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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Logs of the Angel Fleet

Post  Rhino on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:26 pm

WARNING - There may be spoilers below. Basis of these logs are actual missions and happenings in game. Some are changed beyond recognition and linked in stories that are not in game, but some are almost unchanged. Read at your own risk.

Stardate 87598.20 - Maiden Voyage
After all the preparations and trouble, USS Eir finally got green light to set off to the sea of stars! Our first mission is a simple one... to escort an ambassador to P'Jem monastery. That should ot be a problem at all, I think. Also Aria has noticed captain MacDougal lurking around, using his "Romulan ale destillery", probably keeping an eye on us just in case.

Supplemental - Rescue of USS Argent
On our maiden voyage to P'Jem we recived a distress call from USS Argent, a medical vessel. Their warp core breached and on top of that they were under attack of Orion pirates. We tried to negotiate with pirates, but it was not successful so we had to defend the Argent from them while a team beamed onboard to rescue the crew.
We were helped by oddly familar trill mercenary who was in the area, although he was not really interested in saving lives as in "saving" technology from the ship.
Fortunately whole crew was rescued, but sadly Argent was lost.
We are continuing our trip to P'Jem happy that we managed to save lives on our first trip.

Supplemental - Klingons at P'Jem!
We hoped for a warm welcome from Vulcan monks, but instead for some reason we got intercepted by a Klingon squadron. They calim that our honored guest ambassador is actually an Undine spy!
We asked for some time to investigate but Klingons were not willing to talk so we had to avoid their blockade and sneak on P'Jem. Aria masked our ship's energy signature which helped a lot.
Unfortunately Klingons saw through our ruse and sent soldiers after us. While P'Jem is truly a beautiful place, we could not avoid confrontation with Klingons there, but at least we tried to be as sneaky as possible.
In the end, it turned out that the Klingons were correct. Our passenger was a spy! But why couldn't they talked to us nicely? All this mess and combat would have been avoided.

Supplemental - Arcadia to the rescue!
USS Arcadia saved us from the undine ship that was waiting for u in an ambush in orbit of P'Jem. I must remember to send captain Macdougal a thank-you present.

Supplemental - Independence near hit!
Whoever was at the helm of USS Independence when we exited P'Jem system should go back at piloting school! They almost hit us!

Supplemental - The monks are okay.
T'Dana cleared whole mess with P'Jem monks. They are not upset and they sent us some nice P'Jem souvenirs.

Supplemental - The mercenary.
The mercenary who helped us oddly resembles captain Eks of USS Independence. Maybe he is his cousin?

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Where no woman has gone before...

Post  Rhino on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:39 pm

Stardate 87600.94 - Where no woman has gone before...
Angel Fleet contacts in Starfleet informed us that there may be needy races in Delta Volanis sector. It is largely unexplored area of space which means we could find new and unknown races and places. This is our first trip outside of Federation territory, but I am sure we will do well!

Supplemental - C-440 plague.
We were in Delta Volanis for few light years and we already found a system in need. On our star charts it was marked as C-440 and it was located on the border of beautiful orange nebula. There we met Serenians, a space faring race known to Federation for some time now. They are peaceful and friendly people. They had a medical emergency on the colony they had on the planet and we gladly helped them with medical supplies and our own medical knowledge. The plague caused by native microorganisms was stopped and Serenians shared with us their technical expertise in life support systems. We may see them again.

Supplemental - U084-Psi asteroid belt.
Aria detected unusual particles in U084-Psi asteroid belt so we spent some time scanning and gathering them.
We found a lot of interesting mineral and radiation samples, but also unusual Beta-Tachyon particle traces.

Supplemental - D-X 211 pirates.
Aria detected definite artificial sygnal from D-X 211 asteroid belt. After some decoding it seems to be an SOS one also seemingly of Serenian origin. We found a silent base so I decided to investigate. Unfortunately we found Nausicaan pirates not willing to solve anything with words and imprisoned Serenian scientists. Nausicaans wanted this base's research which was ancient alien artifacts of some sort. Unfortunately we are not soldiers and their forces were heavily armed. We sent a distress call to starfleet to come and help the scientists.
I hope everything will be okay.

Supplemental - Artifacts in space.
It does seem that this sector trul has an abundance of ancient alien artifacts. We found some old tablets floating in free space! They must have been floating in space for thousands or millions of years! We are currently trying to decipher what is written on those mysterious space faring tablets.

Supplemental - Crashed probe.
Starfleet has contacted us about the deep space exploration probe they lost somewhere in system U-E 956. Since we are currently closest ship to its location we were asked to search for it.
Unfortunately the probe crashed on a planet with primitive pre-warp Hinoan culture who already started to worship probe's fall as sign from the heavens. We had to be very careful to stay hidden and collect all pieces and bits of the probe. Not only that but we also detected dangerous levels of radiation leaking from the probe.
Hinoan planet is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. On one side they have beautiful palm trees and flowers, but on the other hand they have dangerous lava flows. Hionans seem quite spiritual people believing that they can divine things by gazing in lava flows.
We managed to collect all pieces without any problems, cleaned radiation traces and left Hinoans to live in peace.
Starfleet should really be more careful with their probes, not only because of Prime Directive, but also for safety reasons. What if that probe crashed on populated area?
As one interesting thing, on crashed probe we found traces of Anyon particles. Could that have something to do with probe crash?

Supplemental - Klingons again!
We went back to first Starfleet base to deliver the rescued probe only to find the base under attack by Klingons! As usual talking did little good which makes me wonder how successful will we be in asking Klingons in general to support Angel Fleet. We masked our energy signatures again and snuck on the station where we had to help in rescuing the scientists... again. This time more successfully since we had security backup.
The probe was safely returned.

Supplemental - Planet of the dead.
Aria has deciphered those alien tablets we found floating in space and on one of them we found a crude star map. By comparing it with our own charts we located the system in question. In Starfleet registry it was unceremoniously marked as system Y-C 514 by some exploration probe. When we approached it we did not detect any signs of civilization or intelligent life. It was a beautiful planet, almost whole covered in ocean with many beautiful islands scattered on it.
We beamed down on one only to find... graves. Many, many graves. They all looked ancient. We proceeded carefully not to disturb the dead and realized that this whole planet is one huge graveyard of some ancient race. It is unknowns from where they came or why, but it seems they picked this beautiful planet as final resting place.
What we picked from the scans, these ancient space travelers were poikilothermic species, meaning that their internal temperature varied along with the temperature of their surroundings. They were also seemingly quite in tune with seasons of different planets. Maybe this warm and lush planet somehow reminded them of their paradise so that is because they picked it as the final resting place.
While we were investigating grave sites Asrix was scanning flora on the planet and found odd berry bushes with berries that were glowing blue. The bushes emitted some kind of energy.
During our stay on the planet Eir notified us that Orion ship was approaching the system. They were interested in grave robbing as it seems, but we managed to negotiate their withdrawal from the system.
It was a sad, but somehow also a calming trip. We found many interesting artifacts on the planet but took just scans and minor samples, of course.
We informed Starfleet to send some probes here to keep this system safe from grave robbers.

Supplemental - Planet of the living?
On our way back to Sol system we analyzed all the data we gathered on the graveyard planet and came to a shocking realization! The number of energy signatures that were released by those plants are corresponding tot the number of graves on the planet.
Did we truly walked on some ancient race's heaven?

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Status of Vulcan sector.

Post  Rhino on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:47 pm

Stardate 87601.17 - Status of Vulcan sector.
Our rest at Sol base did not took long. We were asked to visit planets in Vulcan Sector to see if they need any help. Our current route includes checking Kei, Bhea, Pico and Beytan systems. I am quite sure there won't be much problems for us at the heart of Federation, although when I remember Klingons at P'Jem that may not be so true.

Supplemental - Orion Pirates!
It seems I had to eat my own words! Just as we approached Kei system we stumbled upon two ships defending themselves from Orion pirates. Eir gave support to Starfleet ships USS Orion and USS Caduceus, and fortunately there were no casualties in the end on either side. Orion Pirates fled to hide somewhere. This was not a good start, but at least we helped.

Supplemental - Unhappy miners.
On Beytan V we were contacted my miners. They seemed unhappy about their living and working conditions so we had a little diplomatic crisis on our hands.
T'Dana and I beamed down (she demanded to go as protection in case miners get violent), but fortunately they were nice and and willing to negotiate. We called Starfleet and they agreed to negotiate for them since we are there.
It all end up well. Poor people just needed some assurances that in this big Klingon-Federation war they are not forgotten. They were also happy to hear that there are such things as Angel Fleet to take care of just such things!

Supplemental - Orion base.
We again stumbled upon USS Caduceus, this time it was in the company of USS Quo'nos. They followed fleeing Orion pirates to here and found their base. We tried to convince everyone to resolve it peacefully, but it did not work.
So we ended up beaming up Orion pirates too stubborn to flee or surrender before their base was destroyed.

Supplemental - Picopirates!
As we approached Pico system we revived a distress signal from mining colony there! They were attacked by Nausicaan pirates this time! We masked our energy signatures and proceeded to see what is happening. A lot of Nausicaans were blocking mining outposts. We scanned the area and sent that data to Starfleet. They soon sent in ships to deal with this threat, fortunately because of our data they could attack precisely without many casualties.
After the fight we proceeded to the asteroid belt to save damaged ships from there.

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Scientific deliveries.

Post  Rhino on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:52 pm

Stardate 87602.65 . Scientific deliveries.
Our next task after checking Vulcan sector was to deliver some scientific samples for mister Egg... I mean professor E'genn. HE is a funny guy.
The trip is from Sol base to Memory Alpha. I was there several times with captain MacDougal, so there shouldn't be any problems with that.
I hope.

Supplemental - Ferengi family ties.
While our delivery was without any problems, I got lost in Memory Alpha! I got stranded on some energy researching facility, my communicator wasn't working and I wondered in there for hours until I was found by a Ferengi merchant.
To pay for my rescue he demanded of me to help him deal silently with his brother who is supposedly selling stolen and smuggled items around here. Of course that his brother claimed he is innocent, and also asked me to help him with someone who is wanting to ruin his business. This has become complicated! But since that other ferengi who is a brother of ferengi that saved me also asked me to do something not really nice, which is ruin his competition with false rumors, I got suspicious and went to check his cargo hold where I found smuggled goods! I also felt some sneaky vibes from him which just confirmed that the other brother is being untruthful. It turned out that second brother's "competition" was their third brother! And that third brother had enough with shenenigans his other brothers were doing. By then I got quite fed up with Ferengi family ties and checked if third brother's wares are also smuggled, which were not, so I agreed to talk to his brothers. After much running around Memory Alpha and talking I found out details of Ferengi family life that I never wanted to know but also settled family dispute between three of them.
Of course I reported all shady things of the second brother to authorities.

Supplemental - Hungry researchers.
I don't know what poor scientists at Memory Alpha eat, but it is probably not healthy on the long run! One of them begged me to get him some real food. I did even better, I made him whole big supper. He was overjoyed with happiness. He told that it is just as his mother used to cook.

Supplemental - Delivery woman
It seems people are quite happy to see non-military personel in starships so we were asked for another delivery, this time into a bit dangerous zone... Klingon neutral zone, to be more precise. We were asked to deliver some research to space station K7.
As it ended up the trip was uneventful until the crew of Eir started to get sick! We tried to find what is going on, but we could not detect anything! Then Aria found an old log from USS Independence. What we had was almost identical to the infection of "Idisha parasites", an odd combination of energy and biology parasites. Fortunately we had also notes on how to make Idisha-O'Rourke-Peshana treatment and cure us.
It seems that Memory Alpha scientists forgot to turn the lid tight, so to say, on the container they were sending to K7 and the parasite got out. And at K7 was a doctor who found it originally somewhere in space, so he sent it for research.
We could all die because of their negligence!

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Orion sector housecall.

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:10 pm

Stardate 87622.72 - Orion sector housecall.
Seeing how we were helpful in Vulcan sector, we were asked to do the same with Orion sector. I hope we will run into less problems and less raiders this time.
Our planned route includes Reytan, Kinjer, Una and Pellme systems.

Supplemental - Communications breakdown.
At Reytan a little communication crisis awaited us. Solar flare shut down communications satellites in orbit so we proceeded to help with repairs. Some Orion pirates wanted to use situation to do mischief, but planetary defense repelled them away.
The repairs were fully successful.

Supplemental - Probing the probes.
Near Kinjer we were asked to check Starfleet scientific probes in asteroid belt. It was just in case so that another crashing incident does not happen. All was well and probes were in place. Starfleet alerted us of some possible Klingon presence, but we saw none.
Pity, I would want to try and talk to them.

Supplemental - Mysterious asteroids.
When we arrived at Una system there were no problems so we instead did a little sweep of the asteroid belt there. While doing so among usual mineral samples we found a fascinating discovery. On one asteroid we found remains of some kind of an technological equipment made from completely unknown alloys.
We took them for further analysis.

Supplemental - Pellmetwoquake.
In Pellme system we received distress call from one of the colonies there. Their sensors were showing how a huge earthquake is coming to that area and they asked for evacuation. After we checked everything Aria and Hana discovered that there is no earthquake on the horizon. It was just bug in the sensor array program, so there was no actual emergency.

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Gunpoint diplomacy.

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:15 pm

Stardate 87625.58 - Gunpoint diplomacy.
Eir was called to come to K7 again. Commander Naomi Wildman called us for a personal talk. Obviously we were all excited but the excitement swell down when we found out what that was all about.
Eir was in space for less than a month and already Starfleet wanted to use her for combat actions in neutral zone.
I politely refused and reminded commander Wildman how such requests were not why we are here for. We are here not to take sides but to help anyone who is hit badly by this war or any other calamity. Klingon, Federation or any other race.
Officers there did not seem too happy with our answer.

Supplemental - Twisted diplomacy.

On our way back we detected a Klingon vessel floating dead in space. They seem to have somehow spent all their dilithium crystals. When we approached them they started firing wildly saying how they want to die honorably in battle and not as rats in the barrel.
Fortunately for everyone T'Dana suggested an odd yet... well... logical diplomatic idea (at least when Klingons are concerned). The idea was about sugegsting Klinfgons that we help them with their ship so that they may find a real battle to fight honorably, and not to fight insignificant us, which would not bring them much honor in the afterlife.
Suprisingly they accepted!
When leaving, they thanked us with words that do not make me really happy... they said that as thanks, when we meet again, they will honor us with a real warrior's death.
Klingon diplomacy is REALLY tougher than I thought.

Supplemental - Caught!

Later we found out that these same Klingons were caught by Starfleet in their hidden base. I guess we won't be honored with warrior's death after all... luckily.

Supplemental - Hide and seek.
On our final part of trip back (it is funny how we practically did not had any problems while travelling TO K7, but when going back FROM it the trip become a regular odyssey) we revived an odd signal from Bomari system. We of course went to investigate and found ourselves in what seemed to be Klingon battle practice within the asteroid field. We masked our energy signatures and played hide and seek with them in hope they will soon leave.
But as it ended up, they were not actually battle practicing but luring in a huge Undine ship!
When Klingons started being blown up to bits we started helping the survivors, but were rudely told to get out since we are not worthy to be in such epic battle.
Well of course, we stayed trying to save as many lives as we could, but we only got curses because we were robbing the Klingons of their honorable deaths in combat.
It all ended with big undine ship being chased away and Klingons going away. We were too small and insignificant to battle... or so they said.

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Checking Risa.

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:20 pm

stardate 87628.43 - Checking Risa
Since we are already cruising back to Sol, we decided to check Risa sector on our way. The plan is to check Tazi, Omar, Donia and Koolhaas systems and then go to some deserved vacation on Risa itself for few days.

Supplemental - Dangerous rocks.
When we arrived at Koolhaas system there was not much to do, but we detected some odd readings from the asteroid belt. What we found there was decalithium.
Since it is potentially very dangerous and could be used for war, we all decided not to report it.
We left several probes so that we can know if anyone is approaching the field. We don't want it to fall into wrong hands.

Supplemental - Gorn welcome.

At Donia we met some Gorn. They weren't too happy to see us, but when they found out that we are not exactly Starfleet they did not shoot at us (much).

Supplemental - Shawnee in trouble!

When entering Omar system we got a distress call from USS Shawnee. They were under attack by Klingons. We tried old "we are not worthy warriors" angle, but since USS Shawnee was obvious Starfleet ship it sadly did not work. We helped protecting USS Shawnee and fleeing the battle zone.

Supplemental - Tazi conflict.
Unfortunately Klingons from Omar were not willing to let us go that easily. They followed us to Tazi system. What was worse right now on Tazi there was a group of Federation geologists doing research. While USS Shawnee was dealing with incoming Klingons we were taking scientists to the safer location.

Supplemental - Vacation time!
After all that we were through since Eir launched we finally deserved a vacation on Risa!

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Vulcan diplomatic crisis!

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:23 pm

Stardate 87633.80 - Vulcan diplomatic crisis!
Our rest at Risa did not lasted long. On Vulcan Romulan ambassador's life was threatened as it seems. Since we were closest free ship they asked us to see what is the matter there. Romulans and Vulcans... they are like two opposites of the same coin, it may be hard task.

Supplemental - Vulcan.
I was on Vulcan several times before but it always manages to take my breath away, and it's not just because of the heat. On one side we have an epic splendor of it and simlar architecture, but on the other side the obvious dangers that still lurk around. The contrast is quite mind boggling.

Supplemental - Ambassador in peril!
Romulan ambassador was quite upset about all this and threatened to leave. I managed to convince him to stay and left Hana and Asrix to guard him. He did not want T'Dana near him since he is convinced that Vulcans want to kill him.
But T'Dana is better with me since she pointed out hat many accusations in the threatening note are historically inaccurate. It was something about sins of the past and the split between races. So she suggested that the person who sent is actually not a Vulcan at all.
We proceeded to investigate that line of thought.
after a lot of running around Vulcan (it was good for my stamina though) and a lot of questioning and data analisis we revealed a Romulan-Vulcan conspiracy to destabilize their relations! We of course caught guilty people but were asked not to reveal details to anyone not to ruin diplomatic relations even further.
Chalk up another one for the good guys!

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty To boldly go... again.

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:33 pm

Stardate 87634.60 - To boldly go... again.
We were asked to do what we did in Delta Volanis, but this time we are supposed to go over to Regulus sector and proceed to Arucanis Arm sector! Who knows what awaits us now?

Supplemental - My God!
It's so pink... and full of stars!

Supplemental - Probing the alien probe.
From system X-265 we have detected unusual signal. Following its trace we found out a desert planet, there was no Spice or worms on it but we found remains of an alien probe. We spent some time studying it and collecting data.
We are not really sure what is its purpose, but it is definitely nothing harmful. There were only some radiation and antimatter traces, but we cleared those. Since this planet is not inhabited we left the probe alone with a nice message next to it... basically subspace frequency of Starfleet diplomatic corps.
If owners of the probe come to find it we may have a nice first ecounter on our hands.

Supplemental - Alien hulk.
We found an odd floating hull of an alien starship. We proceeded to investigate it. It was an odd but interesting experience. It was like walking in the old abandoned cathedral. We scanned a lot of data and will analyze it later. In it we also found a lot of Dekyon particles which is a bit odd.

Supplemental - Blast from the past.
And it seems that we found out the cause of calamity that hit the ship we just recently passed by. When we entered system B470-C we were hit by high-power energy beam of unknown origin that came from nearby planet. It had high concentration of Dekyons in it.
Fortunately Hana and Aria detected it on time so we managed to avoid most of it. Still we were badly hit and almost dead in space. If that thing would hit us again we would be gone for sure!
So we went on the planet to see what is going on before we get hit again.
We found a beautiful and lush planet. And some very old and strange machines that were emitting a lot of energy.
What we found there is an ancient planetary defense system. Obviously long without any purpose or owners, and now only a danger to passerbys.
We decided to put it to rest, never to be awoken again.

Supplemental - What is left behind...
On our way around B470-C we found a lot more sad victims of the ancient defense grid. But luckily one not dead too! We got a recent and active SOS signal!
We immediately proceeded to investigate and help.
We met with Pirx, a known race wandering this sector and helped with their repairs.
It all ended with a cultural exchange and a nice party.

Supplemental - Irresponsible probing!
Just when we decided to turn back and go to known space, we recived another plea from Starfleet. Guess what? It's another crashed probe that fell on the planet with Iron Age culture on it. And guess who is the only close ship to clean up the mess before the inhabitants find it? Us of course.
So we headed to Epsilon Cygni 883 system to clean that mess... again.
We cleaned the mess fast and proceeded back to Federation space.
Unfortunately we did not had much time to explore mentioned culture on the planet.

Supplemental - Planet in trouble!
On our way back we were contacted by known Dalankrit race. I would really wish to have a first contact experience once.
In any case Dalankrits were hit by a planetwide drought so they needed humanitarian help with food.
Of course we agreed to deliver them just that from nearest Federation outpost and to set up steady food exchange until their crisis is over.
Needless to say, they were most thankful and happy.

Supplemental - Mistakes of the past.
On our way back we decided to indulge in some scientific research so we stopped at Eta Telescopii 4926-Beta system.
It has unusually large asteroid field that seems to be blown up planet.
what we found there was very interesting. Long time ago that system seemed to be inhabited, possibly the planet that blew up was actually the cradle of that long gone civilization.
In asteroid field we found some remains of them, alloys, sattelite pieces and such. We also found high radiation traces, it seems there was a war in the past, so big and horrible that it caused whole planetary destruction?
So tragic and sad.

Supplemental - Impact!
Just on the border of Federatiion space we have witnessed a meteor impacting a planet in Alpha Hydrae E-K UK system.
What we realized with horror is that the planet was inhabited, it had several Pirx colonies. We immediately informed Starfleet and proceeded with evacuation and help of the colonists.
Fortunately the meteor hit on the opposite hemisphere from where colonies were, but still the impact caused severe tectonic and environmental changes that made planet dangerous for some time.
As thanks Pirx showed us how to upgrade our impulse engines. Nice people, really.

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Returning the probe.

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:35 pm

stardate 87639.16 - Returning the probe.
After returning to Federation space we set course for Kassae system. There was a scientific outpost that we were supposed to deliver the probe we salvaged from Epsilon Cygni 883. But as we approached the system we were greeted only by silence. That was odd. No hails and no communications of any kind!

supplemental - Gorn!
In the system we found out why there was communications blackout. Gorn were attacking the system! We masked our energy signatures and snuck past them to beam down on the research facility.
There we found out what is happening, Gorn claim that system is theirs and want ancient ruins on the planet. We quickly returned the probe, helped trapped scientists and called Starfleet for assistance.

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Great chance!

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:40 pm

Stardate 87641.90 - Great chance!
Finally Angel Fleet got a great chance to set relations with the Klingons. If they acept and support our actions, it will be first great step towards greater good for everyone!
We were asked to attend a diplomatic conference between Federation and Klingons on Regulus, so obviously we are all very excited about it.
This may be a great day for everyone not to die!

Supplemental - Going down...
As soon as we arrived the peace conference became a battlefield! While there were Klingons interested in what we had to offer, there was also another faction that did not care about it and said how our actions are dishonorable because we prevent warriors to die with honor.
And soon literally... we had a battle on our hands. Klingons who were pro Angel Fleet started fighting those against it... with us in the middle.
But real chaos started when suddenly among all that the Emerald Pirate appeared, opportunistic as ever, trying to use the battle to pillage, plunder, kill and steal. They set up spatial charges wanting probably to blow us all up and then blame the Federation for that!
So soon Angel Fleet had its hands full with disarming the charges, saving diplomats and helping injured colonists while defending from Orions, Klingons and stray shots!

Supplemental - Klingon diplomacy.
It all ended very oddly.
We confronted Emerald Pirate's troops led by still half assimilated Borg-Klingon woman. It was a tough fight but we subdued her. The rest of pirates fled leaving her behind. How trustworthy.
In any case our fighting skill impressed the nicer side of Klingons (those thinking how Angel Fleet is honorable and brave idea because it can help warriors prove their worth longer), and they asked us to help them defeat those other ones.
Well we were in a tough situation here, Angel Fleet are not warriors! Still we agreed and simply offered support in combat.
Unknowingly to our allies we also helped the aggressive ones retreat.
In any case, we may have managed to open first door to Klingons accepting us!

Supplemental - Captured Klingon-Borg woman surprise!
To our great surprise the leader of pirate troops was none other than long lost sister of lieutenant Klang from the Arcadia! HE thought his sister died some time ago in Borg attack... but somehow she was actually assimilated and what is weirder later she become part of pirate crew.
We contacted Arcadia and explained everything.
Captain MacDougal and lieutenant Klang both agreed to have her on board so that doctor Idisha and chief Aveline see what they can do for her in de-assimilating her.
We don't know what is her mental state, but it seems she is still half Borg in her head. It is possible that she was not even aware of being a pirate.
We will see, but I offered my psychological training and my telepathic abilities to help too.

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Independence Fleet helps out!

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:43 pm

Stardate 87642.59 - Independence Fleet helps out!
After the trouble with Klingons, I was worried for some time. Some of the Klingons seem quite content to accept us, while others would not. So I thought maybe we could try to locate and convince those qho are against us. But where to start?
Fortunately Captain Tiron Eks offered me some clues. We met on Sol base and in the observation lounge I have told him in short what was happening with Klingons. Then he told me that he knows a space station near neutral zone where I may find out where members of more warmongering Klingon houses may be found. Since it is a dangerous trip he offered us assistance and escort, and agreed to our terms of conduct.
The station was an old wreck filled with smugglers (we helped Independence arrest some), unsanitary living and working conditions (we helped in uncovering one very negligent Ferengi) and as it seems slave trade ring on it (we rescued prisoners and captain Eks was quite interested in one particular Orion female).
In the end we did not find out much, but there may be some hope since before mentioned Orion woman said that she was working for Klingons for some time. She may contact us later with more info.

Supplemental - We did good!
I was surprised when Starfleet informed me that Klingon houses that were pro Angel Fleet sent a message saying how AF ships won't be troubled by them. Also they said how they will work with Starfleet in fight against the Borg.
What Borg? Weren't they all removed?

Supplemental - Doh!
I forgot to ask captain Eks about his mercenary cousin!

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Aceso

Post  Rhino on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:51 pm

Stardate 87645.33 - Aceso
After our last long trip and similarly long trip back at Sol base a big surprise awaited us.
Since Angel Fleet has shown progress way above anyone's expectations it was decided to expand it. USS Eir was to be given to the second team, and we are to be transferred to just finished USS Aceso, a custom Nova class ship made just for Angel Fleet, just as Eir was custom Centaur made for us.
Aceso is also a very small ship, even smaller than Eir, but since it houses half amount of crew it seems the same size actually, and unlike Eir it is filled with all kinds of very expensive scientific and medical equipment.
While I am happy that we were so successful and that Angel Fleet is getting bigger, I am also sad to leave Eir. It was our home away from home.
Now I understand how captain MacDougal felt when he had to change ships.
To test Aceso's systems we decided to go on a little cruise to Regulus block around Kassae sector.
Our trip should take us to Servin, Dace, Sardah and Cernan systems.
We also got a new helmsman. Nissa, who is an aenar. She is so similar to Andorians, yet so different. Also lieutenant Klang's rescued sister's deborgification was very successful. Her brother explained her everything, and for her it all seemed as one huge nightmare.
She also demanded (yes, demanded... so Klingonish... but at least that is a good sign for her psychical recovery) to come on board.
We agreed (even if T'Dana was quite reluctant to do so).

Supplemental - Chasing the pirates.
Sadly our first real test of Aceso was when we arrived at Sardah system where we found USS Rosedale under attack of Nausicaan pirates.
We helped Rosedale escape and Aceso has proven to be formidable little ship.
Kind of cute actually, just the kind a girl would love.

Supplemental -Escort business.
We escorted USS Rosedale to Dace system. On the way were were ambushed by... this time... Gorn! What is with Rosedale? Why everyone wants it shot down?

Supplemental -And now... Orions
Of course, Nausicaans, Gorn and only Orions were missing from the list.
They tried to get the cargo too, but we used asteroid field to evade them and bring USS Rosedale to safety.
While in the asteroid field we have also detected unusual radiation readings.

Supplemental -Borg
Remeber the Borg I mentioned before? Well I should have stayed quiet! Unusual readings were from damaged Borg sphere! It was there floating among the asteroids like some evil looking tumor.
We informed Starfleet immediately and they sent a cruiser to secure it.
Borg gives me the creeps.
And thus has ended Aceso's maiden voyage. It could be much better...

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Logs of the Angel Fleet Empty Re: Logs of the Angel Fleet

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