Diana Bright Amazing Adventures Souvenir

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Diana Bright Amazing Adventures Souvenir

Post  Diurne on Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:42 am

This is the souvenir picture of Diana Bright adventures in the Hollow Earth. The picture was slowly builded by adding illustrations of the various events or background elements.

So now it has a bit of everything as we can see dinosaurs (including the Spinosaurus Diana fought and the Plesiosaurus who welcomed her), a horseman (before his kin tried to buy Diana for two horses and a bag of trinkets), pirates and their junk ship (who sold Diana to Pilla at discount price), Ta'Hishre the outcast and court wizard (a serpent man), a south american dictator (of Chiquador here), strange landscapes (with luminescent vegetation), a makeshift raft (of Alex design), albino turtle and dolphin (who led the raft), cavemen (the new friends of Diana after they tried to feed her to the Spinosaurus), step pyramids with Aztlan cities, the Ghost City of Keletos...

And Pilla... of course.



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Re: Diana Bright Amazing Adventures Souvenir

Post  Rhino on Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:56 pm

It was a blast playing through it all and it was a great ride. Smile While I am sad that it is over, it was time for Diana to show up before she was pronounced legally dead. But who knows we may return to the Hollow Earth at some point (especially since Diana left directions how to find her to Ta'Hishre).
And princess Pilla the Lust Angel is surely waiting for new sex slaves...

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