How I do sidekicking

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How I do sidekicking Empty How I do sidekicking

Post  Seetherius on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:41 pm

While we have no functional sidekick system in Star Trek Online I have successfully tested yesterday with Rhino how you can enjoy the space part of the game and don't blast everything into oblivion with one torpedo shot.

This is what I do to be more on level with Rhino's lieutenant char and me having already a captain (in game terms):
  • Energy Setting set to speed: So it should be like 25/25/100/50. This ensures that my phasers won't burn through everything with just one or two shots. In addition my shields aren't also that strong. In Starbase 24 mission yesterday have the klingons managed it then to wear down my shields and do considerable hull damage.
  • One Phaser array only: I refrain myself from firing all available weapons. Instead I use only one phaser array at a time. Also torpedoes have been rarely employed.
  • Not using all the time BO powers: I seldom have pressed any powers of my BOs. In most case I have used only science team 1 to boost Rhino's shilds or emergency power to shields 1 to reinforce my shields if all the ships are pounding me.

And on ground you play the game as always, just shoot everything. I have to say it was fun yesterday to play it like that. Smile

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How I do sidekicking Empty Re: How I do sidekicking

Post  Rhino on Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:17 pm

Yes it was fun and I did not feel as if Mes is too powerful and that because of that I have no challenge... actually I was in quite few quite hairy situations. So this works okay until we get proper "SK" option. Smile

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