Drake's Dozen - Captain Seth Drake and his bridge crew

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Drake's Dozen - Captain Seth Drake and his bridge crew

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Career: Tactical
Race: Human Male
Age: 28
Ship: USS Claymore (Prometheus class fleet escort)
Previous Command: USS Celt, USS Spartan, USS Cossack, USS Gurkha
Career: Helmsman aboard the USS Claymore and USS Independence before taking command of the USS Celt
Education: Graduated from the Advanced Tactical Training Center, Syria Planum, Mars
Fleet: Independence Fleet

Always vigilant

Since taking command of the USS Celt as the most senior officer on board during the carnage seen when the Borg returned to the Alpha Quadrant, Seth Drake has risen quickly through the chain of command. He has proven himself to be dynamic, decisive and, when necessary, deadly in the conflicts the Federation is engaged in.
Drake has become respected and feared in equal measure among the Klingons and Romulans as he and his dedicated crew score tactical victories.
On the service Drake can seem a little aloof and there is a darkness in his eyes perhaps caused by the weight of responsibility on his shoulders and the things he has seen in war. However, he is charming and confidant in all situations.
He is respected among his tight knit crew and counts several of them as friends, especially chief medical officer Kari Suter, first officer Sun Bakk and engineer Horatio Chen.

Flanked by medical officer Kari Suter and chief engineer Six of Nine

Seth Drake has a bond with fellow Starfleet officers Gabriel Grant, Drezden Lux, Nilmar Dexter and Janet Stockwell (now known as Six of Nine). Collectively they are known as the Amazon Five. They were crew on the USS Claymore when it was sent through a temporal/spacial anomaly to face the coming Borg onslaught three years before they reappeared in the Alpha Quadrant. Engineer Horatio Chen devised a way for a shuttlecraft, the Amazon, to enter the cube. Drake piloted the shuttle with tactical officer Gabriel Grant. Joined Trill science officer Drezden Lux and engineers Janet Stockwell and Nilmar Dexter were tasked with disabling the cube.
The plan was successful but with some sacrifices. Janet Stockwell and Nilmar Dexter were both assimilated by the Borg. Dexter was rescued just before the cube was disabled but Janet Stockwell was believed to be lost.
It would be five years before Drake and the crew of the USS Spartan liberated Stockwell, now known as Six of Nine, from the Borg.


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