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SubspaceLeaks - Vega-System: Temporal State Report Empty SubspaceLeaks - Vega-System: Temporal State Report

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T O P S E C R E T STARBASE-12 SD86991.4

FROM: Assistent Director Miguel Diaz, Department of Temporal Investigations
TO: Fleet Admiral Saffi Larsen, Commander of Independence Fleet
SUBJECT: Vega-System: Temporal State Report

On Stardate 86117 have the Borg invaded the Vega System and reappeared after more than 30 years in the alpha quadrant again. Starfleet was able to muster forces to form the Khitomer Task Force to repel the invasion. Starfleet Command is still puzzled how were able to launch a full scale invasion without prior warning within Federation territory. While I'm not able to give a full answer yet I have reason to believe that a temporal incursion component had been involved in that crisis.

SubspaceLeaks - Vega-System: Temporal State Report Blackholea
2/Blackhole Cygnus X-1 Observation
The Cygnus X-1 Observatory is a research platform that studies history of the galaxy by exploiting the gravitational lense effect created by this blackhole. It is able to look behind objects that are normally not visible. An image is taken every 24hours and their scientific computers analyse them and report any anomaly. It is normally used to document significant changes in other star systems.
On Stardate 86116.9, merely 30 minutes before the borg engaged the vega colony has a spectro anylsis revealed an uncommen spatial emplacement in the Vega System. The sensor array of the Vega colony aren't sensitive enough and sensor sweeps from ships near the Vega System were at that time point too far away to penetrate subspace interferences to make a detailed and conclusive scan to to confirm the following observation.

SubspaceLeaks - Vega-System: Temporal State Report Temporalinvestigation
3/Grid Square TAU-3147 Analysis
The image has been enhanced as best as possible. The picture shows clearly two ships (possible three) that exchange weapon fire. The picture indicates in addition to the mentioned two (three) ships that there are multiple sources, probably further ships (friendly?), that concentrate their fire at an unknown vessel. The purpose or reason why the ships are obvious in a firefight is unknown. We have been able to identify only the obvious Starfleet Sovereign class vessel by conducting a holographic interpolation of the primary hull.

SubspaceLeaks - Vega-System: Temporal State Report Holographicinterpolatio
4/Holographic Interpolation
The visible registry number is NX-77001, U.S.S. Independence. On Stardate 86116.9 say the historical logs that the Independence has been docked at the San Francisco Fleetyards for refits after her 5 year mission. There are two plausible explanations for the appearance of the Independence in the Vega System on the said stardate. First: There has been an event on her 5 year mission which moved her in time and space to Stardate 86116.9 in the Vega System, fought an hostile force and returned to their origin point of time while the crew has no memory of the event or all records had been erased. In the later possibility we would never learn why it happened, but doubt is justified here by a standard crew size of 855. It's simply difficult to maintain a secret among such a relative large crew which has been spreaded among many other Starfleet vessels after her 5 year mission. Secondly and more likely: The Independence seen on the image is from the future from the current point of time onward. We're not able to date the time it has came from. We can't know yet why the Independence travels in time and fights a hostile force. It's also impossible to judge when the Independence is going to conduct a temporal incursion. It could be the next minute or the next century.

It is unnecessary to brief the current commanding officer of the U.S.S. Independence, Captain Tiron Eks, or any other future commanding officer about this eventuallity which has already happened in the past. The temporal prime directive prohibits to establish a pre-destination paradox, a time loop. A disclosure could contaminate our timeline and should be avoided at all costs.

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