhen: Again...

Zhen: That woman can be so stubborn.

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke for Leutnant Cassa

Lt Cassa: Cassa listening... what can I do for you ?

Anvaar: Sometimes I wonder what he and I are doing in such places... You don't think we would be all better at home, in a safer place... ? Look now... Tiron missing... Battles everywhere...

Zhen: That is what I tell everyone! But do anyone listens to me? Noooooo. They are all more interested in advenure.

* Anvaar looks to wait for something to happen

Patrick: If you're not on something urgent, I'd like to see you at the engineering. We have something here that require linguist talents.

* Zhen is Zhen and is staring at a woman not knowing what to do with her "Do you want to hear about Idisha parasites and how I found a solution for them?"

Patrick: ah, Leutnant Cassa, welcome.

Patrick: Here is the problem of the day. We have a spatial wreck emitting energies but acting like an antenna, in a way. I was wondering if there could be a pattern in this "transmission" and if it could be some sort of language

Lt Cassa: Did you identify the destination of the potential message ?

Anvaar: Idisha parasites... Erm... Yes, that sounds fascinating

Patrick: not from the shuttle but I was about to work on it

* Zhen with enthusiasm goes to explain in great detail (with visual aids) about fascinating world of bio-energy parasite and how to combat them

Lt Cassa: I leave to you the work of finding the destination... Why do you believe we are facing a language ?

Diurne: Somewhere, a guard yawns as the remains of half a Trill are consumed inside the recycler

Patrick: I.. don't know, I searched for patterns and the Commander asked me if it could be a message... it's worth a look

Lt Cassa: Oh ? Certainly... If I can get access to a console or...

* Lt Stefan Arquero says, a bit bitter "There is Morbren console... or Paula's"

Lt Cassa: Ahem... thanks

* Lt Cassa goes to Morbren console, apparently the closest

Diurne: Half an hour later, doctor Idisha is still explaining the marvels of microbiology applied to semi-energy beings when Arquero gives back the full power to the ship under O"Rourke supervision.

* Patrick goes working on determining if the signal is directed somewhere or just emitted widely

Patrick: good. And now... the favourite moment

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Commander Kaur Siddhu

Patrick: Commander, we are... fully operational. We have power, shields, engines and weapons. A bit of painting would be an idea but I guess it can wait

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Thanks, O'Rourke.

Patrick: Ltnt Cassa from science is working on a possible language emitted by the wreck while I'm trying to find if it's directed somewhere

Diurne: On his console, while talking, Patrick gets reports from Hilbert science team that the station signals power is increasing fast

Lt Cassa: At first sight, it looks to be some sort of ... language yes... but I wonder it is too primitive to be a spoken language... maybe a coded one.. or a computer language

Lt Salpan Codanadal: The Klingons look to have decided the station is becoming dangerous. They are recalling their shuttles

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Warn Rajakanya he may have to evacuate fast

Patrick: Commander, I just receive advice from the science department, it seems the signal is growing in power

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes... looks the Klingons have perceived it as well... I now must decide if we stay longer or leave as fast as possible. Do you have an opinion, an advice to offer, lieutenant commander O'Rourke ?

Diurne: In the sickbay, full power is restored as doctor Idisha is presenting the latest of his studies to Anvaar

Patrick: hmm, the fact is we worked hard on repairing the ship, I'd like if we didn't ruin it too fast, but I think we can't just abandon our fellows there

* Zhen is all too happy to explain everything to excrutiating detail to Anvaar, after all finally someone listens to him!

Patrick: Commander, do we have recent report from the away team ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Hilbert to O'Rourke... Patrick, we're getting a strange change in the station... the core, the reactor of the wreck... well... was assumed to be a wreck and was never functionnal. And now we're getting readings as if there is a powerful energy source inside the station. Suddenly. No power build up. It's as if we never noticed it until now

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: We're also having readings of energy slowly wrapping the station... like within a net.

Patrick: hmm, as if we suddenly have a ... connection with an interphasic space ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Possible. It would be as if something is overlapping our reality, yes... so we can now detect it

Patrick: if the phenomena progresses constantly, can it become dangerous for our ship ? and in that case, how much time do we have ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: The energy net looks to simply warp the station. It doesn't look to expand. However, it may jeopardize our chances to recover the away team or send someone in.

Patrick: Commander KaurSiddhu, whatever we decide, we have to make it quickly... the energy is wrapping the station.

Patrick: William, do we have anything onboard that could slow down the wrapping ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I agree... but if you have no way to see how we can recover the captain and the commander Seyler, then we just get Rajakanya team and leave.

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Since the ship looks fully operationnal, we can try to disrupt the build up. But if we suppose the core is generating it, the best would be to stop it

Patrick: going there and trying to shut it down ?

Patrick: *turns to Arquero* Stefan, do you think you could teleport an away team near this reactor core ?

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: If you want to prevent the wrapping, it looks to be the logical conclusion. Now we can use our deflector to send pulses of particles to disrupt the net build up. I can work quickly on that and tells you how to configure the deflector. But who has the biggest core ? Us or the station ? Because that will determine the winner

Lt Stefan Arquero: With a high risk of them arriving like an unfinished puzzle, yes. The anomalies didn't vanish

Patrick: ok, let's try to mix both ideas... is it possible to send pulses of particles, near the core, so as to create a -relatively- safe telport spot ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: This is unrelated... the anomalies were always there. Energy net or not.

Lt Stefan Arquero: Unless the inside are now more stable... *looks at the science team data* but subspace is as perturbed than before there

Patrick: thre is also the Klingon way : firing on the reactor hoping it can stop the processus

Patrick: not sure it will do any good, though

* Lt Stefan Arquero winces "I guess... I'd expect a sort of massive explosion, as well

Patrick: I'd like to choose this solution just to see Dr Idisha's reaction but no, it wouldn't be a good idea...

Patrick: ok, now let's imagine :

Patrick: we send pulses of particles to slow down the wrapping of the station. We send a shuttle as near as we can and try to locate the away team ... and beam them if we can... do you think the anmalies can perturbate teleportation on that direction (from inside to outside) ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: Yes... that's why we used shuttles

Lt Stefan Arquero: Distances and volumes are not right in the station. You can beam in or out, you'll run into them

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The moment before Captain Tiron Eks' death.

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* Zhen was talking to Anvaar and contemplating to send them all to hell and go to search for Captain.

* Zhen clicks commbadge "Doctor Idisha to chief engineer."

Patrick: go on

Zhen: Do you have a moment for a private chat?

Patrick: hmm, not exactly ... but I'll try anyway. Be ath the sick bay in 10

Zhen: Good.

Patrick: Stefan, I let you think on solutions on how to stop the "netting", I'll be there shortly

* Patrick heads to sick bay

* Zhen waits for him in (now his!) office

* Patrick neters sickbay

* Patrick enters sickbay

Diurne: Captain Tiron Eks is in a strangely threatening situation. He's in a dark shaft inside Shatterpoint. He's having a stronger and stronger headache. Not the moment when you're trying to go down with the only help of a rope. It's a weird, subtly threatening, situation because he feels as if he was getting farther and farther from the rest of his team. Above him, he can see the worried face of doctor Seyler, worried. "Can you still hear me, captain", she calls ?

* Zhen motions him to enter the office and closes the door behind him

Zhen: What have you found out on your trip?

Patrick: spatial anomalies

Zhen: I knew that before you went on your trip. Nothing else?

Patrick: I didn't stay very long after having casualties...

Zhen: You could et least experiment. Throw things around. See how that anomaly reacts. Have you done aynthing to test it?

Patrick: whateer you may think of me, I usually don't shoot on things to see how they react, I first try to state what I'm looking at

Zhen: Do you know how is called the only and only method of finding something out in science?

Patrick: probably no, but can't wait to hear it

* Tiron Eks hangs on the rope, trying to keep a focused head despite rising headaches. He yells: "Yes, Doctor. Something is not right here! I'm losing you!"

Zhen: It is called "experiment" or "experimenting". Do you know what that is?

Seyler: Ok, captain... I'm trying to come to you... try to get my hand when I'm in reach

* Seyler climbs down cautiously, obviously it's not her favorite sport

Patrick: again, probably no, but tell me your definition

Diurne: The captain hears in the shaft a male voice saying, like with an echo "How do we get him back here ?"

Tiron Eks: And my headaches aren't improving my situation here either!

Zhen: It is not my definition, it is the only definition. It is simply put testing something to get any results that you can later analyze.

* Seyler keeps going down slowly "Keep... your *breathes* hold tight *breathes* on the rope, captain. And *breathes and glances down to him* you look like fading"

Zhen: So since you managed to do nothing, and we are still missing crew, what I want is to go there myself and test things. But since allmighty Kaur Siddhu is not letting me anywhere I need someone with some rank like... YOU... to change her mind.

Patrick: is this the reason why you needed me ?

Patrick: now, before we go any further, let me explain you the difference between playing with germs in a controlled environment and playing with a wide unknown station, risking to blow evrything, including the ship, out... but you may prefer a drawing ?

Diurne: In the shaft, the same male voice asks "We're almost ready. I can't guarantee the result, however". Then a female voice replies, with a menacing tone "He's just a blasted infiltrator". The male comments "He's not going to infiltrate anyone at this speed, he's almost frozen"

* Seyler is now close to Tiron, she tries to reach for his hand

* Tiron Eks does as she orders and looks around, if there's even anywhere light.

Seyler: Here, get my hand captain

Zhen: I prefer to do something while you and your commander sit on your well rounded behinds. You do undertsand that Tiron and the rest may be just now dying because you are too wimpy? If you don't want to go, then don't but sitting here and doing nothing will get us nowhere.

* Tiron Eks tries to ger her hand and adds: "Is someone else in this shaft or am I hallucinating?"

Zhen: Also I would LOVE to see Seyler's face when I save her.

Patrick: allright, a drawing then *picks datapd*

Diurne: Below him, Tiron believes he can see two shapes... a man and a woman... they are looking up, to him... They look familiar but... this headache... the woman has white hair and blue skin... she should be...Tiron almost remember... does he recognize her ? What woman he could know would be aiming at his head with an energy weapon right now ? Who ?

Patrick: here, see the germ *draws a point* in a confined environment *draws three circle around the point*

Zhen: Look, I'm not in a mood for you quite frankly sad attempts at humor. Do you want to hellp or not?

Patrick: now, our ship *draws a little square* and an unknown station made of unknown tech draws a wide sqaure near with a question-mark inside* and also... two spatial anomalies *draws two arrows pointing to large square and two more question-mark behind the arrows* linked to it

Zhen: I was there. Prani were there. You were there. Don't give me that talk. Are you helping me or not? Just asking to prepare and steal a shuttle while you here can stay and be safe.

Patrick: Now, to make it brief, thre is something probably linked to the anomalies that... "net" the station... something that we can't pass physically. We can't beam through it either

Zhen: We were there with hundreds of prani and hundreds of tribbles.

Patrick: actually, we're trying to find a way to counter this "netting" and to send people to the core reactor, which seem linked to the phenomena... more exactly, I was working on it, when you call me to explain me what experimenting was...

Patrick: so... before I resume my not-so-experimenting-tasks, what exactly do you want me to say to the Commander ?

* Tiron Eks is on a boarding party away mission, he ordered to combat the Prani and rescue Lt. Harrison. There can't be any blue skinned ally on this station since he left the only known two beings onboard of Independence. He chooses to detach one of the stun grenades and throws it down.

Zhen: So you are working on a solution of an unknown problem? Do you know what that is like? Liek when you come with me sick and I randomly try to determine what medicine will help you instead of making a medical checkup first. In that situation do you think I have more chances of killing you or curing you?

* Seyler gets a hold of Tiron Eks hand "I get you, captain", she yells back, to someone above "Rajakanya, haul us two, I get him"

Diurne: The male voice resonnates in the shaft "Oh, he moved... what is he doing ?". The female voice states "He's getting something, look like a grenade"

Patrick: Zhen, in that case, the only person in danger is me, and maybe you... I'm actually trying to find a solution that doesn't blow up th whole station, the away team and the ship...

Diurne: Tiron is hauled up while holding Seyler hand. The chief medical officer of the Independence cringes under the stress forced on her arm muscles

Patrick: and I still wait for what you want me to tell to the Commander

Zhen: To send another team down there this time with me onboard since you all are incompetent to bring back even simplest results!

Diurne: "Damn, he has dropped the grenade... see it falling to us at what ? One inch per minute ?", says the man. "I would find this cute if he wasn't trying to kill us", tells the woman in reply

Diurne: Tiron is hauled up, strongly. A beam of energy goes by him, missing him by half a centimeter and burning him superficially

Patrick: I didn't know you were a quantum physic specialist, my apologizes...

Diurne: "Ah... I got the bitch", says the woman

Diurne: Then Tiron looks up and see horrified the gaping wound in Seyler chest, who looks at him, not understanding what happens

Zhen: I am not, but at least I will know how to at least MAKE SOME DATA that is not NONE or one half-dead crewmember.

Diurne: And all in a sudden, Syler body goes limp and she falls

Patrick: we had datas, Hilbert and Arquero are working on them at the moment, as I should be. The fact is we forgot to send you a memo

Zhen: You... forgot...

* Zhen looks seriously pissed right now

* Tiron Eks tries to stop her from falling by still grabbing her hand.

Patrick: well, there were no micro-organisms of any sort involved, I didn't think it can interest you...

Diurne: Tiron grabs her by an arm, trying to keep the hold on the rope. Against him, Seyler looks... dead. The wound in the chest is horrifying, probably a disruptor, not set at the lower levels of energy output

Patrick: on a more serious note, I'm all for new and fresh ideas, Zhen. But the fact is, actually I just don't know if it's safe to send anyone to the wreck...

Zhen: Are you out of your suicidal human brain?! I'm sending requests for ANY kind of data to ALL departments since this started!

Patrick: we can only make assumptions about spatial anomalies... as the name imply, this is an anomaly, it doesn't act on a predictable way

Zhen: Then get THIS idea! Make sveral simple scanners and transcievers. Attache them to tribbles and send them in!

* Tiron Eks doesn't get it how the grenade didn't detonate it and curses in his inner for having not used his phaser instead. He yells: "Rajakanya! Serious trouble, we're under attack and Seyler is mortally wounded, try to get us up faster!"

Zhen: IT's simple telemetric reading that has been done for centuries!

Diurne: "We should worry about the grenade, no", asks the male... Now, Tiron recognizes it, it's Patrick O'Rourke voice. "Don't lie, you enjoy this, am I right ?", replies the woman... That's Ria voice ! Patrick chuckles "Of course I am... Finish him now, little blue devil"

Patrick: you have trained tribbles for a rescue mission ? congratulations, this is indeed a creative idea

Zhen: Then you can have data of what happens to them. Simple probes!

Diurne: A split second later, Tiron feels the intense energy of the disruptor coming in contact with his atomic structure and beginning its disassembly work.

Patrick: we have datas, that's not the heart of the problem... the problem is that netting... it's a countdown

Diurne: Tiron should be disintegrated before his brain could get the information about the lack of vitals. However...

Zhen: You idiot! You use them because they are living organisms and you can attach probes on them! Then you can see how these anomalies affect living beings and work! You are not playing some kind of game to cound when it activates. You have to see WHAT they are to counteract them!

Diurne: Captain Tiron Eks is in trouble. This headache isn't going away, unfortunately... Below him, still, something is happening... a light starts to fill the shaft, coming from nowhere.

Seyler: Captain, can you feel my hand ?

* Tiron Eks grabs her hand: "Yes, I can!"

Diurne: At the shaft bottom, a warm reddish light filled the area, revealing the structure, a room, maybe a corridor.

Seyler: You are fading, how do you feel ?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: You got him, doctor ? We're hauling you back ?

Patrick: hmm, not that I balk at sacrificing ribbles, but I don't think living matter cna pass this net... stil ... why not *shrugs* but tou don't need the commander for that, just ask Hilbert

Tiron Eks: Still headaches is trying torture my brain and I see a room at the bottom, a red light illuminates it.

Seyler: Yes, Lieutnant Commander, haul us, fast !

Patrick: *clicks on combadge* O'Rourke to Hilbert

Diurne: Tiron and Seyler are hauled up by Rajakanya team. Below, the shaft is now fully illuminated. The structure looks to be in good shape, contrary to the condition of the station everywhere else.

* Zhen clicks "Computer where is Doctor Peshana?"

Computer: Doctor Peshana is in the engineering section

Zhen: Get me to him. *drums with fingers on the table* Now.

* Tiron Eks while they are hauled up: "The room is looking in good shape in contrast to the rest of the station. Maybe the Lieutenant could be in the near."

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Peshana listening

Seyler: Captain, there is a strange phenomenon in this shaft, we can't go down that carelessly

Zhen: Since someone FORGOT to tell his temporary chief that he has some data, I have to ask. What kind of data you have?

Tiron Eks: Remind me of this strange phenomenon next time I'm meeting this Ferengi personally and remind me to pull his ears for it.

Diurne: The temperature rises suddenly in the shaft. Tiron and Seyler are pulled back down the shaft violently, losing their grip on the rope.

Diurne: They fall directly to the bottom of the shaft. Tiron realizes Rajakanya was sucked into the shaft as well, probably because he was hauling them. So the trio falls. Indeed, as you fall, you feel your skin turning crispy under the temperature, you have trouble to breath and you feel as if squeezed by a giant hand.

Diurne: A semi-pulpy trio of Starfleet officers hit violently the shaft bottom. They expire a short while away. Tiron barely had the priviledge to spot an alien segmented and cristalline like creature in the neighboring corridor

* Tiron Eks is suprised at first they they haven't broke their neck yet. He looks around.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: I'm busy doctor, I don't have time with your eternal tantrums

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Hilbert here, what can I do for you, O'Rourke

Diurne: Tiron is flattened against the floor a second later. Dyring in the process

Diurne: Captain Tiron Eks is truly in trouble. That headache is absolutely atrocious. "Are you really sure you see me, captain", is asking Seyler, "you don't even look my way". Below, the shaft is dark. But the captain hears faint voices

Patrick: Dr Idish had an interesting idea.... instead of trying to counter the netting, we could work a way to cross it safely... he offered to use tribbles as guinea pigs to see what happens to them. Do you think you cna work on some probes to put a tribble inside ?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: I believe a tribble would be crushed by the acceleration at the probe launch. Plus we don't have biosigns detectors inside a probe to check the tribble condition. And I'm not sure we have time to prepare several right now

Zhen: Look, Peshana, while Seyler is gone I am your superior. And I don't care if you have tender feelings like her. What I NEED to know is what is happening. I like you, but if you think that I'll sit here and act a stuffed doll you will see soon what means when I actually HAVE a tantrum.

Patrick: *tries not to laugh*

* Zhen tells Patrick "Am I working with iiots here? No, really? Whoever said anythign about launching tribbles... YOU TELEPORT THEM! Then you see what happens and those that pass through will give you safe holes to examine."

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: You're my superior... that's a fun concept. Seyler did that just so you can feel better. I wouldn't have done it, myself, just to let you know. The data I got is just reports from the science lab about the energy net around the wreck.

Patrick: I'll... be t the engineering, if you need me. I let you in good hands, and I'm gonna do what is needed so as you receive every eport

Zhen: So then what are you working on so dilligently.

* Patrick leaves whistling a march

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: I'm adapting medical tricorders and instruments to subspace medical problems. You know, what Seyler asked to study

* Tiron Eks curses under the pain: "These headaches are killing me! An emergency beam out would be in order now."

* Patrick heads to engineering

Diurne: Tiron hears the voice of Patrick, in the shaft "We're going to get you out of this, you hear me ?"

Zhen: And just when would you tell me what are you doing? Nevermind Peshana. Nevermind. *cuts comm and storms out of the office pissed as hell straight towards the bridge*

* Tiron Eks comments further: "And the fun thing is that I imagine already under my excruciating pain that Patrick is telling me to get me out of here"

Patrick: ah, Stefan, make sure that every report we receive from science is re-routed to sickbay...

Seyler: What ? Patrick ? But he isn't with us

* Patrick is ubiquitous

Seyler: You're trapped at the border of a subspace anomaly, captain... it may cause confusion in your mind... most humanoid races have trouble to cope with it.

Tiron Eks: I know. *breathes to concetrate better* He's capable to do miracles as long as noone forces him to go in the dschungle. *smiles weakly*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: No time for a lecture, doctor. Get his hand

Seyler: You're too far from me, captain. Look at me, really

Patrick: ok, now ... do you think we could somehow duplicate this "netting" phenomena

* Tiron Eks looks up at where the beautiful voice of Yaxara comes from.

Diurne: "Hmm.. captain, don't move. We're going to get you but if you move, we won't be able to focus", says Patrick voice in the shaft

Lt Stefan Arquero: Duplicated, sir ? For the show, yes...

Seyler: I'm leaning down to you, captain. Rajakanya is holding me. Try to reach my hand

Patrick: I wa thinking about generating a... phased version, in a way, so as to at least create some hole in the net, wher ea shuttle may pass

* Tiron Eks says to this Patrick sounding voice: "Stay? To focus on me? WHat are you talking about? I must be hallucinating clearly here!"

* Zhen storms on the bridge in diametrically opposite mood than he was in an hour ago when he visited it eariler

Diurne: "You're certainly not. We're trying to help you. You're on some sort of transitional zone", tells Patrick, "Just stay still, really still, we're going to get you"

Seyler: Captain ? Rajakanya won't be able to hold me for long, come to me and reach my hand

Lt Stefan Arquero: I have an easier way... Get a good pilot and go through. The net isn't tight enough to prevent a shuttle to pass through

Tiron Eks: Tell me one reason, one damn good one, why I shouldn't move?!

Seyler: What ?

Diurne: "Because we're going to phase you out of this spacetime distorsion. If you move in space, you foil the readings", tells Patrick

* Zhen goes to commander and grunts "Can we talk..." *looks at the bridge* " private, it will not take long."

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu replies "We can"

Zhen: Thank you commander.

* Zhen goes wherever Kaur Siddhu goes

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu went to the ready room

Patrick: hmm, I didn't think about just piloting in the middle of the stitchs

Lt Stefan Arquero: It's been a long time you piloted anything, right ? You just forgot

Patrick: last time, I crashed on a lone planet...

* Tiron Eks grunts like Zhen: "And what about Doctor Seyler? Will you get her too?"

Diurne: "Seyler ?", asks, surprised Patrick

Zhen: Commander... *grits his teeth* ...I know we had out differences, but I would... wish... an honest answer for a question... were you aware that I was set as a chief of medical staff just because "I would feel better" and obviously to be out of the way and pacified?

Tiron Eks: Yes, she's right above me, don't tell me you don't have her in your view, because I see her clearly above me. And for that matter Rajakanya further.

Diurne: "I'm sorry, captain. Seyler is ... dead. But we can save you", says Patrick

Tiron Eks: What?! Dead?!

Seyler: Captain... pleaaase...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes, I was aware.

Zhen: Whose idea was it if I may ask?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'd have a guess and say... counselor Vaden. While not directly. I know doctor Seyler went to her several times about her problems with you.

* Zhen stares in disbeilef

Diurne: Tiron now hears the voice of Riashaala "Come, captain, we can save you"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: But Seyler asked me about placing you at the sickbay head in case of crisis. So I am aware.

Patrick: hmm *thinks*

Patrick: *clicks* Hilbert for O'Rourke

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Yes ?

* Tiron Eks grits his teeth: "Sorry, you should know me better. Having lived so far with the experience that Seyler is alive and went with me on the away mission and hasn't died is for me a reason to not follow you, Patrick. Seyler isn't dead. *goes and grabs her Seyler's hand if there is any*

Diurne: "She's not dead, eh ?", says Patrick, "We're going to fix that. Shoot the bitch, Ria"

Zhen: Well then... as of this moment I suggest ou to put Peshana as new chief medical officer. Also out of courtesy to you for being at least honest with me I suggest you to call immediately security to put me in the brig because otherwise I will go and try to steal a shuttle to go on the station. While yes, what I plan to do is utterly unprofessional and possibly deadly it is still better than acting to be a plant in sickbay that is being laughed at from behind my back even if I proved times and times over that I am quite capable of being a GOOD doctor You can ask every person I brought back from the dead. One is in sickbay right now. *shakes in anger*

Patrick: unless you have a better idea, I think I'm gonna try another time to reach the station... I borrow you your science officer a second time, if you don't mind

Patrick: * to Arquero* Stefan, do we have any plans of the station near the Core area ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Actually, Seyler also things you can be a good doctor, otherwise she wouldn't have asked we accept you at the sickbay head... But you better see that with her or counselor Vaden. And about what ? Taking a shuttle and fly yourself ? Tell me you have a plan, at lest ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: Hardly... we have rough scans but nothing truly precise. Anomalies wreck the readings

* Tiron Eks is feeling (again, for the n-th time?) in a hazardous situation. He chooses this time to let lose of the rope, falling inbetween the shooting line (if he's able to see it) and tries to safe the dear doctor. If it's possible he'll try to catch the rope again so he'll not land flattened on the ground.

Patrick: I'll do with that you can give me, life forms, energy levels, topographic viewings, anything

Zhen: Of course. While others fly in and out to do nothing. I at least intend to do some experiments on the anomalies down there. While I may not succeed, at least I will try not just flee with tail between my legs. Our... crew... down there may be in immediate need of medical help while others play around and waste time trying to do it safe.

Zhen: OF course, if I wasn't kept out of everything in the first place I could maybe ALREADYhave some results!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: If you weren't so eager to discredit people around, you could even be a nice officer, Idisha. ut it looks you can't hold your tongue. Get your shuttle and give a try. Once you come back, we'll have to settle things once and for all about the bad mood in the sickbay

Patrick: *clicks

Patrick: O'Rourke to Commander Kaur Siddhu

Zhen: I would not try to discredit anyone if people would undertsand that medical staff's FIRST duty is the crewm not ship politics. And... ahem... thank you commander. I mean it.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu stops talking to Idisha to answer "O'Rourke, yes ?"

Patrick: Commander, I'm requesting your approval for a flight straight to the heart of the problem

Patrick: I think I can reach the reactor area without hitting the net... rom ehre ,there's nearly nothing we can do

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And why do you want to fly there as we're thinking about evacuating Rajakanya team ?

Diurne: The energy beam burns Tiron side badly as if interposes himself to save Seyler.

Diurne: Tiron, under the pain, doesn't get a firm hold on the rope and falls several meters before being able to stop his fall

Patrick: I was thinking on trying to shut down the reactor, and whatever interaction it has with the anomalies

Diurne: Below him, he can see Patrick O'Rourke and Riashaala Idisha. Both are wearing a dark grey uniform. Ria is holding a disruptor, aiming at him

Ria: You're down with us, finally, little spy

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: But isn't the station reactor unpowered ?

* Tiron Eks has a grim feeling he's somewhere where he shouldn't be.

Patrick: the anomalies are linked to the reactor, maybe the reactor just act as a passive canal, I think if it can be stopped, it will have to be done there

* Zhen waits until dismissed and mutters "I just told him that we have to go down and do something about those anomalies and he laughed at my idea."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Call me obtuse, O'Rourke but how can you stop a reactor that isn't working ?

Ria: Captain, eh ? You got some promotion ?

* Zhen feels betrayed even by Patrick now... he can rely only on Pat III and nurse Church as it seems

* Tiron Eks has the feeling talking sense to her isn't really an option, he remains calm.

Patrick: I don't think it needs to "ork" on the usual understanding

Patrick: the energy comes from there, so if we want to stop it, it must be at the source

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm not getting what you mean, O'Rourke but I'm in a trusting mood currently *she looks at Idisha* So you have a green light. But, to everyone intending to go, we're going to evacuate all the personnel in an hour at best, earlier if Hilbert can't work on holding the net to close on thje wreck

Patrick: I'mnot sure what we're gonna find there

Patrick: but I'll find a way

Ria: Hands up... captain *she motions with her gun to give some weight to her suggestion*

Patrick: oh, if you have Idisha, you can tell him he's welcome onboard, if he still wants to come, Commander

Diurne: The dark grey uniformed Patrick tells Ria "Get him in a cell and follow the procedure. And, this time, follow it... strictly, you hear me ?"

* Zhen snorts and mutters "Without me you would die... as usual."

* Ria shrugs and smiles, replying lasciviously "Yeah yeah"

Patrick: O'Rourke out *clicks* not that I reallyneed him but as Vadne said, we all need to be gentle with him *chuckles*

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You're welcomed on O'Rourke shuttle, doctor. See, everyone is kind with you

* Zhen hates the whole crew and considers joining Klingons

* Zhen glares at her "Why aren't you so humorous outside of crisis situations, commander?"

Patrick: hmm, do we have someone good with hand-phasers at the engineering ?

Diurne: Tiron glances up and just see a dark shaft. There is a faint human shape, completely immobile but hard to tell who. Looks like a man.

* Zhen hates you all

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I wasn't doing humor. Now go.

* Zhen salutes himself out and goes to sickbay to get prepared

* Zhen clicks "Doctor Idisha to Patrick. I am coming with you,,, traitor."

Diurne: Noone shoots at Tiron

* Ria aims at Tiron head "Get your hands up as if you were wanting to embrace the ceiling"

* Tiron Eks raises his hands, chooses to play not yet the hero because dying senseless is not the Starfleet way.

* Ria comes behind Tiron and places a hand on his shoulder, her gun safely left right aimed at his spine, in his back

Patrick: be happy, deary, you had what you wanted, right ,

* Ria talks in Tiron ear

Patrick: ?

Ria: Come, my dear... you won't regret the way I interrogate people

Zhen: What I want right now is seeing you with horrible rash. Doctor out.

* Zhen clicks again "Doctor Idisha to nurse Church. I am coming to sickbay please prepare away medical kit and analysis gear. Also please remove Pat III's inhibitors, mark him so that he is recognizeable and put him in a traveling box with some quadrotriticale."

Ria: Move... *probably talk to herself* I wonder how far down are going those spots...

* Tiron Eks makes a mental note about this person who shares the same face like Ria is obviously trained in securing an armed person, probably a tactical trained.

* Tiron Eks remains silent like a Tuvok.

* Tiron Eks ... and moves of course, slowly.

Diurne: The captain can notice there are a dozen of measuring instruments, a big scanner and various science equipment dotting the place. They are all working, recording, checking, analyzing

Diurne: All of this is installed a bit where it could have been dropped... most are in the corridor leading to the shaft, encumbering the passage

Diurne: He can also notice cables running in the corridor, to some other unknown place

* Patrick waits for Zhen at the shuttle

Diurne: Zhen and Patrick can get whatever they want for their expedition. And then fly when they want

* Zhen goes to the shuttle after picking up the stuff

Tiron Eks: Where do you take me?

Ria: Where we can speak together freely.

Tiron Eks: Speak about what?

Ria: About you ? I will love hearing about you... Tiron.

Tiron Eks: I'm afraid there isn't much about me.

Ria: It's been a time I heard about you, Tiron Zeidt. I'm sure you have a lot to tell

* Zhen will show them... show them all...

* Tiron Eks frowns while going through the corridors, in the assumption she's still behind him and holding him at gun point.

* Ria is still behind him, holding him at gun point

Tiron Eks: Why don't you ask me then for a candle light dinner? A tasty andorian starwberry soup combined with bolian chateau is a start to talk.

* Ria chuckles "We don't have that luxury here"

* Tiron Eks sighs: "Pity. Of course wine and bred could do the trick too."

Ria: Tempting but unwise.

Ria: Since when are you captain ?

Tiron Eks: Oh, I just became recently one.

Ria: What ship are you commanding ?

Tiron Eks: Why do you want to know?

Ria: I'm curious about you.

Tiron Eks: I gave her the name Independence. It's a small ship only.

Ria: You know who I am ?

Tiron Eks: My future lover?

Ria: That would be a little pretentious...

* Tiron Eks wonders if she adds something to it.

Ria: I'm just wanting to say.... if you cooperate, it won't be unpleasant. If you don't, it will be unpleasant and I'm quite trained at making it... extremely unpleasant. By the way, I also tend to notice lies...

Tiron Eks: So I have a hole in my mind and you're my ex lover?

Tiron Eks: In that case I'm sincerly sorry for whatever I have done.

Ria: Maybe I should feel flattered ? Oh... No I am not... I'm commander Riashaala Idisha of the Terran Security Forces. So don't imagine you can escape my claws.

Tiron Eks: And what about Patrick? He's your captain?

Ria: Of course he is.

Tiron Eks: And do you like his command style?

Ria: Because you know it ?

Ria: I'm fine with it, yers

Tiron Eks: You seemed a bit unhappy about following procedure this time.

* Ria chuckles "So you at least have a common trait. You're crazy..."

Tiron Eks: Enlighten me, why I am crazy?

* Ria leads him through corridors. He can see now and then other dark grey uniformed men, armed, saluting her as she passes by them

Ria: You're imagining things.

Diurne: Both are arriving by a door. It opens as they come close.

Ria: Here is your cell. Could be less furnished. So be gentle and behave yourself. So I won't be obliged to transfer you in a ... less pleasant one.

Tiron Eks: Maybe that unpleasent burn on my side has something to do with it.

Ria: We'll take care of that soon... if you cooperate.

Tiron Eks: Very well, hello new home.

* Tiron Eks cooperates (for now?) and enters the cell.

* Ria closes the door behind him

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Diurne: So, when we left our heroes last time, we had a captain heading to detainment (again), being relieved from weapons, somewhere in a wrecked station that is not really a wreck anymore.

Diurne: Meanwhile, his two friends (really ?) are setting a rescue mission, heading to the wreck with a shuttle in order to... who knows ?

* Zhen is friend of Tiron, but not of that Eks

* Zhen does not think that shooting t the anomaly will help... this is not 23rd century

Diurne: The shuttle is ready to leave the Independence. Patrick is sitting in the pilot chair (so I assume). On the instruments, the energy netting the wreck is already well developped. It may be hazardous to try to reach the station anytime from now, if not too late already.

Zhen: What's with Tholians and webs? I wonder if that is sociological byproduct of something.

Patrick: I don't know if it's sociological but it's quite efficient

Zhen: Just don't kill us.

Patrick: so, what do you think... we head to where our friends were seen last time ? we venture in the station to try to find Paula or we head straight to the anomalie origin to try to stop whatever mess is going on there ?

Zhen: I vote for saving captain first. I like Harrison, but we need a captain.

Patrick: hmm, I'm sure the fact that Dr Seyler should be with the Captain isn't innocent to your choice... *grins*

Zhen: Although we do not need a quack that says she is a doctor. Ahem. Never mind that last one.

Zhen: Just consider it as a self-sacrifice on my side.

* Zhen remembers wery well what happened before... betrayals of friends and how Patrick stole his ideas

Diurne: Since Patrick is the pilot, where he plans to go is possibly the only solution for the shuttle. So they head to where the captain landed.

* Patrick pilots in a ... relaxed way

Diurne: Now, that the plan... in practice, the energy net surrounding the station is a danger by itself. Not only you can slice your own shuttle in half on it but it generate a strong radiation field perturbing navigation

Diurne: Meaning the risk of collision with the station or with one of the net thread is a bit higher than anticipated

Diurne: The Bright side of life is... your shuttle can go through. A larger ship couldn't

Patrick: Hang on, the party is about to begin..

Zhen: I hope it has women of lose morals and a lot of drinks

Diurne: Patrick flies the shuttle magistraly through the net hazard

* Patrick hums a waltz

Diurne: It actually requires much attention but he succeeded without any danger of hitting an energy thread or the wreck

Diurne: Zhen glances at the board instruments without noticing anything particular. Why should eh ?

* Zhen is too occupied with being bitter about everyone's betrayal
Patrick: so, navigator Idisha, anything to report ?

Diurne: The shuttle flies through the net, avoid crashing into the wreck and lands in one of the docking bay. The place is empty. The artificial gravity used to be in place here is a thing of the past. Many crates and cables are floating freely all around.. You'll also have to find clamps or something for your shuttle

Zhen: Hm? Like what?

Patrick: obviously nothing, so

* Zhen uses shuttle's scanners to check the surroundings while Patrick deals with techy stuff

Diurne: The place is desert. There is noone alive in the vicinity

Patrick: allright, no life sign on the scans... so where did the Captain go ?

Zhen: We know we are dealing with anomalies. Who knows what happened.

Patrick: hmm, I was about to look for anomalies, but the Captian didn'tknow that part when he came. Furthermore, he was trying to locate Paula. Hmm...

Diurne: You get, however, lots of anomalies in your readings.

Zhen: That is why I brought Tribbles. hopefuly we can use them to detect anoalies before we step in them.

* Zhen will check the readings too with Patrick

Patrick: hmm, all I can say is that this place's not gonna become another turistic place like Risa anytime soon...

Patrick: *thinks* hmm, neither Tiron nor Rajakanya are scientists...

Zhen: What is it?

Patrick: *shakes head* just a thought. Let's see if we can find anything alive around...

Diurne: Patrick lands the shuttle. When you exit, you are welcomed by objects floating as yourselves start to gently drift.

Zhen: Hmmmm...

Diurne: It's likely your shuttle will drift a bit as well.

Patrick: hmm, that may be a problem...

Diurne: Not fast but drifting anyway. The issue being the drifting items keep their mass. So if the shuttle hits something...

Zhen: Doesn't these things come with some kind of magnetic grappler?

Zhen: If they don't you should install them.

Patrick: it should, I'm gonna try to lock magnetically the shuttle to the ground, and let the shields at low level

Zhen: Try not to kill us please.

Patrick: nah, remeber, were' here to be the heroes of the day, to save the Captain...

Zhen: Heroes die too. Usually not too heroically.

* Patrick tries to lock magnetically the shuttle to the station ground, as planend

Patrick: in that case, they're not called heroes

* Patrick tries to create a polarity on the shuttle hull, so as it acts like some giant magnet and 'stick to the metallic part on the ground, assuming there are some

Diurne: Patrick sets the shuttle to generate a magnetic field. Shield is up once they leave the shuttle to prevent impacts from drifting objects. It also means you can't get in without deactivating the shield first

Patrick: allright, now to find the away team... ideas on the direction, Zhen ?

Patrick: they were here to rescue, so I guess they didn't stay on the surface and head in the caore general direction, to tyr to find jails or whatever

Zhen: Hmmm... do you know where is the center of those anomalies?

Patrick: I don't think there is a center, so to say, but I suspect where the origin should be, yes

Zhen: The origin? And what it may be?

Patrick: the reactor

Zhen: Look, we should not just wander aimlesly, not in this place. The question is, are anomalies here still being generated by something and if we shut it down will they disappear?

Patrick: I can' guarantee I can do that, but it was my idea, yes

* Patrick heads in the general direction of the reactor, keeping an eye on tricorder for any lifesigns, especially prani

Zhen: Your idea, hmmm? Like the one to come here with a shuttle too? Never mind hat now though. Wait!

Zhen: Are you nuts?

Patrick: hmm ?

Patrick: well, we're in one piece on the station, that's a start

Zhen: Damn suicidal human. First, can you check with shuttle sensors the safest path to the reactor. Places where there is least anomlaies?

Patrick: right, Rajakanya is... herre *points*... reactor is there *points*... and pranis are there... and there... and probably everywhere else

Patrick: *pauses* now if you think we shoul head to the Captain first, just say it now, before we go any further

Zhen: Depends. If captain is caught in an anoaly would removing it remove captain too?

Patrick: yeah, I though about that, it may trap him in... "the other side" of the anomaly..

Zhen: But if we go to him we can get stuck too. I still vote for getting to the reactor with safest route. But you are the leader here, and engineer.

Patrick: you're the scientist here, Zhen, I'm just an engineer, I make devices work as intended, I may fix them and sometimes enhance them... now anomalies, I have only a limited knowledge of that...

Patrick: so, reactor it is

* Zhen thinks and tries to remember anythng of anomalies and people getting stuck in them

* Patrick heads to the reactor, as planned, still looking for prani or anything hostile around... and of course, trying to stay away from anomalies, if possible

* Zhen will use his tribble tactics in every hall they enter... that is throw one down the hall to see if they get caught in something anomalious or if they start behaving oddly (like squirming in pain)

Patrick: you know that if we bump on Klingons, they would surely appreciate you brought some tribbles here...

Zhen: I'm more worried about being torn to atoms by some anomaly.

Diurne: Now and then, a tribble phases out....

Patrick: shame your cousin couldn't join us, I'm sure she's more familiar with spatial anomalies than I am...

Diurne: At least, it's what it looks visually... like fading into nothingness. After a quick tricorder pass, it doesn't look it was de-atomized

Zhen: She is a planetologist. How do you think she knows about space anomalies?

Patrick: also, I noticed you gripe less when she's around...

* Zhen avoids obviously dangerous places

Diurne: You finally reach the reactor as the place is becoming more and more wxorrying. Now, you seem to see ghosts... outline of humanoid shapes crossing the space around you. They don't register at all on your tricorders

Zhen: Instead of praising my tribbles and me for leading you OUT of the anomalies you think that that you rise my morale with yammering about my yammering?

Patrick: creepy...

Zhen: Okay. Now it's your turn.I brought you here in one peace with my... ahem... scientific methods.

Diurne: The reactor room, the whole engineering section is old, rusted, dusty and wasn't used since... too long. After a first quick glance, Patrick isn't sure the reactor could be restarted without a major overhauling first

* Zhen tries to see if Harrison is among the ghosts

Patrick: hmm, looks like my old appartment, back before Academy days...

Diurne: He doesn't recognize anyone. The shapes are too difficult to see and observe (they don't stand idle).

* Patrick checks for any electric/electronic activity in the room

Diurne: What activity ? Everything is offline, dead, rusty.

Patrick: allright, so nothing to stop, so let's see if we can activate devices instead

Diurne: The place is full of anomalies. You get those phantom images of people. You also spot, sometimes, non humanoid ghost shapes among them.

Zhen: Just beware were you step. Use tribble test.

Diurne: The non humanoid are reminding you Tholians... it's probably a good news

Diurne: What may not be is, for some reason, those non humanoiud, when spotted, seem to be aware of *you*. While the humanoid ghosts never seem to notice you

* Patrick tries to understand what the different devices in the room are, what they are supposed to do, nd how to activate them

Diurne: The place is, unsurprisingly, destined to provide power to the whole station. However, the power output would be *considerably* greater than what a station of this size should require.

Patrick: interesting

Diurne: Actually, you never encountered a deep space station that would require so much power... Maybe Earth's Spacedocks

Zhen: I hope that means "I have an ingenoious solution".

Diurne: Also, what is intriguing and potentially fun is all that generated power doesn't look to be used anywhere. So the only logical conclusion you see is it would build up until a colossal explosion destroy the station.

Patrick: hmm, there's enough powere her to supply several stations like that one

Patrick: you're gonna laugh...

Zhen: Maybe that tholian grid or web uses this much power?

Patrick: this really looks like the local version of a self-destruc device...

Zhen: I'm not laughing.

Patrick: you should

Zhen: Ha. Ha. Ha. Happy now?

Patrick: it's not what I expected, but I really don't see where all that energy could go, or dissipate

Zhen: So... we can't do a thing here?

Patrick: still, it's possible if this station blows up, it also solve the anomalies problem...

Zhen: Somehow I don't see it as a solution.

Patrick: there must be something.... noone would build such a reactor just to make it detonate... a bomb would be quicker, easier an cheaper...

Patrick: maybe missing parts, maybe this station was connected to somethingthat is not here any more

Zhen: But that does not help us...

Diurne: Back in his cell, the captain hears the door being unlocked

* Tiron Eks is in his cell, still with a nasty wound from the disruptor shot.

* Ria enters the cell, she's holding a first aid kit

* Ria is unarmed, apparently

Diurne: The door is closed behind her

* Tiron Eks holds one hand on his wound.

Patrick: ah well, we're not in a lab wher eI can shutdown everything if I don't like the look of it...

Patrick: I don't think I can do anything more here, not without the proper knowledge...

* Patrick uses his tricorder and tried to see, now that they're here, if he could figure any reason why the center of the anomalies seems to be here

Zhen: Hmmmm. Let me try my original plan. *puts a sensor on a tribble and throws a tribble in one anomaly while checking the readings*

* Ria drags a chair and places the kit on it. She opens the thing and gets antiseptics and a medical tool to treat skin burns.

Ria: Come here. You have to get this treated

* Tiron Eks obeys and comes closer.

Diurne: From Patrick understanding, the anomalies are spreading out from this point because the reactor is working... (!!)

* Ria applies the medical treatment without a word

Diurne: If the reactor was wor,ing, given its huge power output and considering the unknown specs, it may be possible it distorts subspace. While why someone would build such machine is beyond your comprehension however, since it is likely to be lethal for the builders themselves

Tiron Eks: I'm very thankful for treading my injuries you have inflicted on me.

Ria: We all have things we have to do.

Tiron Eks: I'm wondering where I am now, how do you call this place?

Ria: Shatterpoint. Actually, that's how the locals called it

* Ria eases the pain of Tiron. Within 2 minutes the superficial burns are treated

Ria: Y'ou'll need a professionnel doc for the rest. It's burned deep. Disruptirs are nasty weapons.

Tiron Eks: You have someone on this station?

Ria: Sorry ?

Ria: A doc you mean ?

Tiron Eks: Yup, a doc.

* Ria has a bitter laugh "Not for the moment, she was executed recently for trying to poison the captain"

* Patrick is puzzled

Tiron Eks: She wasn't exactly a good doctor then if she tried to carry out medicide without success.

Ria: Or your victim is better than you think

* Ria has finished, she packs the medical equipment into the kit

Zhen: You look like when that cute girl rejected you back in academy days.

Patrick: well, what I read on the tricorder...

Patrick: ... is impossible

Tiron Eks: And now we'll talk? About ... us?

* Ria looks surprised "About us ? Why ?"

Patrick: the anomalies come from here... beause the reactor is working, while obviously it doesn't

Zhen: Only thing impossible in this universe is Seyler becoming an actual doctor, so what is it?

Zhen: What?

Diurne: Patrick conclusion from the readings conflicts with what his intellect tells him. His brilliant mind tells him the reactor is active, the tricorder and his senses tell him it's not

Patrick: the only reason for those anomalies to be hrere is linked to the reactor being active

Zhen: Could this be some kind of hologaphic image? We are seeing dead reactor and actually it is cloaked somehow?

Tiron Eks: You want to know me better, it's only fair I know you better as well. Therefore we can talk about you and me, about us later on too.

Patrick: it could mess our eyes but not hte tricorder who sees no activity

Ria: I want to know you better ? Uh... what's the point... ? You won a trip to the agony booth already.

Zhen: Is your tricorder possible broken?

Patrick: I don't think so, but he might be fooled by what is going on here

Tiron Eks: It's difficult to know me to full extend by putting me in some booth. Plus it'll ruin a cozy conversation too.

Diurne: You can trust your tricorder. If it was a massive hologram you'd detect it. Also, if the reactor was active, even the ship sensors would have noticed it already

Zhen: Maybe it is some kind of... time anomaly? Could timelines overlap somehow? So at same space we have today's reactor and the one let's say from time Tholians were here?

Ria: It's not my decision. But what you know will be extracted for military purposes.

Diurne: Around you, you still see now and then two series of "ghosts". The humanoids and the non humanoids. The non humanoids now react to your presence each time. They stop when they spot you and turn away. You can't follow them because they come and go, fade in and out depending how close they can be from an anomaly

Zhen: Have you noticed how these nonhumanoid ghosts eem to hmmm... percieve us?

Tiron Eks: I believe you could extract a lot more by having a civilized conversation.

* Patrick uses tricorder and his knowledge on non euclidian topology to know if it could be possible that either the generator who is the source of the anomalies could be "on the other side" of the anomalies, or the generator who is there distributes energy completely on the other side to the point it looks shutdown to sensors

* Ria smiles "Too long, even if true, which is not the case, from personnal experience"

Diurne: The reactor here cannot work. It can't distribute anything and be perceived as inactive. It's broken, old

Zhen: Ever tried diplomacy with a ghost tholian?

Tiron Eks: Too long? Well, you haven't seen then how I treat guests in civilized manner and learn a lot about them.

* Ria sits on the chair "You have only a little idea where you are, right ?"

Tiron Eks: On a station that is manned by the Terran Security Forces, who have obviously on many things only a military approach.

* Patrick uses tricorder to see if it's possible that a reactor similar to this one, but in the other side could create those anomalies, and also if starting the reactor in the room would produce anomalies too, or would unleash energy on the other side, or maybe go to some equilibrium and suppress the anomalies

Ria: I was meaning... what Shatterpoint is...

Tiron Eks: You're beginning to experience the fruits of a cozy conversation: So tell me, what is it?

Diurne: The thrown Tribbles experience various undesirable effects. Some are simply torn apart. A couple grow old and die instantly. Two are ceasing all "evolved" brain functions and go vegetative. The majority simply vanish

* Zhen shows results to patrick "Just jumping through may not be... desirable."

Patrick: I didn't intend to anyway. So, it affects ... time, mostly, it seems ?

Zhen: No. Look at this one. This one simply shut down its brain. And look at this one... torn to pieces. Those are not time anomaly effects as far as I know.

* Ria chuckles "That's a place existing at several points in time. Which makes it highly dangerous for almost everyone"

Tiron Eks: Most fascinating. Therefore my headaches when I went through the station. In which time am I?

* Ria smiles "I'm not supposed to give you informations here."

Zhen: So basically these are well... let's we say "common" or "usual" manifestations of different space anomalies. Not necessarily temporal ones.

Tiron Eks: But you did nontheless.

* Ria shrugs and packs the kit to leave

Patrick: *still puzzled* ah well, which still oesn't tell me how to act on those anomalies

Zhen: Let us assume that we have hmmmm... some kind of space and or time breach here. Could it be that you read some kind of echo from the past or even another place?

* Tiron Eks knows at least now what's going to await for him in the near future.

* Ria bangs on the door, which is opened. She leaves without a word or sight for Tiron

Diurne: Tiron is back in his cell. His wounds were treated at least

* Tiron Eks prepares mentally himself for torture. (and might remember Red Squad special training to torture from academy days).

Zhen: What I'm wondering are about those tholians. They seem to be aware of us. Hmmm... but still they to avoid us.

Zhen: Let's try something. *thinks what he knows on tholians*

Patrick: I guess they see us as Ghosts as well, on their side...

Zhen: Let's try communicating. *looks for a scrap piece of metal*

Patrick: *shrugs* can't harm us

Zhen: It can actually if they decide to come to us.

Patrick: through the anomalies ?

Zhen: Now I don't think they will be too frendly, but... who knows. And yes, maybe they can come to us.

Diurne: What is the most troubling, or interesting, is you, the humanoid ghosts and the Tholian phantoms are all sharing the same space.

* Zhen gets a piece of metal "Hmmm... I'm guessin they may not be able to read what we will write so I'll scribble." *scribbles a rough image of andorian and a human waving a hello*

* Zhen then just adds "Can you help us?" below just in case they can read

Zhen: Ready?

* Zhen fips the tablet in general direction of a thoian (under his feet)

Diurne: The piece of metal flies in the direction of a known anomaly. Unlike everytime previously when Zhen was using Tribble volunteers to test the passage, when the piece of metal hits the anomaly, there is recorded energy discharge. You actually even heard a subtle "crack" sound, like a branch snapping.

Diurne: The piece of metal falls on the ground, translucent.... and an humanoid ghost stops and looks at it....

Zhen: HAve you seen that?

Patrick: *rolls eyes*

Zhen: Wait. Humanoids are NOT noticing us... now... they see a tablet.

Zhen: I think that is an definitve progress.

Diurne: It looks to be the ghost of a female. She lowers to get the scrap metal piece.

Zhen: MAybe this is Harrison. And now she knows we are here.

Zhen: Wherever she may be.

Patrick: Harrison ??

Zhen: Why not? Last time I heard she disappeared somewhere here.

Diurne: As ridiculous as it seems, now he sees the ghosts of everyone coming in and out... he feels as if they are behaving as if they worked on a working reactor. Both the humanoid ghosts and the Tholian phantoms

Diurne: Because if he had a team working here, they'd do more or less the same movements

* Zhen a bit too late remembers that just now he maaaaybe broke the temporal prime directive

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Post  Seetherius on Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:18 pm


Diurne: Tiron is in his cell, hurt but somewhat healed. Time is slowly passing... He's left to wonder what's happening.

* Tiron Eks sits still in his cell alone, wondering if there's any chance to escape the agony booth and custody alltogether.

* Tiron Eks thinks about how he came into this situation even: all he wanted to just go down a shaft and not getting into something with time travel related and end up in some twisted place where Ria is the bad one.

Diurne: Speaking of Ria... someone is knocking lightly on the door. Tiron is in his cell since a couple of hours now

* Tiron Eks thinks also about why she called him Tiron Zeid instead by his real name. And then some knocked. Odd, bad Ria would just enter the cell wtihout warning, wouldn't she?

Tiron Eks: Hello?

Seyler?: Captain ? It's you ?

* Tiron Eks gets suddenly hope in his voice: "Doctor! Yes, it's me!"

Seyler?: Can you walk, run ?

Tiron Eks: Don't ask me to run the anniversy academy marathon, but I should be.

Seyler?: Ok... I have my phaser. I can probably go through this door with it. Shall I do that ?

Tiron Eks: Yes, do it!

Diurne: A handful of seconds later, the door is heated then melt completely under the energy from a phaser.

* Tiron Eks looks for Yaxara.

* Seyler stands in front of the melted door, a phaser in hand. She looks at Tiron and gives a weak smile "Err... Happy to have found you"

Tiron Eks: I'm happy as well to see you alive. After I catched a disruptor bolt addressed for you.

Tiron Eks: Now let's don't waste anytime, I bet Terran Security Forces of this time are going to find out soon enough I'm nowhere where I belong to.

Seyler: Where are we going ? Back to the shaft ? It's crawling with technicians there

Tiron Eks: Okay, not so good then. Alternatives? Have you scanned the environment? A control room, power supplies, weapons room, a dark corner to hide at?

Seyler: The place is crawling with people. Nothing like the station we left. Most of them are humans.

Seyler: I found a section that is empty. It's where we have shuttle bays on our version of the station

Seyler: Everyone is armed, from what I saw. They are also quite on their guard

Tiron Eks: From what I could learn is that we're in another time frame than from ours. Thought this doesn't make much sense, the Riashaala here looks like ours, but has longer hairs and is probably rather a security expert than a planetologist.

* Seyler checks the healing Tiron received

Seyler: Let's move to that empty section I noticed...

Seyler: I also heard they are trying to powerup the main reactor of the station.

Tiron Eks: Let's go for the shuttle bay now. If we engage once in a fight wtih the forces here we would have to fight through all of them at once, I prefer to avoid that.

Seyler: That's why they are so many in the shaft. It's part of the main reactor architecture

Tiron Eks: Have you your communicator with you?

Seyler: Yes

Tiron Eks: Harrison might be still here.

Seyler: But I wasn't able to reach anyone. And was afraid to be detected

Tiron Eks: Good point, doctor.

Seyler: If she is, she no longer has the communicator

Tiron Eks: How did you find me in first place?

Seyler: I dropped in the shaft behind you, not willing to leave you alone in this mess. For some reason, I landed in this world quite a long time after you.

Seyler: So since you weren't in sight... since I noticed a large number of humans... I looked for a Trill

* Seyler shakes her medical tricorder

Seyler: I located your joint lifesign and found the general area. Then I waited and listened to people coming in and out.

Seyler: I didn'Last thing I heard about you was when the guards left their post in front of the door, saying everyone was needed because of the Mindlord arrival.

Tiron Eks: Mindlord? Who would that be?

Seyler: I decided it was going to be a moment hen everyone is busy, whatever it is. So slipped to the doors and knocked at each of them

Seyler: No idea, captain.

Tiron Eks: Have you scanned for other non-human lifesigns as well?

Seyler: Very few non humans. A handful of them only.

Tiron Eks: A cardassian or ferengi among them?

* Seyler checks her tricorder "I got a Ferengi, yes. How do you know that ?"

Tiron Eks: Because I have the feeling the Ferengi we transported to Shatterpoint mentioned something of business and depots well hidden in the station and he requested a docking port from me when the klingon invaded the station in exchange how to bypass the Prani's security.

Tiron Eks: He knows how to use whatever placed us here.

* Seyler looks surprised "He does ?"

Tiron Eks: Well, my well educated guess it is that he does.

Seyler: Good news then... What about Harrison ? Do we keep searching ?

Tiron Eks: I don't want to give her up either. If she landed in this place as well she must have been treated as a spy as well.

Seyler: I can hardly scan for her. Unfortunately for us, she's human.

Tiron Eks: How many lifesigns do you register alltogether?

Seyler: In the station, about 250

Tiron Eks: I guess it is too much asked to scan for female human beings, right?

Seyler: I didn't count how many female lifesigns were in but I guess it will be too high.

Seyler: I didn't run any other scan. Sending waves all around here may be noticed

* Seyler leads Tiron through the dark corridors of the station until they arrive in the so-called empty section.

Seyler: It is where the shuttle bays were made from, in your version of the station. There is no opening on space, here, however. The place looks like colossal empty rooms without apparent purpose.

* Zhen curses anomalies

Tiron Eks: I can imagine a storage room, tanks or something if turned on requires a lot of space.

Tiron Eks: It's only a matter of time until they ring the alarm and go and search for us. Can the tricorder disperse our lifesigns?

Seyler: I'm not technician. I guess I can set the tricorder so it does emit and broadcast.

Tiron Eks: Maybe I can help with it. Since I have some lifetimes of experience. Warp cores, bio neural gel packs, bodyguard duty or royal manners ...

* Seyler hands him the tricorder

* Tiron Eks scans firsts for where the ferengi is located at before he tries his luck to modify the tricorder to mask their lifesigns

Diurne: Tiron scans the surroundings and gets a single Ferengi lifesign, in the same section than them but several levels up, probably close to the station top

* Tiron Eks while he works further on the tricorder: "Have you heard anything related to tholians when you arrived here?"

Seyler: The technicians now and then refered to them, yes

Tiron Eks: How? Every detail you could tell me might be important

* Seyler remembers what she heard

* Seyler also proceeds to re-do the healing to Tiron wounds

* Zhen is jealous for no particular reason

* Seyler sighs "I recall they said the Tholian tech was the worst they had to work with. I believe they considered this station like a gigantic weapon or like... there was a lot of military wording within their discussion"

Tiron Eks: Something that makes me wonder is if the humans here have captured this station or the Tholians allowed them to use it, since they rely always on humanoid workers.

Seyler: There is no Tholians around, I would have detected them I believe. Plus, from what I recall, Tholian environment is rather dangerous to almost anyone else

Tiron Eks: If this bay isn't yet space docking ring, it might become one if it hasn't happened yet.

Seyler: I can't tell. It looks the technicians were saying the place used to be Tholians. But obviously no longer.

* Tiron Eks stops for a moment his work on his tricorder: "It stirs me up that their Riashaala told me that Shatterpoint exists in several times."

Tiron Eks: If that's true then it is predetermined that this station will be heavily bombarded.

Tiron Eks: And creates the docking bay for shuttles one day here.

Seyler: We may not want to wait until that day arrive ?

Tiron Eks: But it doesn't explain why there's a Rishaala here who doesn't know me better. She's different, altered.

* Seyler ponders

Seyler: Why should that Idisha know you that well ?

Tiron Eks: She used my wrong name when she put me in my cell.

Seyler: So it means she isn't aware you're joined

Tiron Eks: Exactly. She was eager to learn about that I'm a captain. And even more odd, she took orders from Patrick.

* Seyler chuckles a bit

Tiron Eks: Who mentioned to let something not happen like the last time they had a prisoner or so?

Seyler: Could be worse, actually... eh...

Seyler: Your wound is deep but has been treated correctly. Even if it would leave you a nice scar

* Seyler finished cleaning the wound

Tiron Eks: I'll keep it maybe as a memory.

Seyler: It's a matter of taste...

* Seyler sits on the floor "What now ? They surely will start searching for us"

Tiron Eks: I don't know if and when help will arrive, so we have to do everything in our might to protect ourself. It's time to memorize on some guerrilla tactics.

Tiron Eks: Dispersing our lifesigns won't last forever.

Diurne: Then a female voice can be heard in the station corridor, echoing. Like broadcasted. You have trouble to hear it as you are in an area where it isn't broadcasted at all

Tiron Eks: I didn't hear what is told, but I know the meaning: intruder alert, get the man with the spots on his skin.

Diurne: The voice repeats some message

Seyler: Shall we go separate ways to look for Harrison ?

Seyler: If the station is on alert, it will be difficult... but it may mean one of us stumble on her

Tiron Eks: What equipment do you have with you?

Seyler: The tricorder, the phaser, a medical kit.

Tiron Eks: Can you give me a hypo with a tranquilizer?

Seyler: Of course. But unless you put in a very strong dose, it won't down anyone fast. And a strong dose can be dangerous

Tiron Eks: Okay, give me one. We will split up, they don't know yet that you're here also, so keep a low profile and don't get cought. I hope they'll search only for me actively. Keep your tricorder dispersing your lifesign and don't engage in a fight, you're my only trump I have here.

* Seyler nods

Tiron Eks: If reinforcements arrive they are hopefully smart enough to use comms to contact you and use a tricorder to search for my lifesigns.

Diurne: Tiron orients himself in the station, pondering where a control center would be.

Diurne: Tiron finally locate a control room. Actually, it's the control room overlooking the upper half of the station. Half a dozen humans in grey uniforms are watching control panels. On a large viewscreen, there is a scene showing a landing area.

Diurne: The viewscreen displays a recently arrived shuttle

Diurne: Tiron doesn't know the shuttle model, which sports obviously combat marks and scars, a couple of heavy disruptor cannons... but under the armor and the weaponry, he can recognize the structure of an old Vulcan shuttle

* Tiron Eks's raises an eyebrow like a vulcan when recognizing it.

Diurne: This is a sort of ceremony He can see on the viewscreen that the passengeers of the shuttle are ... welcomed. Sort of... At first, Tiron thinks about a sort of diplomatic visit...

* Tiron Eks isn't willing to engage just so the grey uniformed soldiers, he needs a creative plan.

Diurne: but then he notices the guards flanking the station official (a male human and an andorian female) are actually pointing their weapons on the newcomers

Diurne: The nwecomers are actually a band of aliens, led by a short vulcan female

* Tiron Eks thinsk fro himself that the recent broadcast wasn't about him, but about this visit probably. Nevertheless he's sure they'll search for him sooner or later.

Diurne: The scared face Vulcan female looks to be the leader of the shuttle delegation. The man and the Andorian woman who welcome her look to be very... cautious... hostile

Diurne: In his room, Zhen is pondering how to get a useful idea from the experiment with the scrap metal piece thrown and... oh well...

* Tiron Eks thinks for himself that a Mindlord could also be someone with psychic powers, vulcans could fall under it.

Diurne: Then a piece of metal appears in mid-air in front of Tiron and falls on the floor. One of the grey men, surprised, go for it

Diurne: The man inspects the metal piece, completely clueless about what's happening. He asks others "Hey, you've seen that ? It appeared from nowhere"

* Tiron Eks frowns, puts the hypo in his sleeve to conceil it.

Diurne: Zhen moans about the lack of factual information to think on. Plus Patrick seems to have left to... oh well answer nature's call

Diurne: That's when the good Andorian doctor notices... the spotted face of a certain captain on the verge of the area he can see

Zhen: What? And Patrick chose to relieve his bodiliy functions now... How to... hmmm... *takes one pf PAt III's ill fated children and throws it in general direction of captain*

* Zhen tries with old and trusted method too... yelling "CAPTAIN EKS!"

Diurne: A squealing Tribble appears in mid air before Tiron eyes and falls on the floor

* Tiron Eks is absolutely suprised to see a tribble flying nearby him out of thin-air.

* Tiron Eks counts how many guards there are in the room.

Diurne: It startles the room operators as well. One of them has a basic instinct in this world and gets his weapon in hand. To others comes to the tribble. The others stay focused on the "diplomatic encounter" on the screeen

* Zhen observes the reaction and if captain noticed a tribble takes another one and sprays on it with something from medical bag "Zhen" on it then throws it again

* Zhen smears the tribble and throws it again

Diurne: A creme-painted tribble now land in the control room, a squealing tribble covered by a pale blue creme

* Tiron Eks looks at the now other tribble covered in pale blue creme.

* Tiron Eks looks at the direction from where the tribble are coming from.

* Zhen wawes with hands and yells "CAPTAIN!"

Diurne: One of the operator considers this oddity as being serious enough and hit a button on his panel. Red light start flashing in the room. On the viewscreen, everyone looks up as red lighting also starts. It looks to greatly annoy everyone. The shuttle delegation returns to their shuttle while the station grey guards and the "commanders" turn heels

Diurne: One operator orders two others to grab weapons. And the said people move to a near door. The last three stands around the tribble generator spot.

Diurne: Tiron doesn't see where the tribbles can come from. He doesn't hear anyone shouting either.

Diurne: One of the operator kneels and inspects "air", waving his hand over the tribbles

* Tiron Eks makes a gesture like he's cursing the situation and then looks for it to hide from the guards.

* Zhen scratches chin "Hmmmm."

Diurne: The operators look to be very busy with their tribble mystery so don't seem to notice Tiron.

Diurne: Two of them went into a neighboring room and came back holding energy rifles

Diurne: All of this, Zhen sees it but like through a haze, with imprecise and moving shapes of translucid characters

* Tiron Eks looks for options what he can do else than wait for until the situation calms down again.

Zhen: What to do? Step over? That would be suicidal if I hit the body rendiing spots.

Zhen: Hmmm... *looks in his bag... is there anything he can use to help Tiron? Make a makeshift stun bomb from tranqulizers or any high tech gadgets?

* Tiron Eks looks at the two armed men, maybe ambushing one and then taking the rifle to shoot the other might be a plan.

* Zhen tries to make a... stun grenade muttering about PAtrick and his digetive problems... where is he when he's needed?

Diurne: Zhen thinks he sets a power cell to... a time bomb ? Detonating on impact ?

Diurne: If it explodes, at all...

Diurne: Zhen believes it should explode on impact... Not sure however3

Zhen: HEre goes nothing... *aims the device away from Tiron to hit his pursuers*

* Zhen does that

Diurne: A little object looking a power cell appears mid air before everyone eyes and falls on the floor. On impact, it fizzles and does an curious electrical sound then starts smoking. The two armed operators are totally hypnotized by the... err... how to say... weird event.

Diurne: And finally, it does a loud BNAG, crackling like a nut exploding, sending little harmless pieces of metal almost 20cm around. The two guards are fascinated

* Tiron Eks is having a feeling someone tries to help him, with tribbles and self-made intended stun grenades.

Diurne: One guard cautiously kneel by the cell and nudges it with his rifle barrel. The cell sends outraged little cute electrical arcs around in response. The other guard is so baffled by the event he has trouble to report what's happening to the rest of the room

* Tiron Eks looks for if it's possible to ambush one of the armed guards.

* Tiron Eks ... with a hypo that is.

Diurne: The guards aren't exactly attentive to their surroundings. At least, that's what the cell achieved

* Tiron Eks makes an approach for one of the guards from behind, to apply in the right moment the tranqulizer hypo on him and grab his rifle then.

* Zhen observes what is happening

Diurne: The needle strikes home and the tranquilizer flows in the guard bloodstream, sneding him instantly into the world of dreams

Diurne: The guard falls and Tiron can grab the rifle

Diurne: Tiron fumbles and doen't get a firm hand on the rifle before the other guard turns on him

* Tiron Eks makes the Benjamin Sisko move and rushes towards his enemy.

Diurne: Zhen sees his "bomb" di fizzle a bit but it was probably because he sees everything has hazy. Then Tiron-the-phantom rushes on a guard, needles him and after trying to grab a rifle, go for the other guard

* Tiron Eks is going to improve after this Shatterpoint episode his martial arts and start also how to wield a klingon bat'leth.

* Zhen will take martial arts trining in the future, but now he is just a cannon fodder

Diurne: Tiron strikes cut the guard breath Who instinctively try to get some air instead of firing

* Tiron Eks gives him a uppercut to make sure he'll stay for some time in dreamlands too.

Diurne: The guard is knocked out on the spot by the strength of the blow. Blood is spilled from his mouth and he may even have a broken jaw

Diurne: This oine won't move before long

Diurne: The now unconscious guard crashes, dropping his rifle. The other operators are now alerted and rise from their chairs

* Tiron Eks is certain that box fan Chakotay would be proud of him of his 5 seconds knockout blow. He doesn't wait long and grabs the rifle from the guard.

Diurne: Tiron now holds a rifle.

Diurne: His ghostly figure as well, in front of Zhen eyes

Tiron Eks: Freeze!

* Tiron Eks and makes aims with his rifle at the other ones.

Diurne: The operators freeze as ordered

Diurne: Zhen can see everyone freeze. Maybe there is some sort of physics effect now ?

* Zhen hopes he did something good

* Tiron Eks looks at the room and wonders if there's anywhere a good corner for them where they shall stay at.

* Tiron Eks looks for if his rifle has a stun setting.

* Tiron Eks looks for something that is heavy enough to knock people out.

Tiron Eks: Nothing will happen to you, if you choose to answer me honestly.

Tiron Eks: Now, has someone else appeared here with the same uniform I wear here? A red haired female?

* Zhen watches the ghostly show not knoing what is going on

Diurne: One operator, the one who acted as a chief previously, answers "Yes. She went into detention"

Tiron Eks: Where is that?

Diurne: The guard replies "She's no longer there. She has been given to the chief interrogator"

Tiron Eks: Who's the chief interrogator and where is he?

Diurne: "The interrogator is that blue alien bastard", he replies, massaging his wrists for some reason, "Down the pit of hell... the sub-levels of the station, the lowest possible"

Tiron Eks: How do I get there?

Diurne: "Shaft F6, lowest level, if there is juice to bring you there. It's like a wild space there", he says

Tiron Eks: It's not constantly operational that shaft?

Diurne: "No, the alien cuts the power when he doesn't want visit. Which is most of the time. He lives by himself, talk to corpses and do strange experiments", he tells Tiron

Tiron Eks: And if someone wants something from him, how do you reach him?

Diurne: The operators look entertained by the idea of wanting something *from that alien*. Then one says "That's the captain or the security commande job. They can call him"

* Tiron Eks glances at the viewscreen where he has seen the vulcan shuttle and the delegation: "And who and what is this there?"

Diurne: "The Mindlord... we're fighting the alien scum since two years... but the captain decided to make an offer and to call for a truce"

Tiron Eks: Why is it called the Mindlord?

Diurne: "Because he can burn your mind and break your ship with the power of the mind. A Blasted vulcan Mindlord", says the operator

Tiron Eks: And what role do the Tholians have? Have you conquered this station?

Diurne: The operators look at each other "Tholians ? They're a dead specie... This place was theirs but we only reactivated it"

* Tiron Eks goes to inspect then the neighboring room, keeping the rifle pointed at the operators. He looks for things that could help the operators to break out of the room. Communications, weapons, anything.

Diurne: The other room is having two more rifles on a rack. Other than that, it has benches and discarded open crates.

* Tiron Eks looks what's inside the crates.

Diurne: Nothing, they are empty now. Probably electronics previously

* Tiron Eks takes the two remaining rifles and then tells the operators, now, move inside this room.

* Tiron Eks takes the two remaining rifles and then tells the operators"Now, move inside this room."

Diurne: They obey

* Tiron Eks is going to seal the door.

Diurne: The door magnetically seals

Diurne: Now Tiron is alone in the control room. The viewscreen only show the Mindlord shuttle. Everyone left since the alarm was set

* Tiron Eks goes to the tribbles and the one electic device that was good as a distraction only.

* Tiron Eks mutters: "And where have you come from, my little helpers?"

* Zhen did it! And as usual no one knows about it or praises the brave doctor!

* Tiron Eks takes one of the tribbles and throw it in mid air from where it apparently came from, maybe it goes back?

Diurne: Zhen is sent back on of his tribble

* Tiron Eks smiles a bit. "Now I at least know there's a conduit."

Zhen: Aha! *inputs in tricorder* "Doctor Zhen is on this side. Do you know how to get you back? Waling just through ma be very fatal. I lost many tribbles." Then slides the tricorder back through the anomaly in hope it will reach Tiron.

Diurne: Now Tiron is receiving a tricorder !

Tiron Eks: That's something more useful than a tribble. *smiles*

* Tiron Eks takes it and looks what's on it.

Diurne: Tiron notices the recorded messages, waiting to be listened

* Zhen is filled with nice ideas... if only demonic Selyer would not constantly try to discredit him!

* Tiron Eks listerns to it, then he replies: "Zhen, good to know you're there, Seyler is also here with me, she freed me out of the detention cell. I've learned where Harrison is held at and have to rescue her. Can you give me a communicator so I can reach Seyler? Do you also have some more tranquilizer hypos? I could need them to for a rather spyish approach."

* Tiron Eks hands it then back.

Zhen: Of course. Seyler is there. Probably filling his head with lies about me!

* Zhen takes onnly the most neccessary things from his bag (after all who knows what will he have to do to save PAtrick again) and then slides the rest of it to Tiron (with communicator in it)

* Tiron Eks takes the bag carefully and gestures a thumbsup.

* Tiron Eks inspects the bag, a tricorder could be also very handy.

* Zhen then slides a tricorder back with message "PAtrick and I are here with the shuttle. I think we don't have much more time. So whatever you do there, hurry. If you need supplies now you know how to reach me."

* Tiron Eks says something to tricorder and slides it back: "All I need now is a safe exit, the humans here, they call themself the Terran Security Forces, and a twisted version of Ria and Patrick are also among them, took over the station as it was unmanned and believe the Tholians are an extinct specie."

* Zhen slides it back with "From my side here I can see ghostly images of you but also Tholians. Also Tholians seem to be aware of me so they can probably see me too. I don't knwo if this is safe exit or not. Tribbles are too small and simple for proper testing. If you find some kind of a bi animal there try to send it over."

* Tiron Eks waves at thin air and packs his bag, armed with 3 rifles, a tricorder and a communicator is going now to rescue his officer in dire need of help from evil blue aliens.

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Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2 Empty Re: Chatlogs from Maptool

Post  Seetherius on Mon May 02, 2011 10:32 pm


Diurne: Now Patrick is coming back to the deactivated reactor room. He spent an hour checking the energy conduits leading to this room to understand how it works. He now has a fair idea of the whole system

Zhen: I have news Patrick. While you were relieving yourself or whatever you were doing back there I contacted captain... and the space witch.

Patrick: the... who ?

Zhen: Captain Eks. The trill who is in command of your ship, and supposedly our friend.

Patrick: I was referrring to the space witch... is it your new nickname for your senior oficer, Dr Seyler ?

Zhen: Yes, her. Who else?

Patrick: was afraid it could be the poor Paula... and what did you learn ?

* Tiron Eks has knocked out two guards, questioned 4 further operators and locked them in a room and had a trans-dimensional chat with Dr. Idisha who handed him eventually (besides of Tribbles) a bag filled with various equipment, most of them for medical purposes and a communicator.

Zhen: Learn? HAH! I DID things not only learn!

Diurne: The captain also heard about an interrogator in the lowest levels of the station and a visiting shuttle

* Tiron Eks makes an attempt to contact Dr. Seyler now with the communicator of Zhen.

* Zhen explains what happened making himself a great and wise hero

Tiron Eks: Eks to Seyler, do you hear me?

Seyler: Sir ?

Tiron Eks: I have news: Lieutenant Harrison is held by the chief interrogator on the lowest possible level of this station. But the elevator F6 is only operational if the chief interrogator activates the power switch for it. Judging the answers he must be a very twisted and creepy person. They said it's a blue alien and I have the suspicion it's the counterpart of Dr. Idisha here.

* Zhen tells him how he used his incredible intelect to contact, help and even talk with captain! How? With tribbles, of course. Captain is in some parallel dimension or maybe different timeline where he is being hunted by some kind of evil Empire. Zhen managed to locate and use time and/or space rift to distract the enemies with the tribbles and finally by making the ingenious device that gave captain a chance to capture the crew!

* Seyler groans

Seyler: Well, he could have been a nice person here. But it seems that, even here, it isn't possible

Seyler: As a consequence, the scary thought is our Idisha is the nicest

Patrick: cap... ture the crew.. min explaining that point ?

* Zhen then proceeds whit explaining how then he used a tricorder to communicate with the captain (by sliding it back and forth through the rift) then he sent captain needed supplies through the same rift.

Zhen: Do I look like a tactical officer? I made a sleeping grenade and he did the rest.

Patrick: a sleeping grenade...

Zhen: Now the problem is... I do not know if this rift we sued or items is safe at all for humans.

Zhen: Yes a sleeping grenade made of hypospray and a bit o genius.

Tiron Eks: Also we have visitors aboard. The Mindlord is actually a vulcan group here, they are called the Mindlord because they use, I'd say an unleashed variant, of their telepathic and telekintic powers. I don't know to what extend they are capable of, but I feel like I should warn you, because you are also a telepath and might hurt you somehow.

Zhen: The problem here is... tholians that we can see but they cannot.

Patrick: *looks aroun* and where did you pick that... genius ?

Seyler: I see... if you located Paula, should I join you ?

Zhen: Also we here can see into... those dimensions or timelines.

Zhen: Humanoids here are from the place where Tiron is. Tholains are obviously not.

Tiron Eks: Yes, we should, where are you right now?

Patrick: so th Captain is on the other side... and... I guess he can't see us as the others didn't seem to... ?

Zhen: No he can't see us. But he knows where this rift is. We can see him though. Now obviously we can send items and small living things through the rift... but I can't be sure it si safe for large things like humans. Remember how tribbles got dead or worse when we tested them on anomalies? I don't want that to happen to captain. Little brain damage to Seyler may make things better though.

Seyler: I'm in the local version of Jefferies tubes... that or it's a reactor exhaust tube... how do I know ?

Seyler: I'm trying to get to the station periphery. I believe there is a ring of corridor in the outer area, circling the whole station

Patrick: how did the Captain look ? unharmed ?

Zhen: Ghostly. I still saw him as a ghost on this side. He sounded well through tricorder.

Patrick: wait... you could analyse... through the rift ?

Tiron Eks: Do me a favour and don't vansih into another reality or timeline. And be on your guard, someone here pushed the alert button in response to Idisha's tribble attack. I don't know where the Station Commander is right now, but obviously there's something going on, they want a sort of truce to hold fire with the Mindlord, as they are enemies.

Zhen: No! Are you listening to me? I was sending tricorder through so that we could communicate.

Zhen: Like a letter.

Patrick: I see...

Zhen: I also sent him medical supplies, tricorder and my communicator.

Seyler: Anyway, I'm going to reach ou, if I can. Go down as soon as you locate the right shaft, captain. I may be late and Paula may be in danger

Tiron Eks: Apparently there are some anomalies that can be used to exchange items, infact I got some from our Dr. Idisha. They are looking for a safe exit for us, but he said also we have to hurry.

Patrick: hmm, does he have any ideas how to get back ""safely" on ou side ?

Patrick: by the way, does he have a clue how he get on hte other side ?

Zhen: I hoped you could tell us that.

Patrick: I'm an engineer, Zhen, not a scientist

Tiron Eks: Yes, I have to find a way down first. Eks, out.

Zhen: Last time I heard engineers make machines to open or close things, not scientists.

Patrick: it's not that simple. All of this *gestures at devices all around* is... mostly theoric, for us. I can imagine something, but there's no guarantee, and I guess the circumstances won't offer us a second try...

Zhen: Since we don't have time to go back and check out with science lab onboard it seems we should start thinking about that theoretical stuff.

Patrick: *looks among the phantoms* ... plus the Captain is no longer here...

* Tiron Eks tries to think of the best way how to solve the obstacle to get down. He wonders if there are normal stairs/ladders to go down?

Zhen: He is searching for HArrison.

Patrick: hmm, so the door works in both side but is only visible on our side....

Patrick: and in a similar way, the reactor is functional on the other side but not on our side, unless I'm wrong... hmm...

* Zhen nods

Diurne: The captain hears people running to the control room, in number, probably half a dozen

* Tiron Eks thinks of one thing: Trouble! He looks around if he can hide himself somewhere or better even flee the control room.

* Tiron Eks .. and flee preferable unnoticed.

Diurne: Eks vanishes like a ninja trainee. He has discretly ran over 10m in corridors when he hears someone calling out "Hey someone here ?"

atrick: first, let's try to confirm some theory *pograms tricorder to detect if the energy feeding the "net" could come from through the rift, i.e. from the devices on the other side*

Diurne: Patrick quickly set parameters to detect subspace rifts and to track energies flux origin. The tricorder confirms the energy net source is "on the other side"

Patrick: good

Zhen: Is it?

Patrick: well, a mistery less :

Patrick: those devices here, on our side, are really not working... all that we see, including the net around the station... is feeded by the devices on the other side

Diurne: The best course for Eks, to his own opinion (so it's a highly valuable one) is to run and lose the potential pursuers. Corridors are dark, twisting and most of the station looks empty. Staying hidden has the risk of seeing a systematical search being put in place and spotting him. Fighting looks bad because he'll probably be overwhelmed

Zhen: That is what I'm saying! We can solve this and then rub it in on the snotty noses of all those who... actually nevermind. It's a good start.

* Tiron Eks chooses to run and tries to lose the group.

Diurne: Tiron starts to run in the corridors. Actually, the guards don't even start a chase. He hears them shouting about a fleeing intruder (him) and then secure the control room.

Patrick: *rolls eyes* still thinking about Seyler ?

Diurne: He also heard them saying he must be one of the Mindlord agents

Zhen: And all the other traitorous and backstabbing lot onboard.

* Tiron Eks runs so long until he feels like he lose the group and will run then tricorder scan, scanning for lifeforms in the near and if any of them is non-human.

Diurne: Tiron gets a single Vulcan lifesign in the outer area, a level below

* Tiron Eks is going then for the vulcan lifesign. Who knows? Maybe it's an ally.

Patrick: allright, now let's try this...

Diurne: Tiron goes one level below, using a sort of staircase where the steps are very large. He has seen some like that on "his" version of the station too. He ends in a curious area where the corridors are much narrower. They are actually comfortable enough for him but after moving in a place where everything looks oversized... he felt a bit confined now as he goes through normal proportions rooms

Diurne: He finally arrives in the docking bay where the Vulcan shuttle is. There is noone in sight. The shuttle access ramp was removed, access closed.

Patrick: I have a theory... the passage between both sides is "unstable" because there is asymetry : the devices work on their sides, not on ours. I'm gonna experiment a bit with devices here and check with the tricorder ... if I get the kind of results I expect, I may be able to extrapolate how to set our devices for a safe passage

Patrick: of course, if my theory is correct and if I can work it out, the passage will be visible on the other side

Zhen: What we need is to get captain here and then shut it all down.

* Tiron Eks can be quite certain that this area is under watch as he witnessed the arrival on a display earlier. He scans again and wonders if the lifesign is coming from the inside of the shuttle.

Patrick: let's begin...

Diurne: The lifesign is inside the shuttle. He also spots two security camera, relaying the image of the shuttle to the control room

* Patrick tries to figure out which devices to put back to life and how to set them, so as to be able to take measures of the impact on the stability of the rifts

* Patrick ... nd starts experimenting

Diurne: Patrick quickly reconnect cables, hit buttons a bit randomly (from Zhen point of view) then goes rerouting a power cable from a place to another... then remove a panel and replace a local version of an isolinear chip with a Starfleet-made chip. A chip that doesn't fit. So he makes it stick in its slot with duct tape... and so on

Diurne: Slowly, the machines around Zhen looks to come back alive. Lights flash weakly again, a low humming sound can be heard.

* Zhen still thinks his sleep bomb was more awesome

Zhen: This is good I presume?

Diurne: After 5mn of frantic and apparently random efforts, Zhen feels a little shockwave in the ground and, like the sigh of an awakening giant, the station reactor comes back to life (at minimal power, still)

Patrick: it didn't blow up yet

Patrick: so, I'm on the good road

Zhen: Lovely.

* Tiron Eks shoots the security cams with his disruptor rifle.

Diurne: The cameras are sent to the security camera hell, a place where they can only look at empty garage lots eternally

Diurne: The shots don't look to have make anyone panic and come to news. The shuttle is as silent and idle as before

* Tiron Eks goes then to the shuttle and wonders if there's somewhere an opening mechanism.

Diurne: The Eks symbiont surely have encountered a Vulcan shuttle. Tiron can then quickly find the opening mechanism, provided it's not locked

* Tiron Eks wants to enter the vulcan shuttle then.

Patrick: good good, now *programs tricorder* let's try to see how I may stabilize the passage... hen, I would have use of a couple of expandable treebles for experiment

Diurne: The access ramp lowers when Tiron hits the command button

Zhen: And you laughed at me... you all laughed. But now you see! *hands him few tribbles*

Diurne: The shuttle inside is very dark. The scent of soft incense is mixed with a bitter scent of iron.

Diurne: Tiron can see two men, likely armed. But they move away when the ramp opens. They look to retreat to the back of the shuttle

* Diana in front of TV is horrified with how doctor Zhen sacrifices poor cute furry things so easily

Tiron Eks: Hello?

* Patrick plans to sacrifice tribbles, in fact.. experimenting on the exat opposite as what he tries to do : he will first try to make the passage more unstable, checking if it work coutning the casualties, before making it more stable

Diurne: Noone answer Tiron calls

* Tiron Eks makes a vulcan greeting gesture and proceeds slowly further: "I'm not an enemy of yours."

Diurne: In the shuttle, light comes from Tiron left, from the cockpit direction and actually the main living area of the shuttle

Tiron Eks: I hope you understand me.

* Tiron Eks .. and goes then to the enlighted main living area.

Diurne: The smell of incense and iron is strong there. He can see a large room, with a soft light coming from candles. The door is open. He scared Vulcan is sitting inside, eyes closed, like meditating. She's wearing a crude outfit, like a penitent monk from a god forsaken world

* Tiron Eks kneels down to meet the vulcan on eyelevel if she should open her eyes: "Hello?"

Diurne: When the Vulcan woman opens the eyes, Tiron has a strange feeling. He instinctively looks left and right as if something had happened. He notices nothing but he feels as if something had just changed. He has trouble to understand his own unease

Someone: Why should I help you ?

* Patrick will us his innate bility with mental calcul to shorten the experimentation time

* Tiron Eks is suprised: "Help me? I can't remember I asked you for any help."

* Someone slowly stands up. She's still shorter than Tiron "You didn't come for any other reason than getting help"

Diurne: Patrick is rapidly realizing he's going wrong with his math.

Patrick: *curses*

Zhen: What's the matter?

Diurne: Zhen is actually amazed. Patrick is doing his maths about having the energies from two dimensions coinciding and he writes or types actually very little. He doesn't look satisfied by the... result ? Seeing he only took 20mn before considering a result, why is he surprised ?

Diurne: Zhen is no physicist or engineer but he foresees calculus for this kind of stuff will take hours and a fairly nicely equipped computer

Diurne: Instead Patrick is just toying with his math on his tricorder

Tiron Eks: You had a conflict with the Terran Security Force I assume?

Someone: We are enemies.

* Zhen is amazed but des not express it in any way

Tiron Eks: They are my enemy as well. Infact they are still holding one of my crew as hostage.

Tiron Eks: I came in the hope that we maybe can work here together against them.

Someone: I know and I have no sympathy for her

* Tiron Eks is again suprised: "How do you know of her?"

Someone: I'm a Mindlord. I know.

* Patrick keeps on experimenting, changing settings here and there and throwing a teeble through the rift from time to time....

* Zhen keeps being amazed

* Diana is thinking if "Mindlord"is some kind of actual supervillain in real world

Patrick: *mutters again against himself*

* Diana got hooked long time ago, but will never admit to anyone that instead of her boys it is her who is actually waiting for the next episode... the boys now watch some kind of new fantasy series Warmhamster or something

Diurne: Despite all his efforts, having done the calculation three times, Patrick must admit that he can't get his finger on it. He's close to understand the interaction between the energies of the two dimensions, should he unleash the reactor power here... but he's still uncertain about the final result

Tiron Eks: FIne, so you know already a lot, but maybe you'd like to answer my question if your pact between you and the Terrans has been accomplished?

Zhen: Prolems?

* Someone ponders her answer and then says "I have no intent to honor that pact"

Tiron Eks: You intent to take over this station then?

Someone: I'm going to destroy it

Patrick: I ... don't know, non euclidian calculus cours, back in Academy days are too far from my memory... and I didn't really have the time to play with that recently... I ... think my calculs are correct but I have no way to confirm it...

Tiron Eks: Oh. Don't you think the Terrans will do anything about it?

Patrick: to make it simple, this could work... or close the passage forever, or blow everything out, or open a gate to the nineth hell, as far as I know...

A Mindlord, really ?: They will oppose to this, yes.

Zhen: So what is your professional opinion?

Tiron Eks: They could simply send in their troops here to destroy you before you're able to destroy the station.

Patrick: hmm... flipping a coin to make my decision ? *rises an eyebrow at Zhen*

A Mindlord, really ?: Why is this of such interest for you ?

Zhen: No, what is your professional instinct? Do that.

Zhen: Assuming you are a professional, of course.

Patrick: it's a matter of trust, faith... so I may as well flip a coin, but my personal instinct tells me I'm right

Patrick: even if I can't seem to prove it

Tiron Eks: Because I'm beginning to see a mutual benefitting opportunity for us both here.

Zhen: Then go with the instinct.

Zhen: I would.

* A Mindlord, really ? stares at him for a second "You don't understand who I am. But you're a fascinating creature. Now, as I said, I have no concern for your... human crew member"

Tiron Eks: It looks like you ruled out already every possibility in your mind to help me.

Patrick: hmm, I don't recognize you, Zhen, where is the prudent, careful and scientifical method ?

A Mindlord, really ?: That's why I started by asking why should I help you.

* A Mindlord, really ? narrows her eyes "You're both fascinating. I can barely touch your ... second mind."

Zhen: Look, just do what you have to. *me seems annoyed*

Diurne: Where you are, Zhen and Patrick can now see ghostly images of men busy in what looks to be a control center, very close to the ruined room they are in currently

A Mindlord, really ?: If you accept to let me meld my mind to the one you carry, I can reconsider helping you

* A Mindlord, really ? has a vaguely worrying and cruel expression... like a predator

Patrick: allright, I need to make at least one attempt, else I can't guaranteee it won't instantly kill the Captain, but the passage will be visible for them *points at the ghosts* as well, for the moment, I'll keep it active

Patrick: I need to let it active a bit so as to take measures...

Zhen: Try it on the place that I was doing it. Supposedly captain subdued personel there.

* Zhen points at the spot

* Patrick nods and proceeds

Tiron Eks: You might be good at probing my mind, but your proposal would mean it'll overload your precious grey-cells between your pointed ears.

Patrick: God be with us...

* Zhen is amused with that comment

A Mindlord, really ?: Your sarcasm is of the level of a human. You lived or too long with them

Tiron Eks: And still you fail to see I care for your health.

* A Mindlord, really ? sits on the floor and takes a long breath

Tiron Eks: I won't be stopping you from somehow stopping this station. I hope you'll let me help my comrade.

A Mindlord, really ?: And you just hope I'm going to help, just beacuse it's you and despite her being human ?

* Patrick opens a "stabilized" portal

Patrick: keep an eye on them while I'm doing that and yell if they look like they want to cross

* Zhen keeps an eye on ghosts

Tiron Eks: I made once an oath. I let noone of my comrades down. Human or not human, that doesn't matter. She'd do the same for me.

Diurne: Patrick starts the machines, pumping all power he can get from the venerable reactor. The station shakes a little under the effort. In the room where Patrick and Zhen are, space around the anomalies become instantly orangeish and glowing. With the power inside the reactor core growing, the rifts look to widen.

* A Mindlord, really ? closes her eyes

Zhen: Hmmm.

Patrick: *eyes on controls* how does it look like ?

Zhen: Orange and widening.

* A Mindlord, really ? is probably meditating again

Patrick: any reaction from the other side ?

* Tiron Eks goes then out of the shuttle.

Zhen: Not yet.

Diurne: The access ramp closes once Tiron went out

Diurne: On the other side, the "ghosts" seem to start noticing something is happening

* Tiron Eks thinks of the best way how to get to the lowest level quickly.

Zhen: I think they start to notice things.

* Patrick keeps teh gae active just enough to have a correct reading then shut it

Diurne: Tiron is far from being an expert but he starts to understand how the station is organized by now. So he gets to the shaft F6 relatively quickly. Actually when he arrives, he sees a shape trying to hide in the shadows of a corner, close from the shaft

* Tiron Eks greets the one hiding in the shadows: "Whoever is there in the shadows, I can see you."

Seyler: As long as you don't fire...

* Seyler steps out of the shadows

Seyler: You're late. What delayed you ?

Tiron Eks: A vulcan.

Seyler: A Vulcan ? Oh my... you knocked him out or... ?

Tiron Eks: I was trying to find an ally. - And no doctor, she was sitting in her shuttle and meditating only. Apparently she probed my mind the moment she opened her eyes.

Diurne: In the control room, on both sides, the phenomenon of the expanding rifts look to increase rapidly. Rifts are now often as large as a basket ball

Seyler: Uh.... telepaths...

Tiron Eks: She ruled out every possibility in her mind to help me rescue Harrison.

Patrick: allright, allright, I'm working on it...

* Seyler shakes her head "That's why I think the ones who have such gifts shouldn't intrude others thoughts"

Tiron Eks: She did that before she even began to speak.

Seyler: That's shaft F6 but it's unpowered.

* Seyler points at the dead elevator.

Tiron Eks: Apparently only the interrogator himself has the control of the powerswitch for this elevator. Now a technican would be good to bypass the switch and activate it.

Tiron Eks: Could we just use a ladder to go down? Or does another shaft leads down?

Seyler: We can try to find another way to go down but where do weland ? If that section with Harrison is secured we may not be able to break in easily, if at all

* Seyler sighs

Seyler: Or we blast the elevator and believe we're good cimbers and go down ourselves

Diurne: Patrick is satisfied during a second when he realizes the reactor flux are not matching exactly the energy flux from the "other side". Then he's horrified when he understand it generate a synergy, actually helping the process. "Your" station reactor is now helping "their" reactor

Tiron Eks: At worst we would have to climb down 1km downwards.

Tiron Eks: Do you feel like we should climb down?

Seyler: We don't have much choice here...

Tiron Eks: Then we'll climb down and hope we won't encounter any nasty suprises.

Seyler: Seems we're bound to go down in shaft

Patrick: hmm, that's not what I expected

Seyler: At least, we can do it for Harrison

Patrick: Zhen, try to see if you can contact Tiron with the comlink

Patrick: it should work now that the passage is fully opened

Tiron Eks: Let's do it.

Zhen: I gave him my commbadge.

Diurne: Around Patrick and Zhen, two unpowered consoles suddenly start blinking and their screens display data

Zhen: Meaning I can only yell.

Patrick: *clicks on his own combadge* O'Rourke to Eks

* Tiron Eks is going to prepare (again) a trip downwards a shaft and this time tries to not to run into any anomaly or worse traps set by some evil blue alien.

Diurne: With a quick glance, Patrick sees the data is about power transfer within the station. The display doesn't match what is happening in "his" reactor however

Diurne: By Tiron and Yaxara, weird but nice looking orangeish distorsion of space appear.

* Tiron Eks drops instantly his preperations and grabs a disruptor rifle, aiming at the nice looking orangish distorsion.

Diurne: Then another, then another... several distorsions, orange in light, are visible... they look to be like windows. Through them you can see the station, still, but slightly different

* Diana thinks how this orange glow is not color coordinated with the rest of the station, but it's nice!

Tiron Eks: Yaxara, would you be so kind and do a tricorder scan?

Patrick: hmm, well... it's... opened

* Seyler gets her medical tricorder and runs a scan "High radiation levels... plasma energy at high temperature but cooling at the center of the phenomenons

Zhen: But is it safe?

Patrick: *half-hearted smile at Zhen* now, if I could figure a way to close it... I gues the only way wil be to destroy devices on both sides to close it permanently

Tiron Eks: What is the cause for it?

* Zhen tries to look closer at the openings

* Seyler shrugs a little "If I knew... there is no discernable source... I get subspace distorsion... so I'd say it's the same kind of anomalies we encountered, just visible and expanding"

Patrick: damnit, it should work *clicks again on combadge* Captain, can you hear me ?

Diurne: The captain combadge comes to life

Tiron Eks: Expanding? Probably what Zhen told me about to hurry with our rescue.

Seyler: I get a lot of those new sort of anomalies a bit everywhere... It's expanding fast, very fast

Patrick: *to Zhen* drops a tribble or two to chekc if it's stable

* Tiron Eks reluctantly clicks: "Yes?"

* Zhen does just that

Patrick: Captain, good to hear your voice !

* Tiron Eks a bit sceptical: "Where's Dr. Idisha?"

Diurne: Zhen is ready to throw tribbles through the anomalies again but... it looks on the other side, people are arming themselves and are ready to shoot at anything that could comethrough The soldier a also using what look to be a tricorder and run scans

Zhen: PAtrick! Close it!

Zhen: We have... agh! Just cose it fast!

Patrick: I'll make it brief, I've enlarged the distortion to try to create a safe passage but I'm afraid I was a bit too eficnet, you should see anomalies a bit everywhere on your side now... I don't know how to suppress the effet, nor how long it will last, nor if it won't expand to the point of destroying everything. I respectfully suggest that whatever you are up to, you make it quick, Captain

Zhen: There are people ready to shoot or hop through or scan us.

Diurne: On the "other side", troopers are positionning themselves

Tiron Eks: I have to climb down approx. 100m downwards and have to free Harrison from the clutches of an interrogator, not sure if I can do it quick enough for your taste.

* Zhen is better than Sun Tzu

* Patrick after trying to cut systems, now try to overload systems to close the passages

Diurne: Uh hu... what are they doing ? Oh, Zhen vaaaaguely remembers something like that being described at the academy. It was about boarding enemy ships, providing cover during assault and all

Patrick: hmm, and it will become worse before going any better, we have some unexpected guests here, of the ... unfriendly kind

Zhen: Patrick, they are getting ready to board this side.

Diurne: By Tiron side, the elevator looks sometimes powered, sometimes not

Patrick: O'Rourke out

Patrick: *for himself* close, stupid rft, close now !

Tiron Eks: Damn. I was about to mention that the elevator we need is somehow affected too.

* Seyler points at an orange anomaly that is now large enough to let a crouching man pass through "I hope we'll get some others down there when we find Harrison"

Tiron Eks: Maybe we can use the elevator for stop and going.

Diurne: On his console, Patrick can only see the reaction is now out of control. The reactor doesn't accept his instructions. And it seems to acknowledge instructions he didn't send. As if omeone else was connected to it

* Tiron Eks goes to elevator panel and calls for the elevator.

Zhen: Just pull the plug out or anything similar!

Patrick: damnit, no way... Zhen, we better retreat...

Patrick: that doesn't work, I suspect our reality and theirs have somehow melted...

Zhen: Lovely...lovely... let's hide then.

Patrick: I don't have anymore acess to what is on this side, I suspect, we'd need to go the other side, but hte locals don't seem to agree

Zhen: Although they have tricorders...

Diurne: The elevator comes. From what Tiron sees, it's unpowered... but it works.

Patrick: let's flee... at least we opened a passage to the Captain...

* Seyler tightens her grip on her phaser and enters the elevator

* Zhen grunt and agrees to flee... for now

Tiron Eks: You want a disruptor maybe? I have 3 of them with me.

Patrick: *clicks* Captain, we're retreating for the reactor room, I have no more control on the reaction and the situation is a bit too hostile here... as I said the passage should be safe from the other isde to our side wherever you are, but I don't know if the reaction will keep on expanding

Seyler: I prefer keeping a weapon I know and was trained for

* Patrick starts to retreat, trying to make some suppression fire to the guys on the other side

Tiron Eks: Alright. *enters elevator too* Ready?

* Seyler nods

* Tiron Eks pushes then the controls to get to the lowest possible level of the station.

Patrick: *to Zhen* you wanted me to open it, and I did it

Patrick: next time be more precise and say you want to have full control on the processus

Zhen: I wanted you to find a safe solution! This is all but afe!

Tiron Eks: *clicks* Is every distortion safe to return?

Diurne: Patrick trades shots with the troops from the other side as the anomalies now encompass the whole room. The two Starfleet officers flee as the soldiers pour in

Patrick: well, Captain, obviously, it's safe for the soldiers I see here as they're stepping through it

* Zhen hopes tholians are not very real now too

Patrick: the passage here should be the safest, but it might be more dangerous

Tiron Eks: I prefer to choose an anomaly that won't lead me to open space.

Patrick: you should see the exact equivalent of the station through the distortion

Tiron Eks: Alright, thank you. Now get back to safety!

Patrick: thanks for your authorization, Captain, we're on it

Zhen: We should retreat to the shuttle. Our advantage is that we know where are anomalious and deadly traps... they don't!

Patrick: aye

Diurne: The elevator arrives at the bottom of the station. There is a faint odor of antiseptics and other medication

* Tiron Eks gestures like a tac unit squad leader to spread (if possible).

Diurne: At the bottom level, it's essentially a super large room. Either the internal walls were downed, either it was a large cargo area maybe. There is absolutely no light.

Diurne: Tiron hears someone sobbing... a muffled sound echoing... metal tingling against metal... maybe chains... the buzzing hum of machines...

Diurne: The only light Tiron has is cast by the elevator

Diurne: The sound echoing really suggest a cathedral sized roomm

* Tiron Eks thinks how a doctor can work in the night without any light source.

* Zhen has very good senses and very sensitive antennas

Diurne: Tiron hears someone walking calmly. The steps are echoing and come from every direction to Tiron ears

Diurne: The person walks calmly. At times, he or she must walk on broken glass, maybe

Diurne: It doesn't seem to come closer

* Tiron Eks thinks of andorian close combat techniques. Anything useful to remember there? - Obviously not.

* The Evil Dr Zhen voices echoes in the dark "I didn't expect guests. Are you coming on your free will ?"

* Tiron Eks takes out tricorder and reprogramms it to emit an ultra-sonic vibration, one that will hopefully hurt an andorian.

* Tiron Eks programms it to emit that on his command.

The Evil Dr Zhen: The last person to come on her free will was that poor Church. Oh and how she prayed when she realized her mistake !

* The Evil Dr Zhen giggles a bit on that joke

Tiron Eks: Do you believe in free will?

The Evil Dr Zhen: A philosopher ? Oh I wonder how long you'll talk in the booth

* Tiron Eks obviously starts to entertain the blue alien. And carefully comes closer.

Diurne: For now, Tiron isn't sure the way he should walk to to get closer

Diurne: Tiron hears like the sound of something made of metal that you're sharpenign

* Seyler mutters "Idisha are a constant of every dimension..."

* Tiron Eks has 3 rifles, he sets one on overload so it'll explode and give it a timer of 60 seconds.

Seyler: On our right... I'd say 20 m away

* Zhen hiccups in another dimension thinking how that damn Seyler is again talking behind his back

Seyler: But there is someone else close to him, I hear sobbing...

* Seyler is by Tiron

* Seyler says for some reason "This is going to turn bad...."

The Evil Dr Zhen: Can I inquire the reason of your presence in this private level ?

* Tiron Eks places the rifle on the ground that is set to detonate in approx 60 secs.

Tiron Eks: Philosophy, talk about the reason of existence.

* Tiron Eks pulls seyler away from the rifle that'll detonate any moment to create a distraction.

Tiron Eks: But I'm sorry, I didn't know this is a private level. One must assume that this big station could be a big party one as well. At least I was on one of such recently. YOu should try out the drinks.

Tiron Eks: Let me remember: I believe romulan ale is pretty awesome to have a good time.

* Diana wonders if Tiron kows about Jean-Paul Sarte

* Tiron Eks goes slowly to the direction Seyler mentioned.

Diurne: And then orange anomalies start appearing at that level, a bit everywhere, like intruding and eating space, casting their glow all around.

"em prepares to fire a disruptor bolt." Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands.

* Tiron Eks prepares to fire a disruptor bolt.

Diurne: In the new dim light, Tiron can see metal tables, instruments that are much closer to saws and drills than surgical equipment.

Diurne: The light intensifies as the anomalies grow. In the direction Seyler mentionned, Tiron sees... noone.

* Tiron Eks quickly looks around to locate the blue alien.

Diurne: He quickly looks around and tenhe sees a transparent booth when the limp body of a woman inside, agitated by sobs.

Diurne: The only unexpected thing...

Diurne: is the fact the woman inside has a green skin and a mane of black hair...

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Post  Seetherius on Fri May 06, 2011 12:21 pm


Diurne: Captain Eks is in the depths of a station, similar and different from the one he step on some time ago. The level around is dark. A spot light revealed the limp shape of a green skinned woman detained inside a glassy container.

Seyler: She's not Harrison, damn... where is she ?

Tiron Eks: I don't know. Can you detect a human lifesign down here?

* Seyler fiddles with her tricorder

The Evil Dr Zhen: Now, considering this invasion of privacy, I must say... I'm delighted to have new guests.

* Tiron Eks looks around, even up, who knows from where the evil doctor might attack from.

Tiron Eks: How about we share a tea? A cup of earl grey would ease the tense and we could talk in quiet.

Diurne: Tiron is fully aware of his environment... the blue alien voice comes from his left, where Seyler and himself were hearing him until now. But, after a second thought, he realizes in a heartbeat the voice is also coming from behind. Somewhat muffled. But the voice on the side now clearly sounds lightly distorted. Like an echo, or a recorded voice, or a synthetic voicer. Now,

Diurne: Now, Tiron is certain the alien is behind

* Tiron Eks jumps around to face anyone in his back, ready to fire on sight. His crosshair is seeking the blue alien.

Diurne: And as Tiron turns all in a sudden, he spots that alien, wearing high tech goggles, a voicer relay in front of his face, a dark suit ideal for infiltration, handling a long serrated blade in each hand... and ready to jump.

* Tiron Eks aims at him and will shoot immediatly.

Diurne: The disruptor shot misses the alien from a hair width. But miss nonetheless.

Diurne: Antennas twitching of frustration, the Andorian yells and rushes forward. At the same moment, Seyler announces there is a weak human signal farther down.

* Tiron Eks orders to Seyler: "Spread and take him out!"

Diurne: The alien is using serrated blades that are vaguely reminding the tools of a surgeon. But they aren't. Actually, they may be better in butcher hands

Diurne: He lunges forward and slashes viciously at Tiron. The blade mises Tiron flesh but cut in the shirt fabric

* Tiron Eks gets out of reach of the blade and activate his tricorder, programmed to emit a ultra high sonic frequency.

Diurne: *Click* the tricorder vibrates slightly as it starts the sound emission.

* The Evil Dr Zhen jumps on Tiron and his blades fall on the Trill officer

Diurne: One blade cuts deeply in Tiron flank and blood is now running. If the tricorder is emitting something, it doesn't seem to affect negatively the Andorian

* The Evil Dr Zhen is in front of Tiron Eks, slashing

* Tiron Eks is going to use his rifle as melee weapon and is going to hit the andorian.

Diurne: Woosh, the Trill ventilates the room

* The Evil Dr Zhen slashes at Tiron but the Starfleet officer parries with his gun barrel

Diurne: And then, the dark-clad Andorian is... disintegrated. He vanishes gradually to a light imprint of himself and faded out

* Seyler looks at the alien fading out, her phaser set to max power in hand

Seyler: Meh... it isn't even making me feel better...

* Tiron Eks let his rifle drop and presses a hand on his flank.

* Seyler let her phaser for now and presses for the captain to sit

Tiron Eks: I appreciate nontheless your help. Something tells me I should take more lessons in melee combat.

* Seyler opens her med kit and runs her tricorder over the injury

Seyler: Deep cut but no major blood loss. Painful but not dangerous.

Tiron Eks: Good, now let's finish for what we have come for.

Seyler: Don't move, still.... Just give me a minute.

* Seyler works fast and precisely "I'll get you patched soon"

* Tiron Eks looks then around, seeing all the butcher's equipment and the green skinned woman inside a tube.

Tiron Eks: We should free any other unlucky person here as well.

Tiron Eks: I believe noone liked this place and some will be happy that you have turned him into ashes.

* Seyler looks briefly at the green skin woman "Could it be we had that person as a guest recently ?"

* Tiron Eks looks at Yaxara: "I'm afraid she's not exactly the identical guest onboard the Independence."

* Tiron Eks stands up.

* Seyler packs her medical stuff

Seyler: She may not be... as that Zhen isn't ours.

Tiron Eks: We don't know in which psychological condition the people here are, set your phaser to stun in case.

* Seyler runs her medical tricorder again "Probably one level down, more. I got weak lifesigns, likely human"

* Tiron Eks goes to the woman in the tube.

Seyler: We have to find Harrison, sir. This person may be dangerous.

* Seyler doesn't follow him to the woman

Tiron Eks: If she is, we'll stun her. But letting someone in a tube here is no condition at all. *looks for a control mechanism to open the tube*

Seyler: We can't afford to free her. She may be dangerous, she can delay us. We don't know her. Sir... leave her.

Diurne: The woman is obviously an Orion woman. And while he can't see her face completely, Tiron Eks is certain she's having Anvaar face. She's lying inside the glassy prison, sobbing and oblivious to her environment. It seems she has blemishes and bruises on her flesh. She also have markings like from needles on her arms.

Seyler: Sir. Harrison is below.

* Tiron Eks tries not to confound the woman inside the tube with Anvaar from his home dimension.

Seyler: Sir, we must go. We don't know how much time we have before we're trapped here forever

Diurne: Tiron spots a console but the system is locked. Looks there is some password required or maybe some other means to protect the access

Diurne: Inside the station, Patrick and Zhen retreated as the other dimension guards were pouring in through the enlarged rifts. What our heroes are now doing ?

Tiron Eks: You're right, we have to go and get Harrison. *sighs, obviously still moved by this reasonable decision*

* Seyler motions to a direction in the dark "That way"... then after they both leave the prisonner, she says "I'm sorry but we had to"

* Tiron Eks tries to shake his troubling thoughts aside and just comments quickly: "Yah ..."

Diurne: Only lighted by the orange luminous rifts, Seyler and Eks arrives by an elevator

Seyler: Lifesign under us

* Tiron Eks activates the controls for the elevator to bring them down: "More than one human down there?"

Seyler: No, just one

Tiron Eks: Then I hope we won't encounter more people who want to butcher us.

Diurne: The elevator arrives at their level and doors open

Seyler: I get nothing else than just the human weak presence

* Tiron Eks has his rifle ready in case for unexpected trouble.

Diurne: You both get in and Seyler looks at the control panel before pressing one button "That should be the right one... I guess"

Tiron Eks: To boldly go where noone has gone before. So press the button and then we'll see.

Diurne: The elevator arrives siwftly at the lower level and the doors open. It reveals a room bathed by a soft blue light. It reeks blood. A large surgeon table is seen, with the tied foirm of Harrison. She is looking in good shape and sleeping on the table.

Seyler: I don't like this...

Seyler: But there is noone else I can get on the tricorder

Tiron Eks: Be careful nontheless.

* Seyler gets her phaser in one hand, tricorder in the other

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant?

* Tiron Eks moves slowly into the room.

Diurne: Harrison doesn't respond. She could as well be dead since she doesn't make a move.

* Tiron Eks moves towards her, always watching out for more unexpected trouble.

* Seyler moves forward, more hurry than cautiousness call

Diurne: Patrick and Zhen arrives by the shuttle. It seems they aren't pursued at all. Oddly ? ....

* Seyler goes to Harrison and finally stops dead "Wait... how do we know she's the right one ?"

Diurne: The Independence engineer immediately realize someone has opened the shuttle during their absence

Tiron Eks: I asked one of the operators if someone appeared like in our uniform here, they told me they put her in detention like me and then down here to the interrogator.

Patrick: *mumbles*

Tiron Eks: She must be Lieutenant Harrison. We have to free her.

* Seyler nods and runs a diagnostic over the body of Harrison "She's in shock and her body is simply ceasing to function... We have to get her to the sickbay fast..."

Seyler: Or...

* Seyler looks around

Seyler: There are crude medical equipment here. Not something worthy of a doctor... but still something. I can give a try at stabilizing her here. But it may mean we're locked in this strange world

* Tiron Eks starts to untie Paula Harrison: "Have you checked the bag Zhen gave me? Maybe you find something better?"

Diurne: Patrick notices someone disrupted the external security. Probably overloading the system and shield. It doesn't require a huge power generator to do it but it's not something anyone can do. Then, coming closer he notices that someone simply unlocked the door. So someone has access to a security breaking tool. However, someone could not reinstall the default setting once done. This is the absence of the default security that alterted you

* Seyler starts cheking the bag

Patrick: *mumbles* our guest may as well still be inside...

Seyler: The question still stands... if we move her, we may have a chance to get out of this but she can die. If I work here, she has a better chance to survive and us all be trapped

* Seyler selects a couple of items from the bag "That would help"

Tiron Eks: Then stabilize her.

Tiron Eks: I don't take the easy way to our home at the possible expense of a valued officer.

* Seyler nods "I'm on it.."

Tiron Eks: Is there anything I can help with?

* Patrick checks if there could be something "added" to the door aperture then ready his phaser

* Seyler is focused on her task. She aligns the instruments she needs on the table, drag to her lifesign monitoring devices that happen to be here. She sets her tricorder on auto and loud feedback to give her a constant diagnostics "Yes, get us out of this mess, captain"

Diurne: Nothing looks to have been added.

* Patrick readies his phaser and opens the door

* Tiron Eks is now waiting more or less until Dr. Seyler is finished with the treatment.

Diurne: The door opens with the typical hiss

* Patrick examines the inside, carefully

Diurne: In the back of the shuttle, someone relatively small is hiding inside the engine control room

Patrick: *points the phaser towards the stowaway* you there ! hands up and get out of here !

* Trank gets out of the room, carrying a backpack

Trank: Man... don't shoot, I'm unarmed

Patrick: what the hell are you trying to do ? leaving the place "borrowing" our shuttle ?

Patrick: or sabotaging it for your Prani friends

Trank: Getting a seat for free, of course ! You imagine I want to stay in this hell ? No really... I thought it would be better to move away with you folk. I always had a good feeling with Starfleet

Patrick: the feeling isn't mutual...I'm not Captain Eks with all the starfleet-protocol-prime directive-yadayadda babbling, you know. I'm an engineer, and if there's one thing an engineer dislike, it's someone messing with his engines

Trank: I thought you'd take offense if I sit in your seat, in the cockpit

Patrick: get out of here anyway, and keep your hands up and visible

* Trank moves out of the room, hands visible "I'm no danger. If I was armed and willing to shoot, I would have shot you when you entered"

Patrick: *mumbles for himself* Ferengis...

* Trank shrugs "Humans"

* Patrick checks if Trank has any weapon on him

* Trank owns a small disruptor gun he had left in his backpack

Patrick: *picks the diruptor in the backpack* if you don't mind, I'll keep this until we'll be back on our ship...

Trank: It's a family heirloom, I expect to get it back

Diurne: Patrick also found an impressive array of electronic equipment in his backpack, including the tools the Ferengi may have used to overload and break in the shuttle

Patrick: now, let's be clear. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But make anything stupid and I'll blast you, your tools and your various family heirlooms to oblivion...

Patrick: Computer, state of the shuttle

* Trank rolls eyes then smiles

Computer: Shuttle is ready and functionnal

Patrick: *nods* computer, set a programmed self-destruct of this shuttle. 5 minutes. Starting if ever my life signals die.

Patrick: *grins at Trank* just in case, no offense.

Trank: You're ridiculous

Patrick: I'm cautious. Besides, I have no reason to die with you at my side, correct ?

Patrick: pick a seat and enjoy the journey.

Trank: But since staying inside that station is probably death for a certainty, I'm willing to bet your internal sensors will never go offline because of the...oh well... all this mess.

Trank: You're still ridiculous.

Diurne: On the flight controls, Patrick can see the energy net is fully formed around the station. The way he used to come was shut.

* Patrick scans for other possible passages

Diurne: The energy net is fully formed. There is no hole in it. You can try to fly through it but if you drift a little, your shuttle will be sliced in two

Patrick: your friends like us, they don't want to see us go...

Trank: Whose friends ?

Patrick: not mine, obviously...

Trank: Prani are not my friends and I'm just escaping a situation spiraling down to disaster

Patrick: still you should like it, as a gambler : either we pass through it or we're torn in pieces...

Patrick: *clicks on combadge* Captain, can you hear me ?

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Commander, everything alright by you?

* Trank mutters for himself "Humans... so provocative..."

Patrick: things are under control... I even had the time to pick an unexpected guest : our ferengi friend asked for a place onboard...

Tiron Eks: How fortunate for us. He'll be in our debt if he wants so.

Patrick: the net who was surrounding the station is fully formed, without hole... which means we can A) try to force pass it with no guarantee B) ask for the Independance to fire on the Station generator or C) blast the generator ourselves

Patrick: I do'nt have enough firepower with the shuttle, if we go for C) you'll have to handle that part

Tiron Eks: I believe option C is the best call. Since I don't know how good the repairs are going on there and if the systems can be strained.

Tiron Eks: But it could take some time until we reach the generator. We've found Lieutenant Harrison and Doctor Seyler stabilizes her right now.

Tiron Eks: I have to improvise somehow detonate the reactor here and get out in time.

Patrick: I'll fly around the station waiting for you and see if I can get you some extraction point near the reactor

Diurne: Inside the shuttle, Patrick sees the rifts are now large and joining to create larger "holes" to the other dimension. Actually, the whole phenomenon looks to be slowering. Also, he gets new readings on his console, as if some previously empty and unpowered parts of the station were active and running now

Tiron Eks: Understood, Eks, out.

* Tiron Eks wonders if it's possible to go back to the control room and overload the reactor or if he has to go directly to the reactor and let it detonate from there somehow.

* Patrick takes off

Diurne: Tiron may not have the knowledge to do it

* Tiron Eks memorizes his demolition course, maybe detonating a near-by power conduit with one of the disruptor rifles is going to do the trick.

Tiron Eks: How's the treatment going on, doctor?

Seyler: She's steady... weak but steady. I'd need to have access to decent equipment within an hour if we move out of here

Diurne: Tiron Eks consider the rifle detonation to try to provoke a chain reaction but after more thinking, he believes it would probably damage the system but not overload it to the point of blasting everything.

Tiron Eks: In order to get safely out of here I need to destroy the reactor. Or destablize it enough that the power output is lowered so we have a window to escape.

Tiron Eks: Do we have to carry Harrison?

Seyler: Carry ? If we can be teleported, it would be better and safer.

Tiron Eks: I'm not sure if teleporting through anomalies is safe, so we need to get her at least to the other side.

Seyler: Can we at least teleport to the shuttle ?

Tiron Eks: Contact Commander O'Rourke, he can tell you better how safe it'll be.

* Seyler hits her com badge "Seyler to O'Rourke. Commander, do you believe you could teleport us to you, through the rifts ?"

Patrick: *clicks* I... can try, but there's no guarantee

Patrick: how many to beam ?

* Seyler makes a face and looks at the captain

Seyler: Me, captain Eks and Harrison

Patrick: you found Paula ? how is she ?

Seyler: Slowly dying and stable for now

Patrick: I see.

Seyler: Captain ? Shall we try the transporters ?

Patrick: I can try but I prefer not to start with someone injured. So that means beaming the three of you.

Tiron Eks: Well, you requested a transport, I'd say we do it now.

Seyler: The thing is if you finish with Paula... but actually see a problem after beaming me and the captain... and stop ? Who is going to take care of her ?

Tiron Eks: You'll stay with her, I'll beam over first and try it out how well beaming works.

Patrick: I'll beam her second

Patrick: I jsut want to check what happens the first time as I'm not too sure how the anomalies will interfer with the beaming process, I can only extrapolate

Patrick: again, the decision is yours

Seyler: Start with the captain, then Paula then me

Tiron Eks: Fortune favours the bold, so make sure I'll materlize with all limbs intact.

Patrick: *softly* so be it...

* Patrick tries to determine if the proximity may have an influence over the beaming and searches for the ideal spot

Diurne: Patrick moves the shuttle around the station... he sees the station coming (back ?) to life, again all expectation and sensor readings. He also finds larger and apparently stable rift aiming straight at the captain, Syeler and Harrison position.

Diurne: After setting parameters, he starts the process, dragging the captain particles back to the transporter pod of the shuttle

Diurne: The transporter is activated, Tiron Eks vanishes from the room in the station.

* Seyler looks at the captain disappearing

Diurne: The captain rematerializes, with all limbs and head, inside the shuttle

Patrick: welcome aboard, the shuttle and his crew is happy to have you on O'Rourke airlines, weather is clear and time travel shouldn't exceed a couple of hours

* Trank grimaces "Oh, we have a clown as the pilot"

Tiron Eks: Alright, now transport Harrison and Seyler.

* Patrick prepares to beam Harrison

Diurne: Harrison materialize in the shuttle, followed by Syeler, who is surely greeted warmly by Zhen

Tiron Eks: Do you have maybe a photon warhead with you?

Patrick: phew...

Tiron Eks: And a transport well done.

Patrick: hmm, I don't think I packed one before coming... *rises an eyebrow at the Ferngi* what about you ?

Trank: What ?

Tiron Eks: I need something to blow up their reactor, beaming in an explosive is the easiest solution that comes to my mind.

Patrick: we're back to two choices : A) trying to pass through the net B) contact the Independance and letting them fire... in both cases I do'nt know if th shuttle structures will enjoy it...

Tiron Eks: I'm still onto C, Patrick.

Tiron Eks: If you can beam us out, we can surely beam something in too.

Patrick: that's an idea but I do'nt know what I could... cannibalize in the shuttle to do that, and I don't know if we'll have time

Diurne: On the sensor screen, even visually through the front viewscreen, you can see the station being brought back to life. Even its structure, battered and ruined, now look in much better condition. The whole station is bathing in the eerie light oif the energy net, which is pulsating like the heart beating again after a long time

Tiron Eks: Another solution is D) we both beam in and you try to let the reactor overload.

Tiron Eks: But then nobody is able to beam us out safely.

Patrick: going back there ? I strongly advise agaisnt that, I do'nt know how many more times I can succeed on beaming people through anomalies

Patrick: though, if you insist, we may have a volunteer *baleful glance at the Ferengi*

Tiron Eks: Alright, can we use warp plasma, compressed in some containment and beam it over to their reactor room and destroy it?

* Trank doesn't feel concerned

Patrick: we're missing the devices to have ti compressed to the point it would be really dangerous... besides, this may harm controls but I don't think it will be enough to detroy the reactor...

Patrick: don't forget that part of the devices are on the other side of the rift

Tiron Eks: I am aiming for the reactor on the other side.

Patrick: only the Independance may be able to have enough firepower to achieve that, and I'm not even certain of that...

Tiron Eks: Does this force field prevent us only from moving or can we also transport through it?

Tiron Eks: I mean this web that surrounds us.

Patrick: no it brings quite the same problem to both solutions

Tiron Eks: Can you scan through the anomalies and look out for heavy weapons?

Tiron Eks: Photon torpedoes perhaps?

Patrick: nothing near enough to the reactor...

Tiron Eks: But are there any?

Patrick: probably *checks*

Patrick: Captain, the problem is that if the core blows out, the whole station will... and since we'll still be on this side of the net... so shall we

Tiron Eks: I'm all ears for better solutions.

Patrick: well, if we had a whole assault team we could try to take control of the reactor, from both sides of th rift and stop it... except that solution, the only way to remove the net is to overchrage the whole system.... which will rsult in blowing the machines and cutting the net, unfortunatley, after the explosion

Patrick: the only way is to try to pass through it

Patrick: I'm not fond of that idea but I really see no other solution

Tiron Eks: We're running out of time and you say any other option is worse than flying through.

Tiron Eks: Seems we have only this one straw to take.

Tiron Eks: So now you can show off your training in Nova Squad.

Diurne: On the shuttle sensor, another shuttle suddenly materialized. Or it may have gone through a rift

Patrick: hmm, I can try *thinks* yes, it should enforce it *rolls eyes* what the...

Diurne: The shuttle incrases speed and obviously decided to go through the net

Diurne: It's a Vulcan pattern shuttle

* Tiron Eks takes seat on the co-pilot chair.

Tiron Eks: Hail them!

* Tiron Eks once he opened a channel: "Vulcan shuttle, stop immediatly, if you get in contact with the net it'll destroy you."

Patrick: I'd prefer if yu handle it, Captain, I need to go and reconfigure shields if we want a chance to survive...

Patrick: *heads to the shuttle's engines

Diurne: The shuttle replies

A Vulcan: I'm well aware of the danger... thanks.

Tiron Eks: And how do you intend to go through it?

A Vulcan: By punching a hole through it

Tiron Eks: Mind if we work together on it?

A Vulcan: Fair. I'm sending you parameters to set your deflector. Fire a beam from your deflector when I send you the signal and the coords of the net. It will disrupt it temporarily.

Tiron Eks: Alright.

Diurne: Your shuttle is receiving data.

Diurne: The Vulcan shuttle positions itself, facing the net

* Tiron Eks pilots the shuttle to the coordinates: "O'Rourke, you better come back, we have allies here and they obviously know how to disrupt the net long enough to pass it.

* Patrick gets back

Diurne: The data received calls you to change your deflector settings. Instead of generating the protection while traveling, it would project a beam forward.

Diurne: From what Patrick can see, it's somewhat dangerous as you can burn your dish. On the other hand, the Independence isn't far

Tiron Eks: Can you adjust our deflector accordingly?

Patrick: it should be ok... let me just se if I can suck a bit more power on that beam...

* Patrick reroutes power to shields and reconfigures shields to a beam

Diurne: The shuttle shivers as Patrick forces the engine to pump out much more power than it was intended for

Patrick: time to crosses fingers...

Tiron Eks: Let's do this.

Diurne: The Vulcan shuttle sends you the signal

* Patrick unleashes the beam

Diurne: You unleash the power of your deflector straight ahead in a focused beam. The Vulcan shuttle does it as well. The combined beam strikes the net violently, sending ripples through the energy structure. After a second, the threads of energy break at the impact point and begin to recede, leaving a hole through the net.

Patrick: here is the exit, Alice...

Tiron Eks: Full impulse!

Diurne: The Vulcan shuttle fires its engines and jumps forward at high speed

* Patrick accelerates to pass through the hole

Diurne: Your shuttle increases speed dramatically but the hiccup when the power returns from the deflector to the engines creates a little drift in the trajectory. The shuttle flies a little to the side and a little too close from the "hole" border

Diurne: And then... as you see the shuttle approaching dangerously from the net...

Diurne: Now the shuttle drifts in space, the interior is only lighted by emergency lights, flashing red, while the computer is repeating the warning about a potential hull breach, inviting to evacuate.

Diurne: You are out of the net, while you don't exactly know why...

Patrick: could be time to call the ship, Captain

Diurne: The computer warns you there is an incoming call from the Independence

Patrick: the shuttle won't stay in one piece very long...

Diurne: You don't remember the impact with the net or how you may have drifted out of the trap

* Tiron Eks opens the channel: "Shuttle to Independence."

Diurne: On the console, the shuttle is reported having the side completely burned and sorched. The deflector dish is dead, the engines are offline. There is a long scar in the hull, threatening to break and open on the cold deadly space

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Captain ! I'm glad to hear you're alive.

Tiron Eks: We have a hullbreach going on here, beam us all out!

Diurne: Behind you, on the sensors, for some reason, the station is basking in all its glory, surrounded by the tight energy net

* Patrick tries to keep the shuttle in one piece waiting for beaming

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Acknowledge, beaming out

Diurne: A mere seconds later, you find yourselves on the Independence transporter pads

Tiron Eks: Feels good to be back.

Tiron Eks: Chief, beam Harrison and our doctors immediatly to sickbay one.

Diurne: Paula is taken to the sickbay.

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Post  Seetherius on Mon May 16, 2011 4:52 pm


* Tiron Eks has been beamed back with Lt. Cmdr. O'Rourke, Doctors Seyler and Idisha and a Liuetenant in not to so good medical shape from a shuttle that would suffer rather sooner than later from a hullbreach. Once there he gave the order to beam Paula and the Doctors directly to sickbay.

* Tiron Eks turns then his attention to his chief engineer: "Do you know what happened out there? I know we were drifting towards the net and then nothing, next moment I see only us and the red alert light in the shuttle.

* Evil Doctor Zhen cackles on the pad

* The Evil Dr Zhen has been disintegrated by Seyler

Patrick: *shakes head* I'm not a scientific... some ... time distortion, I guess

* Tiron Eks makes a distinct acknowledgement: "Hmm."

Tiron Eks: Let's go to the bridge, we're not completely finished here I'd say.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is on the bridge

* Tiron Eks enters with his friend the nearest turbolift and it's about to deliver them to the bridge.

Diurne: Patrick doesn't see how what they experienced at the end and the whole subspace rift are related... actually he doesn't think they are directly related.

Patrick: *shrugs* maybe Hilbert would have a theory about this...

* Zhen goes back to sickbay ignoring Seyler

Patrick: though, for waht I could see... I don't know, it's just a feeling but it didn't seem related, somehow

Tiron Eks: Having some answers to this whole phenomena called Shatterpoint is good. Next time we meet some constructs of the Tholians I don't want to be suprised again.

* Tiron Eks will arrive then moments later on the bridge, he has a good feeling, like coming home and finding your preferred place to sit at.

* Tiron Eks is probably looking overworked already, since he hasn't slept for more than 2 days: "Number One."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Sir ?

Tiron Eks: What's our status?

* Trank wanders in the ship until Rajakanya security teams catch him

Patrick: *comes reluctantly near Seyler* how is Ltnt Harrison going ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're in safe distance from the subspace phenomenon. The ship is in good condition and power output is steady. O'Rourke teams have done an excellent work. We're ready for anything.

Tiron Eks: Have you detected a vulcan shuttle that flew with us out of the station's net?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I got an odd reading, yes. Can't tell if it was a shuttle. How do you know that ?

Tiron Eks: It helped us to break out of the net. Where is it now?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Erm... I don't know... let me check...

* Seyler replies to O'Rourke "She's stabilized. She's in shock but I found enough medical equipment, even if crude, to help her... With the decent care we can offer here, she should be back with us within a day

Patrick: thank you for her, Commander

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I don't find the signal... I mean the shuttle... anywhere, sir. But I get a lasting warp signature. So I'd assume the sign- the shuttle went to warp speed

Seyler: That's my job, Patrick

Tiron Eks: Can you hail it?

Patrick: *fels a bit embarassed* I ... guess I should leave you to your duties.... and join the Captain on the bridge...

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I don't find the shuttle anywhere but we can broadcast. Anyone could listen to us, however

Patrick: again thanks *makes a quick gesture at Zhen and heads to the Bridge*

Seyler: Don't worry, she's in good hands now... and Eks is probably going to need you soon

Tiron Eks: Broadcast it then.

* Patrick informs the engineering that Paula is back and safe, on the route

* Patrick enters Bridge

* Tiron Eks stands in the center of the bridge, behind of Lt. Codananadal, obviously he had a talk with him.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: Hailing frequencies open, sir

Patrick: *looks around* where has our Ferengi... "guest" gone ?

Tiron Eks: Vulcan shuttle, this is Captain Eks. I want to express my gratitude for your help. May you live long and in prosper.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I offered him to visit the brig

Diurne: Seconds pass without replies from anyone to Eks message

Patrick: *grins slightly* I see we share similar feelings about him..

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: I felt we were in a situation tense enough to take care of him

Tiron Eks: Well ... seems like it's logical to give no further response to my thank you.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: No reply, sir. Are you sure it was a shuttle ?

Tiron Eks: *comes to the side of Salpan's console* What makes you think it wasn't a shuttle?

* Lt Salpan Codanadal looks a bit confused, he types on the console and sensor data is displayed "That's what we read"... the data is a bit difficuolt to read and it isn't typical of a shuttle thruster engine. Tiron understands it more like a subspace hiccup sending ripples around.

Diurne: Not that the data Tiron is reading have more sense...

* Tiron Eks makes again a distinct: "Hmm."

Tiron Eks: Well, for a subspace hiccup it was certainly a source of good information how to penetrate the net of that station. But I can't remember everything, we touched nontheless the net and the moment next I remember is that we were in the shuttle and only emergency lightning went on.

Tiron Eks: *looks at Patrick* Can it be that we travelled again through an anomaly?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I don't see another shuttle anywhere in this readings, sir. I'm sorry

Patrick: possibly, but as I said I don' feel like it the same phenomena than th on we saw in the station

Tiron Eks: Well, I'm happy that we made it out there, all alive and in rather good shape. I don't know why, for a moment I felt I wasn't making it.

Diurne: From your memory, after opening a passage in the net, you flew through it but your shuttle drifted too close and hit an energy thread. Then suddenly, you were gently drifting with emergency lights on. Your shuttle had damaged consistent with hitting the energy, however

Tiron Eks: What about the Klingons? Are they still out there?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: THey have moved away once all of this started.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So they are in the vicinity, just farther

Tiron Eks: And ...*hesitates a bit* ... the Illuminated Gem?

* Tiron Eks wanders further around the bridge.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Stillin tow, behind the Klingon ship

Tiron Eks: I'd welcome it if the Klingons just give it back to us.

Tiron Eks: Have the Klingons contacted us so far again?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I don't recall they ever said they will. But that may be something to discuss I imagine...

* Tiron Eks slowly wanders back to the center of the bridge.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Just they may ask for a favor in return. While this ship isn't particularly important... While I can sympathize with the plight of its owner... I'm not sure we have to intervene

Tiron Eks: How much do the Klingons know of what happened on the station?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Erm... hard to tell... I don't know even myself what happened exactly.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: They had soldiers on the station until they get them all back. What did they learn down there is unknown

Tiron Eks: So I ask you, if you were a klingon, outfitted with the same sensors and specialists *makes a friendly gesture at Salpan*, what would you say after you have retreated, and I may mention in a coward way,?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'd observe until I can see an opportunity to either get revenge, either find something valuable to me or the Empire.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So I wouldn't leave.

Tiron Eks: *looks at Patrick and Navabarnsa* Is the station a threat in some way?

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: To the ship, I don't believe. We never saw any form of weapon able to damage a ship. If we exclude that energy net

Tiron Eks: I'm uncertain what will happen now, with this station somehow intact.

* Tiron Eks looks then at the viewscreen: "it all started with distorted planets and lots of brown dwarfes. Then we encountered the parasites, came accross the Prani who turn out to be just pirates here and happened to have a well refined plan to extract a person in custody, picked a Ferengi up from one station and brought him here and had now this rather suprising incident here.

Lt Salpan Codanadal: The energy net is fully realized... manifested... or whatever is the right word to explain its apparition

Patrick: the station in itself... possibly... the people from the other side, well you spent more time with them than us...

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Dr. Idisha, report to the bridge.

Tiron Eks: I encountered a sort of twisted version of ourself over there.

Zhen: Coming. *leaves sickbay without looking at Seyler*

Patrick: do you think it's safe to let them access our side ?

Tiron Eks: I'm not sure. Somehow I dislike the imagination that they can pass an anomaly and enter our realm. But I need some more opinion.

* Zhen comes to the bridge

* Tiron Eks looks at Dr. Idisha, having at first a little worried but then smiling face.

Zhen: Captain, commanders...

Zhen: And Salpan... I did not forget you. *nods to him too*

Patrick: Doctor..

Tiron Eks: Doctor, are there any dangers in medical way coming from this? *points at the viewscreen with the enlightened station*

Zhen looks at the data

Zhen: Well you know what anomalies can do, I am compiling the eport for sciece lab about tests I ahve done with tribbles. As for the rest... *is still looking at the data*

Diurne: The energy net is a hazard by itself. Other than that, no

Zhen: Except for the energy net, I don't see anything suspicious.

Zhen: Why? Are oing to blow it up? Please say that you intend to. That place is a danger to whole sector.

Tiron Eks: *nods* One part of me says we should just leave them alone, but having a sort of intact Tholian ... maybe better intact transdimensional Tholian station, inhabitated by Terran Security Forces, Tholians and what not else isn't a good sign here.

Zhen: Just warn everyone to evacuate first. ut yes, when it's empty I'm definitely fr removing that... thing from space.

Patrick: Captain, I just thought about something... if I remember correctly, we scanned the station several time, in hope of finding Leutnant Harrison... and I don't remember we picked any vulcan life signs...

* Tiron Eks listens to his chief.

Patrick: also...

Patrick: I didn't check but when I started the reactor, I may as well have opened some passages... in the void of space... larg enough for a ship from the other side to pass through... bsides, it may explain they have enough knowledge about the net to know how to pierce through it

Tiron Eks: Do you say it is common procedure for them to travel through dimensions?

Patrick: through dimensions... no, I don't think, else we would have already bump on them

Patrick: I think they just took the opportunity to go through

Patrick: but teh net technologies might as well been mastered on their side

Tiron Eks: A net like this requires a lot of energy, the Prani never had access to such energy source, else they'd have errected it to shield themself better, say klingons.

Tiron Eks: Then I had a chat with an alternate reality Riashaala, she explained me that Shatterpoint exists in different times as well.

Patrick: we saw some tholians... through the anomalies, before I brought the reactor back to life... I'm not sure but I think we were seeing several "other places", one being this twisted version of yours, and at least another one with tholians... if I remembe well, this net is some tholian technology

Zhen: That makes sense. Since we have seen tholians as ghosts too, I guess that was the past.

Patrick: "other places" can be various alternate realities, or the same one in different time/space

Zhen: The only disturbing thing was that the Tholians seemed to be aware of us too. And not caring.

Patrick: maybe the guys from the twisted universe learnt tholian tech god knows how...

* Tiron Eks trembles in his inner for a moment.

Tiron Eks: No, not where I was. They believed the Tholians were extinct and they simply put their flag on an apparent empty station.

Zhen: This may be a wild hypothesis but what if tholians did something.... something to avoid their so called extinction and jump through time somehow.

Zhen: Or in worst case... make a time invasion.

Tiron Eks: But you're right, both cases apply to this station. Alternate realities and according to my chat different times and space. Two degrees of freedom.

Tiron Eks: And by doing so have twisted every planet and turned all gas giants into brown dwarfes?

Patrick: in any case, I don't think it's safe to let this thing opened to our universe

Zhen: Possibly. It could be all related.

Tiron Eks: This station assembles to focus a lot of energy on something, it could have affected the whole sector, turning in what it is now.

Zhen: I'm not engineer but I think that opening time-space rift will need a lot of power maybe even somehow power from the gas giants themselves.

Tiron Eks: Your cousin report about the planets is that no geologicla evolution was the cause for the twisted planets. So if you open once such anomalies and take into account that divergent possibilities are superpositioning themself on the same spot but in alternate realities, it could be quite plausible for the reason why it is now.

Tiron Eks: *looks at his officers* How do we seal this obvious breach of multiple times and dimensions?

Patrick: *shrugs* blasting the hell of the reactor...

Zhen: But that could harm the other realities and possible innocents too. There should be safer way.

Patrick: alternate possibility : sending them Zhen. If they speak with him for a moment, they'll never dare crossing...

Zhen: Funny, very funny.

* Patrick hides a smile

Tiron Eks: And if we do nothing, we'd leave an open wound in space, maybe even a fatal one.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: For what I know, the station is the lair of the Prani. Which are hostile to us. From what I understand, it may also be the site of activity of another hostile group. By all account, the station is hostile.

Zhen: Wounds are easy to deal with, in old days stitch it, now just dermal regenartor.

Zhen: With all due respect, that means nothing. Since not all hostiles are known to be hostiles.

Patrick: I do'nt think you have a larg enough dermal regenerator for that, Zhen

Zhen: Also I as a fact know that there are slaves too.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I believe we should approach this problem from our mission point of view. Either we consider the problems here are the locals problem. We're explorers only... and we move away. Either we consider we are the vanguard of the Federation and we deal with enemies accordingly

Zhen: if I wanted to kill innocents I would join KDF.

Patrick: we don't talk about destroying the other realities, just cealing the door, don't be overdramatic

Zhen: This sation in this reality holds slaves. I'm talkig about that.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Doctor, if not all hostiles are known to be hostile... it doesn't mean that someone openly attacking us has to be considered as innocent

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant, can we communicate with the Prani inside the station through the net?

Zhen: I consider another slave an innocent. Don't you?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: I'm afraid most signals would be blocked by the net now, sir

Patrick: sp you prfer to take the risk to unleash something that could contaminate the whole quadrant for maybe a thousnad slaves ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I am not saying we are unleashing the power of the ship on the station, doctor. I'm saying we can deal with them as enemies, what they are.

Zhen: Yes I do. I'm abhorred that you even consider this way of thinking.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We could also try to board the station, maybe with Klingon help even if I'm not sure it's desirable... and neutralize the station that way.

Zhen: Well yes, deal with prani as you military geniuses see fit. Just know that not all are hostiles or free there.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: But the question is... do we want or need to be involved. Our mission is toi explore. We can also mark the sector is dangerous and move on

Tiron Eks: No, I'm by all means against boarding the station again. Look at Trank, he even abandoned his treasure pocket on the station to save his hide.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Doctor... I find you're going back to your old habits.

Zhen: I vote for trying to close the wound.

Patrick: Ithink you don't really realise what we have here, Zhen... we have potentially, for waht the Captain said, a WHOLE hostile quadrant that could choose to pass through the door....

Zhen: Excuse me, but I get a bit angry when someone starts considering death of innocents to be a valit strategy.

Patrick: a qudrant dedicated to war and conquest and god knows what... with techs we do'nt know

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Doctor. That was the last time you were insulting. The next time, the brig will become your new horizon

Zhen: Maybe you should join Klingons Patrick? Hoestly.

Patrick: with that reasoning, you let a guy with an infected arm keeping his arm... and die, instead of cutting the arm whil you still can...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: If you don't know how to behave, even to express your opinion, we can be spared of your presence

Zhen: I'm only saying the truth,commander. You may see it as an insult, but I am expressing my opinion in only normal manner any civilized being should... with horror at the idea of killing hundreds or thousands non military personel.

Patrick: you prefer millions, or billions ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: You're not a normal person, you're a Starfleet officer !

Zhen: As I remember Starfleet is here to protect the Federation, not to murder in its name.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu looks at the captain

Patrick: let me present you things in another way... if there were Borgs on the other side, basillons of borgs ready to be unleashed on our quadrant, will you still hesitate to close the passage ?

Zhen: Yes.

Patrick: then, excuse me, but it's a chance you're not in charge of taking decisions

* Tiron Eks stands on the center of the bridge, arms crossed, focused on the station.

Zhen: And you have proven over and over again how good leader you are.

Tiron Eks: Enough.

Zhen: MAybe you could have saved killed people 10 years back from Kjarg?

Tiron Eks: This is no time to accuse each other here.

Patrick: *nods* sorry, Captain. I apologize

* Zhen shuts up

Patrick: The question is simple : do we try to close the passage or not ? and if the answer is yes, how can we achieve it ?

Tiron Eks: Why does a Ferengi leave a station? Answer: only profit goes over health, and we can safely assume there won't be any profit anymore for the risks it displays. He has chosen to leave the station with us in the hope we're that merciful and won't try to cut every strip of latinum off him.

Patrick: we can try to close the reactor the usual way. Problem : we need to get there and the net is totally blocking the way. Plus we will be welcome once thre, by pranis and god knows how much from the other side... and in top of that, I do'nt know if we can actually close the reactor

Tiron Eks: So even if we destroy the station here the anomalies might remain?

Patrick: we can try to act directly over the phenomena, rather than the reactor that crate it... this is Hilbert's domain, I don't know if it's possible

Tiron Eks: That's a smart solution, commander. Are you ready to work on that with Hilbert?

Patrick: it's an hypothesis, I do'nt even know if it's possible, not talking about how many time it could take us, and not knowing how much energy it coul require

Patrick: about the "assault" solution... I think we can deal with the net issue. th vulcans showed us a way to pass with a shuttle, we can probably reproduce the phenomena in th other way on a larger scale

Tiron Eks: Won't it burn our deflector?

Patrick: assuming we can access the station *turns to Rajakanya* do you think we can take control of the reactor ?

Patrick: we may hav to pass through the passage to also act on the reactor on the other side...

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: From the Prani, yes. They aren't that many left. But from someone else, I don't know if we can wrestle the reactor from them if I don't know more

Tiron Eks: It's too risky to board the station again.

Patrick: it would require an asault on a much larger scale

Tiron Eks: Casualities are unpredictable if hostile troops are lingering around everywhere now.

Patrick: with no guarantee as we hav a limited knowledge on waht we'll face from the other side

Patrick: hmm, I'm sure getting som informations from our Ferengi guest could help us, whichever path we choose

Patrick: he was there. I'm sure h knows more than he has told

Tiron Eks: O'Rourke, I want you to research with Hilbert the option if the anomalies can be directly sealed.

Patrick: *nods*

Tiron Eks: Idisha, you'll visit our Ferengi for a medical check up, who knows what he has on him. And while there you can also inquire him if he knows more about the phenomen here. Be ready to bargain, he's in our deep debt since we saved his lobes.

Tiron Eks: And in addition he has breaken into our shuttle as well.

Patrick: Im sure telling him we may as well bring him back there will improve his willingness to cooperate

Zhen: Really? I'll have that in mind.

Zhen: PAtrick you shoud re-read article of the Federation.

Zhen: Especially number one.

Patrick: Engineers are pragmatic. They chose the path of less resistance

Zhen: You know the one about reaffirming faith in the fundamental intelligent life form rights,

Zhen: Or maybe the dignity of any life-frm's person?

Patrick: I'm sure the prani slavers know it as well

Tiron Eks: You have your orders!

Patrick: right away* nods and heads to Astrometrics*

Zhen: Maybe then we should stoop at the level of them. *salutes and leaves for brig*

* Zhen mutters about wishing that Seyler and Kaur Siddhu are his slaves... he would treat them better than they treat him now

* Patrick enters Astrometrics

Patrick: Ltnt Vaxx, Commander Hilbert...

Tiron Eks: This is truely a long shift for all of us.

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx nods

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Welcome back

Patrick: William, I'm sory to say it, but I ventured the stupidest hypothesis and the Captain commanded us to explore it...

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Oh really... what's your tale ?

* Trank looks to be meditating, sitting inside a cell

Zhen: Medical checkup.

Trank: Is it free ?

Patrick: well, the problem is that gate to alternate reality (ies)... we agreeed the safest choice was to ceal it. To check evey possibility, I said one solution was to find a way to act directly over the phenomena, rather than on what created it... in other worlds to find a way to disrupt th phenomena, to counter the action of the reactor... without touching the reactor

Patrick: just from a theorical point of view, do you think it's even possible ?

Zhen: It is. Courtesy of me, unlike some I prefer to take care of possible future business associates.

* Zhen waves to security to lower forcefield

Diurne: Forcefield is lowered

Trank: Well, if it's free...

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: And you have a hint about doing this, already ?

Zhen: It is, no worries. Although as I hear captain believes you owe us a lot.

Zhen: So prepare for some billing in the future.

Patrick: my knowledge on such phenomenas is rather limited; I can fix things and, if I'm in a good mood, maybe designing devices, th problem is that I don't even know what I want to create

Patrick: could we create some kind of... anti-reactor ?

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert looks a bit perplexed by the anti-reactor idea

Patrick: something that would rverse the effect of th reactor(s), to the point it will close the "portal"

Trank: Your captain can believe what he wants, that too is free

Patrick: as I said, we're on a theorical point of view... before thinking "how" let's start to see if the reasoning is not totally dumb

Zhen: I know, although between me and you. *eyes the security as if telling a secret then whispers* I do not like his methods. He has more Klingon mentality of simply venting unwanted problems. He did that already. Me, as you know from the first time we met, I' more a deal making person.

Patrick: a an example, if the phenomena is somehow... undalotary, we could think about a phased undalotary signal

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Erm...iof we can find how the rifts are created , we may see a way to compensate and thus force the closure

* Zhen chats while unpacking medical gear

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Supposing we can generate anything to compensate. It's not always possible

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: And in how much time do we have to deliver the solution ?

Patrick: the point is... we have to close it for good... which probably mans the opposed phenomena we'll generate will have to destroy th reactors in the process, I imagine

* Zhen is wonderful at conversations.

Patrick: or make the space where the anomalies lie totally unable to open again

Patrick: oh, for yesterday, as usual

Patrick: on a more serious note, it's a reflexion about a possibility... if it's not possible, I'll report it, if it's long I'll report it as well...

Diurne: Zhen does the idle chat procedure, like he planned. It doesn't look to particularly impress favorably the Ferengi. Maybe it's the comments about his bad teeth or the how he should eat better food to avoid fat

Patrick: the Captain will take his decision

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Difficult to say... we may need days before we can just say if it's doable.

* Zhen then does the medical

Zhen: So what do you think of commander Kaur Sidhu, quite good looking, hm?

* Tiron Eks goes to Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya: "Mr. Rajakanya, how much firepower would it require to blast the reactor with our conventional weapons?"

Trank: Aye, there are several fine ladies on your ship

Zhen: Tell me about it, too bad that they are mostly sea serpents. Still, if they would know where is their place there would be no problems, right? *winks*

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: A focused sustained beam should be able to breach the outer hull. Then it depends if we shoot torpedoes or keep burning the station with phasers. Now, the net is providing, by all reports, an effective energy dispersing protection

Trank: One cannot expect others to always be following the proper ways

Tiron Eks: Provided the torpedoes pass the net, how many would it require?

* Zhen lies through his teeth "We on Andoria had such traditions until relatively recently. Federation made us change it. Bah... some of us still yearn for good old days."

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Three to disable the station... a dozen to totally blast it to fragments

Trank: If you're unhappy with the Federation, just leave the uniform and become your own master

Zhen: Lately I was starting to think about that more and more. For instance, I see profit and opportunities on Prani station, captain and commanders want to blow it up. Can you see the loss? Where are their brains?!

* Lt Cdr William Hilbert scratches his head "Hum... I guess we're good to analyze data now... Vaxx, call everyone and put them on the study of the station energy output"

Trank: The station is unsafe now... no more profits.

Trank: That sounded to be a nice place to run a business but now...

Zhen: You could not be more wrong my dear friend. The place is a gold mine. But I guess that is a trade secret. *grins mysteriously* But I'm sure a tradesman like you knows all about it.

* Trank chuckles "I'm sure a mere doctor from Starfleet who only came to the sector knows a lot about business here"

Trank: What would you sell, uh ?

Patrick: I'll be at the engineering, if you get any hint on where to start, call me and I'll see what I can do...

Lt Cdr William Hilbert: Seeing it is expected we counter the phenomena, whatever the solution... I assume it will involve us generating something. Since we only have our ship, I advice you to start working on pushing up our reactor and deflector to the limit under various configuration

* Tiron Eks goes then again to Salpan: "Lieutenant, are there still klingons abord the Illuminated Gem?"

* Lt Salpan Codanadal checks his console "No, sir"

Patrick: Allright *exits*

* Patrick heads to enginering

Zhen: Ah... not as uch what as to whom... And I have a privilege of listening in to the bridge conversations. Do you know how much can you hear there. *whispers* You see... I came to you beacuse I wanted to make a deal. I knw how to turn huge amount of profit there, enough to get me out of this Starfleet thing. I just lack certain... bits of information. MAybe we could... trade?

Trank: Until now, you're just trading words. What's your hand ?

Tiron Eks: Well, I'll have a talk with her ... Captain. Not that the klingons know something I don't if I confront them.

Zhen: Do you know what that station really is? Or better to say... what it does?

Trank: I have a fair idea.

Tiron Eks: Number One, you have the bridge. *goes to turbolift*

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods

* Tiron Eks enters turbolift and asks then the computer: "Computer, where is Anvaar?"

Zhen: OR are you fishing for information. Or maybe you have wrong ones. Well if you do then know this... I know how to use it and if you will abuse it.

Zhen: So let's try this... I need to know about the status of... things you say you know about. On the other hand when they are bypassed you will be needed... for trade. Someone with your lobes must be a master.

Computer: Anvaar is in habitation quarters

Tiron Eks: Computer, take me to habitation quarters.

* Tiron Eks ordered the lift to take him there.

Diurne: Tiron is led to Anvaar who reside in guest quarter

* Zhen is amazing!

* Trank rubs his lobes "Are you sure of your checkup ? I didn't hear what you're teading beside words"

* Tiron Eks approaches the right quarter and rings the bell then.

* Anvaar comes to the door and opens it, then jumps at Tiron neck

Zhen: Simply. I know how to use portals to deal with those on the other side. I even made contact and they are... interested. I want to know wht you know of the phenomenon... Or to say... I want to have a secret weapon if they try to cross us.

Tiron Eks: Wow .... *takes her instinctively in his arms*

* Diana still thinks that Anvaar is opportunistic gold-digger

* Diana thinks that gold-digger is a gold-digger

* Trank laughs "Tholians ? You talked to Tholians and they are interested ? You'll have to fabricate another story. You're truly naive if you imagine anyone with half a lobe will listen to this"

Zhen: Tholians? Oh my friend, no... not at all. So you knwo nothing of the station and its time-space possibilities.

* Trank looks amused

Zhen: That is... sad. I hoped for the partnership here.

* Tiron Eks having Anvaar in his arms he carries her now more or less inside the quarters, so random crewmen won't see too much of their relationship.

Anvaar: I was so worried... And Kaur Siddu didn't let me come to the bridge to get news

Tiron Eks: Aww. You don't need to worry here, this is the finest crew Starfleet has to offer. We don't let anyone down. *he smiles at her*

Trank: At the very best, if your enigmatic possibility was true, that's only what you have to trade... So I warn you, an advice to a novice trader... you won't go back to do trade, neither me. Never.

Anvaar: That region of space is finally less friendly than I imagined... I'm sorry to have caught up with you in such circumstances... I feel so ... stupid having been caught and held hostage... That... and the Klingons and everything

Zhen: It's not possibility. I communicated with the other side. They call themself Terrans and they are very interested inwhat we have to offer. I know how to contact them and you are master trader. I can obviously maximize profit and you can get profit where you did not expect it.

* Tiron Eks adjusts her hairs, putting some streaks of her black mane behind one of her green ears: "I told you about the dangers. Fortunately most turned out good for us."

Trank: You should have good hearing no ? Listen : You. Will. Never. Go. There. To. Do. Trading.

Zhen: How do you know that? Have you tried? I have. And I have come back.

* Anvaar drahs the captain to the local bed with a very suggestive smile

Trank: I'm talking to a simple-minded...

* Diana thinks that Anvaar is a big bimbo

* Tiron Eks he let himself drag by her: "But not everything is sorted yet. Your ship is still in tow of the klingons."

Anvaar: Yes... but as long as I'm alive...

Trank: Noone will ever deal on this station now. The beast has awaken... It was doable until some cretin decided to reactivate the place. Now it's finished. Even for your dream friends the Terrans

* Tiron Eks makes a curious, suggestive face expression: "As long as you're alive?"

* Zhen rides this and pretends to be shattered "What... I know who he is. I will kill him! He ruined my dream... is it possible to shut it down?"

* Anvaar makes a wince and motions at her throat

Anvaar: ... as long as i'm alive... it's fine... the ship is just a ship...

* Trank opens his arms "Wow, I now I look cool and confident and you're naturally inclined to see me as the alpha male but I don't know everythinf"

* Tiron Eks bows down, giving a soft kiss on her throat: "I don't know why the klingons have the ship still in tow. Could they be something after valuable there?"

* Anvaar shrugs a little "Maybe... it was fitted to chart space. So we can find trade routes in this sector and beyond. So it has maps and sensor arrays"

* Zhen nearvously fidles with hypospray "Still... I must know if there si a way to stop this. I want to get out with enough profit to live away from this hell hole."

Trank: Ask your dream friends. Because I don't know

Tiron Eks: And your ship is fast.

* Zhen frips the hypospray nervously trying to look menacing "So... you say you are... of no use to me?"

Anvaar: That too. But I tend to forget this, since it's more a regular trait

Tiron Eks: As soon as I have news about how we seal our last remaining problem here I'll confront the klingons and try to negotiate somehow to get your ship back.

Anvaar: Leave that for later...and focus on something more... pleasant

* Tiron Eks touches his chin, feeling he has now already a 2 day old beard: "I believe I could afford a little siesta after more than 48 hours of constant action."

Diurne: The scene with Anvaar and Tiron fades to black.

Diurne: And we have credits rolling before the ad break.

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Picture taken from Star Trek Independence intro.
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Post  Seetherius on Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:38 pm


* Tiron Eks lies on the bed, next to Anvaar. Maybe he should try to sleep for a while, until the call of duty arrives him again.

* Zhen is probably being very angsty feeling that he was betrayed by everyone (except hopefully nurse Church)

* Zhen is a rebel and does not care about rules

Diurne: O'Rourke and Hilbert work without rest on the energy field surrounding the station. How to be certain something, anything, could go through. After 4 hours of intensive brainstorming, you both come to the only conclusion : you have to reconfigure the Independence deflector to emit a disruptive ray. It will breach the energy field. However, not only it will consume a lot of power reserves but it also means the ship couldn't fire a decent shot with its phaser banks

* Zhen is plotting a horrible revenge on traitors... but that can wait

* Tiron Eks can't get a quiet sleep really and stands up rather, getting dressed again to be the captain of the ship again. He watches for a moment Anvaar, who's probably asleep.

* Tiron Eks tries to make no noise at all and sneaks out of the quarter.

Diurne: The captain successfully get out of the quarter

* Tiron Eks heads back to the bridge of the ship via a turbolift.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu is on the bridge, watching the station displayed on the viewscreen

* Tiron Eks arrives on the bridge, just 4 hours after he left the bridge, and heads to the bridge's replicator. The officer still might see he isn't truely well-rested and has still a 2 day old beard. His first words: "Raktajino, extra strong."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Captain... you're being restless ?

Tiron Eks: It must be my previous hosts experiences. It makes me if there's still work left to do, then you better finish it before you have even more work to do in the next morning.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We've got reports from Lt Cmdr Hilbert and O'Rourke.

* Patrick heads to the brige to report to the Captain

Tiron Eks: And you can't just leave the kitchen if half of the meals aren't finished yet for consumption.

Tiron Eks: Ah, good. Any further changes in our situation?

* Patrick enters the bridge

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu nods at O'Rourke entering "Change... yes and no. Lieutenant Commander", she says to Patrick, " I was explaining your report to the captain. But you may want to do it yourself ?"

Tiron Eks: *looks at Patrick* So I heard you have something?

Patrick: *nods* Captain, keep in mind that all of this is mostly theoretical. But Hilbert and I think we could achieve it by reconfiguring the deflector to emit a disruption ray.

Patrick: It should breach the field. Should...

Patrick: But it will require a lot of power

Tiron Eks: A lot of power? How much

Tiron Eks: ?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Enough to prevent firing at full power.

Patrick: all that we can give. To the point, it will drain our phasers.

Tiron Eks: Shields and engines? Will they be affected too?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: As far as I understood, we'd be that vulnerable, yes.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: So a massive attack intended to destroy the whole station following the disruption of the energy fueld isn't possible.

Patrick: I should keep enough power not to endanger the ship but yes, better not engage in some starship fight at this moment

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu says, with a curious tone "We can count on Lt Cmdr O'Rourke to be able to give the best of himself during emergency situations"

Tiron Eks: *mumbles something* Some Tricobalt warheads would be ideal now to finish the job.

Tiron Eks: Very well, make the preperations to penetrate the field.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Aye, sir

Tiron Eks: Guess shutting down the anomalies without blowing off the source isn't an option.

Patrick: er, I'll need some time to do that. We've just achieved the theory. I need to create the prototype, now

Tiron Eks: Then no time to waste, Commander.

Patrick: Count one week, if everything goes as planned

Tiron Eks: And there are no other options to breach the net?

Patrick: except destroying the devices that create it, not that I can see.

Patrick: don't forget this technology doesn't even exist in our quadrant

Tiron Eks: I won't let this station be intact and who knows what else it will spawn. I'm going to seal this rupture in the fabric of space and time. If the station needs to be destroyed and takes a week for it, so be it.

Patrick: allright, I'm on it *leaves the bridge*

Tiron Eks: Commander Rajakanya, walk with me.

* Tiron Eks goes to the ready room and expects his security chief to follow.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya follows the captain

* Patrick heads to the Engineering and starts to work on tests on small scale

Patrick: *clicks* O'Rourke to Dr Idisha

Zhen: What is it PAtrick?

Patrick: Can you give me some news about Ltnt Harrison ?

Zhen: She is still in bad condition. There will have to be a lot of patching on her... I think not only physical, but psychical too.

Patrick: I see. I suppose that means she won't be available in the coming days.

Zhen: Maybe, maybe not. My part of the job is relatively straightforward, the problem lies in psychological trauma. But I'm not expert on that.

Patrick: which would be more the departement of Leutnant Vaden

* Zhen just grunts something about Vaden

Patrick: hmm, any problem with Anra, Zhen ?

Zhen: Except that she backstabbed me with Seyler? No, nothing.

Patrick: ah well, I didn't know that story : you'll have to tell it to me.

Zhen: Why? So that Enineering could laugh at me too? Do your job PAtrick, possibly the one that does not include genocide.

Patrick: now that you talk about it, I'm just starting tests in low scale. I'll keep you informed.

* Tiron Eks finished his private conversation with his security chief. He uses this moment to shave his beard in the bathroom next to the ready room.

Patrick: Would have quicken the process to have her with us. Anyway, take care of her.

Zhen: Good that you don't then.

Patrick: *closes com* now, I'm usre, he will take care of her and she will have a well-deserved rest

* Zhen intends to do just that

* Tiron Eks goes then after he shaves his beard on an inspection tour in his ship. Not so much suprisignly he goes to sickbay first.

* Tiron Eks will arrive after a while in sickbay, he looks for the personal and patients in there.

* Zhen is doing his job

* Tiron Eks goes to Lt. Harrison.

* Tiron Eks looks for if she's asleep.

* Lt Paula Harrison is awake but looks weak

Diurne: Patrick didn't notice there is something wrong somewhere but...

* Zhen thinks how PAtrick is using cheat codes

Zhen: Do not disturb her too much, captain. *passes behind them*

* Tiron Eks with a not so commanding tone in his voice: "Lieutenant?"

Lt Paula Harrison: Captain ? Glad to be back

Tiron Eks: I'm reliefed to see you're going to be healthy again. *smiles*

Lt Paula Harrison: That should be done in no time

Tiron Eks: How do you feel?

* Patrick goes on with the experiment, double-checking everything

Lt Paula Harrison: A bit dizzy... and somewhat like in a dream... being held by lookalike and an interrogator with the face of Dr Zhen was a frightening experience

* Zhen is sure that "evil dr. Zhen" is somehow Seyler's ploy to discredit him

Tiron Eks: Don't worry, you have now the right Dr. Idisha with you. You're a tough woman and I'm glad to have you with us. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Lt Paula Harrison: I'd ask for a vacation week on Risa but I'm afraid it isn't possible

Tiron Eks: *places a hand on arm* I'll order astrometrics to scan for a proper substitute here on the fringe of the galaxy. Now rest. *smiles*

* Lt Paula Harrison nods

* Tiron Eks stands up and heads then further to the sensors room.

* Tiron Eks will enter a moment later in the sensors room.

* Riashaala Idisha is staring at the console screen, holding a mug of coffee

Tiron Eks: Captain to sensors room, anything fascinating on the readings?

Riashaala Idisha: A original display of subspace mess, captain...

Tiron Eks: *goes behind her to look over her shoulder* And it has one trade-mark logo on it: made by Tholians.

Tiron Eks: Seriously I'm not all too sure what the Tholians are doing here or have done or are going to do.

Tiron Eks: *takes place on another seat* And I'm not sure if destroying the station is the best course of action here.

* Riashaala Idisha antennas twitches "What is your motive to destroy it ?"

Tiron Eks: The rupture in the subspace. I don't allow it that two parallel universes should mix at one point.

Riashaala Idisha: And why do you hesitate now ?

Tiron Eks: Your cousin told me that the Tholians were aware of us when we were on the station but did nothing to stop us. I wonder if they could maybe help us if we contact them?

Riashaala Idisha: Hmm... discussions with Tholians was rarely ever fruittful. They are a specie truly alien to most humanoid life of the quadrant. They are reported as hostile, even if their hostility is sometimes as un-motivated as an instinct response. They are remote, don't initiate contacts and fire first, never ask questions.

Riashaala Idisha: Unless they see the situation as a grave danger that we can help with, it's unlikely the outcome of contacting them will be positive, if we're looking at past experiences

Tiron Eks: Yes. I'm afraid I won't give reason for a Tholian to get out of the cover and initiate a peaceful contact if I'm going to destroy their station.

Riashaala Idisha: Now, let's imagine they favorably answer. If we close the anomalies... what is left ? Prani ?

Tiron Eks: The Prani, klingons, maybe a ferengi. Piracy will not cease exist in this sector of space.

Riashaala Idisha: But you do consider it a better conclusion than destroying the station ?

Tiron Eks: On shortsight it appears it's better to destroy the station, on the longsight it might again spark an armed conflict with the Tholians.

Riashaala Idisha: Considering we know nothing about the Tholians, it's a bit a futile exercise to speculate on their reactions. They may as well attack because we don't destroy the station...

Tiron Eks: Well, that gives weight for destroying the station. The political eruptions and its consequences are as closely a mess as this subspace one. I want to patch them and make things better, not worse.

Tiron Eks: Thanks for lending your antennas for my thoughts.

Tiron Eks: If everything goes right, we should be here finally done in a week.

Riashaala Idisha: And once done, can we have a hike on a pleasant uncharted planet ?

Tiron Eks: I'll give orders to scan for an appropiorate one once we're done. *smiles*

* Tiron Eks stands up and is about to go out.

* Riashaala Idisha nods "I'll hold you on your word on this" and she sips her coffee before focusing again on her console

Diurne: Time is passing slowly in the USS Independence. Everyone is recovering from the dramatic events of the past week. The station is continually wrapped with its energy field. Somewhere in the station, Prani should be alive. Or maybe not. The power fluctuations of the station are decreasing and the general power output is slowly but steadily on the rise. Anticipations from Hilbert science team is the station power source is coming back at full online and working status.

* Patrick manages to meet the Captain at a moment or another at the mess

Diurne: It won't change anything for the energy field that is already activated. But it seems power is now flowing in new parts of the station. And Hilbert anticipates new machinery is going to be started in the coming days. For what purpose ... ?

Diurne: Two days after Captain Eks talked to various officers, he's caught by Lt Cmdr O'Rourke at the mess hall.

Patrick: ah, Captain, have a cup of coffee with me, won't you

Tiron Eks: I don't drink any weak coffee, I prefer a strong raktajino.

Patrick: I'm on duty, else I would say you wouldn't look for alien drinks if you could taste one of our fine irish whiskey. *grins*

Patrick: but the mess don't have such...

Tiron Eks: Unfortunately not. What can I do for you?

Patrick: Captain, do I have the permission to speak straight ?

Tiron Eks: Go ahead.

Patrick: have you actually ordered Rajakanya to spy on me ?

Tiron Eks: Why should I do that?

Patrick: because there is a bug planted in my console at the engineering and one on the console in my room.

Patrick: And it's specialized enough to have been done by someone from the engineering or from the security

Patrick: not talking about hte fact that whoever did it forced his way in my room without being detected or recorded

Patrick: also,

Patrick: I'm not totally sure and it wouldn't stand on a court but my own investigations revealed Rajakanya and one of his men were present, near my room, during the time I suspect this bug was planted... they took a little too long to just pass...

Patrick: I know I'm getting paranoid but I didn't dream of those two bugs, they are still active, even if I managed to only accomplish usual tasks, of common knowledge, on both

Patrick: §

Tiron Eks: I say you this: I don't let any chance pass anymore to go after our saboteuers.

Patrick: And I'll reply that : if you say you did it and you testify me you trust Rajakanya, it will be fine by me. I've got nothing to hide to you.

Patrick: But in the other case, Rajakany juste reached the first place in my own suspect list

* Tiron Eks leans back: "Okay, I ordered it and I trust my security chief."

Patrick: Allright. This will save time for more investigation.

Tiron Eks: Now, can you tell me, now that you have nothing to hide: how could someone blackmail you?

Patrick: I have a girlfriend, Jaina, which you used to see back in academy days. She works in... well, I don't know myself but she isn't supposed to communicate

Tiron Eks: Not supposed to communicate? SI?

* Zhen is surounded with traitors and spies!

Patrick: no, science prokjects, something experimental, I guess

Patrick: well, she told me that ... you remember the problem with not having the right number of crew members... well she heard it caused some... stir, in Starfleet

Patrick: investigations were going on in Starfleet

Patrick: for the blackmail, it was similar to yours. Someone threatened to kill her, as someone threatened to kill Anvaar.

Tiron Eks: Does she know of her threat?

Patrick: I couldn't be sure, of course but I received the threat by the same way I used to receive her communications

Patrick: also, she told me, before that she never got answers to some of their mails, some mails I actually never received

Patrick: She, and I, were obviously overwatched. In my case, it had to be from inside the ship.

* Zhen wonders why everyone on this ship have some dark secret except for him...

Patrick: That's all I can say. When the threat came, I was jsut asked to be somewhere in the ship, as it didn't seem to endanger the ship or the crew, I guessed for a meeting of some sort and tried to handle it by my own. I was wrong.

Patrick: §

Tiron Eks: Indeed, you were wrong, you should have come to me instead than taking the initiative.

Patrick: I didn't have much time, Captain. Besides, I couldn't trust the communications.

* Zhen is such a manly dark secret...

* Diana too thinks that Zhen is kind of manly...

Tiron Eks: Next time I want to be in the loop if anything like that is going to happen again.

Patrick: Until the blacklist event, I told her everything. Didn't hide anything. So whoever was spying on her coms knows what I knew. Since , I didn't have any contact with her

Tiron Eks: If you want, I could set things in motion from my ... let's say, contacts.

Tiron Eks: To get Jenny out of the danger zone. Provided I know her whereabouts.

Patrick: well, if I could be sure she's safe, I'd feel certainly better

Tiron Eks: I'll try to help you with that, but I need her location. If it's a project I guess she's on some starbase or starship bound to some location?

Patrick: I don't know. She was assigned to Starfleet Command, then moves to a ship btu she didn't want to tell me more.

Tiron Eks: Or the mails were manipulated accordingly to not reveal the position.

Tiron Eks: If that would be all for now?

Patrick: *nods* absolutely. Back to work. The prototype is nearly achieved. Probably two more days of final tests and we'll be ready.

Tiron Eks: Very good, keep me posted.

Diurne: Two days later, you have options. Patrick has built a ptorotype destined to seal the anomalies over a scale large enough to encompass all the station. By sealing the anomalies, it should revert the station to its former, decrepit state and prevent any incursion. Or you can use Hilbert solution to overload the energy field and disrupt it. Then fire tricobalt devices to send the station to oblivion.

* Tiron Eks is on the bridge, having found time to sleep inbetween the days, because without you can't live.

Tiron Eks: We should hail the klingons and inform them of our plan. In addition we should also warn the Prani to leave the station before I send the order to destroy the station.

Tiron Eks: Hail the klingons, Lt. Codanadal.

Linkasa: Captain Eks, it's been a long time.

Tiron Eks: Sergeant Linkasa. I'm suprised to see you instead of the General. Where is he?

Linkasa: Resting. What do you want ?

Tiron Eks: I want that you release the transport ship back to its reightful owner.

Linkasa: And why should we let out prize go ?

Tiron Eks: Tell me, is it that worthful to you?

Linkasa: Everything is worthy when you know what to do with it...

* Tiron Eks sighs, knowing it's not worth to fight over a transport ship, even if it's a well equipped and fast one. It's just a ship and can be replaced. In a conflict people can't be replaced if they die.

Tiron Eks: I was hoping for some more cooperation between us.

Linkasa: Hope is free. We can offer you more as much as you want.

Tiron Eks: You could help us to destroy the station.

* Linkasa looks a bit annoyed, Tiron feels the decision wouldn't be hers, much to her despair

Diurne: Tiron feels destroying the station isn't really what matters to her. But she resent being left in a minor role.

Diurne: He feels she is torn between deciding herself now and defy her captain. Or accept her disgrace and report the request to the general

Tiron Eks: Since you don't respond, I take it as a sign to proceed. On a personal note I want to thank you again when my doctor and me were abord your ship and have chosen to help us go to the right direction to save my lifepartner. It's not everyday that I meet people who do the right and help instead sit and drink all day long and do nothing at all.

* Linkasa snarls and her eyes narrow "The general is asleep. You have nothing to offer so I'm not going to wake him up. Am I clear on this ?"

Tiron Eks: Crystal clear. It was a pleasure to have met you, Linkasa, may you fare well. Qa'pla!

* Linkasa makes a gesture at her board officers and the communication is cut without any other word from her

Tiron Eks: Alright. Time to ring the alarm: Battlestations!

Diurne: The ship readies itself

Zhen: What now?! *scrambles from bed and a beautiful dream where Seyler ws his servant*

Tiron Eks: Bridge to engineering and astrometrics: Is the prototype ready to be used to penetrate the field?

Patrick: ready to fire at your command

Tiron Eks: Mr. Rajakanya, ready all torpedo launchers, target the primary core.

* Tiron Eks has chosen to destroy the station and take the price fromt he klingons, as they have chosen to keep the transport ship.

Diurne: The deflector is activated. Shooting a particle pulse to the energy field.

Diurne: The particle emission strikes the energy field and send ripples all over the place and disintegrate the energy net

Diurne: A hole is immediately visible, revealing the station, in much nicer conditions than what your memory tells

Tiron Eks: Mr. Rajakanya, open fire!

Diurne: The Independence fires a long volley of torpedoes to the station, perforating the outer hull, then blasting the inner structure, then melting the core... until the station detonates, sending huge metal debris all around while the energy net fades out of existence

Tiron Eks: Shatterpoint is fractured now.

Diurne: The Klingon general is furious about seeing the station being destroyed. He sounds to be under the impression you only contacted his ship to talk about Anvaar own ship.

Diurne: Once the station is wrecked... is also when you got the first friendly contact since a long time. On the main viewscreen appears Captain Chaffee, commanding officer of the USS Galileo. He was sent to assist you when you requested help after a certain dispute over an agricultural colony.

Diurne: The galileo needed time to catch up with you but it finally arrived.

Diurne: Interestingly, while Chaffee talks and exchange welcomes and protocol heavy words, can be seen in the back his officers. Among them is a certain P'Trell medical officer and a certain Parkins science officer.

Diurne: §

* Zhen was getting ready to sign his resignation and then smash it on someone's mass murdering head when he (hopefully?) saw famiiar blue antennae on the screen.

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Independence is firing a photon torpedo at Shatterpoint

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Post  Seetherius on Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:49 am


((since I have forgotten to save message history Rolling Eyes ))

  • After the Shatterpoint incidient headed the USS Independence to the next closests star to held a funeral at space for the fallen 24 officer and crewmen who died in their line of duty.
  • The USS Galileo rendez-vous with the USS Independence and gets replacement officer and crewmen from her. Among them is Lt. Anton Scofield, a security officer.
  • A welcoming party for the new crewmen is held at the mess hall. People relax there from the daily routine aboard the ship. Among the noteable things that happen is that Ensign MacDougal, who is now btw. in the engineering detail to fill the shoes of Lt. Chardok, is outdrunken by a female russian officer and has to help him go out of the mess hall. In the mean time have Doctor Idisha, nurse Church and Lt. Scofield acquainted with each other and discuss past stories.
  • During the nightshift, after the welcoming party, were a weary Doctor Idisha and Lt. Scofield called to transporter room 3. The reason is that the ship received a distress call which was cut short. Who they are or what happened isn't known yet. On their way to the transporter room do the officer notice that the ships trembles for a while; again it's unknown what caused it.
  • Commander Kaur Siddhu, Lieutenant Commander Rajakanya and Lieutenants Idisha and Scofield assemble at the transporter room to beam aboard the ship, which appears to have radiation leaks which makes beaming in difficult and are transported to an area where the radiation isn't so high.
  • Once there, they notice the interior isn't in best shape: Antimatter radiation surrounds them, dim emergency light, smell of burned circuits and a periodic alarm signal. They also find traces of an apparent fire fight not that much recently ago and some corpses of an unknown species.
  • The away team splits, Lieutenants Idisha and Scofield head to the front end of the ship, in the possible hope to stabilize environmental condition in the ship and Commanders Kaur Siddhu and Rajakanya head the port side of the ship. The doctor finds finally an alien who's alive, but unconscious, and superficially patches it and arranges its transport back to the Independence.
Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 2
An overview of the new sector the Independence entered.

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Post  Seetherius on Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:47 pm


* U.S.S. Independence is somewhere in space

* Riashaala Idisha is somewhere in her bedroom

* Riashaala Idisha wakes up and gets dressed for her duty

Mesoc: She probably got shaken a bit when the ship was trembling minutes before her wakeup.

* Riashaala Idisha is midly annoyed and dress herself quickly before heading the science department, yawning

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx is working alone in Astrometrics.

* Riashaala Idisha greets Vaxx and reads the latest trport of the department "Phew... I'm not late for that away team mission, right ?"

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx says jovial: "Good morning, Lieutenant. - You're ahead of your time, alpha shift hasn't begun yet, but you're right. There's an away team onboard an alien ship we received a distress call from, it suddenly ended and all we can detect is antimatter waste radiation from plasma leaks."

Mesoc: Meanwhile on the ship, the duo of Lt. Scofield and Dr. Idisha beamed one of the aliens abord back to Independence are continuing their way to the front end of the ship.

* Riashaala Idisha leans on a console, nose wrinkled "Yeah... not exactly my stuff..."... she ponders "when is the last time we surveyed a giant volcano, I am asking you ?"

Mesoc: Random sparks are enlightening the corridor sometimes and the air hasn't changed: still burned circuits smell, but you should have adapted to it already.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: *scratches her bald head* Uh ... I believe it was sometime before we got to Shatterpoint sometime.

Zhen: Let's press further. There may be more luck ones that survived.

Riashaala Idisha: Far too long, I tell you...

Riashaala Idisha: But maybe I could sneak on this ship ? There must be something interesting to see at laest.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: I believe the Captain sent already a team to that ship.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: If he didn't put you on the team, he might have his reasons. - But it still concerns me what has shaken us before we reached the ship.

* Riashaala Idisha hits her combadge "Lt Idisha, the nice one, to the bridge. I'm requesting to be sent to the ship in distress as a supporting science officer."

* Riashaala Idisha winks at Vaxx "We're going to see"

Tiron Eks: Bridge here. Why would I send you over to a ship that more than to its half under radiation contamination?

Riashaala Idisha: Because you didn'"t send anyone from the science department ?

Tiron Eks: I've sent your cousin, that's science enough. So far we have already beamed one out of the ship.

Riashaala Idisha: Eck, if you feel he's science enough... you're the boss

* Riashaala Idisha shrugs at Vaxx and says softly "No luck"

Mesoc: On the alien ship the duo Scofield and Idisha encounter a door, it doesn't open on approach, behind it though are several lifeforms to be detected.

Zhen: You're good with bashing... so I give you the hnors to open this door. PReferably fast-

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Guess not all are asked to go on a trip on any alien ship we encounter here out in the space.

Riashaala Idisha: Yeah but if I'm not asking, I'm going to stare at nebulae until I grow old.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Perhaps if you don't like to stare at nebulae, I can offer you a little puzzle. Lt. Codanadal has sent a request.

Riashaala Idisha: He has ?

Riashaala Idisha: What is it ?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: Maybe you noticed a tremble while you were in your bed. Codanadal run diagnosis of the inertial dampeners and said they were working within parameters, so that means something has shaken us and he had to realign them.

Riashaala Idisha: Spatial interferences ?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: I don't think so, I haven't detected any in our near.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: I believe it was a sort of shockwave, but I can't pinpoint it's origin.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: You could give me a hand here.

* Riashaala Idisha takes a breath "Let's go for another fantastic time staring at sensor reports"

Riashaala Idisha: What stellar boadies are we close from ?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: The next staller body of interest is about 5 lightyears from our current position away, it's a star system, besides we have 4 further star systems and a dark matter nebula.

Riashaala Idisha: We experienced only one ... wave ?

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: So far I remember, yes?

Riashaala Idisha: So it's a single event, not a continuous phenomenon, unless the cycle is slow enough

Riashaala Idisha: But it means it's harder to pinpoint. With sucessive waves, it would be fast....

Riashaala Idisha: Send a probe to the nearest system. Survey it and... or... let it in place there. If there is another wave, it will give us another directional reading

Mesoc: By the time Ria stares at the sensor data to analyse the penomenon, she detects it's a continous one, but the last one was a particular spike. To add further light to that mystery, they are gravitation waves.

* Riashaala Idisha still wants to tsend a probe

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: By having ourself as one reference point and the probe as another one, we might triangulate the origin's position.

* Zhen wonders what is happening

Mesoc: On the alien ship does Scofield find some bypass mechanism behind a panel to force open the door. The room inside is dark and you can see the stars through some windows. Scofield will enter first.

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: We should inform the bridge with our plan to locate the origin.

Riashaala Idisha: Uh ? .... well, if you want to say you're doing your job, feel free

* Zhen scans for lifesigns and goes to do his magic

* Zhen scans then goes after his agressive friend

* Lt Tamisit Vaxx informs bridge of their plan to send a probe.

Mesoc: Odd, one lifesign you read disappeared from your sensors, there are only two further lifesigns in the next room.

* Zhen shakes tricorder "I think someone just died..." *hurries to help other two*

Mesoc: The duo enters the room, scofield falls behind the dear doctor. He wanrs the doctor as someone has just ambushed the security officer, knocking him with a decissive punch on the back of his head to the dreamlands. You don't recognize who it is and the stranger goes for the phaser which was held by Scofield a moment ago.

* Zhen grabs a tranquilizer and goes to use it on the assilant!

* Zhen is the doctor of the doctors!

Mesoc: The needle doesn't hit anything living. Instead the stranger dodged the attack. Whoever it is, it is someone who looks to be very agile.

* Zhen clicks "We are under attack!"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Hold on, we're any moment by you!

Mesoc: The next moment the attacker grabs one limb of Zhen and twists it so to force Zhen in his knees.

* Zhen tries to avoid the crazy person!

Mesoc: Success! Zhen anticipated the attack gained a meter away from the attacker.

Mesoc: And for a brief moment while one cable sparks again, you see the attacker is a humanoid, with yellow skin.

Zhen: I'm a doctor! A doctor! We are here to help, you crazy person!

Mesoc: The stranger prepares to slam its next fist in the doctor's face and suddenly stop, having still its fist ready. Something muffled asks: "A doctor?!"

Zhen: Yes! A damn doctor! Look! *waves wth medical instruments*

Mesoc: The stranger comes further into the light, amazing how it was able to keep its identy in a secret in the ambush. Someone bald with yellowish skin can be seen.

A stranger: You're not from the Trakiel?

Zhen: I have no clue who or what that is! I am from United Federation of Planets and we caught a distress signal so we came to help. Now let e treat the wounded... radiation here is too high for anyoe to be safe.

Mesoc: The next moment someone is coming.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Doctor?

Zhen: It is allright commander... we had a... misunderstanding.

Mesoc: The stranger moves quickly in position to have the doctor in the line of sight for a possible fire exchange.

A stranger: Your friends?

Zhen: Yes, yes... *goes to treat the wounded* This is commander Kaur Siddhu.

A stranger: Treat the wounded ones then.

Mesoc: Dr. Idisha goes then to two other lifeforms, who share the same characteristic like the previous one they found and beamed abord the Independence.

Alien male: *makes groaning voice, like in pain*

A stranger: I've sent the distress call, after we got ambushed.

A stranger: Have you seen any other ones?

Zhen: Other ones? Wounded? Some. Most are dead.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu lowers her phaser and holsters it: "We got so far to the port engineering room until we got your call, doctor."

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Behind it were some more lifesigns.

Zhen: I apologize, but as you see my escort decided to take a nap...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Let's start with names, I'm Commander Kaur Siddhu from the federation starship Independence.

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya takes care of his newest security detail addition.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: He got quite a punch and is unconscious.

A stranger: Sorry, thought you were 'em.

A stranger: Better say hello in first place.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Who's them?

A stranger: The trakiel, raiders.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And what is your name?

A stranger: Call me Talsa.

Mesoc: And by this moment the alien ship you're onboard is shaking violently. Warning signals in the control room are showing you something is going horribly wrong here now. Several explosions can be heard.

A stranger: Damnit, it's them!

Mesoc: A view out of the window and you see a ship, blasting at the alien ship you're onboard that got no shields.

Zhen: Them... who them?

Mesoc: At the same instance onboard the Independence you hear the Captain yelling through comms: "Red Alert! All hands to battlestations!"

Zhen: Aeegh!

Riashaala Idisha: Ooops...

Mesoc: Another blast hits the alien ship, Commander Kaur Siddhu gets hit by a support bar and sends her unconscious, several more sparks are filling the room and a fire has broken out near the exit to the control room.

Tiron Eks: *bleep* Independence to away team, a ship suddenly appeared and start openeing fire, stand by for beam out!

Mesoc: On ria's console does appear a new sensor contact, it's the attacking ship.

Zhen: Can you beam out other life signs too? They need immediate medical attention!

* Riashaala Idisha focuses her sensor array on the ship, who apparently appeared from nowhere ? (we didn't see it coming ?)

Mesoc: The ship appeared without any forwarning, it wasn't on sensors before.

Tiron Eks: Away team, we can't beam you out while we have our shields up. And without a fixed location we can't beam anyone from the hazardous sections of the ship.

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Let's gather around here, I'll give Harrison the location of us to get us out.

Zhen: But what about the other people?

* Riashaala Idisha tries to analyze if there is a hint of cloaking device, a parasite radiation emitted, a perturbation of subspace, around or following the ship

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: We can't afford to lose the transportation beam on us, stay here. THe commander got already hit by a bar.

Mesoc: Ria is in a state of focus. She notices the ship is using a cloaking device, it used the advantage of the gravimetric waves to better hide it's ambush. In addition the ship primary energy source is working on an artifical singularity base, like the romulans do. Besides that it has also a marking on it's hull.

* Riashaala Idisha forwards her data to the tactical console on the bridge

Mesoc: Due to the tactical data given by Ria, the tactical officer is able to spot a weakness in the defense of the ship. The Independence fires to disable the weapon system of it for a moment and lowers its shield and tries to beam the survivors and the officers back to the ship.

Lt Paula Harrison: Harrison to away team, I can't get a clear lock on all of you at once, I can make it only safe to beam 3 of you at once!

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: Understood, beam Kaur Siddhu and Scofield and one of the aliens first!

Mesoc: A moment later, it happens so and the Independence gets shaken by numerous phaser blasts. The ship brought back its weapon back online.

Zhen: Any particular reason to pick me to stay with you?

Tiron Eks: Independence to away team, the ship got its weapons back online, we can't beam you right now out!

Zhen: If I did not knew differently I would think you like me.

* Zhen sighs "Of course..."

Mesoc: And while Zhen says that he sees a bright star coming at them, you can guess what it is ....

A stranger: Get in cover!

Mesoc: Kaboom! The alien ship got hit by a torpedo, more sparks are filling the air and somewhere is air leaking, like you might have a hull breach.

A stranger: *scrambles out of dust*

Zhen: Aaargh... *crawls*

A stranger: Your captain can't help us if we're getting blown out to the space! We have to help ourself!

A stranger: There are escape pods, at the starboard side, if they didn't got destroyed yet!

Mesoc: The stranger leads the two remaining officers through the corridors, but there's a fire, and it blocks your way.

Zhen: Yes... our captain likes to blow things up... Knowin that I love the escape pod idea!

A stranger: Can you run through fire?!

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: There's always a first time I guess.

Zhen: Fire can be quite deadly to me... but that is preferable to being blown up.

A stranger: Then try to follow me!

* Zhen tries to follow him!

Mesoc: It must look insane to run through fire, but the stranger concentrates for a moment and runs through the fire, making a painful sound as she does so.

* Zhen does not want to!

Mesoc: This is going to hurt seriously an andorian who don't like anything that is hot, especially not running through fire! His uniform starts to burn at multiple spots, eating through to his skin and maybe melt even with it and he believes he smells hair burning. Being in adrenaline rush he makes it through, but it won't take long to be dead if he doesn't do anything to extinguish the fire on him.

* Zhen does what he was told to in the academy... drop and roll!

Mesoc: Ouch! While drop and rolling helps, several sharp splinters laying on the ground won't ease removing any pain and some even penetrate his skin. At least it helps to extinguish the fire.

Mesoc: If you feel better, the other two do the same who cry under pain.

* Zhen grunts and continues following... he can patch himself up in the pod

* Zhen at least did not cry like a little baby

* A stranger who is seriously burned now and grits her teeth: "We .. nearly ... there."

* A stranger slams her palm on a control panel nearby and a hatch opens: "In ... there!"

* Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya does as the strangers tells and throws himself rather into the pod.

* Zhen follows!

Mesoc: As Zhen throws himself last into the pod he hears more explosions coming to his direction.

* A stranger points at a panel nearby to Zhen and says under pain: "Close!"

* Zhen presses what he is showed to

Mesoc: Another slam on a control panel follows, the hatch closes and wooooooooooooosh! Your heads are going meet the next best wall inside the pod and leaves you unconscious.

Mesoc: In the meanwhile the attacking vessel breaks off its attack and cloaks.

Mesoc: The pod will be retrieved and its passengers are brought immediatly to sickbay.

Riashaala Idisha: Uh hu... where are you going now ?

* Riashaala Idisha checks quickly the condition of the attacked ship (the one who sent a distress call)

Mesoc: The alien ship is gone, all its oxygen was exhausted for one big bang there, which won't harm the Independence.

Mesoc: The ship cloaked and it's hard to tell it's direction, but you see a pattern in the disruption in the gravimetric waves to roughly say it headed to the dark matter nebula.

Riashaala Idisha: Vaxx, I have a change of mind, shoot a probe to the dark matter nebula

Lt Tamisit Vaxx: We were heading previously anyway to its location and I don't think a probe is faster than we are.

Mesoc: Short time later red alert is cancelled and Dr. Idisha awakes in the bright light of sickbay.

Zhen: Ugh... are... patients... well? *blinks*

Mesoc: If he tries to move, it hurts him.

Riashaala Idisha: Maybe but the captain may change his mind as well.

Seyler: Relax, everyone is going to be fine.

Zhen: Oh... it's you. *grunts*

* Seyler treats Zhen with his burns, broken ribs, heavy concussion, splinters that penetrated his skin.

Seyler: You got serious injuries. 3rd degree burns, a concussion, several broken ribs.

Zhen: I'm alive... that is good enough for me. *checks Seyler's treatments sine he does not believe that she will do a proper job on him*

* Seyler does a very proficient job on him.

Mesoc: Probably Zhen can't truely judge her work, since he got heavy headaches and feels dizzy.

* Riashaala Idisha , after being denied to shoot a probe to the nebula, she organizes the data she collected during the attack, so she can send a report to the bridge.

* Riashaala Idisha , once done, plans to pay a visit to the cousin

Mesoc: The report will be assembled by her and she may go visit her cousin in sickbay.

* Zhen uses every opportunity to complain about something

* Riashaala Idisha arrives at the sickbay, carrying a plant pot with a cactus in it. She searches for Zhen

Mesoc: Ria will notice sickbay is crowded by an influx of newcomers, aliens with a fin on their head there, another, strange familiar looking person there and of course her cousin on the mainbed.

* Zhen is currently complaining to nuse Church how Seyler had intentionally warm hands, knowing that it will be unconfortable to him

* Nurse Church goes to get something and says to Lt. Idisha, the good one: "Hello, Lieutenant!"

* Riashaala Idisha smiles at Church and goes to her cousin Zhen: "I've heard you were badly mauled and on the verge of death. But you heroically and stoically confronted a firestorm to escape !"

Mesoc: Riashaala thinks for a moment about the stranger and is pretty certain it's from the suliban species.

Mesoc: The stranger seems to be asleep for now.

Zhen: Bah... No matter in how many death traps our officers send e, they will not get ri of me that easily!

* Riashaala Idisha hands him the cactus "I've brought you a plant so you can nurture it while you recover"

Zhen: What is that and why it has thorns?

Riashaala Idisha: It's an offshot from a vulcan desert plant. The thorns ward against herbivores.

* Riashaala Idisha looks around and says like a conspirator "But here, it may simply remind you to be continually aware. Don't let the thorns hurt you"

* Riashaala Idisha nods approvingly (with herself)

Zhen: Maybe you should give it to Seyler... it reminds me of her... ah I see... *nods back to her*

Mesoc: Another person enters sickbay, one wearing a wine red uniform with 4 gold pips on him.

* Riashaala Idisha glances at the other guests of the sickbay "What happened down there ? Before you were bombed I mean... you got new friends ?"

* Tiron Eks goes to doctor Seyler and speaks with her for a moment in private.

Zhen: The usual... we got attacked, blasted and irradiated... the kind of adventure everyone on this ship craves. As for our friends, I have no clue who they are or why they were attacked.

* Riashaala Idisha nods at a specific one "Isn't he a Suliban ? I thought that specie vanished in history ?"

Mesoc: If she looks closer, it's rather a she than a he.

Zhen: Suliban? *squints*

Mesoc: Another person comes then into sickbay, this time one wearing a gold uniform and having only one gold pip on it.

* Tiron Eks goes to the ensign who just arrived at medbay.

Riashaala Idisha: And we got a cloaked ship, to attack you, cousin. It almost felt like home

* Riashaala Idisha smiles

Mesoc: The Captain says something to the red-haired pale skinned ensign and she nods in agreement, positing herself near the door of sickbay.

* Tiron Eks comes then to his blue friends: "You're looking in pretty good shape."

Zhen: And I hoped there will be no such things away from home. Bah...

Zhen: I feel worse than I look.

Tiron Eks: At least you feel something, that means you're alive.

Riashaala Idisha: If he groans, he's ok

Zhen: Ha... ha... *groans*

Riashaala Idisha: If he stops complaining, then you should worry

* Riashaala Idisha grins

Tiron Eks: I've heard from Commander Kaur Siddhu what happened, until she got knocked out. Any idea what could make these unknown attacker go for?

Zhen: Maybe people we saved were smugglers. *shrugs*

* Tiron Eks glances at the other aliens there: "We don't know yet. But I'm suprised to see a suliban here at the fringe."

Riashaala Idisha: As far as I recall, the Suliban specie didn't left much trace in history save before Federation time. I would be surprised to see one even closer to home

Zhen: Hummm... maybe some survived here on the frontier. A lost conlony maybe?

Tiron Eks: So far we couldn't detect yet any colony. Right now we're continuing our course to the nearest star system.

Riashaala Idisha: From observation, it seems the attacking ship, after its hit and run strafe, fled to the dark matter nebula

Tiron Eks: Are you absolutely sure? It could have also go for the star system, it's the same direction after all.

Riashaala Idisha: I wanted to shoot a probe in order to track that possibility.... but ... Vaxx didn't consider it necessary, seeing we could as well go there. Which is true.

Riashaala Idisha: So it's just the latest direction. No confirmation.

Tiron Eks: The ship we encountered seemed to be highly advanced. You mentioned it has a cloaking device, an artificual singularity as energy source. And they were quick to bypass their disabled energy weapon grid.

Tiron Eks: Else we had enough time to beam you all out of the ship without you going through fire.

Tiron Eks: I'll go and speak with one of our guests here as soon as they're awake.

Zhen: I guess they will have something to say... unless they have something to hide.

Riashaala Idisha: It's possible this mysterious aggressive ship will come back for whatever reason. Actually, we may learn the reason of this first attack... from people we beamed up here. That would be a start

Tiron Eks: That's my idea.

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The unknown attacking ship.

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Mesoc: Previously on Star Trek Independence: The Independence headed to a distress call and beamed over an away team to find out what happened and help if needed. The team found several aliens with funny fins on their head and an acrobatic Suliban who knocked Scofield to unconsciousness and had a fight with Dr. Idisha. During their time they got attacked by an unknwon vessel and Riashaala Idisha made some incredible scans of it while her cousin was throwing himself through fire to an escope pod, only to be rescued by the ship and be greeted by Dr. Seyler.

* Anton Scofield wonders where he could be

* Riashaala Idisha wonders if her sensor recording were useful

* Anton Scofield awakens, rubs his nape and grumbles "what the hell happened ?"

Mesoc: Doctor Seyler comes close to him.

Seyler: You received a knock out blow. We beamed you over during the attack.

Mesoc: If Anton takes a look around, he'll see several new faces around him. Notably the aliens with their fins and another alien with yellowish skin. And of course some other officers like Dr. Idisha and Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya, who received 3rd degree burns all over them.

Anton Scofield: we have guests...

Mesoc: Zhen is on the main biobed there, surrounded by his cousin and a person in wine red uniform with 4 gold pips on his neck.

* Zhen yammers about Seyler's warm hand

Seyler: Patients as long I haven't determined otherwise. We rescued them from the ship you were on.

Mesoc: Another thing to notice: An armed security officer, a red haired ensign, is standing by the door.

Seyler: You got a concussion, Lieutenant. I have it fixed, but you should not continue combat training on the most difficult level, yet.

Mesoc: The red uniformed with the rank of an captain comes closer.

Tiron Eks: Doctor, inform me when one of the patients is awake so I can talk to them.

Seyler: Yes, Sir.

* Tiron Eks moves out to whereever he is needed.

Mesoc: The ship is again travelling with warp to the nearest star system, but not truely fast, only warp 5 if someone else than the command staff and the navigator bother with it.

* Riashaala Idisha is hungry and waits eagerly her tour of duty to finish so she can go to the mess hall

Anton Scofield: *to Seyler* if you don't mind, Commander, I'd like to resume my duties

Mesoc: On recommendation of the science department was a sensor probe with warp capability launched towards the dark matter nebula.

Mesoc: Seyler grants Lt. Scofield to leave sickbay, since he got no further injuries that require treatment.

Mesoc: Also the alien guests with fins only got so far a radiation poising which is treated as well. The aliens have been granted a standard quarter but also take the offer to go to the messhall to get some food and something to drink. The Suliban remains unconscious on her biobed.

* Anton Scofield heads to Mess to have a breakfast

Mesoc: Dr. Idisha skin is recovering from the horrible burns and it is expected he'll recover completly within 3 days.

* Riashaala Idisha wonders if her cousin will take care of his new beloved desert plant

* Zhen is sure that Seyler is doing a bad job... if Zhen would be a doctor he would already treat the patient

Mesoc: So it comes that the alpha shift comes to an end, since Commander Kaur Siddhu and Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya are still recovering from their injuries, so is Dr. Seyler going to take over the next shift on the bridge while Lt. Cmdr. Peshana is going to continue to watch over sickbay for now.

* Zhen holds the prickly thing next to him in hope that Seyler will prick herself

Mesoc: A trio of aliens will enter the messhall, it looks like a family is coming in.

* Riashaala Idisha observes the family

An Alien child: Oh, look mom! I've never seen the stars on a place so beautiful like here!

Alien female: Indeed a sight to hold your breath.

* Anton Scofield notices the aliens

Alien male: And many unknown faces here as well.

* Riashaala Idisha is eating a sort of salad made of purplish vegetables and sea food of salmon and light-blue color.

* Anton Scofield is having typical hamburger with french fries

An Alien child: Look at her, she got funny two antennas, like a Groganni bug! *giggles*

Anton Scofield: *eyes the child and mumbles* you should pay a look at your own face on a mirror, dickhead

* Riashaala Idisha behaves as if she didn't hear but tiwtches her anteannas now and then when the kid looks at them

Alien female: She's obviously from another race, my daughter. The spirits has created them, we look all different on the outside, but many are on the inside like minded.

Anton Scofield: *picks his glass and rises it to the alien woman, smiling* well said, I drink to that

* Riashaala Idisha keeps being playful with her antennas while pretending to not move them and eat quitely

Alien male: I suggest we sit somewhere, the others enjoy their meals and we're supposed to sit I guess if we want some bread and water.

Mesoc: The obvious male and female are going to sit somewhere while the child comes closer to the blue alien.

* Riashaala Idisha wipes her mouth clean and stands up, then approach slowly the family, hands behind her back

An Alien child: You've got nice antennas!

Riashaala Idisha: Antennas ? Where ?

* Riashaala Idisha looks up and hebind

An Alien child: *giggles* On your head.

* Riashaala Idisha places a hand just between the antennas "You're kidding"

An Alien child: No, on your sides! *points with her fingers that display they got webbing between fingers*

* Riashaala Idisha grabs an antennas "Oh ?! That... Ah yes, I forgot them... What's your name ?"

An Alien child: And on the other side too! My name is Emhi, and yours?

Alien female: Emhi! Come back and don't bother our rescuers!

* Riashaala Idisha says it with a strong, accentuated Andorian accent "I'm Riaashala" and then in a normal manner "But you can call me Ria."

* Zhen seemingly tries to prove how doctors are worst patients and is nagging everyone (except nurse Church) about tiniest things

* Anton Scofield finishes his fries and picks some lemon pie

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Idisha, I'm certain I can create something that is fireproofed. I'd only have to implant it on your skin. *while working on something on a padd*

Emhi: *turns and groans at her mom* Yes, mom.

Zhen: Do I hear a traitor speaking? I am sure I do. Will it again include a knife in my back?

Alien female: I'm sorry that she bothered you, I'll let that not happen again.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: A knife in your back? Humm ... more likely an interface for a kind of protective suit, how about that?

* Riashaala Idisha bows to the alien female "There is no harm nor trouble. I'm lieutnant Riashaala Idisha, I'm a science officer on this starship. Can I help you with something ?"

* Emhi goes back to her parent's table.

Zhen: What I need is protective suit against traitors and liars around here, not fire.

Alien female: Uh ... help? Yes, we came here to eat and drink something, we were told to find something here.

* Riashaala Idisha motions at the replicators "You can order something from there"

Alien female: And oh, I forgot, I'm Efra, my husband Pitrat and my daughter Emhi.

Mesoc: There's a chef onboard this vessel.

Riashaala Idisha: If you prefer... say.... more falvorful food, you can also get a meal from our chef

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: *makes a face* I was pulling only a joke, no need to put a spike armor on.

* Riashaala Idisha motions where the kitchen is "But you have less choice and you have to wait longer... but it's often perceived as better"

Pitrat: You have a dedicated person who's only job is to serve food?

Zhen: Oh ha... ha... I love your and Seyler's jokes. I especially loved the one when you both made an idiot out of me. That one was marvelous. Congratulations.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: If you say so ... *goes to check on other patients*

Riashaala Idisha: There is a few people actually, who can work on food preparation, yes. Does it... trouble you ?

Pitrat: We have nothing like that in our culture, we never prepare food for outsiders, we never know what they like. If it does not taste well, it's considered an insult!

Riashaala Idisha: Oh but should you select that way to have a meal, we'd ask you what you want or to pick something from a list. So it's your choice.

Riashaala Idisha: How did you plan to have a meal by coming here, then ?

Efra: I was asking for something with proteines and carbonhydrates, I was directed here.

Efra: Since we lost our ship, our common food vanished as well until we reach one of our settlements again.

* Zhen makes quite rude gesture that Andorians would easily understand with his antennas after Peshana

Emhi: And don't forget the water, mom!

Riashaala Idisha: So here is your options... Either you compose a meal by listing your wishes to the replicator. Either you can ask our chef and see with him what you could have for a meal ?

Emhi: You have batarian pencakes?

Efra: Emhi! Remember you're on your trial, only basic food for you!

Emhi: But I'm starving!

* Riashaala Idisha waits patiently, while twisting her antennas now and then

Pitrat: That's the lecture, you're only allowed to use basic food and tools until you've completed your trial of adulthood. Only bread and water on a day!

Emhi: *groans* Bread it is then, can he make for me a nice bread then?

Mesoc: The family looks at Ria.

Riashaala Idisha: Sure thing. Any specific, ban or particular bread ?

Efra: Nothing special, just the most ordinary one your chef could make.

* Riashaala Idisha nods "I'm going to get you bread" and she goes to get... bread

* Zhen is currently only clear and present danger to certain people in sickbay

Mesoc: The chef is suprised to hear such request, since he was engaged onboard to cook some more difficult, if not high soceity class, food. But he'll quickly turn his oven on and prepare a bread. In less than 30 minute is the most ordinary, but warm bread ready to be served.

* Ensign Vasilieva stays still near the entrance inside of sickbay and has a watchful eye on the patients.

Mesoc: The chef will give Ria the bread, since she asked for it.

* Riashaala Idisha will go back to the family once the bread is ready

Mesoc: In the meantime have the parents ordered for themself something simple as well, tomato soup, while the child waits impatiently and stares out of the windows.

* Anton Scofield finishes eating and leaves the mess

Mesoc: Scofield, who's probably still in the messhall, observed the family and can witness that the parents are obviously concerned about something when the child went to the windows to stare at stars.

Efra: Oh, that looks quite good!

Pitrat: Emhi, come back, your bread is here.

* Emhi comes: "Finally!"

Emhi: May I have the bread?

Mesoc: This is the moment when the suliban woman awakes.

* Riashaala Idisha gives the bread to the kid, with a smile

* A stranger gets up and looks around.

* Emhi takes the bread and starts gobbling pieces of bread.

* Zhen motions to nurse Church towards suliban

Nurse Church: Oh, hello there!

* Nurse Church comes closer to the suliban.

A stranger: Where am I?

Nurse Church: You're onboard the Independence, we saved you!

* Ensign Vasilieva has a watchful pair of eyes directed at the awakened suliban.

A stranger: How long am I here?

Nurse Church: You arrived about 10 hours ago.

A stranger: 10 hours?! Dammit! My ship?!

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: *enters comes from his room and approaches the suliban as well* I'm afraid it got destroyed. From what I've learned nothing much was remaining there.

A stranger: Have you picked up anything from the ship?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: So far I know, no, why?

A stranger: There was something that protected me, now it's gone!

A stranger: *looks at his badge* Who you work for?

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: I'm a starfleet doctor, I'm doctor Sebastian Peshana.

* Zhen mutters and a backstabber

A stranger: Starfleet?! Then you're in danger as well now!

Nurse Church: Danger? What danger?

A stranger: Who's commanding this ship?

* Zhen mutters "Of course... danger. What else?"

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: It's Captain Eks, do you wishto talk to him now?

* Anton Scofield , after a quick glance at the aliens and a brief smile at Ria, leaves the mess and heads to Security

A stranger: *stands on her own feet now, apparently the wounds aren't that hindering that much like Dr. Idisha* Bring me to him!

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Hey look, you barely survived an exploding ship, you should stay here.

A stranger: I'm feeling fine enough, bring me to him now!

Zhen: I'm here.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: *makes a quick scan of the suliban*

A stranger: *to Zhen* Safe your breath, joker.

* Zhen grunts and turns to the side

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Incredible, almost all skin tissues are healed, your lungs are working again, you're looking in good shape.

A stranger: I told you!

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Okay. *bleep* Sickbay to Captain Eks, our suliban guest is healthy again and requests to meet you.

Tiron Eks: That fast? Okay, ensign Vasilieva will escort her to my ready room.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Okay, you heard the Captain, you may go.

Ensign Vasilieva: This way, after you.

* Ensign Vasilieva looks careful enough to let the suliban not go behind her back and moves with her to the next turbolift.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Her regenerative abilities must have been trippled to recover that fast from heavy burnings.

Mesoc: Anton Scofield is somewhere where security detail work most of the time, either on routine patrol on the ship or in one of the armories.

Mesoc: The family was grateful for Ria's help, it doesn't look like the family is insulted by bad taste of food for now. They'll retire to their quarters to get rest from the action.

* Riashaala Idisha spends time with the family until duty calls

Mesoc: Opposed to the obvious overreacting suliban, nothing happens for the next two days. The Independence is supposed to reach the next star system in the next 5 days. Dr. Idisha has recovered from his injuries, as has Lt. Cmdr. Rajakanya.

Mesoc: Noone of you has seen the suliban in the meantime and what she discussed with the captain, well, remains unknown.

* Zhen is happy to be back on his feet

* Zhen will go on with his work ignoring both Seyler and PEshana... and will start checking in Suliban's data from medical sensors

Mesoc: There's no sign of any attacker ship in sensor reach, the gravity waves are still out there, but relative low for now. You are certain the origin of the waves is the dark matter nebula.

* Anton Scofield familiarize himself with the ship, the procedures, and the crew

Mesoc: Zhen is going to review the medical data gathered on the suliban, who got btw. also a name: Talsa

Mesoc: The Captain agreed to send the sensor probe to the dark matter nebula, which travels faster than the relative low Independence, on warp 6.5 instead warp 5

* Riashaala Idisha checks the probe reports, not searching for tactical clues but simple scientific curiosity

* Zhen expects the unexpected

* Zhen doublechecks his reading in disbelief

Zhen: Nurse Church, what do you make of this? *shows her the readings*

Mesoc: The probe confirms the first observations about the gravity waves, they are coming from somewhere within the dark matter nebula, but since it's difficult to look into dark matter nebula, you can't truely tell until it's maybe too late. The dark matter there has a very high magnitude.

Mesoc: But dark matter isn't supposed to create waves of gravity there, it should rather create a "static" gravity zone.

* Riashaala Idisha analyzes the phenomenon, looking for possible causes. She discards for now the fact a ship is causing all by itself all the gravity anomalies. She seaches if the nebula itself is having gravity oddities and if so, why$

Mesoc: As fascinating as dark matter is, there's also the matter that you can see, the obvious the closests star system, some sensors are saying something.

Mesoc: Having her antennas burried into dark matter does her gaze catch the sensors readings of the nearby star system. Traker deposits have been found on one of the planets there. She easily comes to the conclusion that traker deposits are a strong sign for dilithium. And dilithium is the stuff that chief engineer O'Rourke could truely need to get the Independence on speed again.

* Riashaala Idisha makes a report on her discovery and forward it to the bridge as well as the engineering room. Then she resumes her study of the nebula

Nurse Church: *answers the Doctor having read the report Idisha holds in his hand* That doesn't look normal for her species I'd say, doctor.

Zhen: That is understatement, nurse. Somehow this person was turned into... super-suliban? *goes to try to determine how long ago treatment was made*

Mesoc: It's hard to tell that.

Mesoc: Ria's report will make engineering go to work with enthusiasm again, since the deposits of dilithium are a good sign after all the draining encounters.

Zhen: Hmmm... in any case... *proceeds to write detailed report for security team, just in case this guest runs amok too*

Mesoc: Even better it's a class L planet, while not truely the most paradise like place, it's better than a Y class planet at least.

Mesoc: The guest hasn't run amok yet so far.

* Zhen is kind of suspicious still... so far Independence did not had any luck with guests

Mesoc: Still it'll take some days to reach the system and the studies of Ria remain so far a puzzle, maybe she has to sleep a night or two or some more about it.

Mesoc: But It's an interesting puzzle.

Mesoc: The fin headed guests got so far comfortable and humbly thank the people for their rescue and their friendly attitude.

* Zhen will definitely seek the Suliban

* Riashaala Idisha will go again to the alien family if she meets them at the mess hall or elsewhere on the ship

Mesoc: This time Riashaala enters the messhall, she sees the kid now alone, nagging again on a bread and drinks a cup of tea.

Mesoc: It's the 4th day nowadays since you rescued the aliens from their ship.

* Emhi waves at her friendly blue helper.

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the kid

Riashaala Idisha: Hi there. No parents in sight today ?

Emhi: Hello ... *imitates stark andorian acent* Riashaala Idisha. *smiles*

* Anton Scofield is trying to meet the crew first, a bit too early to sympathize with guests

Mesoc: Lt. Vaden and Lt. Arquero are also in the messhall for now.

Riashaala Idisha: You're alone, Emhi ?

Emhi: My parents are visiting your arboretum, not quite a dschungle I'd say.

Emhi: I went here to enjoy my daily bread instead and gaze at the stars.

Emhi: Your ship is huge! And your people are all friendly here!

Riashaala Idisha: You seem to enjoy the sight... you were looking at stars as well on your previous ship ?

Riashaala Idisha: Ah, friendly yes... we're star trevellers and we always hope to meet new friends.

Emhi: I don't know why would someone shoot at us, we're were passengers on the previous ship from this mistress and her earie yellow eyes.

Riashaala Idisha: Sorry... who ?

* Anton Scofield enters the mess, during his pause

Emhi: You rescued us from that ship. All I can remember is that the ship was rocking and the next moment I awake here.

Riashaala Idisha: I was not part of the rescue team so I am only vaguely aware of what happened.

Mesoc: Lt. Arquero is having a 3d chess match with Lt. Vaden.

* Anton Scofield picks some fruit juice and goes and watch the chess game

Emhi: I've seen the stars flying first on her ship there, we're coming from a settlement and before that I've never seen the stars flying accross!

Mesoc: The chess game looks in favour for Lt. Arquero, but he hasn't ultimately won yet.

* Zhen seeks the impossible Suliban

Lt Anra Vaden: Hmm, perhaps if I move this pawn on the next level I might gain the upperhand. *she tells Arquero*

* Riashaala Idisha sits by the kid "And where are you going ? You and your parents ?"

Mesoc: The impossible Suliban is so far in a guest quarter, guarded by a security officer.

* Zhen nods to the red haired woman who seems to get around lately a lot and buzzes on the door

Emhi: To the monastry of Wallik. My trial demands it from me to stay there until I pass the trial.

Riashaala Idisha: What will happen to you after your trial ?

Mesoc: The buzz remains unanswered.

* Zhen grunts and buzzes again

Emhi: I'll get married to a nice husband then.

Emhi: A life long bondship.

Riashaala Idisha: It's a trial for adulthood ?

Emhi: Yep.

Emhi: We honour our ancestors by this trial, they went through it as well.

* Anton Scofield leaves the players focused on their game and heads to Ria

* Ensign Aleksandra Vasilieva comments: "I wouldn't be suprised if nothing happens even if you buzz the door 10 times."

Anton Scofield: good afternoom, Ltnt Idisha

Riashaala Idisha: From where I come we also have trials. Or sort of... not many people keep performing them like the traditions call. But we do them one way or the other.

Zhen: Why?

Ensign Aleksandra Vasilieva: She hasn't been very talkative to anyone.

* Riashaala Idisha smiles at Scofield "Oh, hello there. Care to join for a drink or a chat ? Or maybe both ?"

* Emhi waves at the other alien (or human rather).

Zhen: Well, this is medical problem, so she better answers. *says loudly* I am doctor Idisha, if you remember me from the ship. We must talk.

Talsa, the suliban: *through the comm system* Leave me alone.

Zhen: Not likely until I do my job. As soon as we finish it, the sooner you will have your peace again.

Emhi: Have you also to starve and wait for your bread on some trial?

Anton Scofield: with pleasure *smiles to the alien child* if you don't mind, kid ?

Riashaala Idisha: Some people yes. We have many traditions, very different sometimes, depending on where you grow up

Emhi: No no, I don't mind much. *smiles*

* Anton Scofield picks a sit

Emhi: I believe I must have been born into the hardest one, the trials of adulthood are getting on my nerves.

Riashaala Idisha: Where I lived, kids were supposed to learn to fight with ancient swords and knives... but we now do it in theatrical performances, with props instead of real weapons. Even if we train with real swords at first.

Mesoc: After a moment the door opens, the room inside is dark.

Zhen: Thank you. *enters holding his PADD*

Mesoc: The dark room isn't completly black for zhen, but the light intensity isn't that high at all. He can see a shape of a person lying on the bed there.

Zhen: Now, as only competent doctor on this ship I have to run some things about you since now that you are staying with us I must be ready if some kind of medical emergency arises.

* Talsa, the suliban remains in silence.

Zhen: Are you aware that you have genetic modifications not common for your species?

Talsa, the suliban: Make your scans and leave.

Zhen: I'm not here to make scans. Are you aware of that fact? I am asking in case that you somehow think it is natural for you.

Talsa, the suliban: What do you want?

* Emhi asks the pink skinned alien: "Do you also have trials of adulthood?"

Zhen: Preferably that you start answering simple questions. I'm not here to study you but to make ready if I will need to make any kind of procedure that will possibly include saving your life.

Talsa, the suliban: I don't need saving.

Anton Scofield: hmm, not really... nothing that dramatical, I'm afraid.

Talsa, the suliban: Not from you.

Zhen: No matter you want, I am quite obliged by my oaths to help those who need medical attention.

Emhi: How do you prepare your life? How can you be ready then?

Anton Scofield: I was already in army, before my adulthood, didn't make any difference to be honest, but humans are very different, even on Earth

Zhen: So now I would prefer to talk to you civilly instead putting you to a machine to scan you and prod you.

Emhi: Not all of my kind go the same path as well, other families follow different rituals.

Anton Scofield: some tribes, in Africa, used to jump from some high wood pole, with a rope tied to their ankle, so as their head nearly touch the ground, at the end of the jump

* Riashaala Idisha shrugs a bit "That's the same everywhere in the universe"

Anton Scofield: some tribes, in North America used to hunt wild animals all alone

Anton Scofield: *chuckles* in wales, it is rumored they make drink contests

Talsa, the suliban: Then talk, you're paining me with your blabbering, your oath dictates to stop that.

Emhi: Drink contests? What is that?

Zhen: As I said, if you are cooperative I will leave you soon. Otherwise I can be quite stubborn.

Talsa, the suliban: . . .

Zhen: so let us start once again from the start. I am doctor Zhen, we met briefly on the ship when you tried to kill me. Thanks for not doing that.

Anton Scofield: they drink alcohol 'til everyone fall unconscious, the last one wins

Zhen: Now are you aware that your modifications are not... ah... natural for your species?

Emhi: Alcohol? Why do they poisen themself?

Talsa, the suliban: Yes.

Zhen: Okay. *scribbles to his PADD* Is there any anomaly that I as a doctor should be aware concerning them? Anything that may pop up if medical emergency is required.

* Riashaala Idisha is amused by the question

Anton Scofield: it's a matter of perception : teenagers aren't allowed to drink alcohol, in most societies. By disobeing, they... somehow... proclaims themselves as adults

Talsa, the suliban: If blabbering counts as anomaly, then yes, I'll explode if exposed to long to it.

Anton Scofield: as self-responsible

Zhen: Thank you, I like you too. *scribbles something down* But that is not really an answer to my question.

Emhi: So they get adult by getting near death experiences?

Talsa, the suliban: That's answer enough.

Zhen: Look, I don't care at who you are angry or why, but I assure you that I'm not one of those.

Anton Scofield: in a way, most of the adulthood rites, we humans had in the past, are related to death, yes : facing death by a leap in open air, facing death by confronting a predator alone... everything is about pushing his own limits, I guess

Emhi: And one of my limits is to survive the day by just eating bread. *makes a face and munches a bit more bread*

Zhen: Now are you just being spiteful or do not want to disclose that information for personal reasons? If you think I will use any weakness against you, you are wrong. I am just getting prepared and this data is confidential.

Talsa, the suliban: Have I just discovered the repeat anomaly? I believe yes.

Talsa, the suliban: I believe that makes me also explode.

Anton Scofield: well, I'm not a specialist, but I think they were religions where you have to stay a whole day without any food and praying... to be accepted, so to acquire some majority, in a way

Riashaala Idisha: It isn't particularly fancy to live but it isn't that hard... Living on bread is just a bit annoying.

* Zhen sighs "As you wish, but as I said I am quite stubborn. It's your choice to make this annoying for you."

Emhi: A bit? That would be good.

Zhen: In any case. Do you need any special medical requirements?

Emhi: I follow my family, I have to, it's our way to live.

Riashaala Idisha: At least you are given something. You could be asked to live just on water for days.

* Riashaala Idisha smiles

Anton Scofield: what happens to orphans ?

Emhi: They get risen by relatives.

Emhi: And this water only ... that's also part of the trials, but it'll come later on.

Emhi: *mumbles* I will not like it.

Talsa, the suliban: No, none.

Zhen: Do you need anything else?

Anton Scofield: live on water ?

Talsa, the suliban: A room that is clear of anomalies.

Zhen: Oh? Are you saying this one is not clear?

Emhi: Yes, my father told me it'll come, live a a week only on water.

Talsa, the suliban: I'm certain there's a noisy blue one.

* Riashaala Idisha tries to have a confident tone "I'm sure you're going to make it"

Zhen: How funny are everyone lately on this ship. Hilarious.

Zhen: By the way, you seemed much more friendly before. Why suddenly a hate to me?

Emhi: I hope so too. *stands up*

Talsa, the suliban: Wrong question, that's not a medical one.

* Emhi walks some meters in the messhall and ...

* Riashaala Idisha stands up as well

Mesoc: ... and suddenly she holds on to her chest.

Zhen: Pft. As someone who you almost killed, I guess I can be a bit more intimate than just cold professional inquiry.

Riashaala Idisha: Emhi ?

Mesoc: She grasps for air, something doesn't look right here.

Mesoc: She rolls her eyes and starts to stumble.

Mesoc: Balance is gone and she's soon going to hit the floor with her head.

* Riashaala Idisha rushes to Emhi and quickly checks the kid condition

Anton Scofield: *wakes up* is she all right ?

Mesoc: She looks still alive, she has lost consciousness and the hearts are pumping fast, that's what the fast grabbed tricorder says.

* Riashaala Idisha gets the kid in arms and goes fast to the sickbay

Mesoc: Sickbay only nurse Church is currently there and arranges medical stuff.

* Riashaala Idisha enters the sickbay "Hey, come here, this child is needing you"

Nurse Church: *bleep* Nurse Church to Doctor Idisha, we have an emergency here.

* Anton Scofield follows Ria to sickbay

Riashaala Idisha: Emergency ? It may just be the lack of food...

* Riashaala Idisha places Emhi on a biobed

Riashaala Idisha: Now I won't blame you for calling the cousin

Zhen: On my way. *looks at Suliban* I'll be back. *rushes back to sickbay*

* Nurse Church runs medical tricorder over her: "No, toxic check is negative." and continues scanning.

Talsa, the suliban: Finally ...

Nurse Church: Her lungs are not getting enough air.

Nurse Church: I can give her something that let her blood take a higher amount of oxygen.

* Zhen runs back

* Riashaala Idisha feels a bit useless

* Riashaala Idisha remembers first aid procedures but wonders if that could have any help

Nurse Church: *prepares hypospray and gives the little patient an injection*

* Nurse Church runs again a tricorder scan: "That looks to work so far."

Riashaala Idisha: What's happening all suddenly ?

* Riashaala Idisha tries to figure what is saying the biobed display

Nurse Church: The air is blocked to her lungs.

Riashaala Idisha: How can it happen ?

Nurse Church: *runs further the diagnosis* Must be a tissue problem, the air is mechanical blocked.

Nurse Church: Where is the doctor?!

Mesoc: A short while later.

Riashaala Idisha: I'm going to warn Emhi parents !

* Zhen runs in

Zhen: What is the emergency? *gasps for air and goes to beds*

Nurse Church: Doctor, finally, our little patient has problem to get mechanically the air into her lungs, I could determine it's a tissue embossment inside the duct.

* Riashaala Idisha warns the bridge about the child medical incident and asks the computer to locate the parents so she can contact them

Nurse Church: I gave her an injection to let her bloodstream take more oxygen.

Zhen: Display scans. Have you given him anything?

Zhen: ah, good work Nurse.

Nurse Church: So far it looks stable for her.

* Zhen proceeds to check scans and determine problem

* Anton Scofield feels a bit misplaced in sick bay with all this medical activity around

* Zhen wonders what is rough boy doing here and if he had something to do with this

* Riashaala Idisha , once she located and warned the parents, says "Scofield, go find the parents and lead them here.

Mesoc: Zhen is going to use his tricorder to confirm nurse church's assessment of the situation, the child is having problem to get enough air into the lungs. There's a necking in the air duct caused by tissue growing there im simple words.

Mesoc: The parents are in panic of course.

Zhen: Nurse, call his parents immediately please. I need to know all I can about their species.

Anton Scofield: *notices Zhen* hey, good afternoom, Dr Doolittle

Zhen: And all unneccessary personel should leave the sickbay.

Anton Scofield: ok ok, I'll go and get the parents back

Zhen: Good!

* Riashaala Idisha just waits, worried but trusting the medical magic of Zhen

* Anton Scofield comes back with alien parents

Mesoc: The parents enter the sickbay and the mother rushes towards her daughter.

* Zhen shows the picture of the growth to the parents "Is this something known to your species?"

Efra: Emhi, by the thundering spirits!

Zhen: Ahem... please I must know so that I can help your daughter.

* Pitrat comes also close: "Yes, we know of it."

Zhen: Tell me about it.

Pitrat: It's a disease, spontanious rapid growth of tissue, it can happen everywhere inside our bodies, but only 1 of tenthousands get them. *sighs*

Zhen: Is there any known treatment?

Efra: *panic like* Oh Emhi! You have to be strong!

Zhen: Please madam, let her breathe.

Pitrat: *makes a face* There's only time that can heal her.

Efra: She's my daughter!!!

Zhen: Nurse, please explain madam here how it is important now to listen to us. *turns to father* What do you mean?

Pitrat: The sacred body must find its own way to heal itself.

Zhen: What? And how many do that?

* Nurse Church tries to calm down the mother, which is harder than expected.

Pitrat: We all do that.

Zhen: So you say this is normal for your species and it is... non lethal?

Pitrat: If we get injured, our body must find a way to heal itself.

Pitrat: It may be lethal.

Zhen: How long does it last?

Mesoc: Zhen is certain if the tumor won't be removed, it'll block any air and end up lethal.

Pitrat: It may be over tomorrow or she has it a lifetime long.

Zhen: Look, I can help your daughter... don't tell me you want her to suffocate all her life?

Pitrat: I don't want her to suffocate, I want her to be happy.

Pitrat: How can you help her?

Zhen: There may be a medical way to remove the growth, give me a bit of time and I'll try to find a solution. your daughter is stable for now while we are giving her oxigen she needs.

Pitrat: How do you give her air?

Zhen: We give her oxigen she needs directly to her bloodstream. For now it is a stable solution.

Pitrat: Her bloodstream? How?!

* Zhen starts explaining process

* Pitrat looks understandibly afraid for his daughter while the doctor explains that.

* Efra has calmed down a bit thanks to nurse Church efforts.

Zhen: My next goal is to determine safest way to permanently remove the obstruction.

Pitrat: I'll stay here and watch over my daughter.

Zhen: Of course, of course. Nurse, please make parents comfortable and explain them what is happening when it does.

* Zhen goes to analyze scans and try to find a way to help the girl

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Mesoc: Previously on Star Trek Independence: Lieutenant Riashaala Idisha has discovered traker deposits on a L class planet in a nearby star system and the USS Independence is heading there. Chief engineer O'Rourke hopes to mine possible dilithium to meet the request of the Captain to bring the ship on speed again. Meanwhile has Doctor Idisha a patient on sickbay, the little Emhi doesn't get enough air and he's trying to find a treatment for her.

Mesoc: For now Emhi is stable in sickbay and her parents are also there, watching over her. What is Doctor Idisha going to do now?

Mesoc: §

* Riashaala Idisha feels a bit useless in the sickbay but looks at the unfolding event, worried

* Zhen is processing medical data and trying to figure out what can he do to remove the evil swelling that is blocking the air intake

* Efra looks particulary still in distress, worried for her daughter.

* Anton Scofield feeling as useless as Riashaala, headed back to the mess...

Mesoc: Doctor Idisha is aware that the problem is caused by an evil tumor that blocks air reaching her lungs. But the anatomy makes him feel uncomfrotable with to get an instant professional solution for this. He might have ideas how to treat it, but he isn't certain which might be best yet.

Mesoc: The mess hall is not more and not less than normally crowded by crewmember.

* Zhen will then list all the possibilities and then ask parents to scan them too so that he can have more data about their species

* Riashaala Idisha , checks, out of curiosity, the medical screens to see if she understands what the problem is (she's no doctor but biologist).

Pitrat: So you're a medical practitioner, what can you do to help my daughter?

* Pitrat's ask doctor Zhen.

Zhen: I'm working on the solutions. I want to be 100% sure of success since we have just met your species.

Mesoc: The problem can be identified, it's a tumor that blocks the conduit. It's pretty much simple mechanic, too less air reaches the lungs to give the blood enough air.

Pitrat: Then do your ... scans.

* Anton Scofield tries to strike up conversations in the mess, about holodecks and games, for example...

* Patrick is taking a break in the mess hall for once.

* Zhen takes detailed medical scans of them

Mesoc: The doctor scans the species with funny fins on their head and is now confident about their anatomy. It gets to his mind that a surgical operation is required to remove the tumor.

* Zhen then makes detailed preparations for the surgery and makes several medical simulations first

* Pitrat is interested in the doctor's work: "What are you going to do?"

* Riashaala Idisha is interested as well

Zhen: I am preparing the simulation to test a theoretical procedure. As you can see... *starts explaining in a lot of medical terms*, I am thinking of doing this surgical procedure as showed on this screen.

* Pitrat in disbelief: "Surgical procedure? You mean open her body?"

Zhen: No not fully. This will need just a small incision here and here.

Pitrat: So you ARE going to open her!

Zhen: That is overly dramatic description, really.

Pitrat: But it's accurate nontheless! I can't let you allow this!

Zhen: And why is that? *crosses arms*

Pitrat: Our bodies are sacred, they must not be desecrated! It contains our essence, our soul.

* Zhen makes infamous facepalming gesture

Zhen: So are you telling me if you get a wound by accident... like scraping your knee... your soul will spill out?

* Riashaala Idisha mutters "Zhen, don't be sarcastic, please..."

Pitrat: You misunderstood, an accident can happen and the body must heal itself, but if you, an enlightened being, desecrate another being, then it loses its soul.

Zhen: So... wait. You want to tell me if I accidentally drop a spanner on your head and you start bleeding... I just sucked your soul out?

Pitrat: My daughter is not like an animal that you open up like a can for food! We take great care to not harm another being.

Zhen: But you haven't answered me... what if I accidentally drop a spanner on you. Have I sucked your soul out then?

Pitrat: Would you drop a spanner on me if I say no? You would act against another being.

* Riashaala Idisha asks the parent "Forgive me but... you are going to... pray for your daughter well-being and refuse her to be treated ?"

Zhen: LEt's say it was an accident. Another person accidentally pushed me and I dropped the spanner.

Pitrat: I don't let someone come with a knife and cut the innards. No, this is not allowed.

Efra: We are living after the traditions of our spirits. If the skin will be penetrated by another being, then the body has no soul anymore and the one who did it is damned.

Zhen: Look, it is your daughter's life.... *grunts* ...and what if I make a procedure that will not break the skin?

Pitrat: The life is meaningless if there's no soul anymore in it.

Efra: What else could you do?

Zhen: So... if I don't break the skin... would it be allright then?

Efra: *sounds interested* Can you do something?

Zhen: I can try to... think of something. After all we have advanced technology that can... remove things without even seeing or touching them.

Efra: *looks to her husband* Pitrat, maybe we should let him search?

Pitrat: He can do that, but I'll not cease to guard my daughter and her soul.

Zhen: Yes, yes... you do that. *clicks* Doctor Idisha to engineering.

Lt Stefan Arquero: Arquero listening.

Zhen: Ah, it's loverboy. My cousin is still waiting, you know? In any case, I need to talk to your best expert on teleportation.

* Riashaala Idisha rolls eyes

Lt Stefan Arquero: *perplexed* What? .... *normal* The best expert is probably Lieutenant Harrison.

Zhen: Excellent. She is a smart woman, can you send her to me?

Lt Stefan Arquero: I can do that.

* Riashaala Idisha feels the situation is defused and fades into the background

Zhen: Marvelous. Do that. And do not forget my cousin. Doctor out.

Lt Stefan Arquero: *shakes head and is going to inform Paula*

* Zhen turns to parents "Now, an expert on... non-skin-opening removals will come. I assure you that only... the foreign body will be removed, nothing vital to her sacred body or soul. And no skin will be harmed."

Zhen: I have an idea how to do this procedure... so that your daughter is saved and your... beliefs intact.

* Pitrat doesn't look that convinced and remains sceptical: "We shall see."

* Zhen waits for good lt. HArrison, in hope she will not see him as evil Dr. Zhen.

* Zhen is not satan! Andorians value family a lot!

* Anton Scofield is still fooling around in the mess

Mesoc: So after a good 45minutes later is Patrick still chitchatting with Anton and Lieutenant Harrison enters finally sickbay, being chatty as always: "Phew ... what a day, this MacDougal needs to learn a lot of dilithium processing arrangements."

Zhen: Ah, just a woman I needed to see. Come here please.

* Riashaala Idisha salutes Harrison

* Zhen does not even raise an antenna in salute

Lt Paula Harrison: Don't you start as well now! MacDougal brings that always and it's starting to annoy me. ... So what is it? Teeth problems?

Lt Paula Harrison: And hello Lieutenant! *salutes Ria*

* Riashaala Idisha smiles

Zhen: I have no clue what are you talking about. Also, no offense but you are a bit too pink for my tastes. I need to talk to you about an unusual procedure. *puts on scans on the screen* I need your transporting expertise on this... You see, we have a growth in this girl's body that threatens her life... but... *sighs* ...since if we cut her she will... lose her soul... I have to think of creative methods.

Lt Paula Harrison: *looks suspicious at the parents for a moment* Aaand ... why do you need my transporting expertise?

Zhen: As entirely too pink, but exceptionally smart woman, I am sure you can guess. Are you good enough to do microtransportations guded by me? So to say to be my invisible and intangible scalpel hand?

Lt Paula Harrison: Errhh .. that's going to be difficult, micro transportation of anorganic matter is already a huge challenge, but organic one ... *flails with hands* ... better bet your money on royal flash in poker.

Zhen: And what if we... have clearly marked target? Since this growth is relatively new matter in her body, I was thinking of making a slolution that may bond to large growths of new cells... a solution that will be practically your transporter beacon?

Lt Paula Harrison: Now having marks is making it of course easier, but don't assume it's easy now.

Zhen: I am not, but this girl's life is in danger.

Zhen: And since we can't use common procedures... I need you.

Lt Paula Harrison: Hmpf, okay. I need time to adjust a transporter pad, since the target scanners are working normally within a one hundreth of a metter I need to increase it now by a factor of 10000 to get the size of cell structures. I can't guarantee it'll work though.

Lt Paula Harrison: No need to tell you that this try is beyond safety procedure, I hope?

Zhen: We will do several test runs, of course. What do you think I am? A butcher?

* Pitrat thinsk he is.

* Zhen 's evil twin was one though

* Zhen still may be that evil Dr. Zhen in disguise

* Riashaala Idisha hopes her cousin is truly confident about this... because it looks awfully risky

Lt Paula Harrison: Well ... don't blame me if this won't work.

Zhen: I will.

Lt Paula Harrison: I'll work in transporter room 1.

* Lt Paula Harrison goes out.

Zhen: Do your best.

Mesoc: So Paula is now working on the transporter.

* Zhen is perfecting the imagined procedure on his side

Mesoc: Zhen has explained in detail the procedure to the parents, they are of course still worried. He'll work on a safe method to tag the bad cells within Emhi and he's going to do that with the help of Paula Harrison, who works on her side on the transporter. With all the preperations and testings, it'll take a day until you're ready.

Mesoc: The parents are still with their daughter and wait for news from the doctor.

Mesoc: §

* Zhen is double, triple and quadruple checking the simulations with Harrison

* Riashaala Idisha , when off-duty, goes back to the family and offer to assist them, should they need anything

* Efra is thankful for the warmhearted Idisha.

Mesoc: In zhen's simulation is looking daunting. The success rate is at 60%, that means the other 40% you either don't successful remove the tumor or worse can happen, like having complications in the rematerlize process.

* Zhen will then start making safety measures based on the simulation to avoid "worse", so that even if the tumor is not removed the girl is safe

Mesoc: How will Zhen integrate safety measures? This "worse" can happen, since the girl is going to be in the matter stream and you remove basically information from her.

* Riashaala Idisha wonders if Zhen has so much time to test and all before the girl is truly dying of that tumor

Mesoc: The success rate for beaming single cells out without having the patient in the matter stream is even more complicated, success rate shows only 35%, since the whole living body is moving, like blood is moving or she's still using muscles to pump the lungs.

Mesoc: On the good side is, there's no "worse".

* Zhen thinks that Ria shold tend to the plants and leave medicine to him since the girl is stable as long as they are giving her oxygen

* Zhen then devises another plan!

Mesoc: The tumor won't kill her within a day, maybe she can live with black outs for a year before it gets permanently life threatening, but the tumor will eventually kill her one day.

* Zhen talks to Harrison "What if we put the girl in stasis temporarily. Would that ease up your job?"

Lt Paula Harrison: Not really. If the whole body in stasis is beamed up to our ship, that's no problem, but the stasis field will interefere with the transportation beam. I can't say by how much.

Zhen: Well then, my dear, it is time to test it how much and see if you can compensate. Have I mentioned that little girl's life is at stake here?

Lt Paula Harrison: Maybe we should go for plan b and shrink you and you go and scratch the tumor off? *smiles* I'll try my best, doc.

Zhen: Shrinking me... huh... huhum... that reminds me of an borg nanobot incident we had when I was in the Academy. Nanobots... nanobots... do we have an expert on those on the ship?

Zhen: Not Borg ones, of course.

Lt Paula Harrison: I was about to say: ask the borg, but since they're no longer existing. ... *thinks* Isn't your colleague Peshana good with that? He regularly hangs with us in engineering in his spare free time to discuss about life science engineering.

Zhen: Ah the traitor... yes... *grits teeth*

Lt Paula Harrison: *perplexed* Traitor?

Zhen: Yes, yes... it happened while you were gone. Ehm... nevermind. He may be a liar, but I hope he is still a professional.

* Zhen clicks "Doctor Idisha to I hope still doctor Peshana."

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Doctor Peshana here.

Zhen: We'll see about that. I need your expertise to save a life. I hope that is a worthy cause for you.

* Riashaala Idisha inquires and tries to learn if the captain plans a trip on the planet where traker deposits were found. So she can prepare away-team equipment

Mesoc: The Captain has indeed requested for an away team for his duty officers. Ria might be happy to learn that she's part of the first away team.

* Anton Scofield , lacking some action, is in the holodeck on some canyoning simulation

Mesoc: Scofield is also among the away team.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: We'll see about that if you remove your first comment about my status, Lieutenant.

Zhen: I am doctor, thank you. As for anything else, it is your choice, I can tell the parents of the girl that you refused. I am sure they will be thrilled.

* Anton Scofield ends his holodeck session and prepares for the away mission

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Lieutenant, without respect, you won't win anything from me.

Lt Paula Harrison: *is wondering what's going on*

Zhen: I don't plan to. I still think you are a duplicitous liar, but I am still a professional. And currently one life is at stake, and frankly I don't care if you are Borg Quenn if you can help that girl.

* Riashaala Idisha will go to the holodeck now and then to perform physical exercises. Been a time since she hasn't set foot on a planet

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Life threatening? Maybe I could help, if I find the right motivation to cooperate with you.

Zhen: How about your oaths as a doctor, if that is not motivation enough then we truly have nothing to talk about. But, if the girl dies and you were able to help her, the blood is on your hands. If you wish to be a doctor for once, come to sickvay, if not... do whatever you want. Doctor Idisha out.

Mesoc: Anton Scofield and Riahshaala Idisha can train together on the holodeck, the planet is still a day away from the Independence. So far scans reveal, the planet isn't that warm at all, maybe just 13°C in the equatorial line.

Mesoc: So after time you can be suprised who enters sickbay then.

* Zhen greets coldly but professionally "Doctor..."

Zhen: Here are all scans and procedure proposals. The obstacle is that we cannot operate or in any way break the girl's skin.

Anton Scofield: oh hey, Miss Idisha, here for training, recreation, bit of noth ?

* Riashaala Idisha sets the holodeck on class-L simulation so a rather unfriendly planetary body. Climbing, swimming and food searching is in order.

Riashaala Idisha: Yup... we'll have a planet to survey soon. While the team will probably not encounter any difficulty, I felt having some at least in the holodeck would change my mind

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana comes closer: "Better. - *looks at PADD with medical diagnosis* It looks like cancer."

Anton Scofield: you have informations on the climate ?

Zhen: Yes, and the procedure would be fairly simple if not for... religious beliefs of the parents.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: I have an idea: a micro-bot that enters the conduit and removes the tissue.

Riashaala Idisha: Not yet no, it's too far any accurate sensor sweep. But it's a class-L after all

Zhen: Yes, I thought that you would know more about nanotechnology. since our current option is using transporter beam. And that is quite difficult.

Mesoc: Class-L planets have a hightened CO2 level and less O2 to breath, you'll need injections to compensate that.

Mesoc: Also no signs of intelligent life, maybe just flora.

Anton Scofield: wonderful, another pleasant "her hell freeze everyday" planet...

Riashaala Idisha: Possible. The main questyion will be if there is too much argon in the atmosphere or not. Which is typical of class-L

Riashaala Idisha: Breathing on class-L is rather difficult. Training to move in such atrmosphere may be useful. Should an accident happen

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: A conjunction of a nanites and a micro-bot could do the trick relative safely. Nanites to destroy the metastasis and a micro-bot for the grown tissue in the conduit.

Riashaala Idisha: The other problem that can arise is the lack of water on those planets... In other words, it's not a place where to be abandonned

Zhen: Mhmm... but... how to inject them? Can they be inserted orally? Since any kind of direct injecting would break their religious beliefs.

Mesoc: If drinking a glass of water with nanites is breaking it, I don't know further.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: If drinking a glass of water with nanites is breaking it, I don't know further.

Zhen: Drinking is quite good.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: It'll take time to synthesize and programm them all.

Zhen: Thank you doctor. I will explain the situation to parents.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Luckily for you I know about mechanical-electrical systems for use in biomedizin.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana goes to his lab to work on tiny mashines.

Anton Scofield: hopefully, it's not a combat mission, we shouldn't have to abandon anyone

Riashaala Idisha: I meant... abandonned after a crash or if the ship has to leave

Zhen: Not lucky for me. For the little girl.

* Zhen mutters something on Andorian that would in loose translation be "one who eats yellow snow" or using 20th century dialect of old Earth "prick".

Mesoc: So another day goes by and finally the USS Independence reaches the L-Class planet with traker deposits on it. Astrometrics is sheduled to do some short range scans of the planet to learn more in detail about it.

Mesoc: Doctor Peshana has programmed a little synthesize programm for the replicator to meet the specifications for the case of Emhi. The test of nanites and micro-bot could occur soon.

Mesoc: §

* Zhen runs many tests and simulations before the actual procedure

Mesoc: The microbot is using a lot of adaptronic, so the living environment shouldn't be a problem for it to to remove the grown tissue in the air conduit. The nanites are programmed to identify metastasis and neutralize them, so Emhi's immune system is going to take care of them.

Mesoc: That says the theory.

* Zhen wants to make sure that the theory goes as planned, so he prepares whatever he can (that can be ingested) to strenghten her immune system and to monitor the procedure all the times.

Mesoc: Zhen can give some compounds to strengthen the immune system. If all lights are green, Doctor Peshana would start with the procedure.

* Zhen checks everythign once again and then gives the green light

* Pitrat watches the two men who call themself doctors, but must appear to him rather like some mad scientists.

* Zhen could be Professor Paradox

Mesoc: It looks promising, the micro-bot removes most of the tumor. While the nanites have been diggest and swim now in Emhi's bloodstream to eliminate the metastasis.

* Zhen arranges with nurse Church that the girl is always monitored in next few days.... just in case

Mesoc: Meanwhile in astrometrics does the science team discover, that the ionsphere of the L-Class planet is too heavy to beam safely through, so a shuttle is recommended to get the away team to the surface and find dilithium.

* Riashaala Idisha prepares for shuttle landing

Mesoc: Doctor Peshana monitors his tiny mashines inside of Emhi, who will soon smile at her parents again.

* Zhen goes to parents

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the engineering to get all the details needed to perform surveys according to their wishes

Zhen: The procedure is going as planned and we are optimistic that your girl will breathe normally again. With her soul intact.

Patrick: *greets the blue Andorian* Good morning, Lieutenant.

Efra: By the spirits?! Can this be true? Healed and preserving her soul?

Riashaala Idisha: Hi there. I'm coming to see what you need us to perform for our planetary survey. What to look for and how to look for. If you want us to set our tricorder for certain things or not

Zhen: Certainly. She is still under observation, though. Just in case.

Patrick O'Rourke: I guess I can tell you on the ride down to the surface. The Captain put me on the away team as well.

Riashaala Idisha: Oh... That's good then. An expert with us.

Pitrat: I have to ... thank you. I did not believe you could find anything to heal her. My gratitude to your colleague, too.

Patrick O'Rourke: And if you glanced further down the list, your cousin is with us as well, since we require medical treatment. ... Gosh, how I hate planets.

Zhen: Your daughter is well, that is thanks enough.

* Riashaala Idisha shrugs "Zhen will simply light up our moods"

Patrick O'Rourke: Paula told me what crazy stuff he's attempting to do, beam single cells out of a living body. Good luck with that.

* Zhen is real party animal

Riashaala Idisha: It's out of my league, I can't tell, sorry

* Riashaala Idisha smiles

Mesoc: So afterall, there's a happy ending for Emhi, at least in face of this danger.

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Tiny nanobots, sometimes useful for medical procedures.

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