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Mesoc: With royal elegance comes a starship into the screen of the TV and it displays the magnificient USS Independence. The camera keeps starring at that beautiful ship as it passes by and enters slowly the orbit of a new, unchartered planet.

Mesoc: It wasn't that long since Emhi received her first nanobot treatment and some officers had already begin to prepare themself for an away mission, like climbing in the holodeck.

Mesoc: Of course there wasn't yet a briefing and so comes that Lieutenant Idisha, Lieutenant Scofield, Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke and again Lieutenant Idisha are sitting in the conference room, together with Captain Eks.

Tiron Eks: Good morning, Commander, Lieutenants.

* Zhen nods

Tiron Eks: I hope you're all well rested?

* Riashaala Idisha nods

* Anton Scofield tries not to yawn

* Patrick O'Rourke imitates the same and gives also a nod.

Tiron Eks: I hope your sleep wasn't too long, Lieutenant. *looks at Scofield*

Tiron Eks: Well, let's come your assignment.

* Riashaala Idisha crosses arms and rests in her chair, amused by Scofield yawn

Tiron Eks: We have down there a Class L planet with quite an amount of Traker deposits. So far we can't yet confirm if there's also dilithium down there.

* Zhen is just happy that Seyler or any other backstabbers are not here.

Tiron Eks: The thing is that your trip downside won't be an easygoing flight to Risa. There's a nasty ionstorm that surrounds the planet and as you know that makes safe beaming rather impossible.

Tiron Eks: That's where you come first into play, Patrick.

* Patrick O'Rourke nods.

Tiron Eks: You're going to fly down and determine on the surface how much dilithium there is.

* Zhen wonders why they never go to any paradise planets... only dangerous rocks

* Riashaala Idisha wonders why they don't go more often downplanet, even to dangerous rocks

Tiron Eks: Finding dilithium will be your assignment, Ria.

Anton Scofield: *softly* fine, Risa-like planets are just boring...

* Zhen grunts "Speak for yourself."

Riashaala Idisha: Count me on me, boss... I mean captain

Tiron Eks: And there's a high amount of carbondioxide in the atmoshere. Zhen, you'll make sure that every will breath just fine downthere.

Anton Scofield: *softly to Zhen* Risa is not real, you may as well want to live in a holodeck...

Zhen: Not real my... Ahem... yes of course. I hope not only that but also keep everyone breathing and healthy. Universe knows what kind of microorganisms could be down there.

Tiron Eks: Lieutenant Scofield, since you're new aboard this ship, I want you to provide security and help for the team.

Anton Scofield: *firmly* yes, sir

Tiron Eks: Also communication is rather limited through the ionstorm, so if you have to report anything, make it pragmatic and precise. *gives a look at zhen*

Anton Scofield: *softly* and concise

Tiron Eks: So far our scans show is only some flora down there, no sign of any intelligent life. So, it's a rocky trip in a shuttle, besides that, the rest is routine procedure to harvest for dilithium.

* Zhen frowns

Tiron Eks: If you have any more questions?

Zhen: It's not intelligent life that I'm worried about. Are there any additional scans of the biosphere down there?

Tiron Eks: So far only standard scans were done. Readings can't penetrate quite the ionstorm though.

Zhen: So... we should expect the unexpected.

Riashaala Idisha: We're going to see by ourselves, Zhen.

* Riashaala Idisha winks at him

Zhen: I'm bursting with joy.

* Zhen is obviously not

Anton Scofield: *shakes head* no questions

Riashaala Idisha: Why are you on a starship again, Zhen ?

* Riashaala Idisha smiles

Anton Scofield: *softly* to stay on a starship, maybe ?

Zhen: To meet women, obviously. Like Seyler,

Tiron Eks: Since there's nothing else that needs to be discussed, you're ready to leave.

* Riashaala Idisha nods once more

* Zhen nods too

* Riashaala Idisha leaves the room, going to grab her outdoor equipment.

Anton Scofield: *salutes and heads out to prepare his backpack*

* Zhen goes to pack away mission bag

* Zhen also leaves detailed instructions for nurse Church since she is only trustworthy person in the sickbay

* Zhen also again leaves PAt III and newcomer cactus to her care

* Riashaala Idisha gets her outdoor stuff and heads to the shuttle bay

* Nurse Church wonders if she also has to wash his clothes or socks, since it's like she has to do everything for him.

Zhen: No you don't have to... of course.

Zhen: But I would pay to see Seyler doing that...

Nurse Church: You should go and prepare yourself for your assignment and enjoy your time away from us. Afterall you got selected for this assignment while we just take care of the usual here.

Zhen: I would be happier to be here with you, but... duty calls. I hope PAtrick will not again try to kill himself.

* Zhen is ready to go and happy to go down with shuttle for once!

* Patrick O'Rourke is in the shuttlebay and checks last systems of shuttle Sedna.

* Patrick O'Rourke greets the doctor once he comes to the shuttlebay: "Zhen, are you ready to visit the pleasure planet and dig for some gold-worthy dilithium?"

* Anton Scofield comes to the shuttle with a huge sack including all camping stuff plus climbing equipement

Zhen: What I am ready for is when you again get into trouble.

* Patrick O'Rourke chuckles: "Don't worry, my bad luck has to end oneday. Though I'd prefere to not fly down if it wasn't for the dilithium."

* Zhen chats and waits

Mesoc: So you take a seat and buckle yourself up in them while Patrick sits at the controls of the shuttle and Ria at the sensor console. You hear through the comms permission to leave the ship and Kaur Siddhu wishing you a safe journey. The shuttle flies effortlessly out of the hangarbay and you pass the two mighty nacelles of the Independence and see the beauty of the dark space and the planet that's coming closer to you.

Patrick O'Rourke: We might run into some turbulence, make yourself comfortable in the chairs.

Mesoc: And short time later the shuttle enters the outer sphere of the planet, it begins to rock, because the inertial dampeners aren't able to compensate every concussion caused by the turbulence.

* Zhen wonders if someone finally installed seatbelts

* Mesoc the shuttle is shaking violently, one can wonder if Patrick is knowing what he does. At least he tries to keep a calm appearance to the rest of the shuttle crew.

* Zhen grunts "This time he tries to kill us all..."

* Riashaala Idisha doesn't feel good, obviously

Riashaala Idisha: Can we... like land fast ?

Zhen: Yes... please...

* Zhen burps and turns more aquamarine than blue

* Anton Scofield grits his teeth

Patrick O'Rourke: Just hold on, I have coordinates where we found the most of the traker deposits. Ria, can you scan the terrain to see if we can land somewhere at a nice spot?

* Anton Scofield thinks "this guy might have conduced assault missions, quite the same piloting..."

Zhen: Assault missions on whom? His own passengers?

* Riashaala Idisha takes a deep breath and scan the land below to find a safe landing zone

Mesoc: Despite her urge to have a barf bag right now in her personal emergency she manages it nontheless to focus on her task to find a suitable spot to land the shuttle and does so. She gives the coordinates to the pilot and what happens afterwards is .... well ... not smelling necessary good. On the TV screen we see the shuttle going through the violent ionstorm which is shaken heavily but remains somehow in a controlled course downwards.

Patrick O'Rourke: This is the captain from O'Rourke airlens, we arrive our destination in 2 minutes, please reset your seats and make sure your seatbelts are on you. We thank you for flying with O'Rourke airlines. Please fly with us again. *grins*

Zhen: I.. want... to... strangle... him...

Mesoc: And the shuttle will land, finally, on solid ground. The engines will be disengaged and Patrick makes a quick check of the systems. Suprisingly all instruments show green, green for good and ready, or green like for turning the tummy upside down.

Patrick O'Rourke: Welcome to our new paradise under a nice weather.

Zhen: I hate you Patrick.

Patrick O'Rourke: I'd love to share a bed with you too, Zhen.

* Zhen grunts

* Anton Scofield stretches

Anton Scofield: back in action

* Patrick O'Rourke stands up, stretching his fingers, looking satisfied for a landing well done.

* Zhen unstraps and gets his stuff

* Riashaala Idisha takes another deep breath and stares at the instrument in somewhat disbelief they landed

* Patrick O'Rourke ponders about Ria: "Is everything okay?"

Anton Scofield: is the place breathable ?

Patrick O'Rourke: Not for long until you die of suffocation.

Riashaala Idisha: It's not safe to breath openly for long. It's a class-L planet, coming with all unpleasantries in the atmosphere

* Patrick O'Rourke goes to grab some of his tech instruments from one stowage.

* Riashaala Idisha runs a sensor sweep of the surrounding area to see what land features are close or if anything worthy of notice is perceived

Riashaala Idisha: Well, rocky place, as expected

Mesoc: There we have it! The beauty of a barren world and above you an ionstorm that is like a hell in the wrong place!

* Zhen is absolutely impressed... as much as he would be impressed with a Klingon hitting on him

Mesoc: It must look like you have landed in the grand canyon, just that here it isn't the grand canyon, actually what you see is larger than the grand canyon, probably from some planet tectonic movement.

Riashaala Idisha: Ok... let's start to work. Zhen, will you set some protection for our delicate lungs, dear ?

Anton Scofield: nice, look like Rocky Mountains...

Zhen: Of course cousin... I would not want you to suffocate or anything. Ah, I wish Seyler would be here though.

* Zhen checks readings to administer proper treatment for the away team

Mesoc: Climate is relative dry, temperature is about at 14°C.

* Zhen could not care less for the temperature and checks the atmosphere readings

Patrick O'Rourke: You're still in love with Seyler?

Mesoc: Atmosphere check says: a lot of carbondioxide, less than ideal amount of oxygen, a lot of argon there.

Zhen: Love... yes I would love that some thinkgs happen to her... anyway... you need proper respirator mix to bretahe properly outside. Not much oxygen, but if you are a plant you would be happy.

Mesoc: While ria checks her surroundings she notices two things: first, the sensor range is shorter than expected and second the environment is filled with low to midlevel radiogenic particles.

Riashaala Idisha: Looks we underestimated to electromagnetic interferences here... Zhen, can you look at that ?

* Riashaala Idisha shows him the radiogenic particles results

Mesoc: Zhen thinks of that the amount of Oxygen on your current altitude is like on earth's mount everest at 7-8km height, it is possible to breath.

Zhen: Without any respirators, the atmosphere is breathable... but do not expect too much. I suggest no streinous activity out there. Or you could collapse. Understood PAtrick?

Patrick O'Rourke: Perhaps we should get the cold weather gear and some respirator masks to make it easier for us.

Zhen: I definitely reccomend those.

* Riashaala Idisha gets a respirator on her mouth "Cold weather... not cold enough for me yet..."

Zhen: It is actually Andorian hot summer out there. *chuckles*

Patrick O'Rourke: If you say so, but I won't give you my gloves in the night if it becomes colder.

Riashaala Idisha: You won't have to.

* Zhen nods

Riashaala Idisha: Let's get out ... We're still not yet on vacation

* Mesoc prepares himself for some trekking on a barren world.

* Mesoc prepares not himself, rather for crime fighting, Patrick does prepare for trekking though!

* Zhen wonders what si big black dude with a sword and shades doing in the shuttle

Patrick O'Rourke: Since you're the nature lover, I say you lead us?

Patrick O'Rourke: I've programmed your tricorder already to scan for dilithium.

Riashaala Idisha: Nice... thanks

* Riashaala Idisha is ready to leave the shuttle

* Zhen is right behind her

* Riashaala Idisha feels everyone is ready, sure everyone is, right ? So she is about to leave the shuttle

Anton Scofield: lead the way, miss Idisha *smiles*

* Riashaala Idisha opens the shuttle door and walks daringly in the outside world

* Patrick O'Rourke follows Ria's cute fundament and doesn't look so sure if wandering on this planet is something he's going to like.

* Riashaala Idisha starts moving in circle around the shuttle, trying to detect traces of raker on her tricorder

Mesoc: You open the shuttle's door and Ria little tummy problem don't affect anymore her joyish mood to set a food on a rather unliving planet.

* Zhen is at least happy for a bit of a cooler atmosphere

Mesoc: The tricorder makes it famous noise: beep ... beep ... beep .... beep beep ... beep beep. Looks like it shows a faint direction where to find more of it

* Riashaala Idisha says "I found an echo... maybe a trace... I'm going to follow and get more accurate readings"

* Anton Scofield enjoys the walk

* Zhen is using his tricorder to check for any viruses, bacterias or anything similar that could be odd or suspicious

Mesoc: Zhen's tricorder scan shows: oh wonder, no viruses in the immediate area, some bacterias who could be the prestage of intelligent life there, but nothing that can harm you and low to mid intensive radiogenic particles can be found everywhere.

* Zhen is slightly less paranoid now

Zhen: There are no invisible tiny hostiles around here...

* Riashaala Idisha scans the layers of stone whil searching for traker, trying to guess some things about the planet geological past

Mesoc: Ria's beeping tricorder, which has a cool dilithium traking app installed, says that you'll likely find a higher concentration further the north diretion.

* Riashaala Idisha is doing it mainly out of curiosity

Mesoc: It is only 5 km away. That's on the horizontale. In the verticale it looks more impressive: 8kms down!

Anton Scofield: better than 8km up

* Riashaala Idisha whitles "I'm happy we came"

Patrick O'Rourke: Perhaps I should just wait for you here at the shuttle and turn the camp fire on while I do so.

* Zhen seems mildly interested in the cliff too

Riashaala Idisha: Yes... At least one of us should stay at the shuttle. Since you're our pilot, I guess it's safer with you

Zhen: Pilot is very, very dubious term for Patrick...

Patrick O'Rourke: Hey, I'm an engineer, not a climber. And one who can fly by the way.

Zhen: You can fly? I did not notice.

Patrick O'Rourke: The shuttle isn't shattered.

* Anton Scofield thinks he should have brought skis

Riashaala Idisha: Pat was one of the finest pilot at the academy. I would feel safer knowing *he* can fly to us and rescue us if something go wrong

Zhen: If with "Pat" you mean Pat III, then I agree.

Patrick O'Rourke: Do you have some pattern enhancers with you? Might need to lock on you in this difficult environment to enable safe beaming, at least to the shuttle.

Zhen: I don't intend to get stuck under an avalanche.

* Patrick O'Rourke is going to give the newling Anton 3 portable pattern enhancers.

Patrick O'Rourke: We can use also the pattern enhancers to beam the dilithium up once you have found it.

Riashaala Idisha: I'm no technician... perhaps. I let the engineers be the judges here

Patrick O'Rourke: Short range communication should work, if the ionstorm doesn't reach the surface. So feel free to call me.

Riashaala Idisha: Okay

Mesoc: So Lieutenant Idisha, again Idisha and Scofield start their tour to search for some dilithium like some gold diggers at daylight.

* Riashaala Idisha leads the walk and then the climbing down. She obviously enjoy the trek. She wears only the respirator, being not hindered by the local cold (she's Andorian !).

* Riashaala Idisha distributes advice and counsel to everyone but actually to Zhen

Mesoc: So they are on some way on their way down and it starts to become night.

* Zhen on the other hand seems to be enjoying this as much as Ria... only if asked he will complain about this or that and absolutely deny that he is actually enjoying this

* Anton Scofield also enjoys the trekking and wears thick suit that protects him from cold

Mesoc: The planet has a rotation time of only 14hours and the light fades slowly out and it gets colder.

Mesoc: What is Ria advising? Going down further or find a spot to wait for more sunlight again?

Riashaala Idisha: Hu uh... with night coming, wind will probably be stronger as air masses will exchange heat... not a good moment to climb down a slope at night.

Riashaala Idisha: Let's find a way to rest. Either a platform or a cave inhabited by cannibals

Mesoc: Your awesome tricorder with an even more awesome _find me a good place to rest at_ app finds a spot where you can build a tent and rest for several hours before the sun comes up again. Just 200 meter in the horizontale and 300 meter in the verticale and you're there.

Riashaala Idisha: Le'ts go, folks. We have a stable platform 300m below us. It's just about an hour away

Zhen: Without man eating animals, I hope.

Mesoc: So you all walk and climb for an hour, all reach the platform safe and in healthy condition thanks to respirator device, clothes for human and watchful antennae.

Riashaala Idisha: If we're lucky, Zhen, if we're lucky... one can't say what lurk in the dark, in this planet

Zhen: I hope absolutely nothing.

Zhen: I am not pulling you out from a flesh eating plant... again.

Riashaala Idisha: Maybe there are hideous energy spectres leeching your bioelectrical field while you sleep and giving you nightmares where you marry Yaxara

Mesoc: There no animal on this planet.

* Zhen actually looks terrified at that thought

Zhen: Shush... if things like Q hear you... those things may actually happen.

Mesoc: While the trio chat relaxed do they build their tent for the night on the platform. It's not a challenging task for you, since the andorian and the human are quite adept at surviving.

Zhen: I don't care about spectres but the last thing... bah...

Riashaala Idisha: That would make life spicy

Anton Scofield: what about Commander Seyler, then ?

Zhen: You can take her.

Mesoc: You notice how the wind increases, you come to the conclusion you don't want to sleep outside ever.

Zhen: Now the temperature is becoming more friendly. The winds are not though.

Riashaala Idisha: We should go back to Andoria some day. To toughen us again a bit against cold

* Riashaala Idisha prepared the camp for the night, distribute juicy bits of field rations

Zhen: I agree. *nods* Or visit more planets like this.

* Zhen realizes that others may actually think that he is having fun so adds "...not that I actually want to go on planets like this."

Mesoc: So you go inside in your comfortable tiny tent and enjoy munching on juicy bits of field rations. Anything else you do?

Anton Scofield: you know going on Risa-like planers isn't called exploration, it's called entertainment

Riashaala Idisha: Yeah, not enough bacterial threats to life

* Riashaala Idisha smiles

* Zhen chuckles "I miss the energy parasites a bit."

Mesoc: The winds increases and you can also hear the distance discharges of the ionstorm, it looks menacing and impressive as well.

Mesoc: Maybe Zhen comes to mind that their foot setting on this planet might drastically change the natural way of life, since they leave maybe bacteria here!

Mesoc: Anyway, you go to rest and try to find some sleep in this unliving world.

* Riashaala Idisha finds herself a nest inside the tent

* Zhen always wondered why Starfleed never built in decontamination chambers in shuttles

Mesoc: Zhen can tell that Patrick the next morning probably.

* Zhen writes in his PADD a memo to make a proposal about decon antechambers built in on shuttle doors

Mesoc: Some time later, it's completly dark outside, the wind is howling and your tent protects you. It looks like Zhen can sleep pretty well, maybe he snores a bit, dreams probably about the sex bombshell Seyler, he should watch out that his antennae won't go stiff. His cousin also finds rest, who knows what's in her head right now, perhaps the spots of Tiron? ... But Anton ... hmm, he's not truely at sleep, he believes he hears something "odd" outside.

* Zhen has horrible nightmare of Seyler in a wedding dress... thank you Ria!

* Diana thinks they would actually bea cute couple

* Anton Scofield picks his phaser, a light and carefully exit his tent

Mesoc: He's an expert at sneaking out of the tent without waking up the others, maybe Ria's dreaming is disturbed by that now. Anyway, the trained security officer goes out, armed with a flashlight and a phaser. Naturally looking for anything "odd" out there he thinks it could be anything, a tree that might have fallen or a something worse? ... He positiones himself somewhere good and searches for the disturbence. .... There! It is again, the odd noise, he tries to illuminate it with a flashlight and has of course his phaser ready.

Mesoc: Now he has a sight contact: it's something metall'ish, hovering in the air!

Mesoc: Scofield will react how?

* Anton Scofield shoots at the hovering metal thing

Mesoc: It explodes and its components are flying in every direction. What the hell was it?! - The Revelation of this you'll see in the next episode of Star Trek Independence!

Mesoc: *cast&credits rolling*

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* Riashaala Idisha sleeps soundly

* Anton Scofield looks for another flying spy

Mesoc: Previously in Star Trek Independence: An away team has been assigned to search for dilithium on a rather unfriendly class-L planet. They were transported down by a shuttle and its pilot Lt. Cmdr. O'Rourke is holding its position at the landing site while the square of Idisha and Lt Scofield were doing a mountain trip downwards. They set up a tent as shelter for the night. Scofield believes he has heard something, went out and without hesitating used his phaser to blast something into tiny pieces of metal.

Mesoc: Riashaala, being a light sleeper as always, wakes probably up after the first shot.

Mesoc: Scofield doesn't see or hear anything else flying around in the air.

* Zhen snores

Mesoc: The only thing Scofield hears is the howling wind and the random discharges high in the sky.

* Anton Scofield examines the fragments

* Riashaala Idisha crawls outside her sleeping bag and outside the tent "What is happening ?"

Mesoc: He heads to some pieces of what was flying in the air and sees metal pieces have been burned, probably from the phaser discharge. The surface was very smooth until it went kaboom, now the fragments hint on that it uses some technology.

Anton Scofield: I'm not sure, a spy of some kind...

Anton Scofield: are you familiar enough with technology to maybe recognize where it comes from ?

Anton Scofield: *points at the fragments*

* Riashaala Idisha looks a bit surprised "Probably not but I can make a guess"

* Riashaala Idisha scratches her head between antennae and comes examining the fragments

Riashaala Idisha: But... Lieutenant... you shot at it because... it was flying by our camp ?

Mesoc: So the blue headed woman, who is not truely bothered by the rather cold wind, starts examining the fragments. She might use a tricorder.

* Riashaala Idisha simply looks at the pieces, to see if it reminds her anything

Mesoc: A visual inspection doesn't give much insight. Obviously it was a piece of technology, which could fly according to Lt. Scofield. Now it's only something burned with not much left on it.

Anton Scofield: from my experience, when someone wants to establish a contact in a friendly manner, he sends a living lifeform, not a piece of technology

Riashaala Idisha: Narrow mindset, lieutenant...

Riashaala Idisha: It also assumes the other side is living. And trusting enough to come with open arms

Anton Scofield: just caution...

* Riashaala Idisha sighs "And seeing how this was welcomed, maybe it was clever to not come with open arms..."

Anton Scofield: besides, coming while we are resting and defenseless is everything but friendly

Riashaala Idisha: Now, it tells us we're not alone here. Or there is some automated system around

Riashaala Idisha: It didn't come to your mind it was simply the earliest moment possible to come ?

* Riashaala Idisha spreads arms "You see habitat around ? This may come from afar. It doesn't say it was the intent to sneak us"

Riashaala Idisha: Still, even if sneaking... I am vaguely under the feeling we are the intruders here. It's not as if that thing broke into our home ?

Riashaala Idisha: Now you may be right. It can be hostile and you might have saved us. It's a bit too late now

* Riashaala Idisha kneels and collects fragments

Anton Scofield: Is Dr Doolittle still sleeping ?

Riashaala Idisha: Why are you calling him that way ? And yes he is.

* Zhen dreams happy dreams in which he is wise king ruling over a nation of Seylers who obey him

Anton Scofield: I don't know, he gave me the impression of someone who find easier to speak to animals, plants, his instuments maybe than to regular lifeforms

Anton Scofield: but that's just an impression...

* Riashaala Idisha goes back to her tent with the fragments, grab her tricorder and sits in front of the tent, starting to analyze the remains "Scofield... if you're not tired, maybe you could run a check of the surroundings ? Our little visitor may have friends. But be careful"

Anton Scofield: *nods*

* Anton Scofield goes on patrol

Mesoc: Scofield goes on patrol, anything he does special or just wandering around?

Mesoc: As he wanders around and tries to stay stealthy, he encounters here and there only rock and dust. Nothing else to be seen or heard when going around. It looks safe for now.

Mesoc: Famous Mr. Tricorder comes into action again, making beep beep beep .... sensor echoing reveals no other lifeforms than you in the perimeter you can scan, no flying objects can be detected.

Anton Scofield: *mumbles* when will they learn to make those things.. less noisy

Mesoc: So there's no imminent contact to be detected, Scofield can resume his patrol or go back to the tent.

* Riashaala Idisha , seeing Scofield coming back, asks him "Anything in sight ?"

Mesoc: Scofield has also to remember that sensor scna range is limited.

Anton Scofield: nothing in proximity

Riashaala Idisha: Well... and from what I got from the broken shell of our visitor, it's a remote sensor. A spy if you prefer... Unless someone landed with us then we have one sentient being residing here and who sent this device.

Mesoc: And you do now ... what?

Anton Scofield: hmm, under such circunstances, waht is your Captain credo ? does he expect to be informed as soon as possible or prefer you to try to gather more informations first ?

Riashaala Idisha: Tiron ? It's your captain as well, you know. Oh, we will tell him tomorrow morning. Otherwise, he is able to recall us before we can put our noses around

* Riashaala Idisha winks

Riashaala Idisha: We better be on watch, however. The owner of the flying device may not be happy you shot it to scraps.

Anton Scofield: well, we can either leave the place now or one of us will stay awaken to guard the camp

Mesoc: It's still night and you still have at least 3 hours to wait until you see the sun raise again.

Riashaala Idisha: We're not going to leave now ! A watch will be enough.

Anton Scofield: right, get some rest, then, I don't think I will sleep well anyway

Riashaala Idisha: Ok

* Riashaala Idisha goes back to her sleeping until the morning

Mesoc: So Scofield will freeze his ass off in the cold night (not really, since he wears a thermo suit that keep his sorry ass warm) and patrols the camp while the Idishas keep sleeping.

* Anton Scofield hums slightly

* Zhen 's nice dreams turned into nightmares when all Seylers turned blue and sprouted antennas claming how she is his mother

Mesoc: So it happens that Zhen sleeps through the night without being bothered by anyone than his wild obsessive dreams about Seyler.

* Zhen wakes up n the morning screaming "NOOOOOOOOOooooo.......!!!!" after draming how he threw himself to the bottomless pit in horror of his maternal realization

* Riashaala Idisha wakes up in the morning, check Scofield condition, check if Zhen still sleeps, get a nutritive drink (coffee flavor) and asks Scofield "You want to warn the ship about our night encounter ?"

* Zhen grabs his medical bag and looks around wildly then calms "Ahem... good morning."

Anton Scofield: good morning, Doc.

Zhen: And indeed it is good.

* Riashaala Idisha waits for Scofield answer while equipping for more trekking on the planetary surface

Zhen: Good morning everyone.

Mesoc: The sun raises, you see the graceful environment and think how magnificient the geologicla structure is. That is when Scofield hears again the same sound in the night. Riashaala sensitive antennas also get a slight ultrasonic vibration.

Anton Scofield: I don't think we're in immediate danger, besides, you seem to think the Captain will hails us back if we call him... you're the veteran here, Miss, and the mission depends on you, so your call *smiles*

Anton Scofield: and... wait... do you hear it ?

Zhen: She's a veteran? Have I slept for a decade or two?

Zhen: No.

Riashaala Idisha: Something coming...

Anton Scofield: let's get some cover

Mesoc: You're all inside your tent, merely ready for going down further yet.

Zhen: Cover? Why?

Mesoc: Even if you aren't in the tent, most of your equipment you transported is inside the tent.

Mesoc: Your call what you do next.

* Zhen ignores the silly warnigs about cover... what can attack them? A wild plant?

Riashaala Idisha: Get cover, Zhen, hurry. Scofield, on your guard. i'm standing here. No need to deny we're around

Riashaala Idisha: And we'll see what happen

Anton Scofield: right away ! *runs to pick some cover behind a rock, a tree, anything large enough*

Zhen: A cover? *enters the tent*

* Riashaala Idisha keeps preparing her backpack, while focusing her attention on the sonic vibration.

Mesoc: No tree is big enough to cover yourself behind it properly, rock is preferred here.

Zhen: What? Are we expecting rain?

Mesoc: Scofield takes cover, Riashaala packs her backpack and Zhen complains ... that is when you see from behind a protrusion of rock coming something.

* Riashaala Idisha winces a bit when seeing the thing coming

Mesoc: The reactions of others? Shoot again?

* Zhen peeks from the tent "What... uhuh... first contact!"

* Anton Scofield getting ready but don't fire yet

* Riashaala Idisha puts her bag on her back and wait, standing and looking at the approaching thing

* Zhen takes his bag and exits the tent

Zhen: We come in peace.

* Riashaala Idisha smiles at Zhen

Riashaala Idisha: At least, you'll be close if that thing shoots me

Mesoc: The thing comes closer, but keeps a healthy distance to them, it turns at each of them, like only looking at them.

Zhen: Why would it? *raises his hand in universam sign of peace*

Zhen: We are peaceful explorers from United Federation of Planets.

Mesoc: And then out of all sudden, it turns and swooooosh, flies away.

Zhen: Interesting.

Zhen: It is obviously some kind of a drone or a vessel.

Riashaala Idisha: At least we're not dead

Riashaala Idisha: It may just wanted a look of us. The former drone did have not the time to capture our image

Zhen: Why do you expect that every new culture would shoot first?

Zhen: What former drone?

* Riashaala Idisha chuckles "Because it's what Scofield has done"

Anton Scofield: *comes from cover* because that's waht they usually do

Zhen: HE did WHAT?"

Mesoc: Soon the flying thing is out of your reach of sight.

* Riashaala Idisha finishes her preparations "Tell him, Scofield"

Zhen: Yes, tell me Scofield.

Anton Scofield: doesn't look to be armed, just a scouting device

Anton Scofield: hmm ? oh yeah, another device like this one came at night when you were sleeping

Zhen: And you...

Anton Scofield: it was a potential threat, I dealt with it accordingly

Zhen: Tell me, are you a spy withing the Feeration or are you just a bloodthirsty maniac who someohow managed to fool Starfleet medical?

Anton Scofield: *winks* make your choice, Doc

Zhen: What kind of an idiot shoots FIRST on an alien planet?! WE are intruders here! Have you at least try to communicate first? Or you just zap... shoot just because something was moving?

* Riashaala Idisha gets readings of the local environmental conditions in order to prepare the coming journey

Zhen: And you wonder why aliens tend to shoot first... probably because they heard that Federation are trigger happy maniacs.

Mesoc: Sun is raising, temperature is raising, it is to be expected to go above 10°C again, more windy than the day before though.

* Zhen angrilly packs his bags muttering on andorian "Heimskur hálfviti..."

Anton Scofield: as I said to your cousin, sneaking by night with an electronic device is not friendly, in my agenda and incidentally, in starfleet commando procedures

Mesoc: Riashaala has a plan for the coming day. If everyone keeps up they might make it down at the end of the day and could start then searching for the dilithium.

Zhen: Have you even considered that that was MAYBE not a drone? What if it was AI? What if there are diminutive aliens who use that as a craft?

Zhen: And have you considered that what they did was just checking what kind of INTRUDERS are on their land?

Anton Scofield: if you're so hungry to establish a first contact, next time, get awaken first, doc

Zhen: How about waking me up instead of shooting?

Anton Scofield: my first task is to protect both of you, everything else comes second


Zhen: That thing WAS NOT,

Zhen: But the next one MAY BE because of you.

Anton Scofield: you have no idea, you were sleeping

* Riashaala Idisha smiles and starts walking "That way, gentlemen"

Anton Scofield: *smiles slightly* right, Leutnant

Zhen: One gentleman and one Klingon in disguise.

* Zhen will be very happy to

* Riashaala Idisha resumed the exploration of the planet and the search for the well sought dilithium, she then hits her com badge

Riashaala Idisha: Idisha to the Independence

Lt Salpan Codanadal: "/!)"$")/=! to Away ... (!//$)??!

* Zhen wonders why is the language filter on

Mesoc: There's obviously static in the channel.

Riashaala Idisha: Independence, communication is scrambled, can you make it clear ?

Lt Salpan Codanadal: !"/!&$&/! ..osting do..(!"§))?(! help. Interefe..(!((!"))" too heavy. We ba..(!("("(?"§)

Zhen: Tell PAtrick that I wish he was here.

Tiron Eks: !"//!(/"=/(= make your (((!((? ..ort.

* Zhen mutters "At least he only tries to kill HIMSELF not everything and everyone."

Riashaala Idisha: I hope you receive us clearly enough... an unknown drone came sneaking tonight. Lt Scofield destroyed it. This morning, another drone came, took a look at us and left. We're resuming our exploration

* Zhen adds "Yes... he just shoot at the possible first contact. How Federation of him."

* Zhen feels as if he is in mirror universe

Tiron Eks: Con.. ()()=!"/(!!" ...ged. Resume yo.. ()!("))!" ..ion.

* Anton Scofield checks his tricorder to see if ther ecould be some active scrambling impeding transmissions and if it could come from the planet

Riashaala Idisha: Yes sir

* Riashaala Idisha hopes "yes sir" was an appropriate answer

Riashaala Idisha: We have the boss green light. So let's go. We have work to do

Mesoc: Remember the ion sphere you have flown through, yup, that one is the bad guy who scrambles your messages. Unfortunately just phasering doesn't help you here.

Mesoc: Scofield can't tell if there's any source coming fromt he planet that feeds this ion cloud above you or if it's just a normal phenomen.

* Zhen wants to FF... and to come back to his nice sickbay with nurse Church who is not a homocidal maniac

Mesoc: So you climb and walk down the remaining 4 km down and aren't that far away anymore from the altitude of the supposed dilithium. One thing is sure, walking and climbing up again takes longer than 2 days.

Mesoc: You don't encounter any further drones during your trip downwards.

* Zhen likes a good hike

Mesoc: You all feel very good that you have made it down without breaking your leg (and having killed an innocent drone). You all take a pause at a huge cave entrance.

* Riashaala Idisha sits on a large flat rock by the cave entrance

* Anton Scofield uses tricorder to scan surroundings

* Riashaala Idisha has her nosy side triggering and she ventures inside the cave

Riashaala Idisha: Now this is a peculiar cave...

Anton Scofield: why so ?

Zhen: HEy! Cousin! Slowly, don't jump into another flesh eating plant's mouth.

Riashaala Idisha: I don't think this cave is of natural formation. Look at the walls... to vertical. Here, it should not open that way without a natural pillar to support it. See ?

Anton Scofield: something manufactured ?

Riashaala Idisha: It doesn look natural. I didn't notice at first. But it isn't. There is no geological reason why a cave mouth that wide would open here. It contradicts the rest of the stone layers up and below it. See ?

Zhen: That is interesting.

* Riashaala Idisha points at rock layers

Riashaala Idisha: Holed, manufactured, yes...

* Riashaala Idisha goes in

Zhen: No I don't but I trust you on that.

Zhen: HEyheyhey! Slowly!

* Zhen goes after her

Zhen: Your parents would kill me if I let you fall in some hole in here.

Riashaala Idisha: Don't worry. If this cave was real, there would be much more danger. But I suspect the ground will be relatively flat and smooth.

Zhen: I'll walk with you... just in case that you don't start running.

* Anton Scofield follows carefully, watching where he walks

Mesoc: The trio dares to walk further into this cave that isn't a cave and then you arrive at a dead end ... just like so, it makes no sense for a normal cave to end just like, like someone just put a wall infront of you.

* Zhen looks at his cousin

* Riashaala Idisha uses her flashlight to illuminate floor and walls, she searches for a clue, a hidden door, a concealed panel

Riashaala Idisha: Someone uses a tricorder ?

* Zhen does just that

Zhen: What should I look for?

Riashaala Idisha: Electricity, energy sources...

Zhen: Mhmmm...

* Zhen scans around

* Riashaala Idisha searches "If we're just blocked here, I'll run a scan of the rock density"

* Zhen is a doctor not Angie!

* Anton Scofield picks tricorder and searches for wall, surface that would have either a different thickness, or be from a different matter

* Riashaala Idisha does that but the old fashion way

Mesoc: Zhen uses Mr. Tricorder, it also makes beep beep beep ... hmpf ... beep beep beep. You scan and you look like a deer at a coming car. In this case you can't make a rhym of your scannings.

Mesoc: Anton's tricorder also fails to get rhym on this thing here, tricorder says it's normal, as far as you can say.

Zhen: Something is scrambling with my tricorder...

Riashaala Idisha: Yeah...

Mesoc: Ria's method copied of Indiana Jones seems at the beginning to be just inept. ... She touches every stone, touches the wall and then it happens by pure accident that something dematerialzes and you see a door.

Anton Scofield: bingo

Zhen: A what?

Mesoc: How Ria that managed, she can't truely tell, maybe she stood just at the right place, maybe something though women are allowed to enter, or maybe the pattern how she moved at the wall was the key ...

Riashaala Idisha: Sometimes, it pays to do it yourself

* Riashaala Idisha checks the door, if it's open

Mesoc: The door is closed, but not sealed.

* Riashaala Idisha opens it "You coming, guys ?"

Zhen: I am... otherwise you will end up in the maw of something again... or this maniac will start shooting.

Anton Scofield: I don't make any promise *grins*

* Anton Scofield follows Riashaala

* Riashaala Idisha lights the way and leads the way !

Riashaala Idisha: There isn't even a bell to warn people of our coming...

Mesoc: Supprisingly what's behind the door is illuminated, it looks like a bunker facility.

* Zhen thinks that the bunker is probably against such freaks like this human with them...

* Riashaala Idisha turns off her flashlight "Scofield. Would you be kind enough to make a reco of the place ? We somehow broke into it after all. But I agree caution isn't superflulous here"

Anton Scofield: right away

* Anton Scofield starts to scout the place cautiously

Zhen: And don't shoot at anything!

* Riashaala Idisha stays by the entrance

* Zhen stays with her

Mesoc: So the Starfleet Commando who's trigger happy like Rambo starts his recon and advances further into the facility.

Mesoc: While the rest stays behind and think how redshirts (or in this case a goldshirt) are supposed to bite first into the dust.

Mesoc: Scofield advances and he gets quite fast the feeling that this facility here is kinda big.

Mesoc: He'll soon reach a bigger hallway or even tunnel, with two directions, left or right.

Mesoc: He'll go which one?

* Anton Scofield flips a mental coin and turns left

Mesoc: Scofield turns left and goes about two hundred meters, he discovers all kinds of drilling equipment and other heavy machinery.

* Zhen waits to hear a scream to start running away as in all good Call of Cthulhu games

Mesoc: Anything Anton does else than just look what's there?

Mesoc: The tunnel leads eventually further into a "real" cave, where it is dusty and you where everywhere was worked on how harvest rock and possible rich minerals down there.

Mesoc: You hear a noise again, this time not that of a drone, but of something more heavy, something is at work down there.

* Anton Scofield walks even more cautiously and silently in the direction of the sound

Mesoc: You finally reach a place, it's dusty, because you see that a rather huge machine is using lasers to drill through rock. The place looks like that someone might be here.

* Anton Scofield steps back and returns to the junction

Mesoc: That's when he sees that two figures are coming from the direction of the tunnel where he came from.

* Anton Scofield stops and hides in the shadows

Mesoc: There's no real place to hide in the conduit between the tunnel and the dusty place where he just was.

Mesoc: The conduit was probably made by the machine that drills through rock and collects rock.

* Anton Scofield goes back to the machine to find a place to hide

Mesoc: He can probably use the machine to hide himself from direct line of sight, but it isn't a good hideout at all for him.

* Diana almost forgot to breathe from suspension on TV!

And the Ad break comes and the GM uses a minute or two for a little afk.

* Diana takes a breath and goes to get more cookies

* Diurne For some reason, the current ad displayed is about Findus frozen food

* Diana tries only to use fresh food when possible

Ads display how everyone shall wear bras and pants of famous Lana Jones, the Top of the top supermodels on earth!

* Diana sighs thinking how she did not manage to save that one... after all fashion world is all about sex, drugs and anorexy and bulimia...

Final Ads says that cereals of Dutchess Industries are the best on the world.

and then we see ST Indepdence again ...

* Diana wathes dilligently thinking about the odd case she has right now... Olivia in some criminal's body... weird!

Mesoc: Lt. Scofield goes quickyl around the corner of the working machine in place that uses lasers to drill through rock and waits, while obviously the two figures are coming into the place where the machine is working.

Someone: Meh ... we haven't been out for a while anymore.

Mesoc: Scofield can hear someone talking to anyone else.

Anyone: There's not much we can do outside anyway, we better enjoy our stay here for a while until the commander is ready.

Someone: There's no joy at all here.

Anyone: We have new toys to play with, that's joy!

Someone: Meh ...

Anyone: This new holographic projection system might give you a sensation, a female to play with perhaps?

Someone: Females are always trouble, virtuell or real, doesn't matter.

* Zhen is not there but he agrees

Mesoc: Nope, he can't really say if they are klingon, vulcan, bolian, talaxian, borg or anyone else.

Anyone: Your kind is always the same, only work. Good that we have someone who does it. *laughs at Someone*

Someone: *grumbles*

Mesoc: Scofield hears how someone goes to the machine and obviously does there some kind of work.

Someone: *grumbles again, more questionging this time*

* Anton Scofield thinks it's gonna be difficult to sneak past them to join the Idisha bros, and that after all, he may have to fire his way through, as Zhen expected him to do

* Zhen grumbles because he is starting to get bored

Anyone: You broke again the machine?

Someone: *snarls* ... No ... something isn't right here.

Anyone: So what when? Your tummy is striking again? That's time for an alert, right. *laughs*.

Someone: Not machine is wrong ... something here.

Mesoc: Scofield can hear how one of the two moves again.

* Anton Scofield stays hidden, then

Mesoc: Several steps later of someone and Anton can start to see who it might be, something with a fur.

Someone with a fur: *snarls* I see you!

Anyone: Who shall be here on this god forsaken planet except us and our guests?

* Diana last saw a furry thing... a werewolf!

Someone with a fur: There's someone hiding here, around the machine I think.

* Anton Scofield emerges from his hiding, hands extended, trying to be ready for any threat :"you have good eyes"

* Diana is relieved to see it's a kitty

* Anyone rushes also around the corner and Scofield will see it's anyone else with a fur.

* Anyone with fur has his weapon already in his hands when he comes in the line of sight of Scofield.

Anyone with fur: An intruder! Don't move!

* Anton Scofield stops walking and smiles

Anyone with fur: You, call the chief, we have an intruder here!

Someone with a fur: Meh ... always me who's working.

Anyone with fur: Just do it!

* Someone with a fur takes comm device out and speaks into it: "Mining shift beta to command post, we found an intruder here."

* Comlink says back with a static voice: "Apprehend it and move him into a cell!"

Anyone with fur: On your knees, intruder, put your hands behind your head! *he points his pistol at Scofield*

Mesoc: In the meanwhile we come to the blue aliens: Do they wait inside the facility or outside?

* Anton Scofield proceeds as asked

Mesoc: All of the sudden can you hear that something is building up quickly and you hear a distinct hissing: a force field.

* Zhen is "entertaining" his cousin with horror stories about life in sickbay

Riashaala Idisha: Hmmph ?

Zhen: did he shoot someone again?

Anyone with fur: *commands someone with a fur* Now take his stuff. If he moves, I'll shoot him!

* Riashaala Idisha ponders

Someone with a fur: Meeh .. you do this the next time we find someone here!

Riashaala Idisha: That may not be related to Scofield. Let's not ruin his chances by revealing ourselves.

* Someone with a fur proceeds to come closer to Scofield, in order to take his pistol, tricorder and this shiny badge aka communicator.

* Zhen nods

Anyone with fur: What's your name, and where are you coming from?!

Anton Scofield: I am Leutnant Anton Scofield, from the Federation of United Planets

Anyone with fur: Oy! Federation! You come this far to show your ugly face once again to us?!

* Anton Scofield smiles but stay silent

Mesoc: So the one guy who spotted first Scofield comes closer to take his stuff from him.

* Anton Scofield let the guy disarm him

Anyone with fur: Well, not much talk, eh? Better that is, you stand up and move yourself. And Katik, you move first, I'll him in my crosshairs from behind.

Katik: Always me ... always me ...

Anyone with fur: And stop complaining! You make me depressive too!

Mesoc: Your felonoid friends look actually like the Kzinti.

Foxbat hacks television, it shows for a brief moment: MESOC IS EVIL!!!!

* Diana blinks at the Foxbat show

Mesoc: So Scofield is taken hostage by the Kzinti and the Idishas can't just walk out of the facility, because a force field has been errected. How will they get out of this situation, how will it end? The answer to this you'll see in the next episode of Star Trek Independence!

* Diana remembers to ask Angie about her love relationship with Foxbat and to give her advice that it may be bad thing to pursue it further

Cast and Credits are rolling before the Ad break.

Chatlogs from Maptool - Page 3 320x240
Kzinti encountered in a bunker and mining facility.

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Mesoc: Previously on Star Trek Independence: Lt. Scofield has been taken into custody by some fellas with a fur while he went ahead to recon an underground facility. They got order from someone to bring the starfleet officer to the chief and they walk the way back from where Scofield came from. In the meantime are Lt. Idishas trapped inside the facility as well, because a force field to the exit has been errected.

Riashaala Idisha: Scofield doesn't seem to come back...

* Katik animates Scofield to go back the tunnel he came from.

Zhen: That reminds me of Patrick...

Katik: Move! I don't have all day long for a walk.

* Riashaala Idisha grabs ger backpack "I hope he didn't fall intoa depression or is stuck somewhere"

* Patrick O'Rourke probably enjoys his solitude in a shuttle.

Riashaala Idisha: Shall we look for him ?

* Anton Scofield acts like a compliant prisoner... for now.

Zhen: You know what? He probably have. *gets his bag* And of course again *I*, the dctor will have to save a mighty security officer who was sent here to keep us safe...

Kzinti with fur: Stop complaining. That won't help you any further.

Riashaala Idisha: Don't complain, if you patch him up, it will justify why we keep bringing doctors out in space

Zhen: If he dared to break a leg, I'll break him second one... just to teach him a lesson. *grumbles* Oh, ha-ha, cousin, very funny. Now move your smarty-mouth and let's go to see where he is.

* Riashaala Idisha goes deeper in the tunnels, moving while checking surroundings so they don't fall into a pit or something like that

* Zhen follows her and does the same

* Zhen is complaining though!

* Kzinti with fur probably said that to hsi other fella with fur.

* Riashaala Idisha thinks Zhen complains enough for two

* Katik grumbles only.

Mesoc: So the blue Andorians decide to leave the spot and head further into the base?

* Zhen indeed is!

* Riashaala Idisha is doing exactly that

Mesoc: You won't walk that far and see you come to a joint point inside the base, the tunnel wtih two directions and the smaller corridor that leads to the exit you came from.

Mesoc: It is easy for you to hear someone talking though.

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the ... left...

* Riashaala Idisha stops to listen

Katik: Meh ... I'm not complaining all the day.

Kzinti with fur: Yes you do, everytime is something you don't like.

* Zhen follows her

Zhen: What is it cousin? Can you hear his moaning?

Katik: Because not everything is right here.

* Riashaala Idisha whispers "We found you a soulmate, Zhen"

Zhen: What? What are you talking about?

Kzinti with fur: Everything is going to be exactly right here. We have the dilithium down here and we get more merchandise from our guests.

* Katik voice is coming closer together with the other one, you might also hear steps: "Our guests are not the ordinary mercs like Nausicaans."

Kzinti with fur: Leave that to our chief, he'll handle 'em.

Riashaala Idisha: Uh ho... hide, Zhen !

Katik: Meh ...

Mesoc: Voices are coming closer, so far there's no indication that they have spotted you.

Zhen: Hide? *looks franaticalyl around where he can hide*

* Riashaala Idisha looks for a place to hide, otherwise, starts jogging into the tunnel with no voices

Mesoc: You see supply storage pods, probably for some heavy machines. You don't know what's inside of them, but there are enough to hide your precious antennae somewhere.

Mesoc: But if you want to do that, you might risk to be seen, as they are not directly next to you.

* Zhen whispers "Cousin! The boxes!"

* Riashaala Idisha nods and runs to the pods to hide inside

Katik: Chief should better pay us better if Starfleet is lingering around.

* Zhen runs after her!

Kzinti with fur: That's the spirit, Katik, more money makes us more happy.

Mesoc: You manage to reach the storage pods and can probably hide somewhere from direct sight and can wait.

Katik: Do you think Starfleet starts another war with us people?

Kzinti with fur: How shall I know? Am I the telepath?

* Riashaala Idisha likes hiding in pods

* Zhen would be very disturbed to knwo that bit about his cousin

Mesoc: You hide in pods and find out you jump into some powder.

Mesoc: The voices are now coming dangerously near.

Katik: I don't like Starfleet, we should send this one back in a coffin to them.

* Riashaala Idisha felt she jumped into soap powder

Kzinti with fur: Hah! I like that idea.

Mesoc: They seem to pass you, without having noticed you're around.

Kzinti with fur: And now shut up, we have to make a professional appearance to our guests.

Katik: Meh ...

Mesoc: They walk further, with Scofield still in custody.

* Riashaala Idisha wanted to know who they are facing anyway so sneak peeked when they were leaving

Mesoc: They go further and the distance increases between the fellas with fur and the andorians.

* Zhen is quiet as a mouse

Mesoc: Anything you do or you prefer to munch on some cheese instead like a mouse?

* Zhen just wants to make sure that Ria does nto jump out of the box!

* Riashaala Idisha gets out of her pod and, curious, turns her tricorder on the content to analyze it

* Zhen tries to pull her back in!

Mesoc: You want to scan, but your cousin tries to drag you back in again, for what purpose?

Riashaala Idisha: Eh ?

Zhen: Get back in! There may be more of them!

Riashaala Idisha: You want to start your new life inside this ?

Zhen: At least until it is safe!

* Riashaala Idisha scans the content anyway, standing inside the powder

Mesoc: So you scan the powder that is all over your outfit. It makes alarming beeping: Gamma radiation coming from the powder, obviously it's some uran you hide in, probably mined from the mine here.

Riashaala Idisha: Now now, this is bad....

* Riashaala Idisha shows the tricorder results to Zhen

* Zhen jumps out of the box as if there was hot magma inside

Mesoc: He jumps out of the box without hesitating, without peeking if there aren't any further guards patrolling ...

Mesoc: ... and fortunately, there are no further guards in hear and sight range so far.

* Zhen checks for any anti radiation medicine in his bag

Riashaala Idisha: Come on, we're not going to die on the minute

Zhen: I don't know about you cousin, but I plan to have children one day.

Diana: Me gasps! She thought that doctor Zhen is gay!

* Diana gasps! She thought that doctor Zhen is gay!

Mesoc: Fortunately for you it's not Theta Radiation, that would be really lethal in a short time. You might think that the people who run the mine here don't care much for radiation security anyway. Your medicine bag has something to treat gamma radiation, but it'll require more treatment once you're back in sickbay.

Foxbat-hack-o-vision says for a second: Gay doctors can still adopt children.

* Zhen is quite happy with basic prevention, of course... and hypoes himself and Ria

Diana: Oh...

* Diana hopes it will be from her shelter...

Mesoc: Your hypo makes the hissing sound and you inject your first aid medicine in your bloodstream to counter gamma radiation poising.

Mesoc: In the mean time do the two furry fellas reach another blast door.

* Riashaala Idisha rubs her arm where the hypo injected the magic medication "Now we have to go inside the wolf lair"

* Kzinti with fur goes to some control panel and types some code in, the door will open then.

Kzinti with fur: This way, straight to the prison, Starfleet!

Zhen: That usually proves to be fatal for one side...

Anton Scofield: asked so nicely... *enters*

* Riashaala Idisha makes a few steps in the direction of the furries who hijacked Anton Scofield journey, to check what's happening farther

Mesoc: Scofield sees the blast door opening and he can see that they're going to enter the next department of the bunker facility. It's obvious there's more life here, some more Kzinti are in the areas and do something. The light is brighter, so hidding in plain sight isn't truely an option here anymore and you're lead along some areas with techy labs.

* Anton Scofield stick to the plan to be a nice prisoner until he can learn a bit more

Mesoc: Ria makes step toward the direction where the Kzinti escorted Anton Scofield further into the base. Having not so much light around helps to keep in the shadows and you relatively see the trio again as they are about to open a blast door.

* Riashaala Idisha observes

* Zhen gets ready one of his patented tranquilizer hypos

Mesoc: Riashaala will observe and see how they enter the next area of the bunker. Then the next moment you see the blast door closing again.

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the blast door... wondering if one can blast a blast door

* Kzinti with fur leads Anton to the next level via a freight cargo lift, on the next level he sees there's are only storage rooms and soon they'll arrive an opened cell: "Here, your home now."

Mesoc: The blast door can certainly be blasted, if you have something that makes enough boom.

* Kzinti with fur pushes Anton Scofield inside the cell.

* Riashaala Idisha rubs her cute nose and study the control panel

Mesoc: It is covered by dust.

Zhen: Are you an engineer now too?

Mesoc: But you might recognize something.

Anton Scofield: fine, a bit rustic but typical of your specie, I guess...

* Riashaala Idisha shrugs at Zhen "I'm no engineer but what do you plan to do ? Crossing your arms until someone save the day for you ?"

Zhen: Are you saying I'm coward? Ant to hear that from my own blood!

Mesoc: The Kzinti guy wasn't that clever to wipe his trace. You see which buttons were used recently to open the door, as the other buttons that aren't used have a thicker layer of dust.

Riashaala Idisha: I'm saying your comment achieves nothing...

Riashaala Idisha: Hmm... See...

Riashaala Idisha: Looks he used those buttons...

Zhen: Hrmpf.

Mesoc: Out of 12 buttons only 3 were used.

* Riashaala Idisha turns to face Zhen "Now the question is... when ? When do I try to open that door ?"

Zhen: Judging by old Earth movies, give it a minute so that they leave a bit and then do it.

Mesoc: So you wait, only a minute?

* Riashaala Idisha waits a minute then smiles and runs a tricorder scans for lifeforms beyond the door

Mesoc: You can perfectly scan for lifeforms. The interferences to scan for lifeforms like on the surface aren't existing apparently in this bunker. You scan a larger hallway directly behind the blast door and there are currently only 2 lifeforms to be detected. If you scan further, like as far as possible in this complex, you read over 70 lifesigns.

* Riashaala Idisha wonders what are the closest lifeforms

Zhen: What? Only 70? That means I'll deal with 40 of them and you with the rest?

Riashaala Idisha: You plan to do what ? Attack people ?

Riashaala Idisha: Just if you didn't realize but we have broken into a complex belonging to someone else. We're like thieves here

Mesoc: You tend to believe the two lifesigns in immediate area in the hallway are cats.

Zhen: And people tell ME that I have no sense of humor...

Riashaala Idisha: You have none, Zhen. Ok... the other side of the door is guarded. So we're a bit stuck now

Zhen: I have it, it is just no one understands it. In any case we can alwys try to bluff? We can simply knock and demand our man or Independence will send down hell.

Riashaala Idisha: You know something about Kzintis physiology that could help us... to distract or disable them ?

Riashaala Idisha: Actually... I thought about saying I had lost someone and hoping they had find him... but no

* Riashaala Idisha smiles

Zhen: Kzinti? *thinks*

Zhen: Yes, they smell... its the fur, I think... and..

Zhen: Nah, nothing that can help us here. Unless you have their version of small pox with you?

* Diana likes them allready!

Zhen: All that I can think of are that they are liek most felines...

Riashaala Idisha: Meh

Zhen: Short attention span, predatory, no taste of sweet, good senses...

Riashaala Idisha: You think you can impersonate a mouse ?

Zhen: Squeek?

Mesoc: Good senses is argueable, since they haven'T detected youa nd were quite distracted with their conversation.

Riashaala Idisha: We're a bit in an awkward situation here...

* Riashaala Idisha looks up, down, go searching behiund pods or whatever for other passages

Zhen: Maybe we should have brought a ball of wool or yarn... check for air ducts.

* Mesoc you spend your time to find for alternatives .. it appears not very good for you to get further.

Mesoc: You search, turn rocks, look behind pods ... and then after a while you hear a distinct noise again. The very same you hear like when the flying metal thing came to you.

Riashaala Idisha: Erm

Riashaala Idisha: I'm not recommending another bath in radioactive powder

Zhen: That is my line cousin. LEt's find soemthing more... acceptable...

Riashaala Idisha: Found another hiding place ?

* Zhen looks for something more acceptable...

Mesoc: You obviously also hear a distinct noise of the flying spy again.

Mesoc: You plan to disintegrate this time perhaps?

* Zhen would rather hide behind something!

* Riashaala Idisha doesn't draw her weapon

Flying metal thing: hoovers from the ceiling down into the light, that thing stares at you again.

"em it makes noise or rather speaks to you: "You. Not them."" Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands.

* Flying metal thing it makes noise or rather speaks to you: "You. Not them."

* Riashaala Idisha stands idle, arms crossed behind her back and staring at the flying spy

* Zhen stands like a statue

Flying metal thing: You're not supposed to be here.

Flying metal thing: Leave. *says with robotic voice or so*

Riashaala Idisha: I've lost someone.

Zhen: So we obviously are supposed to be here.

Flying metal thing: Enclave for masters, not for you destined, not for others.

Riashaala Idisha: I've lost someone... He's bigger and larger than me. And more hairy too. With a square jaw. A gaze than doesn't give you the idea he won a nobel prize. Dressed a bit like me... but in red. He tends to clench fists. That's before he smashes them into your face

Zhen: Ria dear, you have just described a gorilla in Starfleet uniform.

Mesoc: He destroyed one of us, he's not welcomed either. Masters will punish him too if they arrive.

Flying metal thing: He destroyed one of us, he's not welcomed either. Masters will punish him too if they arrive.

Riashaala Idisha: Who are the masters ?

Flying metal thing: Trakiel.

* Riashaala Idisha scratches her head, antennae twisting

Riashaala Idisha: But... the one I've lost was captured already. Not by masters ?

Zhen: Not the furry cats?

Flying metal thing: Hoestile lifeforms taken over enclave, Trakiel will punish intruders.

* Zhen mutters to ria "I knew it... that gorillabrain killed a semi-sentient thing."

Riashaala Idisha: Oh... Listen, I've an idea. Lead me to Trakiel

Zhen: Can we help you get rid of the intruders?

Flying metal thing: Trakiel not here, will return in future.

Zhen: Then we can help you! If you help us we will get rid of your... infection of the enclave. I am a doctor too.

Riashaala Idisha: It's hard to believe but he says the truth

Flying metal thing: Help is acceptable, pleases masters by their return. Enclavement is taken over by hostile beings.

Zhen: And my cousin here is a comedian by profession.

Riashaala Idisha: He's again saying the truth

Zhen: Good, what is your name?

Zhen: I am doctor Zhen Idisha and this funny woman is my cousin Riashaala.

Riashaala Idisha: I'm the reliable one

Zhen: No, I am reliable one, you are the reckless one.

Flying metal thing: No name for this unit exists.

Zhen: Okay, let's call you Zax, is that okay Zax?

Riashaala Idisha: It sounds a bit like a model of washing machine

Flying metal thing: Zax appropiorate substitute name.

Riashaala Idisha: Come on it's the first of its specie we meet and you give him the name of a washing machine ?

Riashaala Idisha: It will look good in history book, I say...

Zhen: HE likes it!

Riashaala Idisha: You didn't ask !

Zax: Intruders need to be punished.

* Riashaala Idisha focus back her attention "Oh ? Yes !"

Zhen: Okay Zax, can you tell us what happened here? And apologies for our idiot of a companion's attitude of first shooting, we are not like that actually.

Zax: He destroyed Trakiel property too, deserves punishment.

Riashaala Idisha: Yeah, i'm cuter

Zhen: We will punish him, at least out cap... uhm... master will.

Riashaala Idisha: Well about punishment... we'll discuss that later. First is to get our hands on him

Zhen: Yes she is cuter, I admit that,

Zax: Routine task is watching over place until Trakiel return. Hostile beings descended down, destroyed multiple of our units and taken over the enclave.

Zhen: I see.

Zhen: Okay Zax, how many of your friends are here?

Zax: In the northern hemisphere about 120 units remaining intact and observing, waiting for arrival of Trakiel masters.

Zhen: Excellent, can you gather your bretheren if needed?

Zax: No.

Zhen: Why?

Zax: No authority to command other units here.

Zhen: Ah but is there some kind of emergency protocol that you all can follow?

Riashaala Idisha: Why do you want them to come ?

Zax: Yes, activation of the purge system. But other units were destroyed when attempting to reach the purge system.

Zhen: Shhh... don't confuse our freind Zax.

Zhen: What is purge system?

Zax: Punishment for intruders.

Zhen: Aha! And how are supposed to do it?

Zax: Reach mainframe in enclave.

Zhen: And then?

Zax: Interlink. Transmit activation code for purge system.

Zhen: Purge system is some kind of defense?

Zax: Yes.

Zhen: What kind?

* Riashaala Idisha observes Zhen the master negociator

* Zhen knows how to deal with toasters!

Zax: Not sufficent data available, since it was never used before.

Zhen: I see. What I'm interested in is this... can your bretheren gather and try to access the mainframe en masse?

Zax: Unlikely that all units reach the mainframe.

Zhen: Yes... but we know that there is only 70 of them. And there is 120 of you... also I assume that you guys are... repairable?

Zax: We're not designed for combat.

Zhen: Maybe, but you can do distraction... can you? So many of your guys distract the invaders while we and you get to the mainframe.

Zax: Deactivate forcefield.

* Riashaala Idisha nods

Zhen: Where is it? and what we have to know about it?

Zhen: And cousin pay attention, you wandered away in your mind somewhere.

Zax: Defense control room, upper level.

Zhen: Look Zay can you provide some kind of blueprint of this place... can you interface with some of these? *waves with tricorder*

Mesoc: In the meantime: Scofield is just spending time in his cell, as suddenly someone opens it again, his furry friends again.

Kzinti with fur: You, move again! We have to talk!

Anton Scofield: already breakfast time ?

* Anton Scofield stands up

Zax: Likely.

* Kzinti with fur is there together with some other furry friends, he has his disruptor aimed at him: "Breakfast ... maybe tomorrow."

Zhen: Then we would be grateful. Zax, as far as robotic servitors go, you are a great guy. Far better than some non robotic traitors that I know.

Kzinti with fur: Now move your pale butt out of the cell and follow.

Zhen: I am practically surrounded by them actually.

Riashaala Idisha: Zax, a question... do you understand who we are ?

* Zax looks unimpressed by this kind of compliment.

Zax: You are intruders too.

Riashaala Idisha: It doesn't surprise we're here. None of you ever saw us until now

Anton Scofield: again, asked so gently *follows*

* Zax might be able to give an insight of the blueprints of the bunker facility once interfaced with a tricorder.

* Kzinti with fur leads Anton to a nearby room, one that looks good for interrogation.

* Zhen gives him his tricorder

Mesoc: Interrogation chambers has only a chair where you can be bind on.

Kzinti with fur: Sit there!

* Diana hates interrogation scenes so she grabs a magazine and leafs through it until the scene is over

Foxbat wonders why Diana watched scene of Tiron when he was naked and interrogated though!

* Anton Scofield sits

* Diana thinks that Foxbat should stop fooling around and amke Angelique a proper wife instead

* Kzinti with fur leans back and the door to the chamber opens again, someone else is entering the place.

Someone: That's it?

Kzinti with fur: We found him lingering in the mine.

Katik: Meh ... I found him.

* Someone comes into the light: "I'm Degyn, what's your name?"

Mesoc: Back at the blastdoor situation you study the blueprints and look for something?

Anton Scofield: Scofield, Anton Scofield

* Zhen gives that to Ria "You are the adventurer, what do you think of it?"

* Riashaala Idisha searches to understand how to deactivate the force field preventing movement in and out of the complex

Mesoc: Forcefield can be easily be turned of by either shutting down the whole complex's energy or deactivate it in the control room. The forcefield makes it virtually impossible to let anyone move in or out.

* Zhen thinks of himself as a great leader of tribbles and tiny robots...

Degyn: Anton Scofield ... A starfleet officer. What are you doing here?

* Riashaala Idisha looks where is the control room

Mesoc: The andorians and Zax are currently on the 3rd level, the complex has in the whole 5 levels. 1st level is looking like a hangar bay, 2nd level is supposed for control functions, 3rd level is for tech maintenance, 4th is good for storage, 5th is energy.

Anton Scofield: casual exploration

* Riashaala Idisha taps on the blueprints second level "That should be somewhere there... how do we access now ? Any elevator or lift anywhere ?"

Degyn: The andorians and Zax are currently on the 3rd level, the complex has in the whole 5 levels. 1st level is looking like a hangar bay, 2nd level is supposed for control functions, 3rd level is for tech maintenance, 4th is good for storage, 5th is energy.

Degyn: Exploration on such an uninteresting piece of rock floating in space?

Mesoc: There are 3 normal lifts and a one service or freight lift.

Anton Scofield: I'm not a scientist, I just set up tents

Degyn: Ah ... where are your scientists then?

Riashaala Idisha: Come

Anton Scofield: on our ship, waiting for my report

* Riashaala Idisha heads to the freight lift, she draws her phaser and set it to stun

Zhen: I'm here.

* Zhen gets his hypos...

Zhen: Watch where you point that thing

Riashaala Idisha: I'm watching...

* Riashaala Idisha leads them both through the complex, to the freight lift

Degyn: If you have considered the .. weather outside and no doubt you have witnessed it, how do you communicate to your ship?

* Zhen is right behind her

Mesoc: So you dare to finally open the blast door?

Mesoc: And get prepared to be hailed by flesh vaporizing disruptor bolts?

Anton Scofield: *shrugs* again, I'm not a scientist, I know how to use those things, not how they work

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the control panel and tries a combination of the three used buttons, randomly

Mesoc: You push 3 buttons, nothing further happens.

Zhen: Uhum...

* Riashaala Idisha pushes the same three but another combination

Mesoc: So you type again, after the first new digit you have entered appears a symbol that likely says: denied. You type the remaining 2 digits and nothing again happens further.

* Riashaala Idisha just types eandomly the buttons

Zhen: Erm...

Degyn: How many of you are on the surface?

Anton Scofield: one

Riashaala Idisha: What ?

Mesoc: First, you learn, the code requires 4 digits to be entered. 2nd you notice that 2 previous combination didn't work, but your 3rd attempt unlocks the magnetic seal of the door and it slowly opens.

Zhen: I have a feeling you have no clue what you're doing.

Degyn: Don't attempt to lie to me. That's not going to work here for you.

Riashaala Idisha: They have type on those three buttons to enter. So it is a combination of those three to open. Simple ?

Anton Scofield: you asked how mane of me, I answered "one".

Anton Scofield: I left my clones on the ship

Zhen: Yes there is only 9 combinations then...

* Riashaala Idisha scrambles in, phaser in hands, ready to fire ! (even on Anton)

Mesoc: Tension is in the air, you open the blast door and might expect to be vaporized in the next moment.

Mesoc: But to your suprise, noone is shooting blindly at the blast door for now.

* Riashaala Idisha moves inside the room, checking the place

Mesoc: Hallway looks empty for now, the two lifesigns you have detected earlier might be gone?

Riashaala Idisha: Zhen, Scofield was brought behind that door, try to find him.

* Riashaala Idisha follows the map to the freight lift

Zhen: Me? Alone?

* Degyn gives a look at Katik: "You. Teach him what it means to defy my questions."

* Zhen is hero of tribbles and robots!

* Katik gives a mean look at Anton Scofield.

Mesoc: Anton Scofield feels raising pain in his head.

* Zhen grunts and goes to check...

Mesoc: Alright, Ria goes to the freight lift and Zhen follows or lingers around elsewhere?

* Zhen goes after Ria... no way he is letting her go anywhere alone... also splitting the party is usually a BAD idea as Anton's example shows

* Riashaala Idisha waits for Zhen and if he finds Scofield on his tricorder

Mesoc: Anton is obviously not touched physically, but his head gives him the feeling that it is raising in pain, like terrible headache.

* Zhen checks his tricorder

* Anton Scofield wince slightly

Degyn: So again, how many of you are on the surface?

Anton Scofield: three, me, you and your mother

Mesoc: They reach relatively safe the freight lift and decide to go down one level to free their comrade Anton.

Anton Scofield: oh, and your two furry pets

Mesoc: You notice that someone digging in your mind, you keep a steady mind for now.

Degyn: You're not doing for yourself a favour.

Anton Scofield: *winces again* I might be out of it

Mesoc: The andorians arrive the 4th level, it opens its doors and ... *gasp* ... you see guards, not that far from you. They start to look at your direction.

* Riashaala Idisha raises her weapon and shoot at one alien

Mesoc: Two guards are in the way, standing next to some door.

* Zhen gets his hypo and hopes he can use it

* Zhen will try to use his hypo tranq on the other guy if he isn't too far

* Riashaala Idisha cringes

* Zhen calls his grandfather's ushaan instincts and rushes the guards with dangerous... hypo.

Mesoc: Your hot phasers makes it hissing distinct sound, the beam wasn't well placed though, it hits only the wall of the bunker facility, leaving some burned spot. The feline fellas reacted quickly enough to dodge the attack. Thy aim to return fire.

* Riashaala Idisha ducks and moves to cover inside the room

* Kzinti with fur inside the interrogation room, having his weapin still aimed at Anton: "What's outside? Sounds like trouble!"

Degyn: They are much closer than initially believed. *he takes a comm unit and hits is quickly* Tschmak, trouble, beam me up!.

* Anton Scofield fixs his attantion fixed on the armed guards, especially if they cease to look directly at him

"emoter won't take much longer and he demateralizes out of the interrogation room." Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands.

Mesoc: The Kzinti return fire, Riashaala is swift enough to get in cover and Zhen's suicie run results that he gets shot in his left leg during the run.

Mesoc: Zhen will lose his balance and fall on his antennea.

Riashaala Idisha: Zhen !

* Riashaala Idisha fires a volley at a Kzinti

* Zhen tries to roll towards the damn cats using his momentum

* Anton Scofield waits for a moment where none of the guards will ook at him, even if phasers are still pointed at him, and tenses his muscles readying himself

* Kzinti with fur orders the other 3, while he breaks direct eye contact: "Keep him in your eye, if he moves, shoot!" and turns about to head to the door of the interrogation cell.

Mesoc: The volley of phaser beams fill the air in the corridor while Zhen is suffering from a nasty disruptor shot in his left leg. The hizzing phaser finally hits one of the guards in his shoulder, dropping his gun and falls down to the floor, the other one snarles and returns fire.

Mesoc: He must be angry! His disruptor bolt goes straight through your antennea!!

* Zhen is for once happy that other races do not use phasers

Riashaala Idisha: Whooho

Mesoc: The one who keeps his crosshairs aimed at Ria is the one who shoots all the time at her, the other landed a hit on zhen and is hit himself now. Anton might push his luck to suprise the 3 guards, while the one grimm looking one is about to enter the fray.

Kzinti with fur: More of Starfleet! Make them suffer!

* Riashaala Idisha jumps above her cover and runs to the guards, dodging, ducking, rolling and firing rapidly to disable the two of them at once (yeah !)

* Kzinti with fur ducks and gives the doctor on the floor a quick glance.

* Zhen quite ungloriously tries to crawl towards furballs

Foxbat waits for an awesome roll

* Anton Scofield starts to sing loudly

Mesoc: As one of the minions attempted to shoot Ria, he received a phaser shot through his heart, leaving a nice cleaving wound. He dies instantly on the spot. The grim looking one jumps back inside the room but receives a phaser shot directly in one of his pawns, his right foot isn't attached on him anymore. He yells in pain.

* Anton Scofield sings louder, enough to be heard from outside

Mesoc: The minion drops like a doll on the spot and the grimm looking one gets stunned, he can't move his legs anymore, since they are stunned and received a hit on his right foot.

Mesoc: What might be worse for Doc Zhen is that he can hear his comrade singing. He must be probably out of his mind already.

* Zhen continues crawling

Mesoc: Zhen is bleeding from the nasty disruptor wound.

* Zhen will fix it later... it's time to be a hero of little robots!

* Riashaala Idisha comes to Zhen "You will survive ?"

* Diana approves that

Zhen: Yes... no problem at all.

Kzinti with fur: Gaahh! Starfleet outside, kill them all!

Mesoc: The remaining 3 guards give a quick glance at each other.

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the next door, taking cover by the doorway and listening

* Anton Scofield takes his chance and jumps on the nearest guard

Mesoc: It looks the fight isn't over, the 3 guards exchange a view at each other in a brief moment and ready their weapons.

* Zhen has an insight of genius and yells "They are here! Tell starfleet... erm... Stormtroopers to invade now!"

Mesoc: Ambushing Anton overwhelms one of the 3 guards with one swift knock out move that sends one of the furry fellas into dreamland. The other two realize in a blink too late that they should have already shot at Anton. They're about to correct their error by shooting now at him.

Mesoc: None of them is able to hit Anton in their first volley.

* Anton Scofield uses the body of the guard as a shield while picking his disruptor

Mesoc: The disruptor bolts are filling the air and this time they hit. They hit the meatbag shield of a Kzinti comrade. The air smells like roasted beef at best with a scent of blood. The Kzinti meat shield won't last very long though.

* Zhen is still crawling in hope he will reach a Kzinti to tranquilize

* Riashaala Idisha thinks Anton is a barbarian

* Anton Scofield still uses the body as as a shiel while in the same time heading to one guard and firing at the last one

* Riashaala Idisha thinks Anton is a caveman hitting people with a bone club

* Zhen KNOWs that Anton is a barbarian

Mesoc: Zhen is going to pass the other half stunned Kzinti, who has a disruptor aimed at Anton's flank that is not protected by some meatbag.

Mesoc: While on the rush to one of the guards he manages it to shoot the other guard. Pure luck he even hit him like that.

* Zhen "stabs" Kzinti with a hypo in the foot

Kzinti with fur: Got ya now! ... *uuuggghhhh* ...

* Kzinti with fur passes out.

* Zhen chuckles and continues crawling

* Anton Scofield throws the body of the guard while still firing at the wounded one

Mesoc: The last Kzinti shoots again.

* Diana thinks that Anton is not a good man and is quite happy that he is fictional character

Mesoc: The Kzinti manages a shot that is placed at Anton's right bicep before he is overwhelmed by the meatbag of a Kzinti.

* Diana also thinks how Angelique probably adores this character

Mesoc: The last one tries to shrugg the meatbag off.

Mesoc: The other one isn't only unconscious, he got killed by one of Anton's lucky shots.

* Anton Scofield jumps at the last guard

Mesoc: He snarls and extends his claws, striking with one paw at Anton.

Mesoc: He manages at least to rip his upper uniform apart and barely scratches his skin.

* Anton Scofield hits the catalien in the neck, targetting windpipe

Mesoc: The amount of force and the targetted area make the neck break in an instant where the strike connects. He drops dead.

Zhen: Are you insane?!

* Anton Scofield checks quickly that the three aliens are down and out

* Riashaala Idisha heard Scofield wipe out the Kzintis "Well... that was... were you waiting for us ?"

Mesoc: Conclusion: Zhen left legt hit, Anton's right bicep is medium through like a steak, Ria's hair got an unwanted cut and 6 Kzinti guards were stunned (in best case) or savagely used as meatbag or practice how to kill with one hand move.

Anton Scofield: ah, you heard my song ?

* Zhen tries to get up to limp on one leg "You're almost making me sorry that we did nto leave you to them."

Mesoc: Zhen is still bleeding.

Riashaala Idisha: Zhen, patch your wound... Scofield, come to me

Anton Scofield: no no, don't be sorry, I like to hsare *grins*

Anton Scofield: sure, ma'am *goes to Ria*

* Riashaala Idisha gives him her phaser and show the map to him "See this point at second level ? It is probably the control room. I want you to go and deactivate the force field that is isolating the complex"

Anton Scofield: did you meet the other alien ?

Riashaala Idisha: Take my phaser, you'r ethe grunt here.

Zhen: Patch my wound... that's it' I'm trainign ushaan to break an arm to someone... *continues grumbling and patching his leg*

Riashaala Idisha: The other alien ?

* Riashaala Idisha looks around

Anton Scofield: yeah, not the same kind, pale skin, large head, hairless

Anton Scofield: and, but I can't guarantee it, probably some telepathic abilities

Mesoc: That's when you hear a basewide alarm signal. You hear the voice of the one who was talking to Anton: "ALERT! INTRUDERS! 3 Starfleet shocktroops are on level 4, secure all doors and relevant posts! Let them not escape!"

Riashaala Idisha: Hurry !!

* Riashaala Idisha gave the map and the phaser to Scofield

Zhen: Shock... that was my... how did they? Gah...

Anton Scofield: you breached their security, so they assumed you were shocktroopers

Anton Scofield: should we split again ?

Riashaala Idisha: Yeah... they will come here

Zhen: No! No splitting.

* Riashaala Idisha gets a disruptor on the floor

Riashaala Idisha: I will offer them a diversion

Zhen: Look what happened last time we split.

* Riashaala Idisha gets a second disruptor as an afterthought

Zhen: In any case I'm not leaving you. And this maniac can do whatever he wants as far as I'm concerned.

* Riashaala Idisha moitions dangerously with the disruptors "Go ! We have no time to argue. And three of us is a too large group, they will notice"

Mesoc: So the team will split how? Anton and Zhen go to level 2 while Ria does what?

Zhen: Yeah, shoot me then. I am not going with him.

* Riashaala Idisha entrenches herself at level 4, barricading herself behind cover, holding the two disruptors

Anton Scofield: don't play Alamo, Leutant Idisha, if it gets hairy, just retreat

* Anton Scofield heads to the control room

Riashaala Idisha: It can't get hairy, you're leaving

* Riashaala Idisha ducks behind her cover and waits for trouble

* Zhen stays with Ria

Mesoc: So? You all stay and wait for an furry fury army?

Mesoc: So the Idishas are on level 4, waiting for trouble with captal T. Scofield is going to use the freight lift to get to level 2.

* Riashaala Idisha is in position, aiming at ayone who will come with hostile intent, as credits roll

Mesoc: The camera comes close to Ria and Zhen, both in dramatic pose, waiting for the coming storm of furballs. One of the lifts open and you hear the battle cry of furballs coming closer and going to engage you!!!!

* Zhen wishes he never joined the Starfleed of Blood and Murder

Mesoc: To be continued on next episode of Star Trek Independence!

* Zhen curses grabs a disruptor "Curse you Scofield, this is all your fault!"

* Tiron Eks enjoys reading lecture of USS Vanguard and spending time with hot Orion Girlfriend on holodeck while his duty officers certainly have their fun hiking on a barren world!

* Diana goes to bed thinking about what happened in MC recently... with invading army and all...

* Ensign Robert MacDougal is drinking with Sasha

* Patrick O'Rourke snores inside of shuttle.

* Pat III is lonely

* Seyler is ruling sickbay with her cold terror of logic and discipline!!!

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* Zhen is wondering why is his cousin blasting music while they are being in ambush in Kzinti base...

* Riashaala Idisha wonders who is shooking her all night long

* Zhen is wondering that too...

* Zhen also has an overprotective urge to break that person's legs...

The time of defending their lives has come for the Starfleet officers

* Riashaala Idisha is ready to fire with her disruptors, aiming at the doorway, covering behind whatever she finds

Mesoc: Last time on Star Trek Independence: Our Starfleet shock troops (in truth only a doctor, a science officer and one shocktrooper actually), have entered a bunker facility and made a friendly contact now with a drone. The drone has only one goal: purge all intruders! Scofield has been captured but was rescued in a heroic way by the remaining two shocktroops (hand phasers and hypos are truely weapons of shocktroops). Now Scofield is on his way to the 2nd level where the control center is and is going to shut down the force field surrounding the facility or dies tryining while the Idisha's have their disruptors lock and loaded for a massive battly crying furball coming at them.

* Zhen is next to her with one in his hands too cursing that damn Anton

Mesoc: You hear how a heavy door opens and the yelling and crying of felinoids can be heard. They'll come soon into sight range.

Mesoc: The lift that Scofield transports him up to the 2nd level. The doors of the lift will open any moment. What can he expect? More furry Kzinti?

Mesoc: Any last prayers before the fray starts?

* Riashaala Idisha is ready to open fire. What she plans is simply to dissuade Kzintis to enter by shooting short bursts of disruptor fire.

* Zhen wishes that Seyler is here...

* Riashaala Idisha doesn't plan to pray for Kzintis

Mesoc: The Idishas find a pretty good spot to defend themself, hopefully the rather bulky console they're hiding from can withstand one or two disruptor shots. While you keep your antennas focused on action and make a swift visual scan of the level you're at, you notice also that there are several supply pods of all kinds in your near.

Mesoc: What's inside of them or what the symbols on them say, you can't truely tell yet without further investigation.

Mesoc: Inside the turbolift makes a distinct "bing" signal, telling you, you have finally arrived your destined level. The door opens.

* Anton Scofield listens to lift music

* Anton Scofield gets ready for some ambush

* Leading Kzinti. says to his troops: "Alright, make no mistakes down here, I want this plague eradicated! The Federation has come this far, we can't let them allow to continue. The LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE!"

Mesoc: Troops are growling in approving manner.

Zhen: Wonderful...

Mesoc: The door opens and supprisingly no hailing of disruptors.

* Diana roots for Idisha cousins and is eating popcorn nervously

Mesoc: Scofield may exit the turbolift (or maybe it's all a trap?).

Leading Kzinti.: Now, search every corner and attack on sight!

* Riashaala Idisha antennae twist of surprise and frustration "So what now ?"

* Anton Scofield exits the lift and moves toward where the generator is supposed to be

Kzinti Trooper: Yes, commander!

Zhen: We can either fight or negotiate... the problem is we don't have any bargain chips unless... we bluff?

Mesoc: Anton moves quickly out of the turbolift. The door of the turbolifts close and all you see is a grey corridor, with periodic wall structures to support the corridor, probably someone has designed them in case the facility is under orbital bombardment and noone wants to get cut off immediatly in a corridor.

* Riashaala Idisha shrugs "I planed to shoot"

Zhen: You know, shooting usually causes shooting back, and there is more of them than us which means they will shoot at us a lot more than we at them.

Riashaala Idisha: You're not really encouraging, you know

Mesoc: You hear the troops coming in closer. They search one room after another one.

* Zhen tries to think hard and fast... is there anything he can do being a medical miracle worker, genius and smartest and prettiest doctor in whoel universe?

Mesoc: Anton might finally arrive at a larger blaster door, guarded by two Kzinti. It looks for him like that behind it is the central room, where you control the entire base.

* Anton Scofield sets phaser to paralysis

* Zhen also has many other amazing qualities

* Diana thinks of Xan while watching Zhen

* Zhen suddenly has "Eureka" expression

* Zhen takes out medical masks from his medical bag and gives one to Ria

* Zhen whispers "See these containers with red circle and bluish triangles?"

* Anton Scofield sneaks to a point with decent cover, aim carefully at the first one... and fires

Zhen: Shoot at them when Kzinti come near... they will start to cough and gag. We can then well... do something? *looks at her* You are an adventurer.

Riashaala Idisha: I intended to blast a bit everything so I would have hit them eventually


* Riashaala Idisha smiles

Zhen: LEt's better use... ahem... tactics?

* Zhen smells a disaster coming!

Mesoc: *hizzzzzzz* .... and the phaser blast misses.

Zhen: Hmmm... when they start choking we can have more tactical advantage or we can just flee towards the elevator.

Mesoc: The two guards are alerted and the one aimed at jumps to another spot while the other one takes aim. Since Scofield is already in combat position he may shoot another time before the Kzinti open fire at him.

Riashaala Idisha: Flee ? Where to ?

Riashaala Idisha: I didn't plan to flee

Riashaala Idisha: Plus Scofield is the master of extremes, I'm sure he will do

Mesoc: Down on level 4 comes now adrenaline into your blood stream: a Kzinti enter sight!

Riashaala Idisha: he will do something that help us

Zhen: Of course you did not... *sighs* Well then... using those barrels to surprise them and.... shoot?

Riashaala Idisha: That's something I can do. Sounds amusing

Zhen: What he will do is either kill himself or us...

Zhen: It is not... *grumbles* Try not to kill them at least... I don't want to be a murderer.

* Riashaala Idisha takes a breath "You're a relief, cousin"

Riashaala Idisha: When I'm dead, write on my tombstone, "killed by doom-saying"

Zhen: But if we survive you owe me a holodeck time. *winks*

Mesoc: Anton's corrected phaser blast hits the Kzinti, he drops into unconsciousness.

* Zhen checks again the damn tool of making injuries known as disruptor and gets ready...

Riashaala Idisha: If I survive, I'll be depressing for years with all your negative thoughts

Zhen: You say "negative thoughts" I say "common sense".

* Zhen winks again "I knwo how common sense can hurt sometimes... especially when you have none" *nudges Ria*

Mesoc: The other Kzinti next to the blast doors shoots and let the bunker wall mere centimeters next to Scofield explode. Debries are flying through air and some might even penetrate the already tattered uniform of Scofield and hit his flesh. No direct hit though. The tiny pieces though are like needles though.

Zhen: Fortunately you have me for that. *humms a popular Andorian tune*

Mesoc: On level 4, the Kzinti spotted now the Idisha cousins!

* Anton Scofield curses and fires at second catboy

Kzinti Trooper: They are over here!

* Zhen aims for the barrel "Try not to shoot all barrels at once... we can use them again later."

* Riashaala Idisha aims

Zhen: Here kitty-kitty...

* Kzinti Trooper takes aim, probably for something blue in a teal-grey-black uniform and a shiny badge.

Mesoc: Several more footsteps can be heard how they rush to come closer.

* Zhen waits for more of them to gather

Mesoc: Anton misses the 2nd catboy, he was clever enough to keep in motion to make it hard to hit just like so.

Mesoc: Down on level 4 does the first Kzinti fire in the general direction at the Andorians. His disruptor blast hits the pretty thick console that you're hiding at. It releases some sparks. You count now 4, probably 5 Kzinti closing in at you now.

Mesoc: Back to Anton: The catboy was that much in motion that probably aiming isn't truely possible without a lot of practice, he obvbiously misses that much practice and hits anything in the corridor, but nothing that might be a starfleet officer.

* Riashaala Idisha shoots a couple of time with her two disruptors to send a mesage to the Kzintis they should keep their head low. She waits her cousin hit the barrel

* Kzinti Trooper snarls: "They fire back, heads down!"

* Zhen waits for perfect moment when they gather up

Mesoc: You have slowed down their advancement.

Leading Kzinti.: How many are there?

Kzinti Trooper: One shooting at us ...

Zhen: Glory to Andoria! *shoots at the container closest to them*

Leading Kzinti.: Good, there can't be much more of them ... advance!

* Anton Scofield moves from cover to cover to try to find a better line of sight

* Riashaala Idisha makes a better aim if it looks the Kzintis have the guts to advance despite her fire

* Riashaala Idisha will then shoot a couple of times to try to do "near misses"

* Zhen uses hero point being a true hero!

* Kzinti Trooper advances together with 3 other troopers, while the leading Kzinti let his lackeys do the work and he keeps a healthy distance.

* Diana almost cries seeing Zhen using her non lethal tactics...

Mesoc: The cover fire of Riashaala forces the Kzinti to keep relative spreaded so a single shot might not hit two of them at once. On the other side does Zhen fire JUST in the right moment where the dispersion of some tiny particles might cause violent coughing. He hits the right pod and with a lot of boom race the tiny particles in every direction. The Kzinti don't have any other option that coughing now heavy, making it impossible to advance or so. They close their eyes and some of them are holding on to their chest.

* Kzinti Trooper coughs heavily: "Can't ... *cough* do ... *cough cough* ... any... *cough ..."

Zhen: Surrender to Andorian shocktroopers! *chuckles and shoots above their heads*

Mesoc: The cloud of dust is dispersing into every direction and soon it'll also surround the Andorians.

* Zhen then has an idea and looks up... is there something he can shoot down on them?

* Zhen has a medical mask

* Riashaala Idisha had thought about blasting the ceiling above them but consider it would budy them too

Mesoc: It's a bunker facility, to shoot something out of the ceiling that might incapacitate anyone, he has to shoot for a longer while if so.

* Zhen is looking fo smaller stuff like lighs or something

Leading Kzinti.: Ah, my eyes ... aarrrrgghh ... *cough cough*

* Zhen looks at the disruptor if it has any thing like settings on phaser

Mesoc: Disruptor is designed to kill, not stun. So no, no stunning.

* Zhen curses and shoots at Kzinti's legs

* Riashaala Idisha crawls and moves fast to another cover place.

Mesoc: The Kzinti group is rather spread still.

Mesoc: Everyone of them is fighting with the dust.

Mesoc: The 2nd catboy infront of the blaster door is hit, he follows his comrade next lying to him.

* Riashaala Idisha then moves fast and asault the first one, yeah, bare handed

Zhen: Cousin... you stupid... argh! *gives her cover fire*

* Anton Scofield heads quickly to the dorr and looks for a way to open it

Mesoc: Anton arrives at the rather heavy door. WIthout spatial detonators you can barely shoot the door open. It looks like you need to find a way to bypass it or wait until someone comes out.

Mesoc: The random fire of Zhen hits one of the 6 Kzinti directly in the chest, he drops dead. The remaining ones try to flee, but where to? They can't see and breath properly.

* Riashaala Idisha wants to knock out Kzintis, punching and kicking them, Andorian way

* Anton Scofield looks for a way to breach security and open the door

Mesoc: Riashaala swiftly knocks one of the troops out, he was a pretty easy prey. But something is starting to itch on her.

Zhen: Curses! *jumps from behind the cover and rushes to downed Kzinti in hope to again use his god-like, miraculous and amazing medical skills to save him...*

Mesoc: Zhen is as fast as possible for a doctor ... limping to him at best, that takes time and makes also a pretty easy target for disruptor fire.

* Zhen is now happy that Kzinti are using disruptors and not phasers...

Mesoc: On level 2: The blast door doesn't really reveal something that you'd expect on a starship, a panel that you can jsut open so and bypass it ... it's just solid wall here and the blast door there.

Mesoc: The blast door has only a little display integrated.

Anton Scofield: I know I should have brought explosives... never go on parties without explosives...

Mesoc: On level 4: Riashaala continues her onslaught and rushes to the next fleeing Kzinti while Doc Idisha tries to help poor Kzinti who has a giant wound on his chest.

* Anton Scofield searches the place for another entrance, ot a distant control pannel

* Riashaala Idisha runs past coughing Kzintis, freely giving an elbow strike in the face of the closest

Mesoc: Soon Dr. Idisha is surrounded by the dust and he too feels an itching ... and a pain, coming from his wound he received earlier. It starts to feel burning.

* Zhen ignores it... he is professional after all

* Riashaala Idisha plans to run *through* the dust cloud, into the tunnel where Kzintis were coming and may retreat (for the ones still able to walk)

Mesoc: Riashaala's eyes are getting wetter and behind her eyelids starts the itching to become a pain, you want to shut down your eyes just.

* Riashaala Idisha counts on her hearing

* Zhen uses another hero point to save this fool

Mesoc: Riashaala also managed to drop the next Kzinti on the floor.

Mesoc: Zhen has truely to grit his teeth, he's facing the same problem like the other ones, his eyesight is becoming a pain, his disruptor wound is burning like hell now, that dust must come through the bandage and makes probably some chemical reaction that is paining.

Mesoc: Zhen isn't sure if he can rescue the Kzinti, he might just try to keep him alive for several more minutes before he dies. Zhen has to reconsider that he himself is becoming soon a patient in need.

Mesoc: Riashaala further down in the corridor notices how the dust is getting thinner again and she sees their leader fleeing back (but still out of reach for a knock out blow).

* Zhen is dragging the Kzinti out of the cloud while randomly firing above other Kzinti's heads just to make them nervous

Mesoc: Another Kzinti is firing randomly with his disruptor.

Mesoc: Probably to force Zhen to get cover.

* Riashaala Idisha wipes her teary eyes and looks around her for any immediate danger

Mesoc: The Kzinti leader is drawing his disruptor pistol.

Mesoc: The trooper who's still in the dust misses barely Zhen. Zhen believes for a moment how he felt the intense heat of the blaster bolt passing his cheeks.

Zhen: You stupid cat! I am trying to save your friend's life! Moron!

* Leading Kzinti. takes out also another device, a communit: "Group Alpha to command, Starfleet managed to overwhlem us, we're on retreat!"

* Diana likes doctor Zhen's style but she does not care about his language

Comlink: You incapable snarring furball! Get back to level 1 and form up your remaining troops!

* Leading Kzinti. snarls, then coughs ..."Ya ..."

* Leading Kzinti. then turns and spots the andorian woman coming closer to him.

* Kzinti Trooper coughs in response and shoots another volley.

* Riashaala Idisha throws herself at him, body slam style, to make him fall

Zhen: Cretin!

Mesoc: The volley hits someone ... zhen still feels the same pains than before, so by conclusion he isn't hit.

* Zhen tries to drag the dying Kzinti behind some console

Mesoc: When dragging him, he notices how the Kzinti behind is significantly easier to drag now.

* Zhen looks at him

Mesoc: Riashaala slams herself on the leading Kzinti, who evades by pouncing away.

Mesoc: Zhen sees that the Kzinti received a volley of disruptor fire, half his torso and pelvic were disintegrated.

Zhen: You... *torrent of Andorian curses*

* Riashaala Idisha rolls more or less gracefully on the ground after failing to slam the Kzinti

* Zhen charges at the Kzinti who shot his friend head first liek a bull

* Leading Kzinti extends claws.

Leading Kzinti: I'll rip you apart, Starfleet!

* Leading Kzinti coughs again.

Mesoc: While Anton tries to find another way, there isn't truely another one, the other ways just lead to conference rooms or private quarters of alien design, not truely something among it that might bypass the blast door.

* Riashaala Idisha takes a deep breath and stands up, adopting an Andorian duelist pose. She just misses the three-blades dagger...

* Kzinti Trooper tries to snarl but coughs inbetween heavy, he shoots again randomly somewhere.

* Leading Kzinti lost his pistol while pouncing away and now rushes towards the andorian woman with extended claws, he cries at her: "Raaawwwrrr!"

* Zhen is disappointed...

* Anton Scofield looks for some emergency button, evacuation button, fire detector, the like...

Leading Kzinti: The Kzinti throws slashes with his claw, he nearly ripped her stomach open, but Ria was clever enough to fall dodge the attack enough. But her uniform pays the price, it's showing a big gape now (and her cute stomach).

Mesoc: The Kzinti throws slashes with his claw, he nearly ripped her stomach open, but Ria was clever enough to fall dodge the attack enough. But her uniform pays the price, it's showing a big gape now (and her cute stomach).

Mesoc: For Zhen it might be better to just stay out of his reach, coming closer means he might also catch a random disruptor bolt as long as that Kzinti in the dust struggles with everything and for his life.

Leading Kzinti: You'll not be able to evade me forever, Starfleet!

* Zhen is pissed as hell and wants to give this Kzinti a nut kick or two

Mesoc: Ria can further fall back, retaliate or just wait for the next Kzinti attack.

Mesoc: So Zhen goes for risk?

* Riashaala Idisha parries and dodges, faling back

* Zhen is sure he can deliver at least one nut kick...

* Riashaala Idisha tries to focus on placing one single incapacitating blow. Since she doesn't believe she will last longer than that furry brute.

Mesoc: That harry, furry brute is pouncing again to close the gap between Ria and himself and is about to slash his claws accros her cute face.

* You roll to yourself: 1d20 => 8

* Riashaala Idisha puts all her strength in this decisive blow

Mesoc: Ria waits for one decisive blow at the big mean cat-brute. He comes flying in mid air, his claw ready to strike her (probably lethally) and then she does the unexpected: She has probably learned from the best of the best melee hero, Mesoc (of course!). She applies straight-my-boot-into-your-face tactic and hits intrepidly the head of the brute. She probably notices also how she breaks a teeth or two of the Kzinti brute. After she has connected her shiny starfleet boot, does she drop down, as the Kzinti does, but she's conscious at least.

Mesoc: Also famous Captain Kirk employed already the drop-kick lunge attack, as a side note.

Mesoc: While Zhen is still fury about the Kzinti he tried to rescue in the end and comes dangerously close to the last remaining resistence here.

Mesoc: Anton finds only the integrated display and the two Kzinti of something useful to be used on level 2.

* Zhen is ready to hit the console with his head

Mesoc: Zhen ignores all of his pain and is uses Karate Kid move to kick the Kzinti in his nuts, who might just fall unconscous due to the whole circumstance. Unfortunately does the Kzinti shoot one more time and hits the dear doctor in his other leg.

* Zhen falls face down

Mesoc: The wound starts to cauterize immediatly, as the dust makes sure that the pain in his leg is bigger than falling directly on his head.

* Zhen remembers once agin that he sucks at any hand-to-hand combat and that he definitely needs some training...

Mesoc: Zhen is for the moment only able to crawl. And that's straining.

* Riashaala Idisha comes back to Zhen, holding her bleding stomach, revealed by her ripped uniform

* Anton Scofield looks a the integrated display in the blast door and look for some lens

* Anton Scofield also looks for some footprint or pupil analyser

Mesoc: Riashaala's bleeding is only superficial, the dust will also start to cauterize them quickly under pain.

Mesoc: Riashaala will find a zhen in very bad shape now, seeing how he ate another disruptor shot.

* Zhen tries to look as heroic as possible while being a bundle of misery

Mesoc: It might also come to Zhen's mind that he truely needs now a sickbay of a federation vessel if he wants to keep his legs intact and not replaced by some bionic mechanical stuff (a la Angelique augmentation) by dreaded Doctor Peshana.

Riashaala Idisha: Cousin ?

Zhen: I'm alive... *coughs* ...But I'm afraid that my legs are done for...

Mesoc: When Anton looks at the display at close distance, the displays only turns red.

Mesoc: The dust on level 4 very slowly settles and sight becomes also better now.

* Riashaala Idisha checks the Kzintis condition "We have to move, more are coming"

* Anton Scofield searches for inspiration, idea, trick, ...

Zhen: Move... ha-ha... you're funny.

* Riashaala Idisha nods "We have to... I'm not kidding"

Zhen: I can crawl... Actually. I'll just slow you down. Put me somewhere in here and go and help rampaging maniac to get the shields down.

* Riashaala Idisha goes to Zhen to support him walking, if the Kzintis here are all neutralized

Riashaala Idisha: Nah, the Kzintis may do tehe Thousand Gods know what to you if they find you alon

Zhen: Bah... I'll charm them with my sparkling personality. Just go and get those shields down.

* Anton Scofield uses his tricorder and searches for implanted device in the two catboy bodies

Riashaala Idisha: You stubborn one ! I wouldn't have to haul you now if you stayed with Scofield like I intended ! Now rest on me while we move away !

Mesoc: Mr. Tricorder says: yup, typical Kzinti, with appropiorate amount of hairs, use Oxygen to breath ... and look there, one of them has also an implanted chip in one of his paws.

Zhen: I won't make you killed too! Just go and come for me later! Go already, I'll survive! With you you will be immobile and dependant on carrying and protecting useless cargo. Listen to sense at least once in life.

Mesoc: Curious what this device in a paw is good for? Maybe it tells a doctor what allergenes he has?

* Anton Scofield the corpse with the implanted chip and present the paw in front of the integrated pannel

Riashaala Idisha: Di you believe if I slap you, it can degrade your condition ?

Mesoc: The display shows now a blue screen, obviously the green in the sense of the inventor. The door starts to unlock and opens.

* Zhen thinks "No... It would not... why?"

Riashaala Idisha: Because I feel the urge to slap you...

Riashaala Idisha: Then, just rest here... if you so dearly want to become a martyr.

Zhen: As you wish... But don't make me tell you "I told you so" when you get stuck with me.

Riashaala Idisha: We're already stuck...

Riashaala Idisha: Let's go to the exit tunnel...

Zhen: Until the shields go down that is...

* Riashaala Idisha hits her communicator "Scofield ?"

Anton Scofield: *picks com* Speak

Riashaala Idisha: What's your progress ? We stopped the first wave of Kzintis. But we won't be able to last for long much more

* Zhen is meanwhile checking what can he do do to patch his legs as best as possible

Mesoc: While one andorian hauls another one they pass the unconscious brute Kzinti who failed to kill Riashaala.

Anton Scofield: *looks through the opening door* I should be near...

Mesoc: And indeed you're near: You hear how at least two guys are seemingly in panic or hectic at least.

Riashaala Idisha: Ok... we're going to the tunnel we used to enter the complex. We'll defend it... after all it's the only exit we know

A new face: They got way too far here. We must abandon this place as long as their ship is still not actively searching for us!

Degyn: I haven't come to this place only to leave it so soon agian when we're near our goal.

Anton Scofield: *drops the body and rushes through the opened door* I'll try to open you the gates, shouldn't be long

Anton Scofield: Scofield, out.

Mesoc: Scofield rushes through the opened door and encounters another squad of hostile members. His trained eye encounters six.

* Anton Scofield dives to the ground to the nearest cover while firing toward the hostiles

Mesoc: More Kzinti, another known face without any hair and this new guy who has a strange profile, who has a thick neck like a cardassian, but doesn't look like one.

A new face: I won't stay here and die! You can join the fray of our hairy friends.

Mesoc: Unfortunately no luck shot among shooting at the enemies, they were more or less expecting trouble coming through the door and were hiding behind consoles or other objects.

Degyn: I need only the data at least to continue on our project!

A new face: Then make it so! We meet aboard the ship!

Mesoc: 5 Kzinti open simultaniously fire at Scofield, they hit many things in his near and many sparks and debries fill the air, this is going to be a tough fight, but maybe Scofield can make it.

* Anton Scofield keeps on rolling while firing on any device (maybe it could shut light, disrupt something, or even remove the forcefield...)

Mesoc: Hitting static things like illuminating devices or relays are an easy task for the commando, he hits them easily and the light has trouble to stay in place, it's flickering now.

Mesoc: Again do the troops shoot at the commando, who have a difficult time to hit the constantly moving Anton. Two of them start to shift their position.

* Anton Scofield while jumping from a cover to another, searches for waht could be the main generator, if there is one around

* Diana hears Deep Purple coming from boys room

Mesoc: There's nothing like that looks like a main generator, only several console stations are present. But it'd take a moment of peace to identify each one and then make the appropiorate adjustments (probably.

Mesoc: And in this moment there isn't much peace for Scofield.

* Anton Scofield keeps on blasting consoles and devices, to shutdown everything and also to make a simili-suppressing fire

Mesoc: One control after another one will be blasted by phaser fire while everything before, behind and besides of Anton explodes as the cats try to hit him.

Degyn: Aren't you able to kill just one of them?! He's destroying all the sensitive equipment here!

A new face: How long until you're finished?!

Degyn: Just a moment longer.

Mesoc: Anton will continue on this way?

Degyn: What in the ...?! ... energy flow isn't regulated anymore. The computers aren't operating anymore!

Mesoc: And the entire light is now turning out, what illuminates the corridors is only the random disruptor/phaser fire.

A new face: That's it! Evac, now! ... Stand by to beam out!

Degyn: This isn't over, Starfleet!

Mesoc: You hear how first the two of the leading figures are beaming out and then the other cats will be transported out one by one.

Anton Scofield: they all say that...

Mesoc: What will Anton do now?

Mesoc: Also on the other levels is light suffering from fluctuation.

* Anton Scofield leaves the room and heads back to the Idisha bros

Riashaala Idisha: I guess it says Scofield is doing something right

Zhen: Or wrong...

Mesoc: Arriving back at the turbolift, you notice that they aren't operational anymore.

Anton Scofield: logical

* Anton Scofield searches for some stairs, else will just climb through the elevator

Mesoc: The elevators aren't designed to just open them and crawl the way down. And you don't see anything like stairs anymore.

Mesoc: Infact you don't hav emuch light anymore on level 2. Since you must have hit something that regulates energy flow.

Riashaala Idisha: I love your confidence and your view on life, Zhen. It brings the joy to my heart, lighten the mood and warm my feet during cold nights, all at once

Anton Scofield: *comlink* Leutnant ?

Zhen: I know... I am a genius, aren't I?

Riashaala Idisha: Scofield ?

Anton Scofield: how does it look, from your side ?

Mesoc: Flickering light and if you approach a turbolift, it won't work anymore.

Anton Scofield: aliens beamed out here and power seems to fade away from every device... forcefield should be no more...

Riashaala Idisha: Have you neutralized the opposition around you ?

* Riashaala Idisha tells Zhen "What about your diplomatic opening to the drones ?"

Anton Scofield: I'm not sure, it seems I interrupts something to the point they decided to just beam out of here

Zhen: We should contact Zax.

Zhen: I'm guessing he is still down there.

* Riashaala Idisha replies to Scofield "While you'r at it, try to determine what they were doing here. Dilithium most likely.... but still... Now don't endanger yourself by staying too long"

* Riashaala Idisha asks Zhen "'Can you do something about your leg ?"

Anton Scofield: right. *closes com*

* Anton Scofield goes back to the room where the aliens were and examines what he hasn't destroyed ...

Zhen: Legs, cousin... legs. and only thing I can do is not make it worse. If I don't get to sickbay I'll be getting bionic ones. I don't think that Seyler is able to fix this damage herself, not like I fixed Patrick's leg.

* Riashaala Idisha thjinks then says "Ok, we must evacuate you...", she hits her communicator "Independence ?"

Mesoc: It's difficult to examine all the things inside the control room, due to missing light and the language is difficult to understand. You lack the experience to make a judgement about the initial owner of this base.

Mesoc: Ria hits her communicator and suddenly everyone inside the bunker notices a trembling, like something giant is about to start.

Riashaala Idisha: Not me !

Zhen: I'm still not sure if I would be happier with artificial legs or with the fact that Seyler will butcher me on the table.

Mesoc: Compare it like a rocket launch.

Riashaala Idisha: Someone leaving...

Zhen: I think our robo friends may have started their purge thing?

Mesoc: Maybe the robo friends will purge Independence, as they see a threat in her?

Mesoc: Just speculation ...

Anton Scofield: *opens comlink* difficult to say here, but I don't feel it's safe to stay in this complex any longer... unless the Independance can beam us, I'd better try to join you back

* Lt Salpan Codanadal will try to say something to away team: "!"))!//$$(!" .... stat ...231!"))!"4"

Anton Scofield: *opens comlink* difficult to say here, there is nothing of value left and it's beyond my usual field of expertise...but I don't feel it's safe to stay in this complex any longer... unless the Independance can beam us, I'd better try to join you back

Mesoc: Communication is most time white noise, it's very difficult to establish communication.

Riashaala Idisha: Scofield, ok, come back to the exit.

* Riashaala Idisha abandons the idea of contacting the Independence

Zhen: Try at least reaching Patrick.

Zhen: Maybe that would be easier and he can come to pick us up.

Zhen: After all he is with us on this planet.

Mesoc: Is he? Maybe he decided to leave you here alone ...

* Zhen will beat him up with his own amputated legs if that is true

Riashaala Idisha: We're going to use the shuttle anyway so yes

* Anton Scofield tries to find his way to the idisha bros, again

Mesoc: Anton will notice that a metallish hovering thing is in mid air, coming closer to his position.

Mesoc: Will he blast it right away?

* Anton Scofield will try to avoid the flying thing

Mesoc: The flying thing passes Scofield and he's on his own to find his way down somehow.

* Riashaala Idisha tries to contact the shuttle

* Patrick O'Rourke with some static in the communication: "Ria, I'm glad to hear from you again, how's the trip going?"

Riashaala Idisha: Erm.... can you locate us ? We'll need a haul, fast.

Patrick O'Rourke: I have a rough location, but from the topological point of view it's difficult to ... wait ... sensors are registering something massive just gets away from your location and gets pretty quick up in the air! If I had to guess it's a ship!

Zhen: He guesses? What a marvelous engineer...

Riashaala Idisha: Yeah, I was assuming that. Try to rach the Independence and warn them a potential hostile is taking over

Patrick O'Rourke: Communication is severely limited, Lieutenant. I could safely warn them and fly up first but then it's another story to come down again, the weather is changing constantly here. Do you need a kind of asap transport or can it wait?

Riashaala Idisha: We must evacuate Zhen or he's going to lose his legs. Losing his legs is already bad but just imagine him moaning to no end if it happens... *that* is scary

Zhen: I will personally make a living hell out of your lives, true.

Patrick O'Rourke: I'll fire the engines and come to you.

* Patrick O'Rourke is activating primary systems and puts the cozy shuttle in violent air again and flies quickly down.

* Riashaala Idisha leaves Zhen resting in the tunnel (she still takes care of him despite complaining about Zhen) and then she positions herself a bit farther down inside, to watch if Scofield or a horde of furries is coming (whoever first, Scofield being preferable)

Mesoc: Just 5 minutes later you hear again from the Nova squadron pilot.

Patrick O'Rourke: O'Rourke to away team.

Patrick O'Rourke: You have found an entire surface base, embedded in some mountain and somehow hidden from sensor scans. But most systems of the base are only operating on low energy, I might be able to beam you back one by one.

Riashaala Idisha: Start with Zhen then get the clearer signal

Patrick O'Rourke: Alright, prepare for transportation.

Mesoc: Another half a minute passes.

Zhen: And better not mess up the transport.

Patrick O'Rourke: I made sure that your arms and legs will be switched during transport, ready?

Zhen: Mhmmmm.

Patrick O'Rourke: Sounds like a yes to me.

Patrick O'Rourke: Energizing, now.

Mesoc: And the world of Zhen turns into many tiny blue glowing pieces and for a moment he feels like he sees the tunnel in the light, until he recognizes he's now in the back of the shuttle he came with from the surface.

Patrick O'Rourke: Welcome bac ... oh man, that doesn't look good.

Zhen: What took you this long?

Zhen: Thank you for pointing the obvious.

Zhen: Will you now ask me does it hurt?

Patrick O'Rourke: Hey, I'm a careful pilot and engineer, time is essential for safety.

Patrick O'Rourke: Does it hurt?

Zhen: I hate you.

* Patrick O'Rourke hides a smile.

Patrick O'Rourke: Away team, I have a clearer signal of Lieutenant Ria Idisha, ready yourself.

Zhen: Now get my cousin. You can leave Scofield on th eplanet though.

Patrick O'Rourke: I see the planet wasn't that harsh for you, considering you can still complain a alot.

* Patrick O'Rourke rematerialzes Ria with torn uniform also in the back of the shuttle.

Zhen: Well where were you when a horde of Kzinti marched on me and my cousin?

Patrick O'Rourke: Welcome aboard ... you have also a new cut.

Zhen: There was no end of them.

Patrick O'Rourke: Obviously your complaining was a miracle that stopped them.

Zhen: Luckily for her it's just a flesh wound.

Patrick O'Rourke: Scofield, ready for transportation.

Zhen: Do you have to?

Anton Scofield: *comlink* I'm ready

Patrick O'Rourke: Energizing.

* Patrick O'Rourke beams Scofield, who has also his share of flesh and surface wounds back to the shuttle.

* Patrick O'Rourke comes to Zhen and helps him to buckle up in a seat.

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the comm station and tries to reach the Independence

Lt Salpan Codanadal: !")?/!-dence responding. Please deliver y-!")" W/U/-age!

* Zhen grudgingly accepts help

Patrick O'Rourke: Everyone buckle up, the ride up can also be stormy.

* Riashaala Idisha checks the sensors to get a ship leaving the planet

* Zhen hypoes some painkillers

* Riashaala Idisha is worried about Zhen, since he's a pain himself

Mesoc: Shuttle sensors don't show anymore a ship in reach, probably it went already through the layers of the ion storm.

Riashaala Idisha: Independence, hostile ship incoming

Lt Salpan Codanadal: !"(=!-nd. Message didn't )`!"`(`$(`(?!"§4.

* Patrick O'Rourke takes seat on the pilot controls and stears the shuttle up now.

* Riashaala Idisha repeats the message again and again

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: *through comm-channel as well* §/!/"- detected! It's (=?!"(!($ ready!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Battlesta-"§(!"(=!

Lt Cdr Navabarnsa Rajakanya: "$((!"((!"- closing in!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Evasive man-8!((?!"(=$! *comm-link shuts down*

Riashaala Idisha: Ok... I don't think we can do more for now... Get us safely to the Independence, Patrick

* Diana knows the Evasive Man... he is a superhero

* Zhen mumbles something

Mesoc: And the end of this episode has arrived. Cast and Credit are rolling.

* Zhen curses Scofield again

* Riashaala Idisha will try to patch her wound despie the shuttle rocking through the ionized atmosphere

* Riashaala Idisha is frozen before applying her patch as credits roll.

* Zhen helps her as best ashe can

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Post  Seetherius on Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:14 pm


Mesoc: Previously on Star Trek Independence: Our Starfleet Heroes have invaded a base filled up to the roof with Kzinti and some other unknown aliens and driven them away. The furballs have beamed out after Lt. Scofield somehow managed to destroy the controls for the power regulation and all light went out. Their ship has already started will soon be in open space while Lt. Cmdr. O'Rourke came to beam the serious wounded officers onboard. They are on their way to the Independence where they surely need the service of sickbay and Dr. Seyler patching them up and Dr. Peshana giving them dreaded cubersome implants if needed.

Patrick O'Rourke: Alright, time to try out the unsafe velocities within a heavy ionstorm. Buckle up!

* Zhen grunts and checks his cousin next to him for her wounds

Mesoc: You all feel how you are pressed into your seats despite the inertial dampeners being active. This Nova Squad pilot knows how to exceed the safety limits of a shuttle vehicle and flies with full thrusters into the upper layers.

Mesoc: It is difficult to patch any wounds within the troublesome layers of the ionstorm and the shuttle will be seriously rocked.

* Riashaala Idisha checks the sensors while the shuttle climbs up

* Zhen is trained for such field triage and doing things in bad conditions

Mesoc: The shuttle receives several hits by thunders within the layers and one thunder manages it to hit the shuttle through a weakened shield arc. Some systems just went from condition green to condition red. An alarm signal can also be heard.

* Patrick O'Rourke quickly checks controls: "Ria, we lost navigations! I'm not sure if we're still on the right course. Without navigation data it's hard to judge if the storm won't just blow us down to the surface again."

* Riashaala Idisha improvise herself as an engineer and surveys the power conduits and engines to help Patrick focus on piloting

Riashaala Idisha: Just go up ?

Patrick O'Rourke: Dynamic turbolences have the inconvenient characteristic that while you point up, that you get down and have to fly a different course to get the best way up.

Patrick O'Rourke: You either take control of the shuttle or try to improvise on the computer, I can't do both.

* Riashaala Idisha shrugs a bit and goes back to her sensor station, powering up the array to the maximum

Riashaala Idisha: You're the pilot, you're the one supposed to know what to do

Zhen: Patrick... of course...

* Riashaala Idisha tries to complement navigational data, sending it to Patrick console

* Anton Scofield relaxes

Patrick O'Rourke: Got it! We're nearly through, hang on!

* Zhen grunts

Mesoc: Patrick manages it safely navigate through the violent ion storm and turbolences and they soon leave the storm in a lower layer of the planet while they slide to the safety of space.

Patrick O'Rourke: Good job, Ria. We're through.

Zhen: Ria? Wasn't that YOUR job Patrick?

Patrick O'Rourke: Of course it was my job to fly you up, but little help never hurts.

Patrick O'Rourke: Now, where's the Independence.

* Patrick O'Rourke scans for one big starfleet sovereign class ship in orbit.

* Riashaala Idisha narrows her sensor array on unknown but suspect ship that may be lingering in low orbit

Patrick O'Rourke: There she is, but rather drifting outwards than staying in standard orbit.

* Patrick O'Rourke uses controls to fly the shuttle next to the Independence.

Patrick O'Rourke: *presses communication* Shuttle Sedna to Independence, you copy?

Riashaala Idisha: Salpan is sleepy... ?

Zhen: Or too busy...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Shuttle Sedna, stand by until we have stabilized ourself.

Patrick O'Rourke: What happened, Commander?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: The moment you wanred us about the ship it opened fire at us and came very close, only to release a photonic shock wave that pulled us all out of our chairs. Lt. Codanadal should have stabilized the ship any moment.

* Riashaala Idisha gets in the comm way "Doctor Idisha was wounded while on the surface, warn the sickbay"

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Acknowledged, sickbay will be standing by for you.

Mesoc: And a short moment later the Independence isn't drifting anymore and the shuttle can safely dock inside the shuttle bay. Nurse Church and several other paramedics are standing by.

Mesoc: The shutte door opens and the dear Nurse comes in.

Nurse Church: Doctor Idisha! *comes quickly closer*

* Riashaala Idisha helps the cousihn to move out

Nurse Church: We better beam directly to sickbay.

Zhen: I am fine nurse Church could you prepare *lists a ton of medical technobabble*

Nurse Church: *bleep* Nurse Church to transporter room 1, I'm requesting a site to site transport to sickbay 1. Beam Doctor Idisha, Lt. Idisha and Lt. Scofield and me there.

Nurse Church: Your legs need immediatly treatment, you're hardly fine.

Zhen: It is allright nurse, I believe we got back just in time. There probably will not be a need for hacksaw.

Mesoc: Transporter room chief signalises they're ready to beam.

Riashaala Idisha: I'm sure you'd be cute with metal piston legs

Anton Scofield: no rush, just scratchs...

Nurse Church: You're not the ones to make calls what are scratches and what are serious wounds, look at your arm, and you, at your stomach! Transporter chief, we're ready, energize!

Zhen: Maybe I will get superpowers too... *grunts*

* Zhen would actually contradict nurse Church, but is amused by the spectacle so keeps shut

Riashaala Idisha: Beaming up.... how to risk death by transporter to cure a cut

Mesoc: And the persisting nurse arranges that you all get alltogether beamed to sickbay 1, Dr. Seyler is expecting them already.

* Riashaala Idisha says "Not mentionning the energy cost"

Zhen: Cousin... do you wish to be bound in bed again for a loooong time?

* Seyler comes quickly closer to make a quick diagnosis of Zhen's legs: "You have serious disruptor wounds on your legs, Lieutenant. We have to operate you immediatly to safe them."

Zhen: Yes I am quite aware of that doctor.

Mesoc: The Doctor with warm soothing hands and the nurse lift Zhen on the advanced biobed.

* Riashaala Idisha goes to sit on a biobed

Zhen: Could you for once try to cool your hands when handling me, doctor?

* Diana is not sure if she should blush on that sentence

* Seyler activates the adanced scanner apperatus and the round thoungs around the medbed close above Zhen and grabs a hypo and loads it with some liquid, ignoring his complaining: "This will sedate you." and is injecting that liquid on his neck.

* Zhen looks at her smugly "I think you mean to take an injection."

Zhen: Nurse Church, please watch over her so that she does not butcher me, please.

* Seyler considers for a moment if it's not too much to put him into an artifical coma.

Nurse Church: Of course, Doctor.

Zhen: I also reccomend you to check Andorian physiology before doing something...

Zhen: ...DOCTOR.

* Seyler simply waits until that andorian is not moving his mouth anymore and that sedation puts him into deep sleep.

Zhen: Maybe I should rather turn on EMH to do this ope... *falls asleep*

* Nurse Church comes to check up on Lt. Scofield and Lt. Idisha, the good one.

* Seyler sighs: "At last I can begin." and works with professionalism on Zhen's legs.

* Riashaala Idisha removes her shirt to uncover the wound and let Church examine it

Nurse Church: Mhm ... were you in some readioactive reactor, Lieutenant?

Riashaala Idisha: Somewhat

Riashaala Idisha: Inside a sort of radioactive powder... like nuked refuse

Anton Scofield: *rises an eyebrow* not that I remember, not recently at least

Nurse Church: You don't have a high radiation poisining, Lt. Scofield, you have only a nasty wound on your upper arm.

* Nurse Church finishes checking on both Lieutenants.

Mesoc: Some time later on that day.

* Tiron Eks enters sickbay and looks for his injured officers, he looks at Dr. Seyler who just finished stitching legs of Zhen together.

* Tiron Eks shares a private conversation with Dr. Seyler before he comes closer to the other officers: "Welcome back onboard, how are you?"

Anton Scofield: *stands firm* ready for action, Captain !

Tiron Eks: At ease, Lieutenant

Riashaala Idisha: Supericial wound... It will give me a mysterious and sexy scar, don't you think, Tiron ?

Tiron Eks: Probably. What can you tell me about our recent encounter? It was the same ship that ambushed a while ago where we picked up Pitrat, Efra and their child.

Riashaala Idisha: We met Kzintis... at least, I did... they were managing a base down there. They seem to have forced out drone-bots to make room.

Tiron Eks: Kzinti? They were several times in war with the Federation back in the 22nd century. Since then they gone another direction than the Federation.

Tiron Eks: What have they done down there?

Riashaala Idisha: Once they realize who we were, looks they decided to evacuate. We haven't time to understand what their facility is

Riashaala Idisha: Oh, not much... only a friendly firefight

Anton Scofield: there weren't only Kzintis, there was also another alien...

Tiron Eks: These Kzinti are after something specific. The reason why I come down here is that Talsa has been beamed away from our ship while our ships were disturbed through the shockwave that hit us.

Tiron Eks: I was talking to her when the attack began and shortly she was beamed away infront of me.

Riashaala Idisha: Uh...

Tiron Eks: *looks at Scofield* Explain, Lieutenant.

Anton Scofield: during my - brief - detention, I was confronted to some other guy, from a different specie. Never seen that kiind, long head, hairless and some mental powers I think, but not telepathy

* Seyler glances at Scofield by the mentioning of telepathy.

Anton Scofield: I'm not familiar with mental abilities, but obviously the guy could"nt read my mind, though he has some... I don't know, mental pain induction, I think

Tiron Eks: Not everyone has the same mental capacity to master telepathy in the same degree.

Tiron Eks: Has he stated what he wants?

Anton Scofield: not really, he seemed to want to know why I was here. He seemed ... worried that Starfleet was involved. They have a lot of devices working but I didn't have the time to check their goal. Incidentally I ruined most of them.

Tiron Eks: Well, I need you both probably to investigate further the base you have discovered down there.

Anton Scofield: there was also a third kind but I just briefly caught sign of him, he seemed to give orders to the bald one

Tiron Eks: Hmm, alright, take your rest and write your report down.

Anton Scofield: *salutes* right away, Captain !

Mesoc: Again later, the treatments of Lt. Idisha, the good one, and Lt. Scofield are finished and they will not suffer from any further injuries, the miracle medicine of the 25th century restored their health completly.

* Zhen is the good one, Ria is the wild one!

Mesoc: They are free to leave sickbay if they wish but are advised to not strain themself again.

Mesoc: Dr. Idisha might awaken again.

* Zhen starts to stir

Nurse Church: He's coming back.

* Zhen grunts a complaint

Nurse Church: Good morning, Doctor.

Zhen: Hrmpff... good morning nurse.

* Seyler comes next to Zhen's bed, where he's lying.

Zhen: Can I get a medical tricorder... I would like to check the results by myself. I am afraid I cannot trust someone who does not knwo a difference between "intravenous" and "intramuscular". *looks at Seyler* Ah speaking of the devil... good day doctor.

* Seyler looks at him, showing no signs of emotion: "Good day."

* Nurse Church is so kind and gives the doctor a medical tricorder.

* Zhen checks himself up... he is sure Seyler did something horrible like fixing legs wrongly so that now one is shorter than the other

Mesoc: Zhen checks himself up, under the watch of Dr. Seyler. For the current situation: The good news is, both legs are still attached to him, also both are having the same length. The bad news is that his left upper leg muscles are greatly reduced. It means he's not able to run safely. Tissue is also missing in his right leg, but not that much, apparently the disruptor shot there wasn't that serious.

Zhen: As I thought. I should have turned on EMH.

Seyler: I doubt an EMH would have done anything better.

Zhen: I would.

Seyler: So what makes you believe you would, if you were able to do it?

Zhen: Because I have already proven what I can do. You still wade in average waters of mediocre medicine. If you don't remember just check medical records of Patrick and Anvaar. At least I should be happy that I still have legs with your skill.

Zhen: In any case I am quite sure you are happy now. Now you can start spreading rumors about "limpy Idisha"... making a fool out of me is your favorite past time as it seems.

Seyler: Your left leg was already dead tissue only. You should be thankful that I found a solution to reimplant living tissue to regrow the missing issue. You could for once stop blaming me and direct that energy to your physiotherapy. Within 3 weeks you should have a normal tissue and muscle seize again to walk and run without complications.

Zhen: Ah, I'm not blaming you for anything. As said, this was expected. *lies back* Patrick was walking within a week after my treatment though. And I also had to find a way to regrow and rebuild his knee. Hopefully you checked my medical records for your procedure? I assume not since this would fare better.

Zhen: In any case, all in all it is not bad... for unimaginative and by-the-book doctor.

Seyler: I did check your records. Losing only a knee or an enitre leg are two diferent seizes of dimension.

Anton Scofield: actually, you should have picked more tissue, Commander, from the tongue, for example, it seems quite vivid...

* Zhen grunts "I am loathe to do this but I am thankful that you saved my legs... poorly as it is... climbing with bionics is not the same."

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana feels that noone asked him to find a superb bionic solution for zhen leg problems.

Zhen: There may be a real doctor out of you yet. MAybe...

Seyler: I believe you need further rest. Nurse Church will take care of your physiotherapie.

Zhen: And I'll be out of it in less than three weeks!

* Seyler turns, as there's nothing else to say to one of the worst and frequent patients on sickbay.

* Zhen considers himself a good patient

* Zhen would never cause any pain to nurse Church for instance!

* Riashaala Idisha rests while she can

* Anton Scofield writes his report

* Zhen does his physiotherapy with zeal just to show Seyler he can be out if it in less than three weeks... no thanks to her!

* Diana again thinks how this Zhen-Seyler animosity is a classical setup for future love relationship... it's a classic! They hate eachother at first and end up madly in love later!

Mesoc: A day later the Captain asks Lt. Idisha, the wild one, and Lt. Scofield if they feel ready to go down again to the surface and help with the investigation inside the base while Lt. idisha, the limping one, is spending his time as a physiotherapy zealot.

Mesoc: Note, they are asked, not ordered.

* Zhen is good and talented one... Ria is wild and pretty one!

* Riashaala Idisha informs her captain she's ready

Anton Scofield: right away, Sir !

Mesoc: On the next day the two former away team members are again part of the next away team, this time it's consisting of O'Rourke, the pretty Idisha, Scofield and Commander Kaur Siddhu. The weather is suprisingly not that storm for now and pass the layers at relative ease and land on the surface again, at the hangar of the base.

* Riashaala Idisha leads the way in, tricorder in hand, trying to get a reading of the flying drone hinabitants

Mesoc: She gets a signal on her tricorder and follows it. Eventually they meet one of the flying drones.

* Anton Scofield refrains from firing on flying target, again

Zax: Intruders. Purge system must be activated. Purge system is malfunctioning.

* Riashaala Idisha also tries to evaluate how old the base is, by looking at the rock layers to search for "recent" or "old" tool/machine/energy markings

Mesoc: Her scientific intuition reveals that information and her antennea twitch: 100.000 years at least!

* Riashaala Idisha observes Zax and runs a tricorder scan of the drone to evaluate the age of the thing, like trying to get a molecular analysis of the metal composing its outer hull

Mesoc: From her tricorder also: it is an exotic mix of metal composition. It appears that this configuration is pretty resistent to ionic storm discharges. The decay rate of elements reveal also that it is 100.000 years or older. Whoever build these things, they made sure the flying things last quite a long time or have other means to resupply their energy cells.

Zax: Base systems need repairs Unable to repair them.

Mesoc: One can wonder if the former inhabitants of the base simply died out or moved on or wait for a specific time or event to come again.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Lieutenant. You know this drone best. Can it judge if we're friends or foes?

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the drone "Do you recognize us ?"

Zax: Lieutenant Idisha.

* Riashaala Idisha replies "That's exactly what i'm going to see"

Riashaala Idisha: Aye... we want to understand why your complex was invaded and occupied by Kzintis. The trdereoued

Riashaala Idisha: The intruders we routed

Zax: Base systems malfunctioning, without, we'll malfunction too.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I've read the report of Lt. Scofield. Apparently the energy grid was destroyed.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: If we repair it, can you help us answer some questions?

Zax: Possible.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Commander O'Rourke, begin to restore the energy grid.

Patrick O'Rourke: Yes, Ma'am.

* Patrick O'Rourke takes his equipment and goes to fix the damage of Scofield.

Riashaala Idisha: I'm going to try to look at what the Kzintis were doing here

Patrick O'Rourke: I'm on my way to the control centere. Maybe you like to climb there first?

Anton Scofield: I'll show you the way

Mesoc: Anyway O'Rourke and Idisha find a way to get back to the control centere of the defunct base. the Engineer works on repairing the grid and Idisha starts her investigation what the Kzinti were doing here. The commander follows with Zax.

* Riashaala Idisha moves around, tricorder in hand, trying to find any peculiar equipment that may explain Kzinti presence

Mesoc: After a good while she finds a triangular pyramid, it is a storage device.

* Riashaala Idisha studies it, first without tricorder, then with

Mesoc: To be more precise, a data storage.

* Riashaala Idisha looks if it can be removed

Mesoc: There are connections everywhere to that storage device.

Mesoc: So it can be removed.

* Zax comes closer to Idisha:"Main storage unit."

* Riashaala Idisha starts disconnecting it for further analysis on ship

Riashaala Idisha: Yours ?

Zax: Property of the Trakiel.

Riashaala Idisha: Will you let us study it ? We may help

Zax: You purged intruders. You may help.

* Anton Scofield wonders if he's still an intruder as well

* Riashaala Idisha scratches her head "We better study down here"

Zax: Acceptable.

Mesoc: And after a while Patrick does a miracle and the light turns on, the energy grid is restored.

* Riashaala Idisha tries to access data

Patrick O'Rourke: I've restored the grid here. Someone blasted the controls to pieces, so the grid melted at some points.

Mesoc: Ria will be able to work faster on unlocking the information inside the data storage device and will eventually get access to it.

Mesoc: It presents numerous data files: many are technical schematics of various things, like the flying drone, an unknown station, the bunker, the suit of the Trakiel and many more.

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Captain's personel log, Stardate >>24.09.2011<<.

Our first contact with a drone called Zax, which claims to be a servant of an ancient race called the Trakiel, and it's fellow drones has come to an end. Zax is not truely a self concious sentient being, it's rather a just an intelligent drone like our computer systems onboard this ship which executes its very old programming. For all we know is that the bunker facility was once an outpost for the Trakiel and left the world and their drones behind for reasons we don't know. I can imagine it a disease that spread among their people motivated them to move away or a territorial conflict with another faction and an evacuation was necessary or simply they had no further interest anymore to maintain the base; but all of this is only my speculation. For all we know is that the Trakiel were a very highly technological advanced species, as their drones and base are more than 100.000 years old and after this long time most of their base structure and systems, including the drones, remain intact. I imagine they were in need of dilithium as well, because they used mining machines to extract this rare material.
Lieutenant Riashaala Idisha found in one of the computer core data about of the technology that was utilized by the Trakiel. Various things ranging from life supporting belts, over to particle synthesis camouflage to black hole energy generators. All of this is fascinating and maybe the one or other thing is worth to investigate further in the future. It's impressive to note that afterall their camouflage system kept deceiving us and our sensors long after its activation 100.000 years ago. It couldn't deceive Ria's experience with natural rock formations though.

And then there are of course the Kzinti and their apparent allies. Back in the late 22nd and early 23rd century were the Kzinti and Federation engaged in numerous wars. The Kzinti were everytime defeated, something the Kzinti never liked in the course of their history and have since then avoided always a direct confrontation with the Federation. The reports of my officers give me the feeling that the Kzinti here are again up to something not good and probably were after the technology of the Trakiel here. So it happened that we bumped into them when they were about to get it. And who are their allies? A bald species with telepathic abilities and another species with a thick neck. This doesn't give me a very detailed image of who they are and we have only a name of the bald one: Degyn. Our own actions have forced the Kzinti to retreat and the Independence was engaged in a short lived fight before their ship released a photonic shock wave at point blank range, which has stirred us heavily and disabled our shield grid for a moment. In short we were stunned and they used that moment to beam Talsa away and escape.

In the moment of the attack I was talking with her. She didn't trust me in my ability to protect her from any harm, which unfortunately became true. I'm the one to blame for letting this happen. She shares obviously a past with the Kzinti here and they didn't slip the chance out of their hand to get her back. Something tells me we should get her out of the clutches of the Kzinti as soon as possible.

Our initial goal to gather some dilithium has failed though. Lieutenant Scofield shot in first sight one of the drones of the Trakiel and later on during the fight in the control center damaged a lot of their systems. Zax and its fellow drones aren't exactly in friendly terms with us and our second away team tried its best to limit further damage and repair as much as possible. We've tried to negotiate to get some dilithium, but the drones refused to accept a deal and held us too aggressive. I can't blame them about their judgement of Scofield's doing and their lasting projected impression onto all of us.

Speaking of damage: Lieutenant Zhen Idisha's wounds were very grave. Both of his legs were hit by disruptor bolts and by the time he arrived in sickbay one of his legs was already irreversible dead tissue. Doctor Seyler had to implant living tissue from other parts of his body into his leg in a lengthly operation. Zhen can speak of luck that we have more than one capable doctor onboard. It'll take some time for him to get back to full active condition again.

For now I've ordered the Independence to head to the next star system. We've detected there some travel. I hope for our next stop something more friendlier and with luck we might encounter the Kzinti again, prepared.

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It is the year 2406. The USS Independence is on its 3rd year of a proposed 5 year mission to the galactic fringe. Various obstacles delayed regularly the journey to the distance milestone of 1000 lightyears and the Independence is roughly about to reach the 700 lightyears mark in a couple of days. Since your last adventure on a barren world happened various things:

Communication to your friends and families (or simply receiving the latest issue of a holo-comic issue) in federation space requires almost 35 hours to reach you via the subspace communication booster relays. The same time is required to let any signal from you reach the brass hats.

The messages from your favourite news feeds aren't necessary positive though: The tension continued to rise between the Federation and Klingon Empire and several skirmishes did already take place in 2405 at the border. Now in 2406 the Klingon have made a pact with various Nausicaan tribes. The Klingons have sworn to protect their homes and in return the Nausicaans give weapons, ships and last but not least soldiers to fight for their cause. This effectively increases the fleet size the Klingon Defense Force. In their next logical step have the Klingons invaded the much disputed Arachnis sector and the Nausicaan showed their muscles in their attempt to size control of Deep Space K-7 at Sherman's planet. Starfleet forces have driven them off eventually.

United Federation of Planet's president, Aennik Okeg from Sauria, won his 3rd election as president and tries to negotiate with the Klingons to ease the tension between the two alpha quadrant powers without much success. Analysts claim that this armed conflict with the Klingons will probably last very well into the next year.

Starfleet Command issued all ships, including the USS Independence, to be very cautious in encounters with the Klingon Empire and maintain a de-escalation strategy at any cost. Any further spark could turn this armed conflict into a full scale war!

Now to the Independence that is obviously far away from any turmoil in home soil and had her very own share of problems and troubles: The Ferengi prisoner Trank has been released from his little cell when the Independence passed a trading station. Captain Eks though that keeping the Ferengi in the brik indefinitly isn't the way of how Federation justice works, but likewise turning to deliver a minor Ferengi who just managed to sneak in a shuttle once isn't an option as well. Trank is more or less a persona non grata onboard the Independence and so he packed his bags without gaining any profit from his stay in the cell.

The energy shortage that plagued over large time the 2nd year of the journey has been solved. The Independence spent 2 months in an unnamed star system to harvest dilithium in a particulary rich astroid belt. This of course delayed the schedule for the 5 year mission again and therefore the captain ordered to fly with warp 7 instead warp 6 to compensate the loss of time.

During these 2 months the chief engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Patrick O'Rourke, has begun his therapy about his paranoia of telepathic capable crewmembers. All of this is a long term project under Lt. Anra Vaden. O'Rourke is naturally avoiding the whole topic and likes to bury himself somewhere in engineering instead than regularly visiting the dear counselor. Only his Captain takes time to talk sense to him and nudges him to undergo his therapy. Progress is slow.

And now to the actual adventure. The episode is called: Runaway!

* Riashaala Idisha yawns a little as she takes her tour of duty on the science console, she checks the previous tour reports while sipping coffee.

The Captain is hosting again an infamous dinner in his private quarters, guests included are: His orion babe named Anvaar, Doctor Idisha, the cute Idisha, Lt. Scofield.


* Zhen is the cute Idisha!

* Riashaala Idisha *was* yawning and checking and all

* Anton Scofield is having a non-alcoholic boring beer at the bar

* Riashaala Idisha readied herself for the dinner at the captain table. For the Nth time, she realizes she has nothing else to wear than her uniform

The computer friendly reminds the invited guests that in 10 minutes is the time when the captain set the dinner.

* Zhen does not care about he is really wearing and is preparing new and interesting biological technobabble for everyone to enjoy at dinner

* Anton Scofield is obviously not any more at the bar

Zhen: What? Already? *walks merrily towards the dining room*

Anton Scofield: *makes a clenched salute* Captain

* Riashaala Idisha goes as well and yells at her cousin when she saw him

Riashaala Idisha: Hey, Zhen, you were invited *again* ?

Lt. Scofield is infront of the door.

Zhen: Who better? Well except for you, that is.

and obviously the other ones are joining just in time as well.

Zhen: Sometimes I think that we Idishas are only qualified people on this ship.

Riashaala Idisha: You think I should offer a cactus to Tiron green skinned companion ? As a token of welcome

Zhen: And your sarcasm sas been noticed, cousin.

Zhen: Anvaar? *shrugs* I guess she likes green.

Riashaala Idisha: I think I have a specie that produce a sticky substance, a semi-carnivorous one. That would fit her

Zhen: Yes I see that. I agree. Ahem... Today for everyone's enjoyment I prepared a llittle explanation on how cooperative long-term potentiation can map memory sequences and dendritic branches. It is also good for making dinner jokes and puns.

* Riashaala Idisha sighs deeply

Riashaala Idisha: Seriously... men... you just have to hang bells on your behind and move your hips to get them...

Zhen: Yes I find it fascinating too.

* Riashaala Idisha nods at the captain door direction "lets go"

Zhen: Balls? Hips? Are you going native cousin? *follows her*

Riashaala Idisha: Seems it works... On Tiron at least.

* Riashaala Idisha rings at the captain door

So you ring the door's bell infront of the captain's quarters and the trio of officers are not waiting long.

* Riashaala Idisha pokes Zhen ribs "and if I catch you looking at that woman curves, I skin you"

The door opens and you instantly smell that something is cooking and infront of you is a relative tall green skinned beauty in a deep blue gown. Needless to say this one is extra tailored to emphasize her .. assets.

Anvaar: Welcome, you're finally here! *she smiles appreciatingly*

Anvaar: Come in!

* Riashaala Idisha enters and goes to hug Aanvar tightly

* Anton Scofield steps in

Riashaala Idisha: Anvaar ! Good to see you again

Anton Scofield: *makes a small chin gesture* Ma'am

Zhen: Huh? Me why? *blinks at his cousin* Are we having a weird cousin moment now?

Zhen: Ah... ahem... good evening.

* Anvaar returns the hug to the blue cutie: "I'm glad you're here to join us today, Ria!"

* Riashaala Idisha makes a face behind Aanvar back when she hugs the Orion woman

* Zhen grins and shrugs to her

Anvaar: Make yourself comfortable, Tiron is in the kitchen.

* Ensign Robert MacDougal likes man eating bimbos

* Ensign Aleksandra Vasilieva enjoys a girls-only evening in the 12 o'clock.

Zhen: He is? Oh good then that I have taken my stomach relaxing shots.

* Anton Scofield takes a sit

* Zhen says it as a joke but with deadly serious face

Anvaar: Oh, it's really tastey. I have full confidence that you won't regret it.

Zhen: I'm not so sure.

* Zhen still has a poker face and is wondering why is no one laughing

* Anvaar calls: "Tiron, your guest are starving."

* Riashaala Idisha goes siting

* Zhen is being a star of the party "Oh no, we are not. We ate before we came here, just in case."

Tiron Eks: Just a moment. Why don't you serve some of the bottle I've put on the shelv?

* Pat III thinks that Zhen is funny

* Anvaar goes to serve a wine for the 3 guests.

* Riashaala Idisha asks Zhen "You're going to drink alcohol cousin ?

Zhen: Of course. There is no Idisha that does not like to get drunk and make a mess of the party.

* Cactus laughs to doc Zhen's amazing wit and charm

* Riashaala Idisha says with a not-so-sft-tone-so-everyone-can-hear "I must be careful with alcohol otherwise, drunk, I can become naughty", she looks obviously at Tiron when stating this

* Anton Scofield thinks Doc Idisha might have been the life of the party... in medicine students party....

* Tiron Eks comes to the main room, together with 5 dishes on his arm carrying.

* Zhen was life of the party among coroners!

Zhen: Ah Tiron! You must hear a fascinating story of how cooperative long-term potentiation can map memory sequences and dendritic branches!

Tiron Eks: Welcome to my little restaurant, today on the menu: Bajoran Larsih Pie together with Tulabery Wine.

Tiron Eks: You're going not going to host again a lecture like during our days at the academy, are you?

Zhen: No? I brought visual aids too...

Anton Scofield: *whispers to Ria* if your cousin is so in love with the sound of his voice, why doesn't he just record it and replay it ?

Anton Scofield: *whispers* he doesn't really need someone to hear him, a picture of smiling kids would do the trick

* Riashaala Idisha replies "Don't give him that idea or he may start giving you records of his speeches"

Tiron Eks: Well, you should try eating first to have the strength to tell us then your fascinating tale.

* Nurse%20Church would love to hear about how cooperative long-term potentiation can map memory sequences and dendritic branches!

* Anvaar served everyone the wine and takes place on the seat next to Tiron.

Zhen: Ah yes. The food! You should try Ria's special fish stew.

Zhen: Well I did not eat it since we left home, and replicated junk is just tasteless.

Zhen: But SOME LUCKY MAN would be happy to have her as a wife.

Anvaar: You should try what we have here. I had to resist all day long this good smell.

* Riashaala Idisha stares at her plate

Tiron Eks: Bon apetite!

* Riashaala Idisha starts her meal

Tiron Eks: Or how would Ambassador Picard say that?

* Tiron Eks looks at Ria: "Does the meal stare at you?"

* Riashaala Idisha says, while eating "Dunno, It'sh an old forgotten earsh dialect... quebecan or shomething"

Zhen: Hmmmm... *tastes it* It is good, I agree, but sadly this is nothing like Ria's stew. Do you know that it is a recipe of our ancestor? It was our grand-grand-grand-grandmother I believe. It is told that she went on the sea by herself to catch fish and then gut it and clean it with special tools she made just for that.

* Riashaala Idisha comments her plate content "Well, a man who know how to cook can't be a bad one"

Riashaala Idisha: Yeah, she was also working as a harponner, hunting for ice orca on a whaler

* Anvaar places one of her hand on Tiron's: "He's my jewel. I remember first time on Risa when he came back from swimming at the beach of Risa ... I'll never forget that view and knew exactly he was it."

Zhen: That woman knew how to live. True, many say hwo she was crazy, but best recipes came from her. Hmmmm... funnily I believe her name was also Riashaala.

* Tiron Eks tastes his own food with his free hand.

* Zhen mutters to himself "Orion girl on Risa... how original..."

* Riashaala Idisha mumbles "I always wondered how far down were going those spots..."

Tiron Eks: Harpooing ice orcas? Here's my proposal: next time you're going to host a meal for us.

Zhen: I am decent at fishing, but harpoons would be more Ria's thing. *chuckles*

Tiron Eks: So we have a deal then?

Riashaala Idisha: If you can handle the cold, hunting ice orca is something to live through. On holodeck, however.

Riashaala Idisha: Hunting the real orcas is forbidden since eons now

Zhen: But holodeck does not give you food... *sighs*

Tiron Eks: Next time we stuck with energy problems and have to mine 2 months some astroid belt in a barren system I'll come back to that.

Tiron Eks: Someone has to invent to make food out of photons and forcefields.

Riashaala Idisha: Hunting is something... but with all the environmental procedures during our survey, I don't even dare to set a trap for rabbits. Not that I'm complaining... but well... Holodecks now

Zhen: Bah... that's not food.

Anton Scofield: for once, I agreed with the Doc

Anton Scofield: holodecks are fine to practice, but you don't feel like the real thing

That's when the rather peaceful moment is disturbed by a call.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Bridge to Capain Eks.

* Zhen eats his meal

* Tiron Eks rolls eyes, he clicks his combadge: "Go ahead, Number One."

* Anvaar mumbles: "Am I not your number one?"

* Riashaala Idisha rolls eyes

* Zhen does the same as his cousin

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm sorry to disturb your dinner captain, but we're receiving a distress call, only one and a half lightyear away from here.

* Riashaala Idisha says softly to Anton "I bet it's for you"

Tiron Eks: Set a course to the origin of the distress call, warp 9.

Tiron Eks: Anything else we know of the call?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We don't know who it is, but it's coming from the surface of a planet. It's a general distress signal, no specifics.

Tiron Eks: Alright, I'll come to the bridge.

Tiron Eks: Eks out.

Tiron Eks: I guess our dinner has to wait.

Riashaala Idisha: It seems... a planet calling for help ? A whole planet ? Or someone stranded ?

Zhen: It is okay my presentation on how cooperative long-term potentiation can map memory sequences and dendritic branches is ready for next time.

Anton Scofield: how fortunate...

Tiron Eks: We'll soon find that out.

* Riashaala Idisha then goes to the bridge after her captain

The USS Independence darts through space relative fast with Warp 9. It doesn't take very long for the sistership of the Enterprise to reach the said location and see what's wrong. The Captain and his officers are on the bridge.

* Zhen goes after her cousin (but not before sipping wine)

Lt Salpan Codanadal: We've reached high orbit of the 4th planet of system JR-2134, we're directly vertically above the source of the distress signal, within a error tolerance of 1 meter. *he looks proud*

* Riashaala Idisha checks her science console for clues on what is happening

* Zhen for now just hangs there and observes what is happening

Tiron Eks: Let's see what we have. Idisha, scan the planet.

* Riashaala Idisha scans the planet

Idisha scans are working clearly and there's no malfunction of the sensors or alike. It's a class M planet, roughly 50% is covered by water, most of the continents inhabit typical flora and fauna with their various climates. There's one exception though, at the location of the where the distress beacon is. Roughly 5000 humanoid lifeforms are detected, it must be a settlement of someone.

Riashaala Idisha: It's a rather arid class-M planet captain. Apparently with a breathable atmosphere and correct pressure. No sentients detected save at one spot... which is exactly from where the signal is coming. So I suppose w're are contacted by a sort of colonial settlement. It seems 5000 persons are down there

Tiron Eks: It's time to beam down then and see what they got.

Tiron Eks: Number One, take an away team and scout the situation.

* Riashaala Idisha performs a serie of checks to be certain of the non-toxicity of the planet surface

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yes sir. Doctor, Lieutenant Idisha and Lieutenant Scofield. *bleep* Kaur Siddhu to Lieutenant Arquero, report to transporter room 3.

* Riashaala Idisha finishes her checks and gets ready

* Zhen was trying to slowly flee the bridge then stops being caught before he managed to flee to his den in sickbay "Already here."

Idisha's scans of toxic elements reveal that there's nothing of unusual high toxic dose. The away team will perfectly breath there without breathing in anything wrong.

Anton Scofield: *whispers* maybe we'll have that fishing party, after all...

* Zhen contacts sickbay "Nurse Church please be kind and prepare me a medical away kit in transporter room 3."

* Anton Scofield exits bridge and heads to his room to prepare "arid word type" exploration package

Sickbay responds:

* Riashaala Idisha gets equipment to purify water, scan food for toxic elements and so on.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Doctor Peshana here. Nurse church isn't here right now. I'll have you a kit prepared here for you to pick it up.

Zhen: Don't mess it up doctor. Nurse Church knows exactly my requirements.

Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana: Do you need a hyperspanner as well?

Zhen: Not funny,doctor. Not funny at all.

* Lt Cdr Sebastian Peshana shrugs and closes comm channel.

* Riashaala Idisha packs a few supplemental water bottles for the survey team

So you all get your away team equipment from your work stations.

The away team is assembling in Transporter Room 3.

* Zhen goes to transporter room 3 hoping that PEshana did not mess up his medical kit

Some hypo charges are placed in a different order than Zhen prefers to.

Else everything is included what he needs from his kit.

Lt Paula Harrison: You must all feel lucky! Finally again an exciting assignment after all the borness we had in the last couple of months!

* Zhen of course complaining how this kit is not on par with any real medical standards

Zhen: I feel so incredibly lucky.

Zhen: By the way HArrison, are you interested in how cooperative long-term potentiation can map memory sequences and dendritic branches?

Lt Stefan Arquero: I at least do! Another assignment than regularly maintaining the lateral sensor arrays.

* Riashaala Idisha is happily ready

Lt Paula Harrison: Wow, interesting! Is that a bad thing, doctor?

Zhen: It is a good thing, I will explain you all about it when I come back.

* Zhen falsely interprets Arquero's "I do"

* Anton Scofield comes to Transporter room 3 with a arid survival kit, supplemented by various tools and weapons to breach in buildings

Zhen: To you too Arquero.

Zhen: I am glad that SOMEONE is interested in something so fascinating!

* Lt Paula Harrison gestures and smiles: "From the stars, knowledge, hrm?"

Zhen: I am glad that SOMEONE is interested in something so fascinating!

Lt Paula Harrison: I can also tell you of the theory of transwarp beaming. Beam onto a ship that flies with warp. That's truely crazy.

Zhen: That can be used for medical emergencies. Huuumuuum... we must definitely talk later.

* Riashaala Idisha nods in agreement

* Zhen whispers to his cousin "Cosin if you ever want to find a man do what I do here. Dazzle them and be straightforward."

* Riashaala Idisha replies "You're single, right ?"

Zhen: Only by choice cousin, only by choice. When I'll be ready for relationship I can only twitch with my antenna and I'll get a wife.

Zhen: Trust me, I'm older and wiser than you.

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu finally enters the transporter room, simply armed with a tricorder and a hand-held phaser holstered at her belt.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Time to beam, gang. *goes to transporter platform*

* Zhen is andorian chick magnet and holds himself as such

* Riashaala Idisha goes to the transporter pad

* Zhen steps too

Lt Paula Harrison: I've pinpointed the distress signal coming from a building near the center of the settlement. I'll beam you down next to the communication building.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Understood, energize!

* Anton Scofield goes in

* Riashaala Idisha is full of energy !

* Zhen whispers to Ria "Also I think Harrison likes me. She probably idolizes me for the rescue mission on that cursed station."

And you're all flashed by a bright blue light. No ... you're not dead yet. The bright light is replaced by a settlement you've beamed in, apparently you're at a plaza or sort of such, the building Harrison mentioned is about 30 meters behind you.

* Zhen immediately starts scaning for unusual or interesting microorganisms

Interestingly enough, you don't see immediatly anybody at the plaza, do they hide?

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu also starts to scan the environment: "They must be here, I detect several dozen lifesigns."

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu simply calls out loudly: "Hello? Somebody here?"

Zhen: Maybe we scare them.

Anton Scofield: wait that they'll hear you speak..

Zhen: Or see you eat.

Anton Scofield: I can refrain from eating, can you refrain from babbling ?

* Riashaala Idisha just looks around, wandering a little

Zhen: Deal. I can stop speaking if you stop eating. Let's put a bet on one month?

Riashaala Idisha: At worst, we can still go where that signal is emitted

Anton Scofield: no way, you'll find a way to cheat

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Yeah, let's do this.

Zhen: Mhmm...

Commander Kaur Siddhu leads the team to the communication building, the atmossphere is a bit dry, but it's warm.

* Riashaala Idisha observes the buildings and tries to get an idea on the local tech level

Zhen is taking readings and samples of microorganism. It's natural that there are several hundred different of micro organism on a class M planet. So far nothing unusual detected.

The Tech level looks quite comparable with that of Starfleet.

Zhen: Good news is that around us there are no microscopic surprises.

* Zhen smells something bad or funny happening soon

* Zhen doubs it

Scofield visually takes impression of the settlement architecture. It reminds him of several different training programs he used to lecture during his days as Academy Instructor. The Way the buildings are formed and their architecture strongly remind him of one thing: Romulans.

Anton Scofield: hmm, I have a bad feeling about this...

Zhen: I always have bad feelings when I'm with you.

Anton Scofield: *to Kaur Siddhu* see those roofs, and those angles there, and how the walls are slightly curving... this really looks like Romulan buildings

Zhen: Romulans? I wondered when we will bump into them. *grunts*

* Riashaala Idisha looks surprised (she was thinking it may be Ferengi)

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: *ponders* I believe you're right. Nontheless, someone has emitted a distress signal.

Zhen: Maybe it is a trap. If it is Romulans... it suits their modus operandi.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We're at least 800 lightyears away from the next romulan installation. It doesn't suit them to have such a distant settlement here.

Zhen: Mhm... and so far we met Romulans and Tholians.

Zhen: Ah and an Orion.

Riashaala Idisha: And a Ferengi

The team walked tot he door of the communication building and suprisingly the door opens when coming close. Obviously nobody installed a security measure to grant only access to selected people for such quite an important building.

Zhen: And a Fereni, yes.

* Riashaala Idisha thinks they may not expect visitors or intruders

Zhen: But you can find them anywere.

Riashaala Idisha: We also had some Klingons

* Riashaala Idisha evaluates the building condition to get an idea if it's abandonned since long or not

The building looks fairly intact, it isn't abandonned for long if at all.

Anton Scofield: Stefan, can you detect any sign of electromagnetic activity around ?

Lt Stefan Arquero: Yup. We have here an energy conduit that feeds the whole building, the antenna that emits the distress signal and various computer aided systems to control and regulate communication.

Riashaala Idisha: People here left not so long ago. Maybe their departure is tied to the distress signal. Meaning the danger came here and got them.

Zhen: Or they lured us in.

Doctor Idisha's andorian hearing is receiving, something, he hears someone moaning, probably in the level or two above them.

Riashaala Idisha: Don't be so pessimistic, Zhen

Zhen: Can you hear that?

* Zhen twitches with antennas

Riashaala Idisha: Aye

Zhen: It seems like someone is... moaning? From below?

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: It might be the one in distress?

Riashaala Idisha: Below ?

Riashaala Idisha: Speaking of below I was wondering if I could not start a geological survey to check for underground facilities.

Jada thinks doctor zhen has drunken too much already.

Zhen: No, no... above... above. Hummm...

* Diana would like to marry a doctor

Riashaala Idisha: All those people are supposed to be around. Now they may just be hiding behind curtains. Or they hide underground, the most common safe place

So the team is going?

Zhen: Or it's a trap. In any case someone moaning maybe needs medical help.

Zhen: Or it is there as a bait.

Zhen: I hear Romulans booby trap living prisoners.

* Riashaala Idisha asks Kaur Siddhu for her approval to get away from the team to run her geological survey (while they investigate the moaning sounds)

Zhen: I am against splitting up until we see what is going on cousin.

Zhen: You can check rocks later.

Lt Stefan Arquero: Why thinking so negatively about them? So far I haven't seen a living romulan here.

Zhen: I hope you won't think negatively of them ater they blow us all up.

Riashaala Idisha: Zhen, you're against about anything that doesn't come from you. You'd be against the sun rising if you could

Zhen: If it is Romulan sun... yes!

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Not now, Lieutenant. We clear first this person or group in need for help and what they do need and see if it's maybe something malicious infact. After it we may go for secondary related science studies.

* Zhen seems pleased at that

* Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu told so to Ria infact.

* Zhen still imagines it was told to him

* Riashaala Idisha nods at Kaur Siddhu opinion

* Riashaala Idisha follows the team then

* Zhen mutters to Ria "Don't make me tie you down somewhere."

So the team goes upstairs, probably to the main control room for this communication building. Now everyone can hear the moaning of what appears to be originating from a male.

By sheer luck of a random number generator does Ria find the body of an adult, laying behind a console station.

Riashaala Idisha: There !

Riashaala Idisha: Zhen ! Come !

* Riashaala Idisha rushes to help the moaning male

* Zhen hurrries to see what is going on and if his services are needed

* Someone moans in pain.

Obviously the relative young male has pointy ears.

* Riashaala Idisha checks, still, if the person is armed...who knows... when in panic

Zhen: Ria be careful of booby traps! *tries to get himself in front of Ria*

* Someone isn't having any visible weapons with him.

* Riashaala Idisha let the cousin handle the situation

* Zhen goes to very carefully check someone!

Someone: *shows no apparent reaction to an andorian coming closer to him*

What does the Doctor carefully check?

Zhen: If I blow up now tell Arquero that I sad "Ha! I told you so."

* Zhen goes with standard medical check for emergencies

Vital signs are rapidly decreasing. He'll be dead within the next 30 minutes, internal bleeding caused by cellular liquidation on numerous vital organs are detected. And most and shockingly, it's a vulcan!

Zhen: What in the name of the universe? This is not Romulan it's a Vulcan and he is in critical condition!

* Zhen tries to do field first aid to stabvilyze the patient and then prepare hm for beaming up to sickbay

Lt Stefan Arquero: Can anyone care to explain me why we find a vulcan in the middle of a romulan settlement?

Zhen: They are distant cousins and well there were tries for reunion of the species... who knows. Damn that Peshana why are instruments not where they are supposed to be?!

Doctor Idisha can't do much except put the young aged vulcan male in a better lying position and inject him a miracolous hypospray to slower the metabolism rate within his blood, but this might give the vulcan man maybe an additional 2 minutes max.

Zhen: Sickbay. Prepare for emergency beam up. Vulcan male with following condition... *recites tricorder data*

* Riashaala Idisha is puzzled by the apparent mix of Vulcan and Romulan here

For a little while there's no response from sickbay, when suddenly the combadge of Kaur Siddhu chirps:

Tiron Eks: *red alert siren can be heard* Independence to away team, we can't beam you up right now. Mere moments ago a romulan warbird has decloacked and points its weapons at us! Stand-by! *comm is closed*

Zhen: Of course.

What is each of the away team doing now?

Zhen: We must find this place's medical section. This vulcan has 30 minutes tops.

Zhen: I can save him but he needs operation.

Zhen's professionalism tells him that even with miraculous equipment onboard the ship it's absolutely no guarantee that he'd save him.

* Zhen is a medical genius of course he CAN save him!

Riashaala Idisha: Ok... where do we have power sources, first ?

* Riashaala Idisha checks her own tricorder

Riashaala Idisha: Because equipment without power...

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: And where do we find a hospital in this settlement?

* Riashaala Idisha says hopefully "Where there is power ?"

Zhen: They must have soehting.

Zhen: And I agree with my cousin, medbay without power means nothing.

* Lt Stefan Arquero's scans environment: "I detect a network of energy conduits, several buildings still have power like this one."

So you do anything special now?

* Riashaala Idisha goes checking the surroundings fast

Zhen: I suggest that we split up but not too far.

Anton Scofield: hmm, I would sugges not to stay here in plain sight, Commander

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Alright, we split up. But we still need to carry this vulcan to the hospital if we find one. Can you transport him and is it safe?

Zhen: I will need a stretcher, but we can improvise one. If we do it gently there should be no problems with his condition. The problem is that we have 30 minutes at best. I stabilyzed him a bit but there si so much I can do with field kit. In emergency I can try field operation with what I ahve here. But I would prefer proper conditions.

Riashaala Idisha: I can help with the stretcher and all... Scofield can probably find the right place without me

* Riashaala Idisha is an enlightened amateur at survival, she is confident she can find what to fabricate a decent stretcher

Zhen: And keep your eyes open for more wounded.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: Alright, you do your best here, Doctor. Arquero, you go with Scofield, assist him in finding any medical installation.

* Zhen is confident in his skills to heal the vulcan

Zhen: Yes commander.

Anton Scofield: aye, Commander

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'll try my luck with the controls here at the communication station.

Zhen: I don't have to tell you to be careful. If this installation is Romulan... you know the rest.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: I'm quite experienced with romulan behavior.

* Riashaala Idisha scavenges the surrounding buildings to fabricate a solid stretcher

* Zhen grunts something that may be concern for commander or just one of his common grunts

Scofield and Arquero are going outside, what then?

* Anton Scofield checks every building, carefully stepping in each, in case of ambushers

* Zhen keeps steady watch on vulcan as he was ordered

The improvised stretcher made out of various things found in the communication building is of an okay quality and will suffice for the next 25 minutes until the vulcan is dead.

Scofield and Arquero find out that in various building are several corpses. All with pointy ears.

* Riashaala Idisha brings back her stretcher to Zhen and help the cousin to the best of her ability to... haul the wounded ?

The condition of the patient is going worse. Whatever liquidates the cells, it also starts to effect the neural pathways. The breathing flatens of the vulcan, until it ceases completly, which would mean he's dead in the next 2 minutes even!

* Anton Scofield checks if some are still alive and if not what killed them

Zhen: Oh no! No, you won't. *cracks open his (wrongly set by PEshana!) medical kit and tries to stimulate his breathing and heart!

* Riashaala Idisha transforms into a nurse !

Whatever killed them, it wasn't a disruptor or other likewise classic weapon. All of them are having a greenish foam coming out of their mouth and their skin is partially eaten away, probably due to whatever caused this here.

There's only one way to stabilize his breathing, use mechanical force to pump his heart.

* Zhen is not squemish, if needed he will massage his heart directly!

Zhen is building muscles like his grand-dad during the 23rd century onboard the vanguard if he keeps pumping like this. It'll help the vulcan to alive for the next 25 minutes if maintained.

Zhen: I... need... that... sickbay. Actually he needs it. Good job Ria. You are not nurse Church, but you are next best thing. *keeps pumping*

* Riashaala Idisha bites her lip, unable to assist more

* Riashaala Idisha hits her communicator "This is Ria... we need a medical facility ! Emergency here"

Finally Arquero and Scofield find something that seems to be like a medical facility, and it's even getting some energy!

* Riashaala Idisha sent this to the rest of the away team

Anton Scofield: *clics* Scofield to Dr Idisha

Zhen: I hope you have good noews for me Scofield.

Anton Scofield: I am in what looks like the local medical facility

Anton Scofield: it seems powered

And there are dozens of corpses too (I forgot to tell)

Zhen: Excellent. I need one person here to help with the stretcher. I cannot do it sicne I ahve my hands full with keeping this vulcan's life.

Anton Scofield: I'll come back while Arquero see waht he can do with devices here

Zhen: Ria in sickbay you will have to be my nurse. I will guide you, but I hope you know the basics.

Zhen: Excelelnt. Hurry.

Anton Scofield: *cuts com* exact opposite of breaking bones, shouldn't be that hard...

Lt Stefan Arquero: I'm an engineer, not a nurse!

Anton Scofield: don't pay attention, the Doc like to hear the sound of his voice, it makes him feel important

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: The communication to the Independence is scrambled, I can't contact her.

Riashaala Idisha: I know some basics

Anton Scofield: see if there is anything here we could use to help him take care of his patient. I'll be back in a few

* Anton Scofield heads back to Idishabros

Zhen: I just hope that romulans have a decent hospital. Or at least decent field triage room.

Cdr Sadhvi Kaur Siddhu: We'll find that out every moment.

So the team is hauling one half dead vulcan to the hospital?

* Riashaala Idisha drags the injured Vulcan to the place located by the rest of the team

* Zhen is giving him CPR as they do

Upon entering the medical facility it's rather a little praxis, designed to handle normally day to day medical task, not to conduct an intensive operation. Quite many corpses are in this building, all of them with pointy ears.

Zhen: Lovely, just lovely... but this should do.

* Anton Scofield picks corpses to make room for Zhen's patient

* Riashaala Idisha will clear the place from any corpse close to where the Vulcan will be treated

* Zhen agrees grudgingly

* Zhen gives instructions to everyone what to prepare and do

Doctor Idisha is still doing CPR, but he has merely 15 minutes left to do a last minute emergency operation on the vulcan. There's some medical equipment in this praxis, but nothing that would stop the process of the cell liquidation entirely like with a stasis field or transporter buffer beam.

* Zhen gives instructions to others to do patient's blood analysis for him and uses his medical knowledge (and ingenuity!) to use existing equpment in unusual ways

* Riashaala Idisha performs as instructed, having only knwoledge in biology (so I guess she can somewhat interpret tricorder readings but doesn't know much about medical practice)

Doctor Zhen instructed to Commander Kaur Siddhu to do the CRP while Zhen is working with his make-shift nurse on a way to prevent certain death of the vulcan. Now his genius intellect thought of ways how to counter act this liquidation process. He'd need certain bio-chemical things to slower even more the liquidation process and used what earth amphibians can do during winter. He injected a substance to maintain the cell and DNA structure throughout the body of the vulcan and then put the vulcan in a morgue. Now this isn't exactly a treatment to the vulcan, but by this way the vulcan is preserved just barely alive for the next 5 days, effectvily giving Idisha more time to think of a cure.

* Zhen wipes sweat

This is all under the circumstance that the morgue gets constantly energy to keep the temperature low.

* Zhen explains to others what he did and then addresses one concern...

Riashaala Idisha: stasis*

Zhen: Indeed, but we have a possible problem. I seriusly hope I am just paranoid now, but... From what I observed here this may be a symptome of some new biological weapon. Be it poison or virus. Look at the corpses the foam is one of classic symptoms. Also cell degeneration in our patient is not natural, obviously. The problem is that if it is still arund and we are infected too.

Zhen: If it was poison, it is probably gone, except maybe in some sediments around. But if ti is virus or bacteria, that for some reason can cloak itself... I don't have to finish this.

And when Doctor Idisha didn't dare to finish this, you hear the sound of teleporters. Nope, not the sounds of typical starfleet technology. More stealthier and subtle, like from a Romulan transporter!

Zhen: Of course...

* Riashaala Idisha looks left and right

And the scene goes black.

Anton Scofield: someone to answer your questions... *picks his phaser*

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